NHL Rumor Mill – January 20, 2018

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Latest on Erik Karlsson, John Tavares, Evander Kane and more in your NHL rumor mill.

Are the Ottawa Senators laying the groundwork to trade Erik Karlsson (Photo via NHL Images).


SPORTSNET: Comments on Thursday by Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion suggesting he could listen to a good offer for Erik Karlsson prompted Elliotte Friedman to suggest the Sens could be laying the groundwork to trade their captain. Dorion said his club’s first priority is to re-sign Karlsson, who’s eligible in 2019 to become an unrestricted free agent. However, he added, “He’s a special player, but Wayne Gretzky got traded, so, if a team offers you an offer you can’t turn down, you listen.”

Friedman feels Karlsson’s wants to be a Senator for the remainder of his career. “But I think there’s a lot of players there who doubt they can win under current ownership — I think he’s one of them,” he said.

Taking note of Dorion’s comments, Eric Francis ponders what it might cost the Calgary Flames to make a pitch for Karlsson. “(What)  if the Flames offered up a package that included (Harvard defenseman Adam) Fox, a top goalie prospect (former NCAA champ Jon Gillies or former Memorial Cup/world junior champ Tyler Parsons) and another stud defensive prospect in either Rasmus Andersson or Oliver Kylington?” He also wonders if the Flames might have to add a roster play as well, and if it would be too high a price for a blueliner who’ll be a UFA next year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Before everyone starts salivating over a Karlsson trade, let’s remember that Dorion said his first priority is re-signing the blueliner. He’s not ruling out a trade but he’s not saying he’s shopping him. Unless Karlsson is asking to be dealt, Dorion isn’t under pressure to move him before the Feb. 26 trade deadline.

Is it possible the Sens could get an offer too good to pass up for Karlsson? Sure. Will they get it before the trade deadline? Probably not. Players of that magnitude tend to get dealt in the offseason, not in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline. That’s because there are more teams flush with salary-cap space in the summer willing to make trades. If the Sens and Karlsson can’t agree to a contract extension this summer, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dorion tries to trade him.


TSN: Darren Dreger believes it’s unlikely center John Tavares will leave the New York Islanders via free agency in July. Given the Montreal Canadiens’ lack of depth at center, however, he feels they have no choice but to be ready just in case Tavares hits the open market. If the Isles captain becomes a UFA, Dreger said an NHL executive suggested someone could offer him a seven-year deal worth $15-million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I share Dreger’s belief that Tavares will re-sign with the Islanders. Assuming he doesn’t, however, I expect the Canadiens will be among the numerous suitors who’ll line up to sign him. Some folks might scoff at Tavares getting $15 million annually and I agree that’s too much, but never dismiss the ability of some general managers to succumb to auction fever on July 1. 

Meanwhile, Dreger also reported Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has assets, such as forwards Max Pacioretty, Andrew Shaw and Alex Galchenyuk, he could consider moving out at the trade deadline. He said there are suitors interested in those players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At least one of those forwards will be playing for a new club by Feb. 26. Pacioretty will attract the most interest but Bergevin might prefer waiting for the offseason trade market in hopes of getting a better return. Shaw’s $3.9 million cap hit isn’t too bad but the length of his deal (he’s signed through 2021-22) could be a deal breaker. Galchenyuk’s younger (23), still has upside and, while earning $4.9 million AAV, has only two more seasons remaining on his contract. That could make him the most likely to be dealt. 


THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo recently fielded questions from his readers over possible moves by the Minnesota Wild. If GM Chuck Fletcher makes moves at the deadline, he thinks he’d attempt to shed salary by moving out players such as Marcus Foligno or Tyler Ennis, rather than trading draft picks for rental players. He wouldn’t be shocked if Fletcher tried to move Chris Stewart. He could also see him move Matt Cullen if the Wild fall out of the playoff race. 

Asked if the Wild might consider moving a player from their “young” core, Russo thinks they’ll have to consider it. He could see forward Charlie Coyle being moved, unless they feel the cost of re-signing Matt Dumba or Jason Zucker is getting out of whack. While noting Coyle’s had a disappointing season since returning from a broken tibia, trading him would be a significant step and they’d have to get a solid return. Such a move would likely have to happen in the offseason. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much will depend, of course, on where the Wild are in the standings leading up to the deadline next month. As of today, they’re sitting just outside of a wild-card berth in the Western Conference. If they’re still in the hunt they could become buyers. If not, they’ll look to shed salary and perhaps rethink the makeup of their current roster. 




  1. It’s amazing my Sabres tanked to draft Reinhart who can’t skate, gets pucks taken away by small school children along the boards and doesn’t put up any assists even though our top scout said “Reinhart is most talented playmaker going into a draft I’ve seen in 10-15 years”. Thank God Devine is no longer the Gms sidekick…Reinhart is very good at standing in front of net getting garbage goals, I hope they trade him as I can’t stand slow players.

    • Hi Matt …..I hear what your saying about the cough ups and turn overs and take aways form some of the new NHL talent who are high draft pics in the first round.

