NHL Rumor Mill – November 4, 2017

by | Nov 4, 2017 | Rumors | 77 comments

A potential three-way trade involving Matt Duchene fell through. Details and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Darren Dreger reports a potential three-way trade involving the Colorado Avalanche, Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators that would’ve sent Avs center Matt Duchene to the Senators has fallen through. Dreger cites sources saying Senators general manager Pierre Dorion aggressively pursued the 26-year-old Duchene since mid-September with talks heating up in recent weeks. He said it now appears those trade discussions are “dead in the water.” Dreger adds it’s believed Dorion initiated the idea of a three-way deal involving the Predators and those talks went on for the past several days.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman shed a little more light on some of the proposed trade details. In addition to Duchene going to Ottawa, the Senators would’ve sent center Kyle Turris to the Predators. He’s not sure what the Avs would’ve received in return from the Predators. Nashville defenseman Mattias Ekholm came up in discussions but Friedman said there’s no certainty he was part of the final deal. He followed up saying the Avs would’ve received “a haul of picks and maybe a prospect or two, but no Ekholm.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators and Predators were among the clubs with the most interest in Duchene. Given the Avs high asking price, more than one pundit suggested it could take a three-way deal to move him.

What’s interesting is the Sens reportedly offering Turris to the Preds in order to land Duchene. There was recent speculation over Turris’ future with the Senators following reports he was seeking an eight-year contract extension, something the Sens are apparently unwilling to do. This news indicates the Sens appear willing to move Turris if they can’t get him under contract on their terms provided they can get a comparable center in return. Expect his name to feature prominently in the rumor mill in the coming weeks.

As for the Preds, it’s no surprise they wouldn’t part with Ekholm. GM David Poile said last summer he had no intention of moving any of this top-four blueliners. He appears unwilling to budge from this stance, which explains why this deal fell through.

Could the Sens revisit their interest in Duchene? I wouldn’t rule it out but it could prove difficult without getting a third party involved. It’s obvious Dorion doesn’t want to part with too many futures to get him, hence his willingness to send Turris to the Preds. I also wonder if Poile might try to swing a three-way deal with another club to bring Duchene to Nashville. 

THE ATHLETIC: Craig Custance speculates Detroit Red Wings forward Gustav Nyquist might garner interest once activity starts picking up in the NHL trade market. He points out Nyquist’s performance has improved compared to this time last season, putting him on pace for a 20-goal campaign.

Custance cites one Eastern Conference executive suggesting Nyquist’s offensive skills could attract some interest. Others, however, cite his inconsistency as an issue. While his $4.75-million salary-cap hit is reasonable, his actual salary for next season is $5.5 million, which could be a problem for small-market teams. The Wings could seek a younger defenseman in return, but the going rate for that type of player could be a winger with a higher end than Nyquist, such as Andreas Athanasiou. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nyquist also has a full no-trade clause for this season and next. If the Wings decide to shop him near the Feb. 26 trade deadline I believe he will attract some interest, but I don’t see them getting a good young player back. His salary and inconsistent play hurt his trade value. 

SPORTNET: Hockey Central at Noon panelist Doug MacLean believes Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett might be better off being traded. He feels there are teams in the league who really wants him. He feels Bennett could benefit from a change of scenery, adding he’s spoken with teams this summer that would like to get him. Fellow panelist John Shannon, however, said the Flames aren’t down on Bennett and are giving him ample opportunity to succeed. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: MacLean isn’t the only person suggesting Bennett might be better off playing elsewhere. Sometimes a trade to another team can help a struggling young player find his mojo and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t think the Flames are keen to part with Bennett right now, though if someone makes a serious pitch I think they’ll listen. They’ll likely want to evaluate his performance over this season and decide by next summer if he still fits into their plans. 



  1. Is Duchene and his 0.7ppg that much of an improvement over Turris and his 0.6ppg? I also don’t understand the Preds motivation to not just take Duchene themselves if it’s their asset that is facilitating the trade in the first place? I will be glad when Duchene gets traded(a long time away)and we never hear about him again.

