NHL Rumor Mill – January 30, 2018

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Latest on the Leafs and Capitals plus a look at how some Central Division clubs could affect the trade market in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Frank Seravalli believes the Toronto Maple Leafs will have to evaluate their roster heading toward the trade deadline. While the Leafs brass feels their club can be a contender in the playoffs, they haven’t looked like one in the last two months. They’ve been reeling at times and appeared fragile. Seravalli wonders what this could mean for pending unrestricted free agents James van Riemsdyk, Tyler Bozak and Leo Komarov. Do the Leafs retain them for the playoffs or look toward next year by shopping them?

Could the Toronto Maple Leafs part ways with Tyler Bozak at the trade deadline?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seravalli’s comments came in the midst of a segment discussing possible moves around the league. Darren Dreger noted the Pittsburgh Penguins are hungry to win another Stanley Cup and general manager Jim Rutherford is expected to find a way to help his roster. Dreger also expects Nashville Predators GM David Poile could try to add to improve his club’s Cup hopes. Dave Poulin, meanwhile, expects the Ottawa Senators will make some moves to clear roster spot for their younger players.

I still believe the Leafs will retain those pending UFAs for the stretch run and the playoffs. However, I can’t fully dismiss the possibility of one of them getting dealt if the Leafs fail to snap out of their recent funk. We’ll have to see how things unfold over the next three weeks. 

Appearing yesterday morning on Leafs Breakfast, Darren Dreger was asked about whether Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson or Los Angeles Kings blueliner Drew Doughty would be a better fit for the Leafs if they become available via free agency next year. He thinks they would be most interested in Doughty because of his Stanley Cup experience and his two-way game. However, Dreger still think Doughty will stay with the Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Karlsson and Doughty won’t be trade candidates at this year’s deadline. However, one or both could become available as early as this summer if contract extension talks go south. Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on Karlsson or Doughty in the comments section, Leafs fans. 


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun speculates several Central Division clubs could get competitive in the trade market leading up to the Feb. 26 deadline. Nashville Predators GM David Poile expects to speak to other clubs soon, perhaps to add more scoring punch to his lineup. The St. Louis Blues seek a top-six forward to replace sidelined Robby Fabbri. LeBrun suggests  those two team might get into the bidding for wingers such as Max Pacioretty, Mike Hoffman, Rick Nash, Evander Kane, Michael Grabner or others.

LeBrun wonders if the Dallas Stars could seek more secondary scoring. A source said the Colorado Avalanche could use a top-nine winger. The Winnipeg Jets could use a veteran center with some playoff experience.

The Minnesota Wild could also use a top-nine forward but might stand pat after giving up assets last year for Martin Hanzal, while the Chicago Blackhawks might have an eye toward the future.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect the Predators and Blues could be the most aggressive heading toward the trade deadline. As LeBrun notes, there’s a sense the Preds’ time is now. Having reached the Final last year, they’re hungry for another shot at winning the Cup. The Blues have successfully transitioned toward a younger core but could use more offensive depth for the postseason.

There’s speculation the Avs could dangle defenseman Tyson Barrie to bring in a winger. That’s based on their solid performance while Barrie was sidelined with a hand injury. However, his imminent return could also provide a boost to their offensive game.

The Stars and Jets could be buyers for affordable rental talent this year. The Wild could stand pat while the Blackhawks might become sellers if they fail to gain ground in the standings. 


THE WASHINGTON POST: Jesse Dougherty noted the trade speculation swirling around Detroit Red Wings defenseman Mike Green, who recently reunited with former Washington Capitals teammates Braden Holtby and Alex Ovechkin at the 2018 All-Star Game. Green is eligible this summer for UFA status. He said he hasn’t had any contract extension talks with the Wings. He hopes to remain with the club but Dougherty believes he could also become a significant trade chip for the Wings. When asked about the possibility of returning to the Capitals by the deadline, Green said he hadn’t given it much thought. He noted he went through some adversity during his tenure in Washington but felt it made him a better player. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Green didn’t elaborate about what that adversity was, but he did suffer two serious injuries that hampered his game and raised questions about his defensive play. Dougherty suggests Green’s offensive skills could make him a good fit with the Capitals. That depends, of course, on whether he’s willing to waive his no-trade clause to return to the city where he had his best seasons. Other contenders in need of a puck-moving defenseman with a right-handed shot will also be looking at him. 



