NHL Rumor Mill – January 17, 2018

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Available NHL defensemen plus updates on Evander Kane, Alex Galchenyuk, Jimmy Howard and more in your NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports notable defensemen such as Columbus’ Jack Johnson, San Jose’s Paul Martin and Ottawa’s Dion Phaneuf are on the trade market, with Detroit’s Mike Green coming soon. The actual salaries of Martin and Phaneuf are lower than their average annual values. Phaneuf also carries a 12-team trade list. Martin’s is smaller but his agent has permission to ask around Green is a pending unrestricted free agent and has a full no-trade clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All of those blueliners carry annual cap hits over $4.8 million and all but Johnson have some form of no-trade protection. Still, that doesn’t mean they won’t be moved by the trade deadline. Indeed, we saw Phaneuf dealt midway through 2015-16 to the Senators so anything’s possible. Still, their salaries and trade clauses could be sticking points in any potential deals. They could still be traded but it won’t be easy overcoming those hurdles. 

Could the New York Rangers entertain offers for defenseman Ryan McDonagh? (Photo via NHL Images)

Friedman also wonders if New York Rangers blueliner Ryan McDonagh might join that list. He speculates the Blueshirts could listen to offers for McDonagh and winger Mats Zuccarello but only if they’re given good reason to pursue a deal for either player. They could be willing to move pending UFAs such as Rick Nash, Michael Grabner, David Desharnais and Nick Holden.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think we’ll get a better ideas of the Rangers plans once the calendar flips to February. If they’re still hanging onto a playoff spot they could be reluctant to part with anyone. But if they fall out of contention, they could start peddling their UFAs. Sure, they can listen to offers for McDonagh or Zuccarello, but I think they’ll stand a better chance of moving them (if that’s their intention) in the offseason. 

The Columbus Blue Jackets need scoring and were looking closely at Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk at times this season. Friedman isn’t sure if the Jackets are still interested.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: On Saturday, Friedman’s colleague Nick Kypreos noted the Habs remain interested in Jackets’ center Pierre-Luc Dubois and speculated the youngster might not be an untouchable. I disagree with that assessment and I don’t see Columbus moving their first-line center. However, if Dubois were available, would the Jackets accept Galchenyuk in return? Discuss!

After wondering last week if the New York Islanders might consider Buffalo Sabres goaltender Robin Lehner, Friedman said he was told by a source to “stop wondering”, leading him to conclude they’re not going there.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m not convinced the Sabres want to part with Lehner. Yes, I know, he’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer and a year away from UFA eligibility. Yes, they have promising Linus Ullmark in their system. But I think it would be a mistake to move Lehner and use the largely untested Ullmark as their full-time starter. Unless Lehner forces a trade, I think the Sabres might prefer re-signing him to a one- or two-year deal and employ Ullmark as his backup until the latter is fully prepared to become their starting netmidner. 

Also shot down: a rumor claiming the Washington Capitals were shopping winger Andre Burakovsky for a defenseman.

Friedman cited colleague Nick Kypreos saying the Boston Bruins and Ottawa Senators were rebuffed in their attempts to acquire defenseman Slater Koekkoek from the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The New Jersey Devils have taken a look at New York Islanders forward Brock Nelson. With those rivals fighting for playoff spots in the Eastern Conference, Friedman doubts that move takes place.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Isles could use Nelson as trade bait for a top-four defenseman but I don’t see them shipping him to the Devils. 

Friedman doesn’t think the Vancouver Canucks will trade defenseman Chris Tanev. He also speculates they could keep pending UFA winger Thomas Vanek and re-sign him, though he’s not certain of that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vanek has developed a strong chemistry with rookie sensation Brock Boeser, becoming a mentor as well. Vanek has said he’d like to stay with the Canucks beyond this season. If his asking price is reasonable, perhaps he’ll get his wish. 

