NHL Rumor Mill – December 28, 2017

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The NHL holiday trade freeze is over. Here’s the latest on Kris Letang, Ryan McDonagh, Mike Hoffman and Anthony Duclair in your NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman touched again on recent trade speculation regarding Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang, who has four seasons remaining on a contract with a $7.25 million annual average value and a modified no-trade clause. He notes the theory the Pens want to free up salary-cap space and the fact they won the Stanley Cup last season without him. Despite Letang’s talent, his health history (which includes concussions and a stroke) remains an issue. Friedman wonders if moving the veteran blueliner could be too complex to pull off during the season.

Friedman sees a trade match with the Montreal Canadiens and believes they’re on Letang’s list of trade destinations. Adding him, however, would mean the Habs would have over $27 million invested in Letang, Shea Weber, Jeff Petry and Karl Alzner. Friedman also wonders about the Detroit Red Wings “whenever a top defender is available.”

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Despite defenseman Ian Cole being a frequent healthy scratch of late, Jason Mackey reports he remains an attractive trade piece for opposing teams. It’s unlikely Cole finishes this season with the Penguins. Another could be hard-nosed forward Tom Kuhnhackl, who’s behind several young and talented forwards on the Pens’ depth chart.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the trade freeze lifted there’s considerable anticipation the Penguins, who made a couple of small moves before the freeze, could swing a bigger deal to shake things up. Trading Letang would certainly do that. As I observed yesterday, the Dion Phaneuf trade in February 2016 proved a high-salaried defenseman can be moved in-season, but Letang’s long injury history and his current struggles this season could make him a tougher sell than Phaneuf.

If the Canadiens were to pursue Letang (and that’s a big “if” at this point), the Pens could ask for Max Pacioretty or Alex Galchenyuk in return. Pacioretty is mired in a lengthy scoring drought this season, but he has five 30-goals seasons on his resume and should regain his form playing alongside talented centers such as Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin. He carries a $4.5 million cap hit, lacks no-trade protection and is eligible in 2019 for UFA status. Galchenyuk is a little more expensive ($4.9 million through 2019-20) but he’s younger than Pacioretty and could blossom on a deeper club. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks recently suggested the New York Rangers must start considering their options with captain Ryan McDonagh, who can become an unrestricted free agent in 2019. He believes the Rangers cannot afford to let McDonagh walk for nothing in July 2019. While this hasn’t been McDonagh’s best season, it’s largely due to the lack of a top-pairing defense partner on his right side.  Brooks thinks his greatest value could be as a trade chip, either at the Feb. 26 trade deadline or at the 2018 NHL Draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t believe the Rangers will trade McDonagh this season. However, I don’t rule out the possibility of a move at the draft or in July. The Blueshirts can open contract extension talks with McDonagh on July 1. If it quickly appears both sides are far apart, perhaps a trade takes place soon afterward.


Elliotte Friedman also doubts Ottawa Senators winger Mike Hoffman ends up with the Edmonton Oilers. Hoffman was frequently linked to the Oilers in recent weeks but Friedman said it doesn’t seem like there’s a trade match there. He wonders if the Carolina Hurricanes or St. Louis Blues take a look at him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes could certainly use more scoring punch, but I think their preference is adding a center. With Jaden Schwartz sidelined for several weeks with an ankle injury and Robby Fabbri out for the season with a knee injury, the Blues could make inquiries into Hoffman’s availability. If the Senators move Hoffman I expect they’ll want a young player plus a quality prospect or draft pick in return. 


Friedman also reports it sounds as though the Arizona Coyotes are working to give struggling young winger Anthony Duclair a fresh start. He believes somebody could take a shot at the 22-year-old Duclair. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After a promising 20-goal, 44-point rookie campaign in 2015-16, Duclair managed only 15 points in 58 games as a sophomore and spent part of the season in the minors. He’s made some improvement this season with 13 points in 29 games but there’s still work to be done. Given his youth and potential, I think the Coyotes shouldn’t have much difficulty finding a trade partner. 



  1. On another note, NYR’s Chris Kreider was taken off the ice last night, with no injury. It is being speculated that he was taken off and is being traded.

    • Upper body injury

    • Oh okay, saw Dan Rosen’s twitter account stating that he had no apparent injury.

      • He def has NO apparent injury. It’s either a family issue or a Trade will be coming soon!!

      • blood clot… so your right… no visibly apparent…. eyeroll.

    • Blood clot in his right arm. Not good.

