NHL Rumor Mill – January 10, 2018

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James van Riemsdyk could be an expensive re-signing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Updates on James van Riemsdyk, Evander Kane, Rick Nash, Brock Nelson and more in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: NHL insider Darren Dreger appeared on Leafs Lunch yesterday discussing what it might cost the Toronto Maple Leafs to re-sign left wing James van Riemsdyk, who’s due to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. Noting colleague Bob McKenzie suggested it could take a five-year deal in the range of $6 million annually as the starting point in negotiations, Dreger believes JVR would take $6 million annually to stay with the Leafs on a six-year deal. He doesn’t think there’s been any serious contract talks between the two sides thus far.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Because of van Riemsdyk’s UFA status, there’s some fan speculation suggesting the Leafs should shop him at the trade deadline for a top-four defenseman. While anything’s possible, I don’t believe they’ll go that route because they don’t want to sacrifice the offense van Riemsdyk gives them. They’ll stick with him for the remainder of the season and try to hammer out an agreement on a new contract before July 1. 


TSN: During Tuesday’s insider segment, Pierre LeBrun reported the Buffalo Sabres’ asking price (if they have their way) for pending UFA left wing Evander Kane “will be a first-round pick, plus a prospect, plus potentially a conditional pick in case he signs with that new team.” While there’s no firm timeline as to when the Sabres could move Kane, LeBrun suspects it’ll be near the Feb. 26 trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Sabres will wait until the days leading up to the deadline to move Kane in hopes of maximizing his trade value. Teams could be leery of parting with a first-round pick but a club looking at making a run for the Cup this season could go for it. Perhaps the Tampa Bay Lightning could consider making a pitch? 

Darren Dreger reports most believe right wing Jaromir Jagr’s time with the Calgary Flames is drawing to a close, but he’s still being treated for an injury and he wants to be healthy before determining his playing future. The Flames could try to trade him but Dreger said it doesn’t appear as though there’s much of a market for Jagr’s services.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I hate to say it but I think Jagr’s NHL playing days are over. I’ll be very surprised if he gets traded. 

Regarding the Chicago Blackhawks making Brent Seabrook a healthy scratch from Tuesday’s game against the Ottawa Senators, LeBrun said this wasn’t about setting up a trade or that Seabrook’s days as a key member of the Blackhawks are coming to an end. He feels it was done to send a message to Seabrook and his teammates regarding their performance.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even if the Blackhawks wanted to trade Seabrook, his hefty contract ($6.875 million annual average value through 2023-24 plus a no-movement clause) makes him almost impossible to move. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports there’s a belief the Rangers could attempt to add a piece or two to offset the loss of Chris Kreider to potentially season-ending rib surgery. However, he calls upon management not to be deluded by their 22-15-15 record, citing the team’s lack of focus and intensity, defensive-zone deficiencies and the fact they’re being kept afloat by the goaltending tandem of Henrik Lundqvist and Ondrej Pavelec.

Brooks believes they should be listening to offers on pending free agent winger Rick Nash. While the decline in Nash’s production hurts his trade value, Brooks suggests “it only takes two teams believing that No. 61 can be a missing link to a title in order to generate a bidding war.” While landing a first-round pick would be ideal, he suggests entertaining offers “including a second-rounder, plus.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nash’s offensive decline screams “buyer beware”. Sure, the Rangers could listen to offers but I doubt they’ll get many serious ones. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports New York Islanders forward Brock Nelson is “starting to creep out there” in the rumor mill. With defensemen Johnny Boychuk and Calvin de Haan sidelined, the Isles need blueline help. Friedman believes there will be interest in Nelson. He also wonders if the Isles might take a look at Buffalo Sabres goaltender Robin Lehner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nelson, 26, reached 20 goals and 40 points in each of the last three seasons but he’s currently on pace for only 17 goals and 27 points. Still, I think he could be enticing for clubs with blueline depth seeking a second-line forward with good size who can play center or wing. As for Lehner, I don’t think the Sabres want to part with him. 

