NHL Rumor Mill – November 7, 2017

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With Matt Duchene and Kyle Turris off the trade block, here’s a look at the next potential NHL trade candidates. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane, Detroit Red Wings defenseman Mike Green and Montreal Canadiens left wing Alex Galchenyuk tops Jared Clinton’s list of nine NHL players who could be traded at some point before this season’s Feb. 26 trade deadline.  Kane and Green are both playing well this season and are eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer. Galchenyuk’s struggled at times this season and has been mentioned in trade speculation. 

Other notables include New York Islanders captain John Tavares, New York Rangers winger Rick Nash, San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton, Toronto Maple Leafs left winger James van Riemsdyk and Vegas Golden Knights forwards James Neal and David Perron. Like Kane and Green, they’re all eligible next summer for UFA status. 

NBC SPORTS: Tavares, Thornton, Galchenyuk, Neal, Perron, Nash, Kane and van Riemsdyk are also part of James O’Brien list of this season’s possible trade candidates.  He considers Tavares and Thornton as unlikely to be dealt. He can see the Golden Knights perhaps attempting to move Neal, Perron and winger Jonathan Marchessault. 

Other possibilities include Edmonton Oilers forwards Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Patrick Maroon, Jesse Puljujarvi and Ryan Strome, Pittsburgh Penguins right wing Phil Kessel and winger Patric Hornqvist, Colorado Avalanche left wing Gabriel Landeskog, Red Wings forward Gustav Nyquist, the Leafs’ Tyler Bozak, the Canadiens’ center Tomas Plekanec and Vancouver Canucks winger Thomas Vanek. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I recommend following the links to Clinton’s and O’Brien’s respective articles for their explanations why they’ve included those players on their lists. I can see Kane and Green being shopped by the trade deadline. I have my doubts that Kane fits into the Sabres’ long-term plans. The Wings are rebuilding and unlikely to keep Green beyond this season. If the Rangers are out of postseason contention by the trade deadline I think they’ll try to move Nash, though his trade value will tumble if his current offensive difficulties continue. 

Like O’Brien, I also put Tavares and Thornton into the “unlikely to move” class. The Isles will do everything they can to keep Tavares in the fold. Unless the Sharks tumble out of playoff contention I don’t see them trade Thornton.

Same goes for van Riemsdyk. Yes, he could fetch the Leafs a proven top-four defenseman but I believe they want to keep him for another run at the playoffs and perhaps try to re-sign him afterward. Bozak might not have a future in Toronto but I think the Leafs will stick with him this season as long as they’re in playoff contention. 

Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin claims he’s not giving up on Galchenyuk. Granted, he also denied he would trade P.K. Subban and we all saw how that turned out. Still, I think he’s sincere about wanting to give Galchenyuk the opportunity to improve.

Neal, Perron and Marchessault could all hit the trade block by February if they intend to test this summer’s UFA market. However, that’s not a certainty. If those players continue playing well this season, Golden Knights GM George McPhee could try to sell them on sticking around to provide leadership to their younger players. If the money’s right and if they enjoy playing in Las Vegas, I can see them staying put.

Nugent-Hopkins, Strome, Maroon and Puljujarvi have all surfaced in recent Oilers’ trade speculation. Of the four, Maroon’s UFA status makes him the most likely to be moved. Nugent-Hopkins’ $6 million annual cap hit is tough to trade in-season, Strome’s trade value is plummeting and I don’t see them shipping out Puljujarvi unless there’s a good young defenseman coming the other way. 

The Kessel trade speculation was based on one Pittsburgh sports columnist claiming last July that the Pens were growing weary of his attitude and declining scoring. Penguins GM Jim Rutherford, head coach Mike Sullivan and several of Kessel’s teammates dismissed that notion. Considering he’s their leading scorer, we can ignore any suggestion that he’s on the block. Hornqvist is a UFA this summer and the Pens could have difficulty re-signing him, but I think they’ll hang onto him this season for another run at the Stanley Cup.

Nyquist has recently surfaced in Red Wings trade talk but he’s signed through 2018-19 with a full no-trade clause. Not saying he won’t waive it but it will limit where the Wings could send him if they’re inclined to move him.

Landeskog was frequently mentioned as a trade candidate for most of last season but that chatter largely dried up since the summer. With Duchene gone and the Avs off to a better than expected start to this season, I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

Plekanec and Vanek are aging forwards. However, if their respective clubs are out of the playoff chase by February I can see them being shopped. 



