Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 3, 2017

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Latest on Drew Doughty, Erik Karlsson, Evander Kane & Wayne Simmonds in your Sunday NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports the Los Angeles Kings’ management had no issue with defenseman Drew Doughty’s comments last week regarding his intent to discuss contract negotiations tactics with Ottawa Senators blueliner Erik Karlsson and his belief they both deserve more than Nashville’s P.K. Subban ($9 million annual salary-cap hit). Doughty and Karlsson are eligible in July 2019 for unrestricted free agency. Kypreos said their priority is to make Doughty an offer by July 1, 2018 in hopes of avoiding a lengthy contract negotiation becoming a distraction like John Tavares’ current negotiations with the New York Islanders.

“They understand that he will put himself in a position to be higher than the highest paid player in L.A., which is Kopitar at $10 million,” Kypreos said. “But for them to remain competitive in years to come, I don’t think that they’re willing to give him, basically, a top-leveled kind of contract. I do believe that it will be slightly higher, but not to the point where he prices himself out completely out of a competitive team for years to come.”

Chris Johnston, meanwhile, noted Karlsson’s response to Doughty’s comments, telling the Ottawa Sun he won’t accept a hometown discount and will seek what he’s worth, regardless of where he ends up. Johnston believes Sens management won’t comment on this as they don’t want to stoke any fires here. He also points out Doughty and Karlsson are represented by Newport Sports, who also represent Karlsson’s teammate Mark Stone, who’s a restricted free agent in July.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The comments by Doughty and Karlsson understandably raised questions over their futures with their respective teams. Bear in mind they’re under contract through 2018-19, so the Kings and Senators aren’t under pressure to re-sign these guys or trade them this season. I believe they want to get their best blueliners under contract as early as possible, meaning next July. Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise me if both end up inking expensive long-term contract extensions. 

Things could get interesting, however,  around the time of the 2018 NHL Draft next June. If there’s a sense the Kings feel they can’t afford Doughty or the Sens believe Karlsson is too expensive to retain, one or both could hit trade block by the draft weekend. I’m not saying that’s going to happen but we cannot dismiss the possibility. 


As the Buffalo Sabres continue to flounder at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings, Elliotte Friedman reports there’s a sense around the league that they’re open for business and could entertain offers for anyone except center Jack Eichel. Regarding defensemen Rasmus Ristolainen and Marco Scandella or forward Sam Reinhart, Friedman believes any offer for them will have to be great to pry any of them out of Buffalo.

As for left wing Evander Kane, the frequent subject of trade speculation, Friedman said a couple of sources suggested looking at what the Winnipeg Jets got for Andrew Ladd and the Dallas Stars for Martin Hanzal at last year’s trade deadline for the type of return the Sabres could get.

“Winnipeg got Marko Dano, a first-round pick, and a conditional pick for Ladd from Chicago, and Arizona got a first, a second and a fourth from Minnesota for Hanzal and Ryan White,” said Friedman. He adds the Sabres believe Kane is a better player than Ladd and Hanzal so they’ll set a higher price. “I don’t think they’re going to be getting a franchise defenceman for him, but I think that’s the idea of what they want to be, and Kane is having a great year.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While Sabres GM Jason Botterill is likely willing to listen to offers for everyone but Eichel, it doesn’t mean he’s staging a fire sale leading up to the trade deadline. The only guy I think is a certain trade candidate is Kane, as he’ll likely seek around $7 million annually on a long-term deal plus he could be weary of playing for non-contenders. Moving Kane, however, will likely take place closer to the trade deadline.

I’ll be surprised if Ristolainen or Scandella get traded, as the Sabres need all the blueline depth they can get. Reinhart, however, has already surfaced a couple of time this season in trade chatter and could start becoming a more frequent subject of speculation in the coming weeks. 


As the Philadelphia Flyers sink lower in the standings, Kypreos believes winger Wayne Simmonds could start coming up in the rumor mill near the Feb. 26 trade deadline. He doesn’t believe the Flyers want to move Simmonds but feels GM Ron Hextall is going to face making some tough decisions as the season goes on. One league executive considers him the Flyers most valuable asset.

