NHL Rumor Mill – December 12, 2017

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Latest on Erik Karlsson plus updates on the Oilers, Penguins and Sabres in your NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: In his latest “31 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman reports hearing the Ottawa Senators asked defenseman Erik Karlsson for a 10-team no-trade list following his “I’m going to get what I’m worth” comments two week ago regarding his next contract. He said there was “a lot of anger within the organization” over his remarks, resulting in “at least one tense meeting between the captain and team officials.” Karlsson subsequently walked back those comments, saying his quotes were taken out of context and expressing his desire to win with Ottawa.

Friedman cites a source saying both sides have since “taken a deep breath”, as the Sens know trading Karlsson out of spite would be “a horrendous and soul-crushing move.” He feels it’s a long shot that Karlsson is traded but acknowledges various factors, including other players to re-sign and a possible change in the club’s direction, could affect his future with the Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Senators decide to trade Karlsson, and that’s a big “if” at this stage, it won’t happen until next summer, probably in July. Karlsson’s UFA eligibility in 2019 could make clubs leery about pursuing a superstar who could depart after one season. Interested teams will want permission to gauge Karlsson’s attitude toward a contract extension before pursuing a trade for his services. The earliest they can do that is July 1, 2018.

Much will depend upon what moves the Sens make leading up to the Feb. 26 trade deadline. If they’re going to rebuild, Karlsson must decide if he wants to be part of that process. His asking price to stay with the Senators will also be a factor.

The Edmonton Oilers have looked at “some external contributions” to their goal crease. Winnipeg’s Michael Hutchinson and Detroit’s Petr Mrazek have been mentioned, though the latter is really struggling of late. Friedman also expects the Florida Panthers could wade into the goalie market in search of “someone young-ish who might be their future.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mrazek is not playing well this season. If the Oilers were looking at him, I believe they’ve moved on to consider other goaltending options. 

Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford has some issues to address. “Do they go after a veteran goalie as insurance? Do they add another centre? What about a scoring winger? Two of the three? All of them?” Friedman wonders if Edmonton might be a trade partner, as they had interest in defenseman Ian Cole before claiming Brandon Davidson off waivers. He suggests Oilers’ pending UFA forwards Mark Letestu and Patrick Maroon could make sense for the Penguins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Pens could stick with Tristan Jarry backing up Matt Murray, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Rutherford’s in the market for a more experienced backup. I think he’s still in the market for a decent third-line center, but if that player can’t be found he could shift his focus toward a rental scoring winger by the deadline. 

Friedman believes the Buffalo Sabres could set a high asking price for a player such as “Sam Reinhart, a Rasmus Ristolainen or a Marco Scandella”, but it doesn’t mean they won’t consider offers. Pending UFA winger Evander Kane and Benoit Pouliot are also trade options. Sabres fans hope Kane might fetch a “stud blueliner” but Friedman thinks that’s doubtful for a rental player. He suggests the Calgary Flames could be part of a growing group looking at Kane. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Sabres making any significant moves until perhaps mid-January at the earliest. Given their defensive issues I think they’re more likely to retain Ristolainen and Scandella, using Reinhart perhaps as a trade chip for blueline help.

If the Sabres can’t get a good young defenseman for Kane, I wonder if they’ll consider bundling him with a younger player (Reinhart?) to get a package deal that includes that “stud blueliner”?  As for shipping Kane to Calgary, I’m not sure there’s a fit there. The Flames have Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk patrolling their top-two lines at left wing.



  1. Sam Reinhart is terrible, no player with such terrible skating should be a first round pick. He looks like a sloth on the ice. Only problem is if you trade him Eichel might cry because that’s his best buddy. Scandella and Ristolanen are very good I would keep them. Evander Kane will be moved hopefully for a few good prospects.

    • Really, he might cry. Come on, make comments that are intelligent.

      • Never mind that, he thinks Ristlainen is very good.

      • Have you ever seen Jack in interviews? He acts like a little kid.

