NHL Rumor Mill – January 18, 2018

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TSN updates its trade bait board, updates on Jack Johnson and Ben Hutton plus the latest on the Rangers, Sharks and Jets in your NHL Rumor Mill.

New York Rangers winger Michael Grabner continues to surface in NHL trade speculation (Photo via NHL Images).


TSN: Frank Seravalli updated his NHL trade bait list, adding Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson, Ottawa Senators center Jean-Gabriel Pageau, New York Rangers winger Michael Grabner and blueliner Nick Holden and San Jose Sharks goaltender Aaron Dell.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Johnson’s recent trade request explains why he joins the list. He addressed the situation yesterday, stressing the request was made to ensure his financial security. Johnson filed for bankruptcy four years ago after his parents lost most of his money through high-risk loans. GM Jarmo Kekalainen said there are teams “kicking tires” on Johnson but he stressed he won’t move the blueliner unless it’s a deal that makes sense for the team. Johnson has recently started seeing an increase in playing time, which could improve his trade value, 

Pageau’s among several Senators who’ve regularly popped up in recent weeks as possible trade bai . Grabner and Holden are among several players who could hit the trade block if the Rangers decide to become sellers at the Feb. 26 trade deadline.

Dell has surfaced several times as a possible trade option for playoff contenders seeking goaltending depth. However, The Mercury News’ Paul Gackle believes trading the 28-year-old backup “is no longer a viable option” as starter Martin Jones has struggled since returning from a minor injury on Dec. 2. 


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Bob McKenzie’s Wednesday appearance on NBCSN discussing recent New York Rangers trade speculation. McKenzie said they’re not committed to trading defenseman Ryan McDonagh. However, he notes the club has been reloading since last year, trading Derek Stepan to Arizona and buying out Dan Girardi. He believes they’re doing due diligence in case they fall out of playoff contention and get an incredible offer for McDonagh, winger Mats Zuccarello or pending unrestricted free agents such as Rick Nash or Michael Grabner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, they won’t be staging a fire sale if they drop out of contention by the Feb. 26 trade deadline but they could be willing to entertain reasonable offers. Could they ship out one or two notable players? Sure, anything’s possible. Will they? Depends upon where they are in the standings in a month’s time. 

THE MERCURY NEWS: Paul Gackle reports sources say the San Jose Sharks are “actively shopping” for a fourth-line center. He thinks Sharks GM Doug Wilson and head coach Pete DeBoer are crossing their fingers hoping recently demoted veteran defenseman Paul Martin plays well enough in the minors to attract interest from rival NHL clubs.

Gackle feels Martin could be the Sharks’ only reasonable trade chip, as he doesn’t expect they’ll shop backup goalie Aaron Dell or a young defenseman such as Tim Heed, Dylan DeMelo or Joakim Ryan. Wilson has previously stated his unwillingness to move any of his young forwards. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gackle points out fourth-line centers aren’t expensive to acquire. If Martin performs well in the minors, he could fetch that center via trade. 


WINNIPEG SUN: Despite the Jets’ lofty position in the Western Conference standings, Ken Wiebe suggests they should be buyers before the trade deadline. He notes the roster doesn’t have much playoff experience and could benefit from adding a scoring winger or center. He feels Ottawa Senators center Derick Brassard could be an enticing trade option. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff doesn’t have a history as a major wheeler-dealer near the trade deadline. However, he could make a move or two this year to bolster his roster depth for the playoffs. Brassard could be a good addition, though recent reports out of Ottawa suggest he might not be going anywhere. 

THE ATHLETIC: JD Burke noted recently conflicting reports regarding the trade status of Vancouver Canucks defenseman Ben Hutton. Earlier this month, The Province’s Jason Botchford reported Canucks GM Jim Benning denied a report by the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch claiming the club was entertaining calls for the blueliner. Burke explored the pros and cons of moving Hutton, suggesting there’s merit to either outcome. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If we take Benning at his word, Hutton’s not available. Maybe his trade status will change leading up to the trade deadline. Time will tell. 




  1. I am just curious where the $$4,357,143. he made each year since the bankruptcy?

    Or was that just something told to feed the press?