    • It’s a business issue. Turris is a UFA this summer & Ott like always is about the money. They don’t want to meet Turris’s salary demands so Duchene buys them a year before they have to wash, rinse & repeat.

      • Nuts. It’s about the term – pure and simple. Take your condescending comment and put it where your proctologist does his/her best work.

      • Condescending how?

        I have never seen a proctologist & please stop showing interest in my ass.

      • Funny, Striker, that was my first thought, but then I thought in one year, Duchene can tell his story walking outta’ Ottawa…so is OTTAWA winning the Cup this year and that keeps Dutch there?
        Nashville is looking to upgrade the centre position, and might find that either centre to stay for a bit less than market with the allure of being closer to a Cup run inot a new deal…
        or not…
        It just seems more logical that any and all GMs wait until Duchene and representation can actually discuss term of a new deal before shuffling assets and ending up with no long term player and less draft picks.
        Funny how the Cap has now started distrupting / guiding even the plans of the teams on the outskirts of Cup runs after the decade of the Cup winning/challenging teams being the ones having to plan their teams future’s around subtractions.

      • Clarification:
        My first thought was Turris replacement…anyone interest in your body…

      • Bill.

        I think Colorado unless Sakic gets exactly what he wants now is better served to wait until the summer & Duchene is eligible to be extended after July 1st.

        There would be more teams able to bid. Duchene would have reestablished his value after Colorado’s dreadful season last year & the deal can be structured so Duchene is going exactly where he wants giving them an extension so his pending UFA status isn’t a concern.

        Colorado’s season last year made moving Duchene for fair value what ever that actually is virtually impossible last summer.

        I’m a UFO Bill. Well at least 2 of the 3. UFO standing for ugly, fat & old. I know which 2 I prefer & one isn’t even up for debate, I am old & since my back injury last March carrying an additional 25 lbs, Ha-ha!

        I’m not sure why George is interested in any of my anatomy.

      • I said I felt this yesterday (my spider senses were tingling) that a Duchense deal was soon! There were talks for several days about Duchense and a 3 way deal with Ottawa Nashville and the Avalanche. Duchense going to Ottawa, Kyle Turris to Nashville and not sure what all was going back to Colorado?

        ITS SOON….

  2. Perhaps like me Nashville views Turris as better than Duchene.

    The trade does make sense from the Sens perspective. Both players are comparable. One thing Duchene has Turris does not is an ability to play wing. Coach Boucher likes playets who can play multiple positions. Of coarse who wouldnt. Yet i heard the prefetence directly from Boucher earluer in the year.

    Id hate to lose Turris. A guy willing to sign on long term for a guy who’s contract is up in a few years and may not sign again.

    Im also concern what this might do to the tight nit group. The entire team seems to generalky like one another.

    • jeff, I think the issue is, Turris and his agent have indicated they will not budge from an 8-year term which, if Dorion agreed to that, would have him approaching 37 years of age towards the end of any such deal.

      Ostensible, he is seeking “security for himself and his family” – which is the usual line when players demand long-term deals. IF that is indeed the case, let’s see – he doesn’t think that 6 years at $6.5 mil (which is the rumored offering from Dorion) – netting him $39 MILLION – is sufficient to guarantee his future years!!

      Colour him gone – and LONG before the Feb trade deadline.

      • Yep. I agree and i think lots will be interested Dorion justcneeds to find a team willing to send D and picks to colorado.

      • Ottawa also plays colorado twice in sweden next week. Perhaps one side got cold feet not wanting to look bad 8f onw player excels in thiae games.
        I would not be surprised if this trade goes through after the sweden trip.

      • There is a reason teams are scouting Ottawa hard. They have been working the phones since the summer looking to trade.

        I wouldn’t want to give Turris 8 years either unless the cap hit in years 5 thru 8 drops significantly declining progressively in each season & he accepts a modified no trade clause thru that period so Ottawa could move him then if so inclined. He can have a full no movement in the 1st 4 years of that deal but than opens up to make it easier to move him following.

