NHL Rumor Mill – November 6, 2017

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Latest speculation on the Blue Jackets, Senators and Hurricanes in your NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: With Matt Duchene and Kyle Turris off the trade market, Aaron Portzline wonders where the Columbus Blue Jackets will turn to address their depth at center. The Jackets were known to have interest in Duchene since the summer but weren’t willing to meet the Colorado Avalanche’s high asking price.

“The market is never settled,” Kekalainen said. “Some stuff will always come up, new stuff will come up … something might pop that we never expected. That’s the way it goes in pro sports.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kekalainen could keep an eye on some pending unrestricted free agent centers over the course of the season to see if any become available leading up to the Feb. 26 trade deadline. The notables could include the New York Islanders’ John Tavares, San Jose’s Joe Thornton, St. Louis’ Paul Stastny and Toronto’s Tyler Bozak. 

THE ATHLETIC: In his analysis of the Duchene trade, James Gordon suggests there’s a chance the 26-year-old center won’t re-sign with the Ottawa Senators when his contract expires in 2019. However, there’s also a chance he could. If he doesn’t, Gordon thinks the Sens could move Duchene next season to recoup some of the assets they gave up to acquire him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators weren’t willing to sign the 28-year-old Kyle Turris to a seven- or eight-year contract worth around $6 million annually. They might be willing to go that long for Duchene, who’s two years younger and a better offensive player, provided he’s keen to stay.

Depending on Duchene’s performance, it could cost them over $7 million annually to retain. That would be a big chunk to change, especially with Dion Phaneuf and Bobby Ryan each carrying annual cap hits of $7 million and with captain Erik Karlsson and top two-way forward Mark Stone due for significant raises in the near future.

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Luke DeCock wonders if the Carolina Hurricanes’ front office will do something, either a coaching change or a trade, to shake up their struggling roster. The Canes have won only once in their last seven games and sit last in the Metropolitan Division, five points (as of Nov. 6) out of a playoff spot.

DeCock notes the Hurricanes still lack depth at center and have too many perimeter wingers. He points out GM Ron Francis ” still has yet to make a challenging player-for-player trade and a coaching change in November doesn’t fit his patient pattern of action.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes were linked to Duchene in this summer’s rumor mill. If they do swing a deal for a center it’s anticipated they’ll draw upon their blueline depth for trade bait. Like the Blue Jackets, they could be forced to monitor the trade market for potential UFA centers that might become available before the trade deadline. 



  1. The Nashville Predators were easy winners in this deal. They gave up some meh prospects and a 2nd round pick, essentially the price of a rental player, and then inked him to a long term deal. With Johansen-Turris-Bonino and then that top 4 D, they are the clear favorites in the West and will have this core intact for the next few years to compete.

    We don’t know whether the Colorado Avalanche won or not, but they did WAY WAY WAY better than anyone ever expected them to do, so good on them. Multiple picks and prospects for a rather mediocre “star” player is impressive.

    WTF were the Ottawa Senators doing?

    They gave up 3 first round picks for 2 years of a 41 point player. Their own pick, Bowers and the first round pick they could have gotten for Turris.

    And they might not even be a better team today. Duchene is more dynamic and explosive but I’m not sure he’s any better than Turris.

    Great work by Poile. Redemption for Sakic. And lots of questions for Dorion.

    • Bowers is in Boston College, at least 2 or 3 years away from the NHL and a 28th pick in a 31-pick draft. Ottawa’s 1st next year also figures to be in that range – besides, there’s time to re-coup that in later deals.

      As for who will turn out better for their teams – Duchene or Turris – only time will tell so anything else right now is pure speculation. And Duchene was a “41 point player” on a pretty bad team with no offensive power around him consistently. Now he has the likes of Stone, Ryan (back soon) and Karlsson to work with.

      One final note – this from Garrioch’s column:

      “the Senators feel Duchene is an upgrade at centre. Not only is he younger with two years left on his deal, he fits into the system that coach Guy Boucher wants to play and will get plenty of playing time.

      The Avalanche originally wanted defenceman Cody Ceci when the talks first started and they were also asking for top prospect Thomas Chabot. It’s believed the Avs may have also tried to get the likes of Colin White, Logan Brown, Christian Jaros, Alex Formenton or Andreas Englund included in the deal.”

