NHL Rumor Mill – November 9, 2017

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Latest on the Columbus Blue Jackets, NY Rangers, Boston Bruins and San Jose Sharks plus updates on Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Andrew Hammond in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE ATHLETIC: In the aftermath of the Matt Duchene trade, Pierre LeBrun reports the Columbus Blue Jackets remain in the market for a center. They were very interested in Duchene before he was shipped to the Ottawa Senators and hope to acquire a top-six center before the Feb. 26 trade deadline. LeBrun also reports the banged-up Boston Bruins are eyeing the market for a top-nine forward. 

In a recent mailbag segment, LeBrun’s colleague Aaron Portzline lists Montreal’s Alex Galchenyuk and Edmonton’s Ryan Nugent-Hopkins as two names floating around the rumor mill who the Jackets could keep an eye on.

Asked about the possible  cost of acquiring New York Islanders center John Tavares (assuming they could also re-sign him), Portzline speculates it could be “(Pierre-Luc) Dubois, Gabriel Carlsson, Sonny Milano, Elvis Merzlikins and a first-round pick.” If they can’t re-sign him, “Carlsson, Milano and a first-round pick.”

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Bob McKenzie telling Toronto’s TSN 1050 the New York Rangers “wanted Duchene badly” but weren’t willing to part with young defenseman Brady Skjei. He also believes the Bruins want to bolster their injury-ravaged roster but hasn’t seen what his team is like when healthy. 

THE MERCURY NEWS: Paul Gackle believes the return the Colorado Avalanche received for Duchene indicates just how costly it’ll be for the San Jose Sharks to find a suitable replacement for the departed Patrick Marleau. If the Sharks do pull off a trade for a scoring forward it’ll likely cost them a young defenseman. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Duchene and Kyle Turris off the block, the pickings are currently slim for teams seeking a scoring forward/center.

Galchenyuk has improved following a slow start and has moved back up the Habs depth chart. I think teams are calling the Habs to look into his availability but I don’t see them parting with him now.

Nugent-Hopkins’ $6 million annual cap hit is difficult to move. If the Oilers are willing to shop him they’ll likely want a scoring right wing back.

As for Tavares, he’s currently unavailable and there’s no certainty the Islanders will move him by the trade deadline.

The Blue Jackets, Rangers, Bruins and Sharks will likely continue to monitor the trade market, but they could be waiting until January before some better options appear. 

ARIZONA SPORTS: Craig Morgan reports Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson has resurfaced in the trade rumor mill, but Coyotes GM John Chayka quickly dismissed the speculation. “He’s never once complained to me or talked about greener pastures,” Chayka said, insisting he hasn’t had serious discussions about moving the blueliner. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes’ lousy start to this season explains why Ekman-Larsson is popping up again in media trade chatter. He lacks no-trade protection and is eligible for unrestricted free agency in 2019. I don’t believe he’ll be dealt this season, but I expect his name will be heard more frequently in trade talk in the offseason.

The Coyotes have been mired in mediocrity for the last five seasons. The temptation to join a playoff contender could be strong for Ekman-Larsson as free agency approaches. If the Coyotes do put him on the market they’ll seek a substantial return. They’ll get it, too. 

TSN: Goaltender Andrew Hammond’s tenure with the Colorado Avalanche could be short. It’s believed Avs GM Joe Sakic hopes to trade the netminder, who was part of the return they received in the Matt Duchene deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The asking price is likely a draft pick or prospect. 



  1. Asking price for Hammond is a top 4 d man top prospect and 1st round pick… maybe more

    • Chrisms,

      You can’t be serious! Hammond is worth no more than a 3rd or 4th round pick straight up. If Sakic is waiting for that return than Hammond will be an Avalanche prospect longer than Duchene was a player there.

      • I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

      • I think so too Nyr4life. Or at least I hope so:)

    • I think you are still low balling, better throw in a 2nd and a couple of additional mid round picks for good measure

    • LOL. Why not? He thinks he’s on a roll and probably figures if he collects 20 picks and prospects the odds are at least 25% HAVE to work out.

      • 5 players working out would be great!

      • Sour, or getting ready to fall your cloud George?

      • It started out as a joke Streamfisher – just continuing the theme – Jaysus, you’re more thin-skinned than the blest of LeafsNation!

    • It’s funny you would still make fun of sakic after the return he just got. Right now the only ones that look stupid are those that thought sakic was stupid.

