NHL Rumor Mill – January 31, 2018

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Latest on the Canadiens, Canucks and Jets plus an update on John Tavares in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Montreal Canadiens could continue fielding calls about left wing Max Pacioretty up to the trade deadline but there’s no certainty they’ll move him. It depends upon whether a team will step up with an offer that includes a young center as part of the package. Otherwise, they could retain him and look at reaching a decision on his future in the offseason. Pacioretty is eligible in July 2019 for UFA status.

LeBrun also reports it’s possible the Canadiens could attempt to re-sign pending UFA center Tomas Plekanec if they can get him re-signed for a cheap deal that makes sense. LeBrun still feels there’s a good chance Plekanec could be dealt by the deadline.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Listed the Nashville Predators, San Jose Sharks, St. Louis Blues, Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks as possible trade destinations for Max Pacioretty.

The Predators have some attractive prospects, such as KHL forward Eeli Tolvanen and Boston University defenseman Dante Fabbro. Sharks forward Tomas Hertl and young center Josh Norris could interest Habs general manager Marc Bergevin. The notion of acquiring sidelined Blues winger Robby Fabbri isn’t far-fetched as the Canadiens are out of playoff contention, plus the Blues also have offensive prospects such as Robert Thomas, Jordan Kyrou and Klim Kostin.

The Jets have promising youngsters such as Kyle Connor, Jack Roslovic, Chase De Leo, Nic Petan and Logan Stanley. Flames young forward Sam Bennett can skate at center but he’s been slow to develop. They also have prospects Jusso Valimaki and Rasmus Andersson in their system.

Kings prospects Jaret Anderson-Dolan and Kale Clague could be trade chips, but they’re unlikely to part with Gabriel Vilardi. The Ducks have promising youngsters in center Sam Steel and defenseman Jacob Larsson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While it’s possible one of those clubs could make a tempting pitch for Pacioretty at the trade deadline, I’ll be surprised if they actually do so. At this stage I think most of them are more interested in playoff rentals. If the Sharks go shopping it’ll be for a center, not a left wing, as Joe Thornton is currently out for at least several weeks with a knee injury. Pacioretty being eligible next summer for UFA status could make some teams leery of parting with assets for a player who could depart in 2019 via free agency.

As for Plekanec, maybe he stays on a one-year deal but it’ll have to be worth much less than his current $6 million cap hit. I can see him being moved at the trade deadline. 

If NY Islanders center John Tavares become a UFA this summer, the San Jose Sharks could be among the suitors (Photo via NHL Images)


SPORTSNET: Luke Fox listed several factors that suggest center John Tavares could end up re-signing with the New York Islanders. Eight years of contract security could be comforting for a player who’s suffered two season-ending injuries in the past four seasons. Tavares has said contract talks are always open and “they’ve been great so far.” The transition toward a new arena in Belmont Park marks a return to the club’s geographical heart. Tavares has said that could factor into his decision.

The Isles captain has plenty of praise for head coach Doug Weight and for the club’s depth in promising young talent. Tavares also doesn’t seem bitter about seeing peers such as Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby, Chicago’s Jonathan Toews and Los Angeles’ Anze Kopitar winning multiple championships while he’s only gotten to the second round once.

THE MERCURY NEWS: Paul Gackle noted the rumors linking the San Jose Sharks to “Max Pacioretty of the Montreal Canadiens, Evander Kane of the Buffalo Sabres and Mike Hoffman of the Ottawa Senators in the rumor mill.” However, he believes the cost of acquiring one of those players could be a couple of their promising prospects, which could undermine the club’s efforts to transition toward a younger roster whilst remaining a contender in the Western Conference.

