NHL Rumor Mill – January 25, 2018

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Updates on the Oilers, Canucks, Leafs, Penguins and Kings in your NHL rumor mill.

Edmonton Oilers winger Patrick Maroon could be on the move by the Feb. 26 NHL trade deadline (Photo via NHL Images).


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Oilers winger Patrick Maroon knows he’s prime trade bait heading toward the Feb. 26 NHL trade deadline. Slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July, Maroon would prefer to re-sign with the Oilers but so far there’s nothing on the front-burner in terms of a contract extension.

Matheson notes the Boston Bruins are looking for a top-six winger but preferably one on the right side. Maroon is a left winger. He also wonders if the Anaheim Ducks might want Maroon back. Matheson speculates the asking price could be a younger prospect winger or NHL roster player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Oilers’ playoff hopes all but dashed for this season, Maroon is likely to be moved by the trade deadline. I don’t see the Bruins pursuing him. Indeed, if they’re still chugging along at their current pace, they could stand pat at the deadline. Still, given his big frame and decent scoring skills, he will attract interest from playoff contenders seeking scoring punch. 

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien has several suggestions to improve the Oilers. Among them could be using their first-round pick in the 2018 NHL Draft to either select a key prospect who could contribute next season, bundling the pick with a bad contract to clear salary-cap room for another acquisition or perhaps use the pick in a package deal to land a “big fish” such as perhaps Arizona’s Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Los Angeles’ Drew Doughty or Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson if those teams realize they’re going to lose those players to unrestricted free agency. O’Brien also recommends the Oilers pursue a goaltender such as Detroit’s Petr Mrazek or San Jose’s Aaron Dell.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rather than rebuild, I think the Oilers will attempt to retool for next season. That could mean shopping their first rounder in this year’s draft. If they win the draft lottery, that pick could have considerable value in the trade market leading up to the draft in late-June. Whether packaging that pick lands a significant return remains to be seen, but one shouldn’t rule out the possibility. As for goaltenders, Dell is slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. He’d be preferable over Mrazek, but he might prefer joining a club where he might have a chance to become a starter.

VANCOUVER SUN: Ben Kuzma reports Daniel and Henrik Sedin haven’t reached a decision yet on whether they’ll return with the Canucks next season. However, they’ve said a lot about their desire to keep playing if they remain production, as well as their love of the team and the city of Vancouver. He speculates they’re trending in the right direction for returning next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as the Sedins seek reasonable contracts (say, $5 million each) on one-year deals, I think we’ll see them back with the Canucks next season. 

Kuzma also reports winger Tomas Vanek’s value is a double-edged sword for Vancouver. On one hand, he’s played well this season, sitting second on the Canucks in points (35) and a mentor for young teammates such as Bo Horvat and Brock Boeser. On the other, his trade value could fetch the Canucks a second-round pick if they shop him at the trade deadline. There’s also no certainty he’d re-sign with the Canucks if the Sedins retire.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks could also move Vanek at the trade deadline and attempt to bring him back as a UFA next summer. Of course, it’ll depend upon what he’d seek on a new contract. He’s 34 and they could be reluctant to give him more than a two-year deal for more than $3 million per season. 


TSN: NHL insider Bob McKenzie was asked about the New York Post’s Larry Brooks suggesting the Rangers offer up defenseman Ryan McDonagh in hopes of prying away young forward William Nylander from the Toronto Maple Leafs. While McKenzie believes the Rangers are willing to listen to offers for McDonagh, he doesn’t see the Leafs giving up Nylander for a soon-to-be 29-year-old defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I also don’t believe the Leafs have any intention of moving Nylander for a veteran d-man such as McDonagh. Now, if a club offered them a good young top-four defenseman, maybe they’d think about it. 

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Curtis Zupke reports Kings general manager Rob Blake won’t allow his club’s recent struggles to heavily influence his trade deadline strategy. It was thought the Kings could use another top-four defenseman, but of late their offense looks like it needs some help. Center Jeff Carter (leg injury) is a month away from returning to action and it will take him some time to get back to speed. Blake said he’s not frantically working the phones with other GMs. He adds he’s not going to do anything to hurt his team.

POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey reports Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford isn’t listening to offers for one of his young goaltenders such as Tristan Jarry or Casey DeSmith. Rutherford also admitted the existence of trade talk earlier this season on frequently scratched defenseman Ian Cole, but hasn’t committed to trading him. Mackey also noted Oilers center Mark Letestu could be a good third-line center option for the Penguins.