      Sounds like there are many teams out there that wish they wouldn’t have continued to low ball sakic. It’s hard to feel bad for them. And now, the market has spoken. If they want a good center the going rate is much higher than it was before.

      • Your right, instead of Sakic just needing to get the Duchene trade right now he has to hit on those picks and hope the prospects develop properly.

        And what exactly is it that you think he got in this trade? Are the Avs any better today then they were before the trade? Have many more years do they need to “turn this thing around”.

      • I think Sakic got a really good return. Not making fun of Sakic but the whole rumor build up process that occurred leading up to it.

      • In a way they are better. They needed to move Duchene because Jost needed to move into a top six role. They also needed to move him because it wasn’t good for the locker room to have him there anymore. But, it’s not a team that’s in a win-now mode. They have a few really good players (Mack, Rant, Barrie, Johnson) with no depth. They’ve been able to do OK with injuries (this year) but it’s obvious much more would really hurt them. What they got in return is exactly what they needed. Only two players need to work out it order for this to be a huge win. The more pieces, the greater odds that it will work out. Two of those players already have a really good chance of working out, in Girard and Kamenev. Yes, they absolutely made out on that trade.

      • Fair enough Chrisms, I probably read into that more than I should have.

    • hahaha, made me laugh out loud in the office here. Sarcasm at it’s best

  2. Hello, Lyle Richardson:

    Yesterday, a person using the same posting name as mine wrote into your Rumor Mill. I don’t want anyone to get mad at me because of something I didn’t write, and I don’t want anyone to be fooled into thinking I’m smarter than I am. Can I change the name associated with my sign-in e-mail address? I promise I won’t use “Striker.”

    • That would be tough to do with the email safety net. Who has your email frank? Uh oh

    • Probably just another Frank. I used just George for a while until another came along so I switched to George O.

      • Yes, and there is only one George O.! Is that for your last name George, or is the “O” for Ottawa?

        Your team gets very little respect, by the way.

        What do you make of the Duchene deal?

      • For whatever reason, Dorion wasn’t interested in re-upping Turris for 6 years – never mind 7/8 (both said that a 6 year deal was never offered) so he paid to get a guy he was after almost from Day 1 of his taking over as GM. His speed (he’s now considered faster than Dzingel who was the reigning speed-demon on the sens) and versatility will be put to good use by Boucher. Plus they have him for this season and at least part of 2018-19 if he doesn’t sign after next July. But apparently Dorion and his agent are long-time buddies so I see no reason why they won’t re-sign him when the time comes if on-ice things work out. All we can do is watch and wait.

  3. Forgive me for making this about the Leafs. For some reason, Leafs fans aren’t allowed to make things about their team on this site. Not by Lyle, but by many who post on here. So here goes, any prognosticator worth his salt would speculate that a team like the Leafs, deep in forward depth, should inquire about getting Ekman Larsson. My eleven -year- old son told me the other day he heard there was chatter about Marner for Ekman Larsson. Not sure I would go there, but I am just saying that there is already talk about it somewhere because he didn’t make it up, so please don’t get all annoyed with me for talking about my team.

    But I do invite feedback on what people feel the Leafs would need to offer to get Ekman Larsson?

    • It would likely be Marner++, it would likely not happen until the offseason if ever. This would also depend on A) Marner rounding out his season to still put up 50+ points to make him attractive enough, B) Arizona continuing to be a bottom feeder and frustrating OEL, C) OEL wanting to immediately sign an extension in Toronto, and D) no other team coming with a better offer. That’s a lot of Ifs, but it isn’t impossible, just way too early to discuss as a reality because we aren’t even at the point where OEL is really on the block.

      In terms of what would be needed to be added with Marner, it would likely be another prospect, or younger player, and some sort of pick. The value of the pick would likely be used to balance out the value of the prospect, so the further down the depth chart the prospect, the higher the pick would need to be and vice versa.

      This deal would be expensive, but would make sense for the Leafs. OEL would be a pretty great fit for the Leafs, as he is better defensively than pretty much anyone on their current group, but they don’t sacrifice the ability to move the puck up the ice to their forwards, which is something I think plays well into their style. He would essentially transform their Defence core from a bottom tier group to above average, which coupled with their forwards would make them pretty dangerous. Trading Marner may seem painful, but would be necessary, both in terms of cost to acquire, but also moving one of the kids who will eventually command a big salary is the only way to make room for a big salary on D. Even if they found a way to make the deal by trading other pieces, it would likely be worse for them in the long run if they end up trading players on very good contracts who play important roles (Hyman, Brown, Kadri), and would cost a ton more in other future assets, and would cause way more headaches from a cap perspective down the road.

