Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 12, 2017

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Updates on Jason Spezza and Evander Kane plus latest on the Penguins, Avalanche & more in your Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports hearing Dallas Stars forward Jason Spezza’s name floated as a possible trade chip. The 34-year-old didn’t get his first goal of this season until Friday’s 5-0 win over the New York Islanders and had been moved from center to the wing. However, he notes Spezza has a no-movement clause during the season and carries a $7.5 million annual cap hit through 2018-19.  “Just also in researching it, I think Dallas realizes you need offence to win in this league and Jason Spezza can still provide offence,” he said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Spezza’s age, offensive struggles this season, no-movement clause and hefty salary-cap hit makes him very difficult to move via trade this season. His trade value will improve if he regains his scoring touch, but if that happens there’s no reason for the Stars to move him this season.

Nick Kypreos reports free-agent right wing Jarome Iginla has given up on playing in the NHL this season. He said Iginla could be hoping for an opportunity to skate with a team on a professional tryout offer by late-November.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I hate to say this, because Iginla is one of my favorite players, but I’ll be very surprised if an NHL team signs him. Most hockey fans would probably love to see Iginla return for one more season and one last shot at the Stanley Cup. However, I just don’t think that’s going to happen. His play noticeably declined over the previous two seasons and I don’t see him improving after missing training camp and the first two months of the regular season. 

Kypreos also reports the Pittsburgh Penguins could be looking for an NHL-experienced backup goaltender and perhaps some experienced veteran leadership and offense. Friedman adds his belief the Pens may have made a last-second pitch for center Matt Duchene before he was dealt last week to the Ottawa Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s not a lot of quality backups or veteran scorers currently available to the Penguins. For now, however, they’ll likely have to suck it up and endure until the Feb. 26 trade deadline, when the market should improve. Their early-season acquisition of Riley Sheahan hasn’t panned out yet, as he has only one point in 10 games with the Pens thus far. 

Friedman also noted Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nikita Soshnikov’s clause in his contract giving him the option to return to the KHL for the remainder of this season if he hasn’t been called up by the Leafs by Nov. 14. He notes there’s an expectation the Leafs will do something to make room for Soshnikov on the roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recent word from Soshnikov’s agent is they’re not entertaining offers yet from the KHL. Still, this situation could be worth keeping an eye on in the coming days. 

Chris Johnston reports former NHL winger Ilya Kovalchuk could try to sign with an NHL team next summer as an unrestricted free agent. Kovalchuk attempted a return last summer but efforts to find a team failed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kovalchuk’s NHL rights for this season are still owned by the New Jersey Devils. They couldn’t find another team to do a sign-and-trade with them and he opted to remain in the KHL for 2017-18. Provided his contract demands aren’t ridiculous, I can see him signing with an NHL club next summer.

FANRAG SPORTS: Chris Nichols cited Bob McKenzie’s appearance Friday on Ottawa’s TSN 1200 speculating Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic could still be “somewhat open for business” in the trade market. However, there’s less urgency now in the wake of the Duchene trade and the club’s improved performance this season. He doesn’t feel they’ll be as quick to move left wing Gabe Landeskog or defenseman Tyson Barrie. McKenzie noted Landeskog never wanted out of Colorado.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Sakic’s made his big move for this season. Duchene wanted out, Landeskog and Barrie did not. If the Avs continue to improve there’s no reason to put either guy on the trade block. 

Nichols also cited Darren Dreger’s Friday appearance on Buffalo’s WGR 550 discussing Evander Kane’s future with the Buffalo Sabres. While Kane’s off to a strong start to this season (16 points in 17 games), rival clubs could be reluctant to offer him a long-term contract via free agency in July.