      • Ristolainen two 40 point seasons and plays 30 minutes a game vs every top line in league. Yeah he sucks.

  2. I kind of figured there had to have been a face-to-face talk with Karlsson by team officials after that “I’m going to get what I’m worth” comment to the media. Out of context my Royal Canadian arse. He knew exactly what he was doing as I intimated yesterday.

    And yet some felt compelled to comment with things like:

    “Trying to hold Karlsson to account regarding his comments is Elementary School discipline at its best.”

    “Karlsson’s comments to the press aren’t an earth shattering revelation & have little bearing on Karlsson’s future with Ottawa.”

    We can argue the pros and cons of this until Hell freezes over, and there will be widely varying opinions, BUT anyone who follows pro sports as closely as some claim better understand that team ownership/management take a dim view of their players discussing internal team situations AND contracts with the media.

    • Oh George you’re taking everything out of context.

    • & who cares. Players a people & not governed by the same rules as NHL team personal. How often have you stated this players comments are refreshing & we just don’t get the give 110% skate hard crap.

      I made comment #2.

      ““Karlsson’s comments to the press aren’t an earth shattering revelation & have little bearing on Karlsson’s future with Ottawa.”

      & nothing changes that opinion. Are you surprised management or ownership approached him about his comments? I’m certainly not & would have as well. It would have gone something like this coming from the coach or GM.

      “I appreciate your right to free speech but any chance you might think before you speak, you have stirred up quite a hornets nest, made it look like you care more about yourself than the team, in future can you hold off on such comments till the summer when not as disruptive to the team?”

      Again. Karlsson’s comments to the press aren’t an earth shattering revelation & have little bearing on Karlsson’s future with Ottawa.

      I get your a Senators fan, that your bias is in play & your blood starts to boil when anyone including Karlsson makes any form of comment to paint them poorly.

      Does anyone here think Karlsson, Brassard or Duchene are resigning in Ottawa before their current deals expire? Would you if you were them facing UFA status in a little over a year with the choice to go almost anywhere you want?

      • And in the end, that’s YOUR opinion. Nothing more – nothing less. I have mine. And there is now way in hell you’re ever going to change it.

      • Nor am I trying to George. I’m not quoting your comments & trying to put my spin on them.

        I appreciate & value your opinion & insight. That’s why I’m here commenting on such. You seem to like to try & make my comments fit your comments. As Caper referenced your out of context & what your stating has noting to do with what I said.

        All good just not letting it go when not what I meant nor allowing you to use to substaniate your comment.

      • George.

        I also agree & support your position that if Karlsson can’t be signed for fair market value & he wants to set the new standard for Dman that Ott should trade him.

        Nor is Subban’s deal the market for me. His deal was signed in a different cap world & it was also to pay him for being short changed in his bridge deal. Molson should have stayed out of that negotiation as Montreal could have got him signed for less.

        The standard for me is essentially Hedman. There are others, Burns, Fowler, Shattenkirk, Yandle, Ekblad, essentailly any Dman signed. Few are Karlsson granted but many are just as valuable to their respective teams & for me Karlsson isn’t any more valuable than Hedman, who is a stud 2 way Dman, Karlsson is ok, solid defensively, or at least he was before he lost Methot but he will never be confused with being a stud shutdown Dman.

        The concern about his ankle is also a factor, will he ever be what he was & how’s age going to effect his game long term? Can he assume a shut down role as his skating declines & his offensive contributions are diminished as he approaches his mid to late 30’s?

        The return in trade could set Ottawa up for the next decade minimum.

      • Girls, girls! You can argue til you’re blue and display your knowledge of this and that. Nothing matters except what crazy old Eugene thinks, he’s got the money. If he’s not happy Karlsson will be traded.