    • When he signed his current contract his parents actually took out loans against his future earnings and lost that money, so much of the money he has made since then was already gone.

      • If my parents did that to me I think Id lose it, but thankfully I’m smart enough not to have my parents involved in my financial dealings..

    • In 2016, Johnson entered into a bankruptcy settlement with six of his creditors, in which they received the bulk of his remaining salary. He’s actually the lowest-paid player in the league, drawing well below the league minimum in actual salary.

      • I think I read he gets about $236,000 of his annual salary for his expenses and living money. Given that his net worth was pretty much wiped out, that puts him in a pretty precarious situation overall. He can’t play forever, and if he doesn’t make some money to put away on his next contract, he will have to rely on working after retiring as an athlete, which isn’t always a slam dunk.

        Athlete often get taken advantage of by other people managing their finances. Not always to this extent, but there are plenty of agents, families, and financial professionals who have milked athletes for far more money than they provided in value by targeting someone who has started in their profession at a young age, and spent so much time focusing on it, they never really learned much about managing their own finances. They also convince them that because they have so much income and money that they need specialized strategies, private equity investments, and elaborate and complicated plans for their money. Usually this is just to raid them in fees, costs, and often move money into investments where their is a vested interest (restaurants, condo’s, businesses etc) in their performance.

        The hard part is these athletes are typically “managed” since they are minors, and they just focus on their sport. This creates the opportunity for someone to take advantage. Who expects their parents to financially screw them. He likely just focused on hockey, had his parents tell him how it was all a little complicated but in good order, and went about his way… until it was too late.

      • So after this season will all of his debts be paid off and he will receive all of his salary from then on?

      • that’s sad. And what most people forget, 4.6 is really like 2.3 after taxes. The government gets the biggest piece. There was an article or website I read that shows the real take home before paying agents etc… it’s surprising how 8 million a year can be 3.8 for the player. But hey, death and taxes right!

    • His father was managing his money and lost almost every penny

      • Mom was involved to what great role models. It wasn’t pretty.

    • If memory serves, his settlement had him paying a portion of his salary for many years.

      • How much longer does he have to continue to pay out to these creditors before making bank again?

      • No idea. Lyle may know. I would have to go find the story. There certainly would have been a timeline & it may have simply tied to his current contract but really have no idea.

        Bankruptcy, receivership, rules are different in each country, similar but different.

      • he also missed out on scup run to stay in school when the canes won it.

  2. SJ 4th line center option could be Z. Smith in OTT. Signed for a few more yers. Decent in the face off dot. Reasonably reliable defensively and can get goals. Signed for 3 more years after this season as well. He is 6’2 200lbs.. so not a lightweight 4th line center either.

    I am sure OTT would just want picks and not Martin.

    • 3.25 is an awful lot of money to be paying a 4th line C. Nor is Smith a 4th line player, he’s a 3rd that in a pinch can even play as a 2nd line winger. It’s been awhile since he’s played C.

      • I said 4th bc I thought they had their 3C already in the slot. Smith rings flexibility as you said. With Ward & Hansen gone this summer, Smith can always slide up to 3rd line. But that depth and versatility he gives them can pay off..no ?? Once Ward, Hansen and Thornton are gone this summer Smith’s 3.25 won’t be problematic at all IMO. He would also fit well under their cap this season.

      • Not a salary issue for me just a miscast role & he wouldn’t come cheap enough, SJ would lose else where to acquire him & SJ can’t afford to give up any prospect or picks.

        I assume Thornton will be back in SJ for at least 1 more season next year as no 1 in the system to replace him & still very effective. His game was never built on speed but skill, smarts & size. 1 of my favorite players of all time, still lament that trade.

        I don’t see room for Smith on this roster next season unless Boedker is bought out but again the cost is prohibitive for me. The top 9 roster spots are taken even when Hansen & Ward move on & both have been spare parts all season.

        Meier, Thornton, Pavelski.
        Hertl, Couture, Lebanc.
        Boedker, Tierny, Donskoi.

