NHL Rumor Mill – December 8, 2017

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Latest on the New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings in your NHL rumor mill.


ESPN.COM: With New York Islanders center John Tavares eligible for unrestricted free agency next July, Greg Wyshynski lists eight destinations where he could end up. Among them is his current club, along with the Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I recommend reading the full article as Wyshynski lists the pros and cons of each potential destination. I expect Tavares will re-sign with the Isles, especially if the club’s bid to build an arena at Belmont Park proves successful. However, if he decides to move on, I don’t believe he’ll be joining the Lightning, Leafs, Red Wings, Rangers or Canucks.

The Lightning are loaded with quality talent plus they’ve got all-star right wing Nikita Kucherov due for a big raise in 2019. They’ll put their focus on re-sign him. The Leafs already have a superstar center in Auston Matthews and are in need a skilled top-pairing defenseman. The Red Wings and Canucks are rebuilding and Tavares could prefer joining a playoff contender.

Joining the Rangers would be a big-time swerve but he won’t insult his former team by joining their hated rival. The Sharks could be an intriguing possibility, especially with this season likely the last for the fading Joe Thornton in San Jose. The Canadiens would love to land Tavares and perhaps the prospect of playing with all-stars Carey Price and Shea Weber could be enticing for him. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple dipped into his mailbag answering questions from Isles fans. Despite the ugly numbers of goaltenders Jaroslav Halak and Thomas Greiss, he doesn’t see management going shopping for an upgrade this season. Halak is a UFA next summer while Greiss is signed through 2019-20.

Possible options in the trade market, such as Detroit’s Jimmy Howard and Vegas’ Marc-Andre Fleury, could prove expensive in both salary and assets. Howard is now the Wings’ No.1 goalie and Fleury is the face of the Golden Knights so they’re probably not going anywhere this season.

Staple notes the Isles need a mobile puck-carrying defenseman but that type of player is difficult to land via trade. He believes Arizona’s Oliver Ekman-Larsson would be a perfect fit but there’s no evidence he’s available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barring an injury that sidelines Halak or Greiss for a significant period, the Isles will likely play out the season with their current tandem and look at replacing Halak in the offseason. As for a puck-moving defenseman, there could be an option available near the trade deadline in Detroit. See below after the Senators blurb.


THE ATHLETIC: Frank Provenzano makes the case for the Ottawa Senators to consider trading defenseman Erik Karlsson. He suggests the club’s current struggles could be due less to underperformance and perhaps indicative of their true competitive nature. If so, the Sens shouldn’t compound the problem by handcuffing themselves to an expensive, long-term extension for Karlsson, whose play has dipped since returning to action from offseason heel surgery.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators general manager Pierre Dorion has spoken to other teams about potential deals to shake up his struggling roster. However, there’s nothing on the front burner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Provenzano is merely offering up his opinion and isn’t claiming the Sens are shopping Karlsson or even considering it. Still, it’s an issue Dorion might have to give think about next summer, especially with Karlsson already publicly signalling he won’t accept a hometown discount to remain with the Senators.

Yes, trading their franchise player next summer would certainly send the wrong signal to Sens fans, merely reinforcing the opinion that they’re a small market club that can’t, or won’t, spend what’s necessary to retain their best players. On the other hand, if what we’re seeing of the Sens this season is what they truly are, perhaps moving Karlsson next summer for a significant return of promising young talent might be necessary if a roster rebuild is in order.


DETROIT FREE PRESS: In her latest mailbag segment, Helene St. James was asked if the Red Wings would move pending UFA defenseman Mike Green at the trade deadline for “a solid draft pick.” She feels Green should attract a nice return, noting Brendan Smith last year fetched a second-round and a third-round pick. His offensive skills could make him attractive for playoff contenders.



  1. Green will get you futures and even potential to garner
    a first round pick plus. I am thinking one of the jewels at the trade deadline. However, an over payment risk. Shattenkirk did not pan out so well last year

    I don’t see how Tavares and Karlsson can or should be moved. Although Chabot is the real deal and could be the heir apparent. Nobody on the Islanders takes over from JT

    • I don’t see Tavares leaving NYI but Barzal is a future #1 C he is already a #2. This kid is a stud in the making. Has Snow sent Chiarelli an early Christmas present?

