Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 19, 2017

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Latest on the Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Coyotes, Jets, Islanders & more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos believes there’s a sense the Montreal Canadiens could be leaning toward a rebuild/retool/reset as ownership and the front office that their core group of players aren’t good enough to build around. It won’t happen overnight but there will be less patchwork moves to reach the playoffs and more deals to build long term.

Kypreos feels Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty is “drowning” in Montreal, comparing his current situation to that of Phil Kessel’s final season with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Elliotte Friedman notes Habs GM Marc Bergervin isn’t willing to take futures in a deal, preferring players who can provide immediate help, so this would be a significant change.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Bergevin gets a great offer for Pacioretty now, I don’t see him being moved right now. They could ride out their current difficulties and await goaltender Carey Price’s return from a lower-body injury.

If Price returns and regains his usually stellar form, he could start stealing wins for the Habs and that could be enough to get them into the playoffs, though it won’t be enough to make them Stanley Cup contenders. Still, it buys time for Bergevin to address his club’s need. 

But if they’re out of playoff contention by February, the major moves could commence with Pacioretty (who’s eligible in 2019 for UFA status and lacks no-trade protection) and Alex Galchenyuk as likely trade candidates.

I know there’s recent speculation over Price’s future, but with his injury history, no-movement clause and hefty new contract that kicks in next July, trading him could be very difficult. Not impossible, but certainly tougher than it would’ve been six months ago.

Shea Weber could also pop up as a trade option. While he carries a hefty long-term deal, he lacks a no-trade clause. Don’t kid yourself, if Weber hits the trade block, there will be teams willing to acquire him without the Habs having to pick up part of his cap hit. 

Chris Johnston reports there’s been no substantive contract talks yet between the Toronto Maple Leafs and pending unrestricted free agents James van Riesmdyk, Tyler Bozak and Leo Komarov. Their futures are uncertain and Johnston suggests that the Leafs face the possibility of moving one of them by the Feb. 26 trade deadline.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons wonders if the Leafs re-signing Josh Leivo means this is van Riemsdyk’s final season in Toronto. “Leivo is no van Riemdsyk, but he can be a less expensive, less productive version of him. He is big, with good hands, some power-play skills and offensive creativity. He has upside, the question is: How much?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Moving one or more of those guys could depend upon where the Leafs are in the standings by late-February and if there’s a glaring roster weakness that could jeopardize their playoff hopes. Otherwise, I can see the Leafs hanging onto that trio, even if they’re not re-signed by the trade deadline, and take their chances with the playoffs approaching. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Arizona Coyotes are willing to talk about “pretty much every player on their roster.” Forward Brad Richardson could be a trade deadline rental player. They’re getting calls about defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson,

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Coyotes GM John Chayka continually insists Ekman-Larsson isn’t going anywhere. If the Coyotes do consider shopping him, it’ll be because he’ll want to test the 2019 UFA market. In that case, the earliest he’ll be shopped is next summer. 

The Florida Panthers have been searching for a winger, while the Calgary Flames would like to add a forward for their bottom-two lines.

The New York Islanders will have to reach a decision on pending UFA defenseman Calvin de Haan. While there’s talk he could be shopped at the trade deadline, Garrioch expects there will be contract extension discussions before that happens. Their priority remains re-signing captain John Tavares.

The Columbus Blue Jackets and Pittsburgh Penguins wouldn’t mind adding another forward.

It’s believed Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin is busily seeking help for his struggling club. It’s believed several clubs have contact Bergevin. Winger Alex Galchenyuk “continues to play prominently” in the trade market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Short of Galchenyuk regaining his 30-goal form from 2015-16, I believe he’s playing his final season with the Canadiens. He could be gone by the trade deadline if things don’t improve. 

The Winnipeg Jets are willing to move forwards such as Joel Armia, Andrew Copp and Shawn Matthias, depending upon what teams are willing to pay for them. The Jets are getting calls about defenseman Jacob Trouba, who’s a restricted free agent next summer, but they aren’t interested in moving him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Jets get a substantial offer, they aren’t moving Trouba this season. I expect they’ll see what unfolds with contract talks this summer. 



