NHL Rumor Mill – January 22, 2018

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Updates on the Canadiens, Erik Karlsson, the Bruins and Lightning in your NHL rumor mill.

Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty remains a fixture in the trade-rumor mill (Photo via NHL Images).


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited NHL insider Elliotte Friedman’s Friday appearance on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 discussing the teams that could soon get busy in the NHL trade market. He said Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin is making calls and believes “there’s action” around Max Pacioretty and Alex Galchenyuk. Friedman considers Carey Price and perhaps young defenseman Victor Mete as the only untouchables on the Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt Bergevin is making calls and expect he’ll swing a deal or two by the trade deadline. The Canadiens will be sellers and Pacioretty and/or Galchenyuk could be on the move. However, Bergevin won’t move either guy simply for the sake of doing so. If he doesn’t find a suitable deal by the deadline, he’ll wait until this summer and try again. Both players are under contract beyond this season so Bergevin isn’t under pressure to ship them out by the deadline. 

Friedman was also asked about Ottawa Senators GM Pierre Dorion’s remarks on Thursday suggesting he’d listen to offers for defenseman Erik Karlsson. He guessed they were laying the groundwork for the possibility of trading Karlsson. Friedman believes the blueliner wants to finish his career as a Senators but suggested his preference could be staying under different ownership. “But I think the Senators sent the word out that if you really are serious, give us a call with a serious offer. I guess he’s going to be somebody that teams are going to fish on.”

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators want to re-sign Karlsson, not trade him. Noting Dorion was attempting to protect himself with a “never-say-never” scenario (bringing up the fact even Wayne Gretzky got traded), it was interpreted by some scribes as the Sens listening to offers. Karlsson, meanwhile, believes there’s no comparison to his status and that of Gretzky’s 30 years ago. “It’s true, it happened, but by no means am I anywhere even close to that, so I don’t even know why the parallel is even being drawn to that,” Karlsson said.

Karlsson is 18 months away from his eligibility for unrestricted free agent status. He said whatever’s been said about his trade status should be taken with a grain of salt. The earliest the Sens can open contract discussions with Karlsson is July 1, one year from his UFA eligibility date. Garrioch cited league executives speculating the only Senators untouchables are Karlsson, Mark Stone and perhaps Thomas Chabot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible the Senators could trade Karlsson at the trade deadline but I don’t see it happening. As Friedman’s colleague Nick Kypreos noted on Saturday, no team is going to give up a big chunk of their future to acquire Karlsson when they don’t even know what he’s seeking on his next contract.

Karlsson indicated last fall he won’t consider a hometown discount and could seek full market value, but there could be a big difference between what Karlsson, the Senators or other clubs consider as his true free-agent value. If the Sens decide to trade him, it’ll be because they can’t agree on a new contract. The earliest that decision could come is around early July. 


BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy speculates over possible moves by the Bruins in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline. If they test the trade waters, he believes they’ll seek a left defenseman and a winger, with the winger (preferably a right-handed shot) being the priority.

The Bruins could go in different directions. If they continue winning, perhaps they’ll stand pat and draw upon their farm system if necessary. If they start to struggle, maybe that’ll better define their needs. Perhaps they move out a player on an expiring contract, such as Ryan Spooner, to bring in another player. If they pursue a big fish in the trade waters, they’ll have to move salary to make room.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins GM Don Sweeney is likely keeping an eye on the trade market, but with his club playing well right now, he’s in no hurry to make a move. I think he’s content to remain patient over the next three or four weeks and see how things unfold for his club, and the shape of the market as the trade deadline draws near.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith believes the Lightning “could really use a faceoff man like the Ducks’ Antoine Vermette.” The Lightning sit 30th in the league in faceoff win percentage. He also notes Anton Stralman, Braydon Coburn, Dan Girardi and Mikhail Sergachev are logging the bulk of the blueline minutes and wouldn’t be surprised if the Lightning pursue a defenseman at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After dominating the league standings for months, the Lightning have dropped five of their last eight game. The Vegas Golden Knights have overtaken them in the overall standings while the Bruins and Washington Capitals are closing the gap in the Eastern Conference standings.

I don’t believe Lightning GM Steve Yzerman will hit the panic button here, as his club is in no danger of tumbling out of playoff contention. However, he’s fully aware of his club’s weaknesses and could make a move or two in the coming weeks to address them. 



  1. Boy that’s some really good insight, the Bruins might stand pat or they might do something.

    • >_<

      It's in my expert opinion that all teams in the NHL come the trade deadline with either make a trade or stand pat.

