Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 5, 2017

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Fallout from the failed three-team trade involving Matt Duchene & Kyle Turris in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman broke down what the failed three-way trade involving the Ottawa Senators, Colorado Avalanche and Nashville Predators would’ve looked like. The Sens were to ship center Kyle Turris to the Preds, who would send a package of draft picks and prospects to the Avs, who would’ve dealt center Matt Duchene to Ottawa.

Friedman doesn’t believe this is over, citing the Avs’ motivation to trade Duchene and the Sens’ desire to acquire him, but he doesn’t know if the Predators will be involved. His colleague Chris Johnston said Duchene would be comfortable joining the Senators.

Friedman said the Preds and Avs have talked a long time going back to last season about Duchene. and at one point all four of Nashville’s top-four defensemen (Roman Josi, P.K. Subban, Ryan Ellis and Mattias Ekholm) were “kind of brought up” in those discussions. He thinks Ekholm was brought up but the Preds weren’t willing to do that and doesn’t think he was mentioned in this particular set of talks.

Regarding Turris, Nick Kypreos finds it highly unlikely that he remains with the Senators. Turris is a UFA at season’s end and seeks around $6-$6.5 million annually on a seven- or eight-year deal. Even if Senators GM Pierre Dorion was agreeable toward those numbers, he doesn’t have the support of team owner Eugene Melnyk on that type of deal.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch notes there’s nothing stopping Dorion and Avalanche GM Joe Sakic from sitting down face-to-face to discuss a Duchene deal while their two clubs are in Sweden for a back-to-back series in Stockholm at the end of this week. He also claims the Predators, Montreal Canadiens and Carolina Hurricanes are among “seven or eight clubs” that have shown interest in Duchene. He points out the Avs seek a defenseman as part of their asking price for Duchene.

Garrioch believes the Senators willingness to include Turris in a three-way deal for Duchene indicates they’re willing to move on from their top center. It’s not known if Turris’ agent was given permission to speak with the Predators regarding a contract extension for his client. Garrioch adds the St. Louis Blues showed some preseason interest in Turris. While it’s still possible Turris and Sens management could still bridge the gap in contract talks the odds now appear slim. It doesn’t sound as though the Avs are interested in Turris, otherwise there’d be no reason to get a third team involved in moving Duchene to Ottawa.

THE ATHLETIC: James Gordon wonders what comes next after this deal fell through. He doubts the Turris camp leaked this story as it puts their client in a tough spot. Given that any deal with the Preds would involve Turris agreeing to sign with them means it would make little sense for Nashville or Ottawa to rock the boat. Despite Dorion’s claims this won’t be a distraction for his players, Gordon believes it will be until this gets resolved.

Gordon notes the Avs are willing to remain patient but the Sens don’t have that luxury with Turris, noting they can’t afford to lose him for nothing to free agency. He also wonders if the Senators and Predators might do a deal without the Avalanche involving Turris if he’s willing to sign with Nashville.

BSN DENVER: Adrian Dater reports being told this three-way trade wasn’t as close to being completed as some believe, at least from the Avs’ perspective. He said Sakic isn’t budging off his demand for “a TOP young D-man and/or TOP D-man prospect” and doesn’t expect he will.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty believes Turris would be a good fit down the middle for the Bruins, but admits it would be difficult for them to pull off a deal with a division rival.

TORONTO SUN: If the Nashville Predators are in any way considering trading away Ekholm, Steve Simmons believes the Toronto Maple Leafs should look into getting him. Simmons notes Predators GM David Poile dealt away defensemen before, such as Shea Weber and Seth Jones. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Unless the Predators are willing to send Ekholm or a good young defenseman to the Avs as part of the deal, I don’t think this three-way deal gets done. Maybe the Sens can contact another club with interest in Duchene or seeking depth at center (Hurricanes, perhaps?) and see if they might be interested in Turris.  Perhaps the Senators and Avalanche can do a deal between themselves, but it’ll mean the Sens give up one of their promising young d-men (likely Thomas Chabot) as part of the return. To offset that, maybe they can then ship Turris to another club for a top blueline prospect.

