NHL Rumor Mill – December 6, 2017

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Latest on the Philadelphia Flyers, Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues in your NHL rumor mill.


NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: John Boruk believes the New Jersey Devils shipping forward Adam Henrique last week to the Anaheim Ducks for defenseman Sami Vatanen should open the eyes of Philadelphia Flyers general manager Ron Hextall. He notes Hextall’s trades thus far have involved “future considerations through draft picks and few, if any, difference-makers.” Boruk said there’s a widespread belief ” that the team isn’t surrounding cornerstones Claude Giroux and Jakub Voracek with a supporting cast good enough to be a perennial playoff power and there’s a feeling that their prime years are being wasted.”

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Darren Dreger’s appearance Monday on Edmonton’s TSN 1260 discussing possible moves by the struggling Flyers. Dreger doesn’t see Hextall firing head coach Dave Hakstol, leaving a trade as the next option to improve the roster. If Hextall decides to move winger Wayne Simmonds, Dreger believes teams will line up to acquire him. Beyond that, however, he suggests it’s more complicated because rival GMs would try to pick Hextall’s pocket for some of his younger players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Simmonds’ solid all-around play makes him a potentially attractive trade candidate. His eligibility in 2019 for unrestricted free agency and the potential difficulty the Flyers could have in re-signing him are among the factors stoking the recent speculation over his future in Philadelphia. I don’t dismiss the possibility that Simmonds could be dealt but that’s a move that takes place in the offseason, when there would be more potential trade partners providing the Flyers with better opportunities to land a quality return. 


THE DETROIT NEWS: John Niyo reports Red Wings GM Ken Holland is giving his team about a month to give him a reason not to become a seller by the Feb. 26 trade deadline. Prior to the Wings defeating the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday night, Holland believes the next 10-15 games will be “critical in determining what direction we’re gonna go.” Niyo feels that direction should already be determined, suggesting veterans such as “Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Tatar, Mike Green, Trevor Daley, and even Jimmy Howard” should be on the block. Ultimately, he believes it’s up to the Wings ownership to make that call. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings have spent the last two years trying to rebuild on the fly but they’ve got little to show for those efforts. Granted, they’re not far out of playoff contention and an improved effort over the next month could vault them back into a postseason berth. Should their inconsistency continue over that period, however, the Wings could go into sell mode to bring in assets that can improve the club over the long term. 


STLTODAY.COM: During a recent live chat, Jeff Gordon addressed rumors suggesting Edmonton Oilers left wing Patrick Maroon could be a good fit with the St. Louis Blues. While the Oilers could lack sufficient cap space to re-sign Maroon, Gordon believes the Blues might not project much cap room to sign the pending unrestricted free agent. He’s not sure there’s a fit there. He also dismissed the notion of the Oilers moving Connor McDavid. 

Asked if the Blues could pursue Montreal Canadiens winger Alex Galchenyuk by offering up Sammy Blais, Kyle Brodziak and Carl Gunnarsson, Gordon doubts Habs GM Marc Bergevin would make that deal. Another reader wondered if Habs winger Brendan Gallagher could be available, but Gordon feels salary cap would be an issue plus a number of clubs would be very interested in a character player like Gallagher if he hit the market. 

Gordon also doesn’t expect the Blues to move center Alex Steen or defenseman Jay Bouwmeester. He doesn’t rule out the possibility of Gunnarsson hitting the block, citing motivation to clear his $2.9 million cap hit from their books for next season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues are jockeying for top spot in the Western Conference so there’s no real urgency for them to swing a major move. I don’t rule out the possibility of loading up near the trade deadline for a Cup run this spring but they won’t be prying Galchenyuk away from the Canadiens, who also won’t be moving Gallagher anytime soon. 

Maroon was floated as a trade option for the Blues largely because he’s a St. Louis native. If the Oilers put him on the block before the trade deadline perhaps the Blues will take a look if they feel the need a rental player to shore up their depth at left wing. 



  1. “He also dismissed the notion of the Oilers moving Connor McDavid”, I guess that took a crystal ball to figure out! I was going to say more….but why bother?

