NHL Rumor Mill – December 7, 2017

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Updates on the Buffalo Sabres, Ottawa Senators and Columbus Blue Jackets in your NHL rumor mill.


THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports Sabres goaltenders Robin Lehner and Chad Johnson could be attracting interest from clubs with sidelined netminders seeking additional depth between the pipes. He notes Lehner ($4 million) and Johnson ($2.5 million) are on one-year contracts and promising Linus Ullmark could be ready to take over the starter’s job by next season. There are goaltending injuries in places like Edmonton, Florida, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh that could lead those teams to look to Buffalo for help.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lehner could draw the most attention though his salary could be an issue unless the Sabres pick up part of it. GM Jason Botterill could also seek a higher return for Lehner. Johnson, who’s more affordable, has a decent record as a backup. The Oilers and Penguins were reportedly among the clubs with the most interest in those two. Given the struggles of Laurent Brossoit, perhaps the Oilers could take a closer look at Johnson. 


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports limited trade options could force Senators GM Pierre Dorion to look to within to find help for his struggling club. Garrioch said only “the Buffalo Sabres, Columbus Blue Jackets, Edmonton Oilers and San Jose Sharks are active in the trade market,” and feels the real problem for the Senators is few players are performing up to their full capabilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With only one victory in their last nine games, the Senators must turn things around soon or risk falling into a hole in the standings too deep to climb out of. They’re five points out of third in the Atlantic Division and nine points out of a wild-card spot.

As for those clubs Garrioch claims are active in the trade market, the Sabres are making minor moves right now, the Jackets could seek a depth center, the Oilers need goaltending help and the Sharks need scorers. Doesn’t appear any of them at this point are good fits for the Sens. 


THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, Aaron Portzline addressed some questions from Columbus Blue Jackets fans regarding possible moves by their club. With the Jackets winning eight of their last 11 games, he doubts they’ll make a trade now simply for the sake of doing so. He expects GM Jarmo Kekalainen could make a move near the Feb. 26 trade deadline.

Replying to a reader’s question about including winger Boone Jenner in a trade for a No.1 center, Portzline doesn’t think he’d be out of the question in those type of discussions. However, moving Jenner means the Jackets would lose “a lot of their gumption along the wall and in the corner.”

Regarding the status of struggling center Alexander Wennberg, Portzline feels the emergence of Pierre-Luc Dubois means moving out Wennberg “is no longer a non-starter.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets currently aren’t in any rush to swing a deal. Doesn’t mean Kekalainen isn’t monitoring the trade market, as we know he was interested in center Matt Duchene before Colorado dealt him to Ottawa last month. However, Dubois’ solid play thus far on the Jackets’ first line suggests their need for a No.1 center is no longer a top priority. Instead, they could look at bringing in a skilled No.3 center.

After consecutive 40-plus point seasons (59 in 2016-17), Wennberg is on pace for only 35 points this season. Perhaps he might benefit from a change of scenery. As for Jenner, the return must be significant for Kekalainen to part with him. 



  1. Tyler Bozak to Columbus for Ryan Murray. Picks/prospects to equal it out.

  2. From yesterday post
    Yes it would be unanimous , Lou included .

    • No different when sid and ovi came up , people thought , and Lots of people that ovi was better . That was quickly put to rest , and sid has cemented his status since . Fans and arm chair gm may take Mathews , the list ends there .

      • I wouldn’t be so sure on McDavid being unanimous. Matthews scored 40 goals in his rookie season and is presently on pace for around 50 goals in his second season, where McDavid is on pace for 33 goals in his 3rd season. McDavid is a better distributor of the puck, but Matthews is a better finisher.
        Maybe someone would chose a healthy Eric Karlsson.

      • Caper , Mcdavid 1st year was a wash due to injury , in his first full season he put up 100 pts , even if you would like to call that #2 , is Mathews going to get anywhere in that range in year 2 ? Like ovi-sid , Mathews is a better goal scorer , Mcdavid the better player . We don’t have a healthy karllson today or moving forward from what I understand of his foot injury . The same arm chair gm now who would take Mathews are the same crew who would have taken toews / ovi over sid . How did that play out ?

      • Centrrd are noally consideted better than wingers. It will be interesting to see how good matthews can be.

