NHL Rumor Mill – January 12, 2018

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Could Ottawa Senators defenseman Dion Phaneuf be on the move by the Feb. 26 trade deadline? (Photo via NHL Images)

A look at TSN’s updated trade-bait board and more in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane tops Frank Seravalli’s list of the top-20 trade bait heading toward the Feb. 26 NHL trade deadline. Detroit Red Wings defenseman Mike Green, Edmonton Oilers left wing Patrick Maroon, Ottawa Senators winger Mike Hoffman and Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Pacioretty round out the top five.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprises here, as all of them have featured prominently in the rumor mill for several weeks. Of these, the most likely to move are Kane, Green and Maroon.

I don’t dismiss the possibility of Hoffman and Pacioretty being dealt by the deadline. Seravalli’s colleague Darren Dreger thinks the market is “really strong” for Hoffman, suggesting the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and St. Louis Blues as possible trade destinations.

Hoffman and Pacioretty, however, are under contract beyond this season and their respective clubs will want significant returns. They’re under no pressure to move them this season.  If Hoffman and/or Pacioretty get traded I think those moves take place in the offseason, when there are more teams with available cap space and a willingness to spend. 

In sixth to tenth spots are Vancouver Canucks winger Thomas Vanek, Canadiens winger Alex Galchenyuk, Canucks blueliner Erik Gudbranson, Senators left wing Zack Smith and Vegas Golden Knights forward James Neal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vanek and Gudbranson are likely goners. Smith could also be on the move if the Sens fail to find a decent offer for Hoffman. Galchenyuk’s surfaced several times since last season in the rumor mill, but like Pacioretty and Hoffman, he seems a more likely summer-trade candidate.

Neal is an unrestricted free agent and the Golden Knights could have difficult re-signing him. However, their better-than-expected performance this season and his selection to the 2018 All-Star Game likely ensures he’ll finish the season in Vegas. They’ll need his experience and leadership in the playoffs. 

Golden Knights winger David Perron, Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Ian Cole, Canadiens forward Andrew Shaw, Oilers center Mark Letestu and New York Rangers winger Rick Nash fill positions 11 to 15.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like Neal, Perron’s a UFA this summer. However, I think Vegas will retain him for the playoffs and attempt to re-sign him before July 1. Cole and Letestu could be on the move by the deadline.  Dreger mentioned several teams are talking about Shaw but he doesn’t know if the Canadiens are shopping him. The decline in Nash’s performance could prompt Rangers management to gauge his value in the trade market, but there’s no certainty they’ll find a taker. 

Chicago Blackhawks rearguard Cody Franson, Buffalo Sabres goaltender Robin Lehner, Senators blueliner Dion Phaneuf, Red Wings goalie Petr Mrazek and Colorado Avalanche d-man Tyson Barrie are in spots 16 to 20.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Franson recently went unclaimed on the waiver wire but there’s a belief he could still have value as an affordable trade option. Until the Sabres are fully confident in promising goalie Linus Ullmark I don’t see them moving Lehner. Mrazek’s poor play won’t make him an enticing trade option for clubs seeking goaltending help.

I’m puzzled by Seravalli’s inclusion of Barrie, who’s currently sidelined with a hand injury, on this list. Granted, his defensive game leaves something to be desired, but he’s a skilled puck-moving blueliner who could play a key role in the improving Avs’ push for a playoff berth. 

Sportnet’s Elliotte Friedman said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Senators checked with the 12 teams on Phaneuf’s list of preferred trade destinations. The blueliner carries a hefty salary-cap hit ($7 million annually) for three more seasons, but it didn’t prove a hindrance when he was dealt to the Senators from Toronto two years ago. We shouldn’t fully dismiss the notion that he could get dealt again. 





  1. I think Phaneuf could get dealt again. His performance in Ottawa facilitates a trade more easily than the trade out of Toronto, to be honest. He was miscast in Toronto, an opinion popular amongst those who follow hockey and has performed very well in Ottawa. I think Phaneuf could play a key role as a second pairing D man on a contending team. Don’t be surprised if he gets traded at all! Ottawa may have to eat some of the contract but with the cap going up and them now facing a rebuild that may not be a problem for them.