      I have watched this very closely and its a league wide problem with players not an individual problem…and here is my thought process…bare with me.

      The “NEW NHL ” is a fast paced league with skating and puck carrying as the center piece to a players attributes…when in Junior there is a VAST difference from the top 10 % of the league and the bottom 90% of the and the less than 1% that actually make it to the NHL, when these players are playing against 16 year olds in the OHL and they are 18 – 19 and have been drafted they are expected to run the table create offense and penetrate the zone all by themselves because that’s what the coach says and that’s what they can do among lesser skilled undeveloped younger players.

      When they get to teh NHL and they are one year removed from junior …they simply can not play that way ..its to fast and the players are way bigger smarter and structured in the D zone and trap scenarios.

      This is the problem that Marner and Nylander are having as per example with Rienhart and others …they are cheating ..they are reverting back to teh days they out skated everyone or they out skilled everyone and it was easy …they have not been able to realize that the NHL is much more intense and requires the BODY to be used as opposed to the feet only …rarely do you see these types of players beat up a guy in the corner for a turn over …where it is a crucial area in the NHL to cause an offensive zone turn over ..its using the body to do that not a stick only process.

      McDavid suffers from the same thing but it is not noticed as much as he is leaps and bounds faster than everyone else and he can cover that up better …but the high quality player with equal skill who does not use the power of the body will suffer.

      These teams are suffering for one reason as far as I can see and its becuase they have the absolute worst cycle game in teh corners ..they come down take a shot and then its back the other way and they are caught too deep because they tried to be to fancy and not cycle the puck down low.

      Thats just my take …I may be wrong but as a former Goalie its what I see these type players doing and why it sis so noticeable in the breakdowns and giving up leads and only playing the game down the middle where it can not be won.
      The power forward is a dying breed but probably the most needed player on the team to be successful all around.

      • Interesting insight
        Kal El…

      • Buf is willingly playing a dump & chase game with a few very rare exceptions, puck possession is a significant factor in determining who wins or loses a game & this system leads to a change of possession just as often as retained if not more.

        Kal makes some solid points about the difference between Major Jr & the NHL, it’s also not just skill development but physical size. a almost fully physically developed 6 foot, 200 lbs player can man handle himself past a 5’8″ 150 lbs player skill or not.

        GvA’s can be determined far easier than in depth study. Players that are paid to be offensive, drive offense or transition especially at D are going to turn the puck over far more frequently than defensive players. That’s not rocket science. They are taking chances which in most cases the coaches accept as they are far more proficient at doing so, for every turn over they may make they complete a ton of perfect feeds leading to scoring chances & goals. Making plays that a ton of players in the league couldn’t even hope to complete as they lack that skill.

      • I wonder if this phenomenon is going to replicate what you hear about NFL quarterbacks at the draft occasionally. There are QBs that come from ‘pro scheme’ offenses and others described as ‘college offenses’ that are thought to not translate to the pro game with more than their physical attributes and skills. Whereas the ‘pro scheme’ prospects are thought capable of starting right out of college.

        Last night I was looking at the 2014 draft. Specifically wondering if this same comparison applied to Jake Virtanen. I discovered that through a remarkable number of 2014 1sts have played games (same for 2013) the top end guys that so far out paced Virtanen last year have come down a notch. Where Virtanen is starting to scratch the surface of his phenomenal skills and physical attributes. I wonder where the top 10 will be in 5 years?

      • You can’t accurately evaluate a draft year for at least 7 years for Dman nominally longer. Although Virtanen isn’t huge in height he has a massive physical frame playing at over 225 lbs.

        These types of players need 400 NHL regular season games for me before we really know what they are. Look at a player like Jankowski; drafted in 2012, in Cal, 6’3″ most of these players take far longer to get to the NHL & then develop into the player they will be.

      • Agreed with all said on CHL drafted players.

      • As a Ranger fan, this comment is spot on!! I read comments here from fans that seem to think anything short of winning the cup makes Vigneault a terrible coach. We’re one of the winningest teams since he came here and yet all I ever hear is complaints about his player usage. Have to admit, I get caught up myself, but he plays guys he trusts and brings the younger guys along slowly. Everybody loves shiny new toys ( most fans have Chytil in HOF already)but it’s true, the guys that play his system are the ones getting Ice time. Everybody bashed Nash, but he’s a perfect example of a power forward that does a lot of things that don’t show up on scoresheet. This is why I’d like to see them get Kane. Kreider injury has left a huge void.

  2. Calgary has the deepest D depth in the league, why blow away their cap structure on Karlsson when they should try to acquire more forward depth

    • Precisely. Complete fodder.

    • I thought that didnt make sense iether. On that note, what about Vegas making a pitch at him?

      Personally speaking, i feel a package including Cody Glass and Shea Theodore with small pieces being addded would spart Doiron’s interest.

      Karllson isnt a ufa this season and if your trading him its this season.

      Ottawa missed the boat on Duchene unfortunately, but trading karllson/hoffman for a slury of prospects and picks this year would seariously kickstart a rebuild.

