Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 10, 2017

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Latest on the Senators and Oilers in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Ottawa Senators management intend to approach their 10 players with no-trade clauses and request from each a list of teams they don’t want to be dealt to. Team captain Erik Karlsson is among those players but Friedman said it’s merely an option and doesn’t make it a certainty that they’ll move him. He explained the Sens employed the same tactic with their roster in 2011 before trading Mike Fisher, Chris Kelly and Alex Kovalev.

Karlsson’s recent comments indicating he’d seek full value and no less on his next contract if he goes to market apparently didn’t sit well with Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, according to Nick Kypreos. While Friedman believes the club is trying to move that that, Kypreos considers it a “no-brainer” to trade Karlsson. “It just doesn’t make sense to pay a guy $12 to $13 million if you can’t afford to surround him with players that can compete,” he said. Friedman feels that’s a tough trade to win.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In addition to Karlsson, forwards Bobby Ryan, Mike Hoffman, Derick Brassard, Zack Smith, Clarke MacArthur (all but retired now because of concussion symptoms), Alex Burrows and Nate Thompson plus defensemen Dion Phaneuf and Johnny Oduya carry no-trade clauses in their respective contracts. Karlsson, Ryan, Hoffman, Brassard and Phaneuf are signed beyond this season with salary-cap hits exceeding $5 million. 

Over the past couple of weeks there’s been reports of Senators general manager Pierre Dorion aggressively working the phones seeking help for his floundering roster. The feeling among the punditry is Dorion’s already made his big move with the Matt Duchene deal last month and is now seeking something smaller that could still bolster his lineup.

The Sens, however, are losing ground in the standings, sitting 14th in the Eastern Conference standings and seven points out of third in the Atlantic Division. They’ve been in a funk since returning from their two-game series last month against the Colorado Avalanche in Sweden. It’s been suggested that shipping out Kyle Turris to Nashville as part of the three-team deal in early November to bring in Duchene upset the club’s chemistry. Whatever the reason, they look nothing like the overachievers who marched to within an overtime goal of reaching the 2017 Stanley Cup Final.

If the Sens haven’t turned things around in a month’s time, I think Dorion starts contacting teams that aren’t on those players’ no-trade lists to see what he can get for them. However, the expensive cap hits of Ryan, Hoffman, Brassard and Phaneuf could be difficult to move in-season. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but interested clubs could insist on the Sens absorbing part of their cap hits or insist they take back a bad contract in return.

And as Kypreos points out, if the Sens go into fire-sale mode before the Feb. 26 trade deadline, that could be the beginning of the end of Karlsson’s tenure in Ottawa. He’s eligible for unrestricted free agency in 2019.  While he would certainly garner considerable attention leading up to this year’s trade deadline, that’s a move that likely takes place in the offseason, as any club pursuing Karlsson will want permission to speak to him in July about signing a contract extension before agreeing to acquire him.


Nick Kypreos also reports the Edmonton Oilers are among several clubs with interest in Winnipeg Jets third-string goaltender Michael Hutchinson. Kypreos notes Hutchinson is playing well recently in the American Hockey League. He believes the delay is because backup Steve Mason (concussion) has yet to be cleared to return to action, though that could come later this week. Hutchinson could also draw interest from the Florida Panthers and Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Elliotte Friedman also reports the Oilers also looked at Petr Mrazek of the Detroit Red Wings. However, it’s unclear where they stand at this point. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hutchinson probably isn’t going anywhere until Mason is fully cleared to return and perhaps gets a game or two under his belt. With the Oilers, Panthers and Penguins believed in the market for goaltending, the Jets might get themselves a decent draft pick from one of them for Hutchinson.

As for Mrazek, I doubt the Oilers have serious interest in him. The 25-year-old carries a $4 million cap hit and has lousy numbers with the Wings this season. 



  1. the style of play the sens used last year to go on there run requires a lot of mental focus and discipline and isn’t a very fun game for the players to play every night. If you watch the Sens this year the players don’t have the desire to play the same style, especially in the neutral zone where they dominated last year. Sens are built to create turnovers in the neutral zone and then use quick wingers to score under Boucher. In 08 the pens made the cup then fired the coach mid way through the next year so just because they made it to the conference finals doesn’t mean Boucher can’t get fired,which is a lot easier then trading all those contracts. My feeling is that his style is to tough and restrictive and players are tuned out.