    • Agree on Phaneuf being miscast in Toronto and quite frankly signed to dollars that his play did not deserve. To me, he is a high end 3 guy or a mid-end 2 guy but definitely not 1 as he was cast in Toronto. Agree with your comments on Ottawa will have to take back contract dollars or eat some dollars to facilitate a trade. Doing so may get them a nice return.

    • I don’t. Phaneuf is even slower than he was when the Leafs dumped him. His style of play is going to catch up with him soon. Unless Ottawa retains %50 of his salary he’s not going anywhere. You know the 12 teams he picked all don’t need him or would find great difficulty adding him.

      • 50% of the salaray is kind of outrageous. You aren’t finding experienced guys like Phaneuf for $3.5M for three years. If Ottawa is eating half the salary then a solid return is coming back to Ottawa.
        If phanuef costs the sens only 3.5M why would they trade him for peanuts?

        When Karlsson was out for the first few games, Dion led the defense including being the pivot on the first PP, he can fill in that role but can’t be ‘the guy’

  2. I would have to agree with Lyle on the Tyson Barrie comment. Why trade him now when the team has improved considerably?

    I think Colorado has addressed their main concern by trading Duchene. However, I think reserving judgment on Duchene requires time and patience. After all, look at the reversal of fortunes for New Jersey and Edmonton vis a vis the Larsson for Hall deal. Who knows, the fresh start Duchene may have needed might not take effect until his second season in Ottawa?

    If Colorado makes the playoffs they could be dangerous as they could be looking to prove something. Nathan MacKinnon is sure playing that way.

  3. Considering Slepyshev just lost his spot on the wing to the Oiler’s 7th D man, I don’t think the demand for his services will be high.

    • Well he may return a 5th round pick. That should help turn Edm’s season around.

      Can you spell waiver. Ha-ha!

      • Ya, can’t see Edmonton pulling off a major deal before the deadline. The season is over and everybody here knows it.
        I can see it being an interesting summer though. PC is feeling the heat, hell everybody in the organization is. Including Bob Nicholson.
        Not sure selling off pending UFA’s will appease the mob or Daryl Katz.

      • EDM fans will keep showing up. Even through the worst of it when tickets were certainly easier to get & harder to sell it’s nothing like 4 to 5 thousand paid tickets going unused in Vancouver last season & the season 2 prior since Benning took over. Even this year still a shocking # of empty seats considering what is being showed as paid attendance.

        As I have stated many times now, the worst thing to happen to Edm was everything going right last season.

      • Yes, last season ended all patience. Oiler fans are loyal, I will give you that. I can respect that.
        Before McDavid they were beat down and depressed, then they were ecstatic last year, now they are angry. That is new.
        There is zero talk of patience, zero talk of draft and develop other than complaining about how bad that has been for a decade.
        While I think patience, (barring a deal you can’t refuse) is the proper course as their best players are still very young. Keep your picks and develop them. I am in a very small minority. I listen to TSN 1260 pretty regularly, and those boys aren’t having any fun trying to fill 4 hour shows.

      • I preach patience in almost every scenario. Don’t do anything rash. Move out the UFA’s maximise their returns at this seasons deadline.

        Another round of expansion will be happening before the current CBA expires as the NHL won’t want to share that revenue with the NHLPA & in the next CBA the NHLPA won’t miss Olympic participation & expansion revenue, just something else really significant.

        I assume the rules will be the same as Vegas’s round even though they have had unbelievable success. Numerous owners & GM’s will be advocating for tighter rules, more restrictive but they won’t get it, what they will get is 20+ million each.

        Unloading Maroon & Letestu should provide a solid selection of picks & someone might take Cammy for a 3rd. Might Strome or Kassian be moved out as well?

        Edm has played terrible. The talent in place should yield better results but this team can’t hold it’s positions & a ton of players are missing their defensive assignments regularly. It’s weird.

        No team with McDavid, Draisaitl & RNH with this D & Talbot should be this bad but players are making mistakes as I said the other day that would get you benched in Bantam Prep rep & above.

