NHL Rumor Mill – January 26, 2018

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Reviewing the latest additions to the TSN trade-bait list plus updates on the Red Wings, Sharks and more in your NHL rumor mill.

Buffalo Sabres forward Sam Reinhart is the latest addition to TSN’s trade-bait board (Photo via NHL Images).


TSN: New York Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh, St. Louis Blues prospect Jordan Kyrou, Buffalo Sabres winger Sam Reinhart, Colorado Avalanche winger Blake Comeau and Winnipeg Jets centre Nic Petan are the latest additions to Frank Seravalli’s list of trade bait heading toward the Feb. 26 NHL trade deadline.

Seravalli claims “multiple teams” have expressed interest in McDonagh, though he anticipates the Rangers could wait until the summer to make such a significant move. McDonagh also carries a 10-team “no-trade” clause. While the Blues could be reluctant to part with the promising Kyrou, he could be what’s required to land them a scoring winger such as Buffalo’s Evander Kane at the trade deadline. Seravalli said the Jets seek a center or winger to plug into their top-two lines which is why Petan makes the list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind Seravalli isn’t saying those players are definitely available or being shopped. Regarding McDonagh, there’s lots of chatter the Rangers could listen to offers but there’s also no guarantee he’s a goner at the deadline.

If the Blues were to part with a quality prospect such as Kyrou, they might prefer landing someone with term remaining on his contract. If they went after a pending UFA like Kane, they could seek assurances he’ll re-sign with them before agreeing to part with a significant prospect. 

Reinhart’s name has occasionally surfaced in the rumor mill amid talk Sabres management are disappointed with his regression this season. However, it might be better to remain patient with him and see if he can rebound next season.

The Jets could wait until Mark Scheifele’s return next month before reaching a decision on potential deadline moves. I expect they’ll be buyers this season.

Not sure the Avs would move Comeau. He’s a pending UFA but with the club playing well of late there’s no reason for them to become sellers. 

TSNPierre LeBrun speculates the San Jose Sharks might get more aggressive searching for a scorer in the trade market after learning center Joe Thornton is sidelined indefinitely following arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. Before Thornton’s injury, they were in the market for a fourth-line center. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: What the Sharks do will depend upon how they adjust to Thornton’s absence and their position in the standings over the next two-three weeks. Pickings are slim for quality centers potentially available in the trade market. Montreal’s Tomas Plekanec, Edmonton’s Mark Letestu, Ottawa’s Jean-Gabriel Pageau and the New York Rangers’ David Desharnais are the notables kicking around the rumor mill. Speaking of Letestu and Pageau…

LeBrun also reports it’s believed Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford seeks a bottom-six center and has kicked the tires on Letestu and Pageau. 

Darren Dreger reports former Los Angeles Kings defenseman Slava Voynov is interested in returning to the NHL but he faces a lengthy process to do so. His application for reinstatement isn’t expected until the conclusion of the KHL season. It would also coincide with the expiration of his contract with the LA Kings, who hold his NHL rights. There’s also immigration issues to sort out. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Voynov returned to Russia with his family in Sep. 2015 as a result of his legal issues stemming from domestic violence charges. That could make it difficult for him to return to the United States. 


THE ATHLETIC: Craig Custance reports an NHL source said the Detroit Red Wings have informed potential trade-deadline buyers that they’re ready to sell now. Unrestricted free agent defenseman Mike Green is the obvious trade candidate but there are others they could move.

The Wings came close last fall to trading goaltender Petr Mrazek to Edmonton but the return at that time wasn’t much, believed to be a mid-round pick. His improved play of late may increase his value. Veteran netminder Jimmy Howard, meanwhile, could also be available. The problem with moving Mrazek or Howard is there isn’t much of a market for goaltenders right now.  

Custance speculates the Vegas Golden Knights could be a destination for Green. Golden Knights GM George McPhee knows Green well from their days with the Washington Capitals. If there’s an interest in a Wings’ forward with term remaining on their contract, such as Tomas Tatar or Gustav Nyquist, a trade would be entertained if a deal makes sense now. 

Only the Wings young players, such as Dylan Larkin, Anthony Mantha and Andreas Athanasiou, are considered untouchable. Detroit’s blueline must also get younger and better. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Green is one for certain. He’s got a full no-trade but I can see him waiving it to go to a playoff contender. The Golden Knights are playing well but they could benefit from a rental addition to their blueline. Green’s puck-moving abilities could make him a good fit there if the price is right. So far, however, the Wings haven’t yet approached him about waiving that clause. 

A playoff bubble team in dire need of a goaltending upgrade (hello there, New York Islanders) could express interest in Mrazek or Howard. I think Howard might be more enticing to a playoff club. Yes, Mrazek is playing well this month but his previous inconsistency could hurt his value. 



  1. I keep saying Kryou will be what it takes to Land Maroon.

    Lettsu would be a good fit with the sharks, however they dont have second or third round picks this year.maybe they trade Josh Norris for lettsu and a 4th rounder?

    There was discussion yesterday on here about the leafs and oilers.

    With it becoming more likely the oilers land a top 5 pick, and with top tier d prospects available this year i think Sekera who has years signed past this year to the leafs makes alot of sense. I think marner or nylander and a second round pick or prospect would spike interest amongst the oilers.

    • There is no way Toronto is trading Nylander or Marner plus for Sekera. If Toronto offered one of those forwards, they would get a much better and younger defenseman than Sekera. It wouldn’t necessarily be one for one, but you’d be looking at someone like Hanifen or Dumba for Nylander or Marner.

      • Dumba yes, but i doubt the canes would part with Hanifan for either player. Less there were other noticeable parts

      • Keep dreaming it’s important to have hopes & dreams.

