NHL Rumor Mill – January 29, 2018

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Latest on the Oilers and Flyers plus some attempted “recruiting” during the 2018 All-Star Game in your NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: On Friday, Pierre LeBrun reported Edmonton Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli doesn’t intend to blow up his struggling roster with a blockbuster trade. Chiarelli’s also sticking by head coach Todd McLellan, who’s come under criticism this season for the poor performance of the Oilers’ special teams. LeBrun doesn’t anticipate Chiarelli or McLellan will be replaced, pointing out the Oilers are a franchise that needs stability, not more mayhem.

Will the Edmonton Oilers attempt to move Ryan Nugent-Hopkins at the trade deadline? (Photo via NHL Images)

 FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited NHL insider Darren Dreger’s appearance last Thursday on Edmonton’s TSN 1260 discussing possible moves by the Oilers. Given the club’s disappointing season, he feels Chiarelli has to consider “just about anything” regarding deals before the deadline that could help his club.

Dreger notes the trade rumors swirling around recently sidelined Oilers center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins haven’t made a lot of sense. Still, Dreger wonders if at some point he comes under consideration as trade bait by the Feb. 26 deadline. He feels moving RNH a long shot, but if Chairelli does trade the center, Dreger said that’s a move the Oilers GM cannot afford to lose.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Judging by Chiarelli’s comments to LeBrun, it doesn’t appear as though he’ll consider moving Nugent-Hopkins, who’s under contract through 2020-21 at $6 million per season. If he does shop RNH, I don’t believe he’d be interested in receiving draft picks and prospects. He’ll likely want a hockey trade, getting back a good player in return, perhaps one carrying a more affordable cap hit. That sort of deal, however, usually doesn’t take place before the trade deadline. 


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Charlie O’Connor responded to readers’ questions regarding possible trade-deadline moves by the Philadelphia Flyers. At this point, the only way he sees Flyers GM Ron Hextall making a big move is if it’ll help his club beyond this season. Hextall said Friday he doesn’t intend on trading a young player at this point. O’Connor doesn’t expect Hextall to sell the farm or dip into his reserves of draft picks to add a rental player such as Evander Kane or Rick Nash. He feels the most likely scenario is Hextall stands pat at the deadline.

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: John Boruk believes the Flyers should make an addition to their roster at the trade deadline. While they need more depth on the blueline, Boruk feels they need more flexibility at forward. He doesn’t feel they have to part with a talented prospect, plus there appears to be a larger pool of prospective sellers this year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Flyers surge in the Eastern Conference standings since early-December, Hextall doesn’t have to rush into anything. As long as his roster stays healthy and maintains its winning ways, he could stand pat or at the very least dip into the trade market for an affordable rental. Much will depend upon the Flyers’ performance over the next three weeks.

Like O’Connor, I don’t see Hextall parting with any of his promising youngsters to land a short-term fix. Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds is a year away from unrestricted free agent status and his name surfaced earlier this season in the rumor mill, but  I don’t believe he’ll be shopped at the trade deadline.



SPECTOR’S NOTE: No, this doesn’t constitute tampering. 



  1. Good morning everyone.
    Shop talk. Not even close to tampering.
    What’s the feeling on Green to Boston?

    • For me it’s a no, we have a ton of rd, he’s an ufa and the cost would be to much. He would help, but I don’t feel he is the missing piece. I would prefer a player like Jack Johnson if he’s available but I don’t think he would get traded in the eastern conference and again the cost for him as a rental might be a little to high.

      • No thanks to Green from the B’s perspective. He doesn’t fill what they need. He is a 3rd pairing guy who is good on the PP. We have Krug and McAvoy who QB the 1st and 2nd PP units and both are better defenders.
        Agree Caper, Johnson would fill the minute muncher top 4 role they have been rumored to be looking for. And to your point why would CLB create that hole unless the return was really high?

    • Great points on Green.
      Are you guys interested in bringing in a forward?
      I don’t want Vanek.
      The cost of Patches would be too high, but if they’re going for it, he’s the one I’d want.