  1. What in the world do the pens have to trade? Goalie depth but they have said no to that. Picks? Sprong? Not much left in the cupboards. Unless there is a team that sees reaves as a 1st round pick value. But no. That would be crazy

    • what do they have to trade? hmmmmm

      Murray and Cole for Green and Howard ? Just kidding LOL

    • Oh, I don’t know, I think that a package of Daniel Sprong, Ian Cole, Ryan Reaves, a first and a 2nd should fetch back a pretty decent return, no? I am not advocating that but the cupboard isn’t as empty as you make it out to be.

      • if thats the cupboard then thats essentially the definition of empty. cole.. trade value hurt by his use is at best a poor mans number 4 if the pens can sell him as such and a rental at that. reaves? struggling to crack pens 4th line and failing miserably at preventing cheap shots to pens players. sprong? couldnt stay up on a team that at the time was struggling to score goals. a 1st that if the pens empty the “cupboard” had better be in the late 20’s… I am playing some devils advocate here but thats not looking so hot.

      • Chrisms..pens don’t need much a Penguins a third line center is all they need. Montreal has said they want a 2nd round pick for Plekanecs we have that. Ian Cole and a 2nd or just the second in a deeper draft gets you that playoff shutdown center that you need…and also a 6 time 20 goal scorer who while having a down year ill take him in the playoffs.


    • Sid and Geno nearing the end of their primes- The question is if the Pens try to retool for a run this spring or next.
      Everyone should be available if I was the GM in order to try to win another Cup with this group

      • Ds SID AND Geno are three years aWAy AT least from the end of their prime..lets start there especially Sid they way he trains.

        We have a ton of young talent rust, sheary, guentzal, Simon, sprong, zack anton freeze (hobey winner) we will be fine. even if Sid or geno were to dip a bit but thats three years away go hard now. sid is only 8 points off the scoring title with a slow first half he is coming…oh yeah where is superman connor mc david not in the top 15..

      • I did not say they were done next season

        My point is the Pens management needs to be in for the next few seasons while they have two HOFers still in their primes.

    • Pit moved from 31st to 51st to acquire Reeves. 20 spots.

      • DS.. I agree all in for the next couple seasons. striker although i like Reaves that may have not been one of Rutherford’s best moves… Although Columbus, Philadelphia and Washington haven’t been taken as many usual liberties with our stars.. He is best for teams like that other wise in the press box..LOL

    • I am going to go off the board here and suggest trading Malkin. Not before the deadline but during the off-season. The Penguins I am sure will tinker but after this season they may need to retool or rebuild, whatever term you prefer. Trading Malkin is a great place to start. He’s still young and the team has had tremendous success with him, and the return would more than add to the future. He is a franchise player in his own right. Dare I say Chicago consider the same with their dynamic duo?

      • Sprong is a non starter and not just because I have a Sprong Adidas jersey. And Malkin is going nowhere. There is zero reason to trade either. The Pens issue this year is centre depth so your solution is to trade a top 10, first ballet hall of famer? That makes no sense. They have won 8 of their last 11. The only areas of concern are third line scoring centre and a replacement for the god awful Hunwick. Why is anyone throwing Sprong away for either of those? You guys are silly. Lauzon is a decent prospect, so are Jordy Bellerive, Aston-Rease, Blueger, Bjorkvist, Almari, Philips, Bengston, Taylor, Drozg, Laffety, Adam Jonson, DiPauli, D’Orio. Any one of those guys and a first round pick could easily get a decent 3C. They got JO for a fourth and he has been great. There is no reason to trade Sprong unless they are getting a future star player back because once Sprong finds his groove he is going to destroy other teams with that shot. They could send a guy like Sheary and a 2019 first round pick for a decent centre. Not Plekanic or Letestu, someone actually good.

      • Thaaaatttssss…. probably a pretty cool jersey

      • Crosby and Malkin will remain in Pitsburg until their contract run out

      • Pitsburg is where everyone ends up eventually

      • Malkin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. According to a source Malkin, Crosby, and Murray are untouchables. Malkin and Crosby are two of the best centers in the league. Cap hits of 9,500,000 million and 8,787,000 million are relatively cap friendly. Winning and having Stars like Malkin and Crosby sells tickets. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!