There’s rumors the Boston Bruins have told teams they’re not trading their best young players and prospects.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Buffalo Sabres asking price for left wing Evander Kane could be rising. It was originally reported the Sabres sought “a first round draft pick, a prospect and a conditional draft pick”, but Sabres general manager Jason Botterill could also want an NHL player included in that package.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t blame Botterill for trying to get as much as he can for Kane. However, I very much doubt he’ll get a first rounder, a prospect, a conditional pick and an NHL player. A first-rounder and a prospect or a conditional pick seems a more likely return, though we should never underestimate the ability of some NHL GMs to succumb to auction fever during a bidding war near the trade deadline.

Bob McKenzie reports Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford has spoken a lot with Botterill regarding Evander Kane but the winger could prove too expensive for Rutherford to acquire. The Penguins need depth at the center position and could look at some such as Edmonton’s Mark Letestu. Defenseman Ian Cole, who’s fallen out of favor with Pens coach Mike Sullivan, could be used as trade bait to acquire a center.

Pierre LeBrun reports defenseman Mike Green hasn’t hit the trade market yet because the Detroit Red Wings haven’t given up on the season yet. He carries a $6 million salary-cap hit with a full no-trade clause. If the Wings put him on the trade block, LeBrun speculates the Tampa Bay Lightning could have interest in him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning are considered the favorites to win the Stanley Cup this season. It wouldn’t surprise me if they go for it by bolstering their roster near the trade deadline. They will have over $11 million of projected cap space by the trade deadline so they have room to pick up a quality veteran or two. Green could certainly prove enticing, depending upon the asking price and if the Wings are willing to pick up part of that cap hit. 

LeBrun also believes the Columbus Blue Jackets’ asking price for defenseman Jack Johnson could be a forward. They don’t want a rental deal where they get draft picks in return.

The demotion of San Jose Sharks defenseman Paul Martin to the minors could give the blueliner the opportunity to create a better market for himself. LeBrun said a couple of contenders called but they want to see Martin play.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites LeBrun’s Tuesday evening appearance on Montreal’s TSN 690 discussing the New York Islanders desire to bolster their top-four defense. Even when currently sidelined d-men Johnny Boychuk and Calvin de Haan were healthy, LeBrun said the Isles blueline wasn’t good enough.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As noted earlier, I can see the Isles shopping a forward like Brock Nelson if he can bring in a top-four blueliner who has tenure remaining on his contract. 


THE DETROIT NEWS: John Niyo believes Mike Green should be one sought-after rental player on the Red Wings roster leading up to the trade deadline. He also believes GM Ken Holland should explore shopping blueliner Trevor Daley and perhaps wingers Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar. If they really want to restock their shelves, Niyo advocates seriously offering up veteran goaltender Jimmy Howard, noting he’s only got one year remaining on his contract ($5.291 million cap hit). He suggests a playoff contender, such as the NY Islanders and Chicago Blackhawks, could have interest in Howard.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Isles definitely need help between the pipes. If Corey Crawford is sidelined for the season, the Blackhawks could be pushed into the goalie market if they lack confidence in backups Anton Forsberg and Jeff Glass. I think the Wings prefer to retain Howard and instead shop Petr Mrazek, but the latter’s trade value has significantly sunk over the past two years. Holland might not be shopping Howard now, but if a club or two comes calling he should be willing to listen. 




  1. Please stop with the Dubois to MTL talk. It is not happening. If the Habs call Jarmo and even suggest it, Jarmo needs to remove MTL from the contact list in his phone. There is no way he is trading a 19 year old C with massive upside that is on an ELC. Shut it down, it’s stupid.

    • does anyone really pay attention to what Nick Kypreos reports on, anyways? just a bunch of nonsense

      Kypreos is Doug MacLean 2.0

      • He reported that Ted Nolan would coach sabres again and everyone thought he was crazy….the. It happened. He has just as mush insight as all the other guys. The local expert on here Striker claimed that Darren Dreager was making up Duchne rumors then he was traded. A French player to Montreal is a pretty solid thing to report since they go out of their way to try to make fans and media happy there with trades on trying to actually win.

      • Striker is an expert in his own mind and nowhere else. He has zero insider credibility and knows no one. Dreager at least knows actual people in the know. Whether they would confide in him is a different thing altogether. These are not comparable.