      • Jeff, completely forgot about those two Sweden games. Good point. No GM wants to wind up with egg on his face after the guy he dealt away turns in 2 solid offensive games. After those 2 games I don’t think they meet again this year.

    • From above.

      It’s a business issue. Turris is a UFA this summer & Ott like always is about the money. They don’t want to meet Turris’s salary demands so Duchene buys them a year before they have to wash, rinse & repeat.

      • The sage has spoken (and who who admittedly does not follow Ottawa all that closely). All other opinions may be put to rest.

      • George is that real necessary?

        Those comments are inflammatory & have nothing to do with the discussion or the debate.

        Please stop or I am going to respond in kind.

      • I think the money isnt the issue. Duchene and Turris are comparable will likely make the same. Near to it.

        I think Ottawa wants a rop line centre and hopes to get one via draft or whatever in 4 to 5 years. They dont want to get stuck with a guy in that position in his declinibg years on a big contract.

        If Turris accepts 4-6 yrs term i think the Sens wont worry about the money.

      • Go ahead. And if you continue with the “Ottawa/Melnyk is cheap bulls*%t” as opposed to what is reality – in this case a demand by Turris and his agent for an 8-year term” – then I will continue with the snarky retorts. I did notice that your “cheap” references that were posted twice at 12:30 and 12:31 (was THAT really necessary?) was then followed by one at 12:36 suddenly switching gears and allowing that it likely has more to do with the term demanded.

      • George.

        This is the last time I’m going to make this statement & then I’m just going to start responding in kind every time you choose to make it personal.

        I don’t force you to read my comments or posts. You choose to. I accept you may not agree with me, that’s all good, then rebut & debate don’t make personal barbs that serve no purpose.

        I get that you don’t like my style. That’s all good to but I don’t like being called a narcissistic, nor all the other snide remarks you choose to direct towards me & not sure what your opinions of my character have to do with hockey or the discussion & debate taking place here.

        Stop being a child. Provide some insight or merit to the discussion. If you disagree & can’t support your argument or the discussion then say nothing at all or just say we agree to disagree.

        Last warning.

      • Its ok guys. I like you both.

        Bring it in.

        Hug hugs.

      • Jeff Noel.

        If rumors are to be believed as is being reported in the mainstream media, Turris wants 8 years, no monies have been bandied about in the papers or on TV really. We have heard that Ottawa would do 5 or 6 years at 6 to 6.5. Factual? Who knows but those are the #’s the talking heads are spouting out.

        Turris holds serious leverage. He waits till July 1st & another NHL team will gladly give him 7 years & if Ottawa moves him to a team that would meet his demands on July 1st & he lands there at the trade deadline they may well give him the 8 years he wants then.

        Flipping Turris for Duchene in some form of 3 way deal, as Colorado doesn’t want Turris is possible. With Compher, Jost & Kerfoot all C’s starting their NHL careers this season & prospects Beaudin, Olhaver & Shvyrev all drafted in the last 2 years Colorado is in year 2 of Sakic’s rebuild, possibly year 3 depending upon your perspective of when it started & their C needs are met.

        Ottawa getting Duchene is some form of deal buys them a year & then they are potentially confronted with the same issue again with Duchene that they are confronted with Turris today. Will Duchene sign an extension with Ottawa this summer or before he becomes a UFA the season following?

        Maybe but I don’t see it & all Ottawa is doing is moving the problem down the road, just like moving Zibanejad for Brassard. They saved money & bought themselves some time on those monies. Will Brassard agree to an extension this summer or before he faces UFA status on the same timeline as Duchene?

        These may not be top line C’s but they are in high demand & if they hit UFA status numerous teams are going to bid so you can pay them or lose them.

      • Thanks Jeff but the need to like 1 & other isn’t really important. This is a chat room. We don’t need to be friends but civility isn’t to much to ask for.