        Min isn’t moving Dumba nor Car Hanafin at least not anytime soon but with the next round of expansion 3 summers; summer of 2020, away teams may be willing then, or they may do what Clb, NYI, MIN & TB did & pay Seattle to avoid them. Seattle will be playing hockey some where in or around Seattle in the 2020-21 season until their renovation is complete in their permanent home.

        Min just paid Vgs to pass on Dumba, Carolina has bags of cap space to sign Hanafin, I’d bridge him then sign him long term, but I would do that with virtually all players to lock them up 2 to 3 years longer & not make them UFA’s at 28 or 29 but 30 or 31.

      • Striker: Not dreaming, just saying the types of defensemen Toronto would/should even consider in a trade for Nylander or Marner. I even mentioned it wouldn’t necessarily be one for one and agree that defense is at a premium over forward, given equal talent. Carolina should trade from their depth on defense at some point because they are weak at forward and Hanifen is an option. Personally, I think they will trade Faulk first given he is UFA in a couple years and they have 4 years of control on Hanifen. I don’t think Toronto makes a trade involving Marner or Nylander for Faulk given Faulk’s soon to be UFA status.

        I’m also not a Leafs fan. Unfortunately, I root for the tire fire that is Ottawa. Hopefully, they luck out and get Dahlen out of this mess. TBH, most of their issues can be tied to horrible goaltending this year, with last night’s GWG being a classic example. Anderson and Condon have mastered the soul crushing goals and have too often given up two or three of them in the same game.

      • TML fan boys. You don’t get something without giving something.

      • Dumba & Hanafin are dreams if either ends up in Tor it’s well over 5 years away.

        Tor may simply have to develop these assets internally. The Dman they should be targeting for me this summer would cost them nothing more than cash. de Haan. A left hand shot but the RH, LH thing isn’t as important to me as many. Will be 28 this summer & is just coming into his own, fully developed at the NHL level. at 303 NHL reg season games played & last season moved into NYI’s top 4 & this season with Hamonic moved had moved to their #3.

        Again if I’m any team looking for D I’m keeping everything until clarity is provided on Trouba’s situation. If he signs long term & move to the next best option but he is the solution to a great many teams needs.

        No harder asset to acquire in the NHL & many teams have addressed this internally drafting them , developing them & working them in. It’s just time consuming & Tor is well on their way to doing so. The stable of young Dman at the NHL level & being worked in is solid. All can be better than they have been including Gardiner, as Tor’s other youth D become more sound that will make Gardiner better as well as he won’t have to carry some kid not ready for those minutes or role as the injury to Zaitsev has required.

      • dtzac Who here has proposed the Toronto is getting something without giving something up? All anybody has said is that Toronto will not trade their best prospects plus draft picks for an older player who is injured all the time. What name do you post under when you aren’t posting stuff like this? This site would be more entertaining of Toronto fans actually posted the stuff they are accused of posting. The person who started the argument that Toronto wouldn’t give up one of those players is an ottawa fan… So I’m not sure what you were talking about. Is there a name for a person who posts ridiculous comments just to be offensive? There must be…

      • TB – the number of times I see “JVR or Kadri plus crap for a stud Dman” is ridiculous. Edm had to give up Hall for Larson, TML are not getting a proven 1 or 2 Dman for spare parts. TML fans aren’t the only ones – a lot of homers who like to call other teams 2nd/3rd/4th liners garbage, but then think they getting top level guys in exchange for their “garbage”.

      • Dtzak ware has someone said that? I haven’t seen it that I remember, and I read the site every day. I did see Pittsburgh fans saying that Pittsburgh should trade Ian cole, who is a healthy scratch many nights, for JVR, a guy who scores around 30 goals a year. Is that what you mean by crazy Toronto fans?

      • Otherwise don’t give me that well Toronto fans say that all the time garbage Did you see it on hockey buzz? Because somebody did get mad at Toronto fans on here yesterday for something that somebody on hockey buzz apparently said…

    • You’re a troll Twin.. why don’t you add Matthews as well .. really!!

      How about a bag of pucks and you a ticket to Never Never land.

      • Antoni,
        these are trades that could happen. Im no expert and either are you. Maybe there isnt a pick involved, but an experienced top 4 puck mover is worth a mitch marner.

        Please try yo act your age not your intelligence level, this site is for open discussion and enjoyment. If you dont like a comment instead of being ignorant just go back to hockeybuzz, you obviously aquired everything you know about hockey from Eklund!

      • I’ve made this comment before and I’ll make it again. The Leaf, Mark Hunter, made a decision to select Marner ahead of Hanifan in the draft. They certainly at this point will not be offering Marner for either Hanifan or Drumba or anyone else for that matter. Whether the deal makes sense or not to any of us is irrelevant and I get we’re just talking. I trust Mark Hunter, who is well regarded in his ability to assess young talent, much more then anyone else in the game. If you are uncertain as to Mark Hunter’s credentials, google the London Knights.

      • I wouldn’t say he’s a troll just wishful.

      • Nylander and company

        Guys …I really think the Chiarelli deal Hall for Larson shows what a terrible idea it is to trade for an unproven D man for a winger that has star potential or is all ready at that knocking on the door.

        If Chiarelli waited and did not sign Lucic he would never had to get rid of Hall who make less than Lucic and still has a decent D core LMAO…

        The Leafs have amazing depth in the organization on D and a really high quality UFA list upcoming ….DO NOT TRADE EITHER NYLANDER OR MARNER for a D man that is a 50/ 50 player right now.
        Or you will be living the nightmare Chiarelli is right now looking for a winger… LOL…just wait… keep the core grow the team and wait it out and a TRUE legit player will arise ..look at the Karlson situation who would have thought …just wait Lou just wait …no hurry we are just fine …and do not even think of trading Dermott either …he may be the piece you have been searching for and never have to give up anything and still keep the BIG 3 and then some !