    • I dont think its desire.

      The loss of Methot and the injury to Boroweicki has made it very difficult for them to implement the system of lsst year.

      The Left d stood the opposition up in the neutral zone. Funneling it to the right side whete the likes of Stone could generate turn overs.

      The left D cant handle ut this year. Methot was a bigger loss than we all realised. Not a star name but his attributes meshed in 5he system well.

      Things are simply falling apart in that snowball effect as they searxh force solution. They dont seem to have.

  2. bad timing for ott with karlson. his play is down, he publicly talked about his contract demands letting teams know the rough cost he will bring. he will get a good return but the value of that return has taken a hit.

    pens dont need a goalie. baby pens might… not the pens

    • What bothered me the most about Karlsson’s revelation to the media about “not accepting a home-town discount” was the fact he blurted that out at all. I mean, I don’t think he’s a stupid person, and while he could have simply followed the politically-correct book of cliches and said “I don’t want to discuss contract this far in advance” he chose to launch a bomb in he general direction of his GM and his teammates. of which he is their captain. To what end? I can only assume he knew exactly what he was doing and damn the torpedoes.

      He clearly wants out NOW, so do it as soon as he presents his list of 10 non-destinations that the team has requested.

    • If you watched last night the Pens desperately need a veteran goalie … Murray is injury prone and will get injured again this year. Jarry is okay but is too young to sit when Murray gets back. But what the Pens really need is to get rid of Letang which won’t happen. Will never 3 peat with him back there playing 25+ minutes a night. He handles the puck like it’s a hand grenade. I would either scratch him or move him to forward. Which of course won’t happen either. Frank Corrado can turn it over just as much as Letang can and a lot cheaper.

      • jarrys done well enough… and why should he sit? murray was obviously not up to snuff… maybe he needs to be looking over his shoulder like when MAF was here. givde them closer to 50/50 starts and occasionally ride the hot hand. make em work for it.

      • should of never signed Letang he Is the most overrated overpaid player in the league. plays like a figure skater
        eveytime someone touches him he out for 2 weeks

      • Agreed ED lETANG has just been way off… with the rest from last year he should be fresh.. he cant shoot he needs to get off the power play… teams just pack in down low every one knows he wont shoot it ala burns doughty karlsson He is making bad reads, decisions and making tons of turnovers.


      • Letang has a nmc b and g… why would he co to ott?

        Pens dont win cup in 16 without letang who should have been conn smythe… not sure whats up with him this year

      • Gotta love Pens fans that turn on their best players for having slumps in their game. Up until this year Letang was a legit #1dman. One of maybe 15 in the league. His health issues are hardly his fault and you can guarantee he will get it together soon enough. He’s too talented not to. And WHO are they going to get that is a veteran and available to play goal that is better than what they have? What a waste of assets and cap space.

  3. The Sens will “turn it around” when Hell gets a franchise. There is NO heart on that team and leading the way in indifference is their so-called captain and team leader who has chipped in with 0 goals and 1 assist in 16 games and is a -16 over that span. Some leader.

    Trade him now – along with Ceci, Hoffman, Smith, Ryan, Brassard and whatever they can get for useless slugs like Thompson, Burrows, Pageau. If they have to hold money back in some instances (Ryan), so be it. At this stage who the Hell cares in Ottawa? Anyone who gets upset over the dealing of an unmotivated so-called “professional” doesn’t know their ass from their elbow anyway when it comes to hockey and team cohesion.

    • wow

    • Ouch.

      I am also leaning towards a full blown rebuild but am amazed how you’ve turned on players like Pageau after proving me wrong as to what he brings to the game. Am I now proven right with my thougjts a few years ag9. Its funny how much a year can change ones opinion of a player and team.

      I do think it is more a team composition not talent. Much like Edmo ton’s annual plight.

      • Again it is neither, i just dont think theu are capable of implementing the system with the current roster makeup.

      • Jeff, if you look at Pageau’s history, he’s the type who rises to the occasion only in the playoffs. And this team isn’t headed for the playoffs for the foreseeable future. Like Hoffman, he’s inconsistent to a fault during the long season and, like Hoffman, is NOT the type a team will look to for leadership when they’re in a funk. They are part and parcel of any funk for as long as it lasts. Dorion has badly miscalculated both his roster and his coaching staff.

