Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 31, 2017

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Updates on Max Pacioretty, Mike Hoffman, Kris Letang and Anthony Duclair in your Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin is “actively shopping” team captain Max Pacioretty. “While an eventual trade may include draft picks and prospects, it’s been clear to other teams that Bergevin’s top priority is moving him for a top goal-scorer back”, preferably one younger than the 29-year-old left winger. Given how long it took for the Colorado Avalanche to trade Matt Duchene, it could take a while for Bergevin to find a suitable deal. If there’s not one to be had by the Feb. 26 trade deadline, the Habs GM could be willing to wait until the 2018 NHL Draft in June.

Colleague Elliotte Friedman also cites a rival GM who feels the struggling Pacioretty feels responsible as captain to try and to find answers for his club’s current woes. The source also believes the reason the Habs set a high asking price is they know if Pacioretty can go someplace where he can just play hockey without distractions that he could regain his scoring touch and take off.

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien points out trading a veteran scorer mired in an offensive slump can blow up in a GM’s face, citing the Edmonton Oilers shipping winger Jordan Eberle last summer to the New York Islanders for Ryan Strome. Given Pacioretty’s five 30-goal seasons and his affordable $4.5 million annual salary-cap hit through 2018-19, O’Brien suggests a savvy GM could fleece Bergevin. However, he points out this is merely a report by Kypreos and isn’t indicative of an imminent deal. “This could be the Canadiens leaking out an idea merely to dip their toes in the water.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Canadiens playoff hopes fading and his top scorer firing blanks in December, it’s not surprising that Bergevin would quietly investigate Pacioretty’s trade value. I don’t doubt there’s plenty of clubs lacking scoring punch who’d love to acquire the Canadiens’ captain. But as O’Brien observes, it’s highly unlikely Bergevin will get a fair return right now. The Habs GM has Pacioretty under contract for another season so he doesn’t have to rush into anything.

If this season ends with the Canadiens out of the playoffs, changes will be coming to the roster. Pacioretty, who’ll be a year away from unrestricted free agent status by that point, could be among them. For that matter, Bergevin could also be part of those changes if team owner Geoff Molson decides it’s time for a management shakeup.


Friedman also reports there’s “some linkage” between the St. Louis Blues and Ottawa Senators winger Mike Hoffman. He notes the Blues have plenty of forward prospects, such as Jordan Kyrou, Robert Thomas and Klim Kostin, as well as sidelined forward Robby Fabbri, that could interest the Senators. With veteran defenseman Jay Bouwmeester returning from injury, Friedman believes the Blues will do something, whether it’s with the Senators for Hoffman or somebody else.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Pierre Dorion could be involved in trade discussions with several of his peers as he attends the final week of the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championships in Buffalo. He claims Dorion’s been working the phones for the past three weeks trying to determine the trade market if his club makes changes before the trade deadline. Garrioch said other GMs are calling to ask about “Hoffman, centres Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Derick Brassard and defenceman Cody Ceci.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those potential discussions in Buffalo this week could set the stage for a significant move by Dorion leading up to the trade deadline. Garrioch said the Sens don’t want to do a full teardown and rebuild, but instead could move one or two veteran players for younger talent and/or draft picks and prospects.

The Blues could certainly be a suitor for Hoffman. Friedman also suggested the Carolina Hurricanes as a trade partner last week. I would also include the Anaheim Ducks, Montreal Canadiens, Pittsburgh Penguins and San Jose Sharks. 

Of the aforementioned players, Hoffman remains the one generating the most attention in the rumor mill. He could be the most likely to go, but only if Dorion gets a suitable return. He won’t trade Hoffman simply for the sake of making a deal. Brassard and Ceci could also attract interest as the trade deadline approaches. So could Pageau, though I don’t think his trade value is as high as the other three. 


TRIBLIVE.COM:  Jonathan Bombulie reports some NHL scouts believe it would be hard for the Pittsburgh Penguins to find a deal involving defenseman Kris Letang that would improve their current performance. While there are undoubtedly teams that could see Letang as the missing piece that could make them Stanley Cup contenders, Bombulie doubts they either have sufficient cap space for the blueliner’s $7.25 million annual cap hit or the willingness to part with the hefty return the Penguins would seek. One scout said it would have to be a hockey trade and not a money dump. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Letang trade speculation seemingly came to a screeching halt following numerous reports on Friday denying claims the Pens were shopping the veteran defenseman. As I’ve noted before, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pens quietly gauged Letang’s trade value, but his hefty contract, on-ice struggles and lengthy injury history probably puts him into the “buyer beware” category this season. 