    • Look everyone thinks Connor McDavid is the best player in the NHL he is not. He is an amazing offensive player with speed and talent. Sidney Crosby is the best overall complete player in the game. He is so strong at both ends of the ice, he wins face-offs, blocks shots Can score 44 last year amazing passer..Connor doesn’t do all that yet he might someday but for now he isn’t the best. He is coming and will be the face of the league sometime soon…not yet

      • i mean Mc david isnt the best player sorry computer froze…

      • Crosby hasn’t been the best player on his team this year let alone the game. still has the ability to be the best but younger legs have overtaken him.

      • You forgot to add that Crosby is also the best at taking cheap shots without getting a penalty and whining when calls don’t go his way.

      • You forgot to watch a hockey game since the mid 2000’s paulie

      • The hockey writers and players around the NHL disagree .. I would agree with you though , today Crosby is a better all around player / leader , Mcdavid is the best point producer in the NHL and that will show up over 82 . However , the thought of trading Mcdavid is just ridiculous , many gm would agree that Crosby or whoever you would like to add in this slot is a better player today , but if those same gm had a choice of who to build around today , the choice would be unanimous , including Lou, for you leaf fans . By the start of Mcdavids contract , beginning next season , he will have swayed a larger group than he already has .

      • Guarantee Mathews vs mcdavid is far from unanimous in the nhl.

      • Crosby has been the best player in by a mile the last 10 games and you cannot name a single player in the last 20 years that had a better 14 months(the start of the 2016 to the end of the 2017 playoffs) than Crosby. That period alone made him a first ballot hall of famer and he already was before it happened. Bashing Crosby for a slow start after all he has accomplished the last 2 years is petty and ridiculous. He is still the most complete player in the world and has easily placed himself as a top 10 player to ever play the game. And I’m not just saying this because this has been my team for over 30 years, his record speaks for itself.

  2. Would love to see Gallagher come to Canucks. He would be welcomed into that dressing room and totally embraced by the city.

    Canucks are starting to have a few players that don’t look like they are needed anymore.

    • It would take a lot to pry Gallagher out of MTL. He’s their leading scorer and in most seasons sits near the top of that list for them. Is he someone MTL wants to build around though?

      • You’re probably right but there seems to be a disconnect in what fans think and what Bergavin thinks.
        Perhaps Bergavin can believe Baertschi can put up more points and Sutter is a center man that’s good on faceoffs and Gudbranson provides size and toughness that the coach seems to like

    • Sedin

      • Ya we know that but they won’t get traded.
        Mgmt will let them ride out on their own. It’s foolish to put them in trade talks

    • Another proposal featuring one teams trash for another’s treasure …

      • I’m not a Gubranson fan nor did I like the trade to acquire him but when moved at the trade deadline the return will be quite solid to a team with cup aspirations, I would assume a 2nd, 3rd & reasonable prospect.

        Baertschi is also a decent developing asset & I doubt he’s being moved any where today, he has a future as a 1st or 2nd line LW with the Canucks.

        Sutter is a solid 3rd line checking C who when deployed in a scoring role can add some offenders but not really the role he plays, he’s a shut down C.

        You need not worry, Van isn’t moving 2 of those 3 players nor is MTL moving Gallagher, solid #2 RW with grit on a good contract.

        Non of those Canucks are trash.

      • Dam spell checker.

        In a scoring role can add some offense

    • Crosby is not the best player on his team, according to Chrisms. Who is?

      • This year as he stated , he had to be talking about Phil the thrill

    • wow alot of haters..you ask most players in the game they will say sidney crsoby is the best overall player…they interviewed McDavid early in the year and he was asked who the best player in the league is and mcDavid said its not me and there was a picture of 87…..

      such haters he is the most complete Toews had that distinction for a while…. name a better all around player… you cant mcdavid doesnt shoot that well, hasnt learned how to play the defensive game yet, doesnt block shots isnt great on face-offs, and doesnt make players around him better like Sid does with Pascual dupris, chris kunitz, all these young kids Guentzal & Sheary. You take Sid from the Penguins watch them drop..malkin is inconsistent, Kessel is having a good year but he has a rep the young kids are learning..no one is better all around especially not matthews nd not mc david Kucherov is an offensive dynamo but thats all.please bitches..hell the Oliers are weak…

  3. Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Tatar, Mike Green, Trevor Daley, and Jimmy Howard. Not much to offer. Green at the trade deadline should garner some picks and Daley to a lesser degree. Going to be hard pressed for the other 3.