      Barzal will play 2nd fiddle to Tavares for years to come, what a great position to potentially be in for NYI.

      • Griffin Reinhart for Barzal!

      • Hey Striker, some fans suggest Chiarelli can’t build a winner but he built a hell of a second line for the Isles with Barzel and Eberle finding some great chemistry 🙂

        I agree the Isles could have a very nice one two punch moving forward if JT doesn’t demand too much and Barzel continues to play well.

      • Boston won a cup & made 2 cup appearances on Chiarelli’s watch. I still cringe with Chicago’s come back in game 6, 2 goals in the last minute 16 seconds to snatch that win & claim the series. 3 games going to OT with Chi winning 2 of them.

        What’s worse is my middle son is a Blackhawks fan. Still rubbing it in when ever needed.

      • Boston would not trade their Chiarelli Cup for the deals he made that ended up hurting their future.

        Chiarelli made good moves getting Talbot, Maroon and the Hall/Larsen is a tie.
        He needs to stop trading with the Islanders.

      • DS.

        It wasn’t just Barzal; 16th pick in 2015, but the 33rd pick which they flipped to NYR with Flo’s 3rd to move up to 28 to acquire Beauvillier.

    • I agree I can see a 1st + for Green at this point. he’s playing pretty decent right now and could be a huge upgrade on a contender’s #3 or #4 guy or fill in for an injury anywhere.

      His $6M cap hit could be tricky to move though. Inquiring teams might need to move sizable salary back as even if Detroit retains salary it might be later in the year making it a wash.

    • i don’t think the Sens can realistically sign him…. As great as he is he is also -12 in his last 8 games…

      • That’s still better than Karlsson who’s -15 in his past 10

      • Technically it’s not better.
        -12 / 8 = -1.5 per game
        -15 / 10 = -1.5 per game

      • Technical never scored a goal – or prevented one – as far as I can tell.

  2. If the Rangers offer Tavares the most $ & term he will sign on the dotted line … he won’t insult his former team??? get real … that is laughable

    • Tavares will be Sabre. He wants to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and bring a championship to Buffalo.

    • Not as much as you think, he’s very loyal to the Islanders. And the Rangers have over $51 million invested in 11 players with Miller, Hayes, Skjei and Vesey up for new contract next summer and Zuccarello, Buchnevich and McDonagh due in 2019. So, no.

      • It’s ok Lyle. EVERY comment that guy makes contains some condescending and insulting reference. Apparently he has ALL the answers.

      • Josh Georges refused a trade from Montreal to the leafs because of his distain for Toronto…So yes some players might say no because of the team. Understanding that it wasn’t a contract offer which is different in that sense.

      • I would think his “loyalty” to Isles would end if they don’t resign him. If Rangers are offering what isle don’t? Let’s not forget he’s already playing in NY. Most people already guessing MacDonaugh could be traded before contract is up. Nash won’t be back. They can sign Tavares if they feel he’s worth it.

    • Ed, JT signed one of the friendliest of team friendly deals. He’s fairly consistently shown he’s a team first type of player. He’s also been fairly clear that money isn’t the only consideration when he makes his decision or he’d have already signed an 8 year deal with the Isles.

  3. Jimmy Howard would likely enjoy a move to the Isles being he is from Syracuse. However his contract and cap hit will be the stumbling block. Doesn’t the Isles have a history of over paying for mediocre goaltending talent? Might be a light at the end of this tunnel.

    • Any chance Jimmy could become the next GM? I mean that’s what we did with one of our last mediocre goalies.

  4. Geez Lyle….no love for Canucks?

    Until Horvat went down, Canucks were holding their own and doing just fine despite what ppl think what stage they think they’re at.

    You don’t think Tavares/Boeser with Horvat finally being just a 2nd line center wouldn’t be a great look?

    • Canucks are rebuilding. I don’t think Tavares is interested in joining a rebuilding club. As I noted, I believe he prefers to join a playoff contender. For that matter, I don’t see the Canucks getting into an expensive bidding war for top UFA talent this summer. They’ll stick with their current plan.