      • Ya, the Oil are hard to figure out. I know you always say that development is not linear, and you’re right it isn’t. But the play of so many of these kids has gone backward. Klefbom has been somewhat better of late, but early in the season it was a train wreck. He is dealing with a shoulder issue but does that really lead to those types of repeated mental mistakes? Last year he took a huge step forward and was arguably their best D man down the stretch. It is astounding to me.
        Easy answer is coaching, but did all these guys suddenly forget how to coach? Nope.

      • I’m at a complete loss to explain it. I don’t know what it is. How can these specific players make this many mistakes, worse ofetn the lack of interest is bizarre.

        You can’t just keep swapping out coaches that leads to system changes & line up changes. Continuity has been part of the problem.

      • What is so hard to understand regarding the Oilers plight … when you trade two really fast offensive guys with skill like Hall & Eberle for a 2nd pair d-man and a 3rd line player (at best) what do you think is going to happen? The Oil lack skill to compliment McJesus and Draistl and until they find it they will continue to struggle. This is not McLellan’s fault, the blame lies entirely on Chiarelli. He doesn’t get today’s game, in fact he is going in the opposite direction. The cupboard is far from being bare but if I were a fan I would want a change at GM … right now. I wouldn’t want Chiarelli making any more lousy moves for my team. My two cents, your mileage may vary.

      • I didn’t & don’t like the Eberle trade either but Larsson was a 1st pairing Dman in NJ his final season & has been since he arrived in Edm. Larsson just turned 25 having played 389 NHL regular season games. Do you know what my marker is for an NHL Dman to reach full development?

        Remind me again what Edm won with Hall?

      • Larsson leads all NHL Dman for hits; tied, sits tied for 37th in blocked shots having missed 8 games with injury. He has averaged 21:38 in TOI/GP, he leads the Oilers in ES TOI/GP & SH TOI/GP. He does all the heavy lifting facing the NHL’s best players every night starting more shifts in the D zone than any Dman in Edm.

        On top of that he’s being paid 4 mil & change for 3 more years after this season. Chump change for a Dman of this quality.

      • Regarding the Eberle trade, I agree that the return wasn’t good enough because he scores goals, but you would have had a hard time finding an Oiler fan that didn’t want him traded last season.
        Things may have changed since his arrival in NY, but he simply was a soft player. He got bumped down the lineup down the stretch and again in the playoffs because he couldn’t win a battle and on too many nights didn’t give that aspect of his game that much effort. He isn’t a big guy, everybody gets that but zero effort is a non starter, especially in the post season.
        Also got bumped off the 1st PP unit as well because can’t shoot the puck without dusting it first.
        But do agree that 20 goal guys don’t grow on trees, they could have got more than a reclamation project in Strome.

      • Striker, simply put NJ got the best of the Hall / Larsen deal. Remind me what has Edmonton won since the trade? Yes they made it to the playoffs. To answer your question about bench marks. There isn’t one. Every NHL player progresses at their own level; nothing is written in stone. Look no further then McAvoy in your stats well, he doesn’t exist.
        Do you think NJ would reverse that trade today? Not a chance.

      • “Do you know what my marker is for an NHL dman to reach his full development?” Woooooow that is arrogant and then he doesn’t even answer his own question. Like we all need to get out our striker runs the universe text books and get studying. Why don’t you come down off that tall Bronco of your and communicate with other people in a way where your solipsism is not so magnified.

      • Caper most players do follow a standard development curve. Yes there are exceptions to the rule.

        I would say this to everyone take the time to go review all players. But the NHL Official Guide & Record book it makes it very easy to do so. 80% of players give or take 5% year to year follow a standard development path, 20 % swing wildly. McAvoy is an exception.

        For forwards its 200 NHL regular season games. For Dman or Forwards over 6’3 & or 225 lbs due to the time it takes to physically gro into their bodies it’s 400 games. There has been a trend developing over the last 5 years where it’s even starting to take longer.

        I could care less if you believe me go do the work to see for yourself.

      • Both NJ & Edm got exactly what they wanted. It takes 2 teams to make a trade. Again as I said at point of trade NJ wins just on players but Edm got what they needed more than NJ.

        This trade can’t be evaluated on 1 or 2 seasons & getting a Larsson is harder to do than getting a Hall. Especially at 4 mil & change long term. Larsson is 1 of the best shut down Dman in the NHL & just a kid not yet fully developed, he’s very close though & what he contributes now is solid.