Unless the Turris camp is willing to accept a shorter-term contract, I believe this is his final season with the Senators. With Dion Phaneuf and Bobby Ryan on big contracts and Erik Karlsson and Mark Stone due for big raises in the near future, they simply cannot afford to tie up a lot of money for a long time with Turris. Of course, they’ll face that problem with Duchene in 2019, but perhaps Dorion feels he can reach a more agreeable arrangement with him. It’s clear, however, that the Sens willingness to move Turris in a three-way deal for Duchene indicates he doesn’t have a long-term future in Ottawa.

I’ll be very surprised if the Bruins are able to land Turris via trade this season. If they’re interested in him, they’ll likely wait to pursue him via next summer’s free-agent market. 

Predators GM Poile made it very clear this summer that he’s unwilling to move any of his top-four defensemen. I don’t believe he’s changed his mind. I think he’s willing to move some futures to bring in that center he seeks but I don’t see him dealing Ekholm. The Leafs will have to look elsewhere for blueline help.

SPORTSNET: Kypreos reports Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price is believed to have suffered a minor knee injury but it’s not considered serious or long term. When asked if he felt the Habs might trade Price, he notes the goalie has a full no-move clause immediately and in his new deal. If the struggling Canadiens decide to rebuild, he wonders if there’s a place for a goalie earning $10.5 million annually in that plan or if Price wants to be part of a rebuild. If Price were available, Friedman believes health would be the biggest concern, given his history of knee problems.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kypreos and Friedman are just speculating out loud among themselves right now. There’s no indication the Canadiens want to trade Price, that they’re looking at blowing up their roster to rebuild or that Price wants out of Montreal. Sure, Price could be traded, but I don’t believe he or the Habs are anywhere close to that situation right now. If the Habs weren’t off to a poor start and if Price was playing at his usual stellar level, no one would be suggesting a trade scenario. Let’s see how this season shakes out for the Canadiens before we start lending any credence to any talk of trading their franchise player. 



  1. who would/could pay anything of significant value for price? (unless Mont held a little salary)

    and in what world is turris worth a 1st, 3rd, and 2 prospects? those would have to be some dubious prospects. something isnt adding up there and no wonder it fell thru. Nash was getting ripped.

    • paying any goalie even the best in the league that much for that length of time is a bad decision as more so than any other position as your goalie goes so does your team bad move more so in a cap world regardless of the goalie

      • You are absolutely correct, no goalie should be paid that kind of money regardless if he is the best goalie – you can live with that salary on a one or two year deal. Bergevin is awful, first trading P.K. for Weber losing one of the better puck moving defensemen, plus the 4 year age difference -we will have two old dudes playing until 38 and 40 – didn’t sign Markov because he was 38, but gave price $10,5 million-hope the lose plenty more do the can clean house – told Molson I’m available- can’t do worse than Bergevin

      • I agree. Remember Rick Dipietro!

  2. I can only imagine what Sakic would want for MacKinnon if that is what he still is asking for Duchene. Doesn’t Dallas have young D prospects? Maybe Shift Spezza to the Preds for picks and then take those picks along with the prospect of Sakic’s choice for Duchene. Duchene #2C Seguin #1c. Buys then many more years down the middle.

    • It seems that in all these trade scenarios everyone is trying to make the team acquiring Duchene better. They focusing on the wrong team here. In these scenarios the Avs always get stiffed with mehs and spare parts. Sakic isn’t going to take lesser pieces. He isn’t gonna be bullied or swindled. And I think that Dreger and company’s attempt to do just that have hurt other GMs cause in getting a better deal. The league has basically alienated Sakic and placed the Avs on an island of one all summer long. And Sakic the Avs have probably had enough of this mistreatment and are comfortable now on their island. When the world is against you, who wants to make up and be friends again? If there was a possibility that Sakic would have come down on his stance, he surely won’t do so now.

      The leagues GMs and the TSN posse have done nothing but try and manipulate Sakic into giving Dutchy up and keep kicking him when he won’t. Sakic is not the frail, meek, insecure, little GM everyone else hoped he would be. They are finding that quiet confidence of a champion instead.

      • Sakic should be gone not a good gm,he has botched a lot not just Mattie’s situation. Some players should just stay on the ice not in the office

      • Sakic is & will be fine. We are just starting to see the kids Sakic has drafted & players he has acquired either in trade or as UFA’s start to make the jump to the NHL.

        They look pretty good to me they looked pretty good before they got here to.

        He hasn’t botched anything with Duchene. Duchene & Colorado as well a Barrie are are playing great.

        That has you wrong on 4 counts. Col, Sakic, Duchene & Barrie.