      • I agree but they also have owners that sometimes like to get involved. Snapping at the chance to aquire a Tavares to once again pack their building is exactly something they would do.
        With Sedins coming to an end, they would have plenty of cap space as well.
        You are right that they are rebuilding but it’s not a scorched earth,tear it down rebuild otherwise guys like Sutter and Gudbranson would’ve been gone long ago.
        Their D is coming together and playing for each other while Derrek Pouliot has sure been a great addition and starting to look like the high draft pick he once was.

      • That’s bitter sweet to hear that Pouliot is finally playing at an NHL level. I was always a fan of his even when the rest of the fan base wanted his head I could see the underlying talent. I even have a Pouliot jersey. I could also see a young kid who had lost all of his confidence and was clutching the stick too tightly as he was always looking at the coach over his shoulder. I knew that if the Pens would just give him the exact minutes the Canucks did and just let him figure it out he would be fine. Instead they signed Matt Hunwick who is 90% useless and gave him Pouliots slot in the lineup. If Pouliot continues to raise his game and becomes that offensive puck moving defender that effectively QBs the PP that I know he can be and all we got was a useless AHL knuckle dragged that has already been suspended I have to start to question Rutherford’s asset management in the absence of Botterill. Good for Pouliot he needed a change of scenery and playing with Edler can only help. Bad for the Penguins giving the Canucks another potential core member for a crap return.

  5. I didn’t read the article the excerpt is from, so maybe he is referring to an eventual trade of Karlsson rather than an immediate one, but trading Karlsson this season makes no sense. Ottawa went all in with Duchene, and need to go for it and try and accomplish something this year. Also, Karlsson’s value would be greater this summer, as a trade like that is hard to make mid season. I am not saying he wouldn’t get big value now, just that the bidding war will typically be bigger in the summer, especially if the acquiring team can immediately talk and sign an extension. So while Ottawa can get a haul now, anytime you don’t absolutely squeeze max value out of a franchise altering talent if you do trade them, you are making a massive mistake.

    • Danny.

      You are correct. Moving players in season of any nature is challenging enough, finding any to help pretty much the same. Dorion doomed Ottawa’s season not adding top 4 Dman to replace the loss of Methot, ideally he would have reacquired Methot or made a side deal with Vegas to retain him. The other thing needed was a #2 LW, 1 has been needed for 2 years since MacArthur was essentially lost to a concussion.

      Ottawa didn’t go for it getting Duchene they traded Turris to get Duchene paying more for e the same basic asset.

      Now Ottawa is confronted with Brassard, Duchene & Karlsson all 1 year from UFA status this summer & unless Ottawa wants to pay them substantially is confronted with potentially having to trade all of them this summer or before next seasons trade deadline.

      Duchene & Brassard combined are going to cost more to extend than it would have cost had they just signed Zibanejad & Turris, that doesn’t make sense to me never has.

      Karlsson has said no home town discount & rumors are being bandied about in the 11 mil range to extend. I’m not paying it. Not when Dman like Hedman 7.85, 8 years starting this season, Fowler, 6.5 for 8 years starting next season, Jones 5.4, Ekblad 7.5, etc. are signed long term & although maybe not Karlsson are just as valuable the their respective teams. Karlsson isn’t worth twice what a Jones is making or or 3.5 more than Fowler, or 3 & change more than Hedman.

      If Ott can’t get Karlsson extended this summer they would be wise to shop him to the highest bidder, same for Brassard & Duchene.

      • Trading those 3 is basically a rebuild and if Ottawa isn’t replacing the GM it makes no sense. Chances are they overpay for Karlsson and Duchene and move Brassard.

      • Quite possibly. I’d sign Karlsson if it doesn’t exceed 9.5 for 8 years, 10 tops, trade Duchene riding Brassard out for as long as possible before moving him in hopes that he can be signed.

        It’s an ugly situation to be in for Ottawa. Do any of these players want to stay? I have no idea as if they don’t all are in a position to force Ottawa’s hand in a little over a year.

        A terrible situation to have put themselves in. Ottawa doesn’t really control the outcome of how this will play out, those 3 players do, they have all the leverage. Thank God Brassard & Duchene have no NMC’s or NTC’s & Karlsson has a 10 team no trade list but all being 1 year from UFA status this summer essentially gives them such.

        Teams would be willing to trade for any or all these players, the question is can Ottawa even get what they gave up to acquire Duchene & Brassard?