      • blood thinners will treat that. no huge concern. Just be stupid to play a game like hockey and have something in you that prevents your blood from clotting. Good way to bleed out and die.

        If the clot was in the leg it be a huge concern. Far more dangerous, has a huge risk of traveling to the lungs and causing an embolism.

        He’ll be fine. just can’t play while it is treated.

  2. Pens ain’t getting much for kuni2. Cole wouldn’t bring back a game changer. Pens best chances are for the players they have to snap out of it. Murray needs to step up. Crosby needs to step up. Tanger needs to step up. Secondary scoring needs to step up.

    • Cannot wait for today’s first LeTurnover comment… Always hilarious, never gets old…

      • Kris LeGiveaway was out last night and still had 4 turnovers in the box score …

      • ok Ed… that was funny. the leturnover stuff is a big BOOOOOOOO but that was good

      • Letang’s job is to help drive offense, those long stretch passes & trying to force the puck through seems in the offensive zone are going to lead to turn overs but also lead to a ton of points & scoring chances.

        I suggest you go look at give aways on NHL.com. Here is the top 10 Dman for GVA.

        Burns 76, Petry 57, Shattenkirk & Letang 55, Yandle 54, Carlson 53, Gardner & Alzner 50, Green 48 & Forbert 57.

        Now if you were to tie minutes played into turn overs making the stat more relavant it would paint a significantly different picture as well.

        If Letang is available moving him mid season will be challenging but not impossible & I could see why Pit may be interested in doing so. Schultz will have to be back & playing before that potentially happens. Interesting that Letang got injured during the Xmas break. Is he injured or health being assured for trade?

    • Ruhweidel got hurt last night, Cole isn’t going anywhere soon. He is getting a raw deal from Sullivan who needs him now. Kuhnhackel isn’t bringing back anything of merit, I agree. Sprong is the Pens biggest trade chip, I’d rather see him promoted first.

      • yup… can’t know if pens need a winger or not until they see what they have in the guy

      • What is Sullivan’s beef with Cole anybody know?

      • Got to much in his stocking growing up?

        I’ll see myself out.

  3. I can’t see MTL shipping out Galchenyuk or Pacioretty for Letang, they already sit lower in scoring and moving their (arguably) two highest point getters for another Dman of 20 – 30 pts doesn’t make sense. MTL is 26th in scoring.

    • Yes, but it’s Bergevin we’re talking about.

    • Hard to score if you don’t have a Dman capable of helping the transitional game, Mtl’s 2 best last season were Markov & Beaulieu. Other than those 2 what does Mtl potentially have to trade?

      I’m shocked Bergevin still has a job, I thought for sure he was gone by Xmas but Karma is alive & well. Having let 1/2 his D go & his best D prospect now he wants to go pay for a Dman with what?

      This team is now a total mess & Bergevin isn’t capable of fixing it, hell he made it. If he secures Letang Ed VanImpe will be happy they will have 3 of the top 5 Dman in the league for GvA!

      • I thought Mete was filling that role in a #4 guy capacity nicely. He certainly looks good for team Canada at the juniors right now.

      • A solid prospect & shocked almost everyone stepping straight into the NHL but his ice time had declined significantly leading up to his assignment with Canada at the WJC’s. Expecting a rookie to be that player isn’t impossible just highly unlikely.

        He has looked good playing for Canada & MTL has a solid young Dman coming.

  4. NYR isn’t trading their best all around Dman in McDonagh. He will be signed on July 1st or shortly there after. He will get an extension similiar to Fowler, Giordano, etc. 6.5 to 7 mil per for 7 or 8 years.

    • Definately won’t be moved during season, but… Skjei is RFA… have to decide whether to bridge him or lock him up long term. No rush on McD. With Sean Day in system and we’re still stuck with Staal and Smith, all left handed D men. Somebody needs to go. Personally, I’d wait n see what happens in off season with Trouba. If he’s available, then maybe you need to give up Skjei or McD

      • The Dman moved for me will be Shattenkirk before his remaining 3 years expire. His contract moves to a limited NTC, 10 team no trade list. His salary also starts to decline in year 3, he’s being paid 8, 8, 6.6 & 4, that will make him easily tradable when Skjei is ready for greater responsibility & Day, DeAngelo are ready for full time NHL duty.

        I’m not sacrificing McDonagh for Trouba the cost is to extreme better a bird in hand. Stall like Girardi is a buy out casualty before his current deal expires as his cap hit simply is out of line with his contributions.