    • George, I agree that it is better for all involved if the negotiations stay internal. Unfortunately that is not how the world is these days. Doughty started all of this but seems to be getting a pass compared to Karlsson. Not sure which management you are referring to as Melnyk is the driving force behind the request for the 10 team list. I believe he is being sued by someone of his recent inner circle, and if the allegations are true (and if he settles, you know they were), it does not paint a pretty picture of the Senators organization in particular Melnyk. Far from stable, and it starts at the top. I would be interested in your thoughts about Melnyk as you are there.
      IMO this is most similar to the Tavares situation, as Karlsson has to be thinking about the future of this organization. You would be stupid if you didn’t.
      I have no idea if he stays or he doesn’t, but the off ice crap in OTT has to have an impact. I don’t know how it doesn’t.

      • Like him or not … and there’s plenty of ammunition to support both stances … it’s Melnyk that is making these guys multi-millionaires and, as a business owner, he is entitled to conduct his business any way he sees fit. If his approach winds up biting him on the ass, it’s his fault.

      • I agree that he can do whatever he wants, but he isn’t the one making the players millions of dollars, another team would pay them as well. Agree no owners no league, but the same is true for the players.
        Melnyk has actually made hundreds of millions being an NHL owner over the last 10 years. And all the power to him, he invested it he earned it.
        Not so much in operating income, although they make money, it is the value of the franchise.
        I would guess that the value of the Sens has increased at a rate similar to many NHL teams. I am sure Striker can send a link to prove or disprove if he cares to.
        IMO it never goes well when owners get to involved with the hockey operations. By all means he has final say on the budget, but he should stay out of the negotiations and the tactics. Give your GM a number and let him do his job.

      • Hmmm … let’ see … a hockey player is given the choice of playing a game for a living,earning more money in one year than most of us will see in a lifetime, OR – to paraphrase General George S. Patton – go shovel s*^t in Louisiana for minimum wage.

        There will ALWAYS be those who want to play a game for a living – finding someone with deep pockets who wants to invest hundreds of millions in a franchise, pay the operating costs as well as cover the salaries regardless of attendance woes (hello Carolina and Florida) is not so easy.

      • Don’t disagree with that George, just with the line “Melnyk is making these guys multi-millionaires”.
        He simply isn’t.
        Karlsson, the person in question, will get paid whether Melnyk owns an NHL team or he doesn’t.
        The fact that it is a game we all love to play is irrelevant.
        The players and owners have made each other millions.

      • And many “fans” with more passion than brains deeply in debt.

      • True that

    • What is the general consensus for fair market value with respect to Karlsson and Doughty? Is it fair to compare their contract demands to that of Subban who I believe is the current highest paid defenseman?
      My take on Subban is no other GM in the NHL would have given him the kind of dough Montreal did. Montreal had to take back a long term contract on a a player that will likely fade badly well before that contract expires.

      Another point is how valued is a stud defensemen to GMs? Many of you would build your teams around a stud defenseman. I believe most GMs build their team around a stud forward, preferably a centreman. I don’t believe Karlsson will get the kind of money he believes he will get when he offers his services as a UFA. In todays cap dollars, I don’t know that a GM offers 9 per over 7 years. JMO.

      • So far Melnyk is the one paying Karlsson millions to play hockey. If he decides not to do that any longer, THEN someone else may.

  3. The Pens do need one more goalie. Jarry is solid but DeSmith is not an NHL goalie and likely never will be.

    Finding this third line center will be Rutherford’s biggest challenge. I won’t doubt the guy who turned Scuderi into Daley but…hard to see who is out there. He might have to make someone available via serious overpay.

    They really need to figure out who plays with Sid. The lines were clicking and then were suddenly shuffled again before the two losses to TOR and COL.

    4th line

    The Pens played their best hockey with these lines and won (I believe) 5 of 6 using them. But Sid hates playing with Hornqvist so they won’t leave well enough alone.

    • Where’s super duper when you need him

  4. How do you know Sid hates playing with Hornqvist…speculation….I’m from Pittsburgh haven’t heard that rubbish spewed by anybody but you..