Gackle also suggests the Sharks might be better off waiting until this summer, when John Tavares might be available via free agency. If Tavares leaves the Islanders, Gackle suggests the Sharks are among the few clubs with sufficient salary-cap space to sign him to a long-term deal worth over $10 million per season while also giving him a viable shot at winning the Stanley Cup. He acknowledges, however, landing Tavares is no guarantee.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even if the Islanders fail to reach the playoffs this year, that’s no certainty that Tavares will hit the open market. I think he’ll need assurances that the club is heading in the right direction and intends on building toward Cup contention. It could also come down to how many teams are in position to pay him top dollar while still giving him a shot at winning a championship. As Gackle notes, there aren’t many clubs in that position. Tavares’ status will remain a hot topic through late-June and will likely ramp up once the playoffs end. 


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun believes Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Chevaldayoff will be a buyer leading up to the trade deadline. “He’s willing to move futures before this deadline if a deal makes sense. The Jets are playoff-bound and he wants to help them,” write LeBrun.

SPORTSNET: In the wake of news Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba will miss six-to-eight weeks with an ankle injury, Elliotte Friedman said the Jets feel they can get by without the sidelined blueliner. He notes Trouba will return later this season plus they also have Dustin Byfuglien and Tyler Myers on the right side. Instead, he thinks they could look for a left-side blueliner. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Friedman points out, the Jets are a very good team this year and they know they’re a contender. I expect Cheveldayoff will make a move or two to improve his club’s chances for a deep playoff run. 


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the intentions of Vancouver Canucks forwards Daniel and Henrik Sedin might not be resolved until season’s end or perhaps the summer. The twins are eligible for unrestricted free agent status in July. Don’t expect them to be moved at the trade deadline as both carry no-movement clauses in their contracts.

Regarding pending UFA defenseman Erik Gudbranson, Bob McKenzie reports the Canucks’ first priority is try to negotiate a contract extension. Discussions are expected to pick up between the two sides over the next week or two. If they can’t work out a new deal, he could become a playoff rental at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sedins aren’t going anywhere at the trade deadline and I wouldn’t be surprised if they return next season on on-year, incentive-laden contracts. I agree with McKenzie that Gudbranson will become a playoff rental if he and the Canucks fail to work out a contract extension before the Feb. 26 trade deadline. 



  1. Tomas Plekanec yes at the TDL no on the other Habs. The draft in June is when the big names will move.
    Kevin Chevaldayoff has only made deals when forced.We will see at the end of February
    Players with term will not be moved at the TDL. UFA’s Plekanec ,Maroon, Kane ,and Green will be the only names that get traded. Maybe Jack Johnson.

    • I think I agree for the most part but I could see Pageau moved. his role as a 3rd line C in Ott can be assumed by a younger player coming or Smith moving back to C.

      I have 28 players currently tagged as trade candidates which kind of ties into the annual norm for trade deadline deals. I think we may see less this season than in the previous 2 simply due to more teams still in the hunt for a playoff spot than years past.

      A few other sort of name players for me would be Vanek, Gubranson & possibly Halak depending upon whether NYI falls out of the race.

  2. I keep reading that the Sedin twins won’t be traded and I wonder why not? If the Sedins want to win a Stanley Cup before they retire why wouldn’t Vancouver make a Ray Borque type deal to facilitate this? There are definitely four, if not more, playoff bound teams that could absorb their salaries if the Canucks retained 50%. If Boston felt they owed it to Borque you can believe Vancouver feels the same way about the Sedins? Especially, when there is nothing to stop the twins from signing back with Vancouver again in the fall.

    • They both have a NMC and they would have to want to be moved to start. It’s hard enough to trade one player but here you’re talking two players going to the same team.
      The most over used saying is “If Wayne Gretzky can get traded, anyone can.” but the twin are not one and they won’t be traded, even if they said yes, to who and what’s the return and if there is 25 games remaining that a cap hit of $4.2 m for both players.

      • Neither Daniel or Henrik expressed any interest in moving on. They’re finishing this season with the Canucks.