  1. Or the Habs could just fire Bergavin and hire a guy that might know what he’s doing?
    When you trade away a top RD that just won a Norris trophy, surely you can get a better return than a declining Shea Weber that has a monster contract that is valid for the next millennium.
    Swapping out Sergachev for Drouin will also sting for years to come.
    As much as I love Carey Price, they need to dump him now and dump him fast before his new contract kicks in. 10m for the next 8 years will cripple that team with his constant injuries and he ain’t getting younger. A smart GM should easily sell Price to markets such as Edmonton, Arizona
    That same smart GM could also pull in a big haul for Patches that COULD kickstart a decent rebuild. Im sure that upon Patches hearing he is traded would give the ultimate fist pump by leaving that fish bowl too. Probably go on a massive tear as well.

    If Mtl recedes to a rebuild, start with Bergavin

    • price isnt an easy sell to any team… patches getting a huge return is questionable… the habs are a hot mess right now… dubious pipeline, borderline star players with expensive contracts… a goalie (their only true superstar)who will take up almost 1/7th of the entire cap who is injury prone and who knows what else. a rebuild.. full blown would be ideal… maybe throw a little tanking in there for good measure 😉

    • Having Sergachev & Subban as a top pair for years is a GM’s dream. Bergevin was caught on camera last night being very emotional. Other GM’s are ready to pounce.

      • He’s emotional because he built a very bad team and probably won’t last to the deadline to make the deals he or another GM should make.

    • Weber’s contract isn’t that bad. The actual dollars are getting lower, the cap-hit is less than Subban’s, and if Webber retires then the Predators pay a crippling penalty. The Subban-Weber trade was was questionable, but fans were able to accept it because the Habs drafted Sergachev… Trading Sergachev is what makes the Subban trade so unfortunate.

      We can pick apart all of Bergavin’s moves, but the reality is the Habs need a President of Hockey Operations: someone with hockey knowledge, and not necessarily a francophone or Habs alumnus. Molson doesn’t have any hockey knowledge and he has given too much power to Bergavin. A President can provide a buffer for Molson and convince ownership that the roster and management needs an over-hall. Sound familiar?

    • HABS
      There is NO WAY 100% if you trade Price he stays in the East …this is and should be an ABSOLUTE!
      I find it funny this is even a topic …had someone here brought this up to trade Price before this season you would have been tarred and feathered here and called even worse by Ron Moore! LOL…

      In my research the only teams that can really take this on
      ( and Price would MAYBE waive to play ) and have the assets to make a significant deal with the Habs on Price would be:


      My guess is Oilers …it will cost Chiarelli…. a HEFTY SUM ….but Price will waive to go there….IMO

      The Oilers have exactly the depth and players that the Habs could take back.

      These 3 teams have the perfect assets and money available in the right deals to send a quality goalie the other way a significant D TOP 2 young D man, picks and prospects without hurting themselves….and take on Prices money and fit in for a playoff / Cup run

      • huh? talbot, and who else?

    • At point of trade Subban was owed 58 Mil for 6 more years with a cap hit of 9 mil per. Weber 54 Mil for 10 years at a cap hit of 7.8 & change.

      Mtl got the better Dman & with his declining contract in actually dollars trading him at some point will be easy. Weber is still 1 of the best 2 way Dman in the game, Subban is what he is. 2 exceptional Dman but Subban is far more 1 dimensional, apples to oranges, bit have value but given a choice I wager most take Weber even with his contract & age.

    • Weber is owed $30m over 8yrs after this season, Subban is owed $36m over 4yrs after this season. Weber game which isn’t built on speed would not be hard to move for the Canadians if decide to do so. This season Weber has 4g and 13pts in 20g and PK has 4g 14pts in 19 games. At present Weber is still the better of the two players he is much more complete then Subban.