      • If I could pick 1 player to start building my team today it’s Doughty, nominally edging out McDavid. #1 Dman that can play almost 30 mins a night anyway you want against the best players in the world is 1st on my to do list. Then I move to C unless there is still a better Dman available.

      • I could see that stradegy striker .. but are you really taking doughty at his age over Mcdavid at his to start your build ? I could understand a doughty / healthy karllson . Not Mathews .

      • McDavid & Matthews aren’t directly comparable players for me as yet. 1 separated by 1 season of play in the NHL, 2 Matthew’s competes for icetime with 2 other quality C’s no slight to RNH but McDavid gets all the quality icetime.

        McDavid played almost 4 mins more per game last season & 3 this season than Matthews. Edm runs 1 loded PP unit seeing the majority of the quality time Tor 2 balanced units.

        I’d happily take either player as would anyone & who cares who’s better really. The 1 concern I have about McDavid is his ability in the faceoff circle he’s brutal but when your that good offensively who cares Draisaitl can take the draws for him as he does primarily.

      • Craig at 27, 28 tomorrow yes I am. Doughty will be this effective until well into his late 30’s & as he starts to decline offensively he will be just like Chara, incredibly effective defensively still posting good offensive #’s considering his deployment offensively. Dman like this can play till 40 easily if they so desire.

        You can add players like Weber, Suter, Burns, etc. to the list. When you look at effective players over the age of 35 it’s Dman & goalies with the odd Jagr sprinkled in. Most stud Dman finish their careers as solid shutdown Dman.

      • Striker ,
        I can see the elite d man stradegy and if the vote wasn’t unanimous it would for me have to be an elite elite d man , like doughty , and no older but I agree he can and most likely will be effective later in career. anither point to add to your Mathews Mcdavid comparison is Mathews was heavily heavily sheltered in year 1 and also has an extra year on draws(vs men) . Mcdavid also kills penalties and teams can match up with top units and d men a lot easier vs the oilers currently and last year than the leafs .

      • Craig, you cannot discount McDavid first season and you cannot compare OV and Crosby with McDavid and Matthews because OV plays the wing, centers are much more demand for a variety of reason.
        As mentioned I think some would consider a healthy Karlsson for the same reason that Striker picked Doughty and some might pick a healthy Carey Price. Point being some GM might value the center, others a stud D and some might take the elite goalie.
        Your obvious very bias in your opinion which is fine but I don’t think its a slam dunk like you do.
        I’ve been arguing the Crosby thing for awhile, I’ve heard numerous media people say they would take Toews over Crosby. My argument to that was and still is Toews is a comparable to Patrice Bergeron and Bergeron is no Crosby. If you compare Toews and Bergeron numbers and awards they are very similar. I could never understand the distain for Crosby

    • no… absolutely not. Mathews has shown the potential to be a far more complete player and leader. It would be far from unanimous… As a pens fan I hold no personal stake in this… 31 gm’s would not all take mcdavid first n some fantasy draft.

      • Chris you are very wrong!! McDavid would get chosen by all gms it wouldn’t be a second thought McDavid creates more offense and plays the Pk all around a better player

      • saying 31 GM’s would unanimously select him is a ludicrous statement. Suggesting 31 gm’s would agree on anything unanimously is a bizarre statement. I have zero doubt I am correct in this

      • Chrisms, I am a Leaf fan and don’t prefer making a statement about Mathews as I’ll be called a homer wearing blue and white coloured glasses. I have the pleasure of watching Mathews alot. His defensive game is outstanding and he is not far behind on the offensive side when compared to McDavid. McDavid can skate like no other. Mathews size, shot, and defensive play puts him at least on par with McDavid overall. They both have huge hockey IQ. Anyway, I’m just a homer wearing blue and white coloured glasses

      • @Stricker, there is a reason defensemen rarely go first overall and most often it’s a centreman. A centreman is your most important player on the team. He is the guy the drives both the offense and the defense. It’s centreman’s job to come in deep on the defensive side. Without a strong middle, your team generally goes no where. One could argue there are fewer defenseman that are elite then centreman. I don’t share that belief. I’m taking a centreman first. JMO

      • I think it has to do more with Dman being far harder to project & taking far longer to develop.

        Almost all teams are built from the back end out.

        I’m never taking a goalie 1st. You can find a solid goalie far later put an average goalie behind a solid defense with a group pf players at forward that will back check & you can turn turn a bad goalie into a very good 1. See Budaj in LA last season.