        SJ has played with Hertl at C on & off for 2 years, when moved to C Tierny has played as the #4. Karlsson is locked up for 3 more years at 2 mil per & SJ moves him all over the roster as injures dictate, solid depth player so only 2 forwards needed to flush out this roster next season.

        The prospect kitty is pretty bare but Balcers, Helewka & O’Regan will all get shots eventually but none are really close. Thankfully SJ has the money even after re signing Thornton to dip their toe into the UFA market. Even more so if they buy out the last 2 years of Boedker’s deal who’s actual salary drops to 3 mil in each of the final 2 years for a buy out of a little under a mil for 4 years, saving 3 mil in cap space. I assume he will be retained for at least 1 more year but really who knows.

      • Kings paid Mike Richards about 6M to be a 4th line center winning their second cup :). I don’t think that is a lot to pay a 4th line center who has ability to play 3rd line too… Jumbo Joe will likely retire or play on a new team this year… Unless the Sharks make him an offer he can’t refuse again… Though I think this is the last year in their window to win a Cup before its too late. Sharks need a guy who can score, if Smith can score 20-30 goals or chip in 15ish its a perfect fit… DeBoer or so plays 4 lines, so a 4th line center isn’t the same there as teams he might see 5-10 minutes.

        If Jumbo Joe leaves then he helps fill out the centers while somebody young or an aged Vet can slide into “4th Line Center”. I wonder if a team like Colorado makes a major move like trading for Kane or a minor deal like Vrbata… I said they were competitive when others were posting they were retooling/rebuilding… IF they can stay at/above .500 on the road while keeping that home record solid they might slip into final wild card spot.

    • I wonder if they would take Glendenning in Det? If they go into firesale mode, he might be available considering he makes 1.8

  3. Shout out to Striker …Ive been an avid reader here for 7 years and enjoy reading your posts ..pretty sensible and reasonable posts always backed up with facts …did not get a chance to respond yesterday …keep it up.

    What a terrible story for J.Johnson.
    At 30 yrs of age he will most likely only get a shorter term contract and not a full 8 years …IMO …or at least I would not suspect he would …

    If I was him Id try for a deal for 8 years @ 5.5 Million as opposed to the $6 million @ 4 years that he is really worth… IMO …this leaves the team on the back end some room to move him or buy him out at a decent price ..the cap will go up pretty good over the next 5 years to build him in and justify keeping him around plus he will make an extra $6 million all around for the longer deal and a lower annual price.
    If he is offered $6 million plus by a team for term ..Id be shocked!

    Grabner & Stepan
    I think these 2 guys could be a sneaky great pick ups by the right team that plays a high tempo offensive game that is in win now mode
    .i.e Capitals….Nashville and maybe even the Devils this year !

    If the Sens don’t get a return for a player like Hoffman like they gave up for Duchene they are terrible …I don’t think they should even trade that guy ..he has a rare bread of hands.

    Seem to be at an absolute premium, can not believe there are only 20 – 25 really high quality #1 Goalies in the world that can play in the NHL and start 50+ games.
    If this is the case

    …Id be throwing the farm at the Capitals for Ilya Samsonov and get him into a situation to be a #1 for a team that needs help here in the near future!

    • Strikers grandma had to post that shout out!

      • Striker is like 80 years old. His Gramma was born in 1876z

  4. IF NYR pulls out of the race would Grabner/Smith be enough to grab Jack? In NY he would get plenty of exposure then with no pressure, if NY decide to pull the plug on the season. They NY can let him walk.

    For CMB, Grabner gives them a solid pk guy, super fast, in a 3rd line role can score and contribute and as a UFA then they have 1st dibs on him before NYR offers him a contract again.
    Smith gives them the bottom pair D guy they have Jack playing now. He grinds, fights, checks, digs in the corners and perfectly suited for a 5th or 6th Dman which is where Jack plays for them now.

    • I don’t see NYR pulling the plug. They have to make up a terrible disparity in home & away games 27 at home, 18 away & that’s going to have them fighting for their playoff lives.

      They sit 1 point behind Clb with a game in hand. Clb’s goal differential is -5, NYR is +7.