    • Josh Yohe. Jason Mackey. Jonathan Bomboulie. Among others.

      Each have stated this repeatedly.

      Sid wants speed on his line.

      • I read everything Penguins related and I have also never read that. Hornqvist is not capable of cycling the puck the way Crosby likes his wingers too but it has nothing to do with speed. Simon looked really good with Crosby and Guentzel dnd he’s no speed demon either but he can pass and he’s aggressive and can get shots off with little time and space. Jarry got the L last night but played lights out. He only had one bad game so far. Who else are they going to get that they can get through waivers?



    • From a source Crosby prefers playing with wingers like Sheary or Guentzel because they’re faster skaters.

      • That is very true Deeee. When Kessel first came to the Pens there were thoughts that he’d do wonders paired with Crosby. I didn’t think that that would work out because, while Kessel has speed to burn and a wicked shot, he does NOT like to cycle and mix it up in the corners and that’s what Crosby wants from his wingers.

      • Well obviously Sullivan isn’t thinking like that. The penguins need to balance the line there isn’t enough depth scoring..

        Ottawa seems to want to deal right now how about Mike Hoffman 25 plus goals with excellent speed would be perfect for the penguins..maybe send another speedster Brian Rust plus a pick to Ottawa would be nice. thoughts?

      • what source? i don’t know whats going on.com? LOL

      • he always plays with sheary and more often than not both of them..only Hornqvist lately…

      • GEORGE o..I disagree with you about what Crosby wants from his wingers Sheary and Guentzal are not grinders of cyclers….

        and Speed Kills from this sight says Crosby wants speed YOU NEED A BALANCE HAVING sHEARY AND HORNQVIST GIVES HIM THAT…

  5. Just a few thoughts this morning as not much else to talk about.

    Colorado has scored 92 goals & has 30 points in 29 games. Last season they scored 168 goals & managed 48 points.

    How is Sakic doing now? I haven’t seen any posts yet from anyone saying boy did I get that wrong. Year 3 of Sakiic’s; year 2 for me, rebuild appears to be bearing some fruit & the removal of the dual headed monster created by ownership packed up his toys & left town thank God. Has anyone watched Compher play yet? This kid has a future as a #2 C, possibly #1 C but playing behind McKinnon that will never be necessary. A great 2 way player & penalty killer as well. Going to be curious to see if he becomes a better player than Ryan O’Reilly, it’s quite possible & not carrying O’Reilly’s baggage. How’s Buffalo doing since they acquired him? Oh discontent in the room between players, Eichel’s group & O’Reilly’s, shocking! No questioning his sense of self worth or Eichel’s for that matter. How do you spell premadonas?

    How are the Rangers playing, when’s the rebuild starting again? It already started, it started when Gorton took over, it’s called a transitional rebuild a movement to youth, with a few players being implemented every season, just like in Boston, Vancouver, etc. Just not complete tear downs like many have chosen to undertake as they weren’t in a position or need to do so.

    Boy was I wrong about Vegas. I had them being the worst team in the league, not by a mile but I didn’t see anyone else worse. Well done George & Gerard. Very fun to watch as well, the foundation put in place with Karlsson, Haula, Eakin, Lindberg, etc. will bear fruit for years. These are hard working dedicated 2 way hockey players, great role models & mentors for the kids coming. What a great story. I still don’t have them making the playoffs but they won’t be last in the Pacific, West or NHL. What a great story, if you haven’t started following their twitter feed treat yourself as who’s ever writing it has a great sense of humour.

    • Does your back hurt now?

      • Not yet no. I say when I’m wrong, posting it here & else where. I’ll happily pat myself on the back as no 1 else will. As Dobber likes to say, I tell you when I’m right & I eat it when I’m wrong.

        I far prefer winning to lossing, it’s far more rewarding. 1 of my narcisist tendencies apparently. Ha-ha!