        Iam waiting for Doughty to say NO to the Leafs when it it is time and then I will make my decision on needs on D.

        Over teh next decade with the teams that are in terribel trouble gettinmg older in teh East …it will be wide open year after year ..to get teh big dance.

        Teams liek teh Rangers are gettying older Lundqvist is 2 years away from his best days.

        Pitt Crosby and Malkin are on the cusp of there hump.

        Capitals and Ovi ..are almost over …

        Canadiens Red Wings Sabres Panthers Sens Hurricanes are all on the decline and are in total shambles …thats Leaves Islanders Devils Tampa and the Leafs at the top for the next few years and the Leafs are the best in talent long term and younger than most !

        Keep the course and do not make a mistake that has all ready proven to be a disaster on other teams !

        Over and out

        take care boys!

    • Twin, It is a nonsensical proposal so don’t get offended when you get silly responses.

    • An elite prospect to rent Maroon, who has never been anything but a 4th line player when he’s not skating with The Next One? More like a second round pick. If that.

      You think an elite young forward and a second round pick for an overrated, injury prone defenseman with a bad contract would spike the Oiler’s interest? I imagine it would.

      • In his world pigs can fly

      • I basically agree, but with another pick like a 3rd or an OK prospect depending upon the quality of the picks based on who’s buying Maroon. If a team fighting for a playoff spot middle of the pack team nominally less, if an NHL leading team in the standings nominally more.

    • Your lost no one will give you more then a 2nd round pick for Maroon especially Kyrou … Kyrou will be going to buffalo or Montreal …. Edmonton is one of the worst teams in trading players almost as bad as Toronto …. they traded away Eberle for a ghost of a hockey player, they traded Hall for a loser of a defenceman and they traded Mattew Brazel for another loser of a defenceman in G.Reinhart imagine this team with all those three players Still with them…

      • The Oilers didn’t lose out on Brazel. In the 2015 draft the Oilers already drafted a centre with their first 1st round pick in McDavid. If they were going to pick anyone with a 20/20 hindsight it would have been a Chabot. As the Oilers were needing defence at that time.
        You can actually say that the Flames lost out on Brazel as they traded their 15th pick (one before the on the Oilers traded to NYI) to Boston for Hamilton.

      • Ouch! Yes Chiarelli has made some mistakes but not that cut & dry.

        Part of moving Eberle was contractual but I hated that trade then & still do. Edm wanted to shed some salary. Strome has never become the player he was anticipated to be but looks like he will play as a 3rd line C & his salary won’t be onerous. Cap space has value & part of today’s game.

        You can’t evaluate the Hall for Larsson trade in such a short period but if you need to Edm’s winning. Those 6 playoff gates made EDM 20 mil+ last season. This trade needs years to unfold to properly evaluate. What has NJ accomplished so far with Hall? After 1 of the softest schedules in the NHL NJ has had to play a tough stretch of games & just completed a difficult road trip not any where near as bad as many others but 4 quality teams. They are 2-7-3 in their last 12. I didn’t have them making the playoffs in Sept nor do I now but boy has Shero done a great job of building this team. They have a very bright future it’s just not today.

        Edm didn’t trade Barzal they traded the 16th & 33rd picks to NYI for Reinhart. A brutal trade. Snow was smart enough to draft Barzal. What were NJ 6th, Zacha, Flo 11th, Crouse, Dal, Bos thinking? We won’t know who all these 15 players selected before Barzal will be but again Edm didn’t trade Barzal but a pick.

        I don’t get this living in the now. No player steps into the NHL & presto they are the player they will be, a few do but very rare exceptions. Most follow a far longer development path especially Dman & players 6’3″ & taller or 225 lbs or more & it’s not linear. There are peaks & valleys for a whole range of reasons.

        You can’t compare the NHL of today with the NHL prior to the last lock out in 2012-13 nor the 2004-05. The business model has changed drastically & some trades happen simply for money & the compensation receive completely irrelevant. If Edm had retained Eberle the cap crunch would have hot this summer instead of the 1 following. Moving salary & term is very challenging in today’s NHL.

      • Sorry dropped some text again.

        We won’t know who all these 15 players selected before Barzal will be for at least 5 years for many Dman 7 but

      • Striker you said you can’t equate the Hall and Larson trade for years down the road. Then you asked what other teams were doing when they passed on Barzal, why would you take a different stance here? We don’t know what the other draft picks will be, we also don’t know what will become of Barzal. As I stated before Barzal would not be in Boston lineup not because he isn’t good enough but he wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity due to the depth of the Bruins center he would’ve started out in Providence. Prospect mature at different rate and some get an opportunity because of the lack of depth at their position , while other don’t get an opportunity because of the depth at their position.
        I said it when it happen and ill say it again Edmonton gave up too much for Larsen and one trade or signing by a GM does not start a new trend.

    • The Oilers are not the team to be looking at to make a trade for a defencemen, unless you are looking at a young prospect like Bear or Jones or a depth d-man like Gryba. The Oilers don’t have the depth to be trading roster d-men right now.

      • I agree. It took Edm years to rebuild this D & it’s far from done.

        Nurse just turned 22 & has played 164 NHL regular season.
        Benning 23, 107 NHL regular season games.
        Klefbom 24, 234 NHL regular season games.
        Larsson 25, 393 NHL regular season games.

        Not a single 1 of these D is fully developed at the NHL level the only 1 is even close is Larsson. My breakthrough point for NHL Dman is 400 NHL regular season games & the norm in the NHL for prime years for D is 28 thru 32 at least for almost 80% of them.