        Do you ever have any positive info to share or just like to Troll?

      • I’ll reserve judgement on Sakic’s handling of Duchene until the assets he acquires have either played 5 years in the NHL or gone bust.

        As I have stated right from the start of these rumors I prefer Colorado don’t trade Duchene. Doesn’t make sense to me.

        That said if by next summer no hope the bridges can be mended what ever those issues are better the move him before the trade deadline in his final season & maximize his return as Colorado is just starting year 2 for me of it’s rebuild but year 3 at best.

  3. No WAY Dorion gives up Chabot for a 2-year and then “maybe” C

    • Lyle brought up a great option in Catolina. May I add Philly as an option as well they are building quite a defdnsive unit and perhaps be intetested in Turris.

      • I have no doubt they’d have an interest in Turris. A LOT of teams might have such an interest. But the question is, Jeff, would any of them be so foolish as to give him that 8-year term he’s supposedly seeking? On the other hand, if that demand is solely to discourage Ottawa from signing him, and he really wants out, would he then sign in a place of his choosing as a UFA for the more team-friendly 6 years?

        Those are the kinds of questions and doubts now hanging over the organization, which is why I say the sooner they deal him the better because that can become a huge distraction for any team.

      • Perhaps but once traded and he finds his new team isnt willing to give 8 years perhaps he will move off that request and simply be happier with greater takehome pay due to the more beneficial tax structure afforded american teams

  4. Chrism, The youngsters want to bypass the bridge deals and start making 8-10 mil, so expect the owners to do all agree to again shoot themselves (and their signing mistakes) in the foot and continue to attempt to raise the cap despite the value of the loonie or US dollar.
    I suspect Nashville and Ottawa would combine the prospect / pick part of the Avalanche return…and the Preds would feather their playoff team with enough picks commersurate a last year of contract is worth on Turris or and different amount if his reps agree to have him sign there.

  5. One report says prospect and picks to the Av’s another say Sakic is moving off his top 4d.
    Turris and Duchene together don’t land any of Nashville top 4. Not on expiring contracts.
    Turris to Boston not unless Krecji is going the other way and if that was the case just pay Turris.
    Price just signed an 8yr deal at $10.5 that doesn’t kick into next season, so now the Habs are going to trade him. As much as I like Price , I believe his new contract is unmoveable regardless of his nmc.
    One thing we can assume is Colorado isn’t interested in Turris, otherwise they just deal with each other.
    No news on Galchenyuk, maybe swap to Ottawa for Turris. Sound good George? or do you think it’s to early on a Sunday for me to be drinking cool aid?

    • Lol. Right now I’d make that deal. Montreal certainly has the cap space but would they want to give him 8 years, which seems to be the sticking point. Contrary to what some others in here have opined (the same ones that gave the opinion that Vesey would have no problem adjusting to the NHL), Colin White will soon be back in Ottawa once his conditioning stint in Belleville is over, and is quite capable of taking on a # 3 C role with Brassard moving to # 1 and Pageau into # 2.

      • Vesey did adjust to the NHL seamlessly. Played as a 3rd line LW seeing just under 14 mins a game, with reasonable 2nd unit power play time, managed 16 goals & 27 points playing 80 games. Scored 6 GWG’s putting him in the top 20 for all NHL players.

        After he signed in NYR we discussed this was probably the worst landing spot for opportunity of the teams being bandied about & a surprising 1 as they weren’t in the rumors. On almost any of the other teams in the rumor mill he would have given him a top 6 spot but choose the Rangers.

        Few rookies step straight into the NHL & see a regular shift for 80 games. He will follow a standard development curve just like 80% of all players.

        I’m not sure what your expectations were, he exceeded mine. He is far more engaged physically this season using his size, I would assume a slight sophomore regression but better suited to handle the 82 game schedule than last season.

      • Vesey was just another “ stud” you were wrong about striker don’t forget you also said it was a lock he was going to Boston to play with his buddy who supposedly another stud who hasn’t even made the nhl

      • I never said he was a going to Boston, I said I wanted him to go to Boston to play with his best friend from high school Grzelcyk. Nor did I ever say Grzelyk was a stud but he has an NHL future.

        If you want to post this BS then at least go back pull the quote & copy & paste.

      • Lol too many of yours to cut and paste I also think your memory is slipping because those were your words nothing about hope

    • Caper.