      Side note: I do think the Bruins make a move or 2 regardless of how well they're playing come the deadline. The team has performed extremely well under Cassidy. Youth has really stepped in and stepped up as well. With how wide open the Eastern Conference is and a legitimate chance the Bruins could contend in ECF or even the SCF it's up to Sweeney to help bolster the roster. I've often felt making trades is as much about addressing a need as it is about sending a message to your roster that they believe in their potential to be successful in the postseason. Management buys in and provides the necessary upgrades or added depth to give the roster a boost. The veterans will surely appreciate that as well. Some of those guys would love to compete for a Stanley Cup such as Zdeno Chara for example.

      Ball is in Sweeney's court!

      • Who gets sent to the AHL to make room for any additions Bos trades for before Feb 26th? The only waiver eligible players are Debrusk, Heinen, Kuraly, Carlo, McAvoy & Grzelcyk.

        If you send Kuraly & Grzelcyk down to make room for 2 trade deadline additions who gets bumped out of their current roster spots to get them into the line up?

        Marchand, Bergeron, Pastrnak.
        Debrusk, Krejci, Spooner.
        Heinen, Nash, Backes.
        Schaller, Kuraly, Acciari.
        Spare Vatrano. Could be waived to make room for 1 addition.

        Chara, McAvoy.
        Krug, McQuad/Miller.
        Grzelcyk, Carlo.

        1 of Miller or McQuad has rotated recently due to injuries but going to be curious to see what Bos does now that McQuad is off LTIR as he replaced Miller with the flu. I assume Grzelyk will start to sit rotating in for Miller or McQuad occasionally with Miller or McQuad playing their offside. It doesn’t serve Grzelyk’s development well to be sitting he would be better served to be returned to the AHL until injuries open up a roster spot.

        Bos doesn’t need anything, there is enough depth in the AHL to cover but I would buy 1 insurance winger on the cheap. Anything more than a 2nd round pick & a suspect prospect & I pass.

        Bos is in year 3 of the rebuild on the fly, stay the course, don’t trade Spooner, he is an RFA with arbitration rights but not getting a huge salary. Get him signed to a 4 to 6 years deal in or around 4 to 4.5 & look to trade him down the road when other prospects are ready to assume full time roles. As always I like Spooner’s versatility & PP accumen. He will learn to be better defensively with each passing year. Has only played 239 NHL regular season games due to injury issues & a more conventional development path.

      • I get what you’re saying Chad as far as sending your team a message and believing in their potential and it is most often true. But with this B’s team one of their best strengths is their depth. You could argue that not making a deal says you trust the team you have even more. He believes in the guys they have.
        Conroy suggesting that a right shot winger is their priority. Who would this pickup replace in the lineup? Not Pastrnak, so Backes, Spooner or Acciari gets bumped down or out of the lineup.
        No point in trading for a 4th liner and Acciari is great in that role. I suppose you could move Spooner to increase scoring on 2nd line and bump Backes down to 3rd line RW. But Spooner is one of their best PP guys? So what do you really gain?
        I just don’t see a big upside compared to the player being replaced and the cost of assets for a top 6 RW.
        What I could see is a depth, left shot D man with experience to watch most of the games from the press box. As we saw last year you need 8 D-men heading into the playoffs and Postma isn’t somebody I want on the ice come playoff time and right now they are sitting at 7.

      • Depending on the ask I would make a trade for patches, these two teams generally don’t deal but he’s worth inquiring about. You have him for two playoff seasons.
        I also be checking the market for a left shot dman, using one of the right hand dman in the trade.

      • A depth move to bolster what they have it what I’m eluding to. I wouldn’t want to deal a 1st or any of the top 1/2 of our prospects.

        Mid level prospect. A 3rd or 4th round pick. Those types of assets moved to bring in a winger or LHD. Depth. Expiring contract. Etc.

      • Raybark. Backes is playing as the #3 RW now, although I like to think of it as a 2B. See the line up Boston is currently icing above. Heinen & Backes are seeing consistent PP time from the 3rd line where as Debrusk the 2nd line LW currently isn’t.

        Caper, 2 questions. 1. Who sits to make room at LW for Patches, Debrusk or Heinen? & the cost to acquire Patches will be significant, what are you wanting to give up to facilitate such a trade?

        As always I vote for Vanek as long as the cost isn’t greater than a 2nd & a B grade prospect which is really a suspect prospect. If that type of player can’t be found at that cost I pass. Vanek is a RH shot & can play either wing. That said I think Bos will get outbid as another playoff bound teams 2nd will be higher so I hope they just stay the course & let the young players continue to develop & gain the playoff experience.