      • Up next…. McKinnon?

      • Bowers is actually with Boston University. I’m sure that’s what you meant though.

      • I knew it was somewhere in Beantown. Thanks

    • Duchene has averaged 53.5 points over his career. I don’t think you can take one bad season and call him a 41 point player. Right now he’s on pace for 59, which is more of what he is than last year.

      I seriously doubt he’s a player in regression at his age.

      All that said. Hard to call the AVs a winner in this one. Sure, they got a lot / the most pieces in this deal. But does that make them winners? It seems like they won the Edmonton 10 year plan …. maybe plus. Letting Stastny walk as a free agent, Trading O’Reilly and now Duchene?

      Maybe they win this deal in 3-5 years. But today, it’s just more of the same.

      • Yeah. After all ottawa’s 1rst round picks include


        A 1rst rounf garuantees nothing. Im ok giving it up for a known.

    • MG, do you truly believe that 5′ 10″ 162-lb D Samuel Girard – taken 47th in the 2nd round – equates to a Ceci or Chabot or Jaros and is the “Top 4 young D” that Sakic wanted in any deal involving Duchene?

      Of course, his apologists will now come out and say he never SAID he wanted a “Top 4 young D” – wait for it.

      • We all believe that’s exactly what he said based on rumours. He couldn’t get it. As we have discussed endlessly no harder asset to acquire than promising or established Dman. Well unless your MTL. They moved a future stud Dman for a young forward. Bizarre.

        I love this deal for Colorado. Fits perfectly with their rebuild & what Sakic has been advocating for & the reason Roy lost the internal power struggle for player control.

        Now we wait & decide the merits of this deal 4 to 6 years from now.

      • girard already has a higher ceiling than ceci…

      • No apologists George. Sakic no doubt got the word out there he wanted an absurd return. It was smart business. If I feel like selling my home but don’t need to move for a couple years, I get it on the market not for what its worth, not for a small increase, but for a whole lot more than I want. If I’m hoping to make 50,000$ off the deal I ask for 100,000$. That’s what Sakic did. essentially Ott moved 3 1st rounders and a third for a top 6 center (ouch), Nashville moved 2 b+ prospects and a 2nd for a top 6 center (also ouch but not as bad as ott)and sakic removed a distraction and pumped his pipeline full of steroids.

      • @Chrisms

        How did Ottawa move 3 1st rounders? I assume by saying they moved Turris who was a 1st round pick Bower who was a 1st round pick and the lottery protected 1st?

        To break this down, for whatever reason Turris wasn’t getting resigned or signing in Ottawa so they basically let a UFA walk.

        Bowers was the 28th overall pick in a weak draft, he could have just as easily been a late 2nd round pick the way that draft was slotted.

        The 1st they gave up will more then likely be between 20-31 which has decent value.

        3rd round picks don’t have much value and a back up goalie who was in the minors.

        Nashville gave up the prospects Colorado wanted and had to hand Turris a 6 year deal.

        Ottawa basically gets the rest of this year to evaluate how Duchene fits in and has another year to figure out an extension.

        Ottawa still has their blue chip prospects (White, Brown and Chabot), to me they win this deal today and for the next few years.

      • Exactly Dino – well put. Right now those picks/prospects Colorado got are exactly that – maybes, some of whom won’t be in the NHL – if ever – for several years to come.

      • I really like the way you put that Dino. I believe Ottawa upgraded with Duchene and don’t mind what they gave up at all. Their main prospects got to stay and they shed Ham-burglars contract.

      • If you’re selling your home and asking 100k over market value, and expecting 50k over value, there aren’t going to be realtors lining up to take that on. By some miracle if they did, no bank or mortgage company is going to give you a mortgage for a home you’re automatically upside down coming in. I get what you’re trying to say. But not a good analogy.

      • They can’t all be winners ny. Oh well. It is fun seeing ott fans try to rationalize the cost of duschene. All of a sudden their first last year is a late second… turris woulda walked cause ott wouldn’t have traded him for a good haul at the deadline as the top rental available? It’s far from erat for Forsberg but that’s one hell of a price for a guy whose value should have been down except for some good poker face on sakics behalf

    • I am coming to claim all of the apologies that are do Sakic from this community. So much vile hate here and everywhere else around the leagues rumor sites for Sakic, and when they finally come to see what he has done, from somewhere dark beneath each and every one they pull out beautiful rainbows of praise to try and avoid taking their medicine.