        No harder position to fill than a #1 D. C to me is 2nd hardest now if you want to speak elite Dman to elite C’s same scenario to me.

        Elite players ate either position almost never move & when a Dman does it’s usually related to extenuating circumstances or well past their best before date.

      • @Trekie

        On par with McDavid?

        Can I look through those Blue&White glasses?

        McDavid is more on par with Crosby.

        Matthews is more on par with Eichel.

        They are all within reach of one another but McDavid is the CLEAR CUT pick. Not by a lot over Eichel or Matthews but he is the winner out of the three.

        Any of the three are GREAT franchise players though.

  3. Lyle , do you have a position on this debate ? Mcdavid or Mathews , I believe as I stated yesterday if every gm had a choice of who to build around today . The vote would be unanimous , you ?

    • Both are great young players. Can’t see where you can go wrong with either guy.

      • I agree , both fantastic . I just don’t believe if given a choice to start a build , any gm would leave Mcdavid on the board today . I do agree with black and gold and deee that today Crosby would be my pick for best player , and he has proven that for quite some time now with his last couple years especially . But to start a team today , it’s Mcdavid for me .

      • What a diplomatic response Lyle!
        You’d have to think that CMD is the better player but I can’t imagine it being unanimous if you were to ask 31 GMs or even more divided if you ask 31 head coaches.

      • I will go with the easiest Gm who would pick differently… whomever was GM of Arizona would pick Mathews based on marketing alone. but talent level Mathews and mcdavid have diffent skill sets, both elite and the pick would be based on how they want to structure their team and what style they are going for. only someone with some emotional stake in the conversation would state it would be unanimous.

      • To be honest, i dont know who will end up being the better but i dont think i could pass on McDavid if given the choice. Matthews may in the end bd the better player but it be hard to forsee that and pass on McD

    • Big bear the question is the more complete player..Matthews is more complete than Mcdavid right now… EVERYONE IS TRYING TO SAY mCDAVID IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE nhL HE IS NOT…he may be the most offensive star in the NHl but not the best overall..
      Crosby is still that no question…Matthews i think will be a lot like Crosby someday soon 90 to 1000 points good defensively can take face-offs…
      Mcdavid got 100 points last year awesome Crosby got 88 points and missed the first two weeks of the season which is 10 points so…… oh yeah Sid won the Cup..oilers off to a bad start its Mc Davids job ala Crosby, Toews, and Ovechkin to make his team better. Connor isn’t doing that..Matthews and the previously mentioned do…

      • sorry 100 points ooopppssss

      • I repeat… Crosby this season isn’t even the best player on his team (though the past couple weeks are promising) so saying he is the best in the nhl currently is just wrong. I don’t put it past Crosby to regain that title by the end of the season but he aint wearing that crown now.

      • Ummm you honestly think Matthews was single handedly responsible for the turnaround in TO? I’m sure Kadri, Reilly, Gardiner, Marner and Nylander had nothing to do with that. What about the addition of Zaistev? Oh what about the best coach currently in the NHL and quite possibly the best in the modern era of the NHL? Like common guys. You have to think some times.

        Have you at all seen that team? Compare that roster to the Oilers and get back to me. Oilers don’t have a good team on paper. Passed McDavid Draisaitl and RNH there’s no one really even worth mentioning on the roster. Neither do the Sabres. You can’t at all say Matthews is responsible for that.

        There’s not one single player that can turn a team around on his own. It takes a whole team. You want proof. Just look at Toronto.

  4. Every team who lost out on Mat Duchene is now saying…

    • Yahoo!! Duchene is a complete bust! Looks like Sakic knew something that should have been obvious to everybody along the way. At least when Ottawa doesn’t re-sign him they will have money to put elsewhere.

      • Learning Ottawa’s system; Boucher’s, & playing a 1,2,2 offensive system is challenging to learn. If Duchene has been brutal since getting to Ottawa & he has what about Karlsson’s current plight, Brassard’s, Ryan’s, etc.

        This isn’t all on Duchene. This trade made no sense except Ott bought themselves some contractual time with Duchene. Now they are going to be forced at looking to move him this summer & his value isn’t increasing at present as who is signing onto play in this system willingly?

        Duchene will be fine long term a 20 to 25 goal scorer & 50 to 55 point player but not this season now.

