NHL Rumor Mill – January 13, 2018

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Updates on Wayne Simmonds, Patrick Maroon, Evander Kane, Chris Tanev and more in your NHL rumor mill.

Don’t expect the Philadelphia Flyers to trade forward Wayne Simmonds this season (Photo via NHL Images).


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Elliotte Friedman telling Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 that he believes the Philadelphia Flyers will retain right wing Wayne Simmonds. Friedman believes the Flyers love Simmonds’ game and considers him difficult to replace. The 29-year-old winger is eligible in 2019 for unrestricted free agency and he could prove expensive to re-sign, but Friedman suggest there’s still plenty of time for the Flyers to address that issue.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: During the Flyers’ lengthy winless skid earlier this season, Friedman’s colleague Nick Kypreos floated the notion that they could shop Simmonds if things didn’t improve. Since then, the Flyers have improved their fortunes and sit just two points out of a wild-card spot. I don’t them them shopping any key players. 

Nichols also cited Friedman expressing his belief winger Patrick Maroon is unlikely to finish this season with the Edmonton Oilers. “I think he’s going to get traded,” he said. ““I don’t think there’s a doubt that he’s going to get traded.” Friedman feels there will be interest in Maroon, who’ll be more affordable than Buffalo’s Evander Kane or Montreal’s Max Pacioretty.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As the Oilers playoff hopes fade, the Maroon trade speculation grows. I share Friedman’s opinion that the big winger gets dealt. His age (he turns 30 in April), average skating, inconsistent production and what’s likely to be his request for a substantial raise over his current $2-million annual cap hit means he’ll be playing elsewhere by Feb. 26 as a playoff rental. 


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Kevin Kurz was asked if the San Jose Sharks might pursue Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane. He believes it would make sense for the Sharks to have interest in Kane, noting they have sufficient cap space to take on his $5.25-million cap hit. The Sabres asking price (first-round pick, prospect, conditional pick) won’t be cheap and Kurz doesn’t see the Sharks making a deal like that unless they’re confident of re-signing Kane. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Kane could be a solid fit on the Sharks. However, the Sharks lack picks in the second and third rounds of this year’s draft and could be unwilling to part with one of their top prospects. I’m not saying they couldn’t make this move, especially if the Kane camp is willing to re-sign, but general manager Doug Wilson could look at a cheaper option at the trade deadline and pursue Kane via free agency. 

THE ATHLETIC: Mike Halford believes the time is right for the Vancouver Canucks to shop defenseman Chris Tanev. He observes the current soft trade market for quality defensemen could work to the rebuilding Canucks’ advantage, ensuring they net a quality return. Halford also points out Tanev, 28,  could be a depreciating asset when the Canucks finally improve, plus there could be unforeseen difficulty in re-signing him when his current contract expires in 2020. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Halford makes a convincing case. However, the Canucks don’t have to rush into anything here. If they can’t find a suitable offer by the trade deadline, they could have better luck this summer. It’s also possible there could be a change in management after this season, which could also affect what kind of return the Canucks could get for Tanev. 


TSN: Darren Dreger reports “most league executives” believed the Toronto Maple Leafs will retain pending unrestricted free agents James van Riemsdyk, Tyler Bozak and Leo Komarov. There’s plenty of trade speculation regarding the trio. Dreger cites one NHL manager suggesting the Leafs could get a quality return of assets for the three at the trade deadline which they could use “to roll those assets over on the draft floor in June into a top-pair defenceman or other pieces” that could improve their contender hopes. Ultimately, Dreger feels the Leafs won’t move those three at the deadline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leafs management likely wants to continue building with youth but also don’t want to do anything that jeopardizes their playoff hopes this season. Barring a major collapse between now and Feb. 26, I don’t see the Leafs becoming sellers. 

TSN: Pierre LeBrun recently speculated the Winnipeg Jets could make a move to boost their lineup by the trade deadline. He said he’s hearing GM Kevin Cheveldayoff is talking to other teams, though there’s nothing imminent on the horizon. If the price is right, LeBrun thinks Cheveldayoff could trade for a center. Mark Scheifele, the Jets first-line center, is currently sidelined until February with an upper-body injury. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cheveldayoff doesn’t have much of a reputation as a wheeler-dealer. However, with his club riding high in the standings and looking like a serious playoff contender, he could be motivated to perhaps bring in a little more skilled depth. The Jets could be worth keeping an eye on in the coming weeks. 



  1. Would love to have Simmonds on the Rangers , we need some toughness with scoring ability.

    • Flyers are in a tough spot, they are trying to rebuild without a teardown… He would bring a lot back in a trade, but the Flyers would miss his toughness, something they sorely lack…

      I’d trade, they are a few years away from being a contender for sure.

      • I think the rebuild on the fly is going well & in the next year 2 at the outside you will see a significant step up. Philly may well make the playoffs this season. Not all teams can just tear it apart. When you have Giroux, Voracek & Simmonds locked up going back several years now it’s a retooling or rebuild on the fly supplementing around them, keeping a foundation in place to mentor the youth being added fairly rapidly.