      • They’ve also said Canucks will be the only team they ever play for. Do we hold them to that?
        I think they mean it

    • Hello Steve,
      The Sedins don’t want to win a Cup it seems. There appears to be no interest to leave Vancouver not even for one run! They won’t win one in Vancouver. Accepting a rental deal and returning to Vancouver to end their career would seem to make the most sense. I think they could certainly help a team like NJ maybe. Put them on a line with Taylor Hall! I know I will get a lot of comments from armchair managers asking me how this would work. I don’t care actually as that’s not my job. But it would be fun to watch a Sedin Cup run on the eastern time zone. I must confess I am not necessarily a fan but they could still make a huge impact on the right team; not the Leafs! We are sticking to the Shanaplan. I am looking forward to watching 6 Leafs playoff games this spring. Get ready for deep runs in Toronto from 2019 onward!

      • Here we go again lol. I think hes exergerating on the 6 game thing this year!

    • Different values than some & that’s not to imply they wouldn’t love to win a Stanly Cup. Those being strong family values, both Sedin’s families are fully entrenched in the community, no desire to leave their young families solely for a shot at the cup.

      They want to finish their careers only having played for 1 team & if that’s what they wish I respect both for doing so.

      As expressed previously I hope both get success 1 year bonus laden deals for at least 1 more year if not 2 accepting reduced roles & responsibilities as youth is ready to assume greater roles. Who better to learn from as both are upstanding citizens & 2 of the best players the game has ever seen. Their ability to cycle the puck & turn sub standard players into goal scorers profound.

      Poor Anson Carter, he should have taken that 800K discount to stay, his career ended quickly after taking the money in Columbus as a UFA, although making a killing in the film industry.

    • Sedins each are like 7M cap hit who like their summers off :). I remember a player they used to say had 40 goal hands with a 20 goal heart… Who would be checking out girls in the crowd when he played for Maple Leafs… That is the type of mentality or heart the Sedins have… They simply don’t care about winning or getting a championship before retire. Vrbata is somebody who maybe will get moved since he supposedly will retire. Either way its nearly impossible to expect both to get traded to same team. Daniel is better since he can score goals unlike his bro who can’t. Wayne didn’t even want to wear the Kings jersey or get traded in first place… Though for his wife it was better to be in California or LA for her acting career… So that was a factor, Vanek is more realistic to expect a trade for assets for a team going for Cup.

  3. Either Lebrun has been lied to or the Habs are in absolute denial!

    Why in the world would the HABS want to re sign Plekanecs…its time to walk away and admit that a major rebuild is required.

    Any playoff team or true legit contender is looking to bolster the 3rd and 4th line Center position and if there was any chance or time to move him its now…if you need to re sign this guy because there isn’t anything or anyone to replace him down the road or you are in fear of not being capable of replacing an aging player that has no business in the organization any longer…. your in big trouble!

    The worst thing the Habs can do right now is lie to themselves because they have Carey price that they are just in a re tool..its nothing but ( B S )

    …Carey Price looks gosh awful right now and looks as if he is playing not to get hurt and finish the season on a good health note!
    Habs fans are the most astute in the league and can see the forest through the trees and will except a complete tear down
    (which is what they need and reality)
    Because they DO NOT want to see this again!

    Clear the best amount of cap you can and look at making deals and signings in the off season to at least start a new ERA!
    Do not sign any UFAs and get the best draft picks and young 1A prospects back you can in any deal for your top tradable assets.
    i.e Patches, Galchenyuk, Shaw and maybe Alzner…if they don’t resign any UFAs they will save $10 million to add to the almost $8 million they have available in spending money….and that’s not if they move Patches and Galchenyuk ..if they move those 2 guys they add another $10 million of spending money …that’s $ 30 million available to start fresh in the off season…may not get a chance with this money to do it right again!

    Some teams have really high quality assets that it does not look like they can fit into a top 9 rotation because they are at the top of there spending and the players on the roster are the team they are happy with.