      • Deeee..obviously Kris (as ed vanimpe on here calls him Kris Leturnover) isnt playing well

        Karlsson Hoffman to Pittsburgh

        letang Rust & a draft pickto Ottawa

        Karlsson actually makes less right now than letang we can deal with an extension later or move him later

      • black N gold: Pens fan much? That is a horrifically bad trade for Ottawa and not even worth countering.

        Even Dorion isn’t that stupid. I know he basically got nothing for Turris when he could have gotten a 1st and a B prospect at the deadline, but he’d be trading the two best players and getting no significant futures.

      • If you think Letang is playing bad I think Karlsson is playing worse. These poor decisions Letang makes in the defensive zone are nothing new he’s always done them. He’s always made high risk high reward spectacular/disaster plays it’s just that he was a little better at covering for himself if he f’d up and right now he’s not quite as spectacular as he once was. He has to feel like Pam Anderson and Angelina Jolie when they started being judged solely for their acting abilities after their incredible beauty aged. If you could get Karlsson and Hoffman for Letang and Rust you do it because of the vast improvement from Rust to Hoffman. I don’t see the divide between Letang and Karlsson being that wide or worth making the move from Letang to Karlsson. Both are capable of more than they are currently showing and both are top 10 dmen of their era but the only advantage to getting Karlsson over Letang right not is Karlsson is younger.

    • Before you start patting yourself on the back about NY…. you may want to watch a game or 2….

      If constantly trailing in games and coming back late in the 3rd period is a good sign…. congrats! They’re doing great! I would beg to differ that anyone was calling it a rebuild… more along the lines of “getting ready for life after Lundqvist ” which still seems like the case.

      • Zibanejad has been lost for 6 games & counting, thankfully the game is played until completed at which point a winner is decided. Playing from behind sucks but NYR has holes, especially at C compounded by Zibby being injured.

        This is a rebuild just not your perception of such apparently. Instead of buying UFA’s to fill roster spots NYR has been working a few kids in every season since Gorton assumed the GM title with a few selective UFA signings.

        NYR will have to make up their home away game disparity & that could prove costly but you the NYR fan have been slagging them for years, me the Bruins fan defending them. That just seems odd to me.

        I had NYR as the top wildcard team to start the season, now as the 2nd & certainly have concerns about making up these games.

        When everyone said they were old I’m like some are old but the majority & core are just kids & most still have years of development ahead of them. When they were said to be in decline I’m like they are 1 of the most winning teams in hockey both in the regular season & playoffs.

        Parity is alive & well. The difference between a really good team & a bad 1 is very slight especially in the NHL’s current scoring system. Eliminate this scoring system make it 3 for a win, 2 for an OT or shoot out win & 1 for an OT or shoot out lose & parity will evaporate better yet 2 for a win none for a loss & it will evaporate far quicker.

        I could care less in NYR steals a point or a win late in the game. That’s hockey, NJ played that system for 3 decades very effectively won several cups doing just that. Hell Ottawa did that all season last year right up to the conference final.

      • Actually, like most thing you discuss … you way over exaggerate…

        I’ve been critical of NY since the Stepan trade/ leaving Lindberg exposed… was that years ago?

        And if you think the recipe for success is CONSTANTLY trailing early and hoping to bridge it in the 3rd period EVERY game….

        Sure, a wins a win……..but….
        How long before the laws of probability catch up? I’ve said all along… a bubble team at best…. couple of win streaks aside, it’s still my thought.

        I actually watch every game, not shuffle through highlight reels and stat sheets to mold my opinion….

        What else did I say to start the year? If Hayes or Zibanejad go down for any significant time.. this team goes from bubble to outside looking in.

      • Well Van you cant blame a guy for trying right? it is a bit one sided Hoffman is better than rust Karlsson is better than letang but signed longer and cheaper plus if we throw in a # 1 and a goalie prospect?