Dreger notes Sabres management intend to remain patient with their banged-up roster, preferring to make long-term decisions over a quick fix. While there’s been no contract discussions yet between the Sabres and Kane’s representatives, Dreger thinks it’s still a possibility he could re-sign with them. He feels GM Jason Botterill has to weigh the potential return he could get for Kane with the risk of possibly losing the winger to free agency. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s still early in the season and Botterill isn’t under pressure right now to sign or trade Kane. That will ramp up, however, when the calendar flips to 2018 and the Feb 26 trade deadline approaches. A lot will depend upon Kane’s performance and whether he feels he has a future with the Sabres, as well as the club’s performance over the next three months. 



  1. I can’t see a team, even one starving for offence trading for Spezza at this point. That contract is way too much for a declining 34 year old. The chances of him even coming close to his 30 g 30 a from 2015 see remote with the level of speed currently required.

  2. what could the pens have possibly offered col that would compete with the haul they got for duschene?

    • Yes they got a “ haul “ as in quantity but a whole lot of ifs they will turn out

      • quality too. certainly by thn prospect rankings

      • Girard will eclipse Duchene’s loss. If you haven’t seen him play, it is a treat. He alone, makes this a worthy trade for the Avs. They got exactly what they wanted and needed in Girard.

        But, Kerfoot is the story of the Avs early season. He is the real deal. He leads the team in goals and now centers the second line. If he is available in your fantasy pools, I would look to pick him up. He isn’t going to fall off. He just keeps getting better.

        And I wanted to congratulate George O. And other Ottawa fans on their acquisition of Duchene and both wins in Sweden. Ottawa played above the Avs, and were the largely better team in both games. It is a very good team, and hopefully you can win some cups for Dutchy. I see nothing boring about how Ottawa played in Sweden. I don’t get all the aversion to Ottawa’s style of play. Very exciting hockey.

      • Girard has played 2 games in Col at over 22 mins a game & is seeing 1st unit PP time. This kid has elite level offensive abilities & he didn’t look lost defensively.

        Break the players down to picks & Sakic got 2 1sts, 2 2nds, 2 3rds & the Burglar. I don’t care what we choose to call them that’s a great haul, incredible & in 5 to 6 years we can determine what he & Col got.

        Certainly better than the bag of pucks most here felt he should cut Duchene for including you.

      • I agree. I enjoyed both games. Ottawa seriously outclassed Colorado. Don’t let Colorado’s start fool anyone. This team will still be bad, they will just score 40 to 50 more goals this season doing so. This isn’t about today but the future.

        This is year 2 of a rebuild in Col for me, year 3 at best as I have stated repeatedly yet most here refuse to accept. The elimination of the dual headed monster has solidified the direction Col is moving in, that’s youth.

        In fairness, Colorado is battling some injury issues & doesn’t have the depth to overcome them. As crazy as it sounds losing Nemeth has hurt. He has played very well for Colorado allowing them to get 2 decent top pairing D on the ice, with out him Colorado’s top 4 is left vulnerable & exposed.

      • Thn also had yakupov,Stefan and many others rated high, all theyr3 is picks and prospects. It’s way less than some n here thought 5hey would receive

      • I think sit’s safe to assume that not all these assets Colorado acquired will pan out. That’s what the %’s show. How many 2nd round picks even make it into the NHL? Not very many, so the chances all Colorado’s will should most likely follow suit but increase your kicks at the can improve your chances.

      • Really big bad? I don’t remember anyone here thinking they would receive more than they got. You cherry picked some rough examples but neglected to provide some counter examples. Col so obviously cleaned up all things considered… why the sour grapes?

      • Thanks steamfisher. Kerfoot needs to do more on the “secondary stats” for me to pick him up in my fantasy league butvyou are right he is a fine yohng player. Girard does look good.

        Turris picks up a goal and assist in his ooening game wearing number 8 with the preds.

        Duchene had little moments whete i could see why he was hyped but nothing major. He did show a strong back check and won a large oercentage of draws.

        Looks like all 3 teams got what they needed/wanted.

    • I’ll wait for Striker to weigh in before I make a decision.