    • Oh my, that sounds like a terrible idea. You can’t just burn it down. The young players coming need a sound foundation to step in to.

      • At least get rid of the malcontents because THAT’S an atmosphere and influence you DON’T want your young players coming in to be exposed to when things go wrong. I want leaders – not pouters.

      • No quick fix to that issue. A systematic restructuring is necessary. Dorion made assumptions, you supported this transition to all these young Dman you felt were ready. I said good luck with that, no slight to any of them but learning to play D in the NHL takes 4 to 6 years or in or around 400 games. How’s Cleasson looked as a replacement for Methot?

        Methot wasn’t replaced no slight to Oduya, a solution to MacArthur’s loss had to be found, nothing was done. Moving Zibby for Brassard was a mistake, moving Turris replacing him with Duchene an even bigger 1, everything tried has failed, now Ottawa plays the hand they dealt themselves.

        There are no quick fixes, it’s going to get far worse before it gets better as it’s a mess now, a mess that Murray created & Dorion has perpetuated in his brief time. Much has to do with the financial constraints Melnyk has forced on this team.

      • Look, they went to within a double OT goal of advancing to the finals with Brassard, who played damned will in those playoffs.

        I didn’t count oin them losing their biggest hitter on D when Borowiecki went down, AND his 5/6 partner Wideman who was having a good season to that point. Yes, I thought Claesson would be playing more consistently than he has, but I also wasn’t counting on Karlsson going for the proverbial s*^t while his team was struggling.

        And contrary to what you or any other self-proclaimed “expert” and self-back-slapper thinks, their current funk has NOTHING to do with the loss of Methot (they were off to a pretty damned good start without him) and MacArthur (they got to the playoffs without him along for the ride).

        This is a case of a bunch of petulant little -a-holes pouting over what is being asked of them by their coach. Period. And what effing “financial constraints” for chrisakes – they are within $2.6 mil of the cap. Mis-spent maybe there’s a solid caswe for that. But there are NO effing “financial constraints.”

      • I mean, what did Melnyk do, call in Dorion and tell him you can spend all but $2.6 of the cap – and then watch as Dorion walked away muttering “damn – he’s hamstringing me on the roster …” WHO he spent it on was left to Dorion – did he spend it wisely? There’s plenty of argument that he did not. But in no way was he “constrained” financially.

  4. I was on the record that the Duchene trade was bad for Ottawa. But, it was hardly enough to destroy the team.

    It’s clear as day that the team has either quit on Boucher or the other coaches have figured out his gimmicky 1-3-1.

    They gave up 50 shots last night. FIFTY. It’s supposed to be a defensive system. Players hate playing the 1-3-1 when it WORKS. When it fails, they give up. Intentionally or not.

    They must fire Boucher. ASAP. Guys like Dave Tippett are out there (though, I’d wager decent money that Dallas native Thomas Dundon might hire Tippett for his Canes once he gets them).

    And honestly, maybe the should fire Dorion, too.

    Keeping Ryan over Methot. Not reacquiring Methot when he went to Dallas for peanuts. Trading a better player than Duchene and a first and other pieces for Duchene. He’s had a bad 6 month run here.

    The Sens were the best team the Pens played last spring. Now, they are a tire fire.

    • I was on the record that the Duchene trade was bad for Ottawa. But, it was hardly enough to destroy the team.

      —so was everyone not an ott fan

      It’s clear as day that the team has either quit on Boucher or the other coaches have figured out his gimmicky 1-3-1.

      They gave up 50 shots last night. FIFTY. It’s supposed to be a defensive system. Players hate playing the 1-3-1 when it WORKS. When it fails, they give up. Intentionally or not.

      — this is dead on

      They must fire Boucher. ASAP. Guys like Dave Tippett are out there (though, I’d wager decent money that Dallas native Thomas Dundon might hire Tippett for his Canes once he gets them).

      And honestly, maybe the should fire Dorion, too.

      —- tippett is terrible

      Keeping Ryan over Methot. Not reacquiring Methot when he went to Dallas for peanuts. Trading a better player than Duchene and a first and other pieces for Duchene. He’s had a bad 6 month run here.