      • agreed with the addition that Elliot friedman is nick kypreos 2.0 i think he says things and hopes it sticks or that someone is listing really sad the only one that makes some sense is Kelly and ron the rest need to be replaced

      • Deeee I have never claimed such, all I do is read, listen, watch & make my own opinion. I have spoken to the odd hockey person on occasion for the most part on stupid luck. I don’t claim to be an expert.

        Why do my opinions offend you so much that you feel it necessary to make personal barbs?

        I have never claimed to be any of the things you claim me to be. I’m a hockey fan & freak, nothing more. I have an opinion as do you on most things happening in the NHL.

      • Matt.

        I never claimed Dreger was making up rumours, I have no idea how you get that opinion. What was discussed was why was Dreiger so he’ll bent on painting Salic & Col poorly. A Col fan spoke to a grudge or slight Salic or Col made to Dreiger.

        Swing & a miss.

      • How does someone else’s comment about their opinion of Kypreos draw my own opinion in. I don’t like Kypreos, I think he’s a joke. Don’t respect him, & don’t value is opinion. That doesn’t mean he diesn’t Have sources. I have never claimed to have any.

    • Agreed completely! Pupinabox.

    • You guys give GMs way to much credit.

      You guys have no idea of the ( real ) trade scenarios thrown around by the GMs in real talks and how crazy they actually might be with the players involved.

      Seguin trade
      ..Boston has no players in that deal in the organization left.

      Iginla trade
      Calgary has no players in that deal on the team.

      Carter and Richards traded in there prime.

      Joe Thorton
      traded for Sturm Primeau and Stuart…Boston wins Cup in a few years after that

      Seth Jones for Johansen

      Subban for Webber

      Rob Ramage and Wamsley
      traded for Brett Hull…
      who becomes one of the best goal scorers of all time.

      The list goes on and on ….don’t kid yourselves …these types of deals have happened through out history and still do …Iam not sure why everyone always says that trade scenarios are always so unreal and unfair and are total nonsense, if a team feels it will upgrade a player position for RIGHT NOW WIN TODAY they do it weather or not people who Blog daily and share there opionions are right or wrong.

      Nick Kypreos and others have there finger on the pulse of what is truly going on in the NHL inside …and people like us have no idea what is really being talked about weather you want to believe it or disagree with it or not.

      If Kypreos and Friedman are all wrong and idiots while they live… eat, breathe, and talk to everyone NHL …
      If that’s the case then what does that make anyones comments here worth who aren’t…LMAO …it is what is and anything can and will be discussed we have no real clue about the crazy scenarios discussed on the inside with GMs plain and simple no matter what you feel is right or wrong.

      Joe Sakic got 5 quality pieces for Duchene in the end …go figure !

      • good post Kal.
        That being said, I see no chance CBJ moves PLD for Chucky, the former looks better already

      • Oh
        I almost forgot …LOL…

        HAll for Larson
        Eberle for Strome

        Iam so glad I didn’t post those trades scenarios …LMAO…you guys would have roasted me alive and Ron Moore would have insulted me to the end of the Earth !!

      • About 1% of the trades we discuss here actually take place, maybe less & Lyle doesn’t make trades up he posts what the talking heads are talking about.

        Of course trades happen. This is a discussion board. We discuss the trades or hockey topics of the day or if a slow day anything we may wish to throw out there on hockey.

        You just covered off a few trades over a 20 year period.

        Do you think Dubois is moving? I don’t & I don’t respect Kypreos. I think he is a joke.

        Freidman like many many stream media talking heads has moved from journalist to something else. It varies by individual as to how far they have moved to sensationalism or speculation.

        The internet & the creation of social media has forever altered the way information & facts are expressed & conveyed to the public & we now have multiple ways to acquire information or facts.

        Most of the people I perceive as the best in the business have no formal education now in journalism or even just broadcasting, my favorite Bob MacKenzie certainly does having gone to university taking journalism working for years for his father at the Hockey News before taking over for well over a decade.

        Most are just individuals who started webpages & evolved with the advancing of social media. No 1’s opinion is any less valuable than someone else’s. Yes these people have access to specific people but all of us ideally do some research, watch the games & extrapolate the facts drawing on our own sources.

