NHL Rumor Mill – December 18, 2017

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Speculation over Tyler Seguin’s future plus updates on the Penguins in your NHL rumor mill.


DALLAS MORNING NEWS: In a recent mailbag segment, Mike Heika was asked if Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin has proven worthy of a contract extension, or if that depends on the club’s record before the trade deadline. 

Heika doesn’t believe the Stars will trade Seguin this season, but wonders if the club extends him next summer or let it run into his UFA season of 2018-19. If he has a healthy and successful playoff, Heika bets the Stars re-sign him. If he doesn’t, “the question about trading him before or during next season is very relevant.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seguin’s earning an average salary-cap hit of $5.75 million on his current contract, though in actual salary he’s making $6 million this season and will earn $6.5 million in 2018-19. Since joining the Stars he has four consecutive 70-point campaigns. With 29 points in 34 games, he is on pace for another one.

It could cost the Stars between $8-$9 million annually on a long-term deal to re-sign him. Seguin’s performance over the remainder of this season and in the playoffs will play a significant role in determining his future with the Stars. 


SPORTSNET: Sonny Sachdeva lists the Vegas Golden Knights, Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild as five potential trade partners for the struggling Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins haven’t suitably addressed last summer’s departure via free agency of third-line center Nick Bonino. GM Jim Rutherford is aware of the problem and seems to be inching closer toward a midseason deal. 

Sachdeva notes the Golden Knights were among three teams to recently express interest in Penguins defenseman Ian Cole. If they’re still keen, he suggests swapping Cole for Erik Haula or Cody Eakin. The Leafs were also reportedly interested in Cole and center Tyler Bozak is often mentioned by the Pittsburgh media as a player the Pens brass “hold in high regard.” 

Derick Brassard could be an option if the Senators decide to shake up their struggling roster. While his $5 million cap hit could be difficult to absorb, Sachdeva reminds us of the Pens’ earlier interest in Matt Duchene ($6 million cap hit) prior to the Colorado Avalanche shipping him to Ottawa. Center Jean-Gabriel Pageau could be another player of interest for the Pens. The Senators could seek defensive help, prompting Sachdeva to suggest Cole or Olli Maatta as possibilities.

The Avalanche were also among the clubs with interest in Cole. Sachdeva suggests Carl Soderberg, whose offensive skills could be a good fit with the Pens. There’s also a chance the Penguins could try to bring back Matt Cullen, who departed last summer to sign with the Minnesota Wild. Cullen seems like an odd man out with the Wild and Sachdeva doubts it’ll cost the Penguins much to acquire him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Golden Knights impressive play, perhaps their interest in Cole has cooled in the last couple of weeks. With the Leafs near the top of the Eastern Conference standings, I don’t think they want to move Bozak or any of their other pending UFAs.

Considering the recent trade speculation about the Senators they could be a trade partner for the Pens. I doubt Rutherford parts with Maatta for Brassard or Pageau. Quite frankly, I don’t see Maatta hitting the trade block at all.

Soderberg’s been inconsistent in Colorado but he did have a 51-point performance there in 2015-16 and is a versatile two-way forward. Perhaps playing for the defending Cup champions could improve his play. Bringing back Cullen is much more affordable and could be  tempting. However, he’s best suited in a fourth-line role. 



  1. Soderberg’s $4.75m (and Play) for 3 more years is a huge deterrent at 32 years old. I would hold dollars to get rid of that contract. Cannot see the Pens that desparate.


      • What ever makes you guys happy.

  2. I don’t see any scenario where Dallas moves Seguin, he will be in his prime when his current contract is up. Not to mention they have absolutely nothing to fill in as a #1 center.

    I can potentially see Seguin wanting to leave there but that’s a stretch, he will sign an 8 year deal next July.

    • your commentary makes us happy striker !

  3. I don’t envy Rutherford here. The current expected sellers don’t have the pieces the Pens need.

    Of the names listed above, maybe the most realistic scenario would the Pens sending Cole or Hunwick plus Riley Sheahan (preferably Hunwick and Sheahan as Babcock is reportedly a fan of both) for Bozak. Then the Pens get Cullen to replace Sheahan and rent a guy like Alex Edler.