    Good trade partner for quality players that can impact a young Habs team are ..IMO:


    just sayin

    • The Habs are a mess! You should put Price in as a trade chip also Kal El. Anything goes in Montreal in my opinion. Of course Bergevin needs to go first.

      • Agreed on all counts, especially about Bergevin needing to the first to go.

        A rebuild is needed… but I do NOT want Bergevin to run it. He’d trade Carey Price for six young 4th line forwards and a slow #7 defenseman…

    • Kal El, LeBrun said it’s possible the Habs could re-sign Plekanec if it was a cheap deal that made sense. He still feels Plekanec will likely be dealt. The only reason the Habs might (emphasis on “Might”) re-sign Pleks is because they’re so thin at center for next season.

    • if Tavares hits the market you can be sure that the habs will pony up. All of a sudden that rebuild would be insta complete (just like it happened for the Leafs)
      The habs need to move out pending UFA but hold quality assets like Patches and Galchenyuk to see how things shape out July 1st

      If you have Tavares, Patches, byron, chuck, gallagher, mete, weber, price, alzner, petry etc etc you have major pieces of a playoff team

      PS: as a leafs fan seeing Tavares in Montreal would suck

    • The most astute fans in the NHL. Come now that’s pretty bold. Shiticky is that you! Ha-ha!

      Plekanec will be moved but could be resigned this summer as a UFA to continue as Mon #3 checking C, a role he still does extremely well as long as he would be willing to do so on a 1 year bonus laden deal maxing out at no more than 3.5 so he can be moved again at next seasons deadline as well.

      Plekanec see’s no PP or offensive minutes anymore, PP TOI/GP 0:11. At forward he sits 4th in TOI/GP, #1 for PK TOI/GP 2:17 & at ES TOI/GP he sits 3rd just seconds behind Drouin & Patches. He sits #1 in draws for Mon with 927 with a 52.5% efficiency rating nominally behind Danault at 588 with a 52.7% rating.

      No forward in Mon logs harder minutes or assignments & if given a sniff of offensive icetime could generate some offense.

      Mon isn’t built to tear it down nor will the fans tolerate it. The reason Mon is partly a mess is this Franco phone issue & their reluctance to just hire the best man for the job or trade or draft the best player regardless of where they come from.

      Yes it is a mess. No team looking to tear it down & doing so in this lottery world serves very little purposes as your chances of getting the befit picking 1st overall or even in the top 3, like Arz, Edm, Tor, Buf, Chi, etc. saw in the old lottery world is long gone.

      No team trades for Petry signs him for to much money & term, Shaw, Weber, trades 1 of the best young D prospects on the planet, signs Alzner & locks up a what will be a 31 year old goalie for 10.5 mil per for 8 years if they are planning to tear it down.

      Bergevin has doomed this team for years & the prospect kitty is virtually bare.

    • Most astute in the NHL? Really, come now that’s very bold.

      Mon isn’t constructed for a rebuild. everything they have done since Bergevin has arrived says exactly the opposite.

      In todays lottery world no teams gets the advantage that existed from 2015 prior. Finishing last now means you have an 82.7% chance of not picking 1st & your odds only improve nominally in rounds 2 & 3 of the lottery now.

      I see Mon moving Plekenac at the deadline but bringing him back as a UFA this summer on a 1 year bonus laden deal maxing out at no more than 3.5 with the NTC or NMC to be able to flip him again the season following makes sense to me.

      No player logs more minutes in harder situations than Plekenaec in Mon nor takes any where near the # of draws sits 10th in the NHL for draws winning 52.5%, sits 4th in TOI/GP, 3rd in ES TOI/GP seconds behind Patches & Drouin, #1 in PK TOI/GP all for forward in Mon.

      He isn’t paid to score anymore in Mon he logs all the hard difficult mins & see’s 0:11 PP TOI/GP. If given even a sniff of PP time or even deployed in the offensive zone occasionally with someone that could score he would produce decent offensive #’s. Someone is getting a solid playoff asset that helps win games & his contributions don’t show up in goals & assists for but against.