  2. This year the demand appears greater than supply. The prices could be high as a result Who has the depth in assets ? Neither Washington and Pitt would have what it takes to make an upgrade. Third/fourth liner maybe. The Blues at forward and Preds on defence are better situated to land a top 6/9 forward.
    Flyers and Islanders have lots but I think they won’t do anything

    Who will make the preemptive strike ?

    • Besides lack of prospects or valuable picks to trade….Washington has limited cap space over the next few years right? That to me seems to make some tough deals unless they package up Orpik for a younger Dman with contract. Think the caps want to grab depth with term? or go with UFAs and walk away?

      • When was the last time a player was traded at the trade deadline with term?

      • Filpula? Yandle? Burrows?

      • You missed the obvious 1 Phaneuf & yes Yandle & Filppula certainly count for me as well, although Filppula was really a salary dump by TB & you could argue so was Yandle for Arz. That said Hoffman will be as well when finally moved.

        Burrows Didn’t he resigned after he arrived it was apparently part of the agreement to accept the trade.

        We have seen approximately 35 to 40 deadline deals & we have found 3 that carried term in the last 2 years. Extremely rare & we are discussing how many, Patches, Hoffman, McDonagh, etc. Always odd of probability for me. Not that it can’t happen just rarely does.

        For reference as I have been discussing players with 1 year remaining at low salary are almost like UFA’s & often simply become buyout casualties.

    • Salary cap results in parity which is why we see such few sellers.
      Additionally, every successful team has high performing players on ELCs which is why there is hesitance in moving picks or top prospects. Makes for a change in the TDL expectations, we just won’t see the fireworks of pre-2005 anymore

      • Good. As watching teams try & buy cups didn’t seem very fair to me. Det’s payroll before the 2004-05 lock out was 88+ million. 14 million more than the cap ceiling today.

        The system in place is closer to fair, it has created a far more level playing field for the haves & have nots.

        Now in the next CBA we just need to see the players share of HRR decline, a far greater amount of things included in HRR to off set this decline & significantly better revenue sharing.

        I’m fairly happy with the game today. I would like to see hitting to hurt eliminated, all games be worth 3 points or 2, I never had an issue with ties, the playoffs returned to 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7, etc. & only the top 2 teams in each division are guaranteed a playoff spot the rest by wildcard. Lets call all penalties as written & eliminate the subjective nature where possible. Ot’s 5 mins of 4 on 4 followed by 5 mins of 3 on 3 if still ties they tie no shoot out.

    • I would assume we see the same # of trades leading up to this years trade deadline as past seasons, 30 to 35 give or take 5.

      There are always buyers & there are always sellers. The tighter standings may make it more interesting as to who buys.

      The market has been set for years. Thankfully we only have to discuss this for 4 more weeks.

  3. The leafs need a defenceman. They have needed one all year. They will make playoffs buti highly doubt they win 2 games in the first round.

    There point totals,and play off position and largely due to tbe fact that several of their divisional opponents are chasing the draft lottery in opposed to the playoffs.

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves, the leafs are no weres near being a true contender, they could mortgage the future for a chance on winning a round in the playoffs.

    So much for the shan-a-plan hey lol

    • The EAST is wide open this year…if Tampa can be upset than its anyones to take.
      Spoilers will include Philly and Devils and the Jackets could make some noise with Bobrovsky in goal and a trade deadline upgrade.

      The Leafs need to be very careful with what they do at center ice and if they trade Bozak…they don’t have much in the way of 3rd and 4th line centermen that can be of help in a playoff run.
      And it seems as if a number of teams are looking to bolster this position so it is a big need for a deep playoff run…it might be better to just keep him…if you can’t improve in that area via a trade.

      Reaves is going no where Sid and Gino are not getting younger and they will take abuse in the playoffs and the Pens will need a deterrent!

      The Penguin organization needs to start looking down the road after this year.
      After Malkin Crosby and Letang start going down hill they will have some serious issues and will most likely have a few years of hitting rock bottom and will need a complete rebuild.
      At some point does Malkin get dealt for futures and does Crosby retire a Pen or do they just run them into the ground as Penguins and retire both guys???
      Not there yet but they have to have this discussion for the future of the franchise.