      • Not so sure you are far off Danny and the problem is as long as Babcock keeps Marner on the fourth line Marner will have difficulty reaching much beyond 50 points. I don’t see why everybody is so blinded by when trades can happen. Look at the deal the Sens, Preds and Avs just completed, this deal was no differnt than any other in terms of salary, time in the season, or length of contract and cap constraints than any other. When a deal needs to be made it can be made. If the Leafs truly want to address their defence and the Coyotes want a big return for a guy like Ekman Larsson when it happens is irrelevant. Managers know how to think their way around these issues. Remember guys we are armchair pundits, and they are the ones making the actual deals and are privy to cap experts, and have the experience around them to draw from in making these deals. We put a man on the moon so heoepfully an NHL general manager can find a way to make a trade when the team needs help not when the cap and other crap dictates it.

      • Marner is still getting over 15 minutes a night, and is on pace for around 45 points. Babcock tends to double shift him on other lines when he is playing well, and he gets solid PP time as well, so he really needs to get his way onto another line with is play.

        Timing is very important in trades. The trade happened the way it did because of the timing and how it affected each of the teams. Duchene has been shopped for a long time, and would be traded whenever the offer was good enough. Nashville wasn’t willing to pay the price for a center they couldn’t get signed long term, and Ottawa wasn’t willing to pay the price unless Turris could be moved to soften the cost, but they actually preferred not to have to commit immediately to a longer term. This made the timing right for these 3 teams, and it’s why the deal happened as a 3 way trade. It didn’t just materialize, they had all had many discussions over the past 6 months or more.

        From the Leafs perspective. I don’t think they give up the price it would cost for Arizona to move OEL while they can’t sign an extension right away. For Arizona, I don’t think they are willing to give up on signing OEL until they are sure they can’t or unless they get absolute maximum value. So while it’s possible for a trade to come together before then, it’s just really unlikely unless something changes (like OEL asking for a trade). Right now there isn’t too much of a rush for either team. Arizona is not getting to get better this year by trading OEL, so they have no reason to trade him unless they maximize his value, and in the current NHL, you maximize his value to a team that can do a trade and sign. The Leafs are likely a playoff team either way, and if they can’t get what they are looking for long term, they have UFA contracts to add assets, and they have assets to add UFA help for this year, and reassess in the offseason when it’s easier to get things done.

    • If Marner becomes available, I wonder if teams who lost out on Duschene would pursue him to fill that position. If so, what would the Leafs ask from them?

      • I don’t think Marner becomes available as such, just that he would be a player the Leafs would part with to get the D they covet. I don’t think Marner will be included in a deal where the acquiring team puts together a package, but more likely that he is part of a package to acquire an upper tier defensemen (or maybe the rare one-for-one swap).

        There may be a team that has a defensive prospect like Montreal had in Sergechev that decides to come out and make a big offer, but I think it’s more of a case that Toronto will be willing to part with Marner in a deal than it will be teams paying big prices to pry Marner out of Toronto.

      • Marner would be an attractive starting point but as mentioned by someone else a small bit of the return. There would be 3 addional plus for OEL ( hyman,first, lilgegrin the 2 second rounders they got this year)

        Should have traded marner this past off season hes regressed severly.

        Should offer Edmonton Marner mcdermit, the leafs first and the sharks second and see if they bit for Nurse…

      • I agree that Leafs would have to pay big for OEL, Marner would just be a starting point. I doubt the leafs include Lilgren or Neilsen though.

        For Nurse, no chance the Leafs include Dermott, a first and second along with Marner.
        Nurse for Marner plus a 3rd would be closer to reality.

        This isn’t fantasy hockey where you can just trade and replace via FA

    • Problem is, Steven, if Ekman-Larsson was ever put on the block the Leafs would be just one of about 25 pouring in offers that would likely eclipse just Marner. It would be a bidding war dwarfing the Duchene circus.

      • Very true George O.