  1. I’ve said it here many times before that I feel Evander Kane is an elite level talent in this League. I could definitely see someone trading for him at the deadline. He just has yet to find a team whose plans he fits into for the long haul. I think he would fit well in Chicago come trade deadline day. They are strong defensively and adding him up front would make them even more dangerous. Imagine the headlines; “The Kanes are Able!” On a team with a true leader like Toews, and a coach like Quenneville I am sure he would find enough motivation to go along with the plan.

    • Or the Kane’s are able to make bail! Lol

      • Good one Nyr4life! Good one! I was wondering if anybody would take me up on that one! Ha Ha!

      • hahaha this made my day

    • I think the hockey world is dying to see how Kane plays in the playoffs. he could be an X factor.

      ducks would make use of his edge but i could see him on the pens

      • Hey ds,

        I have often opined on here that Anaheim would be a great fit for him. I believe he would find it prudent to adhere to the “advice” of Getzlaf and Perry. Catch my drift? And I agree he could be a definite X factor in the playoffs and would also potentially fit in with the Penguins.

    • As a longtime Hawks fan I agree with you to a certain point . But we are not strong defensively anymore as hard as it is to admit that.
      We do have one of the best D-men in Keith and Seabrook is always been underrated, but beside those two we lack in depth on defence. If they are not A rookie it’s a slow sluggish Veteran. And unfortunately you can’t win playoffs with weak D like we have right now. I think the Hawks address this problem first and hope players like DeBrincat/ Schmaltz/ Hartman chip in to find the extra bit of offence.

      Just one Hawks opinion

  2. There’s a lot to digest here this morning.
    I’ll wait for the lads to weigh in, and mull over everything afterwards.
    Kane gives one good year per contract. The last one.

    • Many do shoreorrpark, many do! Unfortunately.That’s why I think he would be good as a rental. Give him a playoff platform to show what he can do for his next contract.

      • Kane for Duchene. Sorry …. couldn’t resist

      • duschene to pens, kane to Ottawa, 2 Ottawa first rounders and 3 pens 2nd rounders to buff.

        couldn’t resist.

    • Kane scored 28g in 70 games last season and 20g in 65 games the season before, 70 gams is the most he has played since playing 74 in 2011-2012 hr has never played a full season.
      Kane is a goal scorer with a ton of speed excellent penalty killer and willing to go o the dirty area of the ice. He would be a solid pickup for any contender. Based on him wanting to play in a big market (Winnipeg thoughts) I don’t see him resigning with Buffalo but do see him signing in the State next season.

      • I agree Caper,

        He is very talented, and when paired with high – end talent I am sure he would produce even more! He is certainly willing to go to the dirty areas (open pun season here of course) and would be a great pickup for a contender, despite that I am sure many would not be interested in signing him long term.

      • A “big market” would also include Toronto – bigger than most of the U.S.-based markets. Even Montreal ranks ahead of most.

      • True George, but i think he wants less scrutiny not more. I’m think Rangers or one of the California teams.

  3. Why would THE aVS even think of trading Landescog now that Duchense has finally been moved. That signals total rebuild fan wont like that

    • Doesn’t trading Duchene suggest the same?

      • Not to mention letting Stastny get away for nothing and O’Reilly and Jamie McGinn for
        Nikita Zadorov, forward Mikhail Grigorenko (now in the KHL), prospect J. T. Compher (more a suspect than a prospect) and the 31st pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft which turned out to be Christian Fischer – jury still out.

      • Colorado moved 31 to SJ for 39; Greer, in the same year, also getting back their 2nd round pick in 2016; Morrison, they had moved to SJ previously.

        The trade of Reilly can’t be evaluated for 4 to 6 years. Nor did Reilly have any intention of signing an extension with Col, to much bad blood in his revious contract negotiations, Col matching an offer sheet made by Cal.

        I have stated 3 times now if you haven’t seen Compher play you are in for a real surprise. He has displayed solid 2 way skills, a great back checker with way above average skating ability & sublime passing skills.

        Col retained Stastny as they won their Div, were 2nd in the western conference, 3rd in the entire NHL & had pkayoff aspirations, just like any other team would. His contract demands were not being met.

        All of these decissions were made by the dual headed pkayer management model of Sakic & Roy both having power.