        I will be shocked if McDonagh is not signed long term. Just like I said about Fowler. You don’t let these assets go unless confronted with no choice & NYR has many.

        I bridge all players so Skjei gets a 2 year deal at 4.5 & change, possibly less, then gets signed long term for market value.

  5. Letang has a home near Montreal that he lives in in the off season. There is no way any of the guys mentioned are being traded for a winger so Patch is out. This is where the Habs fans try and throw Plecanec into the trade but that’s a non starter too. Galchenyuk and a 2018 first round pick.

    • I wouldn’t make that trade if Pit. I would want far more than that injury issues & all with Letang. Mtl’s 1st will be in the 6 to 10 range, I had them picking 7th when the season started.

      Mtl’s prospect cupboard is virtually bare. Moving assets from their limited offensive arsenal now to try & acquire Letang is a leteral move at best & does nothing to improve their roster, that said Bergevin doesn’t appear to have a plan so who knows.

  6. I still think Letang to Vegas makes a lot of sense. His besty is out there… and they are a cup contender. he might waive for them. they have the cap space. they have the depth in centers and d to send back a d man and a good third line center. He gives them another name to add to the team and is signed for several more years.

    • Anything is possible but it doesn’t make sense to me. Theodore & C. Miller are future offensive Dman, Schmidt a solid 2 way transitional guy & they drafted Brannstrom, a smurf offensive Dman.

      If I’m Vegas I don’t want to mess with chemistry to significantly, a little tweaking but nothing that significant.

      • your talking about futures for a team that can currently be construed as competitive for a cup run… Georgie set this team up with tons of futures… extra picks, young players in the minors, three fermenting top 20 picks. he can make moves for this year without upsetting the overall plan. and tanger isn’t a rental. the don’t fix what aint broke idea has merit though. but in the unlikely case tanger is made available and if Vegas is on his list, if I’m McPhee I’m seeing how low you can buy on Letang for sure.

      • I would certainly reach out but I don’t want to give up anyone of Karlsson, Haula, Eakin or Bellemare, those 4 C’s with the young D Schmidt, Miller & Theodore, McPhee has assembled can keep Vegas competitive for years & allow for the transition of the prospects coming to develop properly at the NHL level. Learning & being mentored to play the game properly.

        As I had suggested previously if I were McPhee I would straddle this situation if able. I would move 1 of Neal or Perron to the highest bidder, ideally Neal & move Tuch into his spot, 1 of the assets acquired for Neal into Tuch’s spot. I would also move Sbisa to the highest bidder for futures & let 1 of the remaining D step in at the #6 spot. Schmidt, Miller, Theodore, McNabb & Engelland is a decent top 5.

        I would retain Marchessault & Perron in hopes of getting 1 or both extended before July 1st or after.

        The return on Neal could help now & in the future & I think it’s unlikely he will be resigned in Vegas simply due to a ton of teams being willing to over pay for his scoring ability this summer.

      • In one post you said Gally ad a top ten pick wouldn’t be enough for letang but then you post all the untouchables for vegas, many of which a combo of would be worth less than gally and a top 10 pick? your not making sense man!

      • Apples & oranges. It’s not about the assets being discussed but the needs of the teams, where they are at & where they are going. Montreal & Vegas have completely different needs.

        Vegas doesn’t need Letang, I doesn’t fit for me. Regardless of the assets. I suggested what I think Vegas should do & it doesn’t include buying Letang. At least not for me.

        Montreal needs to move on from Gelchenyuk. That’s a terrible situation for the most part & of Montreal’s creation, although Gelchenyuk isn’t totally blameless. Their handling of this asset makes little sense to me. He is the foundation of a potential trade for Letang.

      • Pit needs to do something & due to contract structure has few viable options this season to solve cap issues. That said I’m not moving Letang unless I get an offer to good to refuse & the only way I’m eating salary is if it is just that, to good to refuse.

        Next season when the cap goes up 5 mil, Pit cap issues will decline & I buy out Hagelin’s final year freeing up even more cap space. That will free up another 2.8.

        Letang is the logical asset to move as Schultz filled his role fine well injured but few dance partners today capable of taking on that cap hit but as Lyle showed with Phaneuf it can be done.

        Again only see 3 dance partners today, Buf, Det & Mtl. All have a long term need for this type of asset, the potential assets that would help Pit today & the cap space to take on Letang. Come the summer add another 6 to 8 teams to that list.