        Common sense also plays a huge factor & sometimes a lack there of.

        I’m not sure what your list is meant to reflect? Yes trades happen, most for very logical reasons but certainly not all.

      • I agree. I think people would actual prefer if these guys just said “Beats me I guess we will see what happens!” I am sure they have better inside knowledge than most. Either way, I read it for the fun and to see trade ideas. No one really knows what will happen until the deadline. Teams are still pushing for playoff position and with parity, hardly anyone is truly out of it.

        yay rumors! have fun reading! 🙂

      • Really good comment Kal. Food for thought to all of us.

      • kal el

        .thats funny …i dont see any trade undooable..i would not put somone down for a sugested trade although i have laughed at times
        ..gretzky traded

        Ray borque..rob blake pluss all the others mentioned in your post i see you get it ..no one is untradeable..sure you can say crosby mcdavid so on they could be for the right deal.

        No one no one and i mean no one saw the gretzky trade coming but it was in the works for months..now thats hockey

      • Agreed. Trekie. I enjoyed reading Kal’s post as well but that’s what we are here to do. Discuss & debate rumors.

        I love other peoples insight whether I agree or not. If we all agree we wouldn’t have anything to discuss & no reason to really come here for some. I don’t come for the rumors Lyle posts I get all those reading most of the same news or others.

        I come here to gets is insight on them & everyone else’s.

      • Just because dumb deals it does not mean we cannot point to the fact that they shouldn’t. Do you think it’s a good deal Kal El?

      • The difference, though, is that this rumored trade has a team (Columbus) which lacks center depth trading away a 119 year old center with a massive upside for a winger. Exactly what sense does that make?

      • The trade I remember most is Phil Kessel to the Leafs for two first rounders, which became Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton. If that trade hadn’t happened, things might have been dramatically different for the Leafs and Brian Burke might still be in Toronto.
        Careful what you wish for…..

      • Or how about Drouin for Sergachev? Did anyone see that one coming? How does Marc Bergevin still have a job after that trade? No wonder he wants Dubois!

    • Good point.

    • I can understand not wanting to trade him as a fan .nice rant however ..i think i am interested in luc.

      And your opinion is welcome. but not going to happen .this talk will presist untile trade deadline..weather hes traded well thats not up to us but man i sure hope the habs pull it of…and yes feelings aside its very possible.

    • Totally agree….he’s not going anywhere!!

  2. Jussi waived and I assume out of the NHL. I guess PC won that deal. Let’s see how he does moving forward.

    Matt Murray hurt again. He cannot be counted upon.

    I would target Sanheim. In a rough spot right now and Flyers have lots of depth on the backend.

    J.J. and Pierre-Luc Dubois for , Galchenyuk a first round this year not lottery protected, second & third in 2019 with Petry and a minor league prospect

    • five minutes after this deal is made the next headline reads : Columbus General manager fired due to idiocy

      • John Davidson would never let that deal happen. Never. Ludicrous

      • Kinda like the HABS Gm. Getting fired lol

    • Matt Murray is not hurt his father passed away. How does that make him not be able to be counted upon? I hope your work questions your viability after your next family member passes away. Not that the Penguin haven’t been anything but supportive as this was a few months of suffering in the families part. Real sensitive though aren’t you?

      • Dee -not that your opinion means anything to me but give me a break. My post was prior the detail and news of his father some 4 hours later.
        That aside, Murray has proven so far that he is a band aid.

    • Well to be fair to the Jussi deal… Much of the trade for him in first place was from unexpected play of Iafallo who was LW on the line with Kopitar/Brown for almost entire 1st half of season. Though I’d rather seem Gaborik there since he can score having chemistry with Kopitar. Pearson is best playing with Tyler Toffoli since they have chemistry. Kings brought up Amadio who figure will make it as 3rd line center this year or next… Kids playing better, Kings sinking to fringe post season status… Major reason why shipped out guys like Nolan from waivers, Jussi, even letting Laitch or so go…

      Kings worst D-man is the 1st round Bust Forbort but they handed him a contract paying him more than McNabb… Who they let go to Vegas like idiots to cling to a 1st round bust with no upside or offensive ability. Least McNabb has more career goals while being among leaders in blocked shots. Jussi played well in the East for Penguins so maybe CBJ thinks he can help them. Could be a sign they will ship out Jack Johnson or a forward too…