      • In life timing is essential.
        Thanks Striker!

      • After 6 days in Vegas I am totally brain dead. I can barely remember the Jets game but it did allow me time to sit in bed & watch the 2 Ott/Col games. Ha-ha!

    • Chrismis…first spell Duchense right…. I know Connor Sheary was part of it and maybe Daniel Sprong the penguins top prospect and more just not sure..

      • Duchene

  3. One team that is getting frustrated is the Flyers. They have become a one line team. However that one line it’s probably the second best in the league. They need some secondary scoring. I’m wondering after Nolan Patrick comes back if they give him a chance to see if they can get some additional goals
    If not they have to be looking either the trade route for free agency for a sniper to get some balance on the second line. With the salary cap going up and Fillipulla and Matt Reads contract coming off the book, they have room to sign a guy like Evander Kane.
    If the deal is on the table I am sure that teams would be looking for a young defenceman that the Flyers have in abundance.


  4. The Sabres sit 15th in the East just above Florida, and 8 points out of a Wild Card slot with 7 teams to climb over in order to get to that position. With just 13 of a possible 34 pts so far, they are playing at a .382 pace. To get to 95 pts (last year’s cut-off mark) they’d need to play at a .631 pace the rest of the way. Last year Buffalo had a .476 pts %.

    As for the other 9 teams currently out of Wild Card slot here is their current pace and what they’d need to elevate their play to for the rest of the season to get to 95 points, followed by their pts % last season:

    Florida .375 .679 .494
    Montreal .472 .609 .628
    Boston .500 .599 .579
    Detroit .500 .602 .482
    Philadelphia .529 .592 .537
    Carolina .533 .590 .531
    NY Rangers .556 .586 .622
    Washington .559 .585 .720
    NY Islanders .588 .577 .573

    Right now only Detroit is playing at a % pace higher than their finish last season, although a few others are quite close. Montreal, Boston and Washington are lagging way behind their pace last year.

    • George, It will be tough for my Bruins to climb back into the playoffs. The only point that need to be made is Matt Belesky the owner of 0g 0a for 0pts is on the second power (shortage) play. Who knew we would miss Ryan Spooner this much.

    • Actually the Islanders and the Rangers currently hold the 7th and 8th spots in the playoffs. But it is way to early to be making calculations like that. Just look at what one good wionning streak has done for the Rangers!!!

      • I think you’re missing the point Dov. Yes, a 5 or 6 game winning streak can change a team’s position in a hurry – but what I’ve shown is the points % they’ll need to maintain just to get to the cut-off point for a Wild Card slot last season. A 5 or 6 game winning streak doesn’t preclude a later 5/6 game losing skid.

      • But you’re right in that the 2 NY teams currently hold down playoff spots. I included the Rangers only to show that they are just under the pace needed to get to 95 and the Islanders to show that they are just ahead of the pace needed. Poor choice of opening words on my part

    • In the West, where it’s a bit tighter and where 94 pts was the Wild Card cut-off last season, there are currently 5 teams with 18 pts with SJ having played the fewest games at 15, followed by Dallas and Calgary at 16 gp each while Chicago and Vancouver have played 17 each, so for comparison, and until there’s some separation, I show all 5 below among those out of a Wild Card slot:

      Arizona .184 .691 .427
      Edmonton .406 .614 .628
      Vancouver .529 .585 .421
      Chicago .529 .585 .665
      Anaheim .531 .592 .640
      Calgary .562 .576 .573
      Dallas .563 .576 .482
      Minnesota .563 .576 .646
      San Jose .600 .567 .694

      Arizona are dead in the water while Edmonton really needs to start picking up their pace if they want to return to the playoffs. Vancouver, like Vegas, is the positive surprise of the West so far, while Chicago, like Edmonton, needs a more consistent run. Calgary is close to their seasonal pace of last season, with Anaheim, Minnesota and San Jose lagging behind last year’s % output. Dallas is on an upward trend but still needs to elevate a bit more to get to 94.