        I’ve never understood why you all live so much in the now. It’s like your wearing blinders & only today matters. The NHL is incredibly competitive now the line between being good & elite is minimal.

      • If I got to CapFriendly & just start with the very 1st player listed. Anh, Perry. Perry is 6’3 209 lbs so his curve puts him in the 400 game range diue to physical mass.

        Rookie season 2005-06. 53GP-13G-12A-25PTS.
        2006-07. 82-17-27-44. Has now played 137 NHL games.
        2007-08. 70-29-25-54. Has now played 207 games.
        2008-09. 78-32-40-72. Has now played 285 games.
        2009-10. 82-2749-76. Has now played 367 games.
        2010-11. 82-50-48-98. He hit full development in this season right around 400 games! This was also the best season of his career & he maintained this basic level of play for several more seasons. swinging between 60 to 82 points, 36 in 44 during the lock out season before starting his decline into his 30’s but still producing at a very high level.

        The next player on Anh’s list is Getzlaf another 6’3″ + player, the exact same development curve.

        The next player is Kesler. The lock out season messes with the math nominally but he follows the curve.

        The 4th player Henrique. Breaks the curve having a solid rookie season with 51 points, experiences a sophomore slump in the lock out season then follows it from there almost perfectly.

        5th Rackell. Follows it perfectly.

        That’s 5 players, 4 that followed the math perfectly 1 that deviated slightly but returned to it.

        You can do the rest of the math. The average team dresses 28 players a year, about 17 of them have careers long enough or significant enough to even be factored into the equation.

      • Then you have the issue that not all players play or drive offense but are defensive shut down specialists. We need to evaluate their contributions in other ways. I lean to TOI/GP, especially for defensive Dman.

        Most enter the NHL in sheltered roles 2 to 4 years after being drafted, play a sheltered role for at least a year then slowly work their way up the depth chart by minutes played.

        I didn’t invent this stuff, it’s real whether you choose to believe it or not.

      • Looking back at Hall/Larsen. If I recall there was some cap savings involved that was used to sign Lucic.

  4. I’m not sure I agree with the comment that Ottawa and Montreal might wait until the offseason to trade Hoffman and Pacioretty because they’ll be more teams bidding and they still have a year on their contract. I wonder if they might get more now because they still have a year left on their contracts and one or two teams that think one of these two players might push them over the top might be willing to give more now then in the off season. With that said It would be more picks and prospects based or a young roster player with load of upside. Trading for Hoffman or Patched now gives the team two chances this and next season and next season they can always move them out if things are not going as planed for the team.

    • That’s logical Caper, as long as Ott and MTL are willing to accept picks and prospects in return.
      Contenders are less likely to send back significant NHL contributors because they need them for the playoffs.
      I think they both should take that approach, not sure the teams feel the same way.

      • Moving Hoffman has never made sense to me. If Ottawa keeps moving out salary & starts a youth movement having already given up a 3rd of their top 3 picks in the next 3 years, Melnyk can close off more seats as attendance will be dropping even further.

        What’s the plan in Ott as I have no idea what they are trying to do, all I know is they are successfully pissing off their fans just like Van has managed to do.

        Everyone I talk to loves Boeser how can you not but are still reluctant to pay to watch this team play. Winning playing some form of enteratining hockey sells tickets. Winning by it self doesn’t.

  5. I’m sure Edmonton would love to have Hoffman but they are thin on talent and giving up the pieces they have that would bring in Hoffman would hurt the team in other areas. I don’t think they’ll ofer up a lottery 1st for Hoffman.

    Strange that Franson still has some trade value when 30 teams passed on the waiver wire. Why would you trade for what could have been obtained for free?

    • An article posted the other day said now that he’s cleared waivers it allows some flexibility for the team acquiring him. Well at least until he plays another 10 NHL games then he would need to clear waivers again.

      Does anyone know if that’s consecutive games or cumulative games?

      • I saw that as well Striker but given that he went unclaimed on waivers it would appear that he already has that flexability.

      • Had he been claimed he wouldn’t have cleared waivers & the team acquiring gains to flexibility. I’m not saying Franson will be moved just identifying the article.