  3. With Hedman out for a few weeks, one expects a fair number of his 26 minutes to go to Slater Koekkoek, with an opportunity (finally) to proves he is the smooth skating responsible 2nd, or even 3rd pair Dman the Bolts have been hoping he was. There have been flashes, but he’s never got minutes like Dotchin or Sustr to make/or break the clubs view of his readiness. Bolts trade needs depend in part on how well he grasps the opportunity. If he fails a change in scenery might be in order, but at diminished value of course.

    • Koekkoek is following a very standard development curve for NHL Dman. 2 more years in Major Jr after being drafted, 2 years in the AHL, getting a ciup of coffee at the NHL, 3rd year split between the NHL & AHL seeing a sheltered role, 1st full year in the NHL in a sheltered role as waiver rights were lost this season & back next season he will start climbing up the depth chart in TOI/GP. Turns 24 in Feb.

      This is the player I would have taken in expansion had TB not paid me; Gusev a 2nd & 4th, as the did McPhee to avoid the players they wanted to keep.

  4. Why would the Jackets take Galchyniuk? Who wants a player with no upside? And they are not letting go of PLD!
    Leafs might be interested in Jack Johnson? They desperately need a change from the current team: they are playing with little heart or grit, I suspect that their top three of Marner, AM and Nylander are unhappy with the way they are used. Marner is virtually useless on the ice right now, Nylander only plays the perimeter and Matthews must be unhappy with his playing time. Babcock lost the game last night becasue he insists on using Kadri and Komarov as “shut down” defenders despite the evidence. Kadri lost two face-offs and Babs had a chance to put AM in there..did not do it and the Blues then score to tie. If the Leafs think they have a lock on playoff spot, they are wrong: both Florida and the Habs are capable of a turnaround that would have them catching the Leafs. Islanders can outscore everyone else, and the Met division will have five playoff teams…Leafs have not won in regulation since December 28th!.

    • I’d gladly take Galchenyuk just simply a question of cost. I’m not moving Dubios for him even with significant other assets. I’ll gladly trade any player if you make me an offer I can’t refuse, obviously there is a tipping point.

      Example & purely hypothetical BS, Galchenyuk, Mete, 2 1st’s, this year & next’s, Mon’s & Chi’s 2nds this year for Dubois. Done. Mon is making no such offer.

      Galcheyuk & a 1st, I’ll pass, Galchenyuk & 2 1st’s I’ll pass, start sweetening it further & you start getting my attention.

      • Jenner, Milano and a 2nd for Galyunchuk. There’s a reasonable offer. Anyone trying to get Dubois, it’ll take a first line forward, one other NHL player (preferably a forward), a top ten #1 pick and one other pick. Unless it’s the Isles, then, we’ll take Tavares and give you a first round pick.

      • Paul I’d prefer both Jenner or Milano long term.

    • Chuky has huge upside as a habs fan i can tell you he has been mismanaged..if he goes to another team that puts him on the wing .
      Where there is no pressure as apposed to trying to save montreal at center position..he will surpased the 30 goals he has scored this of course is not my opinion alone..he is way better then most think unfortunatley i dont think you will see him reach his potential as a hab.unless he is left alone on the wing to develope in the next 2 years

    • PLD would make no sense to trade from Columbus perspective. Maybe Montreal asked, and maybe Bergevin is capable of making the type of offer that would get Kekolainen to listen, but I wouldn’t want to put money on it, unless you gave me some really silly odds.

      As for the Leafs, they have actually played better in their last handful of games than they did in September, but hockey is fickle. It’s like Karma catching up with them for the games in November they had no business winning.

      Marner, Nylander, and Matthews are all playing well. Matthews kind of just consistently does his thing, but Nylander has been miles better lately, and you can see it in his usage that Babs is playing him more and more.

      I think the Leafs are what they are. They weren’t as good, and things weren’t as good as they looked when they were winning games constantly by big scores, but now that things have gone the other way, things aren’t as bad as they have looked over the last several games.