Friedman said there’s no shortage of people who believe Vancouver Canucks defenseman Erik Gudbranson “will be better on a better, more structured team.” The Canucks, however, are trying to drive up his price.


THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: During a recent live chat, Mike Heika was asked which big-name player on the Dallas Stars was most likely to be traded. While he doubts any of them will be moved this season, he suggests center Jason Spezza as a candidate.

While Spezza’s minutes have been reduced this season, Heika notes he has some control over a possible trade. He thinks the veteran center wants to stay in Dallas and help the Stars win. Unless the Stars fall apart down the stretch, Heika doesn’t believe they’ll become sellers at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Spezza surfaced briefly in the rumor mill earlier this season. However, his age (34), declining production and contract ($7.5 million annual cap hit through 2018-19 with a modified no-trade clause) should ensure he finishes this season in Dallas. If the Stars become active in the trade market leading up to the deadline, it’ll be as buyers. 



  1. I believe Nash could help any contending team. I see this a lot like the E Staal situation a couple of years back. Everyone was calling it the end for the guy, I didn’t see it that way, nor do I see it in Nash.

    How is E Staal doing today? Leading his team in goals and points!

    • Yeah I figured Staal was done too, but he always was better than Nash. Another comparable might be Bobby Ryan exploding in the playoffs. Too big a gamble for my liking, but I can’t argue with you! I say he walks.

    • Gaborik in ’14, now there’s a comparable..

    • If not for Cap reasons Nash would be a great replacement for Hossa. Vegas could plug him in and has assets..
      Head west Mr Nash-Rangers cannot afford to resign

    • How can Nash help any team? He never scores in playoffs? He’s the worst playoff guy(who has talent 30-40 goals) I’ve ever seen. Some guys like Claude Lemieux and Chris Drury always scored better in playoffs than regular season plus big goals winners…Nash always chokes he’s a bum

      • Nash’s playoff stats aren’t that bad.

        Career. 77GP 15G, 26A, 41PTS, +77

      • Yeah NYR only has 1 of the best playoff records over the last 5 years since Nash was acquired.

        Since Nash has arrived in NYR to start the 2012-13 season NYR has played 73 playoff games!

        What a pile of BS.

        Nash’s playoff stats aren’t that bad.

        Career. 77GP 15G, 26A, 41PTS, +7.
        With NYR. 73-14,24-38.

        There are way more important things come playoff time than points. It’s called winning.

      • Sorry double tapped, +7.

      • Matt is a bitter Buffalo fan….

    • Agreed…. With SJ seeking scoring but unsure if they want to part with Meier & LaBanc….NY should just ask for a 2nd rd pick. He will be cheaper than Kane, LVR or any other option. As a UFA this summer….means no commitment to the cap Long Term either.

    • Why? Because Nash has such a great history as a prolific playoff performer? To the best of my knowledge the opposite is true and he shrinks during the playoff spotlight.

      • Sorry posted to wrong thread.

        Yeah NYR only has 1 of the best playoff records over the last 5 years since Nash was acquired.

        Since Nash has arrived in NYR to start the 2012-13 season NYR has played 73 playoff games!

        What a pile of BS.

        Nash’s playoff stats aren’t that bad.

        Career. 77GP 15G, 26A, 41PTS, +7.
        With NYR. 73-14,24-38.

        There are way more important things come playoff time than points. It’s called winning.

        How many teams or players have played 73 playoff games in the last 5 years. That’s a very small #, especially if represented in a %.

    • Unless NYR falls out of the playoff race Nash isn’t going any where, he will walk as a UFA this summer I assume.

      • I don’t see this the same way. Rangers won’t fall out of contention. I don’t see Nash in their future plans and find him eating up minutes that are keeping guys like Buchnevich from playing more. Would rather see us look to move Nash and get Kane.

