Latest Canadiens and Senators Speculation – January 2, 2018

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Could the Montreal Canadiens move Max Pacioretty before the trade deadline?

Latest speculation on Canadiens winger Max Pacioretty plus an update on the latest Senators chatter in your NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET/THE ATHLETIC: Eric Engels and Marc Antoine Godin make the case that moving Max Pacioretty before the Feb. 26 trade deadline would benefit the winger and the Montreal Canadiens. Despite Pacioretty’s recent scoring slump, both cite his five previous 30-goal campaigns, his affordable $4.5-million annual average value through 2018-19 and his age (29) as factors that make him attractive to other clubs. They feel he’s the Canadiens’ best trade chip, one that could fetch assets that address either their glaring need for a scoring center or to bolster their depth on defense.

Engels also points out the lack of depth on this year’s Habs explains why Pacioretty’s scoring has declined this season. Given the holes in the Canadiens’ roster, Godin wonders if the Canadiens are willing to invest around $7.5 million annually to re-sign Pacioretty, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July 2019.  He feels teams such as the Pittsburgh Penguins, San Jose Sharks and Carolina Hurricanes are among those who need a infusion of offense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With UFA eligibility on the horizon and the Canadiens floundering in the standings, I think this is Pacioretty’s last season in Montreal.  If there’s a quality return to be had for the Habs captain before the trade deadline, general manager Marc Bergevin will pursue it. The problem, however, is he’s not dealing from a position of strength here. Bergevin can afford to wait until the offseason to find a suitable deal. I believe that’s what he’ll end up doing. 


OTTAWA SUN: If the Ottawa Senators make changes in this new year, Bruce Garrioch reports they’ll be on the roster and not behind the bench. Given the frequent coaching changes in the past decade (six in the last 10 years), Garrioch said it doesn’t feel as though replacing Guy Boucher will be part of the attempt to improve the club.

While the Senators don’t want to engage in a full tear-down, Garrioch said general manager Pierre Dorion could be ready to “strike at the core of the team” to send a message that no one is safe. Except for Erik Karlsson and Mark Stone, Garrioch claims pretty much every player is available.

He reports there’s “significant interest” in forwards Mike Hoffman, Zack Smith and Jean-Gabriel Pageau. While there’s been inquiries about center Derick Brassard, he’s not going anywhere. There also hasn’t been many calls about defenseman Cody Ceci. He also suggests veteran defenseman Johnny Oduya could be moved and there could be interest in forwards Ryan Dzingel and Alex Burrows. 

THE ATHLETIC: Graeme Nichols believes the Senators shouldn’t trade Mike Hoffman. He points out he’s their best natural scorer, with only 17 NHL players having scored more goals since the 57 he’s tallied since the start of 2014-15. Nichols also believes the Senators are mismanaging the winger’s talent by forcing him to play third-line minutes.

Trading Hoffman now for draft picks and prospects is opposed to the way the Sens have operated in recent years, as there’s no way of guaranteeing anyone from that return will blossom into an important player. With Hoffman signed through 2019-20, Nichols feels they’re not under any pressure to move him now, though such a move would “be consistent with (team owner) Eugene Melnyk’s threat to move players and save cash.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Senators make a significant move before the Feb. 26 trade deadline, the consensus among the punditry is they want younger NHL-ready talent in return. They don’t want to engage in a full-blown roster rebuild. If they can’t get that type of return for Hoffman, they probably won’t move him. Melnyk’s recent threat to move out players to cut costs could be a factor here, but I think he’d approve of younger and more affordable NHL talent coming back for Hoffman.

I don’t doubt there’s a market for Brassard, so it’s interesting that Garrioch said he’s not moving. The Sens probably don’t want to risk weakening their depth at center. For some time it’s been assumed Ceci could be an enticing asset but his struggles this season appear to be weakening his trade value.

As for Oduya and Burrows, it wouldn’t be surprising if both are shopped to playoff contenders near the deadline.  The Sens won’t be much back in return for either aging veteran. 



  1. No one wants Oduya or Burrows at this point. Unless the Blackhawks want another retread those 2 are going nowhere. I don’t see the deal that could be made for Pacioretty unless the Habs take Haglen back to make the money work. Obviously there would be more but cap wise they would have to take back something. Penguins still need a centre more than anything.