NEW YORK POST: In the wake of the New York Rangers losing winger Chris Kreider (blood clot) sidelined at least two months and possibly longer, Larry Brooks suggests they look into reacquiring winger Anthony Duclair from the Arizona Coyotes. The Rangers shipped Duclair to the Coyotes at the 2015 trade deadline to acquire defenseman Keith Yandle. While Brooks doesn’t advocate giving up a valuable asset, he notes Duclair still has “top-end skill in a league that rewards it”. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duclair had a promising 20-goal, 44-point rookie performance with the Coyotes in 2015-16 but he’s struggled to regain that form. Maybe moving to a deeper, veteran-laden club would help relieve the pressure and aid him in improving his play. He’s a restricted free agent in July and it wouldn’t be a shock if he got moved by the trade deadline or during the NHL draft.  



  1. Is Melnyk too cheap to fire Boucher?

    Nothing changes in Ottawa until Mr. Gimmick (that ran it’s course) is removed from the bench.

    • Maybe.

      Crawford as associate coach what ever the hell that’s supposed to mean could simply assume the reigns until Boucher’s paid off or close to it.

  2. Evander Kane rumors are subsiding – wondering if Buffalo is working on resigning him? I would not be surprised, also would not be surprised to see Reinhardt dealt.

    • I would love to see Buf do so but do you think Kane has any interest in staying? He will get 6 mil+ as a UFA this summer for 7 years on the open market & get his pick of about 12 teams to play for at that price point. Why would he choose Buf?

      • Only reason I can see is that he’s been treated well by fans and is liked by teammates. Money will be there but there are obviously many good fits for him

      • Ahha, he’s within a quick helicopter ride to Skydome!

      • Kane had some issues when he first arrived in Buffalo – since then he’s settled in, especially playing with Eichel. Stability may be important to Kane right now, especially knowing Buffalo can pay him.

        I believe the Sabre faithful would rather re-up with Kane then trade him for picks and prospects. Buffalo has grown weary of the rebuild, sitting in last place and looking at the best prospects for the upcoming draft.

        Murray did a number on this team.

      • As I said I would love to see him resigned in Buf. I just don’t see him choosing to stay there.

        Murray got shafted. I like the foundation he had put in place he should have been allowed at least 5 years. The Pagulla’s cow towing to Eichel’s demands is going to haunt Buf for years.

      • @4th
        I can’t speak for everyone, but as part of the Sabres faithful, I want to move Kane and get pieces back for him so the team is better rounded than it currently is.
        Personally, I ‘ll take the 1st, possibly another 1st and prospect.
        He is not resigning in Buffalo. Sorry, I can’t see it. He will hit FA and go to the highest bidder. He is going to want huge money…more than even Buffalo is willing to part with.

      • Buf should get a solid return for Kane. I assume at least a 1st & a decent prospect. Other than possibly Green he’s the best rental out there.

      • Murray didn’t get shafted he did a bad job building a team for the future. Rochester was a mess.

    • I am tired of prospects
      And picks for proven players. Sign Kane and win now.

      • He is signed and they are 2nd last….

  3. If i was a betting man, id presume the Blues top target would be Patrick Maroon if hes available for a handull of reasons.

    A) hes got one of the bang for your buck saleries.
    B) he has size and will fight
    C) he is from St. Louis area and can be resigned.

    Wonder if Edmonton would take Fabbri and one of the prospects listed above or a draft pick or for Maroon

    • Fabbri and any of those prospects listed above is a huge over payment for Patrick Maroon. Unfortunately for Oiler fans Doug Armstrong is much to bright to make a bad deal like that. I would gladly send Leturnover to STL for Fabbri and a prospect but the guy I want is Evander Kane. Ottawa should jump at Fabbri & Kostin for Hoffman.

      • Ottawa wouldnt get both for hoffman if you dont think maroon for fabbri straight up. Please stop overvaling your players, you sound like a Leafs fan!

      • Blues aren’t giving up Fabbri for Maroon and they aren’t giving up Fabbri and one our top prospects for Hoffman. Sens will get something like Ivan Barbashev and maybe Jake Walman.