      • no flexibility

  6. Less the trade returns come down for hoffman and Kane that may hurt their top 5 status.

    I firmly believe that Maroon will have interest in atleast 16 teams ( cheap salery, toughness, 20-30 goal scorer.

    The oilers will easily get a late first rounder and a descent prospect, or a young player

    • Maroon will be 30 in April & has posted 1 20 goal season in his career playing with McDavid.

      Just saying. I’m not giving up a 1st. a 2nd & 3rd, a 2nd & a B grade prospect? Maybe someone pays a late 1st but terrible asset management for me.

      Now if he was even an average skater maybe.

    • Maroon will not get you a first, no way. Late second and a 4th. Done! His season last year has was because of McD.

  7. Buffalo is reported asking for a first a second and a good prospect for Kane. That coming for a guy who is yes having an above average year. But what about the lcancer in the room rumors… thats the last thing teams what to pay theese kind of returns for.

    Then again supply and demand…

  8. Edm’s prospect kitty isn’t bare. Puljujarvi, Yamamoto, Cagguila, Khairi & Jones all have significant upside, McDavid, Draisaitl, RNH, Klefbom, Nurse, Strome, Larsson & Benning are all just kids all under 25 as I write this.

    I loved Babcock’s comment during the WC’s. “I have really enjoyed watching team NA play I just like winning better.”

    Youth doesn’t win consistently, they make mistakes that veterans just don’t. They haven’t been turned into NHL autobots yet.

  9. Sup peeps. Long time reader, first time poster. You guys are great.

    Here’s my take on Edm. Regardless if you think they overachieved last year or not I think the Mcdavid and Leon contracts dramatically changed the culture, power, relationships, expectations, comradery within the room.

    Think about it in your profession or workplace and how that would effect your team, motivation and intentions.

    I fully understand having to pay for top, elite, young talent but I’m of the opinion that regardless if the cap increasing there’s no way I pay Mcdavid/Leon more and multi millions more than Stamkos and the like.

    I know the on ice product is suspect but the off ice happenings are just as impactful. We’ve all seen players sign big contracts, we’ve seen players have career years in contract years… contracts effect not only the player recieving one but also his teammates. There’s a psychological component at play.

    I think we can all agree that not having Mcdavid in the playoffs is disappointing.

    Anyways, happy Friday all!

    • I agree & have stated so repeatedly as well.

      McKinnon is 16 months older than McDavid be got he got 6.3 for 7 years. Scheifele 3 & a 1/2 years older he got 6.125 for 8. How can McDavid be worth twice what these players are being paid & how can Draisaitl be worth more?

      The impact of these contracts isn’t even being felt yet as McDavid’s doesn’t kick in until next season. Edm can even juggle their cap hits for next season but then it starts to get challenging baring a significant increase in the cap & it will be challenging then regardless.

      Glad you have stepped up & entered the discussion & debate. Well done.

      • Thanks man.

        We agree on this issue. It’s not about your top talent getting 33% of the cap, or age, or production, or potential, it doesn’t matter that his contract kicks in next year… the players and public know now. The psychology of a bad contract or overpay is felt by fans, media and of course teammates.

        Pay people whatever you want but put them in a bad culture or what they perceive as ‘unfair’ or crooked or what have you and watch people that used to warrant their salary perform now less than their salary.

        It’s bigger than sports, it’s a human reaction.

        We completely agree on this.

      • That’s the thing Striker. These other guys on the team have wife’s and girlfriends, I’m sure they talk about money and who makes how much and who’s going to get what next. But after those two signings, some guys got to be thinking, what’s left. All the attention on two guys? Idk, maybe I’m just seeing it wrong

      • I don’t know if I’m buying that argument or train of thought. When the puck drops players usually just play. Edm has the money to pay the young players coming up thru the system the issue is goimng to be flushing out the roster with help via trade or in the UFA market.

        Trades like moving out Eberle a proven goal scorer soft or not for a player like Strome. That was a salary drop pure & simple. Edm took a lesser player to save money as they had Puljujarvi & Yamomoto coming & I assume they felt 1 or both were ready. Strome was brought into play C or RW in a 3rd line role bumping up if injuries dictated, he gave them better cost certainty down the road as he gets a nominal raise as an RFA.