      • @ Striker …no offense but the prime years now in the NHL to be a legit player at the highest point of your career is around 23 – 28 If you think the Larson trade still needs to be evaluated ..I have mistaken your astute talk on hockey for nothing but stats and more stats ..its plain as day right now that a one for one for Taylor Hall was just down right stupid!
        And Larson is a regular 3 – 4 D man MAYBE a #2 with a strong #1 but NEVER a #1 which yo trade a player of Halls ilk for !
        Arguably one of the best Left Wingers in the game if not top 2 over his career so far!
        Chiarelli handcuffed himself and had to dump players because he signed Lucic plain and simple so in essence he made 3 mistakes in 1 …he should have waited for his draft picks to unfold and let McDavid get his feet wet after year 3 then make a decision …but he put all the weight in the world on McDavid and said thet McDavid will make up the lost goals for trading Hall….not even close ..LOL

        I Love McDavid ..but lets go back to the first 2 games of teh year ..BEFORE they started sucking teh joint out …and everyomne said he was going to score a HUNDRED Goals …LMAO..Please !

        This is nt the 1980s anymore…you need a well rounded team and keep your Cap in check and build from within…and the Oilers had 4 First rounders 3 of which most of which are not there for absolutely NOTHING !
        If you think that Larson is the key to the Cup after McDavid …good luck!
        Quite possibly one of the top 10 worst trades in NHL history if you ask me when all said and done!

    • Why the hell would ANYONE want Sekera? The guy is injured more than he actually plays. He’s made of porcelain. You think the Leafs would have to add in that scenario? That’s ridiculous.

    • Anyone who thinks Doug Armstrong is giving up Kyrou for any rental is smoking something. Army has often inferred the Blues are not that close to competing for a cup and the window may be a year or two off. And Maroon isn’t worth it even signed long term.

    • HAhhahahahhaaahahhahahhahhah



      thanks for that

  2. Isles have the assets to land either Mrazek or Howard and should seriously consider it.

    Edmonton’s Mark Letestu will be gone. A healthy scratch last night.

    31 days to the TDL.There has to be a preemptive strike . Maybe after this weekend

    • On an expiring contract hes more of a mid range draft oick rental. He is descent on the power play, and face off circle.

      With limited number of centers or sellers do you think a tsam may trade a late second rounder for him, or is that an extream stretch

  3. You dont sell low on klefbomb,
    And the return for nurse would have to be over the moon.

    Wingers never have value in comparison to stud dmen but what in addition to mitch Marner would the leafs toss the oilers as a package for Nurse? And could they reasonably afford to deplete their cupboards to aquire a young number 1 defenceman

    • Doughty and Karlsson are UFA after next year. IF teams try to ask for Nylander or Marner for players their teams believes are studs but not have proved it yet then TML will just wait one more year. They are only in year 2 of Auston.

      • Great point! But would Toronto want to assume either player mentioned above signs in Toronto?

        Theres probably a 50 percent chance they resign with their respective clubs also

      • I have Doughty extended on July 1 by LA at 10.5 to 11 mil per, possibly even nominally more, LA isn’t willingly letting Doughty to walk & why would he want to move? LA is a great place to play hockey & the quality of life. They also have the cap structure to accommodate this signing.

        Karlsson? No idea if OTT pays him but if they do & he’s willing to stay other players are being cut to accommodate his salary. The 1 dynamic in play that is up in the air is if Ott is getting the new downtown location. If the do revenue streams will increase significantly.

      • And TML won’t be able to afford Karlson or Doughty on the open market.

    • What in addition to Connor McDavid would Edmonton throw in to get Roman polok? Proposals are just silly. Why would Toronto give up on Marner or Nylander, both of whom have played a season and a half? They have been good so far and are just in the beginning stages of their careers. I don’t think Toronto trades Marner regardless of the situation. Maybe Nylander in the right situation, but it wouldn’t be Nylander plus in many situations I don’t think. I admit that I don’t watch Edmonton often, from what I’ve read those are two good young defensemen but Edmonton is not exactly known as a defencive powerhouse, I don’t think Toronto hurts the core of their team to make a move like that. I don’t think admit to make that move either, if these two players are the future of their defence I don’t think they move them I think it is a situation where both teams would not feel that they were getting value for what they are giving up.

      • Obviously should have read Edmonton in my previous comment instead of whatever gibberish that was.

      • The same can be said about the Oilers. In trading Nurse they would put a big hole on their blueline for years to come. Like I said before, with the progression of Nurse this season he is showing that he has #2 to 3 d-man potential. Also could be the point man the Oilers have been needing on the powerplay.

      • TB, many on this board value defenseman far more than other positions. Trades are made based on the needs of both sides. If we were to offer up Marner of Nylander, which we will not, we would only do so to a team rich in young defenseman needing the skill up front either of these guys bring. With that, assuming a player on the other side makes sense to us, could get what we need for either of those two, without having to add all the other stuff guys on this board suggest.

        We are not trading either of them this year or next, after that – we’ll see. I suggest we all stop talking about trading Marner or Nylander and perhaps focus on things that are more realistic.

      • Last season Edm was 9th in the NHL at suppressing shots against, 8th best in goals against. That new D they had constructed even though extremely young played great.

        What ails that D this year & Talbot has more to do with missed assignments by the forwards although I have seen some horrendous break downs by the D as well. This group for what ever reason can’t maintain there coverage.

        It may be something as simple as as things have snow balled out of control players are trying to be hero’s go solo or making terrible mental decisions.

        This isn’t on anyone player, D group or goalie. This team is currently clueless defensively, there PK structure needs to be altered as it has been a disaster but Edm just keeps rolling it out.

        The players appear to have tuned McClellan out but another coaching change, means another system change in lines combinations that has been part of the issue for a decade in Edm

        How did Edm go from being so good last season to so bad this season? What has really changed personal wise? Pouliot, Pitlick, Hendricks, Lander & Eberle. & most of those players barely played for Edm.