      Now all of you vicious little trolls line up for and receive your shame.

      Lol. I know none of you will do that. I just wanted those of you to know that someone was paying attention and saw the egg on your faces that you tried this to wipe away while pulling out rainbows. Lol…

  2. Again (I missed the whole excitement last night) I can’t believe what it cost ott for duschene… and I can’t believe the haul Sakic got for him. He waited and played nash and ott. Maybe striker is right about Sakic?

    • He got picks and prospects that may or may not turn out! It’s a far cry from a top 4 dman and whatever else he was wanting. This is more of what the majority of ppl expected

      • Didn’t you say Sakic should cut & run before the season started taking what was available or was that BlacknGold?

      • he set the bar high to make teams come to the table with a higher offer than they would want to. doubt he ever expected his asking price but by playing hardball he got 3 solid prospects and 3 top 90 picks! for a questionable 1st line center, more like a 2nd line center making 6 mil. he hit this one out of the park champ.

      • Only two of the 7 assets aquired need to work out for this to be a winning trade for Colorado. They were extremely high on Girard, for good reason, he’s fast, super-skilled only 19 and already has some nhl experience, which is pretty rare for a d-man. The NHL is not going for size as much anymore. Today’s game is all turning to speed and skill. This was a great return. Jost will slide into Duchene’s spot, and Girard is going to start playing on Friday. Kamenev will dominate in the ahl and he’ll likely be the first callup. Add Bowers and three draft picks, Colorado cleaned up. The great one himself didn’t get this type of return, in his prime.

    • Read Dino’s reply above, as I am in total agreement. They didn’t want to commit to Turris long term, and the first pick in Bower is not outstanding and he protected this years pick if it goes ten or under. So if sens go deep again, then it’s a late pick again. I think each team got what they wanted. Dorrion wants to win now and Duchene gives him another year to see if he can do that. He can always recoup future assets next year on Brassard or Duchene because they are both finishing their deals, and hopefully by then White or Brown are ready to take a bigger role. It’s a bit of a gamble for the future to win now in my opinion.
      As a sens fan, I will miss Turris as we an awesome player, but in a cap strapped era, you have to make moves. Got to hand it to Dorrion, he is not afraid to make big moves, and so far he has been right every time.

  3. Ottawa fans should expect great things from Duchene. He’ll be playing for an excellent coach with top line wingers and he’ll be used a lot. This is his chance to show people what he is capable of, and I expect him to shine.Can’t wait to see him and Karlsson on the ice together.

  4. Maybe I am on an island here but Turris+all that for an extra year of of a center ala Duchene was too much. I am not sure I’d trade Turris one-for-one for Duchene if they both had the same contract.

    And yes Nashville made out here. The cost for a similar player at the trade deadline would be much greater for them. And they inked him. AND THEY DID NOT LOSE A ROSTER PLAYER

    • Nor did Ottawa lose a roster player – they switched one. The only roster player-losing team here is Sakic who winds up with a pack of maybes 3 to 5 years away

      • True yes Ottawa did not lose a roster player either.
        But they sent away a big package compared to Nashville

      • Besides, it’s now clear that Turris wanted out of Ottawa for whatever reason so how did it help Ottawa to carry on for the better part of a full year with a key position held down by someone who didn’t want to be with his current teammates? Not a nice environment for anyone. And if they had held onto him until the trade deadline would they have then gotten someone as good as Duchene? Likely not – more like picks/prospects which simply turns them into Colorado east in that regard.

      • For sure Turris was not coming back. Just compared to what Nashville gave up it is a lot. Girard is the wild card from Preds if he turns out to be a solid top 4

      • Just to illustrate what a crap shoot it is picking in the 25 to 30 slots (now 31), in the draft years from 2007 to 2102 (I left out 2013 up simply because you don;t get a clear picture of a draft’s worth for at least 5 years), of the 30 players picked, a full 22 (or 73%) never made it and are either minor league mainstays or in some European league.

      • 2012 not 2021 – sheesh

      • A friend in our local pool just pointed out something that so far has not been considered ” maybe the reason Turris was reluctant to re-sign in Ottawa is that he was well aware that Dorion was “shopping him” in his pursuit of Duchene. So why bother signing a new deal before you know where your going?”

