Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 21, 2018

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Updates on Erik Karlsson, the Sedins, Evander Kane and more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports he doesn’t expect the Ottawa Senators to trade defenseman Erik Karlsson. Though Senators general manager Pierre Dorion made an off-hand flippant remark last week over how if Wayne Gretzky could be traded anyone could, Johnston said Dorion isn’t listening to offers on Karlsson.

Nick Kypreos said teams that had conversations with Dorion regarding Karlsson don’t expect him to be moved at the trade deadline. A lot of clubs won’t give up a big portion of their futures without knowing what his contract demands might be. Karlsson’s future, however, could be a hot topic leading up to the NHL Draft weekend in June.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: What some folks overlooked (a little too conveniently, perhaps) was Dorion’s earlier remarks stating quite clearly that his first priority was re-signing Karlsson. Instead, they seized on his “If Gretzky can be traded…” comment and ran with it. Sure, it’s possible somebody could make a huge offer for Karlsson that’s simply irresistible for Dorion, but that’s probably not going to happen leading up to the trade deadline.

The Pittsburgh Penguins could be among the clubs with interest in Ottawa Senators forward Jean-Gabriel Pageau.

As Kypreos noted, no one yet knows what Karlsson will be seeking on his next contract. Yes, I know, he’s indicated that he won’t take a hometown discount and will likely want top dollar, but actual term and salary cannot be discussed until July 1 at the earlier, one year prior to his eligibility for unrestricted free agent status.  By the draft weekend, which will be a week before July 1, we’ll have a better idea of whether Karlsson believes his long-term future remains in Ottawa. 

Johnston said one Senator worth keeping any eye on is center Jean-Gabriel Pageau. He’s apparently drawn the most interest, including a trade offer which the Sens aren’t prepared at the moment to make. Ellliotte Friedman chimed in with his belief the Pittsburgh Penguins are among the clubs interested in Pageau.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pageau’s an effective two-way forward who can play center or wing. Though he’s on pace for only 30 points this season, he’s just two years removed from a career-high 43-point effort in 2015-16. That could make him tempting for the Penguins, who still haven’t suitably replaced Nick Bonino, who departed last summer via free agency. 

Regarding the Toronto Maple Leafs’ recent struggles, Friedman noted this is the first real adversity the club has faced in a year and a half. With seven players due for new contracts next year and a hard-driving coach, there are conflicting agendas. He pointed out Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello, during the height of his powers with the New Jersey Devils, would ship people out if there were conflicting agendas. Some are wondering if he might do the same thing now with the Leafs.

Nick Kypreos reports there’s still uncertainty over Lamoriello with his contract expiration coming up, which might not be addressed until the end of the season. He suggests that could create an “interesting dynamic” at the upcoming trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs have hit a rough patch of late, but I don’t think there’s going to be any panicky decisions here. The “conflicting agendas” appear to be that between some of the veteran Leafs and their rising young talent. It’s a long season and these things can be ironed out over time. Still, if the front office feels there’s a need for a bit of a shakeup, perhaps they might pursue a deal by the trade deadline. 

Chris Johnston said the Sedin Twins are interested in returning with the Vancouver Canucks. So far, there’s been no discussions regarding contact extensions.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Though no longer the Canucks’ dominant stars, the Sedins have settled in nicely as secondary talent, providing the rebuilding club with invaluable depth and experience. The 37-year-old twins are on track for respectable 50-point campaigns. If their asking price is right, I can see them getting one-year deals with Vancouver.


NBC SPORTS: Scott Billeck suggests the Columbus Blue Jackets, San Jose Sharks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings and Vegas Golden Knights as possible suitors for Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane. Of the sixteen teams currently holding playoff berths, the Sharks and Jackets are the lowest scoring. 

The Penguins are up against the cap and would have to shed salary, though it’s no secret defenseman Ian Cole is available. The Kings are struggling of late and could use a shot in the arm. The Golden Knights have cap room and Kane could boost their already-potent offense but they won’t overpay for the privilege. 