    • The Oilers are not trading Nurse. With the his progression this season there is no way.

      • I agree fully nor any of the other core group. Russell could possibly if he agreed to waive his NMC as his NTC doesn’t kick in till the 2019-20 season.

        Puljujarvi, Caggulia, Khiara all have significant development growth potential, Yamamoto will be a full time NHL player next season.

        There is no quick fix. Again the worst thing to happen to EDM was everything going perfectly, this team is early into Chiarelli’s reign & they weren’t as good really as they showed last season nor are they as bad as they are showing this season.

        What will they be next season? Well substantially better but we’ll wait till late September to asses next years team. I had Edm to win the Pacific, I had bought in like everyone else. I was wrong, I could accept they regressed & just missed the playoffs that can happen to anyone see Dallas after finishing 2nd in the league only to miss the playoffs the next season but I never saw this.

        I have seen them tons live this season & it’s ugly, including getting beaten 5-0 by Buf.

      • Yeah, I think one of the issues this year is that they are a young team and they were just expecting to continue from last season and forgot that they need to put the effort in to it. Then it just has snowballed since.
        I am not a fan of replacing McLellan. If the team has tuned him out like some say they have then IMO they wouldn’t have won last night after being down 2-0 after the first period. Also the game before the Buffalo game where they beat the top team (in the standings anyway) in Vegas. It is truly baffling how they can beat Vegas one night then lose to Buffalo the next.

      • KevJam, my earlier post was meant exactly the same as yours. I don’t think I’ve been 10 trades nurse the same as Toronto doesn’t trade Nylander or Marner. These are core players that are being developed by the teams that drafted them.

  4. I read a TSN article yesterday about the death of “Heavy Hockey.” It is clear that the NHL is becoming more and more like the hockey that has typically been played in Europe.
    Maybe Vince McMahon should consider starting the XHL; a league where all the goons can still get a job and beat each other up.

    • Jim Rutherford quietly changed the NHL with two trades, Perron for Hagelin and Scuderi for Daley. That plus the infusion of young, fast players from Wilkes Barre.

      Every team in the league (including Rutherford and the Penguins just one year earlier) was trying to go “heavy” after the Kings success.

      Now every team is trying to build what the Pens built in 2016.

    • Goon Hockey? Hockey is a physical sport, this is why they wear protective gear. Personally without the physical aspect of the game, it becomes very boring for this person. When Pitts play Philly or CLBs its a must watch game, the 3 big boys from Cali playing each other also very entertaining.
      I do not like staged fighting; however I rather have two men drop the gloves as oppose to slashing someone hand, low bridge, slew foot etc. Hockey is a high energy, high impact sport, and physicality is always going to be a part of it.
      you and I can appreciate the finesse of the skill aspect, I still appreciate the skill and physical play, of an open ice body check, taking your man out behind the net, causing the defender to make a rushed play to avoid body contact. Yes I glad the days of a Kevin Stevens hit are gone and hitting a defenceless player is penalized aggressively. Hockey physicality always need to be part of the game, otherwise just play with, Helmets, shin pads, elbow pads and gloves, this will add more speed, with no heavy pants or shoulder pads.

      • I realize I wasn’t clear in my original comment. I am actually a fan of “heavy hockey.” Been a Bruins fan since 1990 so that style is pretty much all I have known. I did not mean to equate heavy hockey with goon hockey.

        I got to spend a couple hours with Lyndon Byers a few years ago, at a Patriots game. He was an interesting guy and I enjoyed hearing his stories. He joked about how he only brought his gloves and stick on the ice because the league required him to. While funny, I am actually glad that type of player has been fazed out of the league. I prefer someone like McQuaid who is actually a decent hockey player and will drop the gloves when the situation dictates and almost never for staged fights.

      • It shouldn’t be a choice between dirty play and dropping the gloves. Call the game by the rules… levy long exponential suspensions… fine coaches, gms, owners for having players get multiple suspensions. Dirty play would be gone almost instantly.

      • I think you mean Scott Stevens, Kevin Stevens was a tough guy but he was also a goal scorer. Kevin certainly was not known for his hits though.

      • Caper, I totally agree…

      • You are correct Dee, thanks for pointing it out.

    • The NHL would like that to as then that league can face future pending concussion litigation. Neanderthal hockey, predatory hockey, hitting to hurt what ever you wish to call it is going away.

      The reason players can skate this fast & just nail people on the boards or in open ice is today’s NHL is equipment. No player would throw themselves into the boards at 50+ miles an hour if the wore the equipment of yesteryear. They would get hurt as well.

      Elbow pads are weapons now, you could hammer nails with them.

      Players are bigger, faster & simple physics means they are hitting way harder. The NHL has also eliminated obstruction & interference substantially allowing for even more harder hits.

      I like anyone like hard hitting hockey but none of the above, hitting to hurt, predatory hits, Neanderthal hits or players. That’s not hockey for me nor does it make sense to be subjecting your assets, players to such. Far to many superstars have had their careers cut short for such.

      • Striker, I totally agree with you on the protective equipment worn by todays players, it has become just as much a weapon as it is protection. Look no further then Marchand latest elbow (should’ve been 10 games at the least) the player got concussed because of the elbow and partially because of the elbow pad. This is defending Marchand but making a point about the equipment.