    • Good summary and Van Impe’s comment that skill left with the Hall and Eberle trades is a factor as well. I’d like to see a comparative analysis on the Oilers, 16-17 and 17-18. There’s a good one today on Ottawa at TSN.ca. It highlights the goaltending troubles with the Sens but it also shows the additional problem of depth scoring, which is abysmal. I wonder if the Oilers 3rd and 4th line forwards are in the same (sinking) boat?

      • For me it’s really very simple you can’t be a playoff team with out a decent top 4 D.Before Ott acquired Phaneuf solidifying their top 4 D they weren’t a playoff team, with him & Methot, Karlsson & ceci they were. Having lost Methot & not replacing with someone similiar or suitable, hoping Oduya or the kids could assume a top 4 role has returned Ott to where they were in 2015-16.

        Bad defense leads to bad teams. See Mon this season, NJ last, Col for several years, Dal, Edm for what seemed like for ever, the reason they paid a heavy price to acquire Larsson. Legitimate top 4 Dman cost controlled are extremely expensive the better the quality the higher the cost the reason we rarely see them move. The rarest commodity in the NHL is a #1 Dman, many solid #2’s are in the same price range. Well unless your Bergevin.

    • Welcome to the jungle silky mitts 🙂

      I agree that there is a psychological impact of these large deals. I also think that Edm miss stepped badly by putting so much on Mcdavid so quickly. Wearing the C and having the largest contract in the league by a large margin dramatically increases the pressure on a very young player. Now he’s expected to answer for the team when everything goes wrong. He’s a great player but it may be early in his career to expect him to balance learning how to adjust to the changes teams are throwing at him while also being the “leader” of a group that doesn’t appear all that motivated.

      With the two large cap hits in McDavid and Drysital they now place themselves in a spot where they need to be incredibly good in the draft to flesh out a team around these two with a constant flow of good, cheap, young talent. They haven’t shown the ability to do that and may need to move RNH because 6 mil is too much to pay a third line centre (which is what ne now becomes behind the two big contracts). Those big contracts combined with overpays on RNH, Lucic, and Russel don’t leave them a lot of wiggle room.

      • Thanks for the welcome!

        The most difficult thing to ask a fan base to have is patience. How good does Chevy in WPG look now, for example? Ok, it may not be the most desirable place to play for most so maybe the quick GM trigger finger isn’t as prevalent, but Chevy didn’t cave despite having many begging him to spend and pull out his wallet to add.

        I’m not talking about specific mistakes or adds by Chevy but he understands long term relavency, understands culture and ‘team’ and understands that it’s ok to be bad for a few years, the ups and downs, ebbs and flows because you’re gonna win for a decade and your fan base won’t even remember the dark years when you get there. But, the fan base and players have to believe in you, they have to have patience. I’m not sure Edm fans or players have much left.

      • I didn’t understand the Phaneuf signing at the time for Ott, like Striker mentioned…they weren’t a playoff team, were they?

      • Ott didn’t sign Phaneuf they traded for him off loading a ton of salary to Tor in that deal. The savings made Phaneuf’s cost to Ott over the remaining term of Phaneuf’s deal equivalent t 4.6 mil per season after those savings are factored in.

        Good value for Ott for what Phaneuf contributed,a ton of playoff revenue with a run to the Conference final.

  10. As an honourable mention I’d put Montreal’s Tomas Plekanes’s as a trade bait. Montreal could easily swallow half the cap hit, Pleks offense sucks but can still defend well and is good in the dot, a veteran and certainly not a problem for team chemistry. He is, of course also a UFA t season’s end.

    • I would love Pleckanic as a 3rd line center in Pittsburgh..montreal retain 50%..
      We send them 28 year old dman Ian Cole and s decent draft pick.

      • You shouldn’t even have to send them Cole as he has limited value to Mon although they could just flip him. Send Mon a 2nd & some form of prospect, & if Pit doesn’t want to retain Cole flip him for a pick & similar prospect else where. A suspect prospect really.

      • would Plekanec garner a 1st in say 2019 or 2020 if they took back Hagelin as well? MTL can use Hagelin to round out their roster and give them a chance to move other assets.