  2. Nyr4life,

    I agree with you. Rick Nash has always been one of my favorite players. A trade to a contending team would benefit both immesnsely. He was always on Team Canada for his defensive effort up front. He had those big years in Columbus offensively making people think that’s what he was. I think he is an extremely well -rounded player and can play physically. Great fit in Winnipeg! They are already punishing up front, strong defensively and have good goaltending. A powerful minute munching positive Corsi type guy up front would certainly add to this team. Just my opinion.

    • When he suffered that concussion oversees during the lock out…he was playing on a line with Jumbo Joe…….. he got a really bad one. Never been the same since then. That was the end up scoring Nash. He had 1 good season since then.


    When Evgeni Nabokov was ready to retire, the Sharks made a token trade for him and let him announce his retirement as a Shark, even though he had left the team years previous. Since his best years were with the Sharks, it was appropriate he retire as a Shark.

    I don’t think I’m out of line when I say the Pens should do the same for Jagomir Jagr. A storied career, but his best years were with the Pens. If he truly is calling it quits this season, the Pens should acquire him through a token deal, and let him retire as a Penguin.

    • I salute that..

      • I’m surprised at folks who don’t want arguably the third best player on NHL history to retire on their team. The general consensus I get from conversations and talk radio etc is the opposite .

    • Jagr may have left some bad blood with some of the current big wigs in the pens organization… cough Lemieux cough… so not sure it would happen… most fans would welcome him back at this point as the bad taste has left most of their mouths. Unfortunately he seems to want top 6 minutes or I’d be ok with the pens giving him a cheap low risk high reward contract after Cal releases him to see if he has chem with cros or Malkin (though Malkin and phil look great together). Doubt any of that happens though.

    • Nope. They shouldn’t do anything of the sort for that individual.

      He made his bed.

      Having said that, I still think there is a slim chance he could find one last job in the NHL…with Rick Tocchet’s Coyotes. Let him come in and do his “has his own key to the rink and skates at midnight” schtick for the young players and get enough games played to pass Messier. Sell a few ugly red Jagr jerseys in Phoenix, etc.

      • Doesn’t matter if he made his bed. We all wish we could have a redo once and a while. Both sides will both put it aside eventually.

    • Yeah no thanks. I made my opinion as a longtime Pens fan on Jagr clear the other day. I will wish him luck in the future, but not at all interested in a reunion of any sort.
      I get where your coming from with Nabokov and I agree about that situation, but the two situations are completely polar opposites.
      I am all for MG’s suggestion of the Yotes. Not like they have anything to lose by it anyway.

  4. BBB has been stating for awhile that the Bruins have an easy schedule. I decided to take a closer look at their schedule and compare it to their closes rival in the standings Toronto, yes i’m a Bruins fan but an objective one.
    Boston 40 games 23-10-7 home 14-5-3 away 9-5-4
    Toronto 44 games 25-16-3 home 13-6-1 away 12-10-2

    Boston has played 6x b2b, 4x 3in4, 1x 4in6, 1x 7 in 11
    Toronto has played 8x b2b, 4x 3in4, 1x 4in6, 1x 7in11

    Toronto played 4 more games, 2 more b2b and 5 more away games then the Bruins.
    In this comparison Boston has had an easier schedule then Toronto.
    With 4 less games played and 5 less on the road obvious the Bruins schedule will catch up but that doesn’t really happen until the end of the schedule were Boston plays 11 of their final 15 games on the road; which is brutal and make it important for Boston to do what they are doing now taking advantage of the schedule.

    • Agree Caper. Playing fewer games in the first half has likely improved their winning %. Their 2nd half will be more compressed an will have an effect. As a Bruins fan I would prefer to have it reversed with fewer games in the 2nd half.

      • Bruins were also decimated with injuries to begin the year and through the 1st half… that has to be factored in here as well.

        I know some will say less games has improved their winning % but when you look at what they had to deal with regarding injuries… things even out quite a bit. All things considered including a slightly easier 1st half schedule.