      From the prospective of a building team, they have a very good young (mostly) top 6 available, and have good forward organizational depth to address the bottom six long term.

      They are getting great goaltending, and they have 2 good young top 4 defensemen with Morgan Rielly looking like a legitimate top pairing guy this year, and they actually have a couple of prospects that look good and close on the blueline in Dermott and Liljegren.

      Their issue is they really only have 2 guys who have played like top 4 guys who are young and they can plan to keep, and one of them is a UFA next year. They have 6 more years committed to a guy who hasn’t been great in a top 4 role, and while they have a couple of nice prospects, it would be better to have at least one more youngish (late 20’s even) defensemen to soak up top 4 minutes (ideally top pairing) so they can spread minutes around better while they ease them into the line up over the next few years.

      • Danny, what the Leafs really need right now is a top solid defensive defenseman, someone with the physical strength of Roman Polak (but a lot smarter) and the sense and know-how of Ron Hainsey. Those players are very hard to find at any time but it seems that one such player may become available soon. That would be Erik Gudbranson of the Canucks. He is big, mean, tough and still young enough to be a cornerstone on the blueline for many years. Even better, his name has come up in trade rumours recently with the Leafs being listed as one of the top candidates to get him. One report I read had the Canucks asking for Connor Brown in return, which I would avoid at all costs, but instead I would look at a lesser deal which could involve a draft pick, a forward like Leivo or Soshnikov, and possibly a D like Calle Rosen or Andreas Borgmann. I don’t know if that would work but it makes for a good start.

    • Why do the Kings have 2 Stanley Cup Championships? Answer 1. Jeff Carter, 2. Gaborik, both traded to the Kings by them :). Oh but they made out great getting Matt Frattin or Jack Johnson who was like a -23 or -100 or something absurd career on Kings :).

      CBJ was dumb enough to hire a coach that took Vancouver from Pacific Division Stanley Cup contenders to laughing stock… Only to see the Rangers make the SCF with their new coach to lose to LAK :). Nothing they do shocks me, look how well Vegas made out for them to keep Anton Forsberg or whatever. Their top goal scorer came from CBJ, many said he had no upside too :).

  5. Botterill needs within be happy with number one, top prospect and maybe a second pick for resigning. I still think Buffalo will move Reinhardt if the offer is right.

    • huh?

  6. It’s going to fun to watch the Kane market, It’s ok to ask for the moon but what will you settle for? This could come down to the last hours on trade day and Buffalo over plays their hand could be stuck with a second round pick or nothing if they try to push until the last minute to get the best deal. Some might think that is way too much and I agree, but will there be a GM that gives up too much.

    • My assumption is a 1st, a solid prospect but not a stud, & futures depending upon how far the acquiring team goes in the playoffs or should they resign him.

      As always all you need do is look at past trade deadline UFA trades in this current business model. Since the last CBA was implemented in 2012-13.

      I just don’t want my team paying it but someone will.

      • Some of last seasons trade deadline deals.

        Eaves for a conditional 2nd, became a 1st.
        Hainsey for a 2nd.
        Jurco for a 3rd.
        Hanzal, 1st, 2nd & conditional pick, Arz returned a 4th, White was included in this deal.
        Boyle 2nd round pick.
        Shattenkirk, 1st, conditional 2nd, +.
        Smith a 2nd & a 3rd.
        Stalberg a 2nd & a 3rd.
        Lazar a 2nd.

        The year before Bos paid the following for some depth.

        Stempniak for a 2nd & 4th.
        Liles for a 3rd & 5th.

        We have seen Ladd move for a 1st & a prospect, Vermette a 1st, etc. Hell Winnik was moved for a 2nd & 4th to Pit, then resigned & flipped again the following season flipped to Was with a 6th for Carrick & a 2nd.

        I admit Kane’s no Winnik.

        Kane is better than all these players.

      • Kane is a point a game player on a really bad team. He is worth a #1, prospect and a later pick. There is no question he can help a team right now, especially since he is playing for a new contract. The sooner they get this done the better.