  5. Funny SJ needs forwards now and they just played the NYR who MUST sell… =)

    to SJ : Nash, Desharnais & Smith
    to NYR : Martin & 1st or Martin & 2 2nds

    =) Martin can tutor DeAngelo better positioning, on the bottom pairing, and that it is ok to throw a check…period. He is also a UFA after next year just in time to let him walk to resign MacTruck

    SJ gets a center who can slot bottom 6 and plays center. SJ gets Nash who is starting to score again and has great chemistry with Thornton for when he returns. Both are UFA so no long term commitment. SJ gets a defenseman 8 years younger than Martin. IF Nash does well with Thornton they can resign them both…first dibs to work out a Nash contract.

    • ALWAYS with the Smith. Take Smith out and it’s not bad.

      • Hey Deee…Smith went to offset taking Martin’s cap hit. Rangers cannot have 5 defenseman making over 4.5 million next year.

        If you take out Smith & Martin then it would be Nash & Desharnais for a 1st and 3rd.

    • NYR isn’t selling. I don’t buy any of the rumours about McDonagh being moved, explored this summer? Sure Gorton would be remiss not to but I give McDonagh an extension as long as it’s at fair market value, nor do I see any of their UFA’s moved unless an actually hockey trade to help NYR in it’s playoff quest today.

      Should NYR start selling they will have to drop 6 plus points out of the last wildcard spot. Will that happen? Maybe injuries have seriously hampered what was already a team in need of help at C. Can they make it with out a replacement for Kreider? I don’t think they can. Losing Shattenkirk isn’t devastating to me I would have preferred they not have signed him or Smith, retained Girardi, given McDonagh the #1 spot, Skjei the #2 spot dressing 4 forwards on each & signing a 5/6 depth Dman as a UFA but certainly not at 4.35 mil per for 4 years.

      NYR is treading water but they need to find goal scoring help soon or they are going to struggle to beat out the other 6 teams they are battling, there is only room for 4 of them. I have Was, TB, Bos & Tor as locks, Tor as they get the #3 spot in the weakest div in the league.

      • IMO they will be selling. All actions have pointed as such. Kreider is truly indefinite. They hope he gets back in 60 days but will not rush his health. I know Stamkos came back and that is fine but they will not rush him back. Sattenkirk is out for at least 90 days. If they were willing to ensure they made the playoffs a move would have been made now so when Shatts and Kreids come back the pressure would be less to have to win a higher percentage of games remaining.

        They brought up Catenacci for petes sake LOL. Could have brought up Chytil or Andersson. They just picked up McLeod on waivers. Not sure signs they care overwhelmingly about taking the playoffs. This is a “bonus” season. Get the most out of the guys and go as far as you can but GM Gorts is showing he will not give up picks to just make the playoffs this season.

        AV is forcibly playing Smith even when Kampfer has been more consistent. I am sure that is AV and Gorts are trying to get Smith playing top level again to showcase him for a trade.

        I agree MacTruck is not going unless a stud center is coming back. No-one is giving away a stud center so NYR and management are surely trying to figure a way to rid Staal or Smith…..obviously Smith first to make room to sign Skjei this summer and Mac next.

        Not trading away draft picks & Not taking on cap for the foreseeable future seems to be the play right now.


      • Well history doesn’t support your argument.

        Go look at trades since the last lockout. The # in the month leading up to the trade deadline, hell even once the season starts are slim to non existent. This isn’t the NHL but the NTL; no trade league.

        Is Shattenkirk gone 90 days? All I have been able to garner is indefinitely. I have had MCL surgery on both knees, now I’m not a hockey player nor was I both were performed well after. I never need crutches, was almost fully functional in 3 weeks, 100% in 6. That depends on how bad. Mine were both removing small portions that had torn & were causing the knee to buckle. Again removing Shattenkirk for me is addition by subtraction. I get me wish & McDonagh gets 1st line PP time.

        I like DeAngelo being exposed to sheltered minutes & as I said when the year started he should only be on NYR’s roster this season as a replacement to Shattenkirk.

        Time will tell if your right or I. NYR is 1 point out of a playoff spot having shouldered injuries the lack the deapth currently to replace, like Bos & Anh early in the season they just need to hang in their until solutions can be found.

        Again NYR won’t be selling unless they drop more than 6 points out of a playoff spot by Feb 26th. Looking at the schedule as that plays a significant role in if they can continue to tread water, what I see is this.

        They have 13 games between now & Feb 26th. 6 at home 7 on the road. 2 back to backs, Feb 17; @ OTT, & 18th; vs PHI, & Feb 22nd; @ Mon, & 23rd; vs Min. 7 of those 13 games are against teams that currently hold down a playoff spot. Tor, Nas, Dal, Bos, Cal, Win & Phi. Only a couple of the NHL power houses. They do go on a 4 game road trip in 7 days playing Win, Min, NYI & Ott, far from onerous.

        Can or will NYR drop more than 6 points out of a playoff spot with that schedule? Sure it’s possible but I am a betting man & I say slim to non existent. In fact I think they will be holding down a playoff spot before they get to the trade deadline or at the very least be with in 2 points of doing so.

        Just my perception, opinion & assumption. I could easily be wrong.

      • Brooks just posted an article at NY Post stating that the Rangers are indeed “blowing it up.” As a fan, I hope Gorton plays it smart. Don’t take back pennies on the dollar, no bags of pucks, etc…Get some NHL-level youth, a bunch of 1st and 2nd round picks, and play the kids the rest of the way to see what you’ve got. It’s not worth angling towards another playoff appearance if you’re gonna get ousted after 1 round.

  6. The Wings have been loyal to a fault to a bunch of middle six forwards giving too much money on too much term as well and getting less than stellar results. If anyone is willing to take Nyke, Tats, Abby or Helm off our hands, please have someone shake Kenny Holland awake and have him answer his phone.

    • Trade ya Brendan Smith back for Nyqvist….I’ll even throw in Desharnais.