        Also, it has been a long time since I’ve been on here commenting 🙂

    • I posted the quality of competition the last time he spouted this BS. Vast majority against teams that made the playoffs last season & several of the teams they have played that didn’t are TB, LA, etc.

      & they did that with a ton of significant injuries.

      He’s a troll do your best to ignore him. He’s just upset his team isn’t playing to his expectations. Never supports his arguments with facts just BS.

      • I did acknowledge that having to make up all those games will have some impact in the win loss column but as McKenzie said yesterday the playoff match up for Tor & Bos are set this year. They will be playing each other in the 1st round due to this stupid bracket formula.

        No way anyone is catching Bos or Tor nor are either of them catching TB. If the atlantic finishes as currently set that’s how I had it to start the season TB, Bos & Tor. Coin toss between the 2 really.

      • Caper just agreed with bbb that the bruins have had an easier schedule! You are such a self absorbed troll! You act like because the avs have improved( what team couldn’t from last year ) that Salic is doing a good job? When Roy was there they won the division!

      • Funny hearing striker call someone a troll! Lol the guy yaps on every single persons comments, and over half the time doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about! He says he follows and yet says I don’t support with facts, well if you follow hockey that much striker you shouldn’t need me to tell you! You are such a dbag try not comment on every comment like you are a god

  5. I think Buffalo will add a lot of excitement at the deadline/draft. There’s going to be a big overhaul on that roster to reset the dressing room. Probably why you won’t see Nylander up this year. Reinhart, O’Reilly, Kane and Lehner should be gone to make room for the likes of Mittlestadt and Nylander. Hard to move Bogosian and Okposo. Still can’t believe they’re as bad as they are.

    • And who is Zemgus Girgensens? Does he have compromising photos of an important Buffalo executive or something??

      • I wouldn’t mind taking a shot at Zemgus for the pens as a high pedigree second nhl team refurbish project if he came on the cheap.

    • Buf isn’t moving Lehner. Lehner is solid. Have you watched this team play? Lehner isn’t the problem. How does Housley an offensive Dman deploy this offensive system?

      Watching Buf play isn’t fun at present which is odd with the roster make up. I would prefer they be bad & exciting than what ever you want to call this dump & chase game.

      • I agree. He’s solid and I like him a lot, but they’re going to clean house there for reasons other than play.

  6. JVR should be traded at or before the deadline, he’s not in the long term plan and he would fetch a nice return, 1st rounder and high end prospect at a minimum. Guy is really a PP producer and Babcock knows it, he hardly plays a role 5 on 5.

    • he’s a rental so unless a sign and trade he wont return what you stated.

      • Why would JVR not have that return and Evander Kane would?
        JvR will fetch a first and a prospect for sure. Or a high end prospect and a 2nd, minimum

      • I’m not confident Kane will get that return either… market will be potentially flooded with wingers or varying skills… kane, nash, JVR, Pek, Duclair, vanek, tatar/nyquist… etc. ironically a player less talented than many of them, Green, will possibly get more in return cause the d trade pool will be shallow.

      • Hanzal moved for a 1st, Ladd, Vermette, etc.

    • Same old, same old. Why is JVR not in the long-term plan? Same with Tyler Bozak – who takes his place? I don’t see a centre in the system who can replace him. And, as far as JVR goes, pretty sure that power play goals count just as much as 5 on 5. Names of replacements please.

      • BC Fan, JVR is playing among the fewest minutes of the top 9. Babcock is obviously not a fan and neither am I. His replacement needs to be a 200 foot player – not just a goal scorer- think Connor Brown if you are looking for names. Brown won’t produce as many goals but will not be far off and offer so much more than JVR can.

        With Bozak, it appears the Leafs are taking a long look at Gautier. I think Bozak will be harder to replace but we need to do that. Kadri perhaps plays a more offensive role with Gautier being the predominant checker.

  7. He won’t be moved…but if he were, I see a decent prospect and a third coming the other way.

  8. how does Evander Kane get you a 1st plus prospect but JVR only a third, unless Kane is also only worth a 3rd? leafs will struggle to beat Boston and have no chance against Tampa even if they beat Boston. IMO take the pick and prospect and keep stock piling assets.