Kypreos feels this could be a prime time to move him to maximize the return on Simmonds. Given the big contracts of Claude Giroux and Jakob Voracek, Kypreos doubts the Flyers have sufficient room to re-sign the winger when he’s eligible for UFA status in 2019.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be surprised if Hextall moves Simmonds, at least this season anyway. However, it’s something he could consider in the offseason. Simmonds turns 30 next August and his physical style of play will take eventually take its toll on his body as he ages. If Hextall decides he wants a younger roster, maybe he’ll entertain offers for Simmonds by the NHL draft weekend next June. 

The Flyers have over $36 million tied up in just eight players for 2019-20 and Simmonds could seek $6 million annually on his next contract. However, if the salary cap climbs to over $80 million by then, they could easily afford to re-sign him if they wish.  



  1. If Simmonds is moved it will be for hockey reasons not salary cap reasons. With Matt read, Fillipula and the Letarha contracts coming after books the next two years you’re looking at almost $14 million of Space created.

    However if he is traded especially at the you have to think there are a many teams that would love to have this all-around player. Depending on where the oilers are they have to be in play. The leafs, Ducks, and any other contender have to have interest.

    In addition with this Space the Flyers will probably take a run at one of the forwards this off-season. Whether it be Taveras JVRor Evander Kane.

    • I’d love to see simmonds replace horny on pens but thats an ea sports fantasy.

      • Yes it is a fantasy.
        Never to the Pens…

      • We don’t need Simmons we have Horny…. Although Jagr did play for the Flyers so Simmons to the Penguins yikes Chrisms. guys have gone to and from both teams Tocchet Max Talbot Jagr!

      • Paul Coffey, Mark Recchi, Steve Downie, Tommy Sestito, Arron Asham, Ken Wregget, Kjell Samuelson, and that’s off the top of my head.

      • Pens/Flyers do not trade under any circumstances-ever. If you sign an ex-flyer/Penguin. Why-trading with the enemy only means you coveted that player all along.

      • Pens and Flyers made a trade that won the Pens the 1992 Stanley Cup. It has happened before and the players have no allegiances at the end of the day. They would play for one team one year and their teams biggest rival the next year if the money is right.

  2. Regarding Karlsson, I think it’s less of a “can’t afford him” scenario and more of a “do we want to encumber our payroll with one guy making $10 mil PLUS per year” kind of approach. Certainly, by then, they’ll have a handle on how such contracts are affecting efforts to build balanced competitive rosters by teams such as Edmonton, Buffalo and, yes, Toronto, when the time comes.

    Also, in Ottawa’s case, young D like Chabot, Harpur and perhaps Jaros will have more NHL experience under their belts, so who knows what the team thinking will be by then?

    Having said all that, how many teams can “afford” to bring in Karlsson at $10 mil PLUS for the same reasons just stated. It’s fine to speculate on potential rising cap ceilings, but when you sign someone like that long-term you are at the mercy of stagnant cap growth periods as well – as some have discovered in recent years with contracts paying a lot less than $10 mil PLUS!

    • George if you want to be competitive teams have to lock up their stars, the cap will keep rising 80 million for next yr is the talk. Are free agents more likely to come with EK or without is another way of looking at it

      • You have way more confidence in the viability of the North American economic outlook over the next years than I do. Let’s hope you’re right for all our sakes – but if you’re wrong (don’t forget the 2008 collapse) the first establishments to suffer will be the pro sports leagues.

        As for using “star power” to attract other “star” UFAs, how many do you think Edmonton will be able to afford to strengthen their overall team with, starting next season, $46,667,000 in cap space tied up with 7 players signed through to at least 2012-22? Even if the cap foes rise to $80 mil, that’s 58% of their cap with 16 players still to fill out the rest of their roster.

      • Just look at the leafs should they trade Matthews when he asks for 12million? Nothing much a team can do when their best player asks for the market value

      • You can’t say 2008 isn’t repeated but it’s impact on the NHL was nominal, the CDN dollar’s decline starting in the summer of 2014 altered the cap world significantly. That was 5 years later, the cap was still running out of control then & the 2012-13 lockout helped level the buildings model further as it will again in 2020-21.

        The reason the cap is projected to raise to 80 mil next season is the Canadian dollar recovering 8 cents in the blink of an eye & stabilizing, the primary 2nd reason is the NHL’s rebranding of how they sell themselves world wide electronicly which was implemented at the start of last season.