      • The Pens don’t have the deepest prospect pool I think no one can disagree with that but there is nothing available that I would move one of the top 5 for. And I know enough about their prospect pool to consider their top 5 Sprong, Simon, Jarry, Aston-Rease, Gustavsson and if Jarry is an NHL player now the next is Lauzon. I wouldn’t include any of those 6 in a trade unless it brought me back a young 2-3C who is closer to RFA than UFA or a young RD. I hang onto all of them because their full value has yet to be realized. If only they gave Pouliot the proper development…….

    • You’re the best! Top notch as usual.

  6. Does anyone else find it odd that Bergevin would waive Davidsson then send Mete to the world Jr development camp? Mete’s role & contribution have been in constant decline for weeks, the NHL grind wearing this great young kid down. Why not have just sent him back to Jr. where he is probably going after the WJC’s regardless & retained Davidsson?

    Just another head scratcher by Bergevin for me.

    • He is making a roster space open for Markov =P

    • As an Oiler fan I am not complaining. I have always like Davidson.
      From the small sample size that I saw when Davidson was there to me it looked like Montreal really didn’t give him a chance.

      • I just don’t get it. Yes Davidsson is a 6/7 NHL Dman but why just give that asset away for nothing. What is Bergevin’s plan? I just don’t get it.

        I look at Montreal’s roster, prospects, trades, everything & what’s the goal? Does anyone here think this team is a playoff contender in the next 3 to 5 years? As a potentially highly sought after UFA other than if money is your primary concern why would you sign here at present?

        Which makes me wonder what was gained by giving Price 8 years at 10.5 per with a full NMC? Price is looking pretty human playing behind this D & forward group!

  7. Testy group this fine snowy morning. Striker, I do enjoy your comments, but this one? You really want to throw a party for Sakic because of a strong start to an NHL year? They are still a band aid overachieiving team. Where does the “Pat” on the back line start?
    Plus to make fund of poor old Buffalo.

    C’mon Man!

    • I didn’t say anything about throwing a party. What I’m saying is Sakic deserves the same opportunity any new GM gets & that he deserves praise for his convictions, patience & efforts to rebuild this roster & that his efforts are just starting to bare fruit just like I said they would.

      I had Colorado as the 2nd or 3rd worst team in the West this season but scoring 50 to 60 more goals & hitting in or around 70 points. They aren’t making the playoffs but Sakic has set this team up for a very bright future.

      1 person here supported my view. Everyone else with a few exceptions slagged everything Sakic has done from the O’Reilly trade, to his draft record, to his other deals, to Varlamov etc. I have essentially supported & justified all.

      Where are those posters now? Not even a little love for Sakic, I know being wrong is humbling, I’m wrong sometimes as well but I step up & say so, I’m not expecting many to here.

      Again I have no issues saying when I’m right nor wrong. I’m far from perfect but better at least I’m forthright.

  8. Staring to dig up some potential wagers before the end of December. As I’m working my way thru the #’s doing the math, still several oddities in this seasons schedule. I can’t remember at any time in the NHL’s history since I started following the NHL so closely where we have had so many scheduling irregularities.

    Arizona just set a new NHL record for road games so early in the season.

    NYI 12 home games, 18 road games played.
    NYR 20 home, 10 road.
    Mon 18 home, 13 road.
    Anh 18 home, 13 road.
    Arz 12 home, 21 road.

    Another 1/2 a dozen with 3 game discrepancies.

    NJ since starting the season 9-2 but has gone 7-7-4 as their schedule balanced out. I know the NHL wants us to perciebve this as 500 but 4 games under for me in this stupid scoring system.

    Normally these discrepencies are gone by this time of the year, I can only assume it’s due to the NHL’s 5 days off every team gets now & this year all bottle necked together in late Jaunary & early February.

    These discrepencies will need to play out though & will be refelcted in the standings eventually.

    • It’s you that wants to perceive 7-7-4 as 4 games under…. as it stands in the real world outside of your perception…… it’s .500 hockey…. whether you agree is irrelevant! Unless of course you’re living in an alternative reality and make up your own standings?