    • puck22, isn’t a 6’3″ proven scoring winger who is only 28, signed for 6 years an asset? IMO he is an asset worth a heck of a lot more more than a late 1st round pick, and a B prospect, which is the likely return.

    • Puck, I don’t disagree with your views on trade JVR as opposed to positioning for the playoffs. The Leafs dealt a second last year for Boyle. Their rationale is playoff experience is more valuable then the second they gave up. I can see the Leafs explore trade options for JVR, if the return is worth it, I can see them trading him. Otherwise keep JVR as our own rental.

      • the biggest issues with JVR is of course is upcoming UFA status but also the impact he has on the other players mainly Brown and Marner and how it effects there ice time and where Babcock plays them. Babcock has turned Brown into a defensive winger as it fits a hole we have and JVR can’t play that role. With Marner it’s worse the Bozak JVR tandem has always been terrible defensively so when they struggle Marner goes to the 4th line because again JVR can’t go there. Sometimes you trade a player cause to free up space for others,,, JVR scores a ton on the PP but scoring isn’t our issue, Leafs have to much of the same thing on the wing through out there line up and JVR is the easiest to move based on return age and contract status.

    • As history has shown us repeatedly an team can go on a playoff run for a round, 2, 3 even to the cup on the back of a hot goalie.

      See Carolina with Ward, Halak with Mon, etc.

      Get to the playoffs, with a little luck & a goalie that just clicks at just the right time & anything is possible.

      No harder cup to win or winner to predict.

  9. I hope JVR signs with Leafs for 6-7 years. We all know that forwards are great past age 33 lol

    4 year max

    • Puck, I’m ok to keep him through playoffs – I don’t want JVR resigned and I can’t believe the Leafs are even considering resigning him. Gotta love the commentators talking about what it would take to resign JVR – the real discussion should be around why would the Leafs want to?

      • I would not be surprised if he stayed but I doesn’t make any sense to sign him past this season. I think a lot of the talk is just talk one thing is for sure this leafs management is not leaking information so I doubt the rumour of resigning is coming from them.

  10. With the Islanders severely depleted on D would Phaneuf make sense for them?

    The rights to DaHaan (IR), Kulemin(IR) & HoSang for
    Dion Phaneuf, who would look nice next to Leddy

    Then work on trying this summer to move out Boychuck somehow, this way they can try and keep Nelson who is a valuable piece to them.

    • Wow, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit there. Pheneuf is just too slow. I do appreciate the form of the deal proposed as it gets some cash off the books but De Haan only has a year left and they may want to look at resigning him if he recovers well.

      Ho Sang is by no means untouchable. He’s shown skill but lacks consistency and gives the puck away too often. Things he may learn to correct as he continues to mature. I would suspect that the Isles would aim a bit higher for a D man and include either picks or another player (maybe a D prospect) if they were going to deal Ho Sang

    • I wouldn’t trade any ONE of those guys for Phaneuf … My God! you win internet dummy of the day congratulations.

      • Brutal. Is that really necessary?

      • DeHaan is a UFA at season end and not coming back this season it appears. Why not get an asset back? I’d argue Dion is better than any of their defensemen outside of Leddy. Chimera is gone in the offseason along with 4.5 million Halak. I’d contest that doing nothing will show JT they are not really committed. Not saying DION is the answer by any means. it was an aloud proposal that serves both teams. Isles are faltering quick. Dion is also better than Boychuck. DeHaan is not coming back to the Island. As always ED I appreciate your feedback =). Happy New Year to you too!.