      NYR has been treading water with out a #2/3 C all year, many hear feel a #1 but Zibanejad qualifies for me, Hayes even qualifies as a #2 for me, neither are any where near the elite but low end options. Hayes is doing all the Heavy lifting but I don’t like Desharnais at #3.

      They need to replace the loss of their #1 LW; Kredider, & ideally soon. I’m sure their trying & Hoffman, Kane or Patches would be a great solution but at what cost?

      Other than to save money Ott moving Hoffman makes no sense to me. Mon would be better served to move Patches this summer if unable to extend & if the cost for Kane is as high as being reported I’ll pass so another solution needs to be found. The only possible solution I can see that might be had at a reasonable cost is Vanek who can play either wing.

      Might the solution be found internally. Chytil is called up & given a chance as a winger or Andersson heads to the NHL when the SHL ends? Lettieri hasn’t locked bad in a very limited role.

      • Sorry this dam issue I’m having with this site on this platform is frustrating, has whole sentences being dropped, freezing up, timing out, etc. Frustrating.

        Should read, “many hear don’t feel Zibanejad is a #1” Arghhhhhh but he qualifies for me but as a soft #1

        It’s the most bizarre issue

      • Striker,

        I was finding a similar issue, but I do find explorer holds up better than Chrome if you have both browsers. It’s at the point I find it near unusable on Chrome, but explorer works ok. Not sure if it will help.

      • Thanks Danny. My Iphone; finally gave up my last Blackberry several months back, works fine but soft touch buttons hate me.

        I had used explorer for decades but have a problem with it on 1 of my financial sites, I’ll take your suggestion & just starting using both depending upon where I what I’m doing. This issue only plagues me here & on Dobbers Daily Ramblings chat board.

      • Striker,

        I’ve been having the same issue with this site for several months and I’ve tried all of the browsers. Yesterday I deleted chrome and re-installed it and it seems to work better today.

      • Yeah, exactly what ails NY is the loss of Kreider! Not the lack of depth at center or suspect defense at all! Those 4-5 games you took in of NY really shined knowledge down upon you! How are you not a GM in the NHL is beyond me!

    • STILL NOONE WANTS SMITH. He’s going nowhere unless they pay their first round pick to get rid of him.

  5. The majority of these rumors being discussed & circulating in the media just don’t make sense to me & most of the 1’s that do, make far more sense come the off season.

    I assume this year will be like almost all, a bunch of UFA’s move, a few players with maybe a year left like the Canucks dumping Burrows & Hansen last season & if we are lucky maybe we see 1 real hockey trade.

    I hope I’m wrong but I always play the odds of probability. I’m fairly certain the NHL should change it’s name to the NTL; No trade League.

    Going to be curious to see what Kane & Green return for their respective clubs. Buf 1 of the lowest scoring teams in the NHL for the past 5 seasons is losing their best goal scorer since his arrival in Buf. How are they replacing those goals next season?

    • Striker, you will be close to right. Most of the better or bigger trades will happen in the offseason as the %% have shown in years past. More fun to speculate though in a discussion to keep the “behind the scenes” fun.

      Kane will garner i think 1st, a 2nd and a top prospect. not much else. I HOPE GM Botterill doesn’t trade Kane to PITTS for a bunch of PITTS prospects. It will remind me when Murray traded his 1st to his old team for Lehner. I’d like to see new fresh blood from the draft in Buff and not pittsburgh drafted players. I do not see any studs in their system for whom they value of Kane is worth giving up for.

      Green should easily get a 1st. Think I read Tampa at the deadline will have $11m in cap space. I think he ends up there for a 1st and some prospect.

    • Think there will be 1 trade no-one saw coming as the anomaly to years past of lack of real action.

      • I think you could easily be right & I hope you are. Trades are interesting. Even rumors are fun to discuss although many get monotonous.

      • Monotonous? Are you saying you do not enjoy how I try and trade Brendan Smith to almost ANY team in hopes to free $ to sign MacTruck? lol

        I like how Lyle compiles everything so I do not have to read 4 billion news sources to cost all teams. Lyle does a great job here.

      • Ha-ha! Not at all that hasn’t even started. Stamkos, Drouin, Duchene those were brutal.

        I’m with you dump that contract please.