        NESN posted a stat on Bos before the game 2 games ago, since Nov 6th they lead the league in goals for & are 2nd in goals against, it may have been the exact opposite but regardless.

      • Striker here is how I look at it. Is Boston
        A cup contender ? I believe
        They r close and a proven goal scorer like Patches and a LD would help the
        Cause. You play to win the cup. I give a 1st 2nd and Spooner. If things don’t
        Go well next season can always move Patches at the deadline and recoup the picks. If that deal isn’t enough, then move on

  2. Karlsson has 18 months and no extension until July. That is a long time in the “Mill”. Already getting tired.

    MTL should move both Max Pacioretty and Alex Galchenyuk. Restock picks and prospects with maybe a roster player or two and be active in the UFA market this summer. They will be getting a top ten draft pick this year.

    • Do you really want to trade a 23 year old

      • Generally no but this situation with Gelchenyuk is disturbing. I would have moved him before being resigned but that ship sailed & now he is only 2.5 years from UFA status. 1 of the most mishandled assets we have seen in the NHL in recent years.

        Lets beat him down constantly, point fingers at him about his work ethic, reduce his role & icetime & refuse to play him at C even though Drouin has been an unmitigated disaster. Lets also sign him to 3 year deal making him a UFA following, significantly reducing his value in trade?

        Again I ask how does Bergevin still have his GM job in Mon? This is just 1 of a bunch of odd questionable player personal decisions & trades. Not all has been bad just most.

      • I have been thinking about Chucky’s situation and I seriously wonder if MB had a heart to heart with where Chucky said HE did not want to play center and MB did right by his player by standing up and taking the hit/blame. He has played better of late and I could see Julien getting in hi ear and saying “you asked to play wing, and this what you have to do to make it work”.
        As for Drouin it was wishful thinking that he, in 47 NHL games, had any hope of suddenly turning in at top NHL center. Given a year and then it would be a huge maybe but half a season? Totally unrealistic. He has got better but not nearly enough.
        I think Patches is a gonner, Pleks too and someone not named Weber, Mete, and possible Jerabek, from the D is traded. I’d add that prospects are all off the table. Picks are in play only if needed to facilitate a player acquisition or improving a draft selection.

    • SilverSeven Our draft picks have been terrible over the years.. Do you trust MB with I don’t. He is the worse GM in the NHL right now. Look at some of his trades PAP,Bryan AllenKassin, etc etc.What we need is a new GM,Coaching staff & Scouts Besides MB has said many times he does not like Free Agants.

  3. Montreal is where Toronto was at prior to the team actually admitting a rebuild is now a necessity. They will keep puttering along, wasting the best years of their players until they realize it.

    • It also took the shanaplan in Toro to actually force the rebuild. I think Montreal needs better leadership in that regard.

      • Montreal is a very different place than Toronto. Montreal’s fans do not accept losing – I commend them for that. They will not attend games as long as the Canadians are losing. I have had many conversations with Habs fans. Seen the same type things with the Expos and the Alouettes (Montreal lost their football team for awhile). I get hockey is different, I just don’t see Montreal taking a full rebuild type step. They may restock by trading veterans, but it will be right back to doing everything to win now by next season. IMO

      • Well they; Mon, had better get used to it as the prospect kitty is bare, their talking about trading their best goal scorer, Patches, & 1 of their best offensive forwards, Gelchenyuk, who they have beat down constantly for years, impacting his trade value.

        Moving either of these players isn’t making Mon better in the short term & not enough assets are being acquired from trading these 2 players to turn the corner. If the majority of assets coming back are prospects & futures, draft picks, those players acquired from such won’t be helping for years.

        Tanking it like Tor, Buf, Arz, Edm, Etc. did isn’t an option any more, the new lottery rules don’t give much hope that the worst team in the NHL is picking 1st anymore, nor even in the top 3 really. You finish last you have an 82.7% chance of not picking 1st.

      • On a side note picking 4th actually benefited Col. Which is odd.

        Col picked 4th this year after being historically bad last season, they got lucky, Dallas selecting Heiskanen no slight to his future as an NHL Dman but that dropped Makar who will be a stud offensive Dman in 4 to 6 years, possibly sooner into Col’s lap.

        Col’s future D sure looks solid, add Timmins, Makar & Meloche to the mix of Barrie, Girard, Zadarov, Nemeth, Lindholm, Mirinov, Bigras with Johnson signed long term & Sakic has laid a solid foundation at D for the next decade at least & opened up all kinds of trade options.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see Barrie moved for a solid return possibly as soon as this summer but I assume Sakic will wait till the summer of 2019 to move him allowing an extra year for these young Dman to develop further.