  11. Are the leafs adding Dermott in preparation for trades? If so, who would leave in a package deal? Carrick?Gardiner? I loke Dermott but he is not ready to be the answer to their woes defensively. Reilly, Zaitsev and Borgmann provide a good threesome, Dermott a good five or six, but they surely cannot go to the playoffs relying on Polak or Gardiner or Carrick. I would consider packaging Gardiner, plus one of the spare forward parts, even Brown, for a really solid d-man under the age of thirty. Seabrook not an option. They can afford to throw in a firs or second round pick also. So who is out there ready to be moved? Please let it not be Gudbranson!! Maybe a healthy Tanev? A Sabre or Hurricane, maybe a Jet?

    • Bozak/Dermott to NY for Desharnais/Smith? A center they probably will not resign for a D man that is an upgrade over some of their team and signed for 4 years ?

      • crosby hater, I don’t know we would trade a centre we’re not likely to resign for centre we absolutely don’t want. We’re not giving away Dermott, who is our second best defensive prospect and is either ready or close to NHL ready?

        Please don’t suggest any more Leaf trade, hate Crosby if you like. Stay out of Leaf stuff as you really don’t have a clue.

      • Trekkie….I appreciate your insight and as you alluded to Dermott being their 2nd best D prospect than I defer to you in that as I only was remarking on the speculation of JONMCGILL.

        So remove Dermott and Bozak for Smith & Desharnais.
        TOR top 3 centers now are Matthews, Marleau & Kadri.
        top 6 wingers are Hyman, Nylander, JVR, Marner, Komarov & Brown I suppose. Desharnais is the permanent press box player who they can let go of his $1M at the end of the season.

        TOR D going into the playoffs will need extra veteran depth. Why not use BOZAK now as a trade chip to solidify that. They can let Polak go in the off season. Smith will battle in the corners, hit and give his body. D depth for the playoffs is key and they will need it to make it past the 1st round. Dermott can slide down to the Marlies and get D minutes.

        Again, appreciate your perspective as I do not know Dermott, but have respect for other MEN even if just on the internet when you provide insight. Greatly appreciated. Happy New Year.

        NYR gets a 3C at the same $cap hit of Smith. Slides Hayes to #2C and allows Kampfer to not have to sit in the press box. He has earned a #6D slot. NYR places Bozak at the #3C and allows Miller to stay on wing as Kreider is out indefinitely.

    • Jon, your comments on Dermott not being ready are quite premature. He may not be, but that at this point is not a certainty. I’m not a fan of Carrick and would prefer to see Dermott in the linkup over him assuming he plays enough minutes. Babcock has been clear, if Dermott isn’t up to play he goes back down. He is being reviewed at the NHL level.

      • I agree, Dermott has been very good so far in the roughly 30 minutes of hockey he has played, and was excellent in his 2nd game playing top 4 minutes in 5 on 5 play. He may not be a bonafide stud top 4 today, but adding a solid D to a team who is a playoff team as is, and who’s biggest weakness is on the blueline, is still quite a good improvement.

        The Leafs are likely feeling pretty good about the way their D have progressed overall. Gardiner has taken a step back, but hasn’t been as bad as many think. Rielly has taken a massive step forward, and is playing alike a legitimate #1 D-man, and Hainsey has played well above what should have been expected. Borgman was been an ok depth guy, which is a great free addition, and liljegren and Dermott have been excellent in the AHL.

        While they still need to add, I think things are probably looking a little more promising than many would have guessed over a year ago. I think the biggest mistake they have made is Zaitsev, as he has been just plain bad this year. He hasn’t been good in top 4 minutes in 5 on 5 play all year. He is a defensive specialist who isn’t very good defensively, and signed for 6 more years at $4.5M. The only really upside might be that a lot of his issues seem to be hesitation and gap control. It could be something he overcomes as his raw skill set should give you a better defensemen than he has shown, and defensemen can turn things around quickly with a little work and confidence, but so far it doesn’t look like a great deal.