      • Based on Ed’s comment I would assume he’s a Pit fan not a StL 1.

    • I wouldn’t move Fabbri for Maroon even if Maroon wasn’t a pending UFA.

    • They’d be silly not to take fabbri, injury or not for maroon who is best as a 3rd banger

    • Fabbri and kostin for Maroon? Quick honey, start the car!

      • Hahahahaha

  4. To stlouis -patrick maroon
    Edmonton -rob fabbri

    To toronto-
    To edmonton- few seconds and a sweetner like william nylander

    To tampa bay mark lettsu and eric gryba
    Cale foot and a first rounder return to edmonton

    • I appreciate your attempt at sarcasm but context was a bit odd

    • Ha-ha! Have you been into the Koolaid?

    • Nylander as a sweetener for Sekara lol plus some “seconds”. Starting your New Years partying early Twin? Sober up dude

      • If the Leafs traded Nylander it would have to be Karlsson or Drew coming back

      • And there’s the leaf fans we know! Lol

      • & what’s moving with Nylander to facilitate those deals? Gardner & what else?

        Doughty will be extended in LA & get in or around 11 mil for 8 years. He will set the new bar as he should for elite NHL Dman.

        If I’m a team wanting a stud Dman it’s not Karlsson & his semi 1 dimensional game, yes he has improved defensively but still not great. I Dman that should become available that I want it’s Trouba.

        Win is doing everything they can to make him happy but not sure he wants to be there & he has the leverage to be gone by the end of the 2019-20 season if he wants.

        These 2 way Dman that can play it anyway you want are incredibly rare & Trouba can do it all. I’d gladly pay him 9 maybe even 10 mil per season today on an extension for 8 years.

      • Striker: I guess you missed the playoffs last year if you’d rather have Trouba at $10M/year for 8 years (!) instead of Karlsson. Karlsson is at about 70% this year according to multiple reports and is still better than 95% of all NHL defenseman. TSN had him as the third best player in the league going into the season and they tend to have a hate on for Ottawa in those panels.

        When healthy, Karlsson is easily the best defenseman in the league and it’s not even close. Doughty is great, but his Norris was a farce as his numbers were overall inferior to Karlsson’s that year. He only won because of the Toronto vote and idiots like Simmons who had Karlsson outside the top 3. I’m not sure why you undervalue Karlsson so much, but comparing Trouba favourably to him takes the cake. Karlsson has 2 Norris trophies and should have 4. Even Bobby Orr thinks he is the best defenseman in the league today.

  5. I think the best move MTL could make is to fire Bergevin. Fans are more than tired of Bargain-bin using AHL calibre solutions to solve NHL calibre problems.

    Case in point: If MTL had NOT made the Weber trade (Or the Drouin trade for that matter), MTL’S starting 6 would potentially like so;

    Sergachev, Subban
    Markov, Petry
    Mete, Beaulieu

    Compared to our current blueline:

    Benn, Weber
    Jerebek, Petry
    Morrow, Schlemko

    If any other gm in any other market screwed up that bad, they’d be fired. Bergevin let beaulieau, sergechev, subban, emelin and markov go for a grand toal of: weber, drouin, a 3rd in 2016 and maybe a 2nd in 2018. Unacceptable.

    But because Geoff Molson hired him for his ability to tell terrible jokes fluently in French, bergy still has a job. Fans are tired of the foxhole bromance.

    • To this day Weber is still better then Subban. Next year that may change but not this year. I also wonder why Julian isn’t getting any blame placed at his feet. The Bruins firing of him last season, which was an out cry by most media, was the biggest reason the bruins turned around their season and made the playoffs.

      • I think Weber has years of top end abilities, he should mimic Chara almost identically as he gets older. His game has never been built on speed or skating but his mental game, solid physical play & a howitzer of a shot.

        When Subban walks as a UFA from Nas following the 2022-23 season & signs some where for huge monies Weber will still have 3 years left on his contract & still be a #1 NHL Dman just like Chara is today.

        What really amazes me is Weber cost less in real money than Subban for the remainder of their deals at point of trade & with 3 years remaining after Subban’s deal expires at a mil per in real salary Weber’s value in trade with no NTC or NMC would still return a kings ransom in trade should Mon decide to trade him well down the road.

    • I agree with all but the Weber trade. I have been calling for Bergevin’s head since he decimated Mon D with every other move, he did nothing to address his scoring who’s & sat on 8 mil in cap space most of which should have been spent on July 1 or shortly there after!