    • Burrows pulled Duncan Keith’s hair in a tussle so they won’t look his way, they might look to improve at the dot in a face off guy

  2. The Sens not firing Boucher is like putting new sails on a ship with a hole in the hull instead of fixing the leak.

    Enjoy the bottom of the Atlantic.

    Figuratively and literally.

    • Nice, MG! I’m a fan of solid wordplay, and that was it… as well as being spot on about the Sens! 🙂

    • sens have decided o tank for Dahlin

  3. Haven’t heard any rumors bout teams like Florida Tampa jersey warshington Dallas zona peg etc in awhile… less local coverage in some of those areas Lyle?

    • Chrism, I can give you an update on Winnipeg; solid goaltending mask a lot of deficiencies.

      • Your happy with Hellebuyck now?

      • Striker, never was unhappy with Helley, I said he wasn’t ready for the work load, when they pushed him, Connor himself said he didn’t realize how taxing it would be mentally playing all them games. Bringing in Steve Mason has proven to be the right move, and PM should be giving him Connor more rest not less. If he continue to push, Helleybuck might very well crash. As I stated last year ago I said it felt like Winnipeg was willing to ride out the storm to use to the work load and it would be foolish to go into this season with the same game plan.

      • I would also add Boston to my original statement, their defense has not been excellent far from it, the difference is they are getting key saves at the right time, in other words Rask and Anton are bailing them out of some horrendous mistakes.

      • I don’t think we are watching the same games. Boston has been suppressing shots & forcing them from the outside consistently all year.

        The stats also back this up, Bos sits 3rd best in the NHL in shots against per game this season.

        Bos still hasn’t dressed a healthy roster all year. When McQuad returns they will finally get a chance to do so.

      • Striker, Mcquaid is back, he’s just not getting in the lineup. Boston d have a tendency to give up odd man rushes and 5 out of the last 6 games they given up breakaways. I don’t watch the games with Bruin glasses on, i’m very objective of what they are and are not. This isn’t to say the defense is weak; i’m saying they give up too many opportunities and Rask is bailing them out of most of the blunders.

      • Agree that some of the young guys make the odd glaring mistake. Carlo fumbled one that led to a great chance against OTT. Has to be expected with the youth.
        Interesting that McQuaid can’t get into the lineup, I didn’t know he was back. Knew it was soon.
        Says a lot about their depth at the position. I was just commenting on that the other day here. What a difference from a couple years ago, plus more youth on the way for D.

      • McQuad hasn’t come off LTIR as yet, very close but not there yet. Is Boston deliberately holding him back? Quite possibly.

        I don’t own any blinders.

      • caper your crazy. Winnipeg is one of the deepest teams in the league. still win without schiefele and big buff is just returning after a 10 game absence.

        there is really nothing they need to trade for. anything they pick up will just be more depth

      • Striker correct he is still on the ltir but is ready to play.
        Jeff Noel wouldn’t be the first time I was called crazy; however in this case i’m referring to the jets defensive game as a whole. Hopefully you watched last nights game against Colorado where the Jets gave up 4 two on ones in the third period alone. Yes they were chasing the game, but these were happening with 15 minutes still remaining and down by one.

    • Hi, Chris. Yes, limited local coverage is now an issue regarding the Panthers. The Coyotes have popped up several times already this season in the rumor mill, most recently Anthony Duclair. Reason the others you noted haven’t surfaced much is because those clubs are playing well this season. When teams play well, there’s less trade speculation.

      • Huh. Thanks. Guess that makes time on spectors a potential dubious honor then… 😉.

  4. I’ve said it before – Garioch is a turd. He really contributes 0 rumor wise. As has been already stated nobody wants any of our hot garbage in Ottawa. Including the Fanoof or Ryan contracts.

    If I were Dorion I’d ask the two head coaches to swap seats. Let Crawford run it his way and put Boucher squarely on the power play. The season is over – let the horses run. We’ll lose most 5-4 but we’ll win a few by the same score and it’ll be fun to watch. Then see how we can clean this up in the summer. Play entertaining hockey (even losing) the fans will show. A couple more 5-0 stinkers the building will be empty.

  5. Hi Please NHL Canada team must win games 👌

  6. so if you trade Patches do you just hand the C to Weber?

    What contender has a possible real center as a prospect to send for Patches? Or a lesser wing +a #1 pick.