      Mon is a mess & 1 of the single biggest issues is all those astute fans keep demanding francophone’s in all key positions & on their roster. Management, Coaches & players. Until that stops & they just start hiring the best in the business, & drafting them regardless of where the are from there is no solution.

      Bergevin has set this team back at least 5 years, the team is poorly constructed, the prospect kitty barren. A good thing he has a great sense of humour, he was considered to be 1 of the funnest players & practical jokers in his time as a player. Here comes my Bruins bias, I find what he has done highly amusing & extremely funny & as a Bruins fan couldn’t be happier.

      Sorry Lyle. Ha-ha!

  4. It was great to see the Jets beat the Lightning last night! I think they have the capability to make an extended run this season. Wait till Scheiffle returns!

    • Trouba is out too they have all these excuses to slip or start losing… IF they can get a healthy team back this experience for the lesser players will help their chances… At worst they are top 5 in West for chances to make SCF… Coming into this season I doubt many if any expected the would make playoffs unless it was a wild card. They had problems in Net when Montoya was better than Pavelec… Now Mason has only seemed to be what LA but their other goalie has played well enough to start. So even if he got injured at least they got Mason to fall back on who could still rebound. Would be nice to see Jets win if its not Vegas, Blues, or even Nashville from West :).

  5. Teal is a good color for Tavares.

    • dpf,
      Not a fan of the Sharks but it’s a very sensible fit with Joe slowing down. The Sharks have quality forwards, great goaltending and defence. Tavares would definitely have to consider the Sharks as an option if he is looking to go to a perennial contender. His going there would solidify that fact.

  6. Something needs to give in Winnipeg soon at the very latest this summer. Petan & De Leo both have waiver rights next season & even if Rislovic is sent back down next season that leaves 14 forwards of significant value.

    I don’t want to slight either prospect for Win but Petan will have been drafted 5 years ago this June & De Leo 4, both are smurfs but the NHL has a place for such in the NHL now if you show your willing to play the NHL game regardless of size.

    Both have been passed by others in Winnipeg’s systems so moving 1 or both makes sense to me either at the deadline or this summer ideally before the draft.

    • Jack Roslovic has passed Petan on the depth chart which is obvious because he’s up in the NHL.
      Petan was never a favorite player of Maurice. Before the start of the 2016-2017 Maurice commented that Petan is a skilled forward and need to play in the top 6 and hasn’t played better then the players on the roster and doesn’t fit into Maurice bottom 6.
      Yes Petan needs a change of scenery to get any chance because unless there is an abundance of injuries it isn’t happening in Winnipeg.

  7. Chrisms.

    I meant to get back online yesterday & say for what it’s worth I share your distaste for the Reeves trade just not the way you keep trying to represent it. Reeves having cost Pit a 1st, it did, the last pick in the 1st round; 31st overall, but if referencing that you have to acknowledged they got a mid 2nd, 51st back.

    I think this was a wasted swap of draft picks but again respect Rutherford’s thought process. Again it pains me to have been so wrong about this hiring; Rutherford, he left Carolina a mess, but back to back cups attest to his abilities. This type of asset really isn’t required in the NHL any longer. Team toughness can be achieved in so many other ways & numerous teams don’t carry this type of player any longer.

    Hell NYR just acquired 1 for free on waivers in Cody McLeod. This type of asset needs to be able to take a regular shift in the NHL today & make some form of contribution not just in fighting & hits be it some offense or more commonly a reasonable defensive game.

    • Yesterday someone commented that Reaves didn’t deter the combative nature of other teams and then said he noticed that Pitts is playing tougher with Reaves in the lineup.
      Reaves is a deterrent, no he isn’t going to stop the tough guys, but yes for other that want to take the extra jab, slash, poke etc. they will definitely think twice.
      The fact it was mentioned that Pitts is playing tougher with Reaves in the lineup, tell me that Reaves is providing exactly what Pitts expected when they traded for him. They are playing tougher because no recourse is coming.