      Bergevin is a very funny guy, he was a serious practical Jooker as a player the only thing he has been as a GM is a JOKE. He has set Montreal back about 3 to possibly 5 years. I’m not even sure how you unravel this mess.

      • Sorry whoa’s.

        Dam spell checker.

      • Striker, as a bruin fan, leave Bergevin alone he is doing a good job.

      • Ha-ha! Agreed.

        Awesome, well done.

    • I think your missing Alzner in your current Mon D but regardless I agree with your point & said in September Price will look very average playing behind this D as would any goalie.

      By Sv% for goalies that have played in at least 17 games, 1/2 the games played by the lowest team in the NHL, SJ at 35, Price’s Sv% ranks him in a tie for 25th, the NHL ranks him 27th, that’s actually well below average. Significantly so.

      • @striker…of the Canadian teams defence – list your best to worst

      • Weber, ?, Petry, Alzner, Mete, Benn; ideally a better Dman.

        Sorry I hate this D. Terrible blend, no transitional Dman to been seen. Mete will be eventually, sooner than most young Dman as what choice does Mon have but to over expose him but playing him with Weber as a safety net hampers Weber’s ability to help drive the offense.

        For me Petry & Alzner are solid #3/4 NHL Dman that can play on a 1st or 2nd pairing with a better Dman but if they are to be the anchors of those pairings that’s a problem. Together they have been terrible & need to be split up but injures have made that impossible.

        It’s a mess at the moment.

        Benn for me is a border line #5 really a #6 for me but that slot should be a young devloping Dman not a slouth like Benn, Schlemko a depth Dman at best who should ideally only be deployed in offensive zone start as much as possible & be spotted on a 2nd PP unit.

    • FYI Emelin was lost in the expansion draft and Markov walked as a free agent (I get it that MB had a role to play there but he is not %100 responsible). It is funny to me that folks blasted MB for the Subban contract and now blast him for Weber. People forget that if Weber retires early, Nashville is on the hook for the cap-recapture money and as of now his signing bonuses are all paid, so with his skill he is a tractable asset.

      Beaulieu has not yet thrived, so for right now, no big loss.

      Drouin/Sergachev trade needs at least one more year. Drouin has looked better at center recently so we’ll see. Oh end if Sergachev plays all TB games until and including Thursday’s game against TB, Habs get back Washington’s 2nd rd pick this year. Hence why no Mtl trades will happen until MB/Mtl has all assets in place.

      Just mussing/wondering: If Columbus had taken Puljarvi at 3 instead of Dubois, would Edmonton have trade the pick to Mtl for Subban? Mtl obviously was willing to move Subban and also liked Dubois. Edmonton needed a stud D….

  6. St. Louis has continued to build their farm system really, really well over the years. Giving up on Fabbri, or moving any of their youth for Hoffman doesn’t make any sense to me. Hoffman is a scorer, just like Schwartz, Schenn and some other guy named Tarasenko. I would stay the course if I was Armstrong. A player like Maroon offers intangibles that their current roster lacks, and he’ll cost much less to acquire. He’s the better option for them in my opinion. One things for certain though, if you draft well it puts you in a much better position to make trades when good players become available. Happy New Year to all the Spector’s Hockey followers, their friends and families!

    • I agree completely.

      I’m not moving out any of the solid prospects or young players.

      At the trade deadline if i were Armstrong I would move a pick & a lesser prospect for the right rental player. Not certain Maroon will be available, I still have Edm to make the playoffs. It won’t be easy but they will be in the hunt & won’t be sellers by Feb 26th.

      With Dunn’s advancement Schmaltz could be moved out in trade. He has a future as an NHL Dman; 4 thru 6, has been solid at every level so far, 4 years of college, now in his 2nd year in the AHL & will need to clear waivers next season. Schmaltz & a 2nd round pick should return a decent rental player at the trade deadline.

      Maroon would be a good candidate if available, Vanek another,secondary UFA’s not the Kane’s of the world. StL doesn’t need Hoffman & Ott trading him doesn’t make sense to me. Fabbri will move to C next season to replace the loss of Stastny, Blais will become a 3rd line LW, Thompson, Thomas & Kostin will all be NHL ready by some point next season.