  1. Still expecting a trade of the St. Louis native Maroon to the Blues. Might contribute as a top 9 winger–a “net-front presence”

    • Dear Mr James OBrien of NBC sports
      ..you named all defensemen that are probably going to cost over $10 million or more per season along with McDavids contract and Draisitils contract…but haven’t addressed the issue of NO SCORING upfront!! LOL…How many 5-0 games have Oilers lost this year..a few too many.

      Oilers have a decent young D core of all player profile types Larson Klefbom Nurse Russel Sekera…not bad I think better than most!
      …Goaltending has been suspect and odd man rushes where the wingers don’t pick up there man high in the slot have crushed this team!
      Lucic is a waste of almost $8 million a season and can not keep up.

      Have always stated Mrazek is a sneaky good pick up if you can land him, on the right team he could be a quality player and push for a starting position!

      Rutherford has no business trading a Goalie right now unless hes getting a true legit quality one back that has playoff experience!

      Thank you Bobby Mac for the astute comment on the Rangers Leafs trade …”RUMOR”.

      • That made no sense. Why would they package a top 5 pick for a UFA d man that will want 10 mil to retain.

        Personally thinking, they should nab a d manin the draft and trade Sekera for Marner plus.

        Wonder what the leafs would part with for Nurse or KBomb

      • Sekera won’t return that kind of winger. Getting one of the leagues good young wingers is a difficult proposition. You will always have to give up the player you don’t want to.

        Klefbom or Nurse could get a great return, but selling low on Klefbom is not a great idea, and Nurse is looking more and more like a Josh Manson type, which is not something you want to trade away. The problem is Edmonton only has one area they are strong in, so any trade not involving a center leaving Edmonton, pretty much has them swapping holes in the line up, and you rarely want to create a hole on D to help fix up the wing a little.

      • Lucic does have 9 goals & 30 points & is a +5 playing as the #2 LW behind Maroon. That’s solid. His 144 hits good for 5th in the NHL for all players. A nasty player to play against. No 1 player is the problem. His salary although 8 mil has no baring really, his cap hit is 6 which is market value having been signed as a UFA.

        Nor is Talbot the issue. No goalie is being hung out to dry like this. The defensive breakdowns & not just by the D but the entire roster are shocking. It’s like they have totally tuned out the coach & forgot how to play some semblance of a positional game.

        The last thing Edm needs is another new coach but what choice do they have?

        Not directed at you Kal El but in Lyle’s post. No way Edm is moving their 1st round pick. It is a lottery pick & no team is giving up a chance of drafting Dahlen unless the offer is ridiculous.

      • The NHL has had tons of wingers that couldn’t keep up. My joke about Dave Andreychuk now a hall of famer was that by the time he actually showed up in scoring position the defending team had completely forgotten about him allowing him open ice & the time needed to get his shot off. Ha-ha!.

        Lee couldn’t secure a regular spot with Tavares as he was deemed to be to slow but since Weight took over & has married them at the hip Lee is 1 of the highest goal scoring wingers in the NHL over that time frame, top 3.

        I was at 1 EDM game live, it was 5 on 5, every Edm player on the ice could do 2 things. 1. touch there goalie with their stick & 2 the goal line as well. Can’t remember now who the team was as I have seen Edm live over 20 times this season in 4 different markets but they had 2 forwards with those 5, 1 in the corner & the 2 Dman all alone 25 feet from the net.

        The other team won the puck battle & believe it or not 1 of those wide open Dman scored. Shocking. Ha-ha!

    • Maroon wont be cheap. It will cost the blues jordan kyrow and a pic or sam steel and a pick from the ducks. You herd it here first!

      • Lol, 2nd tops

      • One can hope man one can hope!

      • Ha-ha! Do you regularly but lottery tickets as well?

      • I just hope everyone pumps the breaks on Connor McDavid being the best overall player in hockey. hE is fast, dynamic, and at times awe inspiring but lets take a step back. He will be soon the best player in the game when he matures and that will be sooner rather than later.Best overall player in the world belongs to number #87 who is making more kids look great. First in was Sheary then Guentzal now its Simon and Sprong.

      • Black N Gold.