    Not exactly earth shattering. As I see it in print, I start thinking that Jimmy will go big and find a blockbuster to really shake things up.

    I still like the idea of offering Buffalo a truckload of stuff for Ryan O’Reilly IF they’ll eat half his cap hit for the life of the deal. If that happened, the Pens would essentially have $5 million more in cap space than the rest of the NHL between ROR and Kessel’s retained salaries.

    PS- Seguin is a legit top line center. He’s going nowhere.

    • Ha Ha! The Leafs and Sheahan? Was that a joke? No thanks! If we do trade for him let’s be sure to dress him for games 81 and 82. That’s when he is the most dangerous.

    • & why would Buf eat any of O’Reilly’s contract never mind 1/2?

      • Because I’d offer them twice what ROR is worth to do so.

      • MG.

        What’s twice the value of what he’s worth? This is a player Buf targeted in trade & paid a fortune to lock up long term as these types of assets are the 2nd hardest asset to acquire in the NHL.

        Just the cost to have Buf eat 1/2 his salary would be extreme & then you would still need to pay for the player.

      • I agree with ya Striker. What would MTL need to trade except Drouin to get ROR. What about Galchenyuk and Lehkonen for ROR. I think that is a really fait deal.

      • I’d offer Sheary, two prospects (not named Sprong or ZAR) two first round picks and two more picks.

        After they begin the rebuild of their rebuild by trading Kane, the Sabres will have cap space and need a winger for Eichel…plus they’d get 6 more assets in addition to what they get for Kane. Kick starting the Eichel 2.0 era.

      • As I said when Kane rumours surfaced over a year ago, Kane wasn’t going anywhere until the trade deadline the year his contract expired. Now Buf will do what they have to do & move him to the highest bidder at the deadline or just before.

        I wouldn’t signing in Buf either if given the option of getting out & going anywhere I want this summer. Buf got 2 years out of Kane, a huge price paid to acquire him.

    • What’s with all the love and praise for Sheahan?

      So good but yet in ecvery trade proposal from Pens fans.
      Mind blowing!

  4. with all the d-men the Knights have, WHY would they trade for Ian Cole?

    he’s not exactly head and shoulders better than any of the d-men that Vegas already has

    • mikeP,

      I was thinking the very same thing! Not mention they are 21-9-2, and their 4th string goalie has a 500 record! Hardly a team looking desperate for defense! There is absolutely no reason for the Knights to be looking for defencemen.

    • Precisely.

  5. “I don’t envy Rutherford here. The current expected sellers don’t have the pieces the Pens need.”

    This is dead on. Vegas not really an option right now, neither Leafs… sellers now are maybe Arizona, buff, sens… so options might be brassard, girgusons?, stepan? (te he). Cap hits limit pens and they have little current nhl player currency they can give up. a top 9 wing maybe. their decent trade chips are sprong/gustavson/1st rounder. Unless pens throw the entire rest of their future out they have to settle for a tier 2 type of rental. personally I’d see what Zemgus costs.

    • Let me just throw this out there…

      To Toronto: D- Kris Letang
      W -Carl Hagelin

      To Pittsburgh D- Jake Gardiner
      C- Tyler Bozak

      The leafs get a # 1 defenseman if he plays like Kris letang can and you know he will and a speedy winger Carl Hagelin (29) who can play with Toronto fast youngsters.

      Penguins get the third line center they need for the playoffs and with the cap going up next year they could resign him and Jake Gardiner a solid d-man who is good offensively offensive. slaries almost match

      Letang $ 7.25 million
      Hagelin $ 4.0 million

      Gardiner $ 4 5 million (he may be at $5million ??)
      Bozak $ 4.2 million

      thoughts who adds subtracts? we are taking on an expiring contract in Bozak. Leafs take Hagelin to match salary with Bozak!

      i thnk Gardiner helps Pittsburgh and Letang is just what Toronto needs..