      • If you are correct Caper and Pittsburgh does make the playoffs then watch out. They won the Cup the last two years without “toughness”. I think taking a stick to the head and coming back to play shows “toughness”. Luckily for Crosby he may not need to worry about that at all this year. Pittsburgh would do themselves a favor by acquiring a seasoned veteran as a backup for the playoffs. Murray is great but often injured. The Penguins will be a force come playoff time. If they get in! Tight Metropolitan division this year!

      • I won’t agree. I am just one of those who feels that Klim Kostin was a bit of a high price to pay. Not saying he is the be all here, but has the talent to potentially be a game changer.
        Ultimately if it means the right mix of toughness that wins a 3rd cup it is worth it. Just looking down the road and with no guarentees this year, it makes you think.

      • Caper.

        Must be a great time to be living in Winnipeg. The city must just be covered in Jets blue & white. What’s the vibe like? Not a town I ever get to really, it’s bad enough going to Edm & Cal this time of year.

        They are a year ahead of schedule for me. We all expected improvement from Laine, Ehlers, Morrissey, Armia, etc, those kids that had a free reign last year but the rapid advancement of Connor, who I thought would still be shuttling between the NHL & AHL has been very impressive.

        The organizational depth, the signing of Kulkov which has given Win the ability to ice 3 solid pairings perhaps the best D in the entire NHL when all are healthy & playing, Poolman’s ability to play meaningful minutes when required due to injuries a huge bonus but the biggest issue for me until recently was health. By this time last year Little & Myers were & had missed a huge portion of the season & are irreplaceable & a huge reason I felt Hellebuyck was in a terrible spot last season & really played great considering.

        I am a Bruins fan & would be happy to see Winnipeg win the cup. If not for Vegas, Chevy may have had a shot at Executive of the year. There is still 1 more award I think he would like more.

        I don’t see Win doing much, a depth Dman, perhaps a depth forward but not certain they even need 1, a depth forward that is.

      • Dam there is my Bruins bias coming out again!

      • Strike, I have said for 3yrs now that Winnipeg will be the next Canadian Team to win the cup, and one of these years i’ll be either proven right or wrong.
        It’s a positive outlook when you are stilling winning games with Scheifele, Kulikov and Trouba out of the lineup. Roslovic and Poolman both have played well. The city talks Jets 365 days a year but like any fan base they get fanatic and don’t see weaknesses.
        Two days ago the fan base was divide because Hutchinson decided to play in the AHL all-star game in Utica known he was getting the start against Tampa the next night. Some said good on him, while other said he should’ve skipped the Ahl all star game and been in Winnipeg getting ready for Tampa; Hutch made it on time and only allow one goal in the 3-1 jets win.
        As I said he earned the right to make that decision but it doesn’t mean it was the right one and he was definitely sending a message; because Paul Maurice said Hutchinson knew a week prior he was getting the start.
        Side note watched the bruins game last night with interest of how they would handle a heavy team like Anaheim.

      • Steven no ware did I say Reaves is bringing Pitts the cup. A lot of that will fall on the shoulders of MM; however if by having him in the lineup means less shots to Crosby head and extra stick work and cheap shots. Then yes Reaves is worth the price.

      • Would be a very cool time to be in Winnipeg. Having lived in van for 2 of the 3 cup runs & spending large portions in Van for last the last was very cool & exciting & even though A Bruins fan & there was no down side, I wanted to see Vancouver win. Dam there is that Bruins bias yet again.

        Thought it would have been great for the city, specific players & people in the organization I admire & respect. I don’t just bleed the black, yellow & white of the spocked wheel, I love hockey 1st & in a perfect world Boston wins but alias we don’t live in a perfect world & I am a pragmatist.