    • I think Patches makes the most sense in ST. Louis…..BUT….. With the Islanders playing so perhaps they make an early bid to show JT they area cup contender THIS YEAR!!.

      TO NYI: Patches & Plekanec (new 3rd line with Nelson on RW)

      TO MTL: 1st, HoSang & Beauvillier & Kulemin(he offsets Pleks cap hit)

      So the Islanders may look like this


      That would a TOUGH 12 to play playoff hockey against….. All lines will be able to score and grind it out. It would also show JT “WE ARE ALL IN”

      then they can all pray together they get decent consistent goaltending lol.

      MTL gets HoSang and Beauvillier to rebuild the offense. They care cost controlled too so it gives them flexibility to make roster moves for scoring thru UFA or trades.

    • BlueJackets maybe? Could wennberg be had given he has struggled this year?

  7. Off topic
    How much is Duclair worth in draft picks?
    How much is Strome worth in draft picks?

    Would Shaw, and a 1st get it done for both?

    I know GM Chak would not but Coach Tocchet does not have any love for these 2.

    • Duclair may be worth a 2nd & a B grade prospect.

      I don’t see Arz moving D. Strome.

      I get that Tocchet & Housley are both new coaches but I would have fired both by now. They have been terrible. There is no way these 2 teams should still be this bad.

      • Striker it just passed my mind bc AZ has periling, Keller, Domi, Dvorak, Fischer, Crouse, Reider…so how many more young guys do they need?? Figued Shaw would replace Richardson on that squad and give more playing time tot he young guys. Shaw also won cup, is fast and gritty and the type of bottom 6 who can slot top 6 as needed. Seems like GM Chak does not know where to slot Strome…

        So i thought MB can get some assets and slot them in for a on the fly retool and give them playing time….

      • Arz is dressing enough youth, having D. Strome develop in the AHL works for me. No player’s development is being hurt playing in the AHL.

      • Outside Risto and Scandella, Buffalo’s defense is the worst on the league. No coach is gonna win with that D

      • I don’t disagree but regardless, it’s been a very long time that Buf has been bad they should have turned the corner by now. Perhaps the should then try developing some Dman & stop drafting, trading for & signing forwards.

  8. I don’t know what the solution is in Mon. This team hasn’t be constructed for a rebuild almost 1/2 the roster; 10 players, 5 of them Dman, signed going into next season are over 28. Shaw & Gallagher are just outside that threshold thus summer.

    The prospect kitty is virtually bare with the exception of a few Dman.

    You have Price, Weber, Petry & Alzner signed long term does that seem like a good plan for a rebuild?

    Keep Patches, get him extended & get active in this summers UFA market. That money should have been spent last summer, what was Bergevin saving that almost 8 mil in cap space for this past summer?

    • Striker to be honest….I think they should sue their cap space this season to rebuild onto fly and play out this season as a loss. They will not get JT so they need to finally get past that belief.
      I propose a 1 & 1/2 season retool…
      So start now.

      To NYI: Patches/Pleks
      To MTL: 1st, HoSang, Beauvillier & Kulemin (offset Pleks cap)

      I know Islanders have DalColle and Bellows still so they are fine. In the off season they can let Pleks walk , move Nelson back to 3C and bring up a young kid to play RW with him and Patches.

      To Dal: Montoya, Petry & 2nd or 3rd
      To MTL: Lehtonen , Spezza & a 1st

      Spezza slots 1C between Drouin & Gallagher and they have him for 1 more season (still plenty of cap space remember Pleks & Patches are gone)

      To any NHL team in need: Lehtonen(max salary retained)(UFA season end)
      To MTL: 2nd rd pick.
      Teams will need backup for their injured goalies for playoff trade him at the deadline

      So The rest of this season they can run with


      3rd & 4th line any remaining combo

      Spezza at least gives them a center to hold over for 1 more season while Strome learns on the job instead of on the bench. Heck Julen should get tons of video of his old center Bergeron and have Strome watch him.

      Use the draft to pick the BEST player available a with attention to Center and offensive D men.

      Watch EDM and if they are moving RNH this offseason and for how much. If the price is nor more than a 2nd and allow prospect…take it. Slide Strome down 1 and have RNH slide 2C. Then the following season Spezza is gone and Strome Slides up.