      • Marner has about as much trade value as Sam Bennett. They are sheltering him on the 4th line against weak compitation. If you want a stud d man lets start with nylander plus plus

      • I dunno Twin. You don’t get 61 points as a rookie (19 goals) by being a stiff. Last year after 17 games he had 16 points, playing with the likes of Matthews and Nylander, or JVR at times. This year – so far – Babcock has relegated him to maybe 14-15 minutes a game and so he has half that total after 17 games.

        I’m sure teams would be lining up to get him if it was ever known that Lamoriello was shopping him. I doubt very much that that will happen any time soon.

    • Steven, I for one don’t care who you talk about, most of the rumors are generally a media guy speculating about the team he covers. So Have at it.
      It’s been rumor that the leafs need help on D and yes OEL would accomplished that; However I wouldn’t be moving Marner for him unless I know I could resign him. Not a fan of giving up assets for a guy who may walk in a year. With that said I would with a caveat, if I believe this is the guy who can put us over the top for a Stanley Cup because that’s why they play the games.

      • Caper,

        I still think the perception on Marner is partly to blame on Babcock. I can’t see why he would shelter him on the fourth line and expect him to get better. Play him with Matthews and see what happens. I think it is too early for the Leafs to consider trading any of the big three (Matthews, Nylander, and Marner). I still think the Leafs could get a top 4 D man by packaging a roster player (other than the big three) plus picks and a prospect. Why accumulate all those picks to use on future defensemen whose upside will come far too late to catch up with the young forwards they have if you want to win sooner than later? Free agency is another route if one comes available.

    • Marner would be an attractive starting point but as mentioned by someone else a small bit of the return. There would be 3 addional plus for OEL ( hyman,first, lilgegrin the 2 second rounders they got this year)

      Should have traded marner this past off season hes regressed severly.

      Should offer Edmonton Marner mcdermit, the leafs first and the sharks second and see if they bit for Nurse…

      • Why would Edmonton trade Nurse? They are struggling defensively trading him would make no sense.

  4. The Habs are winning, and avoided carrying their awful start to a point where this season is a write off, so I get not wanting to trade Galchenyuk, however if you aren’t committed to the player, then why is he only on the block while he is worthless? This happens a lot, but it’s just terrible asset management.

    It does make Yzerman’s handling of the Drouin situation all the more impressive. He knew he had an asset, but had he not waited him out, he doesn’t get the return he finally got. He also didn’t get too attached to the asset just because he had a good season, and the speculation died down a little. He pulled the trigger when he got an offer that made sense.

    I wasn’t around when Duchene got traded, but I like this deal a lot overall. Nashville did well in getting a 2nd line centre out of it, Ottawa accomplished their goal in buying them some time, probably getting a bit of an upgrade at center, and not having to commit to much before figuring out Karlsson’s future, and Colorado got a nice haul. It’s funny that I was saying that I really thought Sakic needed to make this trade sooner than he did, but eventually came around to Striker’s way of thinking on holding on until he could be moved in a trade and sign deal, and then right after that he gets moved anyway, and Sakic gets a pretty impressive haul.

    I know people will say you can’t judge what Sakic got out of the deal yet, but that is very flawed logic. You can’t judge a deal made with the information available today based on what happens later. Sakic got a lot of pieces that all have some chance to be very good NHL players. The fact that there is a chance that none of those pieces turns out to be anything of value should be reflected on Sakic. His job is to acquire assets for a player that didn’t want to be in Colorado, and he did exactly that. Good trade.

    • Danny,

      Yzerman has proven to be a very good manager. Tampa had injury problem last year for sure. Your comparison of how Yzerman dealt with Drouin is spot on in my opinion!

    • Who says they aren’t committed to Galchenyuk? Sure Marner be traded cause Babcock isn’t committed to him

      • They have reportedly tried to move him several times, and dangled him quite a bit, they gave him a 2nd bridge deal, which makes him a UFA pretty much as soon as it would have been possible, so they didn’t commit to buying any of his UFA years. It isn’t just the coach that doesn’t seem committed to Galchenyuk, the entire organization seems pretty much disinterested in him.