        This hate almost all of you have for Sakic & Colorado doesn’t make sense. You hold them to a completely different standard & timeline than any other rebuild, you fail to recognise that Sakic & Roy were at odds with each other & only want to live in the now, when what Sakic is & has been doing is for the future.

        The fact most of you who slagged Sakic, Duchene, Barrie, the assets he has accumulated in trade aren’t yet eating crow is a joke.

      • Striker, I think if you saw a turd with sprinkles on it, you’d try and see the good in it….. And also try and convince us it’s the same as ice cream in the process.

        If these returns won’t be known for years….. how can you just dismiss everyone’s opinions so easily and claim you’re right?

      • Remember when a certain guy on here said that Darren Dreager was making the trade rumors up? Well Duchene was being shopped the entire time he talked about it.

    • I think the rebuild started when Sakic retired. Then they started rebuilding their rebuild. Now… they are stockpiling more picks and prospects for the rebuild of the rebuild of the rebuild.

      Let’s start talking about where the picks they just received end up in 4-5 years

    • Landeskog isn’t going anywhere. This is his team. Always has been. The Avs weren’t going to trade him regardless.

      • I’d like to believe that, but it seems like players just don’t want to stick around there.

        What happened to this franchise? They were the team to go to in the 90s early 2000s.
        They attracted guys like Bourque, Blake, Selanne, Kariya etc. Now they have guys like O’Reilly and a guy like Duchene who grew up an AVs fan, idolized Sakic but still wants out? It seems they are stuck in reverse.

        Great city, great franchise….. it has to be Sakic imo.

      • Ny4life you and others slag Striker and pin him to his takes, but You and many others here wont give Sakic and the Avs any credit for anything do, no matter what they do. Partly it is because of the sourness everyone feels because your own teams are struggling, and a lot the reason stems from none of you actually watching the Avs. You and others are doing yourselves a disservice by letting the east coast biased media think for you and form your opinions for you. Absolutely nothing that has been said about Sakic or the Avs has been reality the past year. TSN/SportsNet has spoon fed you all baseless resentments. And when Sakic brings back 7 good pieces for Duchene, when every cried and stomped saying Duchene should only get a c prospect and a 3rd rounder, nobody is man enough to own up. Everyone whined about Sakic around the league saying he waited to long that his return is diminishing day by day, that Sakic should be fired, that Sakic ruined Duchene, and on and on and on…

        Not one thing said about this entire situation was even remotely true. And when Sakic and Duchene spoke to the media on Sunday and showed how off the mark the media’s hysteria was, you think anyone said “My bad. Sorry for smearing your name and your franchise”?

        Instead, all you guilty parties scramble madly to save face by finding the next thing you can knock the Avs on. Its really is sad and disheartening that some hockey fans just can’t find their own humility. But, I will tell those of you that admit your fault or not, everyone knows who you are anyway. And those of you have lost credibility with me. I don’t care if you agree with me or like my team, but if you guys can stand there and continue to slander in the face of scrutiny how can I find any value in any opinions you have. If you just opine without actually knowing anything about what you form your opinions on, why would anyone take you seriously about anything. In my opinion you guys are just trying to spread negativity.

      • You’re being WAY too sensitive here. I call a spade a spade. Have you seen me say anything positive about NY lately? I say lately but realistically I’ve been questioning their moves since June before a single puck dropped on the season….So to say I’m being critical because NY is struggling is beyond ridiculous and completely fabricated.

        Right now NY is 2 points behind Pittsburgh in the middle of a 4 game win streak and I’m STILL being critical of this team…. so let’s not let sensitivity get in the way of reality…. while we’re on reality….

        What good has Sakic done? He’s moved a couple of good players for unknown or unproven picks and prospects….. woo-hoo! Yay!!!
        I’ll give him this, he got a lot for Duchene, but a lot of unknown or “time will tell” guys and picks…. Do you ever see me jumping up and down about prospects in NY before they prove themselves? My default answer is “we’ll see” … until they’ve at least proven SOMETHING on the NHL level… I don’t wet my pants.

        This is a messy franchise at the moment…. no matter how good you THINK those 7 pieces may be (6 really…. i mean unless you consider a backup ahl goalie an”good piece”) half are completely unknown picks… good? Hmmmm that’s interesting…. we don’t even know who they are but they’re good? Imagine how silly that sounds?