      • Crossby Hater, appreciate your post – I don’t disagree the Leaf could use some depth on defense. They have 6 weeks or so to properly evaluate Dermott. Borgman and Dermott appear to be in the Leaf plans for the future, if this remains true it’s more important right now for both of them to play this playoff season then a low probability cup run. Polak will likely be number 7 and Carrick number 8. The only thing I can really see as an option is if someone parts with a 2-3 guy on D and JVR is the pricipal of a package going back – never gonna happen. I’m not in favour of another depth defenseman. Rather have both Bozak and JVR. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • It’s very common for teams to start looking at prospects after the New Year. For a whole range of reason but lets just look at the business side but a potential trade is certainly possible.

      There are numerous business factors in play. 9 games kicking in year 1 of their contract. 25 games for determining rookie eligibility, 41 games for triggering arbitration rights.

      Some teams allow a cup of coffee to Jr players, & send them back to Jr before game 10, some even lengthen it out over a long period of time for numerous reasons.

      They may let a player that is AHL eligable hand around longer sending him down before 25, or sending him down & not bringing him until late in the year not letting him exceed 25.

      Others may keep them around sending them to WJC’s, back to JR or the AHL before they hit 41 so as to buy 1 possible 2 years of additional arbitration rights. It depends on several factors, age at signing being a significant 1. Edm did this with Draisaitl. TB was threatening to do it with Drouin when he walked away as he hadn’t played enough games to constitute an NHL season played under the CBA allowing TB request his contract be ported.

  12. At least a dozen teams should have put in a claim on Cody Franson…not one did.

    Does he have horribly smelly feet that stink up the entire charter flight?

    A right shot D man on an expiring, cheap contract and no one takes him for free?

    • I’ve never understood the disconnect with Franson. He has never been awful, and at times gets great results in a top 4 role. He has a long track record of giving up less goals and scoring chances relative to his teammates whenever he is on the ice, and given that he is cheap, you don’t need him to be a top 4 stud.

      There are plenty of teams that could use them, do people think they he is worse than playing guys like Polak or Prout?

    • MG some teams may have had an interest in Franson but may not have a roster spot available. If you’re sitting at 49 or 50 contracts taking Franson off waivers may not have been an option. Better to pass and try to trade contract for contract

      • That’s a good observation. The two teams that would seem to need him the most, Tor and Edm, have little room contract wise.

        The Pens only have 45 or so contracts, so I would have liked to have seen them add him, especially if they still intend to trade Cole.

    • Franson makes Kris LeTurnover look like Denis Potvin … have you ever watched him play hockey?

      • I have but have you seen Zach Trotman or Chris Summers?

        No reason to not grab him for free as depth.

    • Danny, loved your comments. Agree on Reilly. BTW – I was so pissed with the decision he made late in that Columbus game. He can’t a make mistake like that – you don’t make a pass like that, late in the game with a lead – you just don’t do it.
      Babcock has said many times, the team hasn’t learned to win yet.

    • & according to analytical data is a solid NHL Dman!

      It’s an eye test issue really. He is 6’5″ 225 lbs but plays like he’s 5’9″ 170. Really a low tier offensive Dman that leaves his coaches frustrated. Not good enough to be solely an offensive Dman & no where near smart enough to be a shut down 1.

      • And he is too slow.

  13. Are Ed VanImpe, Bigbadbruins and Bigbear all the same guy?

    • No striker( ray bark) on other news duclair to hawks for panik! Good move for the hawks

  14. And the Oilers float along as if they are on top of the world. How long can you hire GM’s and coaches that have failed in their previous employment?

    • Sure ain’t on top of the world here in Edm.
      PC won a cup as the GM in Boston.
      McLennan won a cup as an asst in Detroit, followed by 6 straight playoff appearances in SJ with a presidents trophy thrown in.
      How is that failure?

  15. With the acquisition of Duclair….and now with $3m in cap space…. are they trying to bring the band back together??

    TO MTL: (D)Connor Murphy ($3.85m) & 3rd rd pick
    TO CHI: (D) Jordie Benn ($1.1m) & (RW) Shaw ($3.9m)

    still leaves about $2 million in cap space.

    They brought back Saad. Could they bring back Shaw??