      Numerous talking heads on XM91 are saying this deal was never as close as Dreggar & others want to imply it was.

      Dreggar has been at the forefront of fanning the flames of this Duchene situation.

      This discussion being leaked can’t be positive for Turris. Tough situation for any player to be in. Puts Ottawa in a tough spot now as well. This will be an interesting test for Dorion & curious to see how it plays out leading up to the trade deadline.

      • Friedman saiid the same deal! Just cause yourself the god of hockey doesn’t agree doesn’t mean dreger is fanning the flames

      • I call my self a hockey freak not a God but thank you.

      • Considering how much you’re wrong none of those are a good fit

      • Hahahahhaha

      • Well Striker it looks like numerous talking heads should of listened to Dreggar as it was darn closer, even closer than he himself indicated.

  6. Unless Capfriendly is wrong Price still has a limited NTC on his current contract. He submits a list of 15 teams that he would accept a trade to. As I assume Kypreos is out to lunch as is often the case.

    Not that it matters as no 1 is taking that albatross contract, moving Price although not impossible, nothing is truly impossible, is highly unlikely. Sorry have to keep putting those useless comments in there or for some reason many take my statements as facts.

    What ails Price is a brutal D in front of him. Hard to win playing by hind 3 legitimate NHL Dman, granted a solid 2 way stud in Weber, a rookie & a bunch of dead beats. Playing from behind repeatedly means having to open it up making it even harder not to give up quality scoring chances & goals.

    Montreal has had a pretty stuff schedule out of the gate. They play 6 of their next 7 at home. 14 of their next 18. 9 of their 1st 14 games have been played against playoff teams from last season. 2 back 2 backs so far on 2 road trips 1 to the west coast.

    • On that thread. Scheduling issues are a huge factor out of the gate, this early in the season.

      It takes until the last team in the league plays it’s 25th game to really start to balance out these scheduling disparities & creat some semblance of equality. 3 teams hit their 12 game mark last night, Pit has played 16, a 3rd more. 6 teams have played 15, that’s significant on numerous fronts.

      Pit has already played 5 back to backs losing all of the back end games & just completed a west coast road trip playing 5 games in 8 days. That is beyond brutal. These disparities effect the standings until all teams start to experience similiar tough portions of their schedule.

      The standings are starting to correct themselves but won’t be even remotely balanced for almost another month. Bos plays it’s 25th game on Dec 4th, that’s about a 1/3rd of the season on average the vast majority of teams. I believe they are the last team to hit this mark. Things have away of balancing out & being what they should be over time.

      Each Conference really only has 2, possibly 3 playoff spots up for grabs, with 6 or 7 teams battling it out for those spots & it will be tight, the other teams were obvious to everyone when the season started.

      NYR is now 2 points behind Tor as a reference point for those that wrote them off weeks ago. They have both played 15 games. Is the world colapsing for Toronto as much as it has for NYR?

  7. I think Jack Dougherty should check one box on the list and Pontus Aberg another

    • Jack Dougherty checks which box? I assume you mean for Colorado? Is he a top 4 established young Dman?

      Moving Duchene at this point in the season is a serious challenge. Most teams can’t afford the cap hit & his contract status with him becoming a UFA less than 2 years out is problematic for some.

      It may take a significant injury to another teams #1 or 2 center to open the door for this trade to happen any time soon. With each passing the the cap issue is being reduced making it easier to facilitate a trade mid season.

      I still think Colorado may be better served to simply wait until next summer when more teams have the monies & interest to bid, being able to negotiate an extension after July 1st significantly alters the contract issue in place today.

      That said I’d lay the odds that Duchene is still with Colorado this summer at about 30% at best. NYI & Col are still the most logical fits for me but I take Francis at his word that he’s not taking Duchene’s contract with him facing UFA status 2 summers out. Both these teams have exactly what Sakic wants & Duchene addresses a serious need for both.

      • Don’t you think the bruins really needed matty d? With the 3 albatrosses of contracts krejci,backes and rask it makes it tough but someone will take them on for some picks. We definitely need to change our d chara is done macavoy isn’t what we hoped and it’s not because he’s young, and just a bunch of plugs to fill in the rest. Hopefully Sweeney and Neely are gone by Xmas

      • Hahahahahaha

      • Short and sweet striker that’s what this site needs more from you! More posters would come back not having to listen to your long winded drivel………… just saying

      • Have you been drinking this morning Striker? Lol. You have made some obvious blunders for a man like yourself. (i.e “Dreggar”,
        NYI & Col”, “Francis”… These are uncharacteristic faux pas from you. Lol

      • Well not this morning but significantly last night, last night ended at 5 this morning. Seriously hurting this morning. Went to the Dallas game unfortunately it was over 1/2 way thru the 1st period & Dallas went into a total shell. Worst hockey game seen this year. We left after the 2nd.