    • Exactly Mike, would be more likely they go after Kane or Hoffman

    • Karlsson sure didn’t look good tonight against the Leafs.

  3. Karlsson is definitely a great D however any team that trades for/signs him will need to commit major money probably approaching $10m on a 7 year deal. He will qant and expect to be the higheat paid D.

    Fast forward a couple years and he’s already in decline. I for one would certainly hope the leafs pass on him.

    • Karlsson will only be 30 and still in his prime in a couple years and won’t be in decline until at least half way through his next deal. It also won’t be approaching $10M per year, it will be well over that (likely $11M plus). He and Doughty will reset the bar for defensemen on they’re next deals. I highly doubt they will leave $2M+ per year on their next deals like Hedman. That was a combination of Yzerman being a great negotiator and TB’s unfair tax advantages over most teams.

      • Unfair? The majority of US NHL markets are between 42 & 45%, The 2 Flo teams are essentially the same as Nas, Dal & Vgs at just under 38%. Can teams are in the 49 to 52% range.

        The tax savings aren’t as significant as implied. On 10 Mil per year the savings in 21 of 31 markets is 1/2 a mil. In Can 1.25.

      • Those numbers are more significant than you’re letting on. $1.25M/year on s 7 year deal for s star player is $8.75M at the end of a deal. That isn’t chump change. For a $2M/year 4 year deal, that’s about $1M which is a ton for a career 3rd to 4th line player. It allows teams like TB to offer less on a deal than Canadian or other high tax teams and the player actually ends up with more money after taxes. That’s an unfair cap advantage any way you slice it.

      • That’s 5 of 7 Can teams effected, taxes in Alberta are the same as the vast majority of US teams.

        That’s 5 teams of a possible 21, for the other 16 it’s 1/2 a mil a season, chump change.

        Again for me, the taxes just aren’t an issue really, part of the equation but really very minor. My 1st choice would simply be where do & want to play & why at no point would I consider oh if I play in Mon I pay the highest taxes in the NHL or if I play in 1 of the 5 Flo, TB, Vgs, Dal or Nas I save a little over 10% in tax.

        I want to win the cup, ideally doing so some where I can walk down the street & not be bombarded by fans, is a good place to raise a family & if possible the weather isn’t brutal but I would concede this if off set by the other factors.

        I will be shocked & disappointed for NYI if Tavares decides to move on. Great young team, solid pipeline of prospects still have a bushel of picks & the future looks very bright with or with out Tavares really.

    • 100% …Can you imagine a Shea Weber right now at $12 million dollars for his term.

      When I go to the Habs Cap site and see how much longer Weber has at only his money and cap hit it kills me and Iam not even a Habs fan ….that is exactly what Karlson will be in 3- 4 years especially with the sever injuries he has had…It is way to risky …get the best return you can and restructure your teams needs save the money for the future players that will command it and be the new core …this is a must deal for the Sens to really move on and forward and be viable in the NHl with a quality well rounded roster.

      I agree Leafs stay away …please!
      Id love a James Neal though…LOL

      • Not sure what kills you about Weber, 4yrs @6m, 1yr @ $3m and 3yrs @ $1m. Weber is still a number one dman. Yes his cap hit is $7.857 but that an easy contract to move when a team wants to hit the floor or has lots of cap room.

      • @ Caper …I disagree

        he is a diminishing asset ..hence why Poile did what he did …he saw that long term and went with the younger body in Subban with ( relatively ) the same term.
        Poile is the best GM in the NHL.

        This is just my scenario as to what a Karlson deal will look like..Would you be saying the same thing to me if Webers deal was at $12 million right now with that term …thst what I am saying ..I think not !

      • How many cups poile won?

      • I have no issues with Webers contract, nor do I see a significant decline in his performance as he moves in to his mid 30’s. Webers game isn’t built on speed he will be just like Chara, Suter etc. Play at an incredibly high level right into his 40’s if so inclined. His offensive contributions will eventually be reduced as he gets older but just like Chara he will just become a stud shut down Dman.

        At point of trade Subban had more actual salary owed than Weber yet Weber has 4 more seasons & when Weber’s salary startes to decline significantly over those 4 extra years to 3 mil then 1,1,1 with no NTC or NMC his value in trade even with that huge cap hit will be significant still should Mon decide to move him.

        There was no real winner or loser in this trade, both teams got stud Dman just apples & oranges. I like the deal better for Mon for the primary reason stated above.

      • Kal El Weber skill set isn’t about speed, his style of play is totally different then that of Karlsson , whose is built on speed and elusiveness. Furthermore Weber contract isn’t $12m, sorry don’t mean to be rude that comment makes no sense to me. I wouldn’t pay any player $12m at the present salary cap, including McDavid.

    • Am I the only one concerned about Karlssonn’s longevity? My instincts tell me buyer beware…

  4. Evander Kane vs another winger that should be moved at the deadline

    gp g a pts pim +/-
    45 16 20 36 34 -10
    46 13 10 23 16 0

    • NYR isn’t moving Nash. NYR is going to the playoffs.