      • Lets run those #’s again on Dec 4th. The biggest concern for me at present in looking at such a small sample size is the disparity in teams home & away games as well as level of competition & onerous road trips. That balances out bu the time the last team in the league has played it’s 25th game.

        Very cool none the less as I’m a firm believer in playing the odds & those #’s really start to show the plight some teams have created for themselves early.

    • Well done George very cool representation.

  5. Habs are VERY thin down the middle and have heaps of cap space. If Spezza was only signed for this year and the cost was low (mid-level draft pick?), I could see them being interested.

    The fact he’s signed till end up 2018-19… I can’t see any team giving up $7.5m in cap space for that.

  6. It was reported in Winnipeg last night that Kevin Cheveldayoff was at the last two Tampa games which lead some to speculate maybe a trade for Trouba. One person said Trouba has a property and girlfriend in Tampa; which i’m sure Chevy could give a rats *ss about.
    With Winnipeg presently holding down a playoff spot, it would be a high risk move trading Trouba at this, he is the jets #1 dman. I don’t see anything happening there unless the Jets fall out of the playoff picture. If Stevie Y was to fetch a Trouba it certainly will cost him Sergachev.

    • Trouba has a $1.4 million Condo in Fort Lauderdale not Tampa Trouba has zero ties to Tampa so i don’t know where you got your information from. Just google it.

      • Gary, as I said one person said (twitter reply) didn’t google because I didn’t care; still in the state however, a lot closer then Winnipeg; the point is still the same doesn’t have an impact on Chevy decision. Maybe an easier sign for Stevie Y considering Trouba has a property in the state of Florida.

      • Casper Trouba only stays in his Florida home for a week or two he does his training up home in the greater Detroit area, I doubt Trouba has any desire to play in Florida. My Nephew runs a bar in Trouba’s hometown of Rochester, Michigan and they talk from time to time. And Trouba had mentioned to him that if he leaves Winnipeg he’s interested in playing for his hometown Red Wings he loves the new Arena Trouba will want near $7 million to $8 million per long term no way do i see Tampa giving him that much. Trouba’s Australian girlfriend pretty much travels with him to Winnipeg, Michigan or Florida she doesn’t live here in Florida she wants to go to an American college.

      • That’s some insight Gary, has Trouba mentioned to your nephew if he wants out of Winnipeg?

      • If you’re not familiar with Florida,,Ft Lauderdale is about a 5 hr drive from Tampa….

    • Why would the Jets trade Trouba now? He’s one of their top blueliners, leading them in blocked shots. sitting second on the time in ice time per game (over 22 minutes) and takeaways and third in hits and shorthanded ice time. It makes no sense. And the way the Lightning are playing now, why would they pursue a defenseman who’s obviously going to cost them one of their top players to land? The Jets are in no hurry to move Trouba as he’s a restricted free agent this summer.

      • Nailed it Lyle

      • Agreed. I think Chevy will do what ever he can to retain this stud & when push comes to shove make the hard choices that need to be made.

        With each passing day Trouba’s leverage increase as he’s 1 day closer to UFA status & making his own choice.

        Where ever he ends up he will be getting 8+ mil per season long term & worth every penny.

      • As a winnipeger i hear nothing regarding a dosgruntled Trouba. Perhaps all the previous turmoil is water under the bridge.

      • They wouldn’t Lyle, it’s a move Chevy can only make in the off season if he knows that he can’t resign Trouba. As of today Winnipeg is a playoff team and Trouba their number 1 dman he isn’t being moved this season. But what if Stevie Y is willing to move Sergachev now for Trouba to push for the cup and that trade isn’t available in the summer time, would that give Chevy pause for thought?

      • Why would Yzerman move Sergachev now? Makes no sense.