        Timmins may be able to step straight into the NHL although Sakic has shown some restraint rushing prospects. He had Rantanen dominate at the AHL level for a season but Kerfoot & Jost were allowed to step straight in playing sheltered roles.

      • Bingo!

      • Shanaplan? They tubed the season to a shot at Matthews and got lucky. As for the past two years, if it wasn’t for Anderson standing on his head (I’ll admit a very good trade) and Matthews they would be in trouble. Their defence is terrible.

      • Montreal has a lot of good prospects coming as much as striker like to be biased he really has no clue as usual! The shanaplan is so close to Edmonton’s rebuild it’s not funny both have terrible defense only drafting skillled forwards, if you really look at the leafs this yr if not for Anderson that team is not a playoff team

      • Noel, You are right on. I have been saying this for about 25 years.. Our drafting players has been a disgrace. Our GMs if you want to call them that & Coaching staff are living in the 1900s. That is why we are where we are. The game has changed & past our Leaders by.. Look at all the teams who draft & trade well they are

    • 100% agree thirsty deer …they are or have wasted Prices best years of late..they have very good Cap space.

      I am wandering if they are doing this on purpose to get into the TAVARES sweeps and if its going to back fire on them..as they could have really used a few players with that $8 million at the start of the season that are of NHL caliber.

      Is the stingiest owner in the NHL really going to give Karlson max dollars and term ..I don’t think so…he subbed his nose to Alfredson and he is the best player in the franchise undervalued him after Afredson took 2 hometown discounts and then asked to be paid the right way for a short term…not sure how Melnyk will go against his belief system on this one now for an even worse contract.

      the only problem they have is that the fan base are more Karlson fans than they are Sens fans..LMAO ..and Eugene drove a wedge between himself the players and the fans at the out door game ..it will be interesting how much of the fan base revolts and doesn’t show up after they trade Karlson which I still believe they should.

      Hers is my sneaky good off the radar player of the day that I think a team should look to acquire.


      • There are far stingy owners than Melnyk in the NHL but money factors into everything Ott does.

        As I expressed yesterday, fans aren’t coming to watch Karlsson play now. Paid attendance was just over 14K for StL the other night & I watched that game there was far less than 14k in the building.

        If Fans in Ott keep declining Ott’s budget will drop as well. I’d be very surprised if Ott extends Karlsson, Duchene or Brassard. If they do salaries will be cut else where to off set his cap hit & that won’t hep Ott win games. Take the haul moving Karlsson provides set the organization up for the future as they aren’t a very good team with Karlsson & things aren’t about to get better but worse.

        I have no idea why 1 of the richest most profitable teams in the NHL in MOn choose to go into the season with over 8 mil in cap space. Only Bergevin knows what Bergevin is doing.

        I don’t see Tavares moving & if that’s Bergevin’s hope like almost everything else he has done swing & a miss. As even if Tavares moves & that’s a big if for me, he isn’t signing to play in Mon. He’ll pick a cup contender, a playoff team at least, not a team heading in the opposite direction.

  4. Toronto stinks. All they have done so far is be lousy! I do not see them progressing past 1 round in the next 3 years (including this one). Babs is way over-rated.

    • Toronto has taken 50 years to rebuild and not there yet

      • Paul you are right. As a Habs fan it has been 25 years for us.Are problem has been the same as the Leafs. Bad GMs,Coaching stffs & terrible scouts. They have fixed the problem & are much closer to a Cup then we are.. Now it is up to us to do yhe same thing or we will pass 50 years. Get the best GM,Coaching & scouts.

    • You couldn’t be more right

      • It’s true that leafs team has some major holes to fill before they are contenders, the rebuild will be another 5 urs at least

  5. Again Karlsson can’t be extended until July 1st but talks can happen when ever. Both Hedman & Fowler were extended on July 1st 2016 & 2017 respectively. Those discussions didn’t start, end & them sign all in 1 day.

  6. Do you think with the Senators likely in sell mode that they’d be interested in taking back money or retaining salary from Hoffman in order to trade him for some valuable assets?

    It’s my understanding that the Senators don’t have a 1st (if they fall outside of top 10) or a 2nd round pick in the upcoming draft. That’s not going to bode well when trying to build the future of that team. They really need to try and swing a few deals and bring back some picks and/or prospects.