      I think the Caps would be fools to pass on Green if they have a chance to get him…id resign him and see if you can move out Niskanen or Orpik.

      • reaves isnt preventing squat. if pens want to win he sees the bench more than the ice in the playoffs.

        I see this

        Crosby retires a pen
        Malkin plays to close to the end of his contract then returns to russia… plays his final years overseas.
        tanger gets traded in offseason.

      • chrisms or should we say Nostradamus…. interesting take pretty much right on though..Sid wilt retire as a penguins…kris leturnover will be traded sooner rather than later how about tomorrow….god he was by far the worst defense man on all 4 all star teams…despite his one goal..Malkin is the wild card i also think he retires as a penguin we will see..

      • Christmas. Thought I would try to get some levity going, someone didn’t have their wheaties today.

        I think I get it, I think we all do. You didn’t like the Reaves trade. Pit moved down a little over 1/2 a round to get 1 of the leagues better enforcers, 1 that can take a reg 4th line shift. If he’s struggling to get 4th line minutes why has he only missed 2 games?

        Let it go.

        Pit only needs a 3rd line C it won’t cost more than a 2nd & a suspect prospect, something Pit Can & has to pay.

      • Your response shows you don’t get it.

        And pray tell what decent third line center is available for a late 2nd and a suspect prospect?

      • Don’t get what? That Pit felt they needed a player to keep the opposition honest & stop taking liberties. I get they didn’t pay just a 1st something you have stated repeatedly. If you want to slag the trade fine but at least be honest.

        2 UFA C’s that would suffice for Pit’s playoff run & should cost just that. My 1st 2 choices would be Letestu or Plekanec. I prefer Plekanec as he is very sound defensively.

      • Letestu isn’t an upgrade. Plec would require salary held and likely would cost more because of it

      • Letestu would help the 3rd line generate a little more scoring & provide another PP contributor for Pit’s 2nd unit.

        Mon will have to retain salary on Plek regardless of where he goes.

        There are a few other possibilities but they are few. Just 2 options that no team will have to break the bank for including Pit.

        I can’t bring myself to question Ruthford’s magic. Did that & was proved as wrong as I could be.

      • Striker you are kind of right yet so very wrong. The Pens have the assets to get a good 3C but Plecanic and Letestu are trash. They have Sheehan and Rowney they don’t need a 3C. And yes Reaves is going nowhere. Even though they have JO who is just as tough. They are playing certain teams with a bravado that they didn’t in past years because they played scared. Now they are not scared of anyone. Reeves is not a “deterrent” and I am tired of that narrative. Reaves is a guarantor of mutual assured destruction. He can’t prevent things from happening but he can give it back should a team go that route.

      • Sorry I meant they don’t need a defensive 3C

      • Mark Letestu so far this year has scored 8 goals (3 ppg). Last year he scored 16 goals (11 ppg). Letestu doesn’t score as many goals even strength.

    • I’m the farthest thing from a leafs fan but I don’t get how they’re no where near being a contender. And how can you mock the ‘Shanaplan after 2.5 seasons? Most times teams are probably envious of their progress.
      They have 2 good defenders coming up in Dermott and Liljegren. Andersen is a great goalie, well coached and their offense is scary good. They’ve found ways to win games they have played bad in which tells me they’re pretty resilient. Yeah they probably won’t win this year but their young players are very skilled and seems like they can only trend up. I have no idea what you’re looking at lol, they’re definitely closer than 80% of the league.

      • Shanahan will have been in place for 4 years on April 11th. I’d say Shanaplan is right on schedule.