      Leave room to make a pitch for MacTruck from the NYR. They are cap restraint. Clearing Petry out leaves plenty of room to make a long term pitch. Between him and Weber they can solidify the top 4 for years. Alzner can slot with either or even run the 3rd pair for a respectable balance of Men. Better than their combos now.

      • I don’t see a 1st coming back in either of the proposed Dallas or nyi trades. And no way Arizona cuts bait with Strome yet….

    • I don’t see NYI bidding for Patches, nor giving up Ho-Sang & Beauvillier for a player a little over a year from UFA status.

      With the loss of de Haan NYI needs to find a Dman as none of the kids are ready to assume those important defensive minutes de Haan’s loss is burdening NYI with. That’s easier said than done though but as discussed the other day Cole or Gubranson would help the issue is at what cost.

      NYI is going to be in a playoff battle right to the wire, scoring is just not an issue for NYI they are playing run & gun.

      • I think Patches would take a modest increase for a chance to play on an actual cup contender going forward….even on the 3rd line with Nelson. JT will be locked up and that is a great dynamic to be in. Plus the media is NOT even close to the heckle of MTL. Just thinking aloud.

        I really just miss the day you saw player for player trades

      • I agree. The Isles need a 2nd pairing D. Top two lines set…maybe adding a veteran to the 3rd line.
        ohhh… and a GOALIE

      • Yes the business side plays huge in today’s NHL. Next year the cap should hit what Detroit was paying it’s roster in the 2003-04 season. 77 mil & change. The year before the salary cap was brought into place.

  9. The other dynamic coming into play now is the next round of expansion. Will the NHL stay the course with the existing expansion rules considering Vegas has had so much success? I assume so.

    Teams will start to account for that in any moves being made by this summer. When will Seattle be added? Certainly before the current CBA expires as they won’t want to share those monies with the NHLPA directly so they start play 2020-21?

  10. Hey guys,

    I do not write often but I have been following this site for years now and every day

    (btw thank you Lyle for your great work ! This is imo the best and most objective rumors website on the web)

    The reason I do not write often is french is my first language, but I hope you guys will forgive me for typos or phrase structure 🙂

    I was reading Ihatecrosby’s post and I think that Pacioretty to the Isles would in fact be very interesting and I can imagine a return of
    Ho-Sang, Beauvillier and a 1st coming back the other way altough I would take Plekanec off. Just by looking at what the Duchene trade brought back to the Avalanche I think Paccioretty is worth these three assets but I highly doubt Bergevin would be interested in Ho-Sang because of his personality.
    Also why would the Canadiens throw Plekanec in the deal and why in the world would they be interested in a guy like Kulemin ? No cap hit offset
    as Pacioretty would fetch the return without having to include any other player and he has a great cap hit (4.5m)…

    With all due respect, Kulemin or Hagelin in Pittsburgh for that matter are more waivers than trade material imo.

    The player I would really like Bergevin to target for Pacioretty (if he is still GM at that point) would be an Anthony Mantha type. And I do not think the Canadiens are being cautious
    with money, I think they are keeping cap space for next year’s free agency. (8.5M + the salary cap raise and Plekanec’s salary also coming off the books next year and if he should resign,
    it would be for much less).

    So basically, I would love fans to be realist and stop adding players like Kulemin and Hagelin in trade proposals and maybe put themselves in the other GM’s chair before submitting one 😉

    Have a great day !

    • I am sorry if I seemed unrealistic. I threw Pleks and Kulemin in bc with 2 solid prospect AND a 1st rd pick I think NYI would have to get more back. Since this proposal was a PLAYOFF RUN type….Pleks fills the need for 3c and slides Nelson to RW and gives them 2 centers on the 3rd line…faceoffs are HUGE in the playoff. Gives NYI options. Islanders cannot balance out their cap taking Pleks without giving Kulemin. GM MB taking Kulemin is why he got the 1st instead of a 2nd round pick and two TOP prospects.
      Sorry …but cannot be much worse than Gainey trading Mac Truck for Gomez or many of the other trades GMS make out there like Kessel for Seguin and Hamilton….etc……

      I am only a trained armchair gm =) lol….

  11. Trade alznar weber petry shaw plek pac Byron ben hem and all tree goalies yes price too

    • Carb? as in Guy CARBonneau? Is that you?? =)

  12. I am amazed that both Buff AND AZ overlooked Gallant…… If they Rangers had fired AV this past off season….he was the coach I had wanted.