      —it wasnt about keeping ryan over methot, it was a bad combo of nmc and risk of losing a different forward over a mediocre 2nd pair d man. and I dont believe they were eligible to trade for methot until sometime later in the season. expansion rules unless I misread them

      The Sens were the best team the Pens played last spring. Now, they are a tire fire.

      — also true

      • “I was on the record that the Duchene trade was bad for Ottawa. But, it was hardly enough to destroy the team.
        —so was everyone not an ott fan”

        At the time of the trade most pundits and fans praised Ott, then Sakic……………….and then kinda mentioned Nashville.

        Duchene will be “the Erik Karlsson of their forwards” was an actual quote I’ve heard more than once, FFS.

        Maybe Karlsson heard that and thought he was supposed to be the Matt Duchene of the D and stopped scoring and trying.

        Also, yes, after the Vegas-Dallas trade it was noted by reporters that Ottawa could have legally traded for Methot. Pens could get MAF if they want. As long as it was a real trade and not a clear collusive ploy to circumvent the expansion draft.

      • Tippet is terrible. He had almost a decade of pure impotence in Arizona as a coach and having a big say in player personnel. That’s why he had to be fired because he kept vetoing what Chayka was trying to do. He’s the last thing Ottawa needs. The Sens have a lot of skill in their team. They need a new voice and a young, hungry, coach. They basically need to clone Mike Sullivan but since they can’t they should hire Clark Donatelli. The Pens coaching farm system has been pretty good lately and Donatelli has a very untalented team in WBS playing in first place. That’s the kind of coach the Sens need not some old retread that is stuck in the past.

      • Why would the Pens want MAF and that contract back? He’s gone let him go. He’ll be impossible to get rid of if they trade for him back. Jarry will have some growing pains and bad nights but he has much more upside in keeping him with the big club. Murray should start next game.

      • Oh…
        IF I’m Melnyk I’m firing Dorian before he can get bent over another desk by a rival GM. Then I apologize to my coaches for giving him a lame team to work with. And yes…I’m trading Karlsson while he is still healthy and holds a TON of trade value.

        That guy has set that team back YEARS by trading away the future.
        I’m hoping Benning can squeeze him one last time.
        Take Edler for Chabot or Granlund for White

      • Tippett’s teams overachieved almost every year in Dallas and he took a very mediocre Yotes team to the WCF in 2012.

        Also, now that we see the results of what Chyka was trying to do…not sure how arguing against it is a strike against Tippett. Far from it.

        Also, Pens would not want MAF. Just an example. It was reported that teams wouldn’t be able to reacquire those they lost in the expansion draft. That was clarified to be incorrect after the Methot deal.

      • I think it was a choice of losing methot or Pageau

      • The league has changed a lot since Tippet was in Dallas and Tippet hasn’t. The Coyotes season so far is not on Chayka. He brought in quality players and didn’t give up much to get them. They have yet to ice their optimal lineup and were hoping for a little more from guys like Strome, Dvorak, Crouse etc. With this much turnover there are bound to be growing pains. It’s all going to come together for them by the end of the season, far to late to matter mind you but it will.

      • must be reading different sources then cause almost ever source I read questioned the duschene deal.

        biggest problem arizona had was they got rid of tippett and hired a coach just as bad in tochett. man was I a happy pens fan to see him move on.

      • “Maybe Karlsson heard that and thought he was supposed to be the Matt Duchene of the D and stopped scoring and trying”

        This gave me a good chuckle. Made my day. Thanks MG.

    • If Ottawa changes coaches, the answer is right there in Marc Crawford. He would change the style of play overnight. I also think the players would put out for him, mainly to prove that they are solid NHL players. As for Karlsson, there have to be questions about the injury he suffered last year. No one seems ready to acknowledge its effect. He was fantastic in the playoffs last year – did he suddenly quit on his team this year? I don’t think so.

      • go and get another coach but stay away from toronto eg. sheldon keefe get your own

    • TYhe fact that Methot went to Dallas for virtually nothing that will help Vegas for at least 5 years opens a lot of questions. Was the fact McPhee got nothing better a signal that Methot wasn’t as highly regarded as some think? Or was McPhee an idiot in not scouring the market better?

      I thought perhaps the latter at the time – but when I see how well his team is doing to this stage of the season I have to re-think that opinion. So, if he was astute everywhere else up and down his roster, why so little for Methot? Especially considering the large holes on D of a number of teams that thought they were on the way up.