    • Why would Ott have to retain salary should they choose to move Hoffman? He is 1 of the best goal scorers in the NHL with way above average speed.

      I don’t favor Ott moving this player. In fact it makes to sense to me what so ever. After #1 Dman, some #2’s & #1 C’s this is the next most sought after player, a player that can score.

      • Looking at it from the perspective of the Senators. They’ll want to receive the biggest return possible. Best way to do that would assist the other team in moving salary or retaining a little money from the Hoffman contract to help make it easier for the team trading for him.

        There isn’t a lot of teams out there looking to trade for a $5+M AAV during the season. Offseason is a different story but if the Senators are looking to move him towards the deadline for a great return then they’ll need to consider the money piece.

        Really depends on the Senators and what route they wish to take. They’ll receive the biggest returns for their talented players. Moving a bunch of spare parts isn’t going to get them much further along then they already are…

      • I don’t see Hoffman traded before the deadline although there are a bunch of potential playoff bound teams especially with the addition of Hoffman that could take on his cap hit. Car, Col, Vgs, NJ, Win, SJ, Clb, LA, Anh, Nas all could assume the current cap hit at the trade deadline. Dal, NYI, NYR, Cal & StL could if they designate players to LTIR that haven’t been as yet. That’s 1/2 the league.

        If Hoffman is moved Ott is better served to wait until this summer as your not just getting him for futures, it will take a decent young roster player, a solid prospect & a 1st.

        Hoffman’s 5.187 cap hit for 2 more years after this season is solid value for a goal scorer. Since Hoffman became an NHL regular in 2014-15 3.5 years ago he sits 22nd in goals with 94 & his 1st 2 seasons in the NHL he barely saw PP time in year 1 & in year 2 barely made the top 10 in Ott.

        His 67 ES goals over that timeline or goals per 60 mins puts him in very elite goal scoring company. Ott doesn’t need to add a pick to increase his value. It is & should be very high, warts & all. Ha-ha!

      • Agreed Striker… I think the likelihood is the offseason as well

  7. off topic but maybe part of murrays struggles had to do with his pops being sick. always easy to forget the names on these boards we want to trade off, buy out, give up as faded, etc have their own stuff going on. sorry for your loss Matt.

    • After it came out about his father, I 100% expected that was the case.
      Glad the team is supportive and regardless when he comes back, I hope the best for him. I’d hate to say it (because I would love to have him back), but if he needs the rest of the season, I hope he takes it.

    • That’s a solid point. Let’s hope that is a factor. Pit better do something soon as the are floundering.

      The playoff battles in both conference are tough. You have 11 teams in the East fighting for 8 spots & no 1’s guaranteed a spot mathematically but Was, TB & Bos have a nice cushion. 3 teams are coming up short & the point spread may be even to 2 points most likely at least 1 spot being decided by ROW tie breaker.

      It’s even tighter in the West with 12 teams fighting for playoff spots.

      Some really strong teams are going to miss the playoffs & the situation like with Murray in Pit could easily be the deciding factor. Injuries are playing significantly at present for many teams & if trades aren’t found soon it may be to little to late.

      I hate the NHL’s 3 point system but it certainly creates the effect the NHL wants. Playoff battles right to the wire even if created falsely to some extent.

    • Chrism noway I be moving Murray, just get in the playoffs and let Murray do his thing. Lot of stress having an ill family member and Matt is a very young man to lose his father

  8. Montreal here’s the chance to call the NYI they are fed up of J Ho Sang … Call them up and tell them Bellows, Ho Sang, 1st round pick next year and Da hann for Patches and Jerabek

    • Hello, hello, is there anyone there? Snow, it’s Bergevin. Dam the line went dead. I better try back. Sorry your # has been blocked by this caller. Well that’s weird, I just had Snow on the line. Was it something I said? Ha-ha!

      • That’s far closer to some of the stupid proposals you give striker!! Ha-ha

    • Frank would you consider patches & jerabek for Barzal

      • NYI isn’t trading Barzal & certainly not for a player a little over a year from UFA status & the other that is this summer.

        Should NYI lose Tavares as a UFA Barzal will be NYI’s #1 C next season, he’s a rookie & 1 of the best C’s in the NHL already offensively. He’s tied with Malkin as the 6th highest scoring C in the NHL as I write this.

        Better yet he’s fully cost controlled for 2 more years. This is how you spell untouchable. Nothings impossible just highly unlikely.