      • Possibly. You have to pay something to dump salary. We have seen it before. Usually with injured players but the prmiss is the same.

  11. The Sabres will do their best to trade Lehner. They have no intention of resigning him. Kane is a goner and I think the team may improve from his departure. If they can get a 7th for Gorges they’ll take it. Larsson is also probably gone and I wouldn’t be surprised if they call around seeing what Reinhart, Okposo and O’Reilly can get them. They need a top pair defenseman.

    • Geez, wonder if the leafs are thanking him for refusing to sign there!

    • I’ll take that bet. Lehner being traded. As we don’t know each other & exchanging monies isn’t possible it will have to be a gentlemens bet.

  12. If I’m Montreal and teams are calling me for Shaw it’s real simple id put a high price and if someone pays it they could have him…. I think he’s valuable as well he’s a playoff type guy that wins faceoffs and could put points on the board …. I want a 1st and a good prospect just takes two teams to have a bidding war… since the first will be bottom of 1st if it’s playoff teams asking for shaw….
    Also if I was Montreal I’d go get Barrie make a trade with Colorado
    Barrie and Jost and their 1st next year for Pacioretty , Mccaron , Jerabek, Lernout …..
    Then id have two first round picks this year and next year another 2 first round picks that will help stock the cupboards … I’d keep Galgenyuk and go sign some UFA offense next year and spend wtv it takes to upgrade your offence … worst case scenario you’ll be able to trade the players you signed one day for draft picks

    • I would agree that moving Shaw should be in their gameplan. That being said, I would not want Barrie. At 26 with only 2 yrs left…they would be right back where they started and he’d be a UFA commanding over 7m a year. Too much salary tied into 1 player. Still poor defensively with older team members and not ready to compete.

      I would strip the roster down a bit and grab as many 1sts this draft and next. Grab as many 2nds over the next 3 drafts. Stockpile as many draft picks over the next 2-3 years and work the draft.

      In the off season look to add value by taking on bad contracts with 1-2 yrs left to round out the roster and take additional picks.

      Trade off Patches, Shaw, Plekanec, Hemksy, Petry, Schlemko & Benn.

      You mention McCarron as someone to trade? I say start him on the 4th and let him work his way up the roster next season. A young, cost controlled forward. They will need it to revamp on the fly.

      • Hemsky, not unless you have a time machine. Benn isn’t even an NHL caliber player. Shlemko maybe a second but that’s it. Shaw maybe 2 seconds. Plekanec is trash and the Penguins definitely don’t need him. They need guys to help them score. They have the lowest shooting pct in the league right now and they want to role 3 scoring lines again. I’d rather keep Guentzel at 3C with Sheary and Kessel. That line has been dangerous just not translating to the score sheet. And to say the Habs couldn’t use Cole is ridiculous, their d is really bad looking right now.

    • For Instance
      TO CHI: Shaw & Schlemko
      TO MTL: Murphy & 2nd

      • Chicago wasn’t going to pay him that kind of money and term, why would they now?

  13. I agree that the big deals will be in the off season. Maroon is a perfect candidate to move. I believe a first is a bit much unless parts of a larger package. IF Hoffman were traded I think it would be more of a hockey deal not a bunch of picks and prospects.

    • That is where I am so confused with the rumors of trading Hoffman. He has 2 more years at about $5m. Not over 30. The only horrible contracts are Ryan & Phaneuf. \

      Trading Hoffman for other than a top prospect, IMO, does nothing for them. Sure they may get younger, but it would be less productive players, young inexperienced players or draft picks which will not pan out for years.

      To me getting aggressive to move Phaneauf, Brassard, Smith, Burrows is where the attention should be. For example if someone wants Brassard , instead of taking a top prospect and a 1st, maybe grab 2nd in exchange for them taking Burrows. Subtle moves like that. OR Phaneuf and a higher draft pick in order to for the better prospect coming back your way.

      Making moves to make Bobby Ryan’s contract the only larger one will give this team a better chance to get deeper. Similar the way Nashville does it. Get younger this season and off season and rebound next season. They have some young talent they can let play the rest of the year at the NHL level and gain valuable experience for the player and the GM and Scouting staff to observe.