Billeck doubts anyone is going to pay GM Jason Botterill’s high asking price for Kane. It’s believed he wants as many as four assets, including an NHL player. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt some of the teams on Billeck’s list are interested in Kane, though I don’t think the Golden Knights will pursue him. Those clubs aren’t going to give up four assets to get him. I think Botterill knows this and will eventually move Kane for the best return he can get at the deadline. 



  1. The Kane deal is going to be a very tough deal to make for the team trading for him…cause when they do they will have to decide is he just a rental or will we try and work out a long term deal ..the unfortunate caveat here…is the only thing Kane hears is the money …so even if a team pays 3 – 4 pieces for him and offer him $6 million per year and he gets another offer at $6.5 per he wont care if a team gave up 4 pieces he will take the extra cash and split …and thats going to be an issue when trading for him..he may not have any loyalty in the process,this is what could be driving his market value.

    the easier deal to swallow regardless of the assets given up is the Karlson deal he s a rental and has 1 year and a window of negotiating and dining and woooooing to stay.

    A player under the radar that I would take a chance on if he was available would be Reilly Smith in Vegas ..if they are willing to part with him Id like to play him on a top line with a skilled Center…hes money!

    just a quick leafs note because its Sunday and the posts that have been talked about are the same as every day this week:
    I think Ive seen enough of the perimeter play of William Nylander to know he will be the one I would trade for any quality asset moving forward..Tie Domi could play with Mathews and have the same points as Nylander and might be more productive!
    He is a player that can be dealt and not missed by the Leafs that has the value worth of a quality trade…. IMO.
    Also the Zaitsev deal is now proving to be a waste of money after posting a – 22 year end rating last year and Travis Dermott is a TRUE LEGIT KEEPER!
    Hunter traded away his Konekcny pick for Dermott and Bracco extra selection and that seems to be a really good trade at this point.
    I realize I broke the GOLDEN rule in the leaf talk …sorry!

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Not sure why Vegas would trade Reilly Smith?

      • @ ds ..

        I did say ( if ) possibly available??
        Anyone is available for theright PKG deal.

      • The Marchesseault, Karlsson, Smith line will be Vegas’s #1 line for several years as their prospects are integrated into the system.

        I like you, really like Smith. A solid 2 way hockey player, kills penalties, plays a sound defensive game & is a consistent although not elite point producer. It’s to bad Boston had to forfeit this player to dump Savard’s contract on Florida.

        He has been a protector in 1 of my fantasy leagues as a RW since his break out in Bos. I don’t see Vgs moving this player for years, if unable to extend when the time comes or no longer required as they approach the end of it’s term.

      • Haha… Striker, one missed comma made all the difference in the world in your first sentence here. Ain’t English fun!?

      • *2nd Paragraph

    • The leafs should push all in but need a stud D-man otherwise they once again choke in the first round!

      • Tor isn’t getting that Dman before the trade deadline. This summer it’s possible that asset may become available but it’s very rare & costly. Just ask Edm. Last summer Cal gave up a 1st & 2 2nds to get Hamonic.

        Tor’s best bet this summer may simply be to bid for de Haan, as a UFA he would cost nothing more than cash & has been developing right on schedule, he was playing as NYI’s #3 when lost to injury. 303 NHL regular season games of NHL experience. I shouldn’t have to tell most what that means for me & just entering his prime for dman at 27 in may.

        de Haan with Reilly, Gardiner & Zaitsev, would give Tor 4 solid young Dman to go with Borgman, Carrick & Dermott. With Lilgren, Neilsen & Greenway all coming eventually long term looks fine.

        Now if Trouba were to hit the market & Tor would be willing to outbid just about every other team in the NHL that would be perfect but the cost to do so extreme.

        Solid NHL Dman just rarely move & the cost clearly defined, see the 2 above, Jones, Hamilton etc.. Developing your own or bidding on a UFA is far cheaper.

      • Choke against Washington??? Come on, man.