      • Just saying someone will overpay for a one way player with locker room issues and people think Nash is not as important of a piece.

        Rangers will make playoffs but they should trade off some RFAs

      • striker who would want nash he’s climbed the hill and is rolling down now severally over paid i would nt trade a 5 th round for him over valued

      • OIL9911.

        I said Nash isn’t being moved, who wants him isn’t in the discussion for me. If he were numerous teams would gladly take him for a playoff run & the return far more significant than a 1st.

        Nash may not be the player he was when younger but a very good skater, solid defensively, can kill penalties & provide solid scoring depth.

        Regardless NYR isn’t moving anyone of consequence they will be buyers not sellers.

      • DS.

        Of course they will that’s what happens at trade deadline time. Numerous teams overpay for rentals, that’s the market.

        Mon got lucky 2 years ago getting Vanek for a 2nd & his 5 goals & 10 points was significant value, Vermette for a 1st for Chi worth the price of admission but most never are depending upon how you want to value such.

        For me money factors in. 1 extra playoff gate for most NHL teams is 3+ mil in pure profit. In bigger markets even more, an extra round 12 to 15 mil. If that costs a team a late 1st or early 2nd as an owner I’m all in.

      • Boy-oh-boy are people way to dramatic on here sometimes. Any team serious about going on a deep playoff run would be stupid to not add Rick Nash.

        The guy is on the last year of his contract and the Rags could eat up to 50% if they wanted to maximize the return. I would gladly give up a few nice assets for Rick Nash at $3.9 million pro-rated.

        I heard the same garbage about Gaborik in 2014 as I am hearing about Nash right now. Tell me, how did that work out for LA trading for Gaborik?

      • Sorry that was supposed to read far more significant than a 5th

      • Canadian King.

        I agree.

      • Whew! Thank god… NY is making the playoffs in January!!!! I guess someone should just tell the islanders , Philly, Carolina, and the Pens the race is over and to just stop playing….

        And here I was concerned with losing Kreider and Shattenkirk long term and Staal and Hayes for short term! Thanks for ending the nail biting for all of us Ranger fans!

        Canyon of heroes here we come!

      • It’s called a prediction NYR4life. I made it in September & I see know reason to change it now. It’s not fact nor easy, the races in both conference are tight & will be moving forward in the NHL now as the new lottery rules have killed willingly tanking it.

        It lends to NYR not being sellers buy buyers going into the trade deadline. I’m as concerned as you about the injures, the other teams NYR is fighting with & the schedule issues coming up fast, making up all those road games but they have muddled their way thru so far as did Bos, Anh, Stl & others.

        Help is coming they just need to hang on. I find it odd I have more faith in NYR than you do as you claim to be a NYR fan.

        It’s not guaranteed just my opinion & apparently it has differed from yours all season yet here we are.

        They sit 7th in the Conference, have a +8 goal differential & have managed this with serious roster issues all year. I perceive the loss of Shattenkirk addition by subtraction. I like McDonagh on the #1 unit & for the life of me can Sjkei please at least see consistent 2nd line PP time.

        I hate Vigneault, for me he’s as much a part of the problem, his reluctance to play young players drives me insane. Andersson will be playing as the 3rd line C very soon. How ever long it takes to get him acclimatized to NYR’s system in the AHL. The difference in icetime between NYR’s 1st & 3rd line players is nominal unless a ton of penalties happen for or against.

        I believe Hayes is back today & his loss is significant he logs the hardest minutes of any NYR forward.

      • Again Striker, I’m calling a spade a spade here. Nothing to do with being a fan….and who cares where they are on the standings today? Less than 7 days ago they were bumped out of a playoff spot… what does this week bring?

        Again , take away the goaltending they’ve had over the last 2 months and where are they? Bottom of the east.

        This team is not built to win anything! Disgustingly thin at center, grossly out shot about every game, defense not good, ….. Nothing to do with being a fan or not. It’s the glaring obvious holes this team had coming into the season. Sorry, the 4 games you’ve watched this year make you feel like you know this team…. you don’t!

        What kills me about your posts is how condescending they come across. “They won’t trade this player, they’ll make the playoffs….” like you have some inside info,or you’re just that more wise than the people who actually follow the team you’re commenting on…. after taking in FOUR games. How many times are you wrong here? You’re like a guy that throws 1000 darts and hits the wall and floor 997 times and hits the board 3 and thinks you’ve won something . It’s old, it’s condescending

        I’d get that kind of comment if someone says M.Staal and a 3rd rounder for Tavares…. but you’re simply speculating if a team is or is not going to make the playoffs. Is your wild guess better than anyone else’s? Does your wild guess carry more weight than someone speculating about the other possibilities… like missing the playoffs and trading Nash?

        I know this one is going to knock you on the floor, but maybe people feel it’s at least worth speculating the opposite side of your opinion without getting these type of responses…. shocking I know!