      • Nor did I say they are untouchable for Vegas just don’t see sufficient gains for Vegas to give them up in a deal for Letang.

    • I don’t see that…unless Bill Foley wants to make a splash to really grab that market.

      If so, a deal could found there…

      Colin Miller, Erik Haula and Jason Garrison (to offset salary and give the Pens a better #8 D man)for Letang and a 1st.

      I could see both sides being interested in that deal. Pens would get two good young players that fill needs. Knights would get a star (when right) player and give them a first round pick to offset not trading Neal for one.

      The most obvious fit for Letang to me is Edmonton. Unlike every other team who’d be taking on Hagelin as a salary dump, the Oilers actually need him because their forwards are so slow besides McD.

      It would be, like, RNH and…never mind. I didn’t realize how awful the contracts both Sekera and Klefbom are signed to…

      • MG, I’ll give you Lucic and Maroon as slow, but they earn their $$. Which other forwards are slow? Letestu, I suppose not a speedster but compared to other 4C’s, I’ll take him all day.
        Sekera is a little overpaid as he signed as a UFA. Just got back from reconstructive knee surgery so give him 4-6 weeks. Very good player. Klefbom’s contract was considered a steal last year. We recently learned he is playing through a bum shoulder. I think he will find his game again, hopefully he get’s healthy.

      • If the Knights are prepared to include Colin Miller in a trade, there would be other teams ready to talk with them. Hopefully the Leafs would be one of those teams.

      • mg i like your trade ide too. i would want Nate Schmidt Cody eakin and Colin miller…dont know much about garrision… Maybe the pens add something.


      • Selena signed as a UFA & got market value, Klefbom’s deal at 4.1 & change is incredible value. That’s 2 Dman that can log 1st pairing minutes & Klefbom isn’t even fully developed.

        A logical spot for Letang would be Buf, Det or Mon today come the off season numerous other options open up.

      • Sorry Sekera

    • chrsisma…couldnt agree with you more man Vegas he might wave his no trade clause. they have 5 terrific centers depth on defense.

      Cody eakin scored a brilliant goal coming out of the penalty box dude has wheels didnt think he had.

      i would take Nate Schmidt /Eric Haula or Cody eakin and depth d-man Colin miller who has a cannon. He almost decapitated goalie john Gibson of the ducks out here last night IN 4-1 VEGAS WIN. SALARIES ALMOST MATCH AND VEGAS HAS CAP SPACE


      • with tangers play recently pens would not get that package. miller and eakin/haula/karlson would be a fair offer. problem is that’s not fair value for a top d man… tangers play/health has hurt his trade value considerably… but No… pens will not have to hold any salary… you hear me bigbadbozo

  7. Duclair to the Flyers makes sense. Since they r long young defensemem and short scoring wingers a deal with the coyotes could work for both sides.
    Sam Morin for Duclair?

  8. Nothing yet on Gudbranson eh

    • Something will have to give when Taney returns. Either Stetcher, Pouliot or Hutton will have to sit until Gubranson is trades unless Van dresses 7 Dman due to all the other injuries up front.

      I assume Gubranson will be moved very soon & the market should be fairly solid even though a pending UFA. Van should get a decent prospect & pick.

      • There’s a guy I’d target for Rangers. As much as everyone focuses on center depth, we lack a big, gritty dman. Right hand shot is a bonus as we only dress one every night

      • Giradi is a better Dman than Gubranson & he was right handed & when deployed in an offensive role which was rare he put up points something Gubranson has never done. Gubranson hits, is nasty to play against but provides little else.

  9. With STL’s roster injuries would they reach out to MB & MTL to inquire about Patches? I think he is exactly the type of all round player that fits their system. With their cap room this off season they can afford him…

    I do not know their team very well…do they have any top center/winger prospects to offer in return?

  10. MG…plus letang really makes vegas super dangerous in the west…

  11. Mac took care of ov last night, shut him down. He isn’t going anywhere. Thank you 🙏

    • Agreed. 1 of the most underrated 2 way Dman in the NHL. Has shown he can be very effective offensively if deployed as such but so valuable defensively always the 1st Dman tasked with the toughest assignments.

  12. if letang is dealt i see him only aiving his no trade to montreal where he is from and lives in the off season or vegas to be with MAFluery.

    • he can only deny trades to… 10? teams… 12? he only has limited say in his denied trade destinations… that being said he can severely limit pens options by opening up teams against the cap

      • 12 team no trade list. That leaves 19 he can’t reject.