        The return on Karlsson could set Ottawa up for the next decade.

  6. Lyle, regarding Karlsson you write “Yes, trading their franchise player next summer would certainly send the wrong signal to Sens fans, merely reinforcing the opinion that they’re a small market club that can’t, or won’t, spend what’s necessary to retain their best players.”

    Well, this is one fan who would see only the benefits of such a trade. Any team that hamstrings themselves by paying 5 or 6 of their players with over 65% of the cap is asking for serious depth problems. That’s just the reality of a true and tight cap system with limited loopholes.

    The type of fan who would be upset by that trade is just as important to the team’s coffers, I agree, but their “loyalty” is usually based upon a superficial knowledge of the game and a tendency to put some players on proverbial pedestals. They’re the type who will scream “Ill never attend another game again” … and then do when another player captures their tendency to fawn.

    • Having been there as a Rangers fan during the Brian Leetch thing, I feel for all Ottawa fans. The details may be different but the situation remains a fecal sandwich and it’s pretty unfortunate.

    • George, your analysis makes sense except, in Karlsson’s case, he is by far the team’s best player and one of the best in the league. A different approach using your logic would be to trade one or two of the other highest paid players and sign Karlsson.

      • That would be optional, yes. Except trading Ryan and/or Phaneuf and their combined $14 mil cap hit, or the inconsistent Hoffman would be easier said than done and probably wouldn’t bring back immediate relief. As for Karlsson, he has been anything BUT their best player over the past 10 games with 0 goals and 1 assist and a combined -15.

        Those aren’t the stats of a team captain and leader that you like to see. He’s more a cause of their struggles than he is helpful in any way. Is it a hangover from his leg problems, or is he, himself, tossing in the towel on the season. I’m NOT suggesting one or the other – but the questions have to be considered.

      • That would be Ryan, Phaneuf or the significant raise coming to Stone?

        Although Phaneuf is on the hook for 3 more years after this season at 7, with the salaries sent to Tor in that trade his cost factoring in said savings is 4.6. Still hitting the cap at 7 though.

        We have already seen what not having 4 solid top 4 D has done for Ottawa’s fortunes both before Phaneuf was acquired & now having lost Methot. As well as for numerous other teams, Edm, Dal, NJ, etc. & the cost those teams paid to correct that problem.

        Doing what you suggest is achieved how? Who’s taking Ryan or Phaneuf off Ottawa’s hands today? In several years when they are facing UFA status approaching the deadline or even possibly the summer prior maybe but unless Ottawa eats significant cap hits which solves nothing what hand do they play?

        I don’t blame Dorion for the mess Ottawa is facing, he inherited it & has only been in place for a little over a year, he hasn’t really done much of anything as yet. Any GM needs a min of 5 years to start to see what they are capable of accomplishing.

        Ottawa may have no choice but to take a step back & rebuild as the core in place isn’t a cup contender. They do have some solid kids coming so maybe it’s the smartest thing to do.

    • George, the fans come to the arena to see their team but also to see their favourite player.
      They need a clear face for the franchise. Bobby Ryan won’t be the guy, Anderson is having a rough go, Hoffman is too streaky/one dimensional Duchene has shown no signs and there is no reason to put that pressure on Chabot at this time in his development.
      Trading Karlsson may be more of a financial hit than the 10M +/- you’ll pay to retain him.

      The sens will not trade Karlsson unless it is a gross overpayment and they get a highly marketable player in return.

      • I don’t go to a hockey game specifically to see any one player, I get that casual fans do. I’m a Bruins fan, have been since 72. Since I became a crazed hockey fan in 1980 I don’t identify with anyone player. Who’s the face of the Bruins? It’s a multitude of factors & my favorite team is on the other side of NA, I get to see them live at least 3, maybe 4 times a year generally. My favorite player doesn’t even play for my favorite team, none of my top 5 do.

        It all comes down to cost for me, this is business, big business & I’m doing what’s best for my organization &n the gate certainly factors in. Does no Karlsson hurt Ottawa’s attendance? Short term sure but winning, playing exciting hockey gets fans into buildings. Winning playing boring hockey limits attendance, see NJ for years. Who wanted to pay money to watch that?