      • Duchene is to much flash and mo finish
        He Dangles to much and loses the puck. Turris’s game is simpler, north south with a wicked wrist shot. Ottawa has become a one line team. Easily shut down.

        The trade was a bad move.

        Oduya sucks pretty hard righg now too.

        Ceci lost any confidence he had. Why the heck did he lay down on the ice last night on Kase’s goal is beyond me. The D is so poor Ceci has no support and is asked to do more than he is capable.

        The loss of methot ripped a huge hole in boucher’s sytem where the left D stood up and hit the opposition hard. It made Borocop more valuable but losing him to injury was devastating to this team’s system as well.

        Last year the likes of Methot, Phaneuf and Boroweicki held the left side of the rink as a no-man zone where they nailed you hard for stepping in it.

        They lost 2 peices of that. Lost the identity of that. Lost the ability to imolement Boucher’s system

        The neutral zone is porous now. Teams skate right through undeterred. Ottawa has hit totals that make it appear they are physical but they have become soft.

        How i miss a methot hip check or a Boroweicki brick wall.

        This time last year im not sure i would of realised their value. But Dorion should of let Pageau go. Protected Methot. Used the gap ofclosing Pageau at centre to give white or Brown a shot or to better retain Turris.

        Hind sighf is 20 20 but this mess lies at Dorion’s feet. His only recourse noe maybe a coaching change to Crawford.

        Thats my take on my Sens miserable showing this year.

      • Jeff.

        I agree, after Ott acquired Phaneuf I said they would make the playoffs the next season with a solid top 4 D. The primary reason I choose them to miss this year was because they lost Methot & he wasn’t replaced. Why he wasn’t brought back for more than Dal paid or an agreement to pass him over was made with McPhee is unfortunate. His game allowed Karlsson to play his.

        Ceci isn’t fully ready to be playing as OTT’s #2 yet but what choice do the have?

        As I have made clear I hated the Zibanejad trade, Ott should have gotten the 2nd round pick at a bare minimum, not sent it & I hate the Turris trade more. Not because I don’t like Duchene but better a bird in hand.

        Why Ottawa’s salary structure couldn’t afford Turris or Zibanejad’s salary demands makes ZERO sense to me.

        I assume they are going to lose both Brassard & Duchene either being forced to trade them before the 2018-19 trade deadline at the latest or watching them walk as UFA’s. Does this make sense to anyone when Ottawa could have potentially locked up Zibanejad & Turris for less than Edm will pay McDavid or perhaps they were moved as neither had any intention of reupping in OTT!

      • Striker i dont tbink neither the zbad or Turris move was about money. I think Dorion honestly thought they were upgrading players both times.

        Brassars being a left handed centre they lacked who could hopefully boost Ryans game or gwt better passes to Stone. Duchene pedigree, draft position and ability to play centre and LW was veiwed as better than Turris. I Think Ottawa thought Duchene could acrually be a number 1 despite always being number 2 behind Mackennin in colorado.

        The only thing money may have had a roll is to enable them to spend the same amojnt elsewhere. When you at the cap ceiling that is what every team does.

    • This is spot on … he looks terrible. -2 again last night. Not sure what exactly this team needs? Maybe our resident Sens expert can enlighten us?

      • they are busy making an effigy of Duchene to burn later on Rideau Street

      • Guys on the blueshirt Rangers forum were willing to give up a lot for Duchene as were many teams fans…

        Sakic and Nashville really made out

      • A beating heart would be a good start.

      • oh mumshibi oh mumshibi oh mumshibi


      • Ed Vanimpe i gave my opinion in a response to the above comment.

        I will claim the title of Sens expert. Even if im expertly wrong.

    • Chrisms …I repeat your an idiot…..Crosby is the best all around player in the league even mc David said it in a early interview…He was sked who’s the beSt player in the league he said its not me with a picture of #87 behind…him

      As far as you stupid comment he isn’t even the best player on his team really…or i guess its ill play when i feel like it not voted in to the top 100 of all time because of his work ethic Malkin..please kessel maybe he was booed out of Toronto hes better overall than Crosby..Hornqvist is the penguins heartbeat and energy and a great all around player nut he isn’t on the offensive level of sid..maybe Kris leturnover is one guy el vampiro on her called him nope

      no one

    • Said it from the beginning.

      Duchene isn’t good.

      Ottawa got hilariously ripped off.