        Makes sense.

      • Too much for Ottawa to give up. No doubt about it.

      • George,

        I had the same thought as your friend. If Ottawa was shopping Turris he would have known it because the acquiring team would want to know if they could extend him. Also all the talk of an 8 year contract being the problem and he signs for 6 years at 6 million. Would be interesting to know which side made the first move. Also wondering what this means for Bobby Ryan’s future with the Senators.

      • GP, if you watched Hockey Central At Noon, Dorion was asked what the problem was with Turris and his answer was “insistence on a 7-8 year contract.” He was then asked if he had countered with a 6-year deal and the answer was a terse “No.” He went on to say that Sakic wasn’t interested in Turris at 6 years either, never mind 7-8. This was 7-10 days ago, and Sakic said he wouldn’t want to take Turris and then deal him again at the deadline. Hence the need for a 3rd team in the equation. Nashville sought permission to speak to Turris and when he agreed to sign a new 6-year deal it was on – except for Nashville coming up with what Sakic wanted.

        That hung fire right up until game time at which point Sakic called Dorion and told him Duchene would start but that he would be pulled immediately when Sakic heard back from Nashville. When he got what he wanted, Duchene came out of the game.

      • Thanks George, good information, I had not heard that.

    • Turris cost Nas 2 solid prospects, neither are B’s for me but solid prospects, both will be NHL players to what level who knows but play in the NHL for years eventually if not today.

      I’m not sure Girard is NHL ready but Kamenev certainly is & I really like this player. He will need standard development time.

      They also got Nas 2nd. David Poile is a master. Turris for a 2nd & 2 prospects, solid prospects but Nas gets exactly what they need at a fair cost, then get Turris locked up for 6 years at 6! Awesome, why couldn’t Ottawa get Turris signed for 6 years at 6?

      Ottawa pays Turris, Bowers; a 1st round selection in 2017, a 1st, a 3rd & Hammond to get what is essentially the same player or very similar player as Turris approximately 2 years from UFA status. I hope Duchene can be extended this summer in Ott.

      We will need to see how this plays out over the long term for Ottawa & Colorado but the clear winner in the short term is Nas. That’s short term for those of you who months to years from now try to tell me that I said Nas Won. We won’t know who really won for over 1/2 a decade. My bets on Col though but weird factors come into play. If Nashville were to win a cup in the next few years with Turris a big part of that it’s more than just points & players that need to be factored in.

      The business side, gate revenue etc in that scenario is significant but not really player related if that makes any sense.

      • neither are b’s? 3rd and 4th prospects in their fairly deep pipeline in thn rankings…

  5. Girard is significantly undersized for the NHL game. I don’t mean height he weighs a $1.62
    We will see if that is the answer for the Colorado D.

    • At least Duchene won’t keep showing up in rumors anymore. The deal serves all teams. I’m a Habs Fan living in Ott and following the Sens a lot- Ott was going to lose Turris, so rather than wait at the trade deadline they did well though likely have overpaid. The Avs have launched a multi-year rebuild and Sakic saved face and his job.
      The Preds to me have edged everybody here. They get a 1st line center to play for the 2nd line, did not pay much, inked him long term. I think the Preds will be Cup contenders for at least 2-4 years.

      • “At least Duchene won’t show up in rumors”??? Wait till next season! Lmao

    • If anyone thinks Sakic got his “Top 4 young D” in Samuel Girard – a 5′ 10″ 162 lb lightweight taken 47th in the 2nd round – they are dreaming in technicolour.

      • No he didn’t George at least not today but in 5 or 6 years Girard may be running 1 of Col’s PP units seeing too 4 TOI/GP easily. We won’t know for a long time.

        The new faster NHL is seeing a ton of small gifted skaters & transitional players being drafted & playing in the new NHL.

        Time will tell.

      • try 1 to 2 years.

      • not so much George. Girard looked real good in the few games he played at the top level.
        Colorado got a boat load of prospects, I really like the haul they got to be honest.