  9. This might just be the quietest trade deadline ever in the NHL. The team that everyone expected to be big sellers are first in the league – what?! That alone pretty well sums things up.
    The player at the top of the trade deadline list is: in a scoring slump; carries a ton of baggage; and, according to various sources, will be too expensive.
    The teams that should be sellers, such as Ottawa and Montreal, are not likely to be active for a couple of reasons – their names are Dorion and Bergevin.
    Among Canadian teams, I see Vancouver trading Thomas Vanek and Calgary, maybe Winnipeg, possibly making a move but there are so many teams still on the bubble that not a lot will happen.
    It could be exactly the opposite – wouldn’t that be great? – but it’s shaping up as six hours of talking heads trying to come up with something to say. There’s always James Duthie though, thank goodness.

    • Interesting commentary on Vegas being first in the league, it begs the question, did the NHL give Vegas too much in the expansion draft? I know they paid alot for their franchise, but really, how can teams like Buffalo, Arizona be happy when Vegas got a dream load of talent. Teams were only allowed to protect 7ish plus rookies, which for most teams meant they were giving up a very good player. This system needs to be reworked for Seatle’s entry – IMO.

      • The rules & style of Vegas’ draft is perfect for today’s game. The expansion fees are higher than ever before. Rumors Settle will be a 600million or more bid. It is on ownership of those teams to ice a good team. AZ never spent to the cap. Buff spent to the cap on 4th liners. Not other teams fault IMO.

        I think these rules should stand pat for any future team. Especially at the insanely high expansion fees which get spread to teams like AZ and teams who cannot afford to run an NHL without other profitable teams revenue sharing.

      • Vegas is surely also boosted by inspiration this year. They haven’t even met the storm they call “Adversity” yet. Vegas is a nice story. But, let’s see what happens in the next few chapters here. This team is also playing in roster limbo. I feel next year will be a much more expansion-like Vegas team.

      • Eh if anything Vegas botched picks taking less assets or bad trades… Picking dead ends or guys they shouldn’t leaving a lot on table… They are insane at home only losing like twice while having like 19 wins. It was expected they would do well at home or play hard there like other expansion teams CBJ/SJ/Nashville etc…

        It helped the Pacific is weak, Kings a fringe post season team were in 1st… Sharks couldn’t score, they were like bottom 2 or something real bad there. Ducks got hit with injuries, Flames are sorta hot/cold… Vancouver had over achieved early… Blues looked like they would run away with Pacific until JEts got going… Nashville made a major trade or would probably miss playoffs…

        Helped they only had 1 expansion team coming in… Other times in history there might be 2 at a time which hurt. Teams all seem to have bad contracts or dead cap money too. Franchise like Coyotes hired some kid they don’t want to win. NHL helped drag them along to lose in WCF. Buffalo still cries about losing a game 6 in SCF as if they would have won game 7 haha.

        Seattle getting a team wont do as well as Vegas. NOr will they probably be the worst team ever… Some franchises will get hurt badly by them. Last few years teams knew Vegas was coming so setup their team to factor that in. So they would bury guys in minors or not play enough games in AHL/NHL to have to expose in draft.

        The protection rules could have been a bit fairer… Like it was 8 skaters/1 goalie… OR something like 7 forwards w/ 3 D-men? So if had a deep defense it was going to cause issues. Sharks had to trade Mirco Mueller to Devils who they hoped would be a factor in Cup or future teams. Teams had to make bad trades out of fear of losing assets or to keep them.

        After Seattle gets a team, then franchises will be free to rebuild/retool without losing key players etc. If SEattle don’t get a team some teams will continue to struggle. Islanders were hopeless for a long time after nearly 5 cups in a row. The move to Barclays was horrible, maybe coming to Belmont will help. I think since the 93 shaft they only won like 2 playoffs series or something really dismal.

        Vegas is playing a fast style, they picked a team mostly to play in todays NHL. Others are still stuck in yesterday, so can’t win today. When see Kings trying to replace Scuderi or Robyn Regehr with a 1st round bust like Forbort… He wouldn’t get a 1st round pick from any team in the NHL. Yet Tarasenko the player they passed on would easily get a 1st rounder from any team in NHL :). Many picked Vegas to struggle based on how bad they did in expansion draft. John Tavares in VEgas would really be a scary thing though :)…

    • For me these things all follow a pattern & the # of trades directly relates to the # of pending UFA’s followed by other players on short term contracts at reasonable cap hits; like the Canuck’s last season with Burrows & Hansen. Those in the playoff race are buyers those that aren’t are sellers.

      If Vgs isn’t a seller then they are simply replaced by the team they bumped out of the race that being Edm or possibly Chi.