  5. Boucher is beginning to look like the Billy Martin of Hockey. A good short run followed by a burnt out team that underachieves. Like to see a different, supportive personality behind the bench for a bit before cleaning house — hard to improve your organization by trades unless you do a complete players for prospects rebuild & have great scouting. & that takes years.

    • Good analogy Richard

  6. I would agree with “they look nothing like the overachievers who marched to within an overtime goal of reaching the 2017 Stanley Cup Final.”

    But that is just it. It was a great run but due 100% to overachieving. Any team can get hot at the right time, and sometimes team go above and beyond reality. Reality has set in for the Sens. You can’t expect overachieving to be a thing a team can sustain year to year.

    I don’t believe for one second that all of this has EVERYTHING to do with trading for Duchene. Is there one person out there that really thinks he’s upset the balance of all 4 lines or that trading Turris has hurt 19 other players this badly?

    Because if either one of those scenarios were legitimate… this team has much bigger issues than we think.

    • A big BIG part of the run last year was the play of Anderson and those in front of him who were carried through most of the season by emotion surrounding the cancer battle of Anderson’s wife. That emotion and adrenaline is no longer there. They are collectively flat with no real team leader to pull them out of it. They need a BIG shake-up – and I don’t mean Boucher, although it wouldn’t upset me to see him canned. Would Crawford – who’s had considerable experience as a head coach – implement something different?

      Just about the ONLY guys I’d keep off that bunch are Chabot, Stone and Harpur.

      • I have a hard time buying into this. by that correlation wouldnt personal tragedy be a commodity to increase a players value? Dominic Moore for example would have led a team on a cup run. the stories are nice to hear about rallying etc but I dont put a lot of credence into them

    • There is a difference from over axheiving last year to what they actually were and what they are now.

      • I don’t really see much of a difference overall over the last 4-5 years. Make the playoffs, miss the playoffs….

  7. Ditch Boucher right away, assess the team In the coming weeks. We will then have a better understanding of what the players want for themselves, the fans and organization.

    • You mean in addition to the millions they’re making to be professionals and do what they’re told to do?

      • they make those millions whether they perform or not… not a big deal to putz around until contract years… beware buff of kane!

      • I would like to see who cares and who doesnt

  8. It seems obvious that he has lost the room but they would just replace Boucher with Crawford because they are already paying him.

  9. Sens are building around Chabot, White, and Brown. Everyone else is available. Maybe Ceci and Stone to a lesser degree… Good Luck

  10. As a Bruins fan Karlsson wouldn’t be affordable. But I wouldn’t mind Ryan.
    Maybe a couple prospects and take a little salary off our hands.

    • Disregard my comment .
      Thought he was making 5 million not over 7
      One goal in 20 games no thanks.
      Good luck with that roster Ottawa

  11. Ottawa is pretty laughable right now, everybody seems to see that. Dorion has not proven to be a capable GM and trading everybody off that roster sounds like a game of deflecting blame from himself. Ottawa gave up way too much to acquire Duchene, but we should not be upset with Duchene for not performing well. I also do not like Boucher or his system, and with a different, more modernly offensive style coach, Duchene and many of the current players could actually thrive.

    I think the Sens, like SilverSeven too, can build around Thomas Chabot, Colin White and Logan Brown to an extent, but should also keep Duchene and at least Stone, if not Hoffman too. It is too early still to give up on Ceci, but Phaneuf is trash. Too bad for Ottawa everyone else sees that too.

    There are pieces there, but a new GM should come in and keep re-stocking the prospect cupboard.

    As a long-time Flames fan, I thought Bob Hartley, contrary to Brad Treliving, had not taken the Flames “as far as he could take it”. His system is based on a mobile defense that almost entirely creates the offense. Giordano and Brodie together under that system was really fun to watch. Long story short, give Hartley a shot in Ottawa and break them free from this Jacques Lemaire circa 1995 wanna-be.

    • I could live with Hartley taking over.

  12. Not many good teams could afford Erik and a rebuilding team makes no sense. Paying that kind of money for an aging D-man for 7 years is silly. Can’t blame him for wanting to get paid I just wouldn’t sign him for 12 over 7 maybe 10 over 5. Could see a fit in Jersey though.