        Ottawa paid a lot here for my liking, hopefully it works out for them though since they got the best player in the deal

  6. Sakic didn’t get a top 4 d man which was always the reported ask ,besides other pieces. As far as Nashville getting Turris for the price of a rental, we’ll… Even though they locked up Turris for 6 years, time will tell if that is a smart move. Short term, yeah. Let’s see who AVs get with the pick they received and how other prospects turn out in Colorado. I’d rather have Duchene than Turris, but yeah, you add the fact Ottowa also gave up pick and prospect, again, time will tell. Pretty good deal all around for all. Sakic got a bunch of futures. Disappointed my Rangers didn’t get Duchene. 2 top centers off market. And for all Stepan fans, watch Duchene thrive now on a decent team as Stepan will be lucky to put up 40 points as top center on crappy team.

    • What Stepan does in Arizona and what Duchene does in Ottawa have nothing at all to do with each other. Not really understanding the comparison? Put Duchene in Arizona and he isn’t going to fare much better.

      As I mentioned above, it’s not like he was not having a good year he was on pace for 59 to 60 points in Colorado.

      My point all along was what are they going to have to give up to get him? Skjei + on a straight up deal? Regardless of what he does or does not do this year, I still say no thank you.

      • My point is that Duchene would be a huge upgrade over a Stepan! Step had a good run with Rangers and his point totals where a benefit of having a good team around him. Obviously he won’t have same success in Arizona and imagine how well Duchene would do with Rangers? And now I wonder could we have gotten him without giving up Skjei?

      • I don’t say no thank you. Having Duchene would’ve made Rangers one of the strongest teams down the middle, which is what every critic points out we lost by tradin Stepan.

      • Duchene and Stepan are very different players.

      • How did Duchene do last year on a bad team? 41 points? Stepan has been surrounded with 18-21 year old rookies on his wings. Hard to blame him if he has a down year. Their career point production is near mirror image! Stepan averages 52.42 points per game, Duchene 53.5.

        I can’t say I have watched anywhere near as much of Duchene as I have Stepan. But has he been deployed to shut down the oppositions best players night after night? Played Pk as much? More of a defensive zone start guy? All that factors in.

        I can see Duchene being a 60-70 point guy in Ottawa….. possibly. And given the opportunity I don’t think Stepan does any less. Everything you’re saying is pure speculation. Stepan worked well with anyone on his wing. So I don’t get that he was surrounded with players that made him better, if anything, I’d say the opposite.

        If NY could have acquired him without giving up Skjei, maybe they should have kicked the can. Maybe they did? But I doubt that was going to happen between the 2 teams. Without either a 3rd team involved or NY giving up a similar package to what was sent the AVs way.

        Either way, Skjei alone wasn’t worth the risk. He would have more than likely been a mid 50’s point guy. And with the uncertainty surrounding Duchenes future, and Mcdonaghs future… no way could NY afford to give up Skjei.

        Unless of course Staal on the 1st pairing for years to come looked like a good idea?

  7. Duchene’s gone from the rumor mill…c’mon Lyle…what’s next 🙂

  8. Are there any rumors out there that have Blues looking to move Statsny? How deep are they down middle? How are they at wing? Nash for Statsny?

    • Lol. On to the next shiny thing?

      This isn’t even close.

  9. Is there any situation where the Habs send Shea Weber to a contender?

    • Who would be the stud defensemen if no Webber? He spends 1/2 the game on the ice and plays well. I hate the trade that acquired him, but it would have to be a stud for stud once again; and since he’s probably among the oldest of the stud I don’t see it hapenning.

    • Contenders have a hard time taking on cap hits like Weber’s and add in he is signed for another 100 years and its a tough sell.

      If the Habs were going to move him which I doubt as he is all they have to show for PK, their best bet IMO would be a middle of the pack team that thinks Weber would put them into contender status.

      They would easily want a top 4 dman playing now, a top prospect, probably another roster player and 1st round pick + all the salaries would have match going in and out.

      I don’t think that trade is out there for them and I don’t think they are in any rush to move Weber. They will likely wait and see how Price does going forward before they decide which way they are going.

    • With their shut-out win over Chicago and the win in Winnipeg against the then hottest team in the league – two tough places to get wins – they are now 4 points out of a wild-card spot – so why would they deal Weber?

    • What contender can take on his contract and still be a contender?

    • I think MTL will be relevant again very soon. Their schedule over the next 18 games has them playing 14 at home. MTL is not as bad as they have played. They should battle for a playoff spot & if they can get their D cleaned up may make a push. I had them missing the playoffs in essentially a coin toss.