  7. I agree Bergeron has to go, his track record is terrible the last few years.

    I have my doubts Sergachev would be having this type of season if he was still in MTL. The talent he has around him in TB is unbelievable.

  8. I would be good with the Blues adding Hoffman (or Pacioretty) for scoring–not much interest in Maroon–TOO slow. If I’m the Blues, I would NOT give up top end prospects, but would give Barbashev, Schmaltz, Blais, Jaskin, Paajarvi, etc. It would be real risky to trade for Fabbri right now!

  9. Duclair back to NY? No thanks! Brassard? Yes please!

    • Agreed.

    • Brassard has been playing really well. He could help a lot of teams if the Sens decide to blow things up.

      • If I’m Ottawa I’m looking to move Brassard as quickly as able for the best offer if that’s not till this summer so be it, I would also be looking to move Duchene this summer as well. Unless either can be extended on July 1st. Their intentions should be known prior & moving them leading up to the draft may be better.

        Does anyone think either Brassard or Duchene can be extended in Ottawa?

      • Yes

  10. Geoff Molson sitting beside Bergevin at a press conference at a recent Board of Govenors meeting said I believe in Marc, his plan moving forward and we will be spending to the cap, sounds like he will have even more chances to screw up in the future

    • Spending to the cap this past summer & retaining, Radulov, Markov & Beaulieu would have been a great start.

      This swapping Patches for the same player but younger sounds like wishful thinking, well actually it sounds like stupidity. Didn’t we have these exact same discussions about Hamonic last year. Why would a team trade a younger Patches to Mon for Patches?

      • Trading Beaulieu was nothing I saw as troublesome. They received a 2nd rd pick. TO me How they developed him was troublesome which led to him getting less and less minutes and being the coaches whipping boy. At least they got the 2nd rd pick for him. Letting Markov go over pride was just crazy. They knew they had the cap space. It would have only been a 2 yr deal. He could have mentored Mete. Markov would have been their 2nd best defender. Just slide him down to the 3rd pairing with Benn to prevent wear and tear. Very odd not to resign him.

      • Actually the pick was a 3rd, 68th overall. Had it been a 2nd it wouldn’t have bothered me quite as much, Beaulieu is still worth more than a 2nd. They gave him away for nothing & we still don’t know what Beaulieu will be, 2 years from being fully developed at the NHL level. Just turned 25 & only has 251 games of NHL regular season experience, should settle in as a 4/5 guy but plays a decent transitional game.

      • The chances of a 3rd round pic ever playing in the NHL are well under 10%.

      • Beaulieu is a terrible dman as you see if you actually watch him in buffalo,no different than the way he played in Montreal! The guy is one of the dumbest on ice players

      • Time will tell. To young to know what he is. You mean Beaulieu has looked bad playing on 1 of the worst teams in the NHL battling injuries all year? Shocking.

        Lets revisit this discussion in 3 years.

      • And he was terrible with the division winning canadiens last yr so what’s your point?

      • As usual his #’s don’t support your argument.

        My point is he’s better than Benn, Schlemko & anyone else Mon is dressing other than Weber, Petry or Alzner & Mete when ready & shouldn’t have been given away for nothing.

        My other point is we don’t know what he will be as he hasn’t played enough to fully develop.

        What’s the difference between this years Mon team & last seasons? Drouin in Radulov out & a whole new D. A D I said in September couldn’t get Mon to the playoffs.

  11. …“While an eventual trade may include draft picks and prospects, it’s been clear to other teams that Bergevin’s top priority is moving him for a top goal-scorer back”

    If I’m the team with the ‘top goal-scorer’, why on earth would i make the trade? I like Pacioretty, but that’s ridiculous. Yeah, I’m going to take your slumping 30-something winger on a soon-expiring contract and give you my (likely younger, likely cheaper) scorer in return. Uh, no.

    • I wish one of the Eastern teams would move West so the next expansion team could be the Hartford Whalers and that lovely green again =)

      • Going to be interesting to see what happens to Carolina & Florida at the end of the next decade. The new owner had to commit to leave Carolina in place for 7 more years on this deal.

        The NHL due to its Canadian presence may well be the 1st major professional sport in NA to flirt with 34 to 36 teams.

  12. I think Patches (at the deadline) would be a great addition to STL but I do not see STL giving up a 1st and solid scoring prospect for him. I do not see MTL taking anything less than a 1st and a solid scoring prospect so not sure how a deal gets done there. I just see his style of play being a perfect fit long term there. With Stats a UFA next season and Fabbri able to play center then have the cap room to take him.