        The situations with Marner and Galchenyuk are not very comparable at this point. Marner has spent a few games on the 4th line, but is being passed over by guys literally outscoring him on a team that isn’t struggling go score. He is also still getting 15+ minutes a night, and in games where he starts to play well, he gets double shifted and plenty of PP time. He is being given an opportunity to impress and move his way back up. Galchenyuk was buried on the 4th line many times last year, despite scoring at a better rate than most players on the team, and the Habs had some offensive struggles last year as well, so they probably could have used the additional minutes of a better offensive option.

        If Marner continues to struggle, and it becomes obvious that the team doesn’t trust him at all, stops giving him opportunities, and is trying to trade him, then yes, I would say they should move on from him, but as of right now, the situations aren’t the same. Maybe this is the beginning of a scenario that works out to be similar, but not nearly far enough into it to draw such a broad stroke comparison.

        Also, it isn’t so much a criticism of Montreal in this circumstance, just a common theme among GMs in the NHL. Teams tend to have short memories. Spend 18 months seeming to be ready to move on from a player, then when they heat up a little and increase their trade value, latch on until the downswing comes and then trade them for a pile of used rubberbands and two slightly worn hockey gloves from different sets.

        Finally, I would recommend that the Leafs move Marner in a package to get a D. It probably won’t happen until the offseason, but I would agree that it does make more sense to move Marner while still on his ELC to maximize his value, rather than depressing his value by having him signed to a deal they don’t seem committed to.

      • As a Leafs fan Bigbear I agree with you completely. Babcock’s seemingly short fuse for Marner is frustrating. I guess he doesn’t appreciate skilled playmaking forwards. He is not a fourth line player.

    • Everybody likes to poo poo Sakic’s haul as just uncertainties. Fair enough I guess. But what they glide over is the fact that Duchene cost that much in the first place. Many thought Duchene was only worth a 5-6 defenseman and a pick, or throwaways and castoffs and reclamation projects. All the pundits thought that Duchene should only bring around that too. Everyone and their dog thought that Sakic was crazy and was lost as a GM. Regardless of what becomes of the pieces, Sakic got a massive haul for Duchene. Nobody saw that coming. People like to cling to the idea that, well Sakik never got his roster Dman. Console yourselves with that if you want. Well, he could get our blue chip prospects. Good for you. But Sakic did rob the Sens of a lot of their stock today and in the future. They got the top prospect they want in Girard, and yes he will be good.

      If anyone proposed this trade to Sens and Preds fans before this finally went down. You would all cry that it is too much. That no way is a declining Duchene worth even close to that. But now that Duchene is on your team, he suddenly transforms into bright and shiny gold.

      Good luck with Duchene by the way. I really do hope he finds it and puts it all together. The kid is still a little bit lost in finding his complete game. His whole NHL career have left Avs fans frustrated and wanting during long stretches of every year he has played so far. The game he played that made him successful has changed a couple of times since his second broken arm a couple of years ago and the concussion also around that same time. He started playing a perimeter and pass game after that. And his insistence on dangling with puck is a liability. He isn’t good carrying the puck through traffic and always loses it. He is not a very good back checker. Often times he is too slow getting back and doesn’t try hard enough. He tries to avoid contact and it interferes with his game. He gets frustrated easy and tends to whine at the refs. He also defers the onus on himself to other things. He may say all the right things, but he feels differently. His teammates were growing frustrated with him the last few years because he separates himself from the team problem when things aren’t going smoothly. The kid hasn’t shaken his immaturity yet. He needs to grow up and take responsibility as an adult. He pouts a lot when things don’t go his way. When he can’t zip and dangle like he wants, he often shuts down and disappears from those games. He is an opportunistic type of player, not a player who fights for his opportunities. This kid is mentally fragile because he only wants to play his way, and if he can’t he becomes passive on the ice and stops trying. Sometimes Avs fans think he likes the idea of being a hockey player, but doesn’t see the necessary level he needs to sustain his desires on the ice, or the consistency to find his own greatness. He is a mess of his own making, but I think it would all come together for him if he put his heart and soul into each game and left it all on the ice every game. He has all the skill in the world, but he just doesn’t know how to get the most out of it.

