Latest on the Senators and Sharks – December 14, 2017

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Updates on the growing Ottawa Senators trade rumors plus the latest on the San Jose Sharks.


OTTAWA SUN: Ken Warren reports Senators general manager Pierre Dorion yesterday said he won’t be replacing Guy Boucher as head coach. “Guy was a great coach last year. He got us one goal from the Stanley Cup final. He’s staying,” said Dorion.

However, the Sens GM isn’t ruling out making trades if he feels it will help the team. “We’re looking at everything,” he said. “I think I have talked to 27 or 28 of my 30 (general manager) counterparts in the last three days. We’re looking for solutions. When you go through streaks like this, you have to look at everything.”

Dorion acknowledged he’s got 10-team no-trade lists from his players with no-trade clauses, including captain Erik Karlsson. However, he said the club’s priority is to retain the superstar defenseman for the remainder of his career.

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos said forward Mike Hoffman is the name he’s hearing the most regarding Senators trade speculation and thinks he’ll get traded faster than most.

Jeff Marek asked why not move Karlsson now if they’re not going to re-sign him. He wonders if they could extract more from a team that could have him for the remainder of this season and playoffs plus all of next season, rather than trying to move him before next season’s trade deadline.

Scott Morrison feels the better return could be had in the offseason. Kypreos believes it makes no sense for a team at the bottom of the league to re-sign a soon-to-be 30-year-old player to an eight-year deal worth perhaps $90 million.

THE ATHLETIC: Allan Mitchell believes Hoffman would be a good fit for the Edmonton Oilers to address the need for a skilled shooter on Connor McDavid’s line. However, he’s not certain the Oilers and Senators would be a good trade fit, noting the latter requires defense.

Graeme Nichols makes a deep dive into potential trade value of struggling Senators defenseman Cody Ceci. He points out Ceci’s preceeding three seasons weren’t exactly perfect, noting he had his difficulties even when playing sheltered minutes earlier in his career. With Ceci a restricted free agent next summer coming off a two-year bridge deal (earning $3.35 million in actual salary this season), his contract talks could get troublesome.

Noting speculation that the Colorado Avalanche had interest in Ceci prior to shipping center Matt Duchene to Ottawa, Nichols suggests that doesn’t necessarily mean he would’ve been the centerpiece of the return for a Duchene trade that didn’t happen. It also doesn’t mean Ceci is an untouchable asset for the Senators.

If the Senators put Ceci on the block, Nichols thinks it could take one of three forms. If they’re still hopeful of reaching the playoffs, they could seek an established player in return.  It could be a “project-for-project” return, similar to the swap with the Arizona Coyotes in 2011 that brought Kyle Turris to Ottawa. If their eye in on the future, the Sens could seek draft picks and prospects.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I know I sound like a broken record, but I don’t see the Senators trading Karlsson before the trade deadline. I believe they want to re-sign him, but if that proves too expensive, the earliest he’s dealt is next summer.

While there will undoubtedly be considerable interest in Karlsson if he was put on the trade block now, I believe teams will be leery about investing too much to land a player who could bolt via free agency in 2019. Those clubs will likely prefer to wait until next summer, when they’ll have the opportunity to request permission from the Sens to discuss a contract extension with Karlsson before giving up quality assets to acquire him.

If the Sens intend to make moves before the trade deadline, Hoffman and Ceci are the more likely trade candidates. I agree with Mitchell that Hoffman could be a good fit on the McDavid line but I don’t see a deal there unless Dorion can pull off another three-team move. Despite Ceci’s struggles, I think he still has value among clubs seeking young blueliners with potential. He still has room to improve and could blossom on a better club. 


THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, Kevin Kurz said he considers San Jose Sharks backup goaltender Aaron Dell among the club’s few tradeable assets that they might be willing to part with to acquire some scoring. That being said, he thinks “there’s no way in hell” the Sharks trade Dell, suggesting he’ll likely re-sign with the Sharks this summer. 

THE MERCURY NEWS: Curtis Pashelka reports Sharks GM Doug Wilson said he has no intention of trading away his key young core players for a quick fix before the Feb. 26 trade deadline. Wilson feels questions about his current roster could come into greater focus once everyone is healthy. Pashelka noted young players such as Chris Tierney, Tim Heed and Joakim Ryan have taken advantage of opportunities provided because of injuries to veterans this season. However, Kevin Labanc and Timo Meier have been less consistent. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wilson has a well-earned reputation for being among the busiest general managers leading up to the NHL trade deadline. I’ll be surprised if he stays quiet this season. He’ll obviously remain patient with his roster for now but I expect he’ll look at making moves within a month of the deadline, depending upon his roster needs, the number of quality players available in the trade market and the respective asking prices for those players.