        The goalie situation has been in turmoil but they have managed to muddle through it.

        Tons of cap space coming available the season after next by which point MacDonald will be a good buy out candidate creating even more.

        Great time to be a flyers fan. Hell a fan if almost any NHL team. The games talent depth has been increasing rapidly due to the growth of the game at the grass roots level especially in the US but several other places around the world as well & the KHL is struggling making some of their best available as well.

  2. unrestricted free agent does not mean an automatic trade.

    The “Big Rig” Maroon will fit nicely on a play-off team. I think he could score some key goals (just not a lot of them) and is a large body that can bring some physicality .

    • I been preaching this for days now. maroon is the wild card of this years trade deadline.

      Theres going to be a bidding war for his services, he wont fetch a package quite as high as Hoffman and Kane, but a first rounder and prospect should do the deal.

      • There’s not going to be a bidding war for his services, dream on. Maroon may fetch a 2nd rounder if Edmonton is very lucky, but I really can’t see any GM even remotely considering giving up a 1st rounder for him, let alone throwing in a prospect too.

      • The Silver lining for the oilers, is that PC didn’t hand out a long term contract to Maroon this season.

      • A second rounder??? Turn off your xbox son! I could see 2 second rounders. Lmfao look at polak …theres way more buyers then sellers this year!

      • I think Twin is joking. No ones gonna pay that price.

      • Well Ryan Reaves got a first and a decent prospect. Maroon is better than Reaves.

      • Dee, actually that’s not entirely accurate. Don’t forget that Pit got a 2nd rounder as well, so Stl only actually moved up 20 spots.

        to Pit: Reaves, 2nd
        to Stl: Sundqvist, 1st

        Even then everyone knew Pit overpaid for Reaves because they were forced to with everyone taking liberties on their stars (especially Crosby).

  3. Flyers will have plenty of cap space created over the next two years. The Simmons signing and Provorov coming off his entry deal will be significant. But contrary to what Kypreos has stated in the past the flyers can afford Simmonds.
    Decision on Simmons won’t be dollar related, but what is beneficial to the franchise. If I am a team like Nashville or Toronto I would add the app a package in the off-season to get him.

    Any package has to include a skilled scoring winger. The flyer prospect pool is long on goaltenders, defenseman, and young centers. But need a bona fide high-end talent on the wing.

    • Scott, I think this is a very accurate assessment of the Flyers. If that D-core can continue to develop, they will be very impressive in a few years time. Add in a some quality young goaltending and its a scary combo.

      The thing is they have to remain patient, as everybody on here already knows, d and g take time to develop. My fear for Philly is that by the time they develop properly, Simmonds best days could be behind him. Trading him now could bring back the quality, young winger they need to compliment guys like Patrick, Couturier, Konecny, Frost, etc

    • I see Simmonds extended for 6 to 8 years this July at in or around 6 mil per. Longer the cap hit declines slightly shorter it goes up slightly.

      Phi is in a great spot cap wise, the season after next they have tons of cap space. The roster is lettered with young players. Couturier 25, Weal 25 but just got to the show having only played 73 reg season games to date, Konecny 20, Laughton 23, Lemire 23, Patrick 19, Ghost 24, Hagg 22, Provorov 21, etc.

      Could they trade for winger help? Sure but I assume it will come via the UFA market or be drafted. They have 2 1sts this summer & no need to accelerate Hextall’s plan. All those young D do open up some options though if so inclined.

      If they fall out of the playoff race they can trade pending UFA’s Filppula & Manning for futures & or prospects.

      I really like what Hextal is building. Again great time to be a Flyers fan, I’m not but happy for those who are.

      • Simmonds will be 30 in August, he’ll be 31 when he starts a new contract no way you sign him for 6 to 8 years pushing him to 37 or 39 when the contract expires. Four years would be optimal.

      • Good luck with that. If he hit the UFA market teams would line up to pay him at least 6.5 for 6 years. All you need do is look at the UFA market since the last lock out at the end of the 2012-13 season.

        If you don’t spread the cap out over at least 6 years he would cost in or around 7 mil give or take 500 a year. Marleau just got 3 years at 6.25 he was 37 when he signed that deal. Thornton got 1 year for 8 on his 38th birthday. Backes, Ladd, Nielsen, the list goes on & on.

        I don’t see Simmonds excepting a 4 year extension. I wouldn’t if that’s what Phi’s offering I’m playing out my contract & taking the max as a UFA.

      • they should trade giroux and vorecek and simmonds—get picks—mtl needs a centre —etc.

      • If we wants 6 to 8 you trade him, unless he is signing at 5 or 5.5 still wouldn’t do 8

    • Don’t sleep on Isaac Ratcliffe or Wade Allison!