      • Why isn’t Kris Letang playing like Kris Letang can in Pittsburgh? IF he is why would the pens move a #1 dman for a questionable 3/4 Dman?

        Why exactly would Toronto or anyone else what Hagelin? Not to mention he has another year @ $4million,

    • Yeah because Girgensen and his 4 points in 28 games this year is exactly what the team needs to get the offended humming. Soderberg is a joke too. Sprong however has 15 goals and 22 points in 25 games in the AHL and can easily bring some production to the big team.

      • I wouldn’t trade sprong for zemgus. But not one pens fan has explored any realistic trade scenarios on this site in forever including you. Zemgus could be a young cost controlled reclamation project.

        And black and gold. Tanger isn’t going anywhere he doesn’t want to go… coupled with the fact that should he turn his game around he is worth far more than selling low on him would return. The leturnover junk is getting beyond old… speaking off…

      • Dino….I agree on Hagelin, but he is speedy and his salary matches Bozaks! We are taking on on an expiring contract helping out Toronto.. Carl is a pretty good playoff player even though he isn’t scoring.. Kris Letang hasn’t played well all year. He does have 24 points but he is minus 15 and rising! HE is a turnover machine this season making bad passes and ill advised pinches, and getting toasted.


      • Chrisms..agreed forgot he does have the no trade clause….but i would move him now…

        – He is -16 and rising!
        – He is making bad reads ang getting caught in no mans land
        – He pinches when he shouldn’t
        – He is getting beat wide especially on the power play
        – He is a turnover machine

        It is time for him to go plus he is as brittle as a potatoe chip. The team proved they could win without him last year. Also Kris Letang will not age well.

        The trade I threw out there is not selling that low Jake Gardiner has been really good the last two years.

      • Letang sits 4th in GvA 1 behind Karlsson, 2 behind Petry & 22 behind Burns.

        Letang has been on the ice for 23 goals against either at ES or when Pit has been on the PP. Karlson has been far worse. He’s been on the ice for 30 goals against aty ES or when Ott has been on the PP.

        These are offensive Dman who are paid to drive offense. Letang isn’t being traded anytime so& an integral part of Pit attack.

      • Sorry b and g. Letang has been bad compared to recent years but so has Crosby Murray etc. whole team issue here. Letang talent is not coming back in a deal AND other teams would be wary to trade for him with his issues. He’s a scapegoat right now for team wide issues. I’d rather gamble he reclaims his top 10 d man in the league status over dumping him for a less than stellar return

  6. I think the pens real issue is 2nd line lw. If they have to move rust to lw and horny to lw y not make a move to gta real 2nd line lw. Goalies are good. D is good. Centers are ok maybe try and add a cullen or someone of that nature as the 4th line center. Their probly not gna keep horny anyway so y not move him for a similar player but a lw.

    • Totally agree. Evander Kane would fit nicely but it would cost Sprong and more. Kris LeTurnover has a NTC, another stupid move by Ray Shero. I don’t really see a blockbuster JR is talking about, we don’t have much to deal quite honestly. We can’t score and Sullivan doesn’t know how to use Ryan Reaves. And the Steelers were robbed last night.

      • Letang is 1 of the best offensive Dman in the game, Pit isn’t moving him, his ability to help drive offense is important. Not everyone can be Doughty, Hedman, Pietrangelo, Weber, Suter, etc.

      • Agree Striker.
        On their 2016 cup run he played almost 29 minutes/game, and could of easily won the playoff MVP.
        Valuable player.

      • ray… he was robbed of the smythe that year… that being said he has sustained serious injuries since then and hasn’t looked like the same player. which is why, coupled with his NMC which many pens fans seem to want to ignore, he is gonna be valued low on the market. keeping him and hoping he gets it together is much smarter for the pens than selling low.

        Ed… there is no way to appropriately use ryan reaves… except to bench him

      • Letang has a modified NTC, 18 teams he would agree to be traded to his NMC is related to demotions.

      • Striker calls letang Kris Leturnover…and i agree..