  13. Injured players do not get traded. Can anyone recall anyone ?
    So Fabbri sits until he plays and a team scouts how he plays. A couple of serious injuries there.
    Arizona needs to move some youth for some veteran players. Duclair should be on the move at some point

    • Horton

    • Horton was traded to Toronto while injured and he has been lights out. I think Pronger has been traded five or six times while injured, again great value…

    • Pronger, Savard, Bolland, Grabovsky, even 1’s not out long term have moved. It is rare but it happens.

      Regardless StL isn’t moving Fabbri. Full cost controlled, he will have no choice but to sign a 2 to 3 year bridge deal for chump change & if he can stay healthy he is a future top 6 forward at either C or LW. That will be in StL.

    • And honesty though I believe kessel was injured when Toronto got him, I think he had off-season surgery and he was out for about the first month of his time in Toronto. I don’t think it happens often but it does happen occasionally I think.

    • Evander Kane to buffalo!

    • OK, now I think everybody is hurt when they get traded… good thing or LeTakeaway would never get traded out of Pittsburgh …

  14. Ok wow read a lot of comments here and it’s funny there are a lot of lost souls out there in hockey….
    First of all Beaulieu was a bum in the locker room and on the ice so who cares that he’s gone, Subban great talent but again bad for the locker room good trade for both but Montreal should of gotten a sweetener like a 1st just for the age difference…. Now sergechev for Drouin people need to relax yes Sergechev is a top Dman of the future and maybe Montreal should of kept him but Montreal wanted a young offensive weapon which didn’t hurt he comes from quebec… very simple that’s a good trade for both teams but at this moment both teams are very different ones the best team in the league and the other isn’t …. Now Patches i say trade him but not for a younger goal scorer because that makes no sense no one will give you one you need type A prospects that will be goal scorers and again missing the boat a Bloody CENTRE … trade should be something like a Centre like almost like Barkov , a prospect and the first round pick… or a sure A type prospect at centre a first round pick and 2 more Type A prospects on D and RW … enough no matter what I want a Centre in return… There’s a bunch of teams that have centres available that are worth a gamble on better then what they have now …

    • Calling Beaulieu a bum is unfair. I thought he was a team player all the way. I think the issue is on the player development side. This regime has lacked patience and have always utilized an archaic tactic to cultivate and motivate.

      They use 1950’s Eddie Shore/Dick Irvin Sr., bulldog psycology. They’d rather light a fire under a players ass, rather than put in the extra work to build a fire within the player.

      This regime has constantly shown that they refuse to hold themselves accountable for their players mental health. From, Alex Galchenyuk to Zach Kassian, Pk Subban to Lars Eller…All have been thrown under the bus by management and all except for Galchenyuk have been sold off for pennies on the dollar.

      Alex Galchenyuk apparently is not a centre, yet Jonathan Drouin’s numbers are much worse than Galchenyuk’s at the position. But they keep staring Drouin at centre, no matter how many bad plays he makes.

      MTL needs to hire a GM that has a solid track record in drafting and player development. Trevor Timmins, Julien Brisebois and Trevor Georgie would be my shortlist.

      • Surely Beaulieu had to be worth more than a 3rd round pick? Why just give him away?

      • Agreed Craig, my feeling almost exactly. Kassian had/has an alcohol problem and MB did not handle him properly. It is not a hockey mistake perse but a psychology mistake. I have thought for a while that Lefebre in Laval has proven he is not the right development guy and should be let go. However the Laval GM Carriere seems ok so maybe he will sort that out. I wonder if the 50’s style mentality was more a Therrien thing than a MB thing. MB I think tries to stay in his lane letting his coaches coach etc. I’ve seen changes in Drouin’s game so maybe he works out long-term..

      • I see lots are Into the sauce this fine New Year’s Eve

      • Craig, a really good post. Montreal needs centres – Drouin is a winger in my view and would be a scorer with a good Centre!
        The Markov thing was a debacle and has really hurt Montreal. Obviously I cheer for the opposition but what’s happening with the Habs is sad.

    • What possible C’s are available that will help?

      The only 2 I can see that may be available this summer will be Brassard or Duchene & both are UFA’s in a little over a year.