      Just remember that Duchene allowed himself to be traded from previous years of lackluster play. Of all the Avs core players, he was the one deemed expendable. He only asked for a trade after he helped this team toil for years. He was never the bright spot in Colorado for more than a few games in a row while being ineffective for most of each season. His teammates resent him a little mainly because he was always accountable for the teams success, but never really accepted accountability. He has always been part of the problem, and when things were at their worst Duchene jumped ship. Also Duchene has a bit of an ego. It is subtle in interviews, but it seperated him some from his teammates in the lockerroom. He ducked out before saying goodbye to his teammates on Sunday, as he often did last year. And not one of them interviewed after the game said that they will miss him now that he is gone. And no “what a good player he was” or “He leaves a big hole in our lineup” or “This team just won’t be the same without him”. and when he was leaving Nieto was the last Avs player he saw. Nieto led the entourage down the hall to the elevator without saying one word to Duchene. This is the player Ottawa is getting. I sincerely hope that Duchene figures it all out in Ottawa. But, the Avs lockerroom seemed a little more upbeat after that game in NY. Definitely more so than even when they win.

      Gloat if you guys want to, but the team and most of us Avs fans are ecstatic with the whole shebang.

      • OK – fair enough – it’s nice to feel there’s a light at the end of a tunnel – but as Goethe observed “every step of life shows much caution is required.”

        As for your belief that they did “rob the Sens of a lot of their stock today and in the future” – what did they get? – a 1st that figures to be among the bottom 5 of the draft and as I tried to show the other day, almost 74% of those taken in those slots from 2002 to 2012 never made it. A 3rd rounder – where the % of failures in comparison to success is even higher – and Shane Bowers – a C playing college hockey in Boston. All he had ahead of him in the Ottawa system are Brassard, Duchene, Pageau, Colin White, Logan Brown, Filip Chlapik and Nick Paul.

        Please don’t try and tell me you think Bowers is better than them all! Besides, you have to give up something to get something good. Right now, we know we got a good C who has represented Canada in the Olympics and World Hockey series – what you don’t know yet is whether the Colorado scouts can defy the odds and come up with choices late in the draft rounds that turn out to be NHL calibre. I won’t even mention Hammond who, I hear, is already back on the market. At $1,350,000 at the NHL level do you really think they’ll find a taker? Ottawa couldn’t – until they were able to dump him on Colorado.

      • Holy character assassination!
        It seems like you will at this point say anything to justify Sakic. And who are you trying to convince with all these rants since the trade? Us , or yourself?

        If you’re happy with the trade as a fan, congrats! That’s all that really matters right? I wish we had more AVs fans here. I’d prefer to hear multiple takes from fans perspectives.
        Not character assassinations and after the fact bitterness. I’d be interested to go back and see your take on his value prior to the trade. Was he this lazy , locker room cancer then too? Or just now that he’s gone?

        Let’s not pretend for a moment that Duchene wasn’t the most valuable piece in this trade ….Then Turris. Everything else is a “we’ll see”. Hammond was a throw in because Ottawa didn’t come to the table with a full bag of pucks that Sakic wanted kicked in.

      • You really need to settle down.
        Do you have financial interest in the team?
        We get it. You are scorned by the Avalanche non believers.
        It’s fine. Good young team. Good leadership.
        Be happy, it seems you’re putting too much stock into what some people think of your favourite hockey club.
        Don’t worry about the naysayers.
        You can’t control people’s posts.
        I wouldn’t even try, unless it’s Chrisms, then you should definitely try.

      • George, 2 dead poet quotes in 2 days? Reading poetry and posting takes on hockey trades. Gotta say, an eclectic choice of hobbies in retirement.
        Well done.
        Sens still suck.

      • Mylurv… that hurts my feelings! What don’t you like? Mylove for keeping it light? Mylove for the pens? Mylove for lyles work? Mylove for ketchup on grilled cheese? Dammit man! Is it mylove for mylove!?!?

      • Do you really put catsup on your grilled cheese?

      • Doesn’t everybody???

      • Ray, the only really good poets – like painters – are the dead ones

      • Chrisms, was that a Chili Peppers reference? Nice…

        “My love began from love
        My love for an unknown grubby bum
        My love for the baby suckin’ on his thumb”

      • George, no.
        Not you too?
        What was it like when tomatoes were first discovered?

      • If I was an Ottawa fan, I would be excited. Duchene can be a great player, at times. He’ll go on some amazing streaks, but then he’ll be missing for a while too. Even Joe Sakic had some slow streaks though. The main negative I’ve noticed with Duchene is he doesn’t really make the players on his line better. And it can be tricky to find the right line-mates for him. He can be great compliment to any team though, especially if they have many other weapons. And, I think a fresh start is exactly what he needs. I won’t be surprised at all to see him play his best hockey in Ottawa.

