Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 26, 2017

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Latest on the Islanders and Oilers in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports there haven’t been any contract discussions yet between the New York Islanders and pending UFA star John Tavares and none are expected anytime soon. Kypreos believes ownership stability remains an issue for Tavares, as well as where they’ll be playing in a few years. Noting it could take at least three years before the Islanders have a new arena ready to play in, Kypreos said “some suggest” Tavares might not be willing to wait that long.

Elliotte Friedman adds the Isles seem content to let this play out and doesn’t think the Feb. 26 trade deadline is their decision date for a new contract for Tavares. He notes the Isles are playing very well right now. He also points out there are teams unwilling to move their best assets and preferring to retain cap space until the trade deadline just in case, but ” the feeling right now is nothing’s going to happen.” Kypreos also said Tavares’ decision could also affect efforts to re-sign fellow UFA Josh Bailey, who’s off to a terrific start to this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In my opinion, the Islanders’ performance this season, their efforts in building toward championship contention and their arena issue are the main factors that could affect Tavares’ contract talks. I don’t believe term or salary is an issue for either side. Yes, it could be lengthy and expensive, perhaps eight years at over $11 million annually, but I think the Isles are willing to pay whatever it takes to keep Tavares in the fold. But if the club isn’t playing well, if it appears the front office isn’t making significant progress building around him and if the arena situation isn’t suitably resolved, perhaps he’ll consider other options. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggests it’s time for the Islanders to go all-in by making a big trade this season. He cites the Isles improve play since Doug Weight took over as head coach midway through last season, as well as the assets general manager Garth Snow has acquired to use as trade bait. 

While the current goalie tandem of Jaroslav Halak and Thomas Greiss doesn’t strike Brooks as Cup material, he feels the prospect of acquiring a goalie that could put them over the top this season is negligible. Acquiring left wing Evander Kane from the Buffalo Sabres as a rental player for the Tavares line seems tempting, but the Isles top-two lines (Tavares between Anders Lee and Josh Bailey, rookie Mathew Barzal centering Andrew Ladd and Jordan Eberle) are playing well right now. 

Brooks instead suggests offering up a package of “either Josh Ho-Sang or Anthony Beauvillier, perhaps Brock Nelson, maybe Ryan Pulock or Scott Mayfield, and probably one of the two first-rounders (their own plus Calgary’s) they own in the 2018 draft” to the Arizona Coyotes for defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bringing in Ekman-Larsson could certainly provide a significant boost to the Islanders blueline. But if we take Coyotes GM John Chayka at his word, Ekman-Larsson isn’t available. If the Isles want to bolster their defense, perhaps their best option at the trade deadline could be Detroit’s Mike Green, depending of course on where the Red Wings are in the standings by then. He certainly won’t cost them as much as Ekman-Larsson and it’ll leave them sufficient assets for possibly a bigger move or two in the offseason.


Kypreos also reports the improved play this season of Edmonton Oilers center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has renewed interest in him around the league. There was talk of the Boston Bruins “kicking tires”, while the Florida Panthers are seeking a top-six forward. Nugent-Hopkins’ salary ($6 million per season) is still high.

If the Oilers do move some assets this season, Friedman speculates pending UFA winger Patrick Maroon could be among them. He feels the 29-year-old winger could garner a lot of interest, suggesting the St. Louis Blues (Maroon’s hometown team) could be among the suitors. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nugent-Hopkins is among the few bright spots in this otherwise lousy season thus far for the Oilers. That’s improved his trade value but also makes him invaluable to the Oilers if they hope to get this season back on track. His salary through 2020-21 could be difficult to move in-season. With the salary cap set to potentially rise by between $5-$7 million next season, there could be less pressure on Oilers management to free up some cap space. If Nugent-Hopkins gets traded I expect it’ll be an offseason move. 

Maroon, on the other hand, is eligible for UFA status in July. Though he’s had his difficulties this season, he’s still on pace for another 20-goal, 40-point campaign. Should the Oilers become sellers in the new year, Maroon could be their most likely trade candidate. Should the Blues decide to load up for a Cup run this season, perhaps Maroon could be on their radar. 



  1. Does Barzal make Tavares more likely to resign seeing the teams chances in the next few years or do the Islanders organization now not feel the pressure to resign JT to a high long term contract that might handicap the franchise in the near future?