      • I’d be careful stating your opinion as a fact as well. You could just as easily be the one living in the alternate reality. 7-7-4 is 4 games under .500. Remember in the NHL standings the 4 is for OTL (Overtime loses). A lose is a lose regardless of whether you get a point.

      • Not really… it’s simple math! 18 games=36 points to be had…. 7×2=14 plus+ 4 points for otl’s = 18 points…. so they’ve accumulated 1/2 of the possible 36 points…. you can try and spin it anyway you like….again whether you or anyone else likes it or not…. according to the current point system, its .500 hockey… it’s about math, and standings system… not about opinion… “men and women lie, numbers don’t “

      • If you’re right, and I’m wrong I guess Tampa made the playoffs last year and Toronto didn’t? I mean… they had 42 wins and Toronto had 40? I guess Tampas 10 otls vs Torontos 15 didn’t make that one point difference somehow? A loss is a loss right? How did Toronto have 5 more otl losses ( that makes them 40-42 vs tampas 42-40?) ….. math….

      • You’ve got to stop confusing them with pure logic Nyr4life, never mind high mathematics.

  9. Trade Karlsson for Doughty.

    That solves the issue.

    • Ha-ha!

      I assume Doughty will be extended this summer in LA. Karlsson ideally in Ottawa as well but their contract structure is more complicated with Stone, Ceci & Dzingel all up this summer as RFA’s & over 1/2 the team UFA’s the summer following.

      LA has no contracts of consequence coming up this summer & can afford to pay Doughty 10 to 10.5 on his extension, even 11 if that’s what it’s going to take, his is the only contract of consequence coming up for extension this summer or renewal next summer unless you perceive Iafallo or Kempe problematic then.

    • kings aren’t giving up Dought

      just as Letang isnt as good as Karlsson in my trade proposal Karlsson isn’t as good as doughty

    • Weber for Subban….? I guess anything is possible.

  10. I’m just going to say this. The penguins need and can get better players then Letestu and Maroon.

    • You’re right those 2 help nothing what so ever. I want nothing to do with either unless they want to trade Maroon for Reaves.

  11. If I was Carolina’s new owner my first question would be why are we paying 9 million, about 15% of our player salary cost, for three goalies, one of which is not on the roster, and we still don’t have a number 1 goalie.

    • Perhaps Carolina can take Hanafin and 2 1sts as the building block for a pitch to MTL for Price…..

  12. NYR4life…… Kreider has been a ghost…does not seem to be driving possession..looks lost without Mika Zibj…. i notice Miller, Nash and Zucc more on the ice. What gives with him? I was a big fan but is he the bluechip to make a trade and promote Chytil now? Shock the team a bit. AV never seems to hold him accountable compared to other Rangers.

    to BUFF: Kreider & Smith
    to NY: Risto and 2 2nds

    D pairings

    • That helps Buffalo in no way what so ever. Another way underperforming winger and a really bad dman for a legit young top 3 dman makes no sense for Buffalo and Botterill is waaaaaaay to smart to even think about it.

  13. The problem with NY is Zibanejad is their lone true (top 2) center, and Desharnais would make Ovechkin look human… nowhere near a top 2 center.

    This is exactly why I’ve questioned their direction this past year.. regardless of strikers opinions. This team wasn’t built to win healthy… Nevermind withstand the loss of Zibanejad or Hayes and still be okay.

    Side note, leave Chytil be. He’s performed great in Hartford, let him develop. Its not worth risking his development at this point.

    I agree deeee, but I’d argue that Kreider isn’t really underperforming… he’s on pace for 46 points which is right in his neighborhood. Nobody wants Smith…

    But didn’t you just yesterday suggest Hagelin and a c prospect for Brassarf and Pageau? Hagelin is on pace for his worst year in his NHL career… projected 13 points…and has never even sniffed 50 points in his career. No offense, but I’d take Kreider with a broken leg over Hagelin on his two speedy healthy legs.