      I don’t see them moving Weber but you can never say never. If Gretzky can be traded anyone can.

      I never speak in absolutes as there truely aren’t any.

      I think Weber will eventually be moved just not for many years but if anyone makes an offer MTL can’t refuse anything is possible.

  10. Ian Mendes wrote a column today stating at the draft in Buffalo in 2016 Dorion introduced himself to Sakic and told him if he’s ever interested in trading Duchene to give him a call. Dorion got his man, you have to wonder with Turris immediately signing a 6yr $6m contract, was it Turris who wanted out or was it Dorion who wanted him gone. Because that deal is very reasonable.
    A lot of pundits on here owe Darren Dreger an apologise claiming (he’s fanning the flame and click baiting.) Hats off Mr. Dreger you were right from the beginning.
    One of Lyle snippets from the Athletic Duchene may or may not resign in Ottawa, well that pretty well covers it.
    Ottawa gave up Turris, 1st, 3rd Bower and forced Hammond. That seem like a lot, from what I read on Bower he is consider a poor man Patrice Bergeron. I find that funny because Bergeron was selected 45th overall, I’m guessing back then Bergeron was probably considered a poor man version of himself. At this point we have no ideal of what the draft picks and prospects turn out to be but the Av’s just need one or two of them to turn out and this will be a solid deal for them.

    • The 3rd round pick from Ottawa is in 2019. Also, if the 1st round pick turns out to be a Top 10 (meaning Ottawa collapses this season), the Sens have the option of deferring the 1st to 2019 as well.

    • Everyone knew Duchene was going eventually just a question of when. Dreger has made disparaging remarks about Col & Sakic over the course of this mess.

      Everyone is right. No 1 felt Duchene was ever staying. Most here have slagged Sakic & Col endlessly for his stance. Both Sakic & Duchene said & did all the right things.

      Thankfully it’s over & we can move on.

      Dreger’s 1 of the best in the business but he has lost a little luster for me in recent years. He seems more interested in getting hits & followers than being objective all the time. He’s just a Mitch below Mackenzie & LeBrun for me. They set the standard.

      • I never criticized Sakic. Of course he wanted best return. In the end he didn’t get a current top 4 d man, but I commend him for finally pulling trigger and doing what was best for all parties. Time will tell in Colorado

      • Striker I wasn’t referencing Duchene when I mentioned Dreger I was referring to Turris, who he said he didn’t think he make the season.
        I listen Pierre Lebrum a month back on the radio and he said that Sakic should just take the best deal on the table and move on. I guess that’s why he’s a reporter no a GM
        Side note Marchand injured and out of the lineup for tonight’s game.

    • Maybe the rumor about Turris demanding 8 years was not true?

      • According to Dorion on Hockey Central At Noon it was the term wanted by Turris and his agent. Dorion also said flat out that he never countered with a 6-year deal simply because he didn’t want to give him that either. Nor would Sakic. That’s why they sought a 3rd partner.

        Bottom line in all this is that Dorion did NOT relinquish Chabot, nor Brown, nor Colin White, nor Chlapik, nor Jaros nor Engelland. He gave up picks that will likely be in the lower 5 of whatever round of the draft and as I’ve already pointed out, over a 6 year period from 2007 to 2012 inclusive, of the 30 players selected a full 22 have failed – or close to 74%.

        So those picks when they come had better be well thought out.

  11. Yay!! No more Duchene talk!

  12. of all the players drafted in the 2009 entry draft guess who is 2nd in career points after Tavares? Duchene.
    He’ll do well in Ottawa, should be interesting to see what the Sens will have to pony up to keep him after his contract expires end of next season. I expect Stone will get a hefty raise end of this season and Karlsson, Duchene & Brassard will all be UFA’s in 19-20. Will be tough to keep all 4.

  13. Carolina sits 4-5-3 after 12 games.

    What has ailed them is spotty goaltending. Darling has played well in 1 game. Maybe 2 at best.

    Do they need a solid # 2 C? Yes that would help but will Francis try to accelerate the rebuild to do so? I’m not certain he will & as we just saw the cost to do so is extreme.

    Duchene essentially returned 2 1sts, 2 2nds & 2 3rds plus Hammond. If you look at the picks expended on the players included in that deal.