  13. Is Petry the only trade Bergevin has won during his GM reign?

    Does anyone think if the Habs have a sale they will win a trade?

    • He won the Prust for Kassian and a 5th trade.

    • ds, I think he easily won the Danault trade 😉 Vanek wasn’t bad either if he had stayed… I still think that the Drouin trade is pretty good for both teams considering Sergachev is playing for a powerhouse and that the Subban-Weber is also pretty close. But besides that… To be honest as a Canadiens fan (a patient one) and I am not the only one, I would love to have Julien Brisebois as GM in Montreal

  14. elseldo from SB Nation my the comment of the leafs trying to get Patches.

    This was his thought. Josh Leivo (1yr, $925,000), Connor Carrick (RFA), Travis Dermott (2yr/$863,333), Frédérik Gauthier (RFA), one of Jeremy Bracco (2yr/$842,500) or Adam Brooks (2yr/$759,167), 2x 2018 2nd round picks (Toronto & San Jose – this gives them four 2nd round picks next draft). This gives their prospect cupboard two centres and a defender, an NHL defender, an NHLish winger, as well as two picks to trade or keep. Also flexible to one 2018 2nd and a 2019 2nd.

    I’m iffy on trading away the Maple Leafs first round pick this year, but it’s looking to be bottom 16 so if that needs to be part of the deal, I’d swap the two 2018 2nds for a 2018 first and 2019 third.

    What do you guys think of that? Just curious on extra opinions.

    • Made the comment**

  15. Ihatecrosby, I am still having nightmares about that Gomez trade ! I have just found out that according to Elliote Friedman the Wings have jumped in the Pacioretty derby, maybe my wish will come true after all ! Boy I would love a Drouin-Galchenyuk-Mantha line 🙂

    • If they get Mantha….I hope a pick comes along with it. Let the bidding war commence.

      Think Mario Lemieux will come out of retirement to sign to be the best player on the Canadiens next season? LOL

      • Ahahaha, I think it wouldn’t be too hard for him. Seriously, the big problem in Montreal is that they don’t have any defensemen that can get out of the zone and make a good pass, Weber has a great shot, he is tough and plays really well defensively but kind of lacks that aspect of the game. Mete is still young and will get better, Petry is ok but…

      • MP…I said trade Petry. Earlier post I proposed a trade to Dallas. I did that bc Hamhuis will be a UFA and Dallas needs veteran puck moving Dmen. It would also rid them of Lehtonen & Spezza giving them cap space to make moves. It helps MTL getting a center for now that is actually a center and allows Galcheyuk to remain a winger. Plus moving Pleks now for prospects and picks allows said moves to happen for a rebuild.

        I feel for MTL fans. It seems like they are built more for a trapping game which was last decade. Shame that management AND especially the scouting staff cannot find some offensive gems to shoot and score.

        I also for one think Gallagher should be the next captain. Noone on this team has won any championships besides Shaw. Watching their playoff games last year and some games this season….Gallagher is noticeable EVERY shift….. the kind of heart you want as a captain. Let Weber be the alternate captain of the defense and pick another forward to rotate as the other alternate.

      • I totally agree, Gallagher should be the captain. The other thing that bothers me is how this team develops its prospects. I know Sylvain Lefebvre is Marc Bergevin’s friend and I think he is also his daughter’s godfather (I am not saying that this is why he is still coaching the Rocket) but there is obviously a problem with the development, and it is strange that Lefevbre is still in charge of that team with the poor results they had over the past years… I think it is time for big changes for both teams, Canadiens and Rocket. The only bright side of this is that I think the Canadiens now have a 9.5% chance to win the Dahlin sweepstakes

  16. MP….it is all about coaching… Their AHL coaching staff should all be offensive minded…… New age of NHL really is how to generate offense and speed….. trap game is over…..

    So a New AHL coaching staff focused predominantly on developing on the offensive side of the game with the obvious attention to defense but I would argue transitional counter defense. Teach the young team how to counter punch AND develop their own offense. They also have to stop looking at where the players are born. They still look at drafting these Quebec kids. SHEESH…. get over it. The Rocket and Jean B are not coming back……

    Really think ownership need to be ok with a sell off if the return is good and make Carey Price earn his 11.5million for the rest of the year. They are not Built currently to go deep in the playoffs as currently constructed in my ARMCHAIR GM opinion. Draft for the best player….use late round picks for goalies and big defensemen who can skate….