  5. Adam Fox
    Tyler Parsons
    Oliver Kylington

    Way to aim high and offer 3 B prospects there Francis….Ya I think Dorian is sweating on that proposal. Like don’t offer up Valimaki lol

    Seriously tho…
    Teams are gonna have to dig deep to pony up for Karlsson but then again, Dorian hasn’t exactly won many trades lately so who knows

  6. If I was an owner of a team and heard the $15m price tag throwing around; I be stepping in and putting a cap on any individual player of $9m and 6yrs.
    The trade proposal for Karlsson would have to include established NHL players, high prospect are nice but they are just that prospects. But I would say this if Ottawa wins the lottery and draft Dahlin it will be an easier decision to move Karlsson.

    • Why not keep Karlsson to “mould/mentor Dahlin? Just my thought.

      • Steve K, I agree with you, considering country men and playing the same position. With that said do you see Ottawa giving Karlsson the contract he wants? Secondly do you think Ottawa would risk letting Karlsson walk for nothing? Or do you think (if lottery won) you trade Karlsson for asset to build around Dahlin?

    • The $15 million figure is hypothetical and I’m sure Dreger put it out there to get some attention per usual. It’s been mentioned several times but worth repeating – Karlsson’s injury last year and the struggles he’s had this year should give any GM pause if, and when, he becomes a free agent. It will be interesting to see what happens with the draft lottery. Whichever team hits the Dahlin jackpot will draft one terrific player. It could change everything.

  7. Max Pacioretty, Andrew Shaw and Alex Galchenyuk will get more inquires than Karlsson right now. No way does he move to Calgary for double digit millions.

    Good point Caper. Why not wait and see until the draft order is solid.

    Let’s not forget about White and Chabot and to a little lesser degree Logan Brown
    Sens have prospects coming. They would definitely need a roster player or two in any deal

    • If Karlsson is traded this summer & I assume that’s what will happen as it will take 10.5 to 11 mil to lock him up long term & I just don’t see Melnyk signing off on that contract nor would I but someone will.

      The return will be significant. I assume a top 4 Dman probably with 5 to 7 years of NHL experience who’s see 2nd line pairing minutes in the last few seasons, a top 6 winger with 1st line potential, a 1st, 2nd & probably something else.

      • Striker: I’m not convinced Karlsson will be traded, but agree with everything else you said. The contract may even be slightly more than $11M/year on a max deal.

        I live in Ottawa and am a long time fan. Everything I’ve read and heard is Karlsson wants to stay and the only issue is Melnyk. If Melnyk thinks they have attendance problems now, there would be people marching to the CTC with pitchforks if Karlsson isn’t extended. Everyone would blame Melnyk if he let the best defenseman of his generation leave because of his cheapness.

      • I don’t disagree but paying Karlsson 11 mil+ & the remainder of the roster will be terrible & the fans won’t come anyway. They aren’t coming now with Karlsson? Paid attendance for StL on Thursday night was just over 14. I watched that game, a Bruins fan but a huge StL fan as well. There were way more empty seats than paid attendance shows & empty seats don’t pay for over priced parking, food & beer.

        Until Ott gets a new building they are under significant financial pressure.

      • Melnyk is an idiot on where he cuts corners. No marketing or buses in Gatineau or Orleans to save people money and time getting to the games, stupid parking price increases that wreak of penny pinching and much more.

        Don’t know if you looked at their financials, but Melnyk is paying $12M/year on loans that most owners that could truly afford a team would not be paying. The Sens are profitable without those interest payments. Rumblings around Ottawa are that Melnyk will sell the team within a year, which would be awesome for everyone involved. A building downtown would solve most issues too and that should hapywitin 5 years.

      • @ Striker

        If you take on Karlson you better be prepared to make him the highest paid D man in NHL History or don’t even bother making a deal !
        End of story, clear as mud.

      • Hey Striker, pretty sure if I was a GM I wouldn’t give up that package for the right to overpay Karlson. Not saying someone won’t but I sure wouldn’t. Not sure how many teams could afford to strip themselves of depth like that. Suspect the price would go up if it was a sign and trade or they got to negotiate with Karlson up front.

      • We have yet to see 2016-17 operating revenue yet. Takes the NHL & NHLPA quite some time to resolve HRR but its safe to assume that 2016-17 should be higher than 2015-16 as Ott went to the conference final & didn’t make the playoffs in 2015-16. The Can dollar was also higher on average in 2016-17 than 2015-16. Meaning more profit. nor does that account for the 15 mil he just got in expansion revenue.

        Ottawa made in access of 10 mil in 2015-16. Don’t believe the rumors, Melnyk isn’t selling any time soon, zero motivation to do so. NHL teams are appreciating rapidly, more expansion revenue right around the corner.

        If he sells the team it will be because he doesn’t get his downtown location & that will signal the end of NHL hockey in Ottawa & he will sell it to be relocated. The chances of that happening for me are ZERO. He will get his downtown location eventually & tax payers will pay a significant portion of the bill as they should for any business that brings this much revenue to their tax base.