      • I agree with you Cmac that the Leafs are better then most people give them credit for. Also it’s only been 1.5 years since they started rebuilding, you can’t consider the year that they finish dead last as rebuilding. That is not rebuilding, how can it be when 90% or more of that roster was gone the following year before December even started. When a team starts adding players to their NHL roster that’s when you can call it the start of a REBUILD. This is because you are actually rebuilding something that has been torn down. The two are different entities totally. The Leafs acquired Anderson on June 20, 2016, that was pretty much the 1st sign of a rebuild and in my opinion as well as meny knowledgeable hockey peoples opinion the start of the rebuilding. That season had also seen the addition of up to 10 rookies to their lineup. If those 10 there was 7 that stayed on their roster as regulars, 8 if you count Leivo into the PB. The only veterans that stayed on the roster other than Rielly who really wasn’t a veteran, being only 21 at that point and 23 now. You have JVR, Bozak, Komarov, Polak, Kadri and Gardiner who was a leftover from the previous regime who stayed on the main roster. Now that is a rebuild, when you acquire, add or change players off of your main roster. All that really began with the trade for Freddy Anderson and continued with the selection of Matthews (Draft) and the promotion of players such as Nylander, Brown and then Marner etc. There is no way anyone can consider rebuilding when during the season all the players and/or veterans who have been there in years past from the previous regime as being considered part of rebuilding years. Just think if day you buy a house and you have an old tool shed in your back yard that’s falling apart and you tear it down because it’s an eyesore. Then a couple, maybe 3 years down the road you decide what size and type of shed you need to build for the tools you own so you take two weekends and build one. It didn’t take you 3 years and two weekends to rebuild your shed, it only took 2 weekends to rebuild your shed since you only started rebuilding the shed 2 weekends ago not when you tore it down, who cares when you tore it down it had only taken 3 weekends from the moment you started adding two by fours and planks to rebuild it, correct? There you go a 1.5 years of rebuilding so far.

    • Johnny One Note is back. Hey, Johnny, do you have expert opinions about any other teams? Way to go out on a limb there – Boston are good, yes they are, match them up with any other team in the East and they still look good.Any other earth-shattering news for us?

    • Maybe they will smarten up and package JVR with Marner and a first round pick to get maroon. Maroon is the Darkhorse you know… maybe Toronto could then win three games in the first round against this unknown opponent you know so well.

      • this my friends is a prime example of too many chemicals in the teenage years!

        You can’t fix stupid!

        Please do us all a favour and save your wacked out comments for eklund.

      • do you see the irony in that statement at all?

    • Make the playoffs & anything can happen. Like Edm Tor making the playoffs a little sooner than most anticipated has altered expectations but at least Tor is charting in the right direction. Did someone give the keys back to Lowe in Edm or did he just give the team a pep talk to start the year? Ha-ha!

      Gardiner, Reilly, Zaitsev is the start of a young retooled D in Tor. Hainsey is a stop gap & kids are coming. Dermott has played very well & is a little ahead of schedule. Getting Zaitsev back once Reilly returns gets Tor’s top 4 back in place. There are far worse D’s in the NHL, some that are far better on paper but playing far worse.

      Tor is a young team that shouldn’t be as far as they are but sound drafting, & a decent plan, Shanaplan has them a little ahead of schedule. Yes playing in the weakest division in hockey helps, that’s allot of extra games against weaker teams.

      • Yeah I remember Carolina beating Oilers in Cup in Ward’s rookie season… He probably has less chance to make HOF than Murray :). I think that was the last time they were in playoffs until the recently fluke run thanks to Talbot who played like 80+ games including the post season :).

        Vegas will probably win a Cup sooner than other teams who lack them or most who already have them ;). Talent isn’t enough, you need character… I think SEnators nearly making the SCF is more of a shock from last season… This year the biggest surprise is Jets might make it… Though Vegas is overshadowing that being 1st expansion team who might win division and President Trophy initial season :).

    • Twin, I have no idea what your deal is but obvious you have Leaf envy. I believe you are an Oiler guy. I’d be more concerned with where the Oilers are going then your comments around Shanahan’s plan and the Leafs. Knowledgeable hockey people understand the plan, they also understand what the Leafs have. Obviously guys like you have no clue. So get over yourself.

      • Its just amusing when people state the obvious about the leafs on here isn’t it, if you google worst Francis’s in norther American sports Toronto comes up in first place, making them the Cleveland browns of the NHL.

        The shanaplan, may still be I. Tact but a good plan would be to push in before rontracts rise threw the roof.

        The Toronto Browns, less marner,nylander and Matthews accept pay cuts or bridge deals will be hopped when 25 million to those 3 players.

        They are high scoring, but it’s been noted all year they need upgraded D. Less they pick up competent d, they will lose in 6 tops in round 1.

  4. The emergence of Dominic Simon has shortened Jim Rutherford’s shopping list.

    At this point, they need a third line center and a depth insurance policy type defenseman.