        The NHL has markets available that will gladly pay 500 mil US to join the club, but only 1 more will be accommodated for the next decade min. Quebec was happy to $ got passed over. Houston, Seattle or Kansas City are all potential new markets. 1 gets a new team & 1 of the others eventually gets Carolina.

        The NHL will take it’s next expansion pay check before this CBA expires as the NHLPA won’t be stupid enough to add that to the next CBA as HRR.

        These financial concerns you have aren’t based on facts.

      • No, they’re not based on fact. Just having lived for close to 80 years and aware that the U.S. has gone through multiple recessions of varying degrees since their formation. If you climb back down off your high-horse and read back you’ll see where I I said to BigBadBruins that I hope he’s right – I wasn’t “predicting” anything, but one thing I do know for certain, most of the recessions – including the last big one in 2007 – came without warning and there WAS a detrimental affect on [pro sports in North America. If you have time. read this article publish by John Carroll University

      • Striker-over and over you keep referring to the CBA and it’s impact on expansion fees. Under the current CBA and any future CBAs the expansion fees will never ever ever be included under hockey related revenues. I wish you would stop insinuating that this expansion timeline has anything to do with the expiring CBA.

    • Karlsson is arguably the best defence man in the league. There are a lot of teams that would make room for him. Same goes for Doughty. Ottawa does have some great young talent coming along on the blue line but how about taking a run at the Cup with all of them back there? It’s contracts like Bobby Ryan’s that are the problem.

      • My #1 Dman is Doughty, next would be Karlsson or Hedman. Karlsson is dynamic offensively, good defensively but doesn’t play the physically imposing game of a player like Doughty. They aren’t exactly the same assets except that both play D. If either hits the UFA market the bidding war would be significant, if put up for trade the return amazing.

  3. My sources in Buffalo tell me that the locker room is split with half guys with Eichel and other half Ryan O’Reilly. Looks like ROR is gone. Eichel also had problems with Gionta an Gorges before. Looks like Jack is a crybaby and the way he’s playing makes me doubt him.

    • On a radio show the other day they were talking about ROR being a good fit for the Habs

    • You do get the feeling Jack acts like the team and league are his before earning it.
      I do not watch Buffalo games enough to know if his teammates have his back or not

    • O’Reilly’s ego is likely your biggest problem. Him and his nutty dad want to rule the world. People think the Avs lost on the O’Reilly trade, but getting him out of Colorado was already a trade winner for us in our own right. That kid has entitled written all over him. And his nutty pop keeps feeding him shovelfuls of it.

      With the Eichel and O’Reilly locker room, Buffalo sounds like they have a Duchene and O’Reilly locker room 2.0 …
      The Avs eventually found out that both players were a clashing double headed ego monster. Sounds like Buffalo may now have their own. And now Buffalo appears to be sinking into the abyss that Colorado found themselves in the last few years. It wasn’t until the last head, Duchene, was moved that MacKinnon and the rest of the team found it’s chemistry again and was given fresh, new life.

      • Lol sounds like bitter fan

      • Steamfisher … so basically anyone that gets traded out of Colorado…. you’re going to assassinate their character?

        If that’s the case maybe the franchise breeds this type of Negativity? A total bear down of Duchene a few weeks back now Ror? Look like maybe Colorado doesn’t really scout players well, or you’re extremely bitter over every player that goes away?

      • Ahh come on Ny4Life. Please stop with the character Assassination. What I reported on Dutchy was my honest take on the player. I have nothing against Dutchy. I really do wish him well. I wouldn’t have even said a word about him at all if it weren’t for a summer’s worth of aggrivation and the gloating when he was finally traded. It just isn’t my style to degrade someone over their flaws. We all have them. I would rather build people up by their strengths. I didn’t overzealously chip at Duchene’s faults either. That was an honest take of him as unbiased as I could be. I will however, take fault in even mentioning them as the intention to do so was malicious towards the floaters. I should have let them enjoy their moment. But, I wasn’t malicious in my observations on Duchene.