      • How about Krug for Keith? With Boston throwing in a pick or prospect to sweeten the pot? That’s the left shot Dman the B’s crave right now. Would send a message to the team (similar to 2011 and 13) that they are going for it. A top 4 with Chara/McAvoy and Keith/Carlo sounds pretty awesome to me.

      • PJ, yep. Where do I sign

  2. The Oilers have 22-24-3 record for 47pts and using last year threshold of 94pts to get into the playoffs, they would need another 47pts in their final 33 games a record like 22-8-3 not saying it can’t happen, but a very daunting task.

    • It won’t happen Caper.

  3. Flyers
    This 2017 -2018 team is an enigma ..they have a really good up and coming D core plus the right mix of veterans on the back end.
    Gudas is tough and physical and makes guys think twice…about a certain play.
    Ghost is a good puck mover and McDonald is a steady eddy…add Provorov and Sanhiem and a really good up and comer Hagg and its truly a good mix for many teams out there.

    The Couturier contract is the best in NHL right now for the money and could be considered a Hart candidate at some point.Simmonds is just a beast. They have some great prospects in Konecney and Patrick,and Giroux is having a silent great year…. if they do make the playoffs they could be trouble.
    They do need a stable goaltender and its been a longtime since they had one,dont see any help coming there, but other than that this team oddly enough has a great mix of skill toughness and talent and they still have cap space.
    Not sure that one player at the deadline puts them over the top ..but it could depend on who it is and where they need the help upfront…its not Nash or Kane however…IMO
    Hextalls modus operandi is not to give away picks and prospects hes made that clear, and Girouxs and Mcdonalds contracts are going to be hard to move even if you wanted to at some point in the offseason.
    If Giroux is to be moved id see teams such as Detroit, Canes,Sharks and Islanders maybe in the mix,that’s if hes even available?

    RNH was playing so well arguably the 2nd best player on the team this year so why not move him now..lol …second line Centers are so easy to find lol (sarcasm)
    It will be another fine Chiarelli move

    Have a good day boys.

    • Gudas is a gutless cheapshot artist and McDonald is barely replacement level and severely overpaid. Only the Flyers would consider either an asset.

  4. The Pacific uniforms were an embarrassment! What were they smoking in the boardroom when they okayed that uniform? They won because the uniforms were so ugly the opposing teams could not stand the thought of getting too close to them! Those uniforms will definitely make it into a trivial hockey book someday alongside the variety of ugly Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks uniforms (the current Duck uniform excluded).

    • What have you been smoking?? Both eastern uniforms were hideous! Whoever thinks grey should be used as a main colour on a uniform should be shot. The blue was better, but accenting it with fluorescent yellow?? C’mon man. Just looked like a typical Adidas soccer jersey. Western jerseys were the best looking jerseys this year by a long shot!… stick to commenting on hockey Steven, unless your comments are as intuitive as you commenting on jersey colours. Then just don’t do that either. Lol.

      • Why so personal? Geez! I can hate a uniform if I want to. Last I checked Lyle gets to decide who posts what so take your lousy attitude and go crawl under a rock!

      • What are you both talking about? The entire All star game / weekend is hideous! It makes the Pro bowl almost seem worth watching!

        I almost went to Tampa this weekend , not to take on the games or skills competition, but for the displays, and atmosphere…

        It’s just way too gimmicky and embarrassing these days. A horrible way to market the game.

      • NYR4LIFE……YOU are wrong nothing is worse than the pro bowl….3 on 3 is at least exciting..the break a ways contest are good.

        football cant blitz, no kick offs, noe returns, have to stay in the same 4 – 3 alignment no one tackles. no skill period..nhl the guys are flying and lots of skill

      • How much hitting and defending goes on in an NHL all star game? …. I think one of the last 5-5 all star games was like 16-14! Riveting! If you’re an NBA fan?…. squeak squeak squeak… swish… rinse and repeat! The all star game is beyond an embarrassing joke!

        At least NFL players recognize what a joke the pro bowl game is, and so do fans! To paint this piece of garbage as hockey….? I’d go… wearing a paper bag of shame over my head…!