    If the Leafs decide to sell their UFA’s, the Pens patience could be rewarded if they can pick up Bozak.

    Ian Cole seems certain to be traded, but I’d at least see if anyone wants Matt Hunwick first.

    • Tor won’t be selling any of their UFA’s. At least not the big 3, Bozak, JvR or Komarov. They will buy a UFA Dman or a depth Dman with a year after this season.

      Tor is making the playoffs why would they even consider selling?

    • Twin, why do we need to push in when our core forward group is under 21 and our core defenders have yet not fully devoloped. That’s a ridiculous approach. An approach is to develop your core and build from within until you are ready to push. This is realistically two years from now and onward as our farm is very well stocked which will allow us to manage against the cap just fine.

      As a knowledgeable hockey guy who happens to love the Leafs and am very aware of their history, I could care less if we make the playoffs this year, let alone win a round. Given we pushed Washington pretty hard last playoff with a less experienced team then we have now, I fully expect to give Boston one hell of a fight. Yeah, they look good right now and have a very experience core. Two months from now may tell a very different story. Regardless a Leaf/Bruin first round will be a very tough battle for either team to win.

  5. Re: Leafs D
    I don’t believe the Leafs are only a top 2 away from being in contention this year. I’d rather retain Bozak and deal from a position of strength which is RW.
    Currently the depth on RW is Nylander, Brown, Komarov, Soshnikov, Bracco, Marner and Kapanen. If that snags you a Dman then so be it, otherwise there isn’t much sense in making a move unless they think Marleau can play C for the rest of the year and next.

    Karlsson or Doughty? Geez, I don’t think i’m worthy of choosing between these two perennial Norris contenders. I’d gladly take either one and give up anyone not named Matthews.

  6. The salary cap has effectively gelded any blockbuster moves unless a team decides to rebuild and other teams can take on expensive contracts. Perhaps if we moved to a system where you can have a luxury tax applied if a team goes over the cap ceiling there would be more flexibility, but this restraint gms are exercising is driving me batty.

  7. Re: Bozak. The guy doesn’t forecheck, backcheck, hit, pretend to hit, or anything else of substance unless you count inconsistent offense as crucial. This idea that they have no one to replace him is one argument. Him being there offers no real advantage. The Leafs will not resign him to more money. They are already at the cap. What will his value be inches away from UFA? No team is going to give anything up for him except for now.

    Line up the potential teams that would be desperate enough to trade for him (possibly PIT, VGK, NYR) and get maximum value for him (2nd-4th round pick depending on how insane the other team would be).

    JVR is useless outside of the front of the net to tip in a goal on a power play so his point numbers mask his play outside of those type of goals. Re-signing him at 6 million plus long term means a lost spot for younger prospect, or better yet, money spent on a more complete hockey player. Line up suiters to see what his value would be and if that isn’t enough, he could still fetch something albeit less after the playoffs before he hits the open market.

    Komarov offers value on the fourth line, which means unless you find a place for Kapanen on the first three lines, Komarov looks like he’s going to take Martin’s spot. The way they have been overplaying Komarov hoping he’s going to go on a scoring spree will lead to him having an eventual heart attack out there. He is trying to do everything and ends up doing nothing. Keep him on the fourth line where he is productive or trade him.

    • Does this fit the trade you want for your Leafs Frank?

      to NYR : Bozak & Gardiner

      to TOR: Nash & Smith


      Nash is certainly a Babcock guy. He has played with Marleau on Team Canada before. Gives them something to discuss on resigning if JVR walks. Marleau can Slot 2C and Kadri slides down to 3C. Nash can play with Matthews & Nylander or Marleau and Marner.

      NYR gets a 3rd line center and see how he meshes with the team. Gives them something to look at and not have to rush Lias Andersson into the role next season.

      • No thanks.
        We have no need for a very overpaid Smith, I’d rather keep gardiner.
        Nash is better than most think but the Leafs are loaded at wing and shallow at C. The Bozak/Nash swap makes no hockey sense and the Gardiner for Smith swap is just downright ridiculous

      • You gotta let the Smith thing go… it’s getting out of hand.

      • Ha-ha!

        Let it go no 1’s taking Smith nor is Tor trading what is currently their #1 Dman at least by TOI/GP. ES TOI/GP & PP TOI/GP; actually tied with Reilly.