        Next to none of us will ever meet live nor become friends, interestingly enough I have met some people from Dobber site. I have attended the odd function they have posted as ahppening.

        It would be great to sit in the bar over beers having these discussions as opposed to here & we all do that with our frineds & business asscociates.

        I get my remarks about Ottawa & it’s financial situation upset Georges home bias. I’m not stating anything the talking heads don’t state. Even George is talking endlessly about attendance issues. How does that problem effect Ottawa’s internal budget? It’s a factor, less money being made means less money being spent. Thank God the Canadian dollar is maintaining it’s 80 cent range or it would be worse.

      • Striker what i think your missing though is that Ottawa’s budget went up with last years playoff run.

        Melnyk has always said hecwill spend when needed. When the team has evolved to the point of contention. Last years trade deadline aquiaitions and the was the first sign. The deep run was certification for Melnyk.

        This season the Sens payroll is higher than montreals. They look to beleive in themselves and appears they are willing to spend thinkinv they have a great chance to oush deep in the olayoffs again.

        Perhaps Karlsson’s contract is also ibfluencing the push to win.

        But what is apparent to George and I is Melyk is spending.

      • I don’t want to get too involved but I find striker lecturing us all on “civility” to be just a little too much considering the condescendingly toned essays he writes in response to every GD comment that has ever been posted. George can be a dick too, no doubt, but he doesn’t talk to everyone like they are 5 years old.

      • Jeff,as of right now there are 16 teams with more cap space than Ottawa’s $4,479,678 and L.A. is just above them with $4,454,183. The 16 are (including LTIR): Van, Tor, St.L, Buff, Colorado, Columbus, Nash, SJ, Mtl, Wpg, Fla, LV, NJ, Edm, Carolina and Arizona – and some of them have considerably more cap space.

        What many tend to forget is that, in addition to Turris becoming a UFA next year, Stone is an RFA and will get substantially more than his Current $3.5, and the following year they have to deal with UFAsBrassard, Dzingel, Thompson and Burrow but, above all, Karlsson who is going to get a helluva lot more than his current $6.5.

        So, they can’t hamstring themselves by giving Turris 8 years at $6.5, and the mere fact his name has popped up in several sources as the Ottawa commodity in that proposed 3-way deal tells me neither he nor his agent are budging from that 8 year demand, or are interested in the slightest at a scaled-down contract.

      • George

        Last year i was on Strikers side in this argument. As you may recall.

        As the season passed and things evolved I saw what you were saying was becoming more and more evident.

        I am akways willing to reevaluate my opinion as new facts come my way or perhaps become properly understood by myself.

        Perhaps if Ottawa suddenly tanks the season away and their chances to have anotber deep run diminish Melnyk will pull the purse strings tight again.

        Yet at this point in time the opportunity for this team to win and go deep in tbe playoffs is pretty good. Each playoff game brings Melnyk more money he ca justify to himself to spend.

        Thats just my opinio

      • Deeee.

        I’m not lecturing anyone just sharing my opinion. These aren’t facts unless quoting such but assumptions, semi educated 1’s based on facts, odds of probability, watching games, past experiences which are really odds of probability, the %’s & there are always exceptions to such. My 80/20 life rule.

        If you don’t like my style or officious nature don’t read them. I’m not forcing you to. I don’t call you or George names. I don’t post personal comments that are personally defamatory or insulting. George does & it’s uncalled for.

        I’m not here trying to make friends but discuss the merits of Lyle’s posts & debate such.

        If you make a comment I will respond if so inclined. That’s my right. If you don’t like it to bad. Rebut, say we agree to disagree, change my mind which many often do but don’t call me a narcissistic or worse. How’s that right? It speaks to a persona intelligence if the resort to name calling, it makes them a child from my perspective. This are these actions of a 6 year old or someone with the intelligence level of perhaps a 12 year old.