I expect Wilson will look at shopping a prospect or two, rather than established young players. He doesn’t have selections in the second and third rounds of the 2018 draft so I doubt he’ll be shopping draft picks this year. 



  1. What in the world is Mike Hoffman going to bring back? Sens won last night so Dorian won’t want to mess with that winning streak … bwa ha ha

    On a quick side note, it’s always a pleasure to see fake tough guy Brandon Dubinsky get his ass handed to him.

    • Loved it!!

    • AGREED Dubinsky got it handed to him? I heard he was out 6 to 8 weeks with a facial fracture was that because of a fight? I assumed he got a puck in the face type of thing..

      • And, of course, Kassian is completely innocent. Face facts, Edmonton is one of the most heavily penalized teams in the league while the Jackets are one of the least. The Oilers were leading, so why did Kassian react?

    • Kassian jumps Dubinsky directly off the faceoff with 1:40 to go in a 7-2 hockey game? Dubinsky’s turtling & Kassian is punching away at him anyway.

      What a classless hockey player.

      I don’t like Dubinsky either but really! You take pleasure in watching that happen?

      • Did anyone watch that game ? Clearly not you striker , Dubinsky was running around like an idiot , down by a large margin and Kassian was the first to get to him . Message sent . Same as earlier in the game when foligno gave Leon an extra shot , Khaira quickly stepped between Leon / Mcdavid and foligno . They won’t be pushed around .

      • I for 1 took great pleasure in Dubinsky getting what he was asking for , maybe next time he thinks twice before taking runs , in Edmonton that will mean facing the music

      • Every team has a Dubinsky, part of the game. That doesn’t excuse Kassian’s classlessness. Shit disturbers are part of the game.

      • He needed it more than anyone ever. Ok maybe Avery, but it’s close.
        Good on Kass.

      • Not protecting Dubinsky here at all but there’s a code and Kassian crossed it, he clearly broke Dubinsky’s orbital bone on that first left and continued to fire bombs on him well after it was obvious he was seriously hurt.

        The NHL does not need either of these two players and I feel in the coming years their style of hockey is becoming less and less a desired commodity.

      • Every team has a Dubinsky. Simply part of the game. His job is to get under your skin but that doesn’t give Kassian the right to jump him. How does Kassian not get the 2 min instigator there? & when a player turtles isn’t there supposed to be a code?

        Why would you possibly be watching Edm@Clb when you could have been watching the best team in the East, TB, playing the best team from the west, StL?

        I had to live with the highlights, lowlights & #”s for that game, I caught small portions of it flipping around during commercial breaks & between periods of the TB@StL game.

        Dubinsky is a pest, takes liberties but rarely crosses the line & gets penalized. That’s part of his job on the ice. Apparently it’s working as he has you guys all roweled up.

      • Yes! I wish I could have broken Dubinskys face. That would be satisfying.

      • He wasn’t jumped at all. Dubinsky wanted that fight. He got what he deserved.

      • Watch Dirty Dube vs Crosby highlights and tell me he never crosses the line.
        My bet is that everyone outside of Columbus and his family were cheering Kass on.
        Looked good on the puke.

      • And any Dubinsky who Wants to take liberties better be ready to eat some fists . Cross the code ? When has it ever in the history of hockey been against the code to make a guy taking liberties in a blowout face the music ? Yeah he got hurt , Kassian was out to send a message , mission accomplished and didn’t hurt his team in the process . Well done Kassian , Dubinsky is lucky that wasn’t Lucic .

      • The “pests” of the world take liberties on the star players to get them off their game and hopefully get them to retaliate and take a penalty. Hence the star players generally take the hacks to the ankles, slashes to hands, cross checks in the back, etc without retribution back to the “pests”. And they get even more dirty with it if it isn’t called. Watch ANA in the playoffs.
        As Craig posted, sometimes they earn a chance to answer the bell against a guy like Kassian.
        Kassian went straight to him off the draw and got in his face, and to Dubinsky’s credit, his gloves came off first.
        Kassian landed a clean shot and broke his face. Unfortunate but part of the game, just like Dubinsky’s crap has become part of the game.
        Either call the crap that guys like Dubinsky dish out to the games best players, or get rid of the instigator penalty and let the players deal with it.
        There was no instigator because Dubinsky dropped the gloves first.