      Trading for a #1 or solid #2 C is incredibly expensive, The only thing more expensive in trade is a really good Dman. Patches isn’t returning a solid #1 C probably not a solid #2.

      • Mtl also has (assuming all continues as is) three 2nds this year. More if Pleks gets trade at the deadline as I expect…..but agree, a #1 C is a bridge too far….

      • Rnh in edm

  15. That list of players are more like traded while retired !

    • None were retired. Semantics really but due to CBA structure all are subject to the same rules as everyone else.

    • I think kessel and e. kane still play Silver

  16. Bruins fans.

    With the development of Carlo, McAvoy & Grzelcyk, along with the other young D coming does Boston entertain trading Krug this summer?

    Assuming Chara signs a 1 year bonus laden extension.

    Could he be used with other assets to bid for Trouba? With only Morrisey a young LD in Win might there be a fit? Can Boston outbid everyone else that will enter that bidding war?

    • Let’s not count count the chickens befor3 they hatch! Let’s wait 3 yrs and see how good these guys really are the bruins have had the easiest schedule and have been getting a lot of bounces

      • What I puke of BS, yes they have only played 16 home games but 20 of the 37 games they have played were against teams that made the playoffs last season. They have played 6 back to backs & 8 of those none playoff teams were Vegas, LA & Col twice, TB & NYI once.

        Nor have they got to feast on their week division competition yet. In some oddity they have yet to play Mon or Flo, they have played Det 1, Ott & Buf 2.

        As for your little snide 3 year comment believe it or not most the vast majority follow a standard development path in the NHL.

        I know you missed the mark yet again on Bos & Sweeney but don’t feel bad even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      • BBB that was a really nice shot delivered. Clever! Gotta give credit when it’s due

      • Again your numbers are wrong striker? And at your age you should really stop talking out of both sides of your mouth! Only certain players involve 3 yrs experience that support your argument! You talk a lot about players that it is very easy to tell you don’t follow and just read the stats, it might work on ppl who also just read the stats but the eye test will always prevail

      • Hahahaha yeah I never watch hockey. Someone had better let my wife know that, my emplyee’s clients & I guess I can give up my NHL season tickets.

        That trip to StL to see Edm, Nas & Min didn’t just happen at the US thanksgiving either.

        Can I have all that money back then. Hahahahaha

        Jesus I should have saved all that money as apparently I’m not watching.

        Someone tell Rodger’s I want my $200 back for my Rodgers live package.

      • Lol pretty easy to tell a lie by how defensive you are!

    • if they can offer Krug AND get WPG to take Krejci for Trouba …ya that would work…

      to BOS: Trouba & Lowry & some pick
      to WPG: Krug & Krejci

      Backes slots back at Center and Lowry goes 2nd or 3rd line wing. Lowry can also slot 3rd line center. Trouba rounds out top4 D with Calro/McAvoy/Grzelcyk. Frees up cape to make a pitch to JT

      Krug replaces Enstrom and Krejci slots #2 c and little can be 3 c or vice versa.

      Really not a good trade proposal for WPG to be honest lol

      • That won’t get it done nor does Win need a C.

        If they would even possibly consider Krug as Carlo & McAvoy are non starters for me it would have to be the next best D prospect Boston has, 1 of the solid forward prospects & at least 1 1st if not 2. Possibly even more.

        These assets just rarely ever move & numerous teams will pay a fortune to try & land this stud for the next 8+ years. If Win is forced to move him the bidding war will be incredible.

    • Striker, if that trade was pulled off, Krug ++ for Trouba, then you may need to look at moving Carlo because there wouldn’t be much ice time left on the right side; however the right side be set for a decade. Maybe move Carlo for a left side d.

      • Agree Trouba would be too many right side defenseman.
        Carlo,Mcavoy,Miller,Maquaid and Trouba would be overkill.
        Moving Krug for a right side guy would kill the left side as Chara is over 40. No other left side guy is experienced enough to be a top 4 guy.

  17. Brassard back with Zuccarello could push the rangers ahead of the tight metro division or keep them in the wild card spot Intresting to see what’ Pitt does they’ve played a lot of hockey past two years Just want rangers to make playoffs then anything is possible

    • Brassard would be good for NY but who goes back to Ottawa?

  18. Yes, I’d like to move Patches, for a top goal scorer, that is younger.
    Ok Bergevin, who wouldn’t want to trade a player who is under performing for a better, younger one. And this guy gets paid how much a year ?