    • There is absolutely no way in hell I would give up Sergachev for Trouba

      • There’s no way in hell I would give up Sergachev for Drouin

      • Me neither & to take it 1 further why wasn’t Sergechev not selected before Juolevi?

      • Drouin is playing some great hockey he is exactly what the Habs needed, sergachev is on the lightning striker could get points on that team

    • I struggle with trying to pigeon hole Dman even on their own teams. What criteria are you using for stating Trouba is Winnipeg’s #1?

      Trouba has played 16 games, Buffy 14. In TOI/GP, ES TOI/GP & in PP TOI/GP he’s 2nd to Buffy. In points, Buffy 10, Trouba 6, in +/- Buffy +3, Trouba -3. In 2 more games Trouba has 1 more hit in blocked shots Trouba has Buffy significantly 36 to 20.

      On most teams Trouba would be the #1, in Winnipeg he’s the #2 but it’s virtually a tie really with Buffy seeing better offensive minutes & Trouba better defensive minutes.

      Trouba has no future in Winnipeg unfortunately, he simply doesn’t want to be there. It’s all good though as the return Winnipeg gets when they finally bight the bullet & move Trouba will be huge. They still have 2+ years to address the issue.

      I’d still love to see Trouba a Bruin but that ship sailed unfortunately.

    • Trading Trouba at this point seems ridiculous. It would have to include a top level player like Sergachev.

  7. I agree that Iginla’s play has deteriorated a lot the past two seasons and is probably done. That being said, if the Pens are looking for some veteran leadership and a little offense, I would think Brian Gionta would be worth looking at. He has been still working out and preparing to play for Team USA. He did finish with 15g 20a last year playing mostly 3rd line minutes. I think he would be a good fit with the Pens and wouldn’t cost them any assets to get.

  8. Ignila should play for the Canadian Olympic Team
    (if he can make it )

    A lot would depend on what E.Kane wants for term and salary. 7 for 7

    Sakic should take a rest. It took him almost two years to get the Duchene deal done. With a player who wanted out.

  9. so… someone explain to me why, with all the back to back games the pens play, they always play their backup goalie on the second of the back to backs? when the team in front of the goalie is tired? wouldnt you want your better goalie in for those games?

    • Well with Niemi they could have played him on the first night against a Junior B team and they still might have lost.

      • Fair enough but my question still is valid. Seems like setting up the new guy for failure

    • Last Pen’s back to back games was Washington and Nashville. Matt Murray should start against a divisional opponent, Washington.

    • Why can’t the goalies play back to back games?
      Seems ridiculous to me.
      How can one offer justification for paying a player 7+million and know you’re only get 60 games from him?

    • I agree with you on that one Chrisms

    • The Bruins just tried that with Tor & it didn’t work either. Ha-ha!

    • They are giving themselves the best chance to win the 1rst game and rolling the dice a bit on the 2nd.

      Rather than rolling the dice on both by playing an iffy tender in the first and your best in thec2nd game when the team may also ve tired.

    • Agreed Chrisms the startig goalie should be able to play back to back…athletes in their prime making $5 to $7 million a year…. totally agree.

  10. For Ranger fans…..
    Spezza at 1 more year at 7 million …. OR… Staal at 3 more years at 5.7 million?

    They have the cap rom currently. He can slot in at 3C.

    Frees up cap space to start working on resigning Mac. Nash is off the books next year.


    Also forces AV to play Smith too.

    • I don’t see Dallas taking on Staal. Definitely not without retention and other pieces going the other way. I’d rather pass on Spezza at this time and stick to a plan. Certainly don’t want to see prospects or picks heading out the door for a guy that will be gone after this year. And especially for a guy that’s struggling at the moment.

      Play it out, Let Chytil and Andersson continue to develop. Even if Spezza was playing better, I don’t see how his addition catapults then into a deep contender. They are what they are…. 6 game win streak aside.