        As for Reinhart, I think he needs a change and a new start. It ain’t happening in Buffalo for Sam. I also think Casey Mittelstadt is right around the corner, as soon as the end of his current college season.

    • Isnt there always come playoffs…
      Teams always over pay.

      The cup is after all the goal..in my 50 years i have seen over payment as a common theme come playoffs

      • If it’s Kane you are speaking of – he’s never been in playoffs

    • I don’t think Botterill will wait too much longer. Kane’s name has been out there long enough, while teams examine their needs. I think it gets done by Feb 1.

  7. lets all remember what mtl gave nyi for Vanek at the trade deadline years back

    • A 2nd round pick & Snow over played his hand. I don’t want to slight Snow he does some great things but he also leaves you scratching your head often.

  8. I’ll throw this out there for what it’s worth.

    Jack Johnson to Toronto for Tyler Bozak. Both on expiring contracts, both mert needs of their new teams.


    Wennberg to MTL for Galchenyuk. Similar players that could both maybe use a fresh situation.

    • Chuky has had 30 goals how about Wennberg..it might cost u a little more not sure though as i have said these GMs today often leave me scratching my head lol

    • not so sure that the Leafs can find a suitable replacement for Bozak this season, unless they move Marner to C or maybe Marleau.
      Jack Johnson won’t resign in Toronto, or if you prefer, Toronto won’t pay JJ 5.5M. So this is strictly a rental move.

      It could happen but I wonder if JJ is the guy Toronto is missing. I’d prefer if they wait until a real top pairing guy is available.

  9. I thought the Habs were making a deal for Lecavalier?

    • Bergevin has been trying just can’t get it done. Ha-ha!

  10. Wennberg+Johnson to the Rangers for Smith+Ranger forward that can play Torts style-hate it to be Miller but Wennberg gives them center needed

    • interesting….this sounds about right. NY may have to hold salary on smith or add more but this makes sense

      • Zuc could jump right into top 6 there too

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made an offer to Arizona about Christian Fisher. Dude has some serious energy. He would be a strong 3rd line guy to have for a cup run. I could also see him developing into a second if his scoring picks up.

    Just watching him walk all over the Sharks last night, I kept asking myself why we still have meier.

  12. “GM Ken Holland should explore shopping blueliner Trevor Daley and perhaps wingers Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar. ”

    I certainly hope they do start trading away players and get as many futures, especially 1st rounders this year, as they can. This team does need a rebuild, but not a complete overhaul.

    Maybe they can get lucky and get someone to take Ericsson and Helm. No, these types of players will not net the team 1st rounders by any means, but other futures and cap space.

    If the team has to hold back salary on guys like Mrazek and Green to get the best value, do so on the UFA’s. Anything to get a bit more. Could Green net a 1st rounder plus a soild prospect and other picks IF the Wings retain 3 mill of the cap hit? Yes. Especially if his cap hit was going to be no more than 1 million. Mrazek if half held would be 500k.

    Wings need cap space so they can re-sign guys like Larkin, Mantha, and Athanasiou. Each of of them could sign for 3-4 million each on a 2-4 year deal so they would need about 9 million in cap space.

  13. Welp, this is interesting. Jackets just claimed Jokinen off waivers.

  14. Mtl would jump on PLD but, come on, he is not available. Mtl is for sure interested but no. Actually many years from now I honestly believe it will be revealed that Edm and Mtl had a Subban deal in place for the 4th overall pick if PLD was still on the board when Edm picked. I think it is left-over desires from that failed deal that is fueling this rumour. Also, with his improved play, I’m really no longer sure MB is in a great hurry to trade Chucky.

  15. Just don’t see the Canucks trading Tanev – unless they get the proverbial too good to refuse offer – which they won’t get. Their backend is currently not good enough, their defensive prospect pool is slim – 2nd and 3rd pairing defencemen if they develop to their full potential. With Tanev healthy, they are much better defensively so he is not going anywhere – despite what some pundits have been suggesting. Vanek could go, certainly was the plan. But it takes him awhile to adapt to a new team, and by then your playoff run could be over. I could see the Canucks offering him better term (a two or three year deal), if the price for his services does not rise too much (no more than 3 million), otherwise he is gone.