      • man… George you seem awful crotchety today. the rain clouds got you rheumatiz actin’ up? too many kids playin on your lawn today? It’s a fact that Melnyck is a budget conscious owner. didn’t seem too off the mark by me. Seemed like an overly aggressive response on your part to strikers comment… particularly when there have been plenty of other times strikers comments really do deserve said response.

        I guess I found the timing odd.

      • Okay chrisms, that’s your view of Melnyk based, I suppose, on pundit observations. But tell me, are those other 16 teams with more cap space I mention also “budget conscious?” Carolina with $18 mil, Edmonton and NJ at over $10 mil each, Winnipeg at about $9 mil. Montreal at $7.5 mil. San Jose at over $6 mil.

        Ottawa’s just under $4.5 which wouldn’t even get them an established Top 3 F or top pairing D. Just saying …

        And nah, I don’t get upset at kids on my lawn – I have traps set.
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        You’re not the first one to suggest I’m grumpy; But it’s not something that I’m aware of. It’s not like I walk around poking children in the eye… not very small ones, anyway.

      • Jeff.

        Ott has to increase spending annually. They can’t afford not to pay players like Hoffman, Stone, etc. But numerous decisions are made for cash reasons even though they have or had the cash. Spezza, as they didn’t want to pay him. Brassard brought in for Zibanejad was all about monies. Ottawa got essentially the same asset today at less money then Zibanejad’s pending new contract.

        With the other assets coming up I get teams have to make hard choices but Ottawa doesn’t spend to the cap & take players like Brassard who are making significantly less than their cap hit in actual salary.

        Losing Turris & Brassard potentially in under 2 years will be hard to address. Neither Brown or White are ready for 1st nor 2nd line duties.

        Essentially swapping Duchene for Turris buys them another year.

        I don’t get why my opinions about Ott get George so riled up. I couldn’t be clearer that I like Ott& a great many of their players.

        Make any comment about his favourite team he doesn’t agree with or share them same view & out come the personal insults. Really I could careless but it’s rude for no reason.

      • Brassard coming in wasnt just money. Zbad was inconsistent and the team need a left handed center.

      • Spezza left because he was tired of being the whipping boy for the fans and media. Ottawa would of paidchim the 7 mil. Spezza asked for the trade.

      • But

        Its not the money in regards to Turris Ottawa is bulking at. Its term.

        They probably feel that they dontvwamt to get stuck with a large cobtract on a player in his declining years in such a val7able position.

        It may hinder their ability to obtain a better number 1 center being stuck to an old Turris.

        Thats not being cheap. That is smart personel managment.

        My question to you is are you sure your opinion of Ottawa as a budget concious team isnt biases your viee of their personnel dicisions and dealings.

  3. They can get an extra year from Duchene. Turris will be sold to the highest bidder in July. They do not want to roll the dice

  4. man. nhl season is soooo long. is it playoffs yet?

    • LOL – well, it’s better than 8 months of oohing-and-ahhing over SLAM-dunk highlights

      • Hellava lot better than 162 mind bogglingly boring baseball games

      • And endless “nil-nil” soccer … err football?? – games

  5. Matt Duchene would have gone to the Ottawa Senators and the Predators would’ve received Kyle Turris ? Draft picks or something else has to be involved. Nas just call Col direct ? ?
    Sakic don’t waste everyone’s time .

    • Don’t see how sakic is wasting anyone’s time, he’s been very clear about what he wants. Other teams are wasting his time by low-balling. It’s extremely obvious that he’s not going to trade him unless it makes sense for the avs. And he shouldn’t.

    • You all keep pinning this on Sakic. He has actually done nothing to invite this. No one knows what offers he’s received. The angst you have all grown tired of should be directed at the people stirring the pot. Most of you just have seemed irritated all summer because your working yourself and just can get this climax over with. Most you I assume are not even interested in Duchene coming to your team anyway. People hockey fans, I’ve noticed, just like to sit on the edge of their seat and complain that the show that just started five minutes ago hasn’t made it to the grand finally yet. Relax and enjoy the hockey, isn’t that why you came?