      • Mylove… it’s Heinz’s ketchup on all my girled cheezes. And it’s de-lish. Matt. No. Rhcp decent but I will go mr bungle 💯 %of the time

      • This screams like an aves fan trying desperately to make this trade an overwhelming landslide in his teams favour. I just watched that`s hockey Where they enterviewd the aves players and Duchene and non of them came close to saying anything you claime they do.

      • I am only sensitive after an entire summer of the Canadian media mauling Sakic and the Avs. It was uncalled for. And my issue with anyone here is when they just make up there mind only with what the media has said. I just want people to start looking at Colorado with their own eyes and form an opinion for themselves. It is hard for me to accept an opinion by anyone who just takes others for granted. Sakic has done some good things, but when people gloss over those to pound home their opinion, it is just too extreme to have much merit. Some of you come back at me with a faux lighter heart, but the tone behind your pokes says a different feeling underneath. Play it off if you want, but sense some resentment regarding Sakic however subtle it may be.

        My takes regarding Duchene have been intuited over years of his play in Denver. I can only speak for my own intuition and just elude to the feelings of other Avs fans. I have invited people here many times to look into the Avs fans neck of the would, but no one felt the need to do so. People’s insistence on understanding things from only their usual sources is telling of how the come to develop their own opinions. I won’t take anyone for granted. I usually look for a broader understanding of most things. In regards to my defense of Sakic, it is only to defend him against unfair malice. I have been so busy trying to get people to look in his direction to get a better personal understanding of what is really going on in Colorado, that I can’t express my own take on the situation overall. No one is going to want to understand my feelings on the Avs when they are so set in their own debates against him. I can’t fight the mob, I can only appeal to the individual.

        And for you Ny4Life:
        I wasn’t character assassinating anyone. I put that out there hoping those people would look at themselves. Anyone who took offence assassinated themselves.
        I am glad that you mentioned character assassination though. Because this is what I have been trying to stop people from doing to Sakic and the Avs.

        And take it for what it is worth. I, along with other Avs fans have loved Duchene a lot. But he never has been able to excel. And the past 2-3 years his play has dropped off significantly. And his attitude has become abrasive in the lockerroom. If any of you cared to follow real Avs insiders, you would know just how much. Duchene needs some work to find the game he is capable of. If nothing changes within him, Ottawa fans are going to be increasingly frustrated with his inconsistancies like Avs fans have become. I honestly am pulling, along with most Avs fans, that Duchene figures it all out and wins some Cups.

  5. JT in Columbus that would be something.

    I’d watch a 21 game Conf finals vs Tampa

    • Tampa would win, in an 11-0 sweep!

    • Columbus is looking for a top-line centre and has a strong blueline core to help make a deal. How about Nashville as a trade partner? – there’s a kid named Johansen there that’s really good.
      How do these GM’s get away with it? Is there a “DUH!” award for these guys? Seriously.

  6. The Bruins are looking for a top 6 forward; why? No thanks, stay the course. I like the energy the kids bring and let them play. Bringing in a top 6 forward isn’t going to help to much with all the injuries. If they can stay afloat until Marchand, Krecji, Backes come back this will slot players back into a more natural position. I like what Bjork, Debrusk and Heinen bring and need to keep playing. This will pay dividend in the long term. The bruins are a bubble team and the only moves they should be looking first is moving Belesky and Spooner. Belesky has no value and Spooner needs to play and show some value.

    • True that Caper. Bottom line is they aren’t winning the cup this year if they make a deal or they don’t.
      The young guys need to make mistakes and learn from them. Totally agree that this is an opportunity to do just that and the injuries give Sweeney an out if they fall from contention.
      The wild card is ownership in Boston. As always they want the playoff gate or they get really cranky.

    • “If they can stay afloat until Marchand, Krecji and Backes return….” The problem, Caper, is that, for two of those players – Krecji and Backes – this could easily become a recurring theme. They both are injury-prone and perhaps the Bruins would look for depth at centre. The young players in Boston look really good so far though.

      • Neither are injury prone. Krejci had hip surgery almost 3 years ago & it carried over the the start of the next season.

        Krejci games played last 5 years. 82, 72, 47, 80, 47; lock out year.
        Backes. 74, 79, 80, 74, 48.