        I agree. I’m starting to get tired to of everyone saying McDavid has no 1 to play with, they can’t keep up, they can’t adapt to his skill set. What sets the best Superstars apart from the pack is their ability to adapt & play well with other players, adapting to their skill sets making those players around them better but also making those teams they play for Cup contenders. Carrying them on their backs & helping them find a way to win those meaningful games. As much as it pains me & I struggle with the concept some players are just winners even if unable to post points consistently they find away to help their team win when it counts the most.

        McDavid certainly did that for Draisaitl last season, it worked perfectly not so much this season & we all accept Draisaitl should be playing C but he rode that gig to an 8.5 mil 8 year deal & now sits tied for 43rd in the NHL scoring race but being paid as a top 15 point producer.

        Another example of Edm opening the vault to soon. Nor is McDavid worth 12.5 for me. How can he be paid 2.5 mil more in cap hit than any other player in the NHL currently signed for next season by cap hit? I don’t care what portion of the cap Crosby ate up when he signed his last contract. It was a different cap world & his 3rd contract having already played 8 years in the league, not at point of signing but at the start of it & then amortised over 12 years. Not comparable & total rubbish by his agent & Chiarelli bought it hook, line & sinker.

        These 2 contracts are going to be a boat anchor on Edm in 2 years as they have raised the bar on salaries for everyone moving forward & Edm will bare that burden just like everyone else. I will say it again. How can McDavid be worth twice what McKinnon or Scheifele are being paid or Bos is paying Bergeron & Marchand combined? Give or take some minor chump change. Does this make sense to anyone else?

        Not trying to slight McDavid or Draisaitl’s skills or where the cap will be in the next 3, 5 or 8 years but contracts are signed in the now & both these players have reset the bar, McDavid’s significantly so. I’m not paying Draisaitl what Stamkos signed at least not yet & certainly not to start this season.

      • hold the phone a second. Crosby has not shown the ability to adapt to his wingers… his wingers have to adapt to him. It’s just that crsoby works well with wingers with a skill set that isn’t always top 6 on other teams. crosbys best line ever? him kunitz dupius. they knew how to play with Crosby. Crosby cant find chem with kessel. didn’t have it with neal. found only mediocre success with hossa. Crosby makes 2-3rd line tweeners look like top line material… but can make 1st line material look like 3rd line material. its weird.

      • 😨lol..you must be a huge oilers fan!.

  2. Penguins growing netminders well in their garden right now. Maybe Rutherford can turn one of them into some depth and another run

    • DS… Agreed we also have Guvstason who just back stopped the Swedish team to the finals against team Canada 20 and under..he may be better than all of them

    • Yeah and there is still Gustavson on the way as well.

    • I’m hearing good things about this guy Gustavson 🙂

    • Well unfortunately teams only have room for 1 starter, a solid back up or young goalie ready to assume such. Expansion is happening in Seattle the summer of 2020. Gustafsson will still be exempt so Pit has 3 years to make choices & move the others out for something or risk losing 1.

      Goalies don’t generally return much in todays NHL, simply supply & demand. The last 1 to do so was Varlamov in the summer of 2011 for a 1st & 2nd. Schneider a solid proven goal very well developed a 1st, 9th overall Van selected Horvat, Lehner a 1st, 21st overall Ott selected White. Almost every other goalie moved since for significantly less.

      The goalie market is fickle. You can’t buy a decent 1 mid season, no 1 will give 1 up but come the summer they can be had at a very reasonable cost or you can just sign a suitable 1 as a UFA costing nothing more than cash.

      • go figure the pens best depth for trading at the deadline is in the least valuable position.

      • Striker: You forgot about Frederik Andersen. The Leafs gave up a 1st (30th overall) and a 2nd for him, which has turned out to be a great trade.

  3. LA needing a defenseman and a scoring winger. NYR selling mode. Nash and Holden???

    Holden is not expensive and can slot top 4 but not top 2. Nash is starting to score again. Both are UFA so long term money is not a hinderance.

    I’d say Smith lol but not sure they want his $4m plus for 3 more years. Although he fits top 4 just not top 2 as well.

  4. Dubinksy being sent home. So now with him out and even with Atkinson coming back fairly soon it looks like they will need to still address Jack Johnson but now need another winger to fight for the playoffs.

    Does Grabner/Staal($1.5m retained) to CMB for Jack and a 2nd work??