        Can barely see my phone & have finally bitten the bullet & given up my Blackberry for an Iphone. These soft touch buttons hate me. Ha-ha!

      • what round and how many picks would boston have to give teams to take krecji, rask, or backes?

      • Zero as none are being moved for many years.

        Boston has 2.7 mil in LTIR cap space. The only meaningful contract coming up this summer is Chara’s, unless Spooner’s is meaningful for you.

        Sweeney has been in place since May of 2015. The rebuild is going great, we are just starting year 3 of the transition to youth. Boston is treading water at 5-4-3 after 12 games & been hit hard by injuries across the board.

        A great time to be a Bruins fan. The future looks exceptional bright & the present very good. Boston is again a bubble team but I see them making the playoffs injuries & all.

        I scratch my head thinking how are they treading water when I look at last nights roster.

        Marchand, Begeron Pastrnak.
        Heinen, Szwarz, Bjork.
        Debrusk, Kuraly, Schaller.
        Belesky, Nash, Czarnik.

        That’s pretty Ugly & any time you have to dress Postma that’s a problem. Ha-ha!

      • I should add though that Boston is 1 of the teams that has had an incredibly easy schedule out of the gate. Not only have they played 8 at home & 4 on the road they have only played 4 playoff teams from last season & their lite schedule has given them plenty of nights off.

      • Considering when backes signed you continue to sound like a bit of a donkey saying when the rebuild started? It hasn’t yet

      • I think Francis may have to reconsider his options. RNH, Turris or Duchene would give the Canes a chance of making the playoffs. The Canes do not have the right mix of players as constructed. I also think that either Peters or Skinner will not be in the organization by the time Skinner’s contract expires next season.

      • Clarification on my comments: Either Peters or Skinner will be in the Hurricanes organization but not both.

      • Boston is in a rebuild, it started when Sweeney took over. It’s not a complete tear down but a retooling on the fly. Not all teams just pull the plug & completely clean house.

        With the new lottery rules tanking it isn’t a very good strategy as your chances of not picking 1st now are over 80%.

        Van, NYR, Clb, Det, NJ, Phi, SJ & Win are all just starting or did so in the last 2 years of rebuilding on the fly. Not everyone is using the Arz, Buf, Car, Tor model of being brutal.

        Col tried that last year & it kind of stung. They had the best odds but ended up picking 4th. That said Makar will eventually be a stud offensive NHL Dman. Take a picture of that so you can quote the date & time in 5 to 7 years.

      • Would need a bunch of pics the way you talk out of both sides of your mouth

  8. I would not be at all surprised to see Turris or Duchene involved in another 3 way trade later this year, but one involving John Tavares instead.

    If the Isles do have to move on from Tavares, Turris or Duchene would be the only thing close to a top line center available.

    Sens get Duchene, Isles get Turris and a mystery team willing to meet Sakic’s price and still cough up something to the Isles would land Tavares.

  9. If I remember right, Turris is represented by Kurt Overhardt, so any talks about contract extensions associated with a trade will get shut down right there. He always has ridiculous expectations.

    • Regardless of the situation, I want to see him gone sooner than later. The team doesn’t need that kind of distraction. Grease the skids Dorion.

      • Well you got your wish George. I’ve got mixed emotions on this. Like you I’m glad the drama will be over. But Turris was one of my faves and I knew what I had in him. Duchene seems similar but now I will eagerly wait to see how he compares to Turris as a Sen

  10. What about Pittsburgh?
    to AVS: Hagelin, Maata and a 2nd 2019
    to PIT: Duchene & Zadarov

    • Lol

  11. Duchene has been traded

  12. I guess Dreger knows what he’s talking about. That should keep some are you guys quiet about his credibility.

    • Just striker

      • There was another I pretty sure. lol have to go back a day and review….but…..I don’t think I care enough to.

        One thing I noticed on this sight is many of you guys like to trash the various NHL insiders and pundents.