        I don’t get people’s distaste of Gardiner. Most teams in the NHL would love to have this player at 4 mil & change having just entered his prime for Dman. I just hope Tor doesn’t lose him as a UFA in the summer of 2019 or are forced to have to trade him or can’t afford to.

        Is he being miscast as a #1, yes but he & Reilly are Tor’s top 2 at present & few teams have the luxury of getting what most here perceive as a legitamte #1.

        31 teams in the NHL now & about a dozen truly exceptional 2 way Dman exist on the planet at present, that means most have to suffice with less, most far less, or by committee & even having what most consider to be 1 of the best in Karlsson who’s lack of a solid 2 way game is off set by his incredible skills offensively has accomplished what for Ott? That’s right, absolutely nothing, as you need at least 4 solid to above average Dman to hope to compete consistently.

  8. Hey if the Leafs where smart they would make up a couple package deals for young players and picks get something for Bozak, JVR, and Komorov lievo can go as well as Gardner and polak start changing the out look

  9. Hope all these hockey comments are worthy enough for you Travis

  10. Dreger on TSN suggested the possibility that the Leafs consider being sellers with JvR, Bozak, and Komorov. He didn’t exactly take out the crystal ball and say they will, but suggested they consider it. As a Leafs fan I agree with him completely. All three of these could fetch a decent return. Getting picks to lure an OEL was why he suggested it. Can the Leafs have playoff success as presently constructed; maybe. But I honestly don’t think so. No need to get so locked into past practice as the best practice. If a deal exists on or before Feb 26th go for it. I don’t think the Leafs are in a position to sit with their current roster if they expect to win it all this year. Not many teams are in that position. Hell even Tampa might need to make a few moves to address injuries and so on.

    • I don’t think the Leafs will be sellers at all. I think moving JvR makes sense to some extent but they need all the offence they can get come playoffs, I don’t see him moving.
      Bozak won’t move, we don’t have a 3C in the system to replace him.
      Komarov isn’t worth much at the deadline and not a move they need to make.

      Should they consider it if they get a huge overpayment? sure, but they aren’t getting an overpayment on any of these guys.

      The only move I see is JvR to a team for a legit top 4 defenceman. Its low probability that someone gives up a top 4 for a pending UFA but thats the only hockey deal that makes sense

      • Agreed Taz,
        JvR would get the best return. I am agreeing with in that that should st least consider moving all three sooner than later.

    • If you don’t like Gardiner’s warts then you are going to like OEL’s far less considering what Tor would have to pay to acquire him. OEL is 1 dimensional, about as 1 dimensional as they come & this season he’s not even that.

      OEL is -36 this year, he’s been on the ice for 51 goals against this season either at ES or when Arz has been on the PP.

      This is not the solution to Tor’s D issues. In Reilly, Gardiner & Zaitsev Tor has Dman that can transition the puck & run a PP they need an elite level shut down Dman ideally who has some form of a transition game & can help offensively but that need is secondary unless Gardiner is lost as a UFA.

      If Gardiner can be retained long term what ails Tor’s D may simply be found internally over the next few seasons as Borgman, Dermott, Nielsen & Lilgren develop.

      If a team who wants to try & buy a Dman & doing so is extremely expensive, well unless your TB who fleeced Bergevin, I’m waiting to see what plays out with Trouba in Win. I’m not buying anyone else at D until I know what his future is as he’s the solution to any teams need at D & he might be available, we should know this summer. If Win can’t get him extended & he takes an arbitration settlement he’ll be available before or after potentially.

      • OEL is playing on a very poor team and I never said it was him I wanted. I only said Dreger used him as an example of someone the Leafs could use picks to acquire after trading JvR, Komorov, and Bozak.

      • So has Gardiner in Tor until last season & defensively they are still lacking as well.

        I don’t know how Arz can still be this bad. On paper their D is far superior to Tor’s if only the game was played on paper, ha-ha!

        At what point do teams like Arz & Buf start getting better? Are we looking at EDM bad for a decade? No team should be this bad for that long.