      On another note, if Nashville picked up Duchene at any time, I feel pretty sure that he would resign there.

  6. Johansen, Turris, Bonino with that top 4 D would be a formidable playoff opponent.

    Avs have plenty of cap space, why wouldn’t they just take Turris? 2C would be their biggest hole if/when they move Duchene. Turris is ideal.

    • Again a business issue. Col won’t want to meet Turris’s contract demands either.

      The business side of hockey is a huge factor in almost any trade made today, all business issues, waiver rights, arbitration rights, RFA, UFA status, etc.

      They all factor in.

      for me the best 2 landing spots for Duchen are still car & NYI. Unfortunately the business side of that deal, Duchene being a UFA in under 2 years is problematic as no guarantee he will sign an extension with the team trading for him this summer or beyond.

    • Tirris isnt a defensemen. It has bothing tp do with business and everything ro do with the teams need.

      Sakic has identifies a need for defense. He wants a young established player and a prospect. Perhaps he dropped off is draft pick request and will take the peospect or the pick.

      If he takes Turris for Duchene he makes a lateral move and still needs to fill his hole on D.

      If Sakic can find a team willing to move a D and picks or prospects to him he will move Suchwne directly.

      Perhaps ittawa was moving a D prospect to Nashville with Turris so Nashville could add it to their offer to colorado and colorado was sebding more than just Duchene to ottawa.

      • I’m having trouble following this post.

        I never said Turris was a Dman.

        Who’s business & what teams needs?

        Sakic isn’t taking Turris nor was he going to Colorado in this deal.

        Suchwne means what?

        What D prospect does Ottawa have other than Chabot that Colorado might be interested in?

        Would Nashville be willing to move Girard? Is he still in the NHL & being showcased sparingly by Nashville in hopes that they can get Colorado to bite on him as a possible young promising Dman in some form of trade?

      • Sorry.

        I was countering your claim it was a business decision on sakics part as you stated he wont want to meet Turris’s contract demands.

        What i am saying is that it isnt’business’ which in my mind means money.

        Colorado is looking for a hockey trade.

        They identified a hole.


        They wont swap Turris for Duchene as Turris is not a D.

        They will move Duchene for a young established D and prospects/ picks in some unknown combination.

        Hence Ottawa using Nashville as a route to obtain Duchene.

        In Ottawaa’s case they want to swap.

        Hope this clarafies.

        I wouldnt be surprised if there was more parts and both Turris and Wideman with something else were going to Nashville and Nashville moves a D and Wideman/picks to colorado and colorado moves Duchene + whatever to Ottawa. Even something to Ottawa that Ottawa would flip ro Nash.

      • All good Jeff, just confusing.

        With out meaning to be negative about Ottawa or Wideman what value do you think he has in the NHL?

        As I have stated before I like Wideman I wish he would get a greater opportunity in Ottawa’s line up but that only happens if injury’s hit hard. I can only assume he’s viewed solely as a 1 dimensional offensive Dman as that’s how he is deployed baring injuries.

        What value will that garner Ottawa in trade?

      • I think Wideman has the potential of bottom 4. Maybe he reaches mid pairing.

        Certainly an NHL servicable D.

        Yet im thinking adding him to Nashvilles package just helps meet Sakics ask. A young established D. Which could come from Nashville. A goid Prospect. Im not saying Wideman is going to be a star or anything. But he has NHL rehular potential. Then draft oicks cam be added.

        Perhaps Ottaea could move Cleassen. Who doesnt seem able to put a poing on the board but plays a heck of a good gzme for a young guy.

    • The only reason they are looking to move Duchene is his age. They aren’t unhappy with him. But also, they have a good young center, in Jost, that will likely slide into his spot.

      • My understanding of the situation is it’s Duchene that wants out. At 26 he’s just entering his prime for forwards.

        The have several good young C’s in Jost, Compher & Kermit & have drafted 3 more in the last 2 years.

        If Duchene wants out & has no intentions of resigning in Col the sooner would be the better but unfortunately last seasons gong show in Col tainted the market.