    • I also think bringing in Julian was a mistake. His slow grinding style doesn’t fit the new NHL speed game.

  2. As great as Mike Sullivan has been behind the Pens bench he is wearing out the top 3 lines … 6 shifts for Reaves & McKegg last night, a little over 3 minutes of ice time … beyond ridiculous. Reaves should go to JR and demand a trade. Instead of acquiring another forward maybe Sullivan should play the ones he has.

    • Can’t really blame him because Greg McPlug is useless now that he doesn’t even get PK time. They are using 2 wingers on the PK in Rust and Kuhnhackle and then Sheahan and Haglen. Although I really like the chemistry Sheahan is developing with Sheary and Hornqvist he still can’t score to save his life. He plays hard and makes excellent defensive plays but the Pens are a 3 line attack team, or supposed to be anyways. Sullivan needs to remember what made the team great the last couple of years and that is injecting some young and hungry legs into the lineup. I would try Adam Johnson or Teddy Blueger at 3C. I would put Sprong with Sid and Jake. I’d even put Dominic Simon in there just to change things up. They look tired and unintrerested right now. And they keep getting called for bad penalties like last night when Malkin skated too close to Crawford and Crawford looked like someone shot him even though Malkin didn’t even make contact.

    • maybe they can trade reaves and a 2nd rounder for a 1st and a bottom 6 center prospect… agree with Deeee… use the youth in those roles… once again baby pens are tops in ahl.

  3. not kidding myself lyle but if habs didnt hold money or take back money that would severely limit the destinations and thus reduce value for weber. could they move him straight up…. probably… would they get better value holding a little money and opening up the bidding to more teams? likely.

  4. Price only moves if another team feels they are a goaltender away from winning. The return will be another goalie in the $6M range and picks. The salary cap has made it impossible to move high dollar contracts for prospects and picks. Bergevin has saddled Montreal with aging players with long, high dollar deals. A reset/rebuild is going to be long and painful.

  5. Sergachev / Drouin was a real iffy proposition for the Lightning fan base when it happened, but after watching Sergy for 20 games, we are most pleased. If Drouin goes on to be a mutil year all star top sixer, it still all good; Sergachev is a second Hedman and the relativve value of anchor defence in team building makes this a great deal for the Bolts (forfeiting the conditional second is fine, the winning Bolts are getting 16-18 good minutes from Sergachev already)

    Its hard to see how anyone would want a Sergachev/Subban pair as a retooling anchor.

    Montreal for the last few (Many?) years seems simply to use a different set of evaluation tools than the rest of the league — doubt its seated in just one executive, Bergevan. Its something in the water…or beer.

  6. What do you guys think of a Ryan Johansen – Max Paccioreti one for one “hockey deal”!?

    Both players need a “reset and deals” with current and future need for both teams.

    • Nas gives up it’s 25 year old #1 C signed for 8 years for Patches a 29 year old; tomorrow, LW who will be a UFA in under 2 years. Nas gave up Jones to get this big #1 C. What many say is the hardest position to fill, big #1 C, it’s your #1 D for me.

      Never going to happen.

      I’m sure Nas would like more production out of Johansen but he & Nas are playing well.

  7. I said the other day. A healthy Price on Winnipeg would be interesting. When you look at Trouba holdout last time, I wonder what happens next year. They’re stuck with Buff and still have Meyers on right side. Right now Trouba and one of their current goalies plus whatever else, would be a wash cap wise. For Canadiens, adding Trouba would vastly improve D, thus making loss of Price not as big. Would also allow them to shop Weber. For Jets, taking Price would solve goalie problem forever. If you figure a guy like Mason getting over 4 mil and Trouba could easily get over 5 or 6 next year, I think only question would be would Price waive ntc and would Jets trade Trouba? I don’t think Jets would be willing to give up any other major pieces and Canadiens shouldn’t expect more back considering cap dump

    • With Hellebuyck playing the way he is and Comrie not far behind I don’t see Winnipeg interested, especially with that massive contract.