    • Detroit has given awful contracts to really below average players. There is no way they move Abdelkader, Helm, Glendening, Nielsen, Ericsson, or Witkowski. They are all overpaid and terrible. No wonder Sheahan only got 2 goals last year playing with those bums.

      • Hahahahaaa. That was part of my argument, nor have I ever liked Blashill’s deployement of his players.

        Holland has been to loyal to a fault, it’s time for him to turn this team over to a successor, it should have been done at least 2 years ago.

  7. The Pens are unlikely to make a blockbuster. Rutherford reportedly only willing to part with Cole or draft picks but still looking for a 3rd line center.

    If they trade Cole, I think they’d still need to find a cheap depth D, as well.

    But with Simon and Hagelin now playing well in top 6 roles, it has balanced the lines nicely, so there is no need for a Kane or Pacioretty now.

    • I think they are good on D. I’d like to see them bring Pedan up for a game or 2. Pedan and JO would be a terrifying combination. I’d like to see them move Hunwick too he’s pretty much useless. Samson Reinhert would be a good add if the price is not ridiculous. I’m not sure who his current linemates are but I would bet they are not as good as Kessel and Guentzel. They need to move some forwards out. I’m not sure what I would offer for Sam. B.Rust and a 2019 first round pick. It’s not like Sam is living up to what he was supposed to be.

      • Reinhart’s too slow and gets most of his points on the PP, which he wouldn’t play on much in Pittsburgh.

        If the Pens are going to pay that level of price, I’d rather go for a guy like Derick Brassard. He and Kessel could be sick together.

        Also, glad you mentioned him, Jamie Oleksiak has been really good since they got him. Great trade by JR, essentially flipping a spare part in Josh Archibald for him.

    • MG you are spot on Pens don’t need Kane or Pacioretty. A GOOD move would be Ian Cole (28) a top 4 potential on defense and a major part of the last two cup titles. (especially with Letang out last year) AND A PICK TO MONTREAL FOR PLEKANICS. MOntreal retains 50% they have a ton of cap room.

      Plekanics is a shut down center, a 5 time 20 goal scorer, skates very well, and makes a good fit in Pittsburgh. IAN cole steps in especially with Weber out and give them a solid d-man.

      • Cole isn’t nor will he ever be a top 4 NHL Dman. In last seasons playoffs he was 6th by TOI/GP for regulars at D. Regular season 5th before Hainsey arrived, 6th following. 2015-16 playoffs 6th again, regular season 6th again.

        This sin’t meant to slight Cole he is a legitimate NHL Dman that can play as a #5/6 even if that means on a 2nd pairing. He’s decent defensively & on the PK but he’s not a #4 nor will he ever be.

        I do agree with you that Plekanec would be a potentially good fit in the #3 C spot & a good addition, just don’t see Mon taking Cole nor does he help their D moving forward. That team has players that play Coles role now. It will cost Pit a pick, 2nd & a prospect of some nature if this is the player they choose to buy. Mon will happily eat 1/2 his salary to facility him being moved at the deadline.

        Pit is devaluing this asset. Not sure why but he pissed Sullivan off some how.

      • You have called cole a top 4 on multiple occasions striker.

  8. Interesting as of late with the rumor mill, is I haven’t heard JVR or Bozak name, maybe we come to the realization that Toronto need these two players if they want to make a playoff push. Personally I big fan of JVR and think that is the right decision if the leafs keep him, as a Bruin fan don’t mind see JVR being moved, would make Toronto weaker up front when the two teams meet in the playoffs.

    • Do you think Tor can get by Boston in the 1st round assuming that’s the match up? Injuries & hot goaltending will play huge in any series but if both are relatively health, all players available, few are fully healthy come playoff time. How does that series play out?

      • Perhaps I am just a nervous Bruin fan, but yes.
        Especially as it is looking like round 1. Hot goalie off the get go, pressure mounts, start gripping the sticks and it is bye bye.

      • I’m always nervous come playoff time. Anything is possible come playoff time. I significant injury like losing Begeron or that’s when Bos goaltending goes into the tank & bye, bye playoff run.

      • Striker, yes I think Toronto can get by Boston, yes I think Boston can get by Toronto.

  9. What ails NYI has little to do with goaltending & none of the potentially goalies being rumoured to be available other than possibly Lehner if those rumours are to be believed are an upgrade.

    What ails NYI is the loss of Boychuk & de Haan; for the rest of the reg season at least, & a run & gun style of play. Having Kulemin 1 of their best checkers & Ladd out doesn’t help either.

    I don’t know when people are going to start to except that no position better reflects a teams abilities than in net. Is Price all of a sudden not the best goalie in the world? Is it Price or the fact the quality of scoring chances Mon gives up behind that D & always playing from behind being forced to open it up & take chances? How about Schneider last season in NJ. Team issue or goalie issue? Team issue especially at D for me.

    Halak has a .915 Sv%, Greiss .913. Behind what NYI is currently rolling out at D & in that system is solid, not a signle goalie potentially available again other than Lehner & I don’t see Buf trading him but who knows what Buf is doing, if they hand the reigns to Ullmark enjoy it as what you see is what you get. The last thing Buf needs is an experienced goalie with little to no NHL experience. Hows that working out for Carolina?

  10. Bobby Mac poll results yesterday from all 31 coaches was interesting and not much to disagree with; however I wonder who the coach was that gave the nod to Carey Price for the Vezina? This isn’t to slight Carey but he ranks 34 and 37 in gaa and sv% not what anyone calls vezina stats. Sound like a safe name to put out but not this year.