        Duchene will be moved eventually just a question of when. Will Sakic get what he wants? Who knows. I like everyone would prefer to stop talking about it but it is what it is, business & both Sakic & Duchene are saying & doing all the right thing.

        Sakic & Col shouldn’t have to sell low & give him away. Duchene wanted the security of that 5 year deal making him a UFA following now he has to accept & live with it or pull a Drouin. That helps no 1.

      • Duchene never stated that he wanted out. Dregger has claimed it, but he’s the most clueless analyst in hockey. Duchene said himself the media has made this out to be bigger than it is. Winning solves everything, and two years is a long time for somebody have the same exact perspective. I don’t think there’s any guarantee he will be traded, unless a team really steps up with a decent offer. There no rule that a player has to be traded or re-signed. That being said, I do think it’s more likely he’ll be traded because there’s plenty of interest.

    • The Avs are the 2nd youngest team in the NHL behind only Columbus. They are trying to go even younger. We have our centers in spades right now. We need a young D to grow with this team. We could maybe use a tip six winger, but that is filled alright for now. We are in a rebuild. We are not trying to keep ourselves treading water.

      Plus, I still haven’t forgotten how Turris forced his way out of Arizona. Seems to me with what George is saying about his
      un-swayability, that Turris might be a little selfish regarding what he has to have. I personally certainly want anyone who is a possible wall in contract talks. Not in this NHL.

  7. Looking back at hoopla surrounding Sather and associates at Montreal/Ottowa game last week… might the Rangers actually been there to talk to Ottowa reps and not Canadiens as speculated? Conceivable they’d be in on anything involving either Duchene or Turris

    • Well i suspect they were talking to both sides.

      I think Ottawa wants to pick up.another forward qith one of their D and that Wideman ia the likely offer. Perhaps Cleassen. In some comvination.

  8. The third party makes sense to be NYR and not Nashville if the principals are Turris and Duchene.
    NYR had Stepan and realize that was a mistake moving him (or their #1 centre) without a replacement. Maybe need now to trade Skjej and someone like a Buchnevich to fix it with Turris.

    • Zbad and Turris on the rangers would be kinda funny.

    • I don’t see that happening. Does NYR need a 3rd line C or 2nd line 1 if Vigneault persists in deploying Hayes in the 3rd line role with no PP time? Maybe if 1 can be found but it won’t be of the quality of a Turris or Duchene. It will be a solid 3rd line C that can play as a sort of a 2B option & ideally on a short term contract as NYR has prospect C’s very close to being NHL ready.

      NYR has been in a transitional rebuild for 3 years. Their contract structure has forced the issue. No room for Turris or Duchene on this roster unless 1 of those teams is taking Staal which is slim to non existent & NYR can’t afford to be eating more wasted cap space. Garardi’s buy out is already onerous & it’s significantly worse next season.

      Nor do teams trade players like Skcei unless absolutely necessary & that doesn’t exist with Skjei. He is cost controlled for years. He’s coming out of his ELC with no arbitration rights & zero leverage at this point of his career.

      A player like Bozak if available may be a good short term solution. Or someone like him.

      • Even if they sign a Bozak… AV would make him their #2 center, like he deploys Desharnais over Hayes. Hayes needs to be deployed as the 2c permanently, including power play time too.

      • Striker. Giving up Skjei for Duchene provides a significant upgrade at center and doesn’t hurt them as much on D. Young center prospects are still a year or 2 away. Someone can always be moved to wing. Skjei will get a significant raise next year. Desharnais a UFA next season. By your argument, there is actually more D prospects coming in behind Skjei. LH: Graves, Day, Bereglazov. RH: Pionk, DeAngelo…. Rangers can make space by dealing either Nash or Smith.

  9. It seems to me that Boucher’s system is based on strong group cohesion, which requires disciplined players. Is Duchene the kind of player that would readily fit into that system? I’ve always thought of him as more of a free lancer.