  5. Look I love the Leafs! And therefore I am a huge fan of Matthews. But let’s not kid ourselves any team would have taken McDavid if the choice that season was between these two for the number one spot. The Leafs have done a much better job of surrounding their franchise player with a winning formula than the Oilers have. Andersen’s 47 saves last night is exhibit A for now!

    I know you asked Lyle but what the hell I answered anyway.

  6. ****Warning**** off topic. Last night watching the leafs – Calgary game with around ten minutes left in the third and the game tied, Craig Simpson said something like “the leafs and Flames should just now play it safe until overtime to guarantee one point, because they’re playing an out of conference team.
    As we know the game ended in a shootout and I was thinking isn’t it a sad statement to basically waste the last ten minutes of a hockey game and how is that good for the viewing audience?
    How does the NHL fix this problem, I heard a lot of media people wanting a 3pt game, personally not a fan, I would like to see 2pts for a win and 0 pts for a loss, get rid of the shootout and play 3 on 3 until there is a winner. I don’t think any game would ever make it to a second overtime period.
    Even with my 2pts for a win and go home for a lose isn’t happening because the NHL would want to make a change and they don’t and why would they. The NHL has created a false parity league, lots of teams hanging around keeping the paying customers coming back and saying “All we need is to make the playoffs and then it’s a whole new season”.
    I looked at the standings today and to se where everybody would be if they lost their loser point and then thought back to Craig Simpson statement and realize that it didn’t make any cense to do so because some games (and not saying last night was the case) teams try not to lose their one point in the last ten minutes of a hockey game; where as if there was no loser point guarantee they would be trying harder to end it in regulation.
    In short no changes are coming because there is no benefit to the NHL to do so. Carry on and enjoy.

    • Good post Caper, I sense your frustration and it’s placed correctly

    • Agree with the comment Caper that teams are hanging on for the loser point. The problem is you have to have a limit on how long OT goes with the tight schedule these teams have. Your best players are on the ice for 3 on 3 and you can’t have unlimited OT when you have a back to back on the road, or even at home. Just not realistic and the NHLPA won’t let it happen.
      I the think the 3 points for a regulation win, 2 for OT or SO win and 1 for an OT/SO loss addresses your concerns.
      What is your biggest concern with that format?

      • I can live with the old system of 2 for a win zero for a lose, nor did I have an issue with ties. The NHL is never returning to ties so a loss is a loss, no points. Or the IIHF system with all games are worth 3 points. 3 if you win in regulation, 2 if in OT or a shoot out, with 1 going to the loser in that scenario. This some games are worth 2 points & some 3 is a joke & it does create false parity.

    • I am 100% with you on this one Caper. I don’t mind ties either; however, teams play for a point here as well.

    • Perfect example as to why the NHL needs to go to a 3 point system. 3 pts for a regulation win. 2 pts for an OT/shoutout win. 1 point for an OT/shoutout loss. IMO.

      • KevJam…agreed, that or how MLB does their points system for standings (1/2 games back/ahead). That’ll eliminate those that have the same wins, but the difference in losses.

    • I’d like to see the Premier League three – point system for a win in regulation, with overtime or shootout points split 2-1. We can’t blame teams for playing conservatively in a tie game now but they’d be crazy not to go for the full three points under the soccer system.

    • Craig Simpson (a fool) said something that you can’t even quote clearly and the game ended tied. There is no necessary connection between what Simpson said and the end result. I prefer to think that NHL players and coaches want to win every game they play. The junk the fools say on the broadcast is of no interest or import. As a further illustration of that I refer you to the clownish conversation about punk ass Matthew Tkachuk during the second intermission. If you would prefer ties just say so.

      • G2, sorry I didn’t have a pen to write down the exact wording; but I’ve watched enough hockey to know when the game is tied late, that the two teams are trying not to get scored against.
        Boston plays Arizona tonight and are presently 1 point out of a playoff spot. If the game is tied with 5 or 6 minutes left, the bruins will be protecting that 1pt, this isn’t to say they won’t be looking for opportunities to score but they’ll be no defense pinching and everyone will be back to help out. Letting Arizona have the one point means nothing to Boston and vice versa for Arizona. Right or wrong it’s a strategy used in the NHL today.

    • Caper, fully agree. Heard the statement and thought the exact same thing. The NHL needs to address this and winning in regulation has to be worth more then winning in OT.