  8. Bruins are rolling to say the least and I’m a fan of team chemistry and I believe the Bruins also have that. Evander can be a pain in the rear end but for some reason I think he would be a nice fit for a Stanley cup run. Boston has a ton of young prospects that they will never be able to use so it may be time to take another run. Bergeron who may be the best all around player and leader would keep Kane in line and if he couldn’t Chara certainly would.

    • No slight to Kane & in a different situation I would say yes but I don’t want to see any of the prospect depth sacrificed today. Buy an insurance winger; a player like Vanek; can play either side, for no more than a 2nd & a suspect prospect.

      Boston is in no rush to have to do anything. Not a single 1 of the current solid prospects in the system has waiver rights next season. Grzelcyk is 42 games away or the start of the 2019-20 season.

      This summer Bos looks to move a Dman but keeps everything for this seasons playoff run. Like Raybark I have Bos making the 2nd round losing to TB. If they get by TB, awesome if not I don’t care.

      Stay the course, no short cuts, no sacrifices. Kane isn’t putting Bos over the top no player is. No harder trophy to win in prop sports.

      • You should work on them emotions Striker.
        Let them out to play once in a while and have them put some color in that analytical world of yours. Life is more enjoyable living by the seat of your pants on occasion. Lol…

      • Ha-ha! Just not part of my make up, stopped being rash about 30 years ago. Make decisions with me head based on facts, rarely take chances but often decisions are made with a ton of unknown or quantifiable data. There are no such thing as absolutes but odds of probability are real just not 100% guaranteed. It’s like an Angus Read pole. 75% accurate 8 times out of 10! What does that really mean? Ha-ha!

        Gambling has no guarantees & I do so a ton based on what can be quantified. That’s enough living on emotion for me. & make more than I lose & that’s all that matters to me.

        Bos made that mistake bringing on Jagr, cost them a cup as far as I & Ron McLean are concerned. No interest in paying the price for Kane simply to expensive let someone else pay it. Now if Bos really needed that player & it didn’t bump Debrusk or Heinen out of the line up maybe but the cost doesn’t work for me if it means 1 of those players sits or gets bumped to the 4th line.

    • I’m a fan of Kane, but I’m not a fan of giving up prospect and early draft picks for a rental.
      If you look back a Jagr Boston gave up a first and the player himself was fine, unfortunately Claude didn’t deploy him properly he broke up the best second line in the NHL Bergeron Marchand and Seguin replacing Seguin with Jagr who wasn’t a fit for that line and Claude was to stubborn to switch it back.

  9. I’m a Isles fan and if some team offers JT 15M a year, bye bye. I love him but he isn’t worth that. At most 12M and that is a stretch. Kane and Toews make 13.8M, Benn & Kopitar 13M. The top 10 salaries go down to 10M Is he in there? Yes. Is he the number 1 player in league? No. Knowing him, I could actually see him taking a slight hometown discount to ensure players like Bailey are resigned.

    • Not to say real dollars aren’t a factor but cap hit is more relavant to this discussion. Those players may well make those monies but their cap hits are less. Almost all Superstars are front end loaded, then as players get really old some are structured the opposite. Example. Marleau, cap hit is 6.25 but real salary is 8.5, 6, 4.25.

    • As a fellow Isles fan (hello NK) I have to agree. If the Isles got a whiff that he was wanting that kind of contract I’d move him now for as many assets as I could get.

    • I have a gut feeling he is going to wait out to see if Bailey gets signed. He saw them walk away from Moulson, whom he built chemistry with and were successful as line mates. He saw them walk away from Okposo. Again, a player he built chemistry with and were successful line mates. If they let Bailey walk bc “he costs too much”, you will see JT walk away took.

      • I don’t agree. Who cares about Moulson. who cares about Okposo & potentially who cares about Bailey. Tavares makes those players who they are & were with out Tavares they aren’t any where near the same player.

        I would hate to see Bailey leave. I love that 1st line as currently constructed. Bailey does all the dirty work digging out pucks feeding Tavares & Lee. I hope Lee can be retained they have the space but as always a question of cost for me. If more than 5.5 mil for 6 years you have to let Bailey walk. No way he’s a 50 point player almost any where else in the NHL. His fit with Tavares is special but not irreplaceable.

      • JT likes continuity. He did not gel with Ladd nor Eberle. Who will slot his wing with Lee and him? You may not agree but watch…… They have many defenseman who are UFA, JT & Bailey are UFA. They need to find a backup goalie. Not sure they will want to have Sorokin only get 20games as backup when he can get more s a start in the AHL. Then the following summer Lee to sign. He will want HIS line mates taking care of. It is more about comfort level than about how good he makes his line mates. He knows it and they do but he enjoys playing with those guys. If they let Bailey walk….. it will be tougher to sign him. Bailey won’t ask 6m like Okposo but certainly well above the mere $3.3m he makes now.

      • Sorokin is logging tons of games in the KHL & has for years. He was drafted in 2014, 4 years ago this summer & will be 23 when next season starts, sooner or later Sorkin needs to start as an NHL back up if not next year he goes to the AHL until ready, The role will be turned over to him with a veteran back up as soon as he’s ready. Buying a golaie in the UFA market in the summer is easy.