        If & it’s a big if, Karlsson is moved the return would be staggering & the face of the franchise may come back in that trade if that’s what you think people need. Perhaps it’s in the future, White, Brown, Chabot, Chlapik, Bowers, or as stated above a player acquired in such a trade.

    • Penguins pay 6 players 42 million which is pretty close to 65% and all it got them was 2 Stanley Cups. I get what you are saying but if you are paying the right players and have a good draft and develop plan that goes beyond the second round of the draft it’s not that bad of a policy.

      • “paying the right players and have a good draft ….” is certainly the key. The supporting cast in Pittsburgh is, for whatever reason – judicial drafting/plain luck take your pick and probably a combination of both – heads and shoulders above anything Edmonton has assembled, for example, and if you factor Ottawa into the equation, back of Karlsson, Phaneuf, Stone, Hoffman, Brassard and Duchene.

        And, of course, none of them are remotely close to Crosby, Malkin or even Kessel.

      • That is true Deeee, and George nails it when he says that none of them are remotely close to Malkin and Crosby. And that is the rub. Players like Crosby come around once a decade and PIT won a lottery to select first. Easy decision for them.
        The hard part for teams not as fortunate as PIT is standing firm when you have to negotiate with your top guys who are not the “generational” type player and keeping them to a cap # that matches their value when you know a competitor will pay them more.
        Trading a Karlsson takes balls of steel and you will be faced with the same challenge next time your best player comes due not named Sid. And the cycle repeats itself, and your fans, as Lyle was referencing at the top, come to believe you won’t spend the money to compete.
        Tough call for ownership and Dorian.

      • Pit had the luxury of getting Crosby on a 12 year deal to get his cap hit down, no team has those options today. Not a fair comparison. Completely different rules in play now. If Pit had been limited to 8 years his cap hit would have maxed out at the time.

      • The thing with Crosby that has put him head and shoulders above his peers and has shot him into top 10 of all time is his attitude. Nothing he accomplishes is good enough for him and any chink in the armour like face offs he has obsessed about and practiced and practiced until it goes from a strength to a weakness. Crosby’s work ethic inspires average players to play way above their heads and to be successful doing it. That is where McDavid is very far behind Crosby and why Sid is still the best player in the game. He does the unimaginable and inspires his teammates to do the same. He could have given up working when he hit supreme player status years ago but he continues to do the impossible. And the penguins have a concise and solid strategy of drafting players that are going to college from the third round on an encouraging them to stay in college for 4 years which matured them outside of a professional setting and makes for better prospects with that much seasoning.

      • Deee, the other thing Sid doesn’t do that so many skilled offensive do, is cheat on defence to create offence. I think McDavid will get there and he working at it.
        His numbers are down a little this year, but he has also played through 2 illnesses and lost 10 lbs on an already lean body. Not sure if that news makes it outside EDM.
        Good take on the college players, my Bruins are starting to have success in later rounds using the same formula. Bjork, Heinen, Grezlyk with more to follow.

      • At the end of the day after this many seasons most players and pundits have to appreciate what Crosby has done both what was the hype in 2018 to how he has exceed even the cruelest pundits most harshest condemnation. He is the most complete superstar of the last 30 years and a first ballot hall of famer.

  7. With the Rangers having Nash off the books next season and the concern for depth at center might the Rangers bypass Tavares and look at ROR in Buff? If BUFF truly are shopping ROR….

    I cannot see NYR being able to give away Staal nor Smith

    to BUFF: McDonagh plus mid pick
    to NYR: ROR plus 2nd rd pick

    I rather find a way to move Smith or Staal to keep Mac BUT depth at center is an issue and I cannot see Chytl nor Andersson being ready next year for such a responsibility.

    Desharnais sliding up to center Buch and Kreider is not the answer. Nieves can slot 4th line center and rotate with Carey next season. I do not think bringing up prospect to slot 4th line is good for their development so let Chytl and Andersson stay where they are until they can play top 9 perm.

    • Chytil can get called up next season if they let Desharnais walk along with Nash


      • I definitely think Mcdonagh could be shopped, but certainly not for a contract like ROR has.

        Is ROR really any different than Stepan? I don’t think so, just a million dollars more expensive.