      • I was just wondering how it happened that’s all didn’t see it! Kassian is no angel either agreed. i NEVER LIKED dUBinsky he is always cheap shotting Crosby and company!

    • Hoffman’s 1st 3 full seasons in the league.

      2014-15. 79 games played, 27 goals, 21 assists for 48 points, +16 seeing limited PP time; 11th in PP TOI/GP, getting minimal mins; 7th for forwards in TOI/GP 6 seconds more per game than Condra, under Cameron.
      2015-16. 78-29-30-59 +1.
      2016-17. 74-26-35-61 +17.

      That’s 231 games played, 82 goals scored & 86 assists for 168 points, making him 1 of the highest scoring & point producing LW’s in the NHL over that time line.

      If trading Hoffman what would I expect to get? Allot.

  2. I think Hoffman is the exact kind of player McDavid needs on his wing. A shooter with scoring touch.
    Something like Strome and Caggula and exchange of picks could get it done.
    They have missed Sekera badly and he is set to return. Probably not much of a factor this year but will be a top 4 on the Oiler defence next season. IF he returns to form

    • I would Go At Least Reinhart and Caggs , maybe so pick flips

    • Silverscreen…agreed mc David could use him and he would also fit with Sidney Crosby who loves fast wingers..

    • Don’t disagree that Hoffman could play with McDavid, but the Oiler issues are not at LW they have Lucic and Maroon for top 6, with Khaira and Cammalleri cycling in on occasion. Hoffman could play off wing but they picked up Cammalleri who can as well. For nothing. PC rolled the dice going into the season on RW, gambling that 1 of Puljujarvi or Caggiula would step into the role of top line RW. Plus they always had the crutch of throwing Draisaitl up there.
      Puljujarvi has, but it took him a quarter of the season which is understandable. He is starting to look like a player.
      The line of McD, Pulj & Lucic is rolling and has looked fantastic now that McDavid is healthy.
      Oiler issues were/are: McDavids Health, no Sekera, historically bad PK, Talbot playing below career standard.
      Oilers should get healthier with Larsson, Sekera and Talbot should come back strong.
      They are a ways back, but I still think they make a run to make the playoffs.
      I can’t see EDM moving any quality young assets or high picks for help, as they do not have much prospect depth and when McDavid’s contract kicks in they will need quality young cheap players.

      • Not that I condone trading Hoffman but he’s played more games in Ottawa this season at RW than LW. His primary linemates have been Pageau & Smith, with Smith at LW. Oddly enough Ryan has been playing LW lately like he did quite ofetn when in Anh.

        Ott’s lines are mess & for me part of the problem. Ottawa needs to try & add depth with out giving anything up from their current roster. That’s easier said than done & these additions should have been made in the summer ideally in the UFA market.

        Good luck finding solutions now, It’s not like Ottawa is trading strength in 1 area; Anh Vatanen to NJ for Henrique, Blandisi & a 3rd, for a need in another & they just gave up a kings ransom to get Duchene.

        Boucher’s not the main problem in Ottawa, Dorion; hands some what tied by onwership, is but the solution is to remove the coach as if Ottawa doesn’t, players are getting out of Ottawa as soon as their contracts allow as playing this system & for Boucher isn’t some 1’s 1st choice.

  3. I’m with George.
    I simply can’t stand Penguin fans.

    • this makes me sad…

      I guess I’ll have to take comfort in these two tall shiny objects that have accumulated in Pittsburgh the past couple years.

      • Not you.
        You make me happy every day.
        Plus, you are quite knowledgeable.
        It’s the others.
        You know, the mean ones.

      • 😍

    • Who are the mean ones?

  4. Turris also got them within a goal of the finals. Under that logic he stays as well..?? lol. Duchene trade f’d everything. Boucher was a fine coach and the team was 6-3-5 (confirm?) before the trade. And Karlsson wasn’t saying anything about his contract.

  5. I simply can’t stand you either my Love…(what kind of name is that a porn movie ) Also that Retired George O be gone already wicked witch of the west…Don’t lump everyone in to one group not all penguins fans are bad just like all flyers fans aren’t bad.

    • You are close to being the worst poster on any site on the entire internet.
      Smarten up.

      • I had a razor Ramon poster as a kid. It was a pretty bad poster

      • ok… my love porn star…you are the best of all time ill listen to you loser.

      • Razor Ramon?
        Macho Man Savage was better.

      • Oooooh yeah brother

      • B and g… I’m not a English snob but your punctuation, or lack there of, sometimes confuses the yinzer outa me

      • ok my love… for you !