      • Nobody is thinking twice since Reeves sucks who can’t even get on ice or catch somebody. Crosby makes his own problems as does Malkin with cheap shots… Breaking Methots thumb or slashing it… Spearing a real goon like O’Reilley who is a lady Byng type player… These people make their own problems then play the victim… Crosby has so many concussions maybe he can’t remember the cheap stuff he does…

        Would have been easy enough to claim Reeves off waivers where he belongs :). Even if he did something he would just get suspended. Tough must be code for barely hanging in a playoff spot. They missed out on a better player who they could have drafted in that spot… Also gave another decent depth forward player to Blues who started out well…

        I never liked Reeves on Blues, I hope Penguins miss the playoffs for giving up a 1st rounder… Look at who can get for a 1st rounder compared to a fringe player without any skill. That was one of the dumbest most desperate trades ever seen. Looking back on that draft will see all the great players they passed up for trash. I don’t mind goons or enforcers or fighting just for the record though… NOlan was a waste on Kings, he got put on waivers then scored 2 goals in a game for Buffalo a team going nowhere :). He was always a liability for them… Least Clifford could chip in some solid play even when injured or offense at key times. Even Andreoff is a much cheaper better option for what he brings… Able to play center, take some faceoffs. Its not like Reeves is a Jody Shelley or a homeless Matt Johnson…

  8. Mike Fisher un retires and rejoining the Preds.

    • Why is that legal to do? Can Ilya Kovalchuk just come into NHL after his KHL contract since Devils wont have his rights by then? Is anybody able to just sign a free agent even if they are in AHL under a contract with some team there or another league? Smart plan since they get a decent player for nothing. I don’t think it will be enough to win the Cup this year… Last team who I think lost in Cup then won next year was Penguins or Detroit… That was back before the salary cap was a big deal. Maybe they can play the Mets with a no clue manager like KC Royals to cash in on Carrie Fisher’s Husband hehe :). She is pretty so will be nice to see her at a few games in post season or singing :). Jets, Vegas, Blues, one of them I think is more likely to make SCF for West.

  9. I’d be calling Colorado and asking them for Tyson Jost ,Ottawa’s 1st round pick and Colorado’s 1st round pick next year for Paccioretty

    Ottawa’s and Montreal 1st round picks will be top 5 of this years draft plus Jost is a Centre plus next year if Colorado has an awful year which I predict Montreal will draft high again

    I’m really afraid of Bergevin handeling trades he might trade Patches for a 3rd line centre and be like that’s the best offer we got lol and then you see a cheaper player on another team get traded for a boat load… hell even his waiver claims worry me … Logan Shaw really what the hell man you have Guys in the AHL dying for a chance to play and your teams going no where bring them up and teach them …

    • well….why not just ask for Eric Johnson and rantanen while you are at it?

    • & why would Colorado give up essentially 3 1st round picks for Patches who is 1 year & a bit from UFA status? Just because Ott found away for Colorado to pretty much receive such for Duchene doesn’t mean anyone else is that retarded.

      Mon fans by no way meant to slight Patches. A great hockey player but 1 that will cost almost 7 mil to retain long term this summer & will be 32 when that contract kicks in it’s 1st season. Jost may be a better player than patches, Ott’s 1st next season no way it’s this years will be a lottery pick & Colorado’s probably will be as well.

      The business side of hockey especially for a team like Colorado in the early stages of a rebuild with a lower internal cap than most teams in the NHL won’t be making any efforts to accelerate that now that Roy packed up toys & ran off crying he couldn’t get his own way.