        O’Reilly yes, I am a bit bitter over his character as a human being. It’s not entirely his fault. His dad has been feeding him a perception of life for a long time that separates him from his fellows. It goes beyond an ego into a belief of entitlement. It isn’t healthy or fair. I champion good people and like to bring people’s attention to people and things that are suspect so that they will look for themselves a little deeper. I am not trying to sway anyone. I do however share background when it’s pertinent. I just want people to inform themselves instead of taking things for granted. I know more about the Avs players because I delve into them every day. I am a fan and I analyze with my mind and my emotional intuition. I don’t relay information to to trash anyone, though I understand sometimes my enthusiasm comes off that way. I value what I learn because I work extremely hard at finding the unbiased truth in everything as best I can. But, I value input from others more. I have but one slice of perception on the world, so I try and see it honestly so I can share it with all other’s perceptions. Only honesty, integrity, and thoroughness count. Sometimes my emotions clamor for more attention, but I always try to amend them when they do.

        But, I also notice when people take exception with what I say and cherry pick it for their own causes. I understand you. Like a puma you wait for your opportunity to pounce! I don’t care about that. I can’t change anyone’s mind for them, and I don’t want to. But, when your only focus on what I say to attack, you missed everything that I am about. You’ve misunderstood me, and didn’t the value in what I said. That doesn’t bother me too much. I don’t speak to an audience or anyone in specific, I just offer up my perception for anyone who cares to read it. I’m just trying to add a deeper understanding on the subjects I engage in.

    • Matt, can you classify your source.
      Are talking a player, team assistant, reporter or what?
      You can keep it general, I just wondered the type of source.

      • I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for details of “the source” – it’s probably another of those “my uncles’s cousin’s wife works as part of the arena staff and she overheard something in the hallway one day …” kind of scenario. Few of us – if sny – have bona-fide “sources.”

      • Lol. My source usually = “my opinion ” but it seems like it’s more valid if I have a source.

        If you can’t verify or use a source name… don’t bother bringing it up. It’s just bs!

      • Looks like my source might have been wrong,Eichel and Ryan seen at Bills game laughing and having a good time. My source is a worker at arena

    • Eichel, has already cost a coach & a GM their jobs, now Buf gets to bare the price for cowtowing to Eichel. Buf is now a dysfunctional mess. Letting the animals run the zoo is a terrible decision.

      Murray had positioned this team well & he should have been allowed to complete the plan he had laid out. The Pagulas made a terrible decision.

      • I agree. Moulson, Gorges and Nylander were ready to lead this team to the cup.

  4. Drew Doughty has been chirping out of context quite a bit lately; he’s had a few weird conversations about Toronto they seem to board on collusion of some sort and now this. He and Karlsson have every right to lean on one another for negotiation support but if I was a manager I would basically tell them that what they want to sign for also frees up a lot of cash for me to sign other players and free agents. I have said it on here before that managers don’t have to view a free agent going elsewhere as a complete negative. More then 9 or 10 million on one defence man seriously hampers your ability to round out a top notch top four group.

    Personally I hope the Leafs stay away from Doughty. The comments he made about playing in Toronto don’t point to him wanting to be here anyway. So move on from him when the “Stamkos” scenario starts.

    • I agree with you on Doughty bordering on collusion. I would be an angry GM over his comments. The first time wasn’t that big of a deal. This second time, I would be severely irked. Doughty got out what he needed to say the first time he said it. The second time is definitely taunting your own team. There is absolutely no point in saying this other than to let the whole league know that your available for the right price. I’m sure LA is already hip on what he’s going to want. I’m sure it has raised some eyebrows with League officials.

      This is a problem that continues. Players have too much leverage over their teams. They have too much power to manipulate their teams and the system. I get the players need security, but not so much that they can hold an entire team hostage. Teams can’t navigate with bloated contracts, and they can’t afford to lose star players with a dead trade market. The teams, and ultimately the fans, suffer for it. Times are good when your riding high for years, but it just isn’t fun when they eventually toil for twice as long. I can’t imagine that this is good for earning in the long run. When fans start to catch on to the formula in masses, they will start to watch their team on their TV instead of going to games until they begin to trend up again. Gary Bettman is a bad businessman. He won’t just let the cow produce milk. Instead he insists on squeezing it dry until its used up. And as a fan, am I the only one who thinks this game has lost it’s poetic lustre since the 2004 lockout? Sure, rocket hockey is fast and exciting, but it has also become a little dull and frustrating. When you can predict the outcome of any game by 90% of the time by the halfway point it has lost a lot of its surprise and magic. The days of ballerina warriors is almost a thing of the past. Now we have just plain speedsters with a bit of an edge. New fans to the game may be dazzled by it, but lifelong fans are left wanting a little bit. imho

      I’ll get of my soapbox now…

      • I don’t care for Bettman, but he is a solid business person.
        He is following the direction set out by the owner group and they are reaping the rewards from it.
        You should play pro line or something if your accuracy rate is at 90% for determining who will win or lose.
        I also think that the game is more exciting than it was in 2004.
        I don’t long for the Hatchers or Colton Orrs of that era at all.
        Skill and speed is way more fun to watch imho.
        The box is yours again.