        The only UFA Dman of any consequence is de Haan & the minute Snow signed him to a 1 year deal that ship sailed especially now that he’s gone for the rest of the season to injury, NYI didn’t want to meet his contract demands. NYI committed to a youth movement on D when they protected 5 Dman in the expansion draft. Mayfield, Pelech just signed long term, that still leaves Pulock as an RFA & Aho has played extremity well.

        With Leddy & Boychuk signed long term this D is set next season although I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hickey retained if he’s willing to take a reasonable contract. If he wants to cash in he’s gone. Well cash in at his level NYI would probably be willing to give him 3 years at 2.75 maybe even 3 but as a UFA may get a 2 year deal at 3.5 to 4.0. He’s at least as valuable as Cole.

      • Not sure about that Crosby hater. The Isles clearly made the right calls on Molson, Okposo and PA Parenteau. Of course Bailey has stated that he wants to remain and Isle and acknowledged that his linemates are the reason he’s scoring so much so maybe it won’t be that tough to negotiate.

      • Striker…Mayfield is a year younger than DaHaan and honestly half as good. They have to resign Hickey or get a competent replacement. They can let Seidenberg walk but need to replace him. Pulock is an RFA. That is 4 young defensemen to resign or replace. That is tough. Snow cannot take a tough contract stance with this D. If he lets them all walk… Pelech and Mayfield are not a solid 2nd pairing. That is JT’s mindset IMO. What are they doing about it. Not only that but JT , Bailey, Chimera again are UFA and Nelson & Prince & Quine are all an RFA. All the young talent are up for contracts at the same time. THAT is a big chunk to resign or replace with quality pieces. He is going to want to see commitment to the roster before he signs a mega deal. That is what I am saying. The arena was only 1 small layer to the equation. He is not going to want to see this roster dismantled to start anew next season and be guessing who his line mates and teammates are.

        Stxycananda…. I agree in hindsight letting Moulson and Okposo were good moves. It is more of the philosophy of the move. “Hey JT we want you to stay but we are going to keep letting your line mates walk or trade them away bc well they do not deserve to get paid for scoring a ton bc we rather keep giving you 3rd liners to make them look better. Its cheaper for us in management to do it that way… but we want you here for 15 years like Dipietro” Real inspiring. lol

        Snow let Okposo and his $6m walk to sign Ladd. case in point. JT spent all year and tons of time working his butt off to build chemistry then they go ring in Ladd who he has no chemistry with nor ever plays with. Then Snow gives Ladd a Long term deal for only 500k less than Okposo. Ladd was also 4 years older than Okposo. Optics of the moves by the players. Snow is only committed to JT and not homegrown talent unless you take less than market value. plan and simple.

  10. Min has sufficient cap space for next season, almost 12 mil at today’s cap ceiling. Zucker & Dumba need to be resigned & will eat up 8.5 to 10 mil of that but then they still have the cap increase to flush out 4 depth roster spots.

    I see Ennis bought out this summer at 1.2 per for 2 years freeing up another 3.4. Young players will replace Stewart, Cullen & Winnik. They could even dip into the UFA market for a depth player just bringing back Winnik.

    Nor do I see Coyle traded. 6’3″ players that can play C although I prefer him as a RW are rare commodities & he has only played 383 NHL regular season games so his upside still hasn’t been reached yet. His injury right out of the gate, costing him 16 games is a factor in his current performance.

    Min has yet to ice a full health roster this year, that will be achieved when Niederreiter finally returns now that Parise is back. That gives Min 3 solid potential scoring lines something they have yet to be able to ice this season. We saw how that played out for Bos. Hard to shut down a team that can generate consistent scoring across 3 lines. Anh just crossed that bridge to 2 games ago as well.

    • Funny you say that ….

      I think this is where Pacioretty lands …Fletcher has done this type of deal and signing his whole career…Pomminville Vanek …Pathces is American and will fit right in along Parise …”The STATE OF HOCKEY”!
      there seems to be a history here and this would be my guess….IMO

      • I don’t see Patches traded until the summer & then only if Mon knows he can’t be extended. I see him moved at or before the draft & not to Minny.

  11. Not much blues talk ever on here. What about the blues think they should finally should try and get a goalie. Allen is decent but seems to have alot of rough patches. I no there aren’t rly any available so ill just go with the montreal firesell theme and say maybe price. What would it take for that to work?

    • Allen may not be a top 5 goalie in the game but he is ENGAGED every game he starts. With PRICE, if he is not engaged and interested, it shows how much he does not try to make a save. Watch the MTL/NYI games a few days back. Perfect example. MTL would ask for Allen and Kyrou and probably a 1st. STL and GM Armstrong will not be a balance team with Price taking up so much cap. They have some young talent they need to resign and gaining cap space letting Statsny walk will aide in their future. Price and his cap only hurt that.

      good move to MTL and not for STL

      my IMO of course…..