    Staal is very familiar with Torts. Might even swap Grabner for Nash as Nash & Staal played playoff hockey with Torts before he was fired back in ’13.

    • Word on the street is Dubinsky has developed an addiction to pain killers that he was originally prescribed after his surgery last summer. I don’t know if it’s true but it would explain his season so far.

      • I assumed from the report that it related to a drug or alcohol issue & he will enter what ever stage of that program he’s in. That info is confidential but leaks out occasionally.

        That’s to bad for Columbus. Dubinsky is over paid, a rat, but also a solid 2 way checking C with decent offensive skills for a player in that role.

        For a team that already need help at C & potential cup aspirations that’s a tough blow.

      • If this is true Dubinsky is most likely done for the season. Opioid withdraw is an intense sickness and usually knocks people out of commission for 2-3 months if they go cold turkey. Any minor relapse starts the whole 2-3 months over again.

  5. Dubinsky sent home from injury? Or do we have something else going on behind the scenes?

    • fd something is going on behind the scenes but the team is mum on the whole thing…his orbital has pretty much healed…

      Interesting too because he has been big part of their team…..the team just said personal reasons..

      • @BnG exactly…torts and JK refused comment as well. Mike Richards 2.0?

  6. Montreal should put Weber on the trade block and get young prospects and a 1st round pick plus ….

    • Frank totally agree with your Weber comment

  7. Mark Letestu is a 4th line center on a bad Oilers team, why would he fit as a good 3rd line center for the Pens?

    We’ve seen that fish before.

    • He also plays see’s 1st line PP time in Edm & if deployed as a 3rd line C in Pit he would be a better offensive option to help balance out 3 scoring lines & for Sheahan to play as the #4 in only defensive situations & allow Rowney to move back to the wing.

      If Letesu were given better ES minutes with better linemates than the revoving door on Edm’s 4th line he would produce better offensive #’s.

      Letestu has decent face off skills some passing ability as witnessed by his 1st unit PP deployment & the cost to acquire extremely reasonable, bordering on cheap. He might fit well with Kessel on a 3rd line. Kessel isn’t a great fit with Crosby or Malkin as although a winger he loves to carry the puck, something that Malkin & Crosby do very well & Kessel neutralises if playing with them.

  8. The oilers should be active moving out any bodies that aren’t nailed down, and recouping whatever picks they can. They need to identify their real core players, and look to restructure around that closer to the draft to get value for guys with term left, and free up space.

    I really don’t like the idea of packaging the first to move a bad contract, especially given that it will be in the top half of the first round. I think retaining reasonable amounts of salary to make guys move valuable would be a better strategy.

    I think the really hard questions will be around the merits of trading RNH, what to do about Lucic and his contract, is their goaltending good enough, how do you address their offense effectively in the offseason, and how do you deal with cap issues.

    I am not sure what PC plans to do, but I don’t think it makes sense to try and move any of the bigger pieces until the draft when things open up a little. It also gives more time for struggling players to rebound when the pressures off a little. Selling mid season from a position of weakness isn’t a great place to be.

    Given that this team will be retooling more than rebuilding, they will want to get rid of some contracts to get value additions, and be a player in the FA market for some of the better wingers. I’ve also heard rumors (maybe just speculation) about trying to move Klefbom for a good young winger, but that would be asinine given the price paid when they moved out a good young winger. They won’t get as good a winger as Hall back, and I would take Klefbom over Larsson. If PC manages to basically trade Hall and Klefbom for say Toffoli and Larsson, that would be disastrous from as Asset Management perspective. I’m not sure if PC is actually contemplating that, but the fact that is anyone can try and rationalize why he might do it is baffling.

    One thing the Oil have going for them is two really good centers in the top 6. This doesn’t guarantee success in the FA market for the big players, but if there are FA’s out there with some talent looking to do a 1 year deal so they can show their value, going to Edmonton is a great play. They should strongly consider bolstering their line up with a deal or two like this. Basically either fill out the line up on the cheap while improving, or create an asset by having McDavid or Draistly helping improve the numbers of a player to create an attractive rental next year. Given what has happened, planning for both a good and bad season next year may be important for the oilers

    • Good insight Danny. What are your thoughts on another reader trading Sekara for Marner+

    • I have stated this ofetn but will do so again. The worst thing that happened to EDM’s rebuild & Chiarelli was hired on April 24th, 2015, was last seasons success. This is year 3 of a rebuild.