    • The problem with continuing the games if the dont end after 5 mins of OT is tv time slots get expensive and olayets dont want to play longer with no benefit.

      I think 2 piints forca win. Nothing for a tie or loss.

  7. Just a general comment on the ongoing stupidity of the Toronto Maple Leaf offensive strategies of the last 15-20 games. Defensemen (like Gardiner mostly) fires the puck from the defensive end to the neutral zone in the middle hoping to get a cherry picking Leaf standing still. Puck always gets taken by opposing team. Opposition gets control of the puck and you have another mad scramble. Then we wonder why Toronto faces 38-45 shots a game. If the hail mary pass worked 1 out of 10 times, I could see how there might be some blind motivation. It never works.

    Babcock needs to teach these guys basic puck moving skills. Skate with the puck. No hail mary passes.

    • I couldn’t agree more. As a Leafs fan I get frustrated by those long, useless passes that become icing calls. Gardiner did it several times last night and usually does several per game. It needs to be addressed by the coaches.

      • The long useless pass. My God, I’ve cringed over that most of this season. It happens most often when the Leafs get lazy. Gardiner is a great example someone that does this far too otten. When the Leafs do execute Babcock’s exit strategy properly, they do so with great speed coming out of their end.

    • Frank,

      Could you imagine if we still had Bernier in goal facing 45 shots a night? We’d be right alongside the Oilers! What you are talking is exactly what the Leafs are missing; a skilled, puck-moving defensive minded, minute-munching defender like Karlson or Burns. I know people think the Maple Leafs need a shut down guy, but that’s a myth. Defenders, like Karlson, or Burns are shut down defenders because they have tremendous possession numbers. Some puck moving defenders move the puck but they don’t keep it leading to what you are frustrated about. Me included.

    • This basic strategy is played by virtually every team in the league, give a team a 2 goal lead, certainly a 3 goal lead & almost every team implements a 1-2-2 defensive system at a bare minimum & may well fall into it on offense as well, dumping the puck out endlessly or getting it to the red line & dumping it in.

  8. For better or worse Lehner is Buffalo’s starter for the foreseeable future. Buffalo paid Vegas a bag of pucks to pass on selecting Ullmark, I would have taken him & he was my choice from Buffalo. He has to clear waivers next season so he will be Lehner’s back up next season.

    There is no reason for Buffalo not to trade Johnson if able, if the opportunity existed they should have done so already as their season is toast.

    I have watched Buf play 3 games this year, I would have watched more but this isn’t fun to watch. Housley’s system sucks. What ails Buf isn’t in net, Lehner is a good goalie being hung out to dry. Housley’s system has Buf playing from behind in almost every game, dump & chase, dump & chase, & that means Buf is constantly having to open it up playing from behind taking chances giving up quality scoring chances.

    This house cleaning to appease Eichel has left Buf a mess. When the animals are running the zoo nothing good can come from that & what you see is what you get.

    Tim Murray had started to rebuild & reposition Buf very well after taking over from Regier, & Bylsma was making the players accountable. This smells of an Edm scenario where a lack of continuity & constant change has the ship rudderless & floundering.

  9. If Toronto pays Mathews McDavid money Leafs will compete but can’t see them winning it all. Oilers are struggling now trying to build around him and Leon it just doesn’t leave enough cash to fill out a solid team. Leafs have some great young players but they must be careful paying them too much. May need to move one for cap savings.

    • Exactly what I said about Karlsson IF he indeed intends to seek $11 mil+ on his next contract. Those kinds of contracts land you on Hamstring Avenue.

    • they either pay him or trade him… otherwise he will get signed by someone else pending rfa.

      • Perfect, trade him & take the haul he will return. I’m not paying any player 10 mil currently per season.

        As I stated yesterday or was it the day before. There are dozens of comparisons out there of players just signed or extended to 6 or 8 year deals some that don’t kick in till next season yet no where near 10 mil never mind 12.5 that are just as valuable to their respective teams & neither McDavid nor Karlsson are worth that much more than them.

        Would you like me to list a bunch of them again? Just go to Capfriendly look at signings, enter standard contracts, 5 mil to 12.5. It’s a who’s who of NHL superstars or go look at today’s NHL scoring leaders, last years the last 3 years, the last 5. Almost everyone on that list is making under 9 mil most in or around 7.