      All players have slumps, Kane will move, he was never garnering the return rumored but the price will still be high regardless. If Ladd, Vermette & Hanzal can move for 1st’s+ I can assure you Kane will garner more than paid for any of those players.

      If players like Patches moves before the trade deadline I wouldn’t be shocked but surprised as I think Mon would be better served to wait until everyone can bid as opposed to a rescued group as some buyers won’t want to remove from their rosters today. This is Bergevin we are talking about so anything is possible he has only done 2 things I like in trade.

      Ott moving Hoffman any time soon makes no sense to me but if they extend Karlsson, Melnyk will want salary chopped else where. Not to mention Stone & Ceci are both getting substantial raises this summer. Stone about 3 mil per, Ceci at least 2 & people can say what they want about Ceci moving him even with the young D coming doesn’t make Ott better. Ceci just turned 24 & has only played 328 NHL regular season games, still at least 1 more full season from showing us what he will be at the NHL level.

  10. Vegas has to be the only expansion team to ever lead league this late into season past half way point prior to all star break… They missed the best assets on at least a few teams drafting so its a surprise… I figured they would have at least 88 points making a fair shot for post season… So they will at least do what expected before even had a player or so on team… They botched things with that Russian who maybe would have 20-30 goals for season… Rangers they took a guy who has like 7 goals instead of Grabner who has 20 already… That would have been pretty lethal since he has nice speed.

    Senators have to pretend they want to sign the fallen King Karl… Problem is Edmonton Oilers won their last cup after trading Wayne… While Kings never won a cup with him needing the Real Great 1 JEff Carter to get two cups ;). SEnators can hang their fake Stanley Cup banners but they wont ever win 1 with King Karl… Drew Doughty was talking to King Karl so sure they decided what their market value will be 10-15M per season…

    Vegas making that bad move to take Methot might have alienated SEnators GM… He could have got a return to not take Methot then taken a right shot D-man like Wideman who can chip in a few goals instead. Think he has 3 goals this year in limited use. That would be a person I could see traded or minor deals like Pageau or Z. Smith… Maybe Vegas grabs Vrbata who will retire after this season probably…

    Boston surprised me when looked like they were a fringe post season team at best. Now people are talking if they can win division. Luster isn’t so shiny for Tampa without a real goalie like Ben Bishop leading them :).

    Not sure why Ducks would trade Vermette. They went on a decent run since trading Vat for Henrique… While Devils have sunk from leading Metro to being a fringe Post Season team… Flyers sneaking back into top 8, Islanders moving up, Carolina coming up a bit short. Find the race to see who makes top 8 in either East/West as pretty exciting. Barring a trade I think Rangers will slip out of top 8. Penguins I give 50/50 chances, I think Islanders sneak in.

    Just think the longer they wait to trade King Karl the less they can get. Maybe they wait until another team can hammer out a contract so they know he will sign after trade. Guy is in decline, his point totals are not impressive nor are his goals. He is a bit on the smaller side for my liking so don’t think he will hold up. Drew Doughty will be the most coveted player if he leaves Kings or is traded. Vegas has 2 former Kings the Calder cup Hardest shot/fastest skater Miller with McNabb… Both of them head and shoulders above Forbort who they put on top pairing w/ Drew. Playing with a guy who can’t clear the zone, hold the puck in the offensive zone, nor shoot the puck. Forbort is the #1 reason I see Drew leaving the Kings to play with somebody who belongs in NHL on tap pairing… Not a 1st round bust bad relationship who was taken over Tarasenko…

    Looking at Forbort on Kings is akin to a person who marries a dud. Instead of the great option who is rich, its something out of World of Gumball or Married With Children :). Montreal will learn the hard way The Price Aint Right :). Nice to see Niemmi get a win over Capitals for them though :). Sharks look like only team who can catch Vegas for Pacific Title. Unless Calgary or Ducks go on some sorta 11-1 type run. Kings were always a fringe post season team even if were in 1st longer than expected. Blues were in first now they only a bit ahead of Dallas for 3rd in Central. Devils were in first now they trying to stay in top 3. Even Tampa who was far ahead is fading…

    • It will be funny if a 1st yr expansion team wins the cup before the leafs! Lol

      • Hehe I think Vegas will win Cup before many teams from Toronto to LAK… Hell they probably will get a Cup before No Way San Jose too :). I figured they would make playoffs within first 3 seasons if not the 1st… Vegas probably will only get out of 1st or second round this year at most. They were like 200 to 1 to win Cup now its like 7 to 1…

        Vegas has a good coach, he even got Florida to post season if recall right. They lack probably 3 things though… A real #1 Center 100 point/40 goal type player… A legit #1 Right Shooting D-man like a Drew Doughty for example… #3 Probably a legit Right shooting D-man to complete the top 2-3. Miller is probably like a #2, after that they really don’t got anything LT on right shooting side. Left has more bodies, even if not sure any are a Suter or #1 left shot D… They can least fill out the spot without being a liability… Engellund or whatever his name has over achieved often playing 20 minutes or more which helps. They made a bad trade shipping out a right shot D-man for nothing basically JVM or whatever initials are :). Imagine if they didn’t take too many left shot d-men with no trade value where they would be ;).