      We have seen these 1 year wonders many times. People hear love to spot off about Roy’s success coming out of the lock out the following season in 2013-14 only to crash back to where they should be the next season.

      Or how about Dallas from 2nd best team in the NHL to missing the playoffs the next season. I could go on & on.

      Edm wasn’t as good a team as they showed last season, nor are they as bad as they are showing this season, at least from a personal, talent, skill set issue. Last season every thing went almost perfectly, this year it’s the exact opposite.

      I said I hated the Eberle trade at the time & didn’t care he was invisible come playoff time he was some what a victim of Edm’s usage of him. Giving up players who can score 25 to 30 goals if deployed properly is fraught with peril & obviously he wasn’t the issue.

      All players have hot & cold spells, Eberle’s last season just happened at the worst possible time as the spotlight was firmly shining down upon him come playoff time.

      Move out UFA’s Maroon & Letestu for the best offers available, Cammy & Auvitu if anyone will give them anything. This summer but especially leading up to the draft explore any & all trade options but don’t give anyone away & explore solutions in the UFA market.

      Edm should be moving into year 4 of at least a 5 year rebuild next season so why the expectations or rush to retool. I like everyone though last season was an amazingly quick transition to playoff contender but apparently not. I like almost everyone was wrong, back to the normal rebuild timeline.

  9. Listening endless talking heads on TSN, XM91, in the press, etc. discussing what ails Edm this season. Lack of talent, speed, structure, etc.

    What has changed between this years Oilers & Last season who posted 103 points last season, 2nd in the Pacific, 4th in the conference & 8th in the entire NHL, taking Anh to 7 games in the 2nd round of last season playoffs?

    The changes at D & in net are Sekera missed 35 games to start the year. At forward Eberle is gone replaced by Strome. They lost Pouliot who played 67 games, Pitlick who played 31, Hendricks 42 & Lander 22.

    Khiara & Puljujarvi have become NHL regulars this season & are certainly better than the players they replaced?

    I had the misfortune to be at the Buf game live Tues night. What I have seen this season live & on TV when watching Edm is a team in total disarray defensively making mistakes that Bantam REP players would get benched for. 4 players collapsing on 1 player in the D zone or 3 or 2 guys taking the same man are leading to tons of goals against & seriously good quality scoring chances.

    I had to listen to Button talking over those 5 goals on TSN saying Talbot needs to be far better. He didn’t have a hope on 3 of those 5 goals, no goalie did he was so hung out to dry.

  10. Jack Eichel last 82 games 85 points. So much for Leafs fans saying he’s ECHL jack. I can’t wait until we play Toronto.

    • Get over it….Babcock chose Toronto

    • I have never heard any Toronto fans say he wasn’t a good player. I think he’s a good player. And Toronto has played Buffalo many times since Jack started playing so I’m not sure what is so big about the next game? Anyway, enjoy the next time they play then… It won’t be in the playoffs…

    • ? I have yet to hear anyone refer to Eichel as such. An entitled player yes but not your reference. He cost a good coach & GM their jobs & this isn’t nor will serve Buf well, now we have rumours that his camp & O’Reilly’s camp are at odds?

      Can’t say it’s true or false just here say but something is significantly worng in Buf. How can they or Arz still be this bad after so long?

      • Tim Murray was a good GM? I don’t find that defensible. If something is ‘significantly wrong, doesn’t he deserve a lot of the blame?

      • Tim Murray was hired January 9th, 2014 mid season inheriting a mess. He was fired on April 20th, 2017. That means he was given the 2014-15, 2015-16 & 2016-17 seasons to put his stamp on this team. 3 years into what we all accept to generally require at least 5 years.

        He was fired as he wouldn’t cow tow to Eichel, fire his coach & when confronted by ownership to do just that he said no & he paid the price.

        He drafted Rienhart, Eichel & Nylander with his 3 1sts. It’s to early to fully judge those selections never mind the later picks.

        Trades, UFA signings & buyouts.

        Feb. 28th, 2014. Trades pending UFA’s Miller & Ott to StL for Halak, Stuart, Carrier a 1st in 2015 & a 3rd in 2016.

        March 5th, 2014. Trades McNabb, Parker & 2 2nd’s 2014 & 2015 for Fasching & Deslauriers.