      • Can NYR & Gorton have a redo. Go back to before Girardi was bought out keep him don’t sign Smith & cross Girardi’s contract this summer coming up.

      • Striker… could have been Stepan Raanta & Girardi to AZ…but we bought him out sadly… =(

      • I think Colorado Avalanche will make some trade if they can hang around post season contention or fall out… Many were seeing them as rebuilding, retooling, not having a shot to content… I always said they are competitive now… Maybe they sling for Kane, do something smaller like Vrbata, depends if they 3-5 points in/out of playoffs at time they pull trigger. Otherwise maybe they are sellers shipping out Varlamov or one of their other goalies etc… Kings might do something desperate as they fall from Post Season going from 1st in Pacific to behind Flames/Sharks and Vegas barely clinging to a wild card spot. Ducks are rising, getting healthy, other teams are more hit/miss like Wild/Avs who good at home but not so great on road. Chicago would be another team who could swing some deals to try to claw way into Cup contention again :).

        Before Rangers beat Vegas on Halloween they were talking about firing coach/how team was awful/done. While Devils were in 1st in Metro everybody talking how great they were :). I’m 100% against this bye week BS where its like 5 days off… Yet then they are playing back to back games? Rather not have back to back games then 5 days off in a row or so :).

        BTW try using Waterfox if having issues with browser on here… Firefox Nightly is awful now… Others tell me Opera is nice though never used it…

      • Did anyone think B Smith would be a bottom pairing D or healthy scratch after his playoff performance and that us Ranger fans would be wishing Girardi was still here?

        Columbus cannot afford Smith’s cap hit on the bottom pairing either unless Rangers eat part? Easier to send him to Hartford ala Redden?

        Patches to Columbus makes the BJ weak down the middle without Wennberg+Dubinsky out

      • You can’t bury Smith like they did Redden, those days are gone!

    • I’ve been looking at the UFA’s for 2019 and it seems like a list of players that are key to the future direction of their franchises. It would make sense that the teams involved would wait and see how negotiations go with these players prior to making any major trades.

      Here’s a partial list of 2019 UFA’s

      Bobvrosky, Doughty, Rinne, Karlasson, Eberle, Panarin, Couture, Pavelski, Duchene, Varlamov, Fleury, Seguin, Skinner, Wheeler, McDonagh, Simmons, Gardiner, Lee, OEL, Myers, and Pacioretty.

    • NTL… cracks me up every. single. time.

      NTL. what a knee slapper

    • Re: Kane
      Frank Serevelli was on TSN radio in EDM this morning and he says he is hearing Botterill will be disappointed in the return for Kane. Rival GM’s are still saying they are wary of his me first attitude and he spoke of the yelling match with Faulk calling him selfish. Same old Kane according to Serevelli.

  6. Every year the Kings won the cup, they swung a major trade with Columbus during the season. In 2012 it was Jeff Carter, and in 2014 it was Gaborik.

    Jack Johnson to the Kings for the hat trick?

    • I read an article says they are not interested. It was from a news outlet out west. forgot which one. They wish not to go back that route from what the article said.

      I would say they would it CMB takes Gaborik. =)

    • Hehe the Gaborik deal wasn’t so major… IT was like Matt Frattin to get rid of him while taking Gaborik who fell from favor there. Carter was a major deal, you can’t go home again so wont see Jack Johnson back in LA… If he was a right handed shot D-man maybe they would grab him. Kings wont see a 3rd Cup having 10M locked in on Kopitar with nearly 6M per on Brown anyways :). Gaborik has done well this year even though he should be on the top line… He should produce the offense expected, it would be better if Carter wasn’t hurt…

      Pretty sure CBJ will never make a trade with Kings again out of fear of them winning a Cup though :). Why not trade for Jack Johnson and Jussi :).

      • D, Your posts always confuse me but I’ll take a stab at responding.

        The deal for Gaborik was definitely a major move. He scored 14 goals and 22 points in 26 games for the Kings in the playoffs that year. You can make a serious argument that they don’t win the cup without him.