        I would ask every player for his NTC list on July 1st the date the NHL’s season is deemed to start legally & it would be in effect until June 30th of the following year.

  13. Words I never thought I’d hear. “He could be more difficult to move than Phaneuf was”. I agree that Letang would be an incredibly difficult call for a GM. He’s a ticking time bomb of injury concerns with a big contract whose been playing like crap this season. Of course when he was on he was great but will he ever be on again? Or will he just simply explode one day at centre ice after feeding some opponent a break away gift? You guys are right, a potential exploding ticking time bomb is exactly what Vegas needs 🙂

  14. IF , a big if 🙂 Letang ends up in MTL, Weber or someone will have to move in a separate deal. Virtually at or near the same time. You cannot have that kind of money on defence including Alzner and Petry.

    • Yep, a total mess alright. Ha-ha!

  15. Letang/Hagelin to VAN for Sutter/DelZotto/Gudbranson

    Not sure when Sutter is off IR or if he would waive his NTC BUT he can fill the 3C spot (though they did not like him last time) and DelZotto/Gudbranson can be the 2nd or 3rd pairing. Pitts did win the cup without Letang.

    Hags can fill in for the injured Baertschi for now and his salary will be fine next year when the Twins are not their.
    Letang can help fill the gap for Tanev till he is healthy then slide down to 2nd pairing and really give some potency to their D.


    • I don’t think it had anything to do with Pit liking him. It was a cap issue moving forward & the compensation received by Pit was a slam dunk. Bonino & a 2nd for Sutter & a 3rd. Van included a warm body but this worked out very well for Pit.

      If I’m Van I make that deal. Then this summer I look to move Letang, Edler or Tanev when all teams are in a position to bid & buy out Hagelin.

      Hagelin can’t replace Baertschi, apples & oranges but he can fill a checking roll until the summer, the Sedin’s will be resigned for at least 1 more year. Ideally to bonus laden deals so their cap hits can be manipulated against the cap on 35+ 1 year contracts, these bonus monies being deferable if earned.

  16. I think Vegas is proving you don’t need big name over paid stars in your lineup. Solid goaltending a great coach and system hard work seems to be working fine pretty sure they don’t need Letang. Montreal seems to always be involved in French speaking players wouldn’t surprise me if they were a player.

    • Vegas is proof why Gallant should have never been fired in Florida.

      • I think we all agree on that.

  17. Pens beat writer Matt Gajtka confirms that Letang is available in trades.

    So, that means that Letang is either available in trades OR that Rutherford is using the media as a last ditch way to focus Letang to see if he can turn things around, which is totally something JR would do.

    I don’t know if he’d go to Edmonton. I don’t know if Toronto has the right mix of pieces. I could see Montreal and Vegas. Arizona or Buffalo because of Tocchet and Botteril.

    Mark Madden said he heard Ottawa was interested, which would obviously portend a big deal for them before that if that happened. Brassard and Ceci could interest the Pens.

    • I’m amazed madden heard anything over the sound of his own breathing.

    • MG i would take Brassard and Codi Ceci in a heartbeat for letang..


      WE save cap space and the cap goes up about 45 million next year..

  18. Bruins should put Carlo’s name out here to see what the B’s could get in return for him

    • Why?

      • Good question Striker, and it does raise a good question about the B’s blue line.
        Who sits in the press box when McQuaid gets back? Tough to send Grezlyck down, but you don’t want him sitting instead of playing. Postma doesn’t bring much to the table, so just see if he clears?

        Next year Grezlyck needs to be in the lineup full time if his quality play continues, Zboril will push hard for a spot, Lauzon pushing. Trade McQuaid or Miller?
        The D core will go from weakness to strength in 3 years, all through the draft. Well done Sweeney.

      • Agreed.

        Injuries will happen, Grzelyck will have to go down until such. He’s not waiver exempt until 2019-20 or another 51 NHL games.

        A great problem to have. Will open up a ton of trade options in the very near future, ideally something gives this summer.

        Will be an interesting off season for Sweeney. He’s rebuild on the fly has gone very well.

  19. NYI has lost de Haan for the rest of the season, Boychuk is now out week to week. That’s 2 of your top 3 D by TOI/GP, your 2 best defensive Dman & PK who take all the tough assignments, ouch.

    NYI may be forced to do something, they are battling for their playoff lives, Cole or Gubranson fit a need there as a replacement for de Haan.