    Well done Joe Sakic. Hopefully this starts to get you some respect. That’s a serious haul & we will need 5+ years to see if you those prospects & picks pay off for a player less than 2 years from UFA status.

    • Darling is not the problem it’s team execution. The Canes are out of sync and playing a perimeter game. If it goes on much longer, something will change. Ron Francis is a conservative and patient GM, but he also has an owner that’s trying to sell a team that’s supposed to be trending better not worse.

  14. Funny how a lot of people have commented over last few weeks how we wouldn’t see a trade like this so early in season. I think there will be more. Interesting tidbit I read this morning, of the 16 teams that where in playoffs last season, 9 are currently outside looking in. Maybe that’s why so many rumors as so many teams aren’t starting the way most thought

  15. Try to spin this anyway you want Ottawa got the best player in the deal and won the deal.

    For whatever reason Turris wasn’t going to be staying in Ottawa so he was leaving anyway.

    So basically for Duchene Ottawa let a UFA walk traded a 28th overall pick in a very weak draft and Lottery protected 1st, a 3rd and a back goalie buried in the minors for a 1st line center with more offensive upside.

    And some how basically got Nash to cough up the D prospect that Colorado wanted.

    All with out losing any of their blue chips prospects.

    Well done Ottawa,

    I don’t buy the lets wait and see in 5 years who won this trade nonsense, all 3 of these GMs might not even have jobs in 5 years so I doubt this had anything to do with that.

    • Don’t confuse ’em with logic Dino.

    • I think this is a fair deal all around. Agree that Duchene is the best player in this deal and think he will thrive in OTT as well.
      The way I see it Sakic was rewarded for his patience and his rumored ask was just that, an ask, not a final offer.
      You can’t just force a deal, as you need 2 to dance, and in this case 3. The numbers have to work as well for all parties.
      An opportunity came up with Turris negotiations not happening the way OTT wanted and they have a deep pipeline. NASH looking to compete for a cup today, needed a quality 2C to do that, has the cap space and also a deep pipeline. Also, not playing great right now.
      AVS are about he future and not today and had a player that wanted out.
      Opportunity finally came and Sakic leveraged the opportunity to improve his pipeline dramatically.
      Win, Win, Win.

    • You can’t just say Turris was a UFA that walked. He’s a decent player who Ottowa had under contract for this whole season. He’s a UFA next year, and Duchene the year after. So, you got a slight upgrade at center for all those other assets. For you, this Trade could be a disaster if Duchene walks in 2 years!! And Ottowa went to ECF last year so anything less would not justify this trade

      • Add to all this that Duchene is only a year and a half younger than Turris… which means he’ll be older than Turris is now when his contract is up… and he’s going to want A long term deal probably for more than Turris got.. my guess is Ottowa will be right back in same position next year, looking to trade Duchene!!

      • Maybe Slick62, then they trade him. He will bring back quality assets.
        I don’t know if I am in the minority or not with Duchene, but I think he is a very good 2 way C. I have read past comments about his defensive play, perhaps recently in COL (I don’t watch them often) but that was definitely not the case when he played for team Canada. In fact it was one of the main reasons he made the team.
        The guy can flat out skate and because of that and his hockey IQ can line up against anybody and defend him well. He may not light it up offensively in OTT (although I think he will be a point/game) but come playoff time you can throw him over the boards against the other teams top lines and be comfortable in that matchup. That is really, really valuable.

      • Wouldn’t that same rationale apply to ANY team to which he was dealt? When Ryan came to Ottawa all we heard was “no way he re-ups with the Sens – he wants to go “home” to Philadelphia – yadda yadda yadda ad nauseum. Well, surprise, surprise – he did sign in Ottawa. Legally, they can’t talk extension with Duchene until next July so any opinions one way or the other are simply without foundation. Lots can happen between now and then – let’s just wait and see.

    • You span that so quick a kid vomited and it got over everyone on the ride.

      On one area you are right and that’s that the team getting the best player usually wins the deal. The problem is duschene should have been worth either what Ottawa gave up minus turris or what nash gave up not both.

      • We’ll see – right now you have nothing to go on but your opinion. Same as us who think it was a good deal. C’est la vie.

      • Honestly, outside opinion that doesn’t really care about any team involved. To me the trades biggest loser…. AVs fans.

        As I said earlier, more of the same. They’ve watched Statsny walk out the door, O’Reilly get traded away, now Duchene all based on “future”.