    • I don’t see Winnipeg taking on Price. No need to.

      I assume Trouba is moving at some point & a young goalie could potentially be included but Hellebuyck is Winnipeg’s #1, he is & has always been a stud young goalie. He needed a safety net last season & the loss of Myers last year was significant, add in all the youth is a year older, more developed & Winnipeg is playing great. Better than I expected them to so far. Now if they could just stop taking so many needless minor penalties. Buffy’s tied for 1st in the entire NHL with 11. Their actual minors taken per game has increased from 3.74 last season to over 4 to start this season. Good thing they took those classes.

      Mason was brought into buy time for Hellebuyck. His dropping the ball early opened the door for Hellebuyck & he’s seized the moment. Caper you drinking the Koolaid yet? Why would you trade for Price when you have 1 of the best young goalies in the game & he just turned 24 last summer & Winnipeg is just coming out of a rebuild with a fabulous future. They can’t afford to tie up 10.5 mil in Price.

      • When you consider that a top tier #1 goalie is worth around 7-8 per year, is having Price in his prime for an extra 3 mil going to kill ya? Lol. Seriously, that extra 3 won’t mean as much in a few years. You think Hellybuck will ever be Price? Could be difference between contender and champs

  8. Forgot the /sarc tag on the next to last PP

  9. The Devils could afford Weber and Patches. That would be interesting

  10. DS,
    The NJD can afford both Patches and Weber, but I think, Shero would jump at a chance to trade for Patches. As for Weber, ( and I’m a huge Weber fan) I feel he is outside of what Shero is building. I think, Shero would be better off, watching what goes on in Winnipeg with Trouba. Then if negotiations go south, see what the price tag is to acquire him.

  11. The Jets are 2nd in their division and there will be no trading of Trouba, not sure how Armia name came up but i don’t see the jets moving him.

    • I agree. I don’t see Winnipeg doing anything nor do they need to, they just got Perreault back he’s missed 12 games already but he can’t play a full season to save his life, fully entrenched in the ambulance brigade but other than that nothing of consequence, by this time last year the injuries were brutal.

      If Winnipeg can stay fairly healthy the remainder of the season they will make the playoffs after this great start. I had them missing by a coin toss but with Edm not scoring a spot is open in the west & these points they have banked early will play huge come April.

      They are a year ahead of schedule for me.

  12. everydayboots nailed it. The Sergachev trade was the bad one, not the Subban trade. Weber has done everything asked of him and I would have loved a Sergachev/Weber combination.

    Anyone who thinks the return of Price to his old form will solve this team’s problems is dreaming. It’s not going to happen with this group.

  13. There is no way Winnipeg is taking on prices contract. Nor should they need him. Goaltending has been OK. They are loaded upfront and all of these guys will need contracts. Their defence is young and will eventually cost as well.
    Trpubs will not be traded this year. If he is traded in the off-season it will have to be a package that is beneficial to the Jets and include a D coming back. No way they are giving Truba up for draft picks.
    Similar to sports illustrated calling the Astros win the World Series in 2017. It wasn’t long ago that the hockey news called for the Jets to win the Stanley Cup in the future. Watching them live I cannot disagree with them. Right now I would say they are a top 10 team down the road definitely a Stanley Cup contender.

  14. The Jets are finally showing their true form. The West is wide open this year. At least of right now nobody can say with confidence who will come out of there to reach the Finals. With that in mind why trade a guy like Trouba who is signed beyond this year? Keep in mind St. Louis looks strong, but I believe the Jets could beat the Blues in a 7 game series.

    • Both conferences seem pretty open this year. Anybody agree?

    • Trouba isn’t signed beyond this year. He is an RFA this summer with arbitration rights.

      That said no way he’s being moved with out Win making every effort to convince him to sign a long term extension this summer. I would love to see him do so but not certain he see’s Win in his future.