        Ny could use a center. But not ROR. If Mcdonagh is shopped , I’d imagine Gorton will be seeking a combo of picks and prospects. Absolutely nothing he’s doing indicates he wants to take assets and flip them for older players . Mcdonagh for ROR would be a huge waste of asset management.

    • If NYR trades McDonagh I will be shocked.

      Zibaejad & Hayes are suitable top 2 C’s, both Andersson & Chytil have very bright futures & will be in the NHL at some point next season. I’m still surprised Andersson wasn’t retained this season but better for his long term development to have been returned to Sweden, he will be NY”s #3 C next season & in 3 to 4 years after entering the NHL be their solid 2 way #2 C. He is already sound defensively & has significant untapped potential offensively.

      As always really looking forward to my favorite hockey & tournament of the year. That being the WJC’s. Extremely entertaining, these kids play with heart, passion, displaying incredible skills, taking chances that would get you benched in the NHL.

      I’m an NHL hockey freak but this is my favorite hockey more than the NHL, it’s regular season or cup finals. The only thing comparable for me is the best of the best playing in the Olympics.

  8. One option I haven’t heard much about with the new CBA would be to allow teams to sign home grown talent (maybe just one, or maybe multiple) and have them count less against the cap by a percentage. Example… Say Kucherov wants 10 mil a year. Tampa would be able to sign their own drafted and developed player for that but have it only count as 8 against the cap. so a 20% reduction. Karlson could ask for 12 mil but only count 9.6 mil against cap. good for the fans who invested emotional energy into the player, good for the players who still get paid but can have a team around them, good for some of the owners who are willing to spend. almost a win win win.

    • Bad for the have nots or markets where people don’t want to play.

      The NHL will do what it always does, dictate terms & get exactly what they want, as so they should, they put up all the moe all the money & assume all the risk. The NHLPA hasn’t been smart enough to get things before they realize their mistakes. A continuity issue with always having a new leader & far to much power being distributed to to many.

      Bettman only needs the support of 12 member teams to do as he chooses.

      The players will want expansion revenue added to the next CBA, the Olympics, better revenue sharing, more comprehensive HRR, etc. The NHL will happily give them all of these things but at a cost to the NHLPA. The NHL will want something in place to address 2nd contracts, & HRR, I assume they will want the HRR 50/50 split altered in favor of the NHL. I assume 52/48 but this will have to be off set by greater HRR & significantly better revenue sharing. Should the NHL achieve this, almost every team in the NHL could eventually be profitable & not all teams would have to rely on making the playoffs to turn a profit.

      Expansion revenue won’t matter to the NHL now as the next round of expansion will be decades out if ever, they want the Olympic’s as well really just on their terms with the OIC, which they will get eventually & the have teams are making so much money they can easily afford to share more.

      I’m not saying your idea won’t be tabled by teams but there will be more teams opposed than in favor of this concept. The have nots out # the haves by more than 3 to 1. The top 4 revenue earners in the NHL make more money than they other 26 teams combined. Can’t add Vegas to the equation yet as who knows what there revenue will be.


      • I disagree… more teams close to the cap, or even fighting to stay under, than those trying to keep roster costs down. Remember this isnt “costing” the teams more as the haves and have nots still exist today… someone will pay these players the 10-12 millions dollars. this allows teams up against the cap to retain their stars.

  9. Not saying it will happen but Mtl also has Max Pac and Droiun (if moved to wing) as potential linemates, beyond Weber and Price. I remember one issue early in Tavereses caeer in NYI was a lack of top wingers to play with him, hence the Ladd deal. Would not be an issue in Mtl…

  10. The Isles actually have depth in young D (Pullock, Pelleck, Mayfield), top six forwards (Bailey, Nelson, Ho Sang, Beauville), and draft picks. They could put a package together for a puck moving D man or an upgrade in net without crippling themselves. They also have some young prospects that are not that far away. If Oliver Ekman Larson became available I would think they could put together a competitive offer. Of course they wouldn’t be the only ones and how many elite salaries can you really fit on one team?

  11. I’m thinking
    a 2nd rounder + Spooner and Vatrano to Minnesota for Matt Dumba & a 5th Rounder in return
    any thoughts?

    Mike green could end up suiting up for the blackhawks or maybe even the leafs I’m thinking