    • He’s historically played 2nd line centre which normally the defensive position up against the opositions best lines. He also can play the wings and Boucher is on record stating he wants his players being able to play more thzn one pisition.

      So i dont thjnk its a stretch to think Duchene cant or wont buy in to the system. Winning is good infkuence.

      Yet i dont really know the players personality. The fsct he’s been oretty quiet tgough obviously disgruntled and dojng what his coach in colorado ask of him seems to indicate he’d be a good fit in Ottawa.

      • I think I remember your posting that your work had caused you to move to Calgary. You still must be a Sens fan, though. I wonder if one of those empty seats at Sens games is the one that George O. is saving for you.

      • Lol. Im in winnipeg. But i never lived in Ottawa.

        I was in churchill. Polar bear capital of the world. Self proclaimed.

        I also posyed i had a boy about two years ago. I now have a daughter of 8 months.

        New job. New city. New house. New family member.

        Im alot busier now so post alot less. Today has been fun. But read every day. Normally after you all go to sleep.

        But yeah george is welcome to save me a seat at the rink.

  10. Hey, folks! Let’s try to keep the discourse civil here. We can express differing opinions without stooping to childish taunts and insults.

    • sorry Lyle… read this after my post and then felt bad.

      • That’s a paddeling.

  11. What do any of you Rangers fans think about NYR possibly targeting a player like Spooner? Not a personal bias & me wanting Spooner off the Bruins but I ran thru all 31 teams quickly looking at who are UFA’s or RFA’s in the near term & would fit financially as solutions. The options appear slim at least as to players teams may be willing to move at a reasonable cost.

    I really only see Bozak. Jokinen could play C & Edm is rumored to be willing to move him shouldn’t cost more than a bag of pucks. Would they consider moving Letestu who Edm likes to use on their #1 PP.

    I don’t really see an solutions. Bozak appears to be in the Doghouse at present & Tor is sitting young players who could step in. Someone would have to move to C to accommodate Tor doing so, Marleau with Kapanen becoming an NHL regular or Leivo on the wing? What would the cost potentially be if Tor was willing?

    Just green lighting.

    • We have J.T. Miller (cheaper currently). No real need for another bottom 6 forward.

  12. I will get to watch Ottawa play today. The only early game & I have enjoyed watching Vegas play. I have numerous players in all my fantasy leagues, draft pools & box pools from both teams & watching Ottawa play isn’t usually my 1st choice depending upon who their playing.

    I have Rodger’s live so you get every game on your computer. If you don’t buy this or the Center Ice package on another cable provider treat yourself. Cheaper than attending 1 game live for 2 people with food & drinks.

    • Oh and you are right about Zabenijad. He’s doing way better with the Rangers than i thought he would. But od stoll do the trade.

  13. Turris in Nashville make sense to me. They have exactly enough cap space for him and they can let him walk in the summer.
    Turris was very good in the playoffs and I have never been a fan of his before.

    Who is going to sign him to an 8 year deal besides Garth Snow? Vancouver? Ron Francis does not seem the GM to throw those contracts around.

    Arizona has the cap space Kyle!

    • I assume we will find out who’s willing to give Turris what he wants at the lashes on July 1st. I don’t think it will be Snow, Benning or Francis.

      I don’t begrudge Turris for wanting to possibly test UFA status he’s earned that right, nor am I going to hold what he did as a teenager or in his early 20’s against him.

      I like Turris he is a solid lower end mid tier #1 C or exceptional #2 a 1b if you prefer.

      I wish he would except a 6 year deal in or around 6.5 & stay in Ottawa. Nor if I’m Ottawa am I giving him 8 years unless the cap hit drops to about 5 mil per on an 8 year deal. Even then I might save the cap space & do exactly what they apparently are trying to do.

      • So now we know. The big 3 way deal was legit

  14. Turris to Dallas for Spezza & plus(hearing they may want him back from reporters)

    • I hope not

      • Turris just got traded to Nashville Duchene to Ottawa