        As for your Kopitar and Brown comments, their salary has nothing to do with the Kings winning or not winning a 3rd cup. Brown has 15 goals and 32 points, which puts him on pace for 30 goals and over 60 points, that is well worth the $5.8 cap hit he has. And for everything Kopitar brings to the table, he is well worth the $10 million he gets.

        The Kings are a top heavy team that lacks depth at forward and defense, this is why they are so inconsistent this year. The addition of Carter, will definitely help with this.

        And No Gaborik should not be on the top line, his $4.8 million cap hit is the one that’s hurting the Kings this year, the guy is borderline useless.

      • I’m dyslexic so imagine how everything looks to me :). I was saying it wasn’t major in that it was not a big deal… It worked out great for the Kings… Though at time it was more about trying to salvage the bad trade/deal involving Ben Scrivens while ditching Frattin… Gaborik was on the outs in CBJ, yet he was amazing on LAK. He is only 4.8M with a much cheaper/easier to buyout way its structured… Brown wont score 30 goals, most of his points came early in the year anyways…

        Gaborik is not borderline useless he produced well playing on 1st line in short time there… He had more points than Iafallo who was there almost entire first half of the season… Pearson plays better with Tyler Toffoli… Kopitar took last year off being abysmal on/off the ice.

        When have 16M in cap space on Kopitar/Brown it costs you players… Kopitar making more than Crosby/Stamkos, The Great 8 among other players isn’t based in reality… He wont be scoring 40+ goals or netting 100 points… They likely will lose Drew Doughty really putting them in the bind… Kings need a right shooting D-man who can log 20-25 quality minutes not fringe players like Folin or hoping Ladue makes it… They lost C. Miller a top D-man on Vegas in the awful Martin Jones deal getting Lucic only to lose him along with Jones w/ 1st rounder for nothing to show basically…

        Kings depth at forward is decent to be in 1st as long as they were with CArter out almost entire season. They are weak at Right Defense, after Drew Doughty its a spot without a clear right shot NHL #2 or even top 4 player… Muzzin, Martinez are pretty good when on the left side with right player… Gravel is probably better than the 1st round bust Forbort too.

        At least at forward they got some young players like Kempe, Brodzinski, Amadio, guys who have an upside that should crack NHL if not already there… While at Defense all they have from the right side really is Ladue… After that nothing is really great from the left either. Maybe Subban will pan out though he is under sized probably more suited for AHL.

        Brown has scored 30 or more goals once in his entire career… Brown would not be on the 1st line of any team in NHL… Only Kopitar out of their 1st line players would maybe be on a 1st line on teams. Gaborik is still a goal scorer, when healthy he is their best besides Carter at that aspect of game. He was playing with studs like Jussi Jokinen along with Torrie Mitchell a good part of the season… Yet he is still producing, Nick Shore is another guy who needs to contribute more.

        I’ll bet 100 bucks Brown don’t score 30 if want to test what think he is on pace for ;). He has cooled off a fair amt after having a fast start for him. Gaborik has 14 points in 22 games w/ 7 goals already. He can probably get 15-20 goals, Brown has 5 points his last 10 games… Gaborik has 6 points over his last 10 games but he is useless ;)?

  7. Montreal trade bait and should trade all these players come deadline day

    T.Pleckanec should get a 2nd round pick
    A.shaw should get a 2nd to 1st round pick like # 25 and higher which is pretty much a 2nd round pick
    B. Galleghar should get you a prospect and a 1st round pick
    A.Galgenyuk I wouldn’t trade but if you do you should get a young Centre like a Wennberg in Columbus or someone with potential that’s having a bad year if not a 1st round pick plus a Centre prospect.
    M. Pacioretty should get the most in return he should get a 1st round pick, 2A prospects …

    • I would keep Gallagher (team leading scorer AND only noticeable player every shift on the ice) and make him the Captain.

      Using Patches and Wennberg as the centerpiece to a larger trade would be interesting.

      TO CMB: Patches , maybe Petry
      add Galchenyuk perhaps?
      TO MTL: Wennberg & 1st , maybe Jack
      add Jenner/Milano

      Using Patches and Wennberg as a base….what does everyone think each GM should add as a proposal?????