    • In not so many words i said the same thing. They wont win a round . If they want to mortgage the future go ahead. Its like the leafs of old times, push at the deadline and finish in 9th. Or be up 3-1 in tge first round searies vs boston and lose in 7 lol

      • Your an IDIOT Twin . Leaf hating is one thing but you take it to another level

  11. Could be off topic here, sorry Travis, but I just saw an article on TSN. The new owner in Carolina is going to fill the lower bowl with fans. I guess after buying it he realized that the team has no fans, unless of course they win, so he has to do this to create the illusion that the NHL is wanted in Carolina. If they don’t want a team just move them to Quebec already! A move to Seattle makes sense as it balances the League and has a hockey history. There is precedence for Bettman expanding in the US and relocating to Canada (remember Winnipeg).

    • Striker, interesting comment around paper vs reality in comparing Arizona’s D to Toronto D. Never underestimate the difference a coaching staff can make. To me, Babcock is worth every penny, especially when he doesn’t count against the cap.

  12. The lease in Carolina precluded moving the team until following the 2021-22 season at the earliest with out a penalty in the 10’s of millions of dollars. The purchase agreement no sooner than 7 years after this season.

    If I bought lower bowl tickets I want some money back for each game someone else gets access to a seat I paid far more for.

    • Carolina is a great young hockey team, play a fairly exciting brand of hockey & have a compliswd something many NHL teams are still dreaming of winning a Stanley cup.

      See anything can happen if you can make the playoffs. Carolina is living proof.

      • Still doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be moved, and better for Quebec as they will get a good team. With expansion fees at $500,000,000 I am Quebecor or other investors would be more than willing to pay much lesser fees for expansion via penalties. This I hope happens one day!

      • hoping a fan base loses their team is the lowest a sports fan can sink. maybe you dont mean it that way… but it still comes off as nasty regardless.

      • Good points striker!
        Some teams have never won. But the longest drout goes to the Toronto Browns… 1967 boys….

        Its misfortunate, all these die hard leafs fans would trade their wives for the weekend to even see the second round otherlone a cup appearance.

        With 31 teams incounting, i doubt they will ever win one again. Suck a storied franchise barried in decades of misery.

        I often wondered why there were so many red wing fans in ontario, and outside of winning draft lotteries thats all they will ever amnount to in our lifetime.

        Great to see the marlies on a good run tho! Least theres hockey again in the GTA way to go boyz!

  13. I wouldn’t trade my wife for the weekend. She can leave if it means a Stanley Cup! :). And Chrisms I don’t wish for those in Carolina to lose their team. The franchise would be stronger in Quebec. We all know it might as well say it.

    • No. Until Canada crashes again maybe. A winning my team in any southern us city is far more viable to the nhl than any Canadian little city.

  14. Twin,
    Forever is a long time. Don’t be so ridiculous! Even the Cubs won recently:)

      • Johnny One – Note over and over and over again. By the way, did you watch the Anaheim – Boston game tonight? Turns out there might be a way to beat the Bruins after all,although they are probably the greatest team to ever play the game.

      • At least the Laughs at best at something even if its choking or losing ;). They just need to give some hefty contracts to studs like David Clarkson :). I guess Marleau is an upgrade on that kinda deal until his age or injuries kick in ;). Seems they talk about trading Bozak or some other players for years… Kessel finally escapes from there only to get 2 Cups for Penguins as his punishment ;).

  15. You heard it hear…..


  16. Kings 2-0 with LaDue playing while trash Forbort 1st round Bust is out injured… their D in general is clearly much better without him… It lets them pair them betting having 3 right shots w/ 3 left in lineup… Even Martinez scored who had been dry, beating Dallas was big for team clinging to playoff.

    Vegas amazing again coming back down 2-1 on road vs. Flames to win 4-2 in like final 90 seconds. If only David Clarkson could play who took a huge payday to leave the SCF losing Devils ;). Jets or Tampa might be only teams in way of Vegas winning President Trophy :).

  17. I wish I knew which team this kid…twin supports?.😂

  18. The Leafs are only 1.5 years into a RE-BUILD not 2.5 or 3 or 4 years not any of those, June 20, 2016 was the first step in the Leafs rebuilding process, the day they acquired F. Anderson and that was also the first player they added to their NHL roster, which is how you can tell that a team is in the rebuilding process, when they start adding to their roster not while they have all their old players and are getting their brains beat in on a nightly basis and ending up in last place.