      • The hockey today surely isn’t without its own excitements. I just feel as if it has lost some of its different dimensional beauty. The pretty plays are rarer now. I came into hockey in a different era and fell in love with it utterly and completely the way it was. There are numerous changes in the game since. Not just on ice changes, but off ice too. My main unhappiness is with the stale movement of the market that is trending slower year after year. And don’t like the simple one or two dimensions of the game as it is now. Nowadays, it mostly comes down to which team has the most energy and can skate the fastest. The intangibles have decreased, and even the old adages don’t seem to apply much anymore. Extremely exciting? For sure! Do I still adore hockey? More than ever! But the game has definitely lost some of it’s beauty, oohs, and aahs. Rarely do you exclaim to someone else: “Oh my God… Did you see that!? Did you just see that!?! How did they just do that!? How did he put that in!?! Wow! That was unbelievable! That was beautiful, that was the most amazing tic-tac-toe passing I’ve ever seen!”

    • Players are free to say what ever they wish, they aren’t covered under the same rules that the NHL has imposed on member teams & their paid staff.

      Doughty will be resigned in LA, the contract will be for fair market value, what that is come July I have no idea. Edm has skewed the market, Buf followed suit.

      The next lock out will help protect teams from themselves yet again. I’m not paying McDavid twice what Boston is paying is essentially Pastrnak, Win Sheifele, etc. How can McDavid be worth 3.9 mil a year more than Stamkos? I don’t care if he’s the best player in the world.

      Looking at Dman Fowler just signed for 8 years starting next season at 6.5, are Doughty or Karlsson worth 4 mil more per season? Not a chance. They are better but not 4 mil per better. Hedman 8 years at 7.875. If players want to hand cuff their teams I trade them to the highest bidder, I don’t care who they are.

      Teams that can’t keep their spending in check will pay the price, essentially winning nothing.

      • Just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should.

    • Don’t stress about it Steven, Doughty has ZERO interest in playing for Toronto

      • I know Canadian King and I am thankful for it, nor am I stressed!

    • Steam fisher… the players have too much leverage? They are subjected to a rigorous phase of under representation for years when they enter the league. The draft where they are told who owns their rights and where they have to live and work for a significant amount of time (if they arnt sent to another city to play ahl hockey). The elc period where players are paid peanuts for their contributions compared to comparable players. Rfa where they (with the exception of the superest talented players) lose their rights to work for those that would pay them the best. The players have to much!?!?! Your kidding I hope.

      Also hockey was almost unwatchable for a decade or longer pre lockout. Unless watching talentless hacks like darian Hatcher pull stars down without penalty routinely was good hockey.

      • Just because the players have to earn their way to free agency doesn’t mean they should be able to turn the tables and hold teams hostage. The problem lies in the stale movement and cap, more than the players. But, with movement and the cap as it is, player can seriously cripple a team with salary and not being able to replace them through trades. I’m not against the players, I’m against the inability of any team to have other options to build their roster. The cap and the lack of movement has created a kind of monopoly where players can control their teams ability in too large a way. Teams can’t lose their top players because they will nose dive into futility. And you can’t give them top dollar or you stall your team into futility. Something has to change or Bettman and the owners will have created another obsticle for themselves.

        And I don’t wholly buy into the idea that just because hockey is a dangerous sport that it gives players the right to the kingdom. Once it was the players who got the shaft, but now we are beginning to see teams taking the shaft. It needs to be balanced so that the player and the team have options to secure their future, not just one or the other. And I also don’t buy into the idea that players deserve 10 million dollars instead of 5 million dollars to justify the risks to their health. You can’t just put an arbitrary price on a human being. Most hockey players are very well compensated for the risks, they know very clearly, they are taking. If any players deserve more than they earn, it is the blue-coller players and grunt men. I would go for that for sure. They are the ones risking the most after hockey consequences. Bettman is making his money on fan anticipation more than he is the product. Movement was a hockey market in itself. Fans keep tuning in waiting for something to give that rarely does anymore. If your team is at a period on top, the game is exciting. But when your team is in a period of rebuild, it is the anticipation of movement that will make your team better that helps bring your excitement. I cannot help but think that if the trade market was hopping like it used to, that hockey would be earning more fans and more money because of it. Movement keeps the league fresh and competitive without teams sitting on the sidelines for years at a time.