      • I don’t call him Leturnover, I appreciate what he can bring to the team. I accept his faults but feel his advantages far out weigh his disadvantages. It’s unfortunate Letang is fully entrenched in the ambulance brigade.

        Letang sits 5th for all NHL Dman in the NHL as I write this for TOI/GP at 25:43! Tied for 6th in points for Dman.

        Be happy with what you have.

    • What I think the Pens need is a save.
      They are giving up over 3 goals/game with a team save% below .900.
      Not sure when Murray is due back, but it better be soon or a 3rd line C, or 2nd line LW isn’t going to matter.
      And when he does come back, he needs to play better than he did before he got hurt.

    • I do agree with what you say 95% Chrisms…the whole team outside of maybe Kessel needs to play better…

  7. Dear George. How are you? I am fine. My stillers were robbed last night by bad calls and a human tank named gronk. Hope you are well. Chris

  8. “Poor Jim Rutherford.” Cry me a river. Every GM should have his problems. With his track record, he’ll make a move that will turn things around.

  9. Looking at teams most likely missing the playoffs that should sell UFA’s that can play C it’s not a great list. UFA’s this summer. Richardson Arz, Josefson Buf, Letestu Edm, Scevoir Flo & Plekanec Mon. Letestu might be the best fit out of that group if Edm pulls the plug.

    UFA’s the season following, Byron Mon, Duchene Ott, Brassard Ott & Wilson Col.

    Would Pit consider Strome from Edm? He’s an RFA this summer.

    There is no easy fix for Pit especially with little to move to acquire 1.

  10. I don’t want to slight Cole but he has played as Pit #6 this year being a healthy scratch for 6 games his TOI/GP 16:52. Ruhwedel has played as the #7 seeing 2 less games & slightly less than a min per game.

    2016-17 Cole played as the #5 before Hainsey was acquired at 19:49 TOI/GP nominally behind everyone but Letang.

    2015-16 Cole played as the #6 at 17:14.

    As a pending UFA with an apparent desire for Smith type monies in around 4.5 per year what’s his value in trade? & if moved who replaces him if injuries hit?

  11. I think Letang is not right. What I mean by that is he has changes in his game ever so slight ,not one glaring thing. Passes just off. More turnovers then historically and running around a bit more than he used to. Out of position in the D zone and Bobbles/indecisions on the PP, a couple of others.

    Could be rust as he has missed a ton. But I think serious injuries and strokes have left him a little off from where and when he was arguably THE top defenceman in the league and paid like it

    Buyer be ware !

  12. Sounds like people want to get rid of Sheahan. But going back to the suggestion O’Reilly could be had by Pittsburgh and Buffalo retaining half of the salary… Tristan Jarry and Daniel Sprong would be the starting point for the Sabres.

    Also, who is to say Ryan O’Reilly wants to play on the third line for the next five or so years. Do you actually see Malkin being traded? That would be another fun hockey trade to think about!

  13. With Barrie’s 2 goals tonight he is now tied with Klingberg for the NHL lead in points for Dman with 27.

    Wasn’t he a washed up bum, Sakic an idiot for not trading him, useless, etc.?

    Sorry but it’s pay back time, I had to read all the BS for almost an entire year & low & behold the world isn’t flat & most posters shortsightedness is now on display.

  14. Well I may be biased but as a Sens fan I think the Pens would be very interested in Pageau. Ottawa may be willing to move the fan favorite as they do have guys like White who may beable to come and fill the spot.

    Pageau shouldn’t cost the Pens dealer and should be able to be retained by the Pens for years to come solidifying their centre.

    I have no idea what the Pens could trade Ottawa to make the deal worth it for Ottawa. Sure Matta but that isn’t going to happen. Ottawa picking up draft picks won’t help them unless they truly have given up on the season.

    I can’t see Ottawa giving up Brassard unless they can get in return equal or more to what they gave up to get him. I also think the last guys Dorion will want to trade is the guys he brought in as GM. It would take a full rebuild for them to move Brassard.