    • Zaitsev is in year 2 of his development & has been out injured for 14 games & counting. Before being injured was playing almost 23 minutes a night with Gardiner which by TOI/GP was Tor’s #1 pairing. Gardiner leads Tor in TOI/GP at D Zaitsev is 2nd.

      4.5 mil a night for a Dman playing these minutes solely in a defensive role this season is good money now & with each passing year gets better & better as will Zaitsev for almost 4 more seasons.

      How can you be unhappy paying 4.5 mil to a Dman of this quality? Since Zaitsev was lost Tor has gone 6-4-4. 3 of those wins came against Arz, Van & Ott, the other 3 NYR, SJ & Car.

      • @ Striker
        I think you are way over blowing the coralation between the win loose record post Zaisev injury….and am shocked to think you feel that his man games lost is teh reason they are playing sub par!

        You do realize that they have been scoring less than 3 goals a game and average 2 or less since his departure.

        Its not like he was a saving grace here especially in his huge minus last year.

        I think he is a dime a dozen D man 3 – 5 D man the leafs justified paying him $4.5 for 6 years and gave a 20+ goal scorer last year in Connor Brown a lousy
        $2 million per who is really a top 6 player is disgusting !

        leafs have Rielly at $4.5 Gardiner at
        $4 mill did they really need a Zaitsev at $4.5 for 7 years they could not get the same type of player for less ..just because he eats minutes doesn’t mean hes over productive ..hes an average player at best…. on both sides of the puck!
        Hamonic makes $3.5 ..Klingberg makes $4.5, Gostisbeher makes $4.5 Vatanen is at $4.5 respectfully …I am not so sure he is amongst that company ..IMO
        I feel there was better options at lower cost for a guy to eat minutes, just sayin.

      • Striker, I’ve heard a number of negative comments from Leaf fans on Zaisev. I do not echo them. He was amoung the top defenseman for Russia in the World cup. Babcock loves him as he often gets most TOI. People have to understand that he is in his second year playing on a smaller rink and playing the NHL style of game. He has improved alot since year 1 and was IMO playing very well before he got hurt. I’m a big fan of his game. He plays hard, hits and has some offensive upside. He is on a very favorable contract IMO.

      • That wasn’t my representation specifically but losing a Dman that logs hard minutes like this costs games.

        I don’t get this distaste for Zaitsev. He was playing on Tor’s #1 PK unit, next to Hainsey no Dman starts more of his shifts in the Dzone & he has seen ZERO PP time this season, 0:15 PP TOI/GP.

        Zaitsev has 116 games of NHL regular season experience, he just completed his rookie year. He may be 26 but that doesn’t seriously alter the development timeline to learn the NHL game, chops off a year & a bit say about 100 regular season games at best. We won’t fully know for at least 2 more years what Zaitsev’s abilities are & he’s already playing as Tor’s #2 by TOI/GP but is really their #3. He & Gardiner are a solid NHL pairing.

        With each passing year Zaitsev’s deal will just keep becoming cheaper & cheaper as I can assure you contracts are inflationary, going up significantly. Just ask McDavid, Price, & soon to be Karlsson, Doughty, etc..

      • I don’t see Gardiner & maybe even Reilly in the long term plans. With both Dermott (a good 2 way D man) & Liljegren both left handed D men I can see them been long term main stays.
        Gardiner with one year left on his contract, he will be gone sooner rather than later.

    • As for Kane he will be easily. I don’t see 4 solid assets but 4 could be had depending upon quality. I assume Kane will move for a 1st, a 2nd or 3rd depending upon the quality of the 1st, a decent prospect & another pick, compensatory based on if Kane resigns or the team acquiring advances so far into the playoffs.

      My possible destinations are Anh, Cal, Clb, Dal; designate Methot to LTIR to create the cap space, Nas, NYI, NYR or Phi, there are a few other possibilities but cap space would have to be returned or seriously eaten to accommodate would be Min, Pit, StL or Was. That’s a ton of potential bidders & all have playoff aspirations.

      History has shown a team will be a significant price to improve their playoff aspirations & again don’t think for a minute that money doesn’t factor in, for a great many teams the only way they can turn a profit is with playoff revenue.