      • Just speculating. Lehtonen will be off the books this summer for them (5.9m); they are not really excited about Oleksiak (RFA this summer); Hamhuis is a UFA this summer (age 34 making 3.75million this year).

        Figured Staal would help round out their top 4 along with Klingberg, Lindell and Methot. They get a Dman for 3 more years while they figure out there D pairings.

        Rangers get to keep Miller on the wing and with Nash off the books at the end op the year it is an even salary swap. Staal’s salary gone can be split between their RFAs. They can let Desh and/or grabs walk of some of their young guns are ready to contribute consistently. Allows them few extra dollars also after next year to resign Mac since Spezza will be off the books buying them 1 more year of center ice development time for Chytl and Andersson.

        Just spitballing.

    • Sorry confused.

      How does NYR have the cap room to take on Spezza?

      • currently they have 2.4 million in space. Staal is 5.7 million. Spezza cap hit is only 7.5 million. It free up salary in 2 years when Mac is up for contract renewal.

        Nash’s 7.8 is off at the end of the year. It is basically having Nash for another year but a CENTER so Miller can play wing and give Andersson and Chytl another year perhaps to develop.

        Staal’s 5.7 comes off the books to extend Hayes and Miller and have some breathing room still.
        Next summer Spezza’s 7.5 is off the books and gives them even more cap space.

        Fits in the cap space

    • Funny how fans pile on Staal. Have to admit, I’m not always happy with fact we’re still stuck with him, but….He’s a career Ranger who came back from a serious injury and has actually played decent this year. To make a comment that getting rid of him to force AV to play Smith? Why? Smith isn’t playing cause as soon as he got his big $ 4 year deal, after playing with us for 2 months, he shows up to camp out of shape! Screw him. And if we where interested in Spezza, I would think Nash would be the logical piece going the other way

      • I like Staal, I hate his contract. If he were making less, I don’t think people would be all over trading him. As it stands today, no way someone is taking him on without retention or prospects or both.

        He’s a guy Ranger fans like to use in these type of scenarios because he frees up money. Maybe in 2 years… not anytime soon.

        I agree on Smith. That guy has been hot garbage!

      • I like Marc Staal too but you have to start to pick your poison. Keeping STaal for 3 more years at 5.7 hinders resigning Mac unless you are trading Smith. I do not see Gorts trading Smith after just resigning him to a 4 year deal. Add to the fact Staal is 5.7 for 3 more years while Smith makes 4.35 for 3 more years.

        It is all about creating cap space to resign Mac and not being forces to trade him ala Stepan. I, for one, believe Stepan was someone they wanted to keep but had to make the tough decision of not wanting to pay him 6.5 for his pt. production. Zib is cheaper and more dynamic.

        All boils down planning to keep Mac.
        all $$ and #s work for the cap. I would summize Spezza would love to play in nY for a year.

        Dallas needs a steady Dman to replace Hamhuis (age 34 and a UFA) and keep balance to their top 4.

      • I think Smith was a panic signing. A depth guy they didn’t want to hit free agency… really believe if Gorton was sure he’d get Shatty on 4 year deal, he would’ve passed on Smith. I don’t see him as an upgrade over Staal who you’re already stuck with. Every team has a Staal, a guy with a contract that you’d love to drop. As a 3rd pair guy with the right partner, he’s been ok.. Adding Smith, although a mil less cap hit, was a mistake…

      • Ihatecrosby…. Gorton is not making deals to make room for resigning a certain player 2 years from now…. sure he’s always looking at freeing up cap space, but not at expense of losing. I think you need to get used to fact that players you like, could be gone. Mac will be 30 when he’s UFA. He’s got a lot of miles on him. He’s consistently played with various injuries and I don’t see him getting big, long term contract most expect. A lot will be determined by how younger guys develop. Skjei will be a fixture for years unless he gets traded. Who knows one year to next. Skjei will be rfa and hopefully we get him signed to reasonable deal. Assuming he’s here and guys like Day, Pionk, and DeAngelo make the jump… you have to figure we go with younger guys on cheaper contracts. I though There was possibility that Skjei would be dealt for Duchene, but with that done, I think Mac will be in rumor mill next year.