    • Agree Boston isn’t cup bound. Let the rebuilding continue.
      What are they gonna do give up a top defenseman for a top six forward.
      Doesn’t make sense to me. Also wouldn’t trade any picks either too valuable. Only moves I would make is moving out salary for underperforming players who are not in the long term plan.
      Chara should go to a contender at the deadline if a first rounder comes back. Backes and Krejci might never return to their old selves.
      Belesky oh my.

  7. With regard to the Leafs, Toronto is not going to pay JVR the money he is going to get elsewhere. Bozak is worth half of what he is getting now. Komarov will get more than he is making now but is it worth paying him 2nd line money if he is a 3rd or 4th line winger in decline? Gardiner contract will eventually creap up and eventually they’ll have to pay Matthews , Nylander and Marner. Why keep JVR, Bozak, Komarov and Polak when you can potentially get return for them (gritty role players and draft picks) and make room for players such as Kapanen, Leivo, Soshkinov.

  8. D. Schlemko,1st 2018 and 1st 2019 for a top 4 LHD man.
    You guys have any suggestions for MB ?

    • Top LHD? Yea…OEL…but it’ll cost you Price, not Schlemko

  9. One name I haven’t heard bandied about – and who might be a cheaper add for a top 6 would be Kyle Okposo. He’s been absolutely DREADFUL for the Sabres so far, was even demoted I think to 3rd/4th line. Not sure what they’d want or if he has no-move but it hasn’t worked there.

  10. Do you guys think hanifanis available to the leafs? I think if the leafs should target him or truba Marner could the piece going back with possibly a plus either way.

    No body is going to trade the leafs a number 1 d for pennies on tbe dollar tho. A younger expierenced d is what the leafs should target and for the right price they canmake it work.

    What would klefbomb cost? They got prospects and an additional 2nd

    • IF..IF Hanafin might be available then I might suggest TOR look at JVR and a solid draft pick as a start to the negotiations. Marner will be more affordable to sign. Marleau can slot Center along Matthews and Kadri once Bozak is not resigned (saving $). Moving 6mill$ in salary for JVR out gives them more cap flexibility for Nylander and Matthew’s new contracts. Marner will ned more growth time BUT remains 1/2 the price to resign than JVR…and much younger. Hanafin then slots in to their Top4. Economically the better move for TOR than trading Marner plus for Hanafin.

      • plus you can always pitch Nash(NYR) in the off season as he is a Babcock type of veteran.

      • Other than JVR will not get you Hnafin, even if he was signed to an extension.
        As is with less than 1 year left on his contract you would literally need to throw in Marner to get him.

      • Caroline will likely seek a centre. Not a JVR

  11. Toronto should move JVR, Bozak, Komarov and Polak if the opportunity presents itself. That won’t happen if they are still within the playoff picture come Trade Deadline Day. They have loads of wingers and need to start playing these guys or moving these guys for other team needs. The team will be different next year regardless and they should focus on keeping the youth movement going.OEL would be nice, but why not wait and sign him if he becomes available.

    • And how many teams do you think they’d bidding against in order to sign him as a UFA?

    • Why would he ever reach Ufa? Teams trading for him will want close to assurances he resigns.

  12. Leafs need one top four dman preferably a right hander. Next year I expect the line up to be:


    To me the big question is JVR. Whoever they acquire to play with Reilly will cost assets (prospects and picks) and a roster player like Carrick, Bozak, JVR, Leivo and/or Kapenin. That is if a Trouba, Dumba, or Manson is even available?

  13. Wow, all Leafs all the time!
    Bozak? No-one wants him.
    JVR? maybe gets you a 5-6 dman
    Komarov, Polak? When will the leaf fans get it through their head that no team wants their garbage? Not every player available wants to go to the leafs?
    Wow, delusional.

    • If they want a top pairing d it starts with nylander and continues with a first rounder… for a plyer like adamlarssen you oroly throw marner in too

  14. ANYBODY yes ANYBODY! Please take Toews off our F’n hands so we can be a contender again! #therealtruthhesfugginawful

  15. Good lord the leaf hate is salty! 😂 😂. .and the trade suggestions. .again 😂😂. .nah.. marner and nylander are not getting traded! ..their still in a rebuild. .maybe they trade for Hammer or a McKeown? Something like that? Picks and prospects will go..not willi or mitch 😀😀😃😂