        There is absolutely nothing good about it. I told this story a few years back, I’m pretty sure it was the year of the “draft” all stars. I had people over my house who were non-hockey fans, and it was literally so embarrassing I turned the channel so they didn’t think it was anything that truly resembled hockey… after explaning … this is not hockey.
        Grossly embarrassing part of the game!

    • I think the Pacific jerseys were okay, they just needed black pants and gloves, then they would have looked descent.

      • kevjam and Nyr4life,

        The whole all-star game is hideous! Travis seems to be in love with a uniform I didn’t like and took it all personal. I agree with Kevjam in that black pants and gloves would have saved some face with the uniform. Now back to real hockey!

    • I agree, the white was awful but all 4 were bad. The white shirts are not what made it so bad but the white gloves, socks, pants, etc. But it did fit with the entire awful all-star break. Even the skills comp was terrible especially the one with the light up levels and the accuracy.

    • I agree 100% steven that Orange was HORRIBLE.

    • I loved old Canucks jerseys.
      Stan Smyl V jersey was my favorite. Black yellow and orange V

    • You might have a nice first name though… All the uniforms were abysmal ugly… It looked like the NHL was trying to be Rainbow Warriors or losers from a “pride” parade… Lock up the kids around anybody that would wear a uniform like that… IMagine the people who actually bought those jerseys? Pacific stripes to me were the worst… Were like like orange or some sorta ugly neon type color… Socks were really bad, made me long for days of NHL teams wearing pants :).

      Rather the teams wear their actual uniforms than “all Star” fugly ones. Even Rainbow Bright would have found them ugly… The white gloves I guess to pay homage to the ugly Vegas Knight road uniforms :). Yellow on some team, was this the Predators or the All STar game? Maybe they can pull off that ugly Mustard Yellow since their fans are loaded ;). Least nobody tossed a cat fish on the ice…

      I miss the Real All Star format/games when had 5 on 5 actual teams… Then they started to play games with nations or other BS… They used to have the young stars game too which was exciting. Rather see a real All Star game, then can have 3 vs. 3 for some young stars format. Don’t like the 2 period thing either… I’d skip the game as a player even with the 1 game suspension…

      Skills thing was mostly boring, maybe light up the targets for 4 or 5 seconds would help. Kopitar showed why he only has 18 goals he can’t hit a target for his life. People used to make fun of NBA players who can’t hit a free throw… Kopitar making 10M a season was a disgrace in the target shooting.

      Hell even those stupid girls who play Stigure skating calling it hockey were better than Kopi :). There a few others who were really bad in that who I’ll leave nameless :). Maybe let past winners compete in the skills competition as like a rival team vs. the All Stars for a 3 way Dance ;).

      Why did the NHL go out of way to have ugly uniforms with bright colored stripes? Who that don’t have some mental problem would even buy/wear those jerseys/uniforms? Hardest question for me is which were the ugliest of all :).

  5. What NHL player would not want to play for Tampa?
    Good GM and organization.
    Amazing weather.
    Good place for a family.

    • Any hockey player would choose Winnipeg over Tampa, I going take a trip to Sunrise and Tampa from Winnipeg in March just to see if I can handle them cities with their terrible weather, won’t dare try July and August how could one handle being there in them extreme months.

      • Gwwaaa?

    • Tampa has the most fickle fans in hockey. The fans only show up if the team is winning and actually, half the fans are there to root for the opposing team. The Cap will kill the present team

      • Greg, a lot of fans in Tampa are transplanted from NY, Michigan, Montreal, Toronto etc. I’ve watched the fan base grow from Red wings fans, Ranger fans , Philly fans… to bringing in their kids who become Tampa fans… Tampa is a great city, and they will thrive in that market unlike in Miami.

      • NYR4, there is no hockey team in Miami. But SoFla is pretty much the same as Tampa. Hockey took off when Panthers went to finals. Most hockey fans are transplants. Youth hockey has grown all over Florida and both teams are starting to get next generation fan bases

      • Slick, the panthers play about 25 miles from south beach…. they’re pretty much Miami…

      • And Ft. Lauderdale / Miami isn’t even close to the same demographics as Tampa. Completely different worlds.