    • I see PRICE to STL as problematic for STL. His cap would be a hindrance to them rounding out their roster next season. They are against the cap now. Letting Statsny walk this off season will save them cash they will need to fill out the roster and still give flexibility to make other important moves.

      PRICE is also only as good as his interest in the game. Often he is un engaged and plays awful. Couple games back against the Islanders showed it. That $11m cap would be too prohibitive.

      Allen is hard working and engaged every game he plays. He fits their system. GM Armstrong will not make that move. He would have to give up Allen, Kyrou, few 1sts. etc…. too pricey for Price.

    • Not happening. StL has 1 of the best prospect systems in the NHL, they are committed to Allen for at least 3 more years. Had StL not lost Fabbri out of the gate & Schwartz 18 games ago they would be dominating the NHL nipping at TB’s heals as they were when Schutlz was lost.

      Mon isn’t moving Price, they just committed to him for 8 more years starting next season, rightly or wrongly in most cases this has been the right model Mon is built from the net out. Price, Weber, Petry, Alzner, etc..

      If Julien would just get the right players together with the right icetime Mon would be a far better team than they are. How can Gallagher sit 9th in TOI/GP at forward & justy barely be cling to 2nd line PP time? Andrew Shaw gets significantly better PP time! How does this make sense?

  12. Can someone please put Buf out of their misery, how can this team still be this bad. I had to stop watching that game.

    Thankfully NYR@Col is starting.

    • No Hayes, Grabner or Staal, add in no Kreider or Sahttenkirk & that probably equals no win.

  13. You heard it hear….. PEN’S REPEAT FOR #3!!!!!

    • I hope OVI finally gets his to be honest. Only year I will ever cheer for Washington.

    • Now, if you’d said that a month ago, PENS4EVER, I’d be impressed. Today, not so much.
      I suppose they’ll play Vegas in the final?

  14. I think Islanders will keep Tavares for 8 years for 80M to 100M range… I could see him getting 15M considering how much they over paid McDavid… Who only had like one season of 30ish goals w/ 100 points hardly worth that investment… Taares is a generational talent who might be better than him without the hype having a longer track record… He is in the top 5 for Islanders Hat TRicks behind guys like Mike Bossy and Trottier… Probably the best player they had there since Zigmund Palffy who was real royalty….

    Montreal has to hype things up but don’t see Tavares going there ever knowing PRice will sink them for a decade like Dipeitro did Islanders… New place to play in Belmont along with a few guys like Barzal, Lee, instead of waiver wire fodder like PA, Moulson… Even the Ladd pickup, Eberle trade, I think JT is happy there knowing will have a real arena not Brooklyn Basketall one…

    Senators should ship out King Karl to get value while they can… Real King Karl is already on Vegas at forward the King of the North or West ;). VEgas should just sign King Karl or throw a bunch of money at Drew Doughty… That would cripple the Kings while making them perhaps the best team in NHL top to bottom… You would have Miller a right shot D-man, Englellund, King Karl, decent left shot D to fill out the blue lines…

    Kane wouldn’t even be on top 2 lines on VEgas so don’t seem logical. Maybe if he was a center he could take over for Haula or so? Don’t see him playing over Neal, Perron, Reiley, Marchersault or whatever or WK having lead in goals there.

    Senators were a fringe post season team who went on a fluke run… Even to make the Post SEason getting emotion from the cancer situation much like RAngesr made Cup down like 3-1 from St Louis having Death in Family. Best the move out a player who can only decline in production when they far from a Cup Contender now… Out of the teams in the trade for Duche, they are least likely to make playoffs or worst.

    I’d rather Kings do a minor trade like for Vrbata who will retire… They did minor deals for Iginla, Vinny T/Schenn even Gaborik was a minor deal basically… Worked out great though they were nearly swept by Sharks in 1st round… Then Mike Richards had a key player on SJ break his hand in a fight with him… Faced elimination in every round but Cup Final so it wasn’t like steam rolled ala 2012 up 3-0 every series as 8th seed :).

    Rangers I think will fall out of Post Season so Islanders, Carolina, Flyers all circling for least 8th spot. In West Chicago probably the lowest team with chance to make it… Edmonton, Vancouver, Coyotes I stuck a fork in thinking they have no chance left.

    If JT left Islanders that would cripple the franchise for decades. Seattle Kraken would be an interesting name… Maybe Thunderbirds is more logical than Firebirds… If they get a team by 2020 it would really hurt a few teams while helping others :).

    Drew Doughty signing with VEgas would be scary for sure :). Kings got the bleach mixed with chlorine duo of Muzzin/Martinez killing them too… You can see Martinez can’t keep puck in zone or has to backhand it near boards… Instead of a right shot who could turn that into a shot or play the puck a second or two faster… Forbort is a total 1st round bust instead of having Tarasenko. Should play Drew/Muzzin, Martinez w/ Folin while give Ladua a shot with Gravel or Forbort for 3rd pairing.

    Vegas might be playing in the Final but Penguins wont be there :). Would have been funny to see Murray vs. Fleury.