        Ok then Take blame for stupid generalizations like i hate all Penguins fans..that annoying. I’ll smarten up if you grow up!

    • What do you mean all Flyers fans aren’t bad? Just kidding 🙂

  6. The Sens aren’t the Lightening, but I like Stevie Y’s posture last year when his team struggled. Don’t sell the farm. And look at them this year. Relax Ottawa. It’s a bad year – come back next year with a similar core group.
    Meanwhile, the team is rumored to already have been sold in principal to a consortium of locals – including two alumni celebrity coaches who are in for a 5% stake each. Dig deeper Lyle. And whatever you do, don’t call Garrioch/Mendes they’re the last two to know.

    • Agreed.

  7. Dear George. How are you? Some fun things happening on spectors today. Hope you are well. Chris

    • I don’t post but this is my favourite site to read so I posted something today to yesterday’s comments I thought I would restate here.

      George I can understand your frustration. When we lost the Jets in Winnipeg it was the culmination of years of frustration. The NHL stripped our WHA championship team to the bone (9 wins one season), years of never being quite good enough to get past the Oilers or Flames (or both), having a universally loved player in Selanne traded for financial reasons and the final coup de grace with the sale of the team despite the huge grassroot support from the fanbase. I personally had no stomach for NHL hockey for years and only slowly came around to find I am a bigger fan than before and appreciate it for what it is despite it’s warts. The draft, watching for prospects (wanted De Brincat but traded that 2nd round pick to move up for Stanley) and watching players develop in the the AHL is infinitely more interesting than observing some other city’s team. I also enjoy the junior level of hockey but invariably the players you attach to will progress to the pro level.

  8. Ho hum!

  9. How does trading your 2nd best point producer, goalscorer & #1 PP point producer in Ottawa to get more scoring make sense?

    How does moving a young soon to be 24 year old Dman still at least 1 more full season away from being fully developed at the NHL level but already playing as your #2 Dman make sense?

    Moving either of these players out of Ottawa doesn’t make the Senators better just like moving Zibby & Turris didn’t. You aren’t getting better players back, you are either making a lateral move or breaking them down into more assets, lesser players, prospects & picks that may or may not ever be as good or better.

    Hoffman & Ceci aren’t the problem.

  10. I’m not a Sens fan, but I think Dorian should be the first to go. The Duchene trade turned out to be a disaster. It seems obvious the team stopped responding to Boucher, +/or perhaps combined with fallout of the Duchene trade,
    I wouldn’t trust Dorian to be the one to get them out of this mess.

    • Money factors into these decisions for Melnyk.

    • If it Dorian that is making the decisions. And I am talking about Melnyk. I think Dorian is simply executing this non strategy.
      There seems to be no rational or logical plan. I don’t think it is as simple as Dorian is stupid. His previous 24 years of respected NHL experience as a scout, chief scout, director of player personnel, assistant GM, prior to becoming the GM suggest otherwise.
      These decisions seem to be reactionary, volatile, and almost vindictive at times. There is also a history and current pattern of that that behavior, and it is not Dorian’s.
      I could be wrong about this, but as another poster mentions above, the best thing for Ottawa fans is if this team gets sold and gets stable ownership.

    • If Dorion were to get the boot would Tim Murray head the list of GM candidates?

      • I would hire him

  11. Are all the players hurt?

    • No, but the best one might still be.

  12. Also my love porn star…you just make stupid statements like you hate all penguins fans..that’s juvenile dude! its like the i hate Crosby screen name that’s mature..get a grip my love

    have a nice day!

    • Great job proving my point!

      • yes socrateeeesssss!

    • What is wrong with my screen name? =P
      Are we really grown men that care about someone’s handle?

      • Well I’m a crosby fan.. Your the only one that has hate in their screen title…figure it out or get help…LOL

      • Hate is a very strong word!

      • I HATE how good he is. No personal disdain for the man. There is a ton of respect.

  13. Lyle, I’m sorry for my behavior today.
    George was/is a fine voice in here.
    I just didn’t see the need for him to be attacked.
    What I did today was No better.
    I will hold myself to higher standard’s.
    It won’t happen agaim

    • I HATE CROSBY…I owe you an apology. You say you actually like his game and what he does. I assumed that your title was ripping on Sid and he plays his heart out and is whats good about the game.

      my bad i hate crosby have a great holiday.. black n gold!

  14. JR & Pitts should called Dorion about JGP and offer some combo of Rust/Hags of Shehan/Hags/pick

    JGP is a great 3rd line center option. He is well rounded and suited for that role. Young and salary is very reasonable.