    NYI has put themselves in a terrible position with de Haan just like Vancouver did with Gubranson agreeing to 1 year deals making these 2 players UFA’s this summer. Now NYI may see de Haan lost for nothing due to his injury & not get the benefit of him helping them make the playoffs. Vancouver will be flipping Gubranson soon enough for futures.

    Ho-Sang would look good as a Canuck, Gubranson & a 2nd?

    • good thing Snow protected 8D during expansion though….

      • Ha-ha! 5 & did a side deal to retain de Haan.

  20. With Kreider out with a blood clot….do the shut him down till the playoffs?? (assuming he is healthy enough to return) and make a push for a center?
    I know it may seem crazy upfront but I think if you look at this proposal it really benefits both teams.

    To DET: Desharnais and a 3rd rd pick.
    To NYR: Zetterberg and a 7th rd pick.

    Zetterberg has 24pts this season and I truly believe with AVs system and playing 2nd fiddle can really contribute as the #2C. He can play 2nd power play and is an amazing passer and still can shoot. He is better than Desh (who as #2 c still plays like a 4C with dumb penalties) and gives AV tons of top 9 combos. Especially on the PP. He replaces Desh on the 2nd unit and can lead it with Hayes being in front of the net…Zett on top of the circle while Lettieri plays the other top of the circle for a left right combo.


    For DET…immediate cap space and more ice time for their young players. DESH slides down…only cost 1million and they can trade him at the deadline for a pick. IMMEDIATE Cap relief NOW and more importantly over the next 4 years.

    For NYR well this will force them to move Stall or Smith or both in the offseason as it appears NASH looks like he may return…if not let Nash walk and bring up Chytl next season.

    This move also lets Chytle stay down and not force them to bring him up as clearly the line combos and offense will hurt going forward without Kreider to balance out the top 9.

    Last cup chance for Zetterberg which I am sure he would love to have…along with playing with fellow countryman HANK.

    Gives more time for NYR prospects to develop and not be rushed next season.

    What say you?

    • How does NYR get Zetterberg’s cap hit onto the books?

      Kredier will be gone a month maybe a month, 2 months tops. Meds will address the clot issue quite quickly. Certainly won’t be lost for 3 & 1/2 months. The NHL’s regular season ends on April 7th this season.

      Desharnais sits 11th in TOI/GP at forward in NYR, 9th in PP TOI/GP for all skaters, not certain how that makes him a #2 C. He is playing as their #3 & if not for an injury to Zibanejad his TOI/GP would be even worse.

      Det isn’t giving up Zetterberg for a UFA #3 C & a 3rd.

    • I think KH would be fired right after. You are basically trading Z for a 3rd since Desharnais is UFA at end of year and not likely to sign into a rebuild. Plus he has to give up a 7th? I don’t see it.

      • JimB……..Holland would not be fired. Clearly the Redwings are not cup contenders for the next 4 years. Zetterberg is 37 …not 30. So trading him to a contender is in part a PR moved HUGE cap relief. Similar to how Ray Bourque was traded to COL. It happens in this league.e Again Zett is 37 not 30 so for DET is is a kind gesture to get him an opportunity. Huge cap relief AND a reasonable pick considering his age is good. Bourque garnered a 1st bc Andreychuk came with him and they sent back garbage.

        Striker…….As far as cap….we HOPE Kreids can come back in a month…. but can the Rangers risk going a month or two without Kreider? Can they risk losing the offense he brings for that long? That is a ton of games to HOPE. Bloods cots have no certainty even with meds. Not all players react the same way. Why not just shut him down and monitor him. The playoffs have no cap and his health is more important than hockey. Blood clot can result in heart attack EVEN with the process of taking meds.

        Again all food for thought…just spit ballin’

  21. Letang isn’t going to command anything near that type of return. It’s going to have to be salary retention if they want a 1st and a star player. And as good as he is, you can’t just discount the injury bug. It will effect trade value. Final piece, if someone really wants an offensive D, just wait until deadline and deal for Mike Green. KH would take MTL’s 1st alone right now for Green so why pay so much for Letang?

    • And now he is on the IR. go figure!

  22. How about

    Hoffman for Edmonton’s 1rst and Puljujarvi

    Add stuff on either side but I think a fit could be made.

    • Chia laughs and hangs up the phone. Jesse P. is starting to play well for the Oilers and soon will be a 25 to 35 goal guy. He’s still a kid that has just recently moved to North America without being able to speak English. Learning to live here would be hard enough but communicating in the game would be really tough.