      • You must be young. Some of us are old enough to remember, as painful as it’s been lately.

      • I should clarify about winning the Cup from point Vegas got he team till they win it. I don’t think I was born when Leafs won the Cup last though… I remember pulling for them at times in Post Season growing up… I liked Wendell Clark among other players there or when was on Islanders short time ;). I did see them blow the game against Bruins when Reimer melted down up by like 2-3 goals?

        Jets probably only team from Canada think can Win Cup before Vegas does currently :). Montreal has over 20 cups but last was like 93 so don’t mean much by now ;).

        I think I was born to see the Islanders 4 cups in a row :). Sister told me they had the one for the thumb or strive for five when she was going to games back then ;). I’ll likely be dead before Islanders win another Cup unless its this year or next few :). Original 6 Cups or those before bigger expansion are not as big a deal or impressive though :). I think Toronto was down 3-0 in Cup Final then went on to Win :).

  11. If Boston lands Patches look out. This team would be ridiculous. The thought of giving Krecji a legit 35 goal man would be lethal.

    Can’t see MTL doing it and scares me what Bos would have to give up. However gives you a serious Stanley Cup chance right now.

    • Yeah agree these teams rarely trade but Patches in Boston for a cup run makes sense. I know people here say stay the course but this could be the year. The veterans are ready. Chara is in his last year of his contract.
      Boston has tons of prospects and picks. Don’t want to help Montreal but Patches in Boston this year and next could really be awesome. Our first round pick would be low so that’s not out of the question. Only untouchables being Debrusk,Carlo,Mcavoy and the veterans.
      Something like first rounder Hienen,Czarnik and another b level prospect.

  12. To do a proper rebuild the Habs need to move Price, Weber, Benn, Plekanec, Shaw, Gallagher, Petry, Froese, Hemsky, Schlemko, Galchenyuk, and Alzner. From these moves they need to get first round picks, current good roster players under 25, and high end prospects. You can’t tell me Columbus, Dallas, TO or another just in the playoffs wouldn’t be interested in Weber? They might have to keep some money but they also might have to throw in Galchenyuk to get the P L Dubois. What do Pitts and the Lightning need? Some of the trades might bring back more veterans that can also be moved. The Islanders and Oilers need a good goaltender so imagine what could come back? As long as Price is there a bad team will be mediocre and that doesn’t help the draft. If they could move most of those guys this could turn around quite fast. All of the players listed are good if they play the position and minutes appropriate to their talent level. I am not a Habs fan.

  13. Jack Eichel 45 points in 47 games playing with bad teammates, can’t wait to see him play with more talent next year. Casey Mittelstadt and our top 5 pick this year. Remember Toronto scout said “Eichel couldn’t hold Matthew’s jock strap”…Buffalo hasn’t played Leafs yet and Eichel remembers that comment.

  14. Saw Kings traded Zatkoff for future considerations to CBJ. He won a game when Penguins won the first of the last back to back cups ;). Thought he was a decent goalie but was often injury prone. Now will have to see if that future player or compensation becomes the 3rd Cup for LAK :). In 2014 a former major player on CBJ who was traded was getting a Cup in Nash or Gaborik :).

  15. Man it’s just unbelievable how delusional some posters here are. And I get it. Not everyone can understand the game. But the claims that are made on this site are just…….sheeeeesshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I read one where “Habs fans don’t accept losing…..”. They have been sold out since 05. So. What are we talking about here??
    And why oh friggin why have we as hockey fans accepted anything less than the cup. Are you Toronto nerds telling me you wouldn’t give up the next 3 yr first round picks to win the cup?? It’s what they play for! It’s what it’s about. Not rebuilding and 10 yrs of mediocrity. Cripes you guys. Tighten up. Stop accepting garbage and demand the best.

    That’s from an oilers fan who is tired of seeing McDavid play with second rate wingers! Best player in the league. Give him some talent! Not maroon and a 19 yr old rookie who’s been playing the north american game for a month!