    • Neither. Barzal is the real deal but no factor in resigning Tavares. I believe Tavares will be an Islander for life and he is in no rush to make that deal now also factor in the states decision to grant the Islanders winning bid on Belmont Park for a new state of the art arena on Long Island. In addition his wife is from Long Island as almost all the teams players wife are and they are very close

  2. Do whatever it takes make a run at Ekblad of Florida. The Panthers are going nowhere offer them Beau ,Pullock, Nelson and a 1st round pick. Is that enough? If not give them another pick just do it Garth Ekblad to me is young signed long term and a great defenseman just what we need. What do you guys and Lyle think?

    • Isles possible D options-OEL, Chara return?, Weber?, Bogosian, Hjalmarsson

      They do not have much in the way of top prospects right now…..

      • I wonder about Trouba as well, if he still wants out of Winnipeg. Course with the Isles depth at D right now, not sure I place another roadblock in front of Pullock, Pellech, Mayfield, et all.

    • I agree. That return may get you Yandle, but not a chance for Ekblad. I doubt Florida has any desire whatsoever to move Ekblad anyway.

    • I think Ekblad is one of the few untouchables the Panthers have.

  3. lots of quantity over quality in the isles trade proposals.

    • That’s for sure! A clutch of spare parts and picks that figure to be in the bottom third of any draft for a top D?? Dream on.

  4. NYI doesn’t need a Dman, de Haan’s 1 year deal is a concern nor would I have allowed him to sign such a deal, same for Gubranson. They have Leddy, Boychuck & Pelech signed long term, they have kids Pulock & Mayfield cutting their teeth in the NHL, Toews, Aho & Vande Sompel developing in the minors. They just need to stop gap until that youth is more developed.

    • I agree Striker, part of what’s got them playing well is the fact that they have so much depth on D and up front right now. De Haan has been playing really well, not sure they will be able to keep him next season when he goes UFA.

      • Trouba is having a bad year. He looks out of sorts in the games I’ve seen him play in. Something isn’t right!

    • So they don’t need a defenceman, but they do need a defenceman?

      • yes

      • Thanks for providing some clarity chrisms.
        I get confused sometimes.

      • They have 5 even if the lose de Haan to UFA status, with 3 solid kids coming, all they need to do is sign a veteran warm body like Seideneberg or Hickey to help buy a little development time

  5. If I was Montreal’s gm which I’m not I’d totally trade Price and yes he is the best goaltender in the world, but let’s face facts Montreal does not have any young A or B prospects that are going to make an impact …
    So call the Islanders and Trade Price and B.Davidson the isles have two 1st round picks Offer Montreal the lowest of the two , take josh ho sang, B.Nelson, A.Beauviller hann ufa, J. Halak ufa and K. Bellows
    Before you say this is to much think about it … all these players are UFA or RFA now or very soon which means more cash Islanders won’t have that if hoping to resign Taveres and bring in names to help … This trade would make Taveres believe management is serious in winning… best centre ,best goalie ,best rookie of the year just missing that best Dman …
    If M.Duchesne got all those good young players trust me Price would get more he’s a god in nets … I’d even say Islanders could challenge for the cup if they’d go for one top Dman after that trade

    • Hey Frank, I think that’s an interesting proposal. Price would definitely make any team better, the Isles included. My main concern would be managing the cap with that contract and whatever JT ends up getting paid. I would also be reluctant to give up Bellows on top of everything else given that so much other young forward talent was already headed out the door. Ho Sang and Beauvillier were both first rounders.

      Given that this would essentially mean a rebuild in Montreal perhaps they could absorb a bit of the cap hit or take Andrew Ladd back in the deal.

    • To solve the cash problem they trade for a 10.5 million goaltender? Duchene was 6per. A center and the return is yet to be seen.

      Price is arguably the best, but it’s arguable. And when you get into that argument don’t bring up career stats among active starters…you’ll lose every time

  6. I don’t often agree with Brooks and this is no exception. First, the Yotes seem fairly clear that they aren’t moving OEL. Second, I’m not sure I would want to move the number/quality of pieces for OEL given that we may need those chips to bring in an asset to replace JT should he leave.

    OEL is a beast of a D man but the Isles are already reasonably solid on D. If they lose JT they will have a gaping hole up front and will need to focus on replacing their #1 centre potentially along with a top six winger in Bailey.