  4. I wonder if the Leafs would consider moving Bozak to Pittsburgh for Ian Cole? I would move Marleau to center and promote either Leivo or Kapanen to the wing where Marleau was. Any thoughts? This would free up Polak and Carrik to be traded.

    • If you want Carrick traded, I will offer Staal OR B.SMith from the NYR for Bozak & Carrick…or just Boza…whichever works best for you. lol

    • Kevin – one word answer – NO. We don’t need Ian Cole. In my view both Borgman and Dermott play in the playoffs as I believe there is more value in those two getting playoff experience then there is on a low probability cup run – which btw – Cole does very little in terms of adding to that likelihood especially if we lose Bozak in the process.

      If the Leafs are playing Borgman and Dermott, Polack moves to number 7 and Carrick number 8. I don’t see much difference between the game Cole brings vs Polack. Not enough to deal Bozak for Cole.

      The Leafs would deal for a 3 guy but nothing lower in my view. I can’t imagine one would be available with JVR being the key element in a package.

      • Borgman should certainly be playing, Dermott will be a black ace if Marlies are toast in the AHL playoffs but I assume Tor will bring a more NHL ready option, Dermott has a great future just not certain that future is this season, at least not in Tor.

    • I don’t see it, both are UFA’s & Given a choice of either I keep Bozak.

      • If Cole could be had for a 2nd & say a Leivo? I would certainly consider it.

      • No idea why any of you see value in Cole. He is currently playing number 7 in Pittsburg, behind Hunwick. Cole does not play top 6 on Toronto. We certain don’t deal for him.
        Striker, regarding Dermott, I see him remaining with the Leafs the rest of the year. They just sent him down to play during our bye week, I fully expect he’ll be back up Tuesday.

        The interesting thing is what happens with Dermott once Zaitsev is back – the answer to that will be around how well Dermott plays.

        If Dermott stays up the rest of the year which I think is a large possibility, he plays in the playoffs. Time will tell.

  5. Flyers should probably just keep Simmonds but the Jets should make an offer. they have a lot of young talent to offer. maybe a 1st in 2018 and 2 top prospects (Roslovic, Stanley, etc)

  6. With defenseman being so valuable I think Boston should move Maquaid out west. Not sure what they could get but he’s stuck behind Mcavoy,Carlo and Miller.
    Would love to see Simmonds in Boston but believe it would cost way too much in quality assets. Boston is loaded with prospects right now. So it might be time to move a few for a playoff run.

    • Dave, I wonder if Boston is thinking of last year playoff being down 3 defenseman, their thinking might be with their schedule going to be getting heavy is to rotate some defenseman in and out of the lineup keeping them fresh and having an extra 2 dman (Mcquaid, Postma as of today) for the playoffs. This might be a better option then the 3rd round pick they are liable to get in a trade.

    • I say wait until this summer to look at moving a Dman. I want insurance in case of injuries for a possible playoff run.

  7. I agree with everyone that Simmonds is an valuable asset to have. I think he embodied the toughness the Flyers organizations about. Not sure why Philly may consider him. He fits in with every center and other winger he has played with there. He throws checks, digs in the corner, stand sin from of the net, super durable, fights AND scores more goals than Bobby Ryan and Rick Nash combined LOL. I think they would be insane to trade him and what his character and skill set bring to the table …unless it was for McDavid obviously.

    • Simmonds’ decline is just beginning this season. Power forwards do not age well. The Flyers aren’t going to be Cup competitive until 2020-21 at the earliest. And he’s going to want a big contract because he’s over performed his current contract. They should absolutely trade him…especially if a team offers a lot. I wouldn’t give him more than 3 x $6.5M and he’s never accept that…so they need to get a nice package for him.

  8. According to TSN, Jack Johnson has asked for a trade.

    That will be interesting to see where he ends up as a rental.

    • If moved. Clb may just go to him & say as long as we are heading to the playoffs we want you as our own rental. Your a UFA this summer & free to pursue what ever opportunities you like.

      Now if being a cancer then perhaps that forces the issue. I certainly get his desire to want to move. Since Torts took over he went from being an offensive Dman playing as their #1 by TOI/GP & PP TOI/GP to a defensive Dman seeing no power play time.

      Going to be curious to see how this plays out as Johnson has played a solid D game for Clb really since pigeon holed into this role.

      • IF Torts needs another D-Dman would he want Smith from NYR?? Clearly the Rangers need another offensive mind back there. They have both Skjei an Shatts on PP#1 and MacTruck looks tired this season. Maybe adding a UFA in exchange for Smith will serve both teams and players well?
        Jack can anchor with MacTruck PP#2 Does he play the right side or only left? I never really watch CMB games.

  9. Watching Tortorella’s expressions last night during the Columbus – Vancouver game, he seemed resigned to whatever lies in the future. Has Columbus had their bye week yet?

  10. What do you guys think the market would be for Chris russel? Who do you think may be interested and for what?