      • Nyr4Life, South Beach/Miami and Sunrise are two different worlds. To say they are the same just is not true. Slick62 is right. There is a base of youthful fans that enjoy hockey. Trouble is, many young people go away for college and do not come back. That is part of the reason no one goes to the games. No base of adults. The other part is even more basic. A team cannot be this bad for so long and expect fans to show up especially with the lousy owners we have had. It is really tough to watch Vegas winning with two good ex-Cats players while we stink again. How many teams with “great” fans have been candidates to move? Pittsburgh, St Louis, Ottawa, NY Islanders and a bunch of others. You put a good team on ice, people will show up.

        I hope Caper’s comment above was meant to be sarcasm. I can play golf or go to the beach in winter or summer AND go to hockey games all winter. The only thing to do in Winnipeg in winter is go to a hockey game or go ice fishing. You do not hear about too many players putting the Florida teams on their no-trade lists or calling Florida the worst city to visit. No comparison.

      • How is that? Sunrise may not be a metropolis like Miami, but it’s part of the metro Miami area.

        I’d say St. Pete and Tampa are a little different… but not all that different from each other. Same type of demographics, and a few bridges that seperate them.

        Now Tampa Vs Miami is a different story. I can’t say I’m Very familiar with Sunrise, but you’d have a hard time convincing me that a 20 minute car ride is a world of difference… outside the skyscrapers….

      • Sunrise is at least 45 minutes from downtown Miami and about an hour from South Beach. It is not considered any sort of suburb of Miami. Even though they are lumped together, Fort Lauderdale is an entirely different area from Miami. Different counties. Major difference in demographics. The demographics is the reason the team moved from Miami. It was expected that more people from WPB would come to the games. Some did but the fans they had from South Miami wont make the trip up here because it is too far.

      • It’s exactly 34.6 miles from the center of Miami to sunrise…..exactly. Right now with heavy traffic it’s a 45 minute ride

        Again… not worlds apart here. Google the demographics…. much smaller numbers, but similar in demographics.

        It’s pretty much the same culture. We’re not exactly talking about Miami Vs. Tampa or Miami vs Jacksonville.

        There’s a reason why they’re lumped together.

      • NYR4, I lived in Pembroke Pines for 22 years. It’s crazy how dirrerent areas are in So Fla.. Miami for most part isn’t well represented by So Besch. Mostly crappy neighborhoods. In all of South Florida most newer areas out west far from the beaches, are very different. Panthers practice facility out west in Coral Springs. Most players live in Parkland, which is a newer, very expensive town.

    • You better check with Travis to see if your comment is hockey worthy ds. I am assuming you think it would be a great place to play. I think most players would like to be there.

    • Maybe somebody who is a democrat or some sorta commie socialist :)? There a few places in NHL that have nice tax rates or weather. I’d play for Tampa but probably not Florida Panthers. Their arena is famous for having a high amt of rats :). Maybe if want open borders wouldn’t play for Florida since Obama forbid the wet foot/Dry foot Cuban thing? Some people might like the cold while hating the heat and beaches. Lots of rain in Florida, rained everyday when went there on a trip to Disney Land.

      Remember Tampa has the real good fan base while Panthers lost in Cup… Them playing that boring clutch/grab style hurt them for generations. Ben Bishop would have won another Cup if he could have stayed healthy. I think California is probably the worst state for a hockey player… Insane taxes, traffic tickets are like 850 for a red light there compared to 80ish in NY. The savages in San Jose attacking a woman while the Mayor defends them. I might like teams there like Kings, Sharks, though I hate the Ducks… Yet I’d never want to live there or even visit at this point with their leftist fascism…

      • I live in Florida! Still waiting for some rain! Lol.
        I think we’ve had about 5 rain days since November!!!
        If you visit in th rain season, you’re going to see some rain, if o visit NY , Buffalo, Winnipeg, Toronto, Detroit in December… I’m pretty sure I’ll see snow?

  6. Flyers also have Phillipe Myers. He was outstanding 2 world juniors ago and has just overcome an injury. He would have been ahead of Sanheim and Hagg on the depth chart. I am predicting a starter for next year.