  16. I’ve been reading about PLD and everyone’s comments …
    Listen put it this way it all depends how badly one GM likes a player and how desperate the other GM to get a player….
    If the GM of Columbus decides Galgenyuk is someone he’s interested in young has tons of potential and you call Montreal and they say look we was PLD Columbus GM will say look that won’t happen one for one Montreal’s GM could say how about I add you Patches and you add me a UFA Johnson … I’m sorry if Columbus would hang up the phone then he should be fired … Here’s why Patches is a 30 goal scorer power forward, and Galchenyuk is an amazing talent another 30 goal scorer 23 years of age and is a Centre even tho he doesn’t get a chance to play there for PLD that’s going to be 20 really you will pass up two amazing players for an unproven PLD and a UFA that will leave next year … Sorry if I would be Montreal’s GM I’d hang up on Columbus and delete his number …. I rather tank my next 2 seasons and draft top 3 and get my own Centre and Dman and keep my players for an unproven PLD .. such a great talent but yet never played in the NHL until now and isn’t lighting the lamp like a Mcdavid or Matthews or Boeser or Brazel let’s be real … Anyone selling me PLD could try and sell his potential but potential doesn’t mean crap it’s wishful thinking just ask Arizona how Dylan Strome is doing great potential ya where is he and where is Arizona in the standings ….
    Ask yourself would you trade Galgenyuk and Patches for PLD and would you trade Galgenyuk and Patches for Strome… same type of talent big Centre just ones on a much better team

  17. I hope the Canucks move Vanek then resign him again as a UFA. They just announce their intentions to him before hand to gauge his willingness.

    If not interested getting him signed to another cheap 1 year deal.

  18. Considering what Penguins traded for trash like Ryan Reaves w/ 1st rounder etc… Kane will probably get least a 1st rounder even if its late almost 2nd round pick… Robyn Regehr netted two 2nd round picks when Kings made awful trade for his washed up outdated self ;). I used to like Kane, then he got some injury that caused permanent damage to his hand or something… I forget if he broke a finger or what the details were. Before that issue I thought he had a shot to score 40 goals, now maybe 30+ is more realistic. He could struggle like Okposo or others who have had some good years…

    I see Kane going to San Jose Sharks or Ducks. There lots of teams who could try to vie for him though. Vrbata is the name I’d really watch for trades… I’m pretty sure he will retire, Florida is done so trading him would be wise. Vanek didn’t want to stay on Long Island even when offered more money than any other contract would ever get. Maybe he likes the weed or legalized prostitution in Vancouver enough to stay cheap :). Rangers would be a team I’d see making a move for him or Kane if they within 5 points of Post Season spot in or out.

    I saw somebody mention Trouba in another post. Seems insane Jets would trade a right shooting D with potential to be a #1 or least #2 for anything. Unless they fall out of a playoff spot don’t see why having one of best records would turn them into sell mode ;). They had a decent backup goalie that maybe would be traded if he wasn’t already. I lost track a bit after Vegas expansion draft as to what happened with that situation though :).

  19. Montreal rebuild fantasy trade option: MTL; F Pacioretty, C Plekanec, D Petry vs Blues; C Robert Thomas, Ist R 2018, 2nd R 2019, D Joel Edmundson and F Samuel Blais///// MTL; F Shaw vs Flyers PHI D Samuel Morin and 3nd R 2018. /////MTL; F Byron vs Carolina 2nd R 2018/////MTL; D Weber (keep part of salary) and 2nd R 2018 vs TORONTO C Nylander, F Connor Brown.///// MTL; Galchenyuk and 2nd R 2018 vs D Noah Hanifin and 1st R 2019. MTL; D Benn, F Sherback and 2nd R 2019 vs Columbus D Jack Jonhson and F Sonny Milano and 3nd R 2019./// Alzner to KHL for money and vodka free at Bell Center, ////Andrei Markov back in NHL 2018-19 for one year as HABS Captain before Gallagher. Price for 1-2 year and send him after to West side like Vancouver or Calgary in a big trade. Prospect G Lindgren or G Mcniven will be ready for NHL. Reality….or dream