    • I would trade Carl Hagelen and 2 second round picks for either one of Tatar or Nyquisr and I would do even more to get both of them. Pens would still need a 3C at the end of the day but those 2 would upgrade the middle 6 significantly.

      • No way would i ever do Hagelin and picks for Nyquist or Tatar Hagelin is 29 years old his best season is 35 points which is worse then either Tatar or Nyquist worse season at 39 points Tatar and 42 points Nyquist we can get a better return then Carl Hagelin if we add to either picks we should net at least a Haydn Fleury type D man from Carolina for either. No thanks on Hagelin both Nyquist and Tatar are worth far more then him and picks.

      • and from a pens fan perspective I wouldn’t ever do that trade either from as not worth it from the pens. overpayment for overpaid luxury items. really doesn’t make sense from either side.

      • I know you can get a better return. He said Tatar and Nyquist were worthless. I don’t agree with that. And Chris if you don’t think either is worth Haglen and 2 late second round, almost third round picks that likely wouldn’t become NHL players I don’t know what to say. Either would improve the team instantly. Tatar is a solid 2 way player and neither is a luxury item.

      • on the pens they are. pens don’t need to pay either the money they are making… for a winger. they need a center and d depth. until the see what they have in sprong, reese they should not spend futures on wings when those futures will need to go into areas they need. Jake struggled at center so its not a good option and they have little depth in center in the minors. so another scoring winger is absolutely a luxury. and trying to minimize the 2nds as basically thirds minimizes what 2nd round picks have been able to rent/buy around the deadline. 2 2nds and an overpaid pk’er speedster on some other teams for either one would be reasonable if not a steal… but for the pens it makes zero sense.

      • I wonder if the Pens will be able to sneak Greg McKegg through waivers today.

      • Deee..kind of agree i do love Hagelin and his speed he brings a lot to the line-up even when he isn’t scoring…but if we could get tater and Nyqvist…yep

      • George… I couldn’t care less either way. yunt him?

      • Spring and ZAR are not going to be NHL players this year they are both just barely getting by. Sprong was a healthy scratch last weekend. ZAR struggled to start the year but has picked it up lately and is finally looking like the player he is supposed to. Sprong has pouted and had a bad attitude since not making the team. They need him to not be another Kessel defensively and he has not complied. Tatar would improve the team exponentially and makes a similar salary to Hagelin who is not performing at a Penguin level this year. The number one need is still a 3C that has not changed but the Pens top 4 dmen are more than adequate players and WBS has one of the deepest blue lines in the AHL. Upgrading Haglen to Tatar or Nyquist, although improbable, would be a huge improvement.

      • And as far as McKegg goes if he is claimed that is addition by subtraction. Adam Johnson and Teddy Blueger are superior players but were passed over due to McKeggs experience. He has done nothing for the team this year and was passed over by Carter Rowney who was 27 when he played his first NHL game. I love Rowney and appreciate what he has accomplished with his situation but he is at best a 5C and McKegg is not as good as Rowney.

    • SilverSeven I totally disagree, Tatar and Nyquist would provide a solid boost to the 3rd line, maybe even a 2nd if a team has injuries or scoring issues. Howard might get more attention than you think, look at all the chatter about teams needing goaltending help! Green will fetch a solid return at the trade deadline, he’s showing on a badish DET team he can still log minutes and hit the net (18 points)

      • I did not mean they are bums as players factor in salary and ferm and it changes everything and I mean everything

  4. I went to an AHL game with wifey and watched Gustav Nyqvist in warmups and could tell just by that he was a high end talent. I would take him on Buffalo no problem, he could play with Eichel. Detroit is seriously in deep trouble with cap, they have way too many old guys signed long term. Never sign a FORWARD age 30 to a 4-6 year deal.

    • Depends who it is Matt. I am sure somebody would sign Crosby or Malkin for that length of term right about now. There are several others too.

  5. I have been hoping that the Blues and Leafs could get together. The Blues need more goal scoring–van Riemsdyk. Maybe a package of Sobotka, a defense prospect (Schmaltz), and pick?? I know that cap $s are an issue, but…..