        So what exactly has Sakic or anyone done in that organization in the last 8-9 years you feel needs patting on the back? 1-2 playoff appearances and 1-2 1sr round exits? Yay! Good job! They are on the brink of a dynasty….. I can’t wait for the parade…. congrats….. I guess?

      • And for the record…. show me where I EVER said Duchene was only worth a 3rd round pick or so so prospect? Or his value was diminishing day by day? Just more ridiculousness! Never came out of my mouth…. so aim your unwarranted anger where you think it may belong….

  4. I see no reason why Sakic would stop now.

    I expect him to shop both Landeskog and Barrie, especially after drafting Makar and trading for Girard (all the same type of player).

    Toronto should be front and center trying to get Barrie. I’m not a big fan of his but…not many top 4 D will be available. I wonder if they could move Bracco or Kapanen for him.

    If they could acquire him and then someone like Alex Edler, they could legitimately compete for a Cup this year. They need two more D.

    I’d actually like to see the Pens ask about Edler. Let him eat some minutes and pull Letang’s back a few.

    • If the Leafs did go after Barrie – a 5-year NHL vet D who is more offense than defense – it’s going to cost them more than a RW taken 61st (Bracco) who has yet to show he is NHL ready or a RW who has had one decent AHL season in 2016-17 with 18g 25a 43 pts in 43 games. And what do you think they (or Pitt) would need to offer to get Edler – a 10-year big, solid vet D on a team showing they may be better than most figured? Way more than Lou will be willing to relinquish.

      • Pittsburgh has no interest or need for Edler. The offer would be Haglen and Hunwick or no thank you Mam.

  5. With Colorado in a rebuild, it makes no sense in now keeping MacKinnon and Landeskog.

    • McKinnon is only 22 and Landeskog is 24. Perfect ages to stay through a rebuild…. unless of course it lasts another 10 years.

      It would be like saying Nylander and Reilly were too old for Torontos rebuild.

      All that being said, they’ll probably trade both if history tells us anything.

    • Colorado has some real nice young players coming up.
      No chance they trade Mack – the very first thing you need to have a successful rebuild is a first line center, which he is.
      The other essentials are two d-men being conditioned within your system.
      Mack is the last guy they’d be trading

    • Blah, blah, blah. Colorado is aweful. Blah, blah, blah.

      Why do you people insist on letting yourself be taken incredulously?

      • I’m taking off for the parade and we’ll drink some beers… when is this dynasty starting again? 4-6 years out? I’ll mark it down on my calendar and request the time off tomorrow.

      • Streamfisher: I feel your pain. You are my new hero on this board!

      • You probably need to get out more. Hero? Lol

  6. I agree with Nyr4life, build around MacKinnon and Landeskog. Barrie is kinda one dimensional but would be a good addition for a team looking for offensive production from the back end, he could bring a decent return…NJ Devils perhaps? I would also shop E. Johnson in the off season, that may involve some salary retention. Tough for teams to trade anyone who is paid over 3 million in base salary for prospects due to most teams at or near cap.

  7. I think the Leafs should look at any trade that would get them a top four dman. Any combination of picks, prospects(Bracco, Dermott, Rosen, Valiev, Soshnikov) and a roster player (Bozak, Leivo, Carrick, or even JVR).

    The Leafs need a Dumba, Trouba, Manson, Montadour, Miller, Petrovik or even Gudbranson type. That is more physical right handed shot that can move the puck. Maybe the Ducks are interested in Bozak now that Getzlaf is out for a couple of months. Manson would be the perfect guy but the Leafs would need to add at least two more pieces to Bozak to get him even if he is available?

    • Ya ANA is in a tough spot with injuries at center. Problem is that they have had (Vatenan) and continue to have injury problems on D with Fowler on IR.
      Bieksa and Beauchemin will be gone after this year, plus the loss of Theodore in expansion means they will hang on to Manson. At least I would. Playing over 21 minutes a night on a good contract.
      Toronto would need to to provide a very good, young player on a good contract to pry him out of ANA. Nylander or Marner seems like too much, maybe? Kapenan not enough. So not sure who fits that bill.

  8. Kane has been very good for Buffalo, no one in Buffalo has a problem at all with his effort and toughness. It’s very hard to find guys like him that can skate, shoot and score while being so strong along the boards and tough. I would like to keep him as long as the price is 7 million