  5. Flyers have the depth to deal. Not sure if they will.

    Buffalo has to move Kane & Reinhart. Together or separate
    ROR should have lots of interest and if not a team first guy in their room-trade him. I think they need to clean house and build around Ristolainen and Eichel and of course get the #1 pick in June

    • They can still resign Kane even after they trade him.

      I am sure ROR wants out this situation.

      • If ROR even hints that he wants to bail on Buffalo I’m gonna yell foul! It would be extremely bad for him to do so. He cried to get out of Colorado because we sucked and wanted greener pastures. If he cries that he also wants out of Buffalo after helping sink that ship too, I’m screaming “Shenanigans!” at the top of my lungs.

    • Don’t you think a coaching change might kickstart the Flyers? I saw them beat the Leafs and they looked really good. There’s something wrong in that room.

  6. After watching The Sabres go back to back vs Pitt over the weekend all I can say is Jason Botterill has his work cut out for himself. All Eichel did was figure 8’s and play disinterested. Nobody on that blueline can generate any offense and they collectively gave the puck away even more than Kris Letang does. This team needs to do-over from the Tim Murray era. He really screwed them.

  7. Dave Hakstol is a terrible coach. He only has two good centers on the team and he plays them on the same line. Simmonds is a power forward, he needs a center. He’s just wasting away with Nolan Patrick.

    Housley is also a terrible coach, Eichel is spoiled and soft and the owner is a buffoon. Buffalo is in bad, bad shape. And that’s not even mentioning their awful defense or bad goaltending.

    Evander Kane is, by far, their best player. They should really keep him.

  8. I hope TO stays away from all the Toronto area free agents (Seguin, Doughty, Simmonds, Traveres). Personally I like the roster and assets the Leafs have. I would sooner have them sign JVR then any of the other FAs. Bozak can go because Nylander or Marleau can replace him. I like Komo but Kapenin or Grundstrom can replace him eventually. Komo is a really good veteran presence though. The defense will get better as the young guys get experience. Once they are a true contender there are still going to be lots of assets to bring in a veteran role player.

    • You saw last night what happens when Bozak is out of the lineup. Let’s see what the current group can do – the only real worry is if Andersen is injured.

  9. As stated when we started the Kane discussions well over a year ago, Kane wasn’t going any where until the trade deadline of this season & then only if he can’t be resigned at fair market value.

    These aren’t revolutionary business concepts. Buf couldn’t & can’t really afford to lose Kane. He is their best LW, they have retained that asset for as long as they can, but the clock is ticking, he wSn’t Being traded a year ago, this summer, etc. Now Buf has about 3 months to try & lock him up, if not he will be moved & the return solid but Buffalo just keeps perpetuating the ever revolving futures. Kids & prospects are great but young teams don’t win Cups, experiences teams do.

    • Kane won’t bring back more than a prospect and a high pick or two.
      Nice player, but no term. He’s probably gonna want to be paid like an elite winger as well.
      I’d pass on him if given the chance.

      • Agree, #1 pick plus a grade A prospect

    • If Kane is the Sabres’ best left wing, why is he bumming out and not scoring enough?

      • He’s on a bad team Ice Dragon.

  10. The NHL seems to be a young mans game I’m not sure about paying aging players over 10 million a year because they may sign somewhere else. If it’s for 4 or 5 years fine but eight years is to long. Can’t blame the player if he can get a max deal And is willing to move great for him just not sure it’s best for team long term.

  11. If im montreal i would try to take Kane resigned at 5,5 / 6 years and O’reilly for Pacioretty , 1st 2018 and N. Juulsen.

  12. Or 3 way trade.
    To Mtl:
    -R. O’reilly
    -W. Simmonds
    To Buffalo:
    -M. Pacioretty
    -1st 2018
    – N. Juulsen
    To philly:
    -E. Kane resigned 5,5 m/6years


    • Tony,
      Here’s my thought. Montreal and Buffalo can trade back and forth all they want. They will both still suck!