    A month today for the TDL. Thinking of taking the day off from work but it has the potential to be a bust.

  7. I think Edmonton could use Ian cole. Coming back to Pittsburgh would be Connor McDavid but what else will they have to throw in? Maybe Patrick maroon?

    • Hahaha surprised the NHL didn’t rig the lottery for them to get McDavid :). Guess they figured if they rigged enough for Oilers they would have a new Great One ;). Real Joke is their head coach, he couldn’t win Cup with Sharks stacked with talent… He did the best he is going to in the first year… Least Deboer can get a team to SCF then lose in his first year… He did that for Devils/Sharks so maybe Oilers should fire/hire him :).

      McDavid for Murray and Cole ;).

    • @TB
      Theres a reason we ask our children not to use drugs!

      And Maroon could possibly be this years trade deadline dark horse

  8. Isn’t what Matthews is doing by pitching Toronto to a player that’s under contract with another team called tampering?

    • I think it’s called fraternizing.

    • No. Tampering would be if he said Lou asked me to tell you that we will give you $10 million a year. All he did was say are you coming to Toronto? And they both laughed. .. how would that be tampering? To be tampering it would somehow need to impact loss Angeles ability to re-sign him without competing with an offer that was made in violation of the rules. Matthews did not make an offer, does not have the authority to make an offer and did not even imply that Toronto wanted to sign him. He asked a question in a joking fashion that Doughty has been asked many times.

    • And how is he pitching Toronto? He didn’t even say he liked playing there, he asked a question that has been asked publicly many times… It is just silliness to even imply that was tampering. If that is tampering then players must not be allowed to talk to each other at all.

  9. Regarding recruiting…

    I hope someone was whispering into Tavares’ ear asking how he would like to be spending the next 7yrs playing with Brock Boeser for $13m/

    I’m reading quite alot of butt hurt eastern fans whining about Boeser and trash talking the Canucks…..Music to our ears. No clue why such hatred towards this team

    Have a good day folks

    • I just read all of today’s comments again and still have no idea what you were talking about if Vancouver can sign him then go for it, good for them. I don’t see him leaving the Islanders though

      • My comments weren’t aimed at this site since rarely does anyone ever talk about Canucks on here.
        Other fan sites, blogs etc….

      • ggwwwaaa?

      • I didn’t know we could do that, I read some political comments I didn’t like on a different site earlier so maybe I should take all of you to task… 🙂

    • Chris, I don’t like when people make up nonsense words like you just did there. I went inflamed some people on YouTube about it.

    • Is Boeser that big of a draw he lure Tavares? I seriously doubt it!

      • Well, he does have his team solidly in 14th place in the west… I guess they are showing us eastern folk

      • Lmao, I think the state of the Islanders is much better than the overall state of Vancouver!
        Tavares would be a complete idiot to leave Ny for Vancouver!

      • I agree. Maybe Long Island should trade him to Edmonton for maroon. He’s apparently the Darkhorse.

      • Ouch…
        Well if Tavares did decide to come, Boeser would instantly be the best winger HE has ever played with….so there’s that.

    • No Tavares has to stay on Islanders or that franchise will crash and burn. The NHL itself would suffer if he left for Vancouver. Canucks will never win the Cup like the Generals playing the Globetrotters… They should change name to Millionaires then hang a SCF banner in their arena like Ottawa :).

      If Tavares was going to leave I think he would play for TAmpa or some state with a nice tax law… Players don’t want to play in Canada for the taxes/money and press… Here on Long Island he can live a normal life where nobody would assault or recognize him. They just give lip service to Canada teams to raise their price. Canucks just need to stay the coarse like sand paper on skin to win :).

      • I know, that’s why carry Price wouldn’t sign an extension in Canada. It’s also why Patrick Marleau wouldn’t leave San Jose. Also why the Sedin Twins Fled Vancouver at the first opportunity… sorry, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, we were talking about Matthews being a contract hold out until they traded him to the states right?