  7. Doesn’t seem strange that the Bruins would be kicking tires on RNH. Both teams have strength and depth at the same position, which is at center.
    If I am Boston I would trade for RNH as he is younger, and only slightly overpaid (if he keeps playing like he is he is not overpaid) but would need to send Krecji back as you create a logjam. Edmonton isn’t doing that.
    Unless this was part of a much larger or 3 way deal I just don’t see the fit or am I missing something?

  8. Tavares to the leafs

    • Your Ass is assbackwards lol not happening!!

      • Unfortunately, that won’t stop the endless speculation that will drag on until the second Tavares inks a new deal in NY – or elsewhere.

    • For Mathews, Marner, and Nylander

  9. it amazes me that prognosticators think and pile of “players” and a first rounder is going to get the Isles (or ANY team) the like of an OEl, Price, Eckblad, or Trouba.

    Clearly, Larry Brooks has past his heyday as a talent evaluator, who realistically writes reality-based ideas…

    • Not directed at you Bill just on topic.

      My feeling on Quality Dman moving is simple. Rare to no existent baring extenuating circumstances, none exist for Ekblad, Trouba & OEL may soon be facing extenuating circumstances but still far enough off that both clubs will do everything they can to get them locked up long term before moving either.

  10. Quantity vs Quality doesn’t work. Isle’s have lots of assets in terms of roster, picks,and prospects but agree that it does not get you Ekblad or OEL. Not sure either could be had reasonably
    Maybe Trouba as that relationship soured on his hold out. If they get a young defence back like Ryan Pulock ++, a possibility

  11. I see some ideas here for the Isles to try and grab Price. I would assume MTL would want Greiss back as part of the package since he is signed for 2 more years. I would imagine both 1st rounders would have to come back along with HoSang or Beauvillier along with DeHaan and a maybe even DalColle.

    IF (not saying it should or will) Price ends up with Long Island…they do have room to keep him and sign Tavares but Boychuck’s or Clutterbuck’s salary would have to go back to MTL for the Isles to have BOTH Tavares AND price under the cap.

    Though, IF Price ends up in NY without crumbling their roster and pool of talent….JT certainly would take them VERY seriously more than ever as someone to resign with before the season is over. I surmise.

  12. Here is my proposal to get Tavares (trade and sign) to Toronto:

    1. JVR (and his chewed up mouth guard)
    2. Tyler Bozak (and the half dozen eggs he carries in his pockets)
    3. Frederick Andersen
    4. Leivo or Soshkinov
    5. Travis Dermott
    6. 1sr round draft 2018 depending on whether he signs with Toronto

    • Hey Frank, wasn’t there some other dead weight you wanted to include? I’m assuming, based on how balanced the rest is, that it’s the Isles sending a first 🙂

      • The canoes for battleships proposal scenario seemingly never dies.

    • Don’t forget David Clarksons contract,

  13. Rnh to Boston for Heinen 2nd rounder and gryz

  14. Well I’m happy that a few of you liked my proposal of Price to Long Island .. Honestly the only 3 teams I’d even listen to for Price would be Long Island, Edmonton and Philly… All need a starting Goalie …. Islanders need a Starting Goalie let’s be real they won’t compete with Griess and Halak and it would be a big push to show JT we are serious…. Now Edmonton wake up there’s no chance in hell you will win a cup with Cam the sham Talbot or any Goaltender in your system Price would turn Edmonton to a contender on the spot with Mcdavid, and Price two mega stars …. It wouldn’t cost Edmonton much I’d say RNH, a 1st, Puljujarrvi , Strome and Montreal would maybe add a guy like Mccaron and JD la rose ….
    The last team on my list is Philly they been looking for a Starting Goalie since Ron Hextall lol here’s their chance throw Montreal a Centre or two and they will bite… Starting with N.Patrick, S. Couturier, I. Provonov and their 1st ..

    • I can’t hold my tongue any longer Frank. These trade proposals are beyond ridiculous. I could care less what the Isls, Oilers and Flyers do but I can 100% guarantee that none of those teams trade for Price if that is what it takes to land him.

      I’m sorry, but with his age, recent struggles and outrageous contract, Price isn’t worth half of what your suggesting.

      Philly needs to be patient with their young d core and forwards, not trade them away for yet another aging goalie past him prime.