    • TP… if they hold salary
      A.Shaw.. if they hold salary
      BG… maybe…
      AG… return of another trending downward prospect or a pick.
      MP… wont return 3 prime assets. 2 maybe if there is a bidding war.. but their could be an abundance of wingers available so value may be watered down.

    • Frank, your assessment is probably closer to what desperate GMs in the NHL are likely to give up then I would think reasonable. But this is a discussion forum, so we discuss. If Pacioretti can get a first and 2A prospects – the Leafs should be dealing JVR as he would be similar in my opinion. I can’t imagine Patches getting all that – again, just my opinion. I’m not certainly not giving up a first for Shaw nor Gallagher. Neither are front line caliber players on a team wanting to win the cup. But then again, I’ve never understood how that Montreal team has done as well as they have the last few years – obvious response – Price. With that, I don’t see value on anyone on that team except Drouin.

  8. What is Bobby Ryan’s trade value IF and only IF….OTT retains 50% cap??

    Is he valued at a 2nd pick?

  9. Does Marc Staal for Jack Johnson make sense for both teams.

    • for the NYR Rangers…..YES!!!!! In a heartbea. It clears cap space this off season.

      • Torts gets a D man he knows and probably fills the role that Jack Johnson doesn’t want to play.

  10. Okay Frank (the other one),

    You probably are a Habs fan and all fans of respective teams tend to overvalue the players they have. I would say Shaw would never get you a 2nd or 1st rounder as suggested, more like 3-4 round range. You wouldn’t get a prospect and a 1st rounder for Gallagher, you would get a prospect and a 2nd rounder. You wouldn’t get a 1st and two prospects for Paccioretty, you would get less than that.

    There are more trade baits out there this year than last, despite only a half dozen teams with no chance of playoffs. This means teams that want a lot for their “fire sale” are going to be unpleasantly surprised once they realize teams will not overpay.

    One needs only to look at the Duchene trade to see how Ottawa was sent to the cleaners on that one.

    Having said that, here is what I think Toronto would get for their valued assets:

    Bozak for an overpaid, overrated and underperforming defensemen on an expiring contract

    JVR for 2nd round draft

    Komarov for 4th rounder and a returning contract role player

    Carrick for 4th rounder

    Moore for 6th rounder

    Polak for 6th rounder

    • Bozak would definitely get a 2nd, vanRiemsdyk would get a 1st, plus. The others I think are close. Not getting much for those guys, except possibly Polak, he might get you a third if GM is desperate enough..

    • So, in effect, Toronto might as well keep the current roster and see how that plays out. If all the UFA’s leave, there’s plenty of cap room to make moves in the summer – Jumbo Joe perhaps?
      There are prospects as well that need the chance to play in the bigs.

  11. You guy just got to love how every team that will miss the play offs fans think there player are worth more then others. Ok imo the team would make the play offs if they were that great so any team not in the running there players value is at a all time low that’s just the way it is and a mtl fan saying JVR would onlyget you a 2nd rounder is just nuts he’s a proven 20goal scorer and could get to 30 this year for the second time and only a 2nd rounder for him if any GM did that trade they would be looking for work

  12. Please dont trade any good players like


    • Vanek, Gudbranson & Biega are all UFAs….. AS a GM, Benning’s main job is to get this team better both short and long term. Those 2 players are NOT in their long term plan. Draft picks are. They need to move both to acquire assets. If they wish to retain them in the future they can bargain with the other teams during the UFA period. Benning should be fired if he does not peddle his UFAs for as high a draft pick he can obtain.

      Tanev should not be moved BUT GM Benning should listen to what the market is for him. If he gets an amazing offer, he needs to take it. Unlike the UFAs, Tanev should only go for a 1st rd pick and a top NHL ready prospect that can contribute next season.

  13. Jack Johnson wants to leave. OTT needs to clear space. Would they offer Phaneuf (30% cap retained) for Jack Johnson??

    That would only cost CMB 4.9m in cap going forward. Dion is the type of gritty D guy Torts like.

    OTT gets 4.9M in cap relief going forward and can let Jack Johnson walk.

  14. Jets won’t need too much… what about something smaller like Oduya or Shaw?