  11. NYI problem isn’t that their goalies are horrible yes the defence is sloppy without 2 top Dman out…. But let’s be honest there is no way NYI are holding the cup up with two rejects of goalies that wouldn’t start on any other team not even in Arizona … Let’s be real none of the goalies on the trade market will do better then the ones they have now so no point in trading for those .. If NYI want to really challenge for the cup they need a Dman and a real goalie like go all in and then they can challenge for a long time also will tell Taveres we are serious

  12. I’ll be honest I look at Buffalo and their team isn’t that bad but I just don’t get how they don’t understand what’s the problem there … it’s really simple They need to win the lottery to get Dalhin and their score will be good the offence is real good .. the only problem they have is Goaltending if I was them I’d trade lehner and trade Reinhart and next years 1st and this years 2nd and maybe okoposo for a top goalie like price or quick someone with instant credibility

    • *Dcore

    • For goalies that have played in at least 23 games this season starters or teams that have been forced to dress others due to injuries, 1/2 the games played by the lowest teams in the league at 47, Lehner sits 18th in SV% playing for 1 of the worst teams in the NHL that has played almost every game this season from behind! His #’s since arriving in Buf playing behind 1 of the worst, lowest scoring teams in the NHL, like bottom 3 has be stellar.

      What am I missing here? What’s not to like about this goalie? He’s 26 years old the age most goalies come into their own in the NHL. Yes he had an injury issues in year 1 but played 59 games last season & is currently on pace to play more this year. His .912 SV% is the worst since he arrived in Buf but the season isn’t over, he was .920 last season & .924 the season prior!

      Buf would be unwise not to extend Lehner.

  13. The Canes have riches on the blueline but Francis holding them tight.
    I am sure the Leafs call them once a week

    • They will continue to clutch them tightly until for at least 1 more full season possibly 2 at which point Faulk will be moved. If a Dman is moved sooner I assume it will be Fleury as he’s very early into his NHL development & 4 to 6 years from being the player he will be as he approaches his mid 20’s & his loss wouldn’t really matter, he has a very bright future it’s just a long way off. Package him up with some of that stock pile of picks & prospects & buy what they need.

      The Darling signing has been a disaster so far, had he even been average Carolina would be sitting in a playoff spot comfortably. darlings .892 SV% for goalies with at least 23 appearances is 32nd dead last for goalies that meet that criteria. The next worst isn’t even close really, Talbot at .901.

      The median average in SV% is .916, 16th out of those 32 & is Dubnyk.

  14. I don’t get the comments about heavy hockey. There is as much contact as there has ever been except the focus is on retrieving the puck not wearing the other team down. I go back to the sixties and I like the current speed-based game as well as I liked the way the Oilers played in the 80s. The Oilers could out skate a lot of the obstruction and when you took out the fighting, which can be entertaining, took away from the hockey. Obstruction ruined the flow. Fighting is sometimes necessary but the staged fights also takes away from the flow. Imagine the Habs of the 70s, the Oilers of the 80s, the Penguins of the 90s, and the Wings of the 00s playing under todays rules? I am not an anti-fighting guy but every good check should not be followed by a fight. I like the balance the Leafs are trying to build based on speed and toughness being defined by never stopping the puck pursuit even when it includes taking a hit to make a play. They still need one good right-side defenseman and a year or two of experience to be true contenders. Right now the Jets are the best Canadian-based team and look at their style.

  15. McDonut picked right time to score 2 goals against the Sharks if wants to be traded. Anything Rangers get for him would be a bonus considering how they got him… He was like a throw in or a surprise not somebody expected to do well anyways. Dell showed why he would not help the Islanders way he sucked against Rangers… Blowing 2-1 lead, 3-2 lead, even letting in a late goal before they could pull him… HE is too small, got screened easily on a goal without a clue how to get a LOS.

    Pavelec their backup played better than Dell so maybe he would get traded… Dells has better D than Islanders w/ Burns, Vlasic, DeMelo, Heed, Joakim, Dillon, Braun, yet still lets up like 6 goals vs. Rangers :)? I read Rangers will have massive moves around or at trading deadline regardless where stand. Grabner will be interesting since he can score without top line minutes… Always a threat for a breakaway even shorthanded.

    Voynov was dumb to take a plea deal thinking he would get back in NHL ASAP. NExt time pay the high priced lawyers like Kanes or Varlamov… NHL wont let him back in with all this BS MeToo/TimesUP crap… He would have been better off killing somebody even if he shot them… SF lets them do that there without any issues… Hell invade a country multiple times, get deported, sell drugs, shoot somebody claiming wanted to gun down a seal? No problem slap on wrist time served have a nice life. HE just had a girl who had kid with another man that was spending his money… Add in some alcohol with two drunken idiots it only leads to trouble. He ended up married to her after all this… She is really pretty so don’t think they have issues going forward or she would have left him. I’d love to see Voynov back producing on the ice though. He wont get a chance for Seattle or Vegas way those places are run. I could see him catching on for Rangers if he got back. Avery had a lot of fans when he was there so :). He never really had any on or off ice issues like Dany HEatley who had a long career…

    Sharks can probably get Plekanic, not sure about those others. Wonder if they miss the guy Vegas claimed off Waivers Carpenter or whatever his name is. Vegas at this point almost looks like a lock to Win Pacific. Unless Ducks or Flames suddenly get that 11-1 run… Islanders would beat Vegas in Stanley Cup since they are their Kryptonite. First time they played they injury their smoking hot goalie Dansk… Then they beat them on the road for like their 3rd loss there entire season :). Shanks would be a more accurate name for San Jose… Since a real Shark would have drowned a long time ago… Sharks are supposed to hustle, let win, then beat yeah not choke away 3-0 series lead vs. Kings :). Maybe if they played DeMelo back in SCF over Dillon or Schlemko instead of going with 2 leftist together they would have Won :).

  16. Reinhart has been awesome the last 7 games or so, scoring and making great plays, he’s still young but still his skating just bothers me. His father Paul was so fast when he went bye you would feel a breeze.