  11. Spezza has a NMC for the purposes of waivers but carries a modified NTC, 10 team no trade list, at least according to Capfriendly. I’m going with Dom on this as opposed to Freidman. He is nothing if not accurate. Have only found the very odd errors on Capfriendly. He doesn’t report as fact until he can verify.

    Trading Spezza with out eating salary or taking back a bad contract will prove challenging.

    • Striker, I look up contracts on SpoTrac.. according to them, Staal contract goes to a limited ntc next season

  12. Glad Rutherford missed out on Duchene, but he should offer a 1st, 3rd, Sheahan and Archibald for Adam Henrique. Perfect third line center for the Pens.

    And why would the Pens get another mediocre backup when Jarry has been very good, in spite of how his numbers might look. At this point, they need their two best goalies on the roster.

    • Still haven’t explained how pens fit this unde cap. Maybe try hags 1st rounder plus?

      • Why would NJ have any interest in a guy who’s 29, struggling at the moment, has a 4 per cap hit and ufa next year? I just don’t see a fit. This works great for Pittsburgh, but makes absolutely no sense other than $$$’s in Pittsburghs favor.

      • Can’t argue with that ny. Unless pens clear space they can’t take on money. I don’t think hags is valueless but getting more than a mid round pick for him would be a shock

      • I actually like Hagelin. He was a frustrating guy to watch at times, but he does have some value. I just don’t think he’s a guy NJ would want back if they decided to move Henrique. I’d imagine they’d want picks or prospects at this point.

    • MG…i agree with you Adam Henrique is a solid fit for the Penguins. But he is not worth Sheahan & Archibald and a 1st and a 3rd no freaking way. Maybe Archibald and a 1st that’s it.. Rutherford’s patience usually serves him well not this time in the hunt for a 3rd line center. Sheahan is solid and is a good 4th line center but not 3rd.
      If the Penguins could somehow pry Eric Haula out of Vegas…Knights are loaded with centers Grabovski, Eakin, Marchessault, and more they need wingers

      Eric Haula for Connor Sheary salaries are identical (Haula $2.95 million per season Sheary $ 3.o million per season) we need a center they need wingers both are young players and talented.

  13. Another plan for Iggy could be to play for Canada in the Olympics…then make an NHL return just in time for the end of the regular season and a playoff run. By then he could sign with a cup favourite and have almost no salary cap impact. Still some leadership and servicable bottom 6 minutes/PP time!

  14. We are slowly starting to see the standings balance out, a few surprises still & some serious disparities in scheduling issues. By December 4th it should start to look more normal with the usual 20% surprises spread out in a positive for some, negative for others.

    Never mind the back to back game issues which have been brutal for Pit already. Pit has played 6 at home, 13 on the road. NYR 13 at home & only 5 on the road. Ottawa 11 at home & 5 on the road & they have the 2nd most back to back games to Pit & haven’t played many of them yet & SJ has played 10 at home 5 on the road. There are a few others in the 10 & 6 range either way & these are significant issues. Teams win more at home & few win the back end of a back to back game, just no legs especially if done on a horrendous road trip.

    They balance out for all teams over time but this early in the season they factor into the standings. Playing a light schedule is a benefit early but that means you have a brutal schedule coming to make up for it, just the opposite for the teams that have played a ton early. A 15 to 19 games swing is only 4 games but played over 6 weeks is almost an extra game 3/4’s of a game a week.

    Life also factors in. Players are far more likely to go out when on the road & have a few drinks than when at home. Only time can balance these issues out & enough of it hasn’t passed for everyone yet for it to be even remotely fair or balanced.

    • Ottawa has 19 back to backs. A trip to sweden and an out door game 8n their schedule.