      Trouba is getting 7 or 8 years from someone at at least 8 mil per in the very near future happily.

      He doesn’t see the ability to market himself in Win & he has arbitration rights this summer as an RFA coming out of a 2 year bridge deal. I assume he will force Win’s hand. Trade me to where I want to go or I’ll go to arbitration take a 2 year deal & cause a bidding war on July 1st when that contract expires. In that scenario he would get 10 mil+ & still probably get 6 to 7 mil on a 2 year deal in arbitration.

      I assume Win will move Trouba this summer. Does anyone think he’s willing to stay in Win & play 2nd fiddle to Buffy? The return will be off the charts.

      • I agree Striker, Trouba will not likely be interested in staying in Winnipeg long term, and due to other contractual obligations Winnipeg probably cannot sign him; however, he’s RFA status meaning Winnipeg has an opportunity to do some damage in the playoffs this year and next without needing to trade him. Like I said before Winnipeg could easily be this year’s Nashville. The forward depth upfront is every bit as dangerous as their defence. I have been on record as being very disappointed in this team, and rightfully so, but they look really good this year!

  15. And I know there’s a risk in not trading him in the summer of his RFA status in losing possible assets in a trade before he goes UFA but the reality is they have a dominant defence man they can use for two possible playoff runs; not one. For a team like Winnipeg not trading him before he hits UFA status poses a bigger risk as viewing not signing him
    as an increase in cap with respect to signing free agents due to the fact they may not be a favourite destination of most free agent players. However, that’s a risk you have to weigh if you believe you are close to vying for a championship. I don’t how they wouldn’t view themselves that way in Winnipeg right now.

  16. The Habs are in dire need of a slick skating, puck moving, offence driving defenceman. A John Klingberg, John Carlson, or if they luck out with a lottery pick, Rasmus Dahlin (an Erik Karlsson comparable if there ever was one in today’s NHL).

    Someone like Jacob Trouba does not fill that need. He is a significantly better Karl Alzner but will not net more than 10-15 points per season.

    It seems like one team that could use both scoring punch and a goaltender is Arizona. The Coyotes have a plethora of young talent and the luxury of being able to sell draft picks. If Montreal eats a bit of of Price’s contract, perhaps this could work:

    To Arizona: Carey Price (G), Max Pacioretty (LW), Noah Juulsen (D)

    To Montreal: Antti Raantta (G), Anthony Duclair (L), Dylan Strome (C), 2018 1st Round Pick – could be any of Rasmus Dahlin, Adam Boqvist, Quinn Hughes, or Jared McIsaac, depending on that damn lottery that screwed Colorado big time. And let’s say Arizona has to throw in additional picks if the Habs don’t land Dahlin. And if they do, Montreal has to give Arizona their second rounder or something. I’m no GM but it is fun to play pretend.

    • Why would Arizona take Price? Not close to winning, you are asking them to take old (30,29) – one severly overpaid, other soon to be UFA, in exchange for young (19,21) and 1st overall? Hell, if you think that is a fair, remotely possible trade, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona for you. This isn’t a video game.

  17. For those that defend Mtl in the Weber Subban trade you should consider Poile’s reasoning for the trade. He loves Weber, big part of the Preds, great player but he says that they feel the game is moving toward swifter skating more mobile players so he made the deal, throw in the 4 yr age difference and this trade is hard to defend for Mtl. They r wearing Weber out at 26 plus mins a game and the Montreal s**t show will wear him out mentally. Has anyone ever heard Bergivin say why he traded PK? I haven’t, maybe he will tells us when he gets fired, so we should know soon.

  18. Price and McCarron to NYI for 2 1st in 2018 MDC Griess and Kulemin

    Weber to Stars for Spezza Gurianov 2019 1st

    Pacoretty and Byron to Ducks for Montour Cogliano 2nd 2019

    HABS get out of long term contracts and grab some picks and some young players for the future

    • I want some of what you’re smoking