        Hammond isn’t worth a bag of rotten potatoes. And the rest are prospects and unknown picks. Now before anyone jumps in and talks about inserted youth and the current talent… Where will McKinnon, Jost, Kerfoot etc. be when this cache of picks and prospects finally (possibly, we’ll see) starts paying dividends? Where Statsny is or O’Reilly, or Duchene, or…. you get the picture right?

        This team seems to be in a perennial state of rebuilding. With nobody sticking around. This is why AVs fans lose on this trade. Ottawa and Nashville did better.

      • “That’s … like… your opinion man”

      • George and similar minded Ottawa fans see only gold in what they got and poo poo off what the ransom they gave up. You are all walking tall now, but I want to see how tall you all walk if Duchene bolts or all those picks and Bowers actually turn into something for Colorado.

        To me, it looks like Ottawa fans are just whistling in the dark to keep up their spirits.

        Why people just can’t feel good about the Avs no matter what is disheartening. Just keep telling yourselves winning the trade is all that matters to ignore that your GM overpaid. Got news for you on Duchene. You better hope Ottawa is the cure that has been ailing him for the past 3 years. He’s got all the talent in the world but he still hasn’t figured himself out yet. I sure hope he can finally put it together game in and game out consistently all season. His main problem is that his psyche is fragile. Being on a bad Avs team the last couple of years was not his main reason for poor play. He has just been trending down since he lost his confidence back in Roy’s first year. When he broke his other arm he started playing a more perimeter and pass game and lost his intensity. He has changed his game a few times since and has not found one he’s dominant with since Roy’s first year as coach. Just an Avs fan observations.

      • And like “your opinion man… is like like like … Crosby is the bestest everrrrrr! Omg…. anybody else is like like not a 1st line like centerrrr”

      • And is what I stated like like like omg…. opinion or like like fact? Like omg…. like Colorado like like can’t keep like like like good players like around…like….

      • They should have included a 4th team and like so sent that Gretzky-like Bolland to like Colorado. Then they’d be like super bowl champions!

      • Steamfisher, you claim us Ottawa fans only see gold while at thecsame time you spin your own in regards to the Aves perspective of ths trade.

        I fail to see how antone can think that any of these teams isnt better off.

        NYR4life brings up a good poknt about this long long Aves rebuild.

        But they got a vaeiety of assets to either cobtinue drsfting or developing or add in trades for established players.

        Nashville is a cup contender who solidified their rost by adding Turris.

        Ottawa viewed Duchene as an upgrade over Turris and out bid all the ither teams wanting him. Its hard to claim an over payment when you know other teams are offering wualitu as well. Nothing Ottawa gave up is garaunteed to amount to anything.

        So i think we will find out that all sides came out well in this trade.

        That win Nashville meets Ottawa in the finals this year we will all say they both did better than the Aves but when Ottawa wins the cup we will declare Ottawa the winner.


      • Ny that was directed at George and you failed to notice the quotes around my statement? Don’t they show movies in that small town called New York?

      • Excellent BL reference Chris!
        I enjoyed it.

  16. I havent read all the post here but Kyle Turris himself said that Ottawa bever once offered a 6 year deal. Seems neither side tried to meet in the middle at the six year mark.

    What this tells me is that Dorion truly believes Duchene is a big step up over Turris.

    As such he will likely be willing to offer a longer term contract than he was turris.

    I also think the Sens never wanted to offer a acceptable contract to turris as their intent was always to trade him for Duchene. If some one else landed Duchene i Suspect unless another option materialised only after Duchene became unavailable would the Sens offer a 6 year contract.

    Seems pretty apparent after Turris signed 6 years with Nash in minutes that 6 years was never on the table let alone 7 or 8

  17. Oh and George and Syriker what is Ottawa’s cap hit now?

    • Jeff, according to CapFriendly, Ottawa’s cap space now sits at just over $800,000! But “they’re a budget team” don’t you know. LOL

      Streamfisher = to your “how tall you all walk if Duchene bolts or all those picks and Bowers actually turn into something for Colorado.”

      What if – two words with endless possibilities – hell, IFS apply to every bloody trade ever made and any team or fan that indulges in IFS is wasting their time. Besides, – IF your uncle had different equipment he’s be your aunt.