  10. If Habs want to turn this around quick they convince Price and Weber to go to Islanders for the two firsts and two seconds they have this year plus Dell Colle, Sorokin and Ho-Sang. Then use Plekanec, Petry, Benn, Shaw, and Alzner for picks and prospects. After that Pacioretty, Gallagher, and Galchenyuk are also available for A+ prospects or picks. With all the picks, roster players, and prospects they go to the draft and try to find there center for the future. Maybe with the right package they can pull Seguin, Dublois, or Karlson (VGK) to Montreal. This leaves Mete, Lindgren, Drouin, Dandenault, and any of the vets left to build around. With their own first pick and other assets they should be able to move up if they want to. After next year there is a good group that should be competitive and moving in the right direction.

    • That’s quite the Rubicks cube. Ha-ha!

      Here is a better idea, although I woke up from a bad dream only to discover this was all true. Keep Sergechev, resign Markov & Radulov, don’t trade for Shaw & sign him to a 6 year deal for 3.9 mil per, Plekanec at 2 years for 6 mil per & make him a 3rd line checking C? Stop lamb basting 1 or your best offensive assets & then sign him to a 3 year deal making him a UFA. Stop playing Gallagher as a 3rd line RW & please don’t sign your soon to be 31 year old goalie to a 10.5 mil per deal for 8 years when you haven’t a hope of competing as now constructed for probably at least 5 year.

      How about Petry, talk about trying to miscast a player Petry is a # at best & being paid like a solid #2 & he & Alzner have been a disaster especially when paired together which was the plan & now Mon has no choice out of necessity as with Weber out this D went from really bad to brutal making Price look like just what he has shown this year the 28th best goalie in the NHL by SV% for any goalie who has started at least 24 games, 1/2 the games played by the lowest games played for any team in the league.

      Is Price this bad? No it’s a reflection of the team in front of him but why would you pay any goalie this much, as this is what you get & if it has to be bad it may as well be bad for 4.5 mil for 2 or 3 years. Talk about a lack of foresight or vision & Molson thinks Begevin is the answer to fix it? I don’t think so.

      Now not all is bad. I like the Weber Subban trade, Mon gains a better business advantage & I don’t see Weber declining any time soon & I loved the Danault trade I just wish he could get the 1st line C job with Galchenyuk on his left & Drouin on his right. Even the Alzner signing was reasonable term & salary just didn’t fir with Petry, may never.

      • #3 at best for Petry.

        Contract structure & talent mix is incredibly odd.

    • I’m usually a guy that thinks/says “never say never” but here I’m going to say Never. In the cap era, you’re not moving 2 players with 17 combined years of term left on their contracts costing 18.5 million per in one deal, to the same team…. and I mean never.

      Price alone is going to be extremely hard to move even eating salary. Nevermind combined with another ontract that will be an anchor around a GMs neck in about 4-5 years from now, with 4-5 years left to deal with it.

      • Hard to move a flash in the pan player like PRice :). He is the worst kind of person who suddenly gets hurt when chips are down. You pay a guy that kind of money he needs to be an iron man like Cogliano… Montreal would have to retain Price’s contract for the rest of his career or take a real bad one on… Like a Dustin Brown or Phaneuf… More likely is PRice destroys Montreal for a decade like Dipietro’s contract did for Islanders. If only they kept LUongo they might have a Cup or something close instead of disaster :).

        I wonder who will get bought out or bankrupt their team first Montreal Price or Oilers McDavid making like 12.5M hahaha. John Tavares is a generational talent who I think is better than him with more years to show. If McDavid can’t avoid injuries or slumping play like his pathetic playoffs it will be a long cold decade in Edmonton :).

        What gets me is they over pay Price but refuse to pay Radulov… I can see letting Markov go but Rad was enough of an offensive player to retain… Shea Weber has a fair contract for a hard shot right hander who can play top minutes or 2nd pair at worst… I think a team can trade for him, Max is a great player, Petry is a right shot so maybe he can get moved. Plekanic should be a fairly affordable player who had enough ability to justify the gamble. I thought Montreal had a shot at Cup when traded for Weber but that window slammed shut losing Markov/Radulov etc. Too bad Dwight King didn’t work out for them like he did for LA Kings winning cups :).