    • The Blues sit 7th in GF/GP, Berglund just returned solidifying the 3rd line C spot, 6th in GA/GP. Blais has been getting auditioned as a 3rd line RW after having a great camp & playing very well in the AHL. They might buy a rental at the trade deadline to assume a 3rd line role & provide depth should a top 6 forward be lost to injury.

      Most unfortunate to have lost Fabbri in camp. I don’t see StL taking a JvR, a lesser player will be added at the trade deadline costing far less.

  6. John Boruk is a complete moron and I haven’t heard anybody complain about what he calls “widespread belief.” And the Flyers would not have any trouble signing Simmonds as they’ll have considerable cap room after the 2018-19 season. They should trade him because he is an aging power forward who will look to recoup salary in this contract after drastically over performing his current contract. Let that be another team’s problem.

  7. Someone said a few years back, you build a team from the net out. The Flyers won’t succeed until they learn and act on this viewpoint. They have tried no doubt and know their flaw, but somehow are still lacking in the net. If they can trade Simmonds for an answer, it will be worth their while.

  8. I’m not sure what anyone was expecting from Philly this season, I asked Flyer fans yesterday what they expected, didn’t see any answers before I’m out of the loop.

    Did anyone here expect Philly to be a playoff team this year?

    For me they are in year 3 of a rebuild just not a tear down, Hextall has been building from the back end out, moving Schenn was all about the future.

    I assume Simmonds will be extended by Philly this summer for 6+ years at 5.5 to 6.25 per. Philly has no reason to move Simmonds.

    • I would figure Simmonds to get more?

      • Comparable forwards for me but not direct apple to apple comparisons as some are C’s as opposed to wingers which like power forwards carry a premium.

        Atkinson, Oshie, Turris, Little, Granlund, Zibanejad, etc. There are dozens more all signed in the range I stated that are as good or better than Simmonds. Hell even Marchand signed for 6.125, Scheifele the same.

  9. StL doesn’t have to move Gubranson, they could if they wanted to as Schmaltz is NHL ready & he will have to clear waivers next season. I had him starting the year in StL & Dunn in the minors, what a nice problem to have.

    StL is a legitimate cup contender with a significant window due to a well structured roaster.

    Stastny will be allowed to walk next season as a UFA but StL has several players that can play C Berglund, Schenn, Svoboda, Fabbri & Steen if necessary. Several others coming as well that are close to NHL ready in Barbeshev & Thompson. They also drafted 2 solid kids in Kyrou & Thomas at C.

    StL has no cap issues, no players coming up next season of significance that are looking at substantial raises & if rumours of an 80 mil cap are to be believed almost 20 mil to flush out 8 lower end roster spots.

    Fabric is the only player of consequence & having lost 2 seasons to injury will surely be breasted for chump change on a 2 year deal.

    It’s a very good time to be a Blues fan. I’m a Bruins fan but StL is right there in a group of about 5 to 7 more I really like.

    • Sorry typing from my phone, made the switch from Blackberry to IPhone 8+ & these soft touch buttons hate me.


      • Fabric seems appropriate… he Sof

      • Hahahaha

    • You forgot Oskar Sundqvist and Klim Kostin as options for centre on the Blues. Those 2 sound familiar for some reason.

    • How about a Rick Nash for Statsny deal straight up? Similar cap hits and Rangers don’t have the center depth St Louis does

  10. Hey striker

    I just read your response to my statement about your bias on the 5th of decembers posst.

    Figured you wont go back. I seem to be the only one that does that but what i mean is your view of Ottawa being a cheap team is influence you view regarding there roster moves.

    • Jeff.

      It’s not that I perceive them as cheap specifically but as stated they have made numerous trades recently that appear to have been made for saving money not necessarily improving their team, especially long term. I referenced the Zibby & Turris trades as the most recent. I don’t like either, especially long term as they may have little to show for either of those deals very soon. That said I sure hope not as I like Ottawa.

      I defended them not being a budget team, how can you be when you have the 12th highest cap hit in the NHL & are only 2.6 from the ceiling. They do run on an internal budget though & it appears some choices have more to do with money than improving the team.

      Just my opinion & as I like Ottawa hope that perception proves wrong.