  10. Proposal
    R. Oreilly and E. Kane to Montreal for M. Pacioretty,1st 2018,N. Juulsen,
    Montreal resigns Kane 5,5 m / 6 years

    • E.Kane and O’Rielly won’t get you that return! Lets say Patches gets you a 1st rounder in a trade, E.Kane only fetches you a 2nd rounder and the same with O’Rielly. Maybe a late round 1st for O’Rielly for a contending team (27th-31st overall). So to deal BOTH O’Rielly and E.Kane for Patches+, it’ll be somewhere in the vicinity of…

      To MTL: E.Kane + O’Rielly
      To BUF: Patches + 3rd Rounder in 2018

  11. Lyle was diplomatic but realistically I would want both but I don’t think there has ever been a faster skater with the ability to both make plays and a scoring touch at full speed and this makes McDavid more valuable!But both bring the problem of having too much money invested in one player!But with great management the Penguins have managed to win cups same with Chicago despite most of the cap space being taken up by Crosby &Malkin and TOEWS&Kane.

    • chi wins came before the big big contracts to toews and kane… pens champs came on some unexpected mid round home runs, some decent trades, and players like Crosby and (at the time) letang who make the other players around them better.

      • Trying to use Chi or Pit in today’s cap world doesn’t work. Bot teams locked up significant assets under the old rules. Had Crosby been limited to 8 years his cap hit at point of signing would have maxed out, Chi got Keith & Hossa under the same rules. No 1 has that

      • This is true. And if that’s the case it means there is no proof yet about which teams will build winning formulas without that advantage… the ones locking up superstars at premium wages or those that trade those players for younger cost controlled assets. Only time will tell what works

  12. Like Tony’s Hab trade.

    I am a Leaf fan so I want Risto the dman and Buffs 2nd pick for the 2018 1st, Bracco or Rosen, Dermott or Neilsen, Johnson or Soshnikov, and Marincin or Carrick? Buffalo gets to make the choices. TO needs to move a few contracts out so the extra bodies going out make sense.

    • That’s giving up WAY too damn much. Risto and a 2nd in 2018 for our 1st, Bracco/Rosen, Dermott/Neilsen, Johnson/Sosh and Marincin/Carrick! Wow!!! If for some crazy reason we go after Risto, maybe something along the lines of…

      To TML: Risto + 1st
      To BUF: Bracco + Sosh + Carrick + 1st

      Bracco is the next Gaudreau, Sosh will be like Hornqvist, Carrick is a Risto 2.0 (Not saying that Risto is the next great dman…by no means). But Risto will be what the Leafs need. So basically the trade is Bracco and Sosh for Risto, Carrick and our 1st to get Buffalo’s 1st.

      • Really! Didn’t Gaudreau step straight into the NHL out of college? Bracco has 4 assist playing for the Marlies in 11 games.

        Carrick can’t play a regular shift on Tor’s D today, it’s not exactly stellar or crowded. The only reason Shosnikov is in the NHL today is Tor doesn’t want him returning to the KHL but he can’t even play on Tor’s 4th line.

        These types of trade offers are bizarre. Never going to happen. Botteril would hang up laughing.

    • Buf isn’t moving Risto & no team is moving a young stud Dman, even a 1 dimensional 1 for a bunch of quantity, B grade prospects. As these types of Dman approach UFA status they will become available if no hopes of being extended with 1 year remaining on their contracts. Otherwise the cost is to prohibitive.

      Not 1 of these Tor prospects your listing makes anyone’s list of elite top level prospects not even Tor’s. None are even in the top 100 of the industry standard, the Hockey New Future Watch.

      This isn’t meant to disparage these kids but these players aren’t even in Tor’s top 3 prospects not playing in the NHL which for me in no particular order are Kapanen, Lilegren & Grundstrom.

  13. The last young stud Dman moved was Jones, he moved for a young elite C Johansen.

    Weber moved for Subban. 2 elite NHL Dman swapping teams. Apples & Oranges but both elite in their own way.

    Hall for Larsson.

    Vatanen just moved for Henrique, Blandisi & a 3rd. Henrique is exactly what Anh needs, he can play C today LW when Getzlaf & Kesler return in the next 10 days, what I would consider extenuating circumstances, Anaheim had to do something before any playoff hopes were lost. Having so many NHL Dman both in the NHL & coming even made it easier.

    Go back & try to find solid D trades. Incredibly rare & almost always due to extenuating circumstances.