        March 5th, 2014. Moulson & McCormick were traded to Min for 2 2nd round picks Was in 2014 & Min’s in 2016.

        June 28, 2014. Trades a 2nd round pick in 2014; 39th, to Was for the 44th & 79th pick in the same year.

        June 29th, 2014. Buys out Ehrhoff. Not his signing but inherited.

        July 1, 2104, Min 2nd round pick in 2016 moved to Mon for Josh Georges.

        February 11th, 2015. Traded Myers, Stafford, Armia, Lemieux & a conditional 1st 25th overall acquired from Stl in the Miller trade; Rislovic, to Win for Evander Kane, Bogosian, & the rights to Kasdorf.

        March 2nd, 2015. Traded Chris Stewart to Min for a 2017 2nd round pick. Botterill got to spend that pick. Mitchell to Mon for a bum & a 7th.

        June 26th, 2015. Traded Zadarov, Grigorenko, Compher & a 2nd, 31st overall in 2015 to Col, for Ryan O’Reilly & McGinn.

        Sept. 10th, 2015. Signed Cody Franson as a UFA.

        June 25th 2016. Traded Pysyk, the 38th & 89th picks in the 2016 draft for Kulikov & the 33rd pick in 2016.

        July 1 2016, Signed Okposo as a UFA to a 7 year deal.

        I may have missed some I pulled from ESPN team transactions but for some reason they are missing some. Neither the O’Reilly, Kane, Moulson or Georges trades appear on those transaction pages for their respective seasons on those dates those I pulled from my head & then went & got the dates & compensation.

        I consider that a fairly solid body of work, not perfect no 1’s ever is but Tim Murray positioned Buf very well for the future & his draft picks won’t be fully know for another 3 to 5 years.

        Signing Moulson was a significant mistake but it was the July right after Murray took over for Reigher & Moulson had played very well for NYI, Buf & later Min before being signed for 5 years at 5 mil per as a UFA returning to Buf.

        I my opinion & a great many friends who share my passion for all things hockey Tim Murray got shafted.

      • I don’t accept 5 years.

      • Striker where did you say you pulled your head from?

      • Yeah the Leafs fans on Hockeybuzz and many times on video comments along with news article comments sections will trash talk.

  11. Of the non-deadline moves on the list, I think most look poor to terrible (when you factor in the contracts that resulted). The perception of Sabres fans is that he went all in on a quick rebuild, and overpaid for the pieces he wanted. Those moves didn’t work out and he didn’t have a Plan B. Reports are that’s why he got fired.

    The Pysyk, Fasching, and Lehner deals are all mocked relentlessly by Sabres fans. O’Reilly, Okposo, and Kane were counted on to form an instant top 6 with Eichel and Reinhart. Kane is about to go and RoR/Okposo already look like bad contracts.

    I can’t consider this a good body of work. He had a ton of assets to work with, and squandered most of them. I think he left Botteril with a terrible mess. I don’t think our opinions could differ more. What I can’t reconcile is how you can say that TM positioned them well and that something is ‘significantly wrong’ now. This team is TM’s core. I can’t see how you can have it both ways.

  12. Tim Murray! his head exspode. .and rushed their rebuild …and look where buffalo is now!..the city and fans deserve better..and hopefully Botterill can deliver!

  13. The sad part of the Leafs – Sabres rivalry is that it should one of the most heated in the league – it’s a natural, especially now with Eichel and Matthews, arguably the best young Americans in the NHL.
    Eichel clearly has a chip on his shoulder – being considered a distant second to Connor McDavid in their draft year and having Auston Matthews anointed as the next “next one.” You can almost hear Eichel saying, “What am I, chopped liver?”
    The best thing for the Sabres, the Leafs and the league would be a really good team in Buffalo. Bring it on.

  14. If Edmonton wins the lottery they’d be stupid to trade away Dahlin. An Elite Defenseman is what they need after all.

  15. Off topic but as long as the Devils and the Flyers lose tonight the Penguins will go from the last wild card to second in the Met. Columbus can too if they win against the Yotes. What a crazy division. After the top 3 in the titanic division the rest of the field is behind every Metro team. I expected every team but the devils to be very competitive at the start of the season but this is crazy. I still think when it all shakes out it will be Caps, Pens, BJs, Islanders, Rags in that order but anything can happen. Pens have won 8 of the last 11 and Sid has at least 18 points in those 11 games. They are starting to come on at the right time.