      • TB like how Stamkos took less money to stay in Tampa rather than play in Canada… No team in USA would pay Price that much nor will any team take that contract… Jumbo Joe got 8M to say in SJ… Marleau is at the end of the road… Lets see where Drew Doughty goes if he leaves the Kings… SEdins playing in a market where losing is expected…

        FACE reality players have Canada teams in their no trade clauses for a reason… From top elite players to marginal second rate ones…

      • Doughty Will stay in Los Angeles, it’s well over 90% of top players re-sign with the team they already play for. That is just the reality, your argument seems to be that no player would sign in Canada but if they do, like the twins in Vancouver, they are doing it because they’re losers. Or price stayed in Montreal because nobody would give him a contract? It is a horrible contract but he would have received comparable in the states, even buy your own argument he could have taken less to go to Florida because of the taxes and ended up with the same or more money in his pocket. Your last argument is that Marleau is near the end of his career. So nobody signs in Canada unless they are a player who wants to lose, someone who can make more in Canada which you said isn’t possible, or somebody near the end of their career? It seems like your argument is that nobody would sign in Canada and when people do sign in Canada it is always some sort of exception in your mind. Can you please tell me why Connor McDavid signed a long-term deal in Edmonton of all places is an exception to your unbreakable rule? What if Karlsson re-signs in Ottawa, what would be the cause of that? Why did Buff sign a long-term extension in Winnipeg where nobody wants to go? He could have gone anywhere. Kessel sind a new contract in Toronto which is so horrible nobody wants to play there… I could go on but this is a nonsensical argument. Not only do players sign in Canada but the Canadian television deal is what gives the league The single largest portion of its revenue. Even cities in Canada but don’t have a team would be more significant than most American teams. When they try to move Arizona to Hamilton and it went to court Bettman admitted on the stand that in their financial projections Hamilton would have been the fourth highest earning team in the league.

  10. BTW TB leaving California to play in Canada… Is basically akin to leaving Venezuela to live in Cuba… So why not mention Radulov who left to play in Real America Dallas while Montreal refused to pay him… That worked out real great for Dallas since Montreal is a laughing stock joke…

    Lucic left America since nobody wanted to pay him the salary here… So he robbed Oilers which has really worked out great for them. Canada only wins the Draft Lottery when it comes to the NHL since 93… Even then they had the refs help them all they could to cheat Kings and Islanders :). Crosby another player who took less to play in USA than leave for Canada…

    I used to love Canada it was a great place like 10-20 years ago… Now they are run from the son of Cuba Trudeau it is best to avoid them… Besides what is the Canadian Dollar like 70 cents to USD? Some guy Eric Lindros refused to play for Canada when Quebec took him… Even though he made it clear the wouldn’t play there… They cheated the Sharks out of that draft pick or they would have the Cups like Avalanche after leaving Canada to Win :).

    Maybe Winnipeg Jets will win the Cup… Otherwise I don’t see any of the current teams in Canada winning anything… Try to get an expansion team in Atlanta maybe they will move there for 3rd time is the charm :). Worked out great for the Flames and Jets :).

    • Wow. What a nice guy.

    • How about onwhen Lindros refused to play for Philadelphia and demanded a trade to Toronto? Toronto didn’t want him so he went to New York. Anyway, obviously your arguments are based on some weird political grievance you have with Canada so it is pointless to talk to you. I’ll leave you to go build a wall And actually at the moment a Canadian dollar is .81 American. You should hope the Canadian dollar goes higher because that is how your American teams can afford to pay their players. It is what drives the. cap.

    • I’m surprised the ny4life hasn’t told you, whoever you are, that you have no right to talk about Canada’s politics just as we Canucks aren’t allowed to utter a peep about your so-called POTUS. Tsk, tsk.

    • #DonaldTrump…..nuff said

  11. Incredibly disappointing to read the comments in here today
    Makes sense considering that there’s been no games on

    Daoloth reminds me of an angsty Emo kid from 2006 that hasn’t quite adapted to adulthood

    Quit brooding in your parents basement and leave Canadian politics or politics in general out of here
    Go bruins

    Look forward to getting things back on track

  12. Wish we had there president I’d trade our prime minister in a heart beat.

  13. Political opinion on a hockey board is lame. You have the whole rest of the internet for that crap.