    Start fresh next year with a younger crop of speed and game plan design for offense. Play some run & gun….. not like their defensive gameplay really is helping…..

    Free up cap for this off season and next….. make a pitch for Mac Truck if he hits the market…..

    I know people may want Patches resigned but even within they are not cup contenders only PRETENDERS…so get top level assets NOW today when he has a 1yr and half left and get younger faster….. Like my proposal to NYI

    Offer Shaw to ARZ for Duclair and a 2nd or add a 1st and Shaw to see if they will give up Strome

    Trade Petry to a cup contender in Dallas for a 2nd or see if Dallas wants to free up more cap to make some playoff run moves and take Spezza from them too… MTL has cap this year and will not win the JT sweepstakes nor Doughty or Karlsson the year after.

    Let the kids play more this season and work with Julien on adapting his gameplay to be more offensive……. He still (like many coaches with a team who cannot score) turtles back into the side and their practices focus on that rather than how to break thru the scoring slumps…. Get creative…..

    Just my opinion….. I cannot see why MTL rather ride the middle of the pack every year rather than being bad for 2 and having a better shot in the future.

  17. Two teams come to mind that would be smart to land Patches…Edmonton or LA.

    To MTL: RNH + Sekera
    To EDM: Patches + Pleks + Jerabek


    To MTL: Brown + Kempe
    To LAK: Patches

    • Brown’s contract would be the death of MTL…. I personally see no value in the player regardless of contract size. Better to lose Patches for nothing in 2 yrs than accept a player like Brown who is severely on the decline. This season is an anomaly to his trending statistics in all categories. Kempe is not worth a 1st rd pick. Better to hold off for that.

      The EDM is interesting as it brings you center to MTL BUT they have no need for a 5 million$ defenseman of his caliber. Adding Jerabek is adding salt to the wound. If it were RNH for Patches….that would be something to consider seriously with perhaps a pick coming MTL’s way. Nice base to start negotiations though.

      Let’s see what other GMS can offer for Patches before a move to EDM for RNH happens.

  18. Sorry guys. Rnh is gonna fetch alot more than patches. He’s on pace for 30 goals. Is all of what…..25? Has been arguably the oilers most consistent player..and should touch 60 pts this, sadly at 6 mill per yr that’s not a bad contract. If he goes anywhere it’s in a package for a number one dman..not a 32 yr old fading winger ( when the oil have puuyarvi playing much much better and Yamamoto in the wings,)

    • Not disagreeing RNH will fetch hefty return. BUT…..

      Do not forget McDavid’s 12.5 starts NEXT year AND they have 3 UFA forwards and 3 RFA forwards to fill out their roster. They may need all of that room UNLESS they can get a solid winger and move Leon D to #2C and perhaps Patches plays with McD. Patches is also 29, not 32, and, I would argue, not fading at all. Not many wingers in the league have scored 30 or more goals the last 4 years. He is good on both ends and is NOT slow like Maroon & company…
      GM Chiarelli might want to pick up a real winger for McDavid and give Lucic to Leon D. OR slot him on the 3rd line.

      As a GM do you want a6million a year #3c OR a #1 LW ?

  19. The “C” in Montreal has always stood for “C you later!” when it comes to the Montreal Canadiens’ captaincy. Bye, bye, Max! It was just a question of time.

    • That is how NJ does it too.. from Scott Neidermeyer to Gionta, to Parise, and soon probably Greene LOL

  20. I love reading your comments. This is a great site, and the speculation on what could happen is always quite interesting It’s been a rough season watching the Sens. I’ve always enjoyed watching my favorite team as many of you have. It’s disheartening, and looks like some serious issues within the organization. Many of you, like myself thought it was strange that Alfie left, although he stated he wanted more family time. We have lost some core with Turris, Neil and Methot. I found it strange they brought Oduya in. I don’t see much trade value in him, or Brassard. Ceci could bring some interest as he is still developing and is on a team that is sinking fast. I think if you were trade some core, you may want to move a big contract or two with it. In all honesty, I think many Sens fans would like to see the owner think about a partner or sell the team. I won’t give up on the Sens for down the road, but I’m looking forward to Baseball season at the moment. Cheers!