  2. I don’t see the Jackets matching the Sabres demands for Kane.

    • I dont see any sane Gm matching that. Less hes planning on being fired and has a line for a job in Buffalo lol

    • I’m not certain anyone will pay Buf what’s being rumoured but never underestimate the price a team is willing to pay if they feel they are close & Clb is close.

      They will lose Johnson; I don’t see him moved before the trade deadline, in the off season as a UFA unless they pony up the monies to retain him & his loss as a solid 2nd pairing Dman isn’t easily replaced & could move the needle for Clb from contender to pretender depending upon how his replacement fairs.

      Atkinson & Dubinsky are close to returning, Milano; late Feb, & Murray’s; indefinitely, timelines to return are longer & murky respectively but by playoff time this roster is solid baring further injuries.

      With Wennberg, Jenner, Anderson, Dubois, Bjorkstrand, Milano, Jones, Werenski, Murray, Nutivaara & Korpisalo all 24 or most even younger Clb is in a great position to bid.

      They pay a 1st, 3rd, some form of prospect & a conditional pick based on if resigned or Clb makes it to the conf final.

      • I can’t see any team giving up assets unless they have negotiated an extension prior. Rangers are hurting for scoring and if they don’t do something soon they’re in trouble of sliding out of contention. Kane would help fill hole left by Kreider injury. Would be nice if we could somehow include Smith in deal. I have no problem giving up extra picks for a proven scorer.

      • Then how do you explain all those trade deadline deals that happen every year where teams do?

      • Supposedly, Buffalo wants a young NHLer, a prospect and picks, at least one first rounder. Well, the CBJ are a little short on first round picks and they see their younger players as their core. That’s why I don’t see the Jackets in the Kane sweepstakes.

      • Slick,

        I’d rather pass on Kane. Do you really see Kane being that much of a difference maker? I don’t think it would be worth the assets it would cost and they could still miss or not be good enough to go deep.

        To me, grabbing Kane would be a move of desperation that still doesn’t cure what ails them. I like what they’re building for the future, but I don’t like their chances this year. Don’t blow assets on Kane. If anything grab assets at the deadline for Holden, Grabner, Nash, and maybe even listen with an open mind on deals for Mcdonagh and Zuccarello.

      • This trip out west should heavily factor into which mode NY needs to be in come deadline. In conjunction with how the Islanders and Philly do over the next 7-10 days. Right now, Philly doesn’t look to shabby. And the Islander look like they’re coming to life as well.

      • ***too shabby***

      • NYR. I think he makes a difference as far as getting to playoffs. He’s still young, would fit our core group. With Shatty out it’ll be nice to get a long look at DeAngelo. He was doing well in ahl. As far as assets, depends on the prospects. 1st rd pick I have no problem giving up since it’ll be a late rd. Prospects? Anyone but Chytil Anderson and Shesterkin. Anderson in ahl could be called up by end of year. So yeah, if we can get to playoffs and everyone is healthy, why can’t we make some noise? Nobody else killing it. Even Tampa starting to struggle a little.

  3. In all honesty the team that aquires Kane at the deadline will regret it.

    4 pieces, guess you aim high least that leaves room for negociation. I could see 4 pieces for Eichel lol.

    Id much rather Maroon then Kane espically at kanes trade demands and locker room issues.

    Maroon has 4 goals and an assist, in 3 games since returning from his 2 game suspension

    • Cost factors into such a choice but I take Kane before any other UFA forward, Dman or goalie & as a contender give up my late 1st, a 3rd & an OK prospect but not a stud, maybe even a decent 3rd line checker. I’d even add a conditional 2nd round pick if resigned or I make the Conf final; that’s 15+ mil in added revenue.

      I’m not paying any where near that for Maroon nor would I pay a 1st for Maroon. A 2nd & 3rd with an OK prospect tops. If he could be had for less than that then I would consider him over Kane due to cost.

      To be honest I don’t really care about Kane’s off ice issues. The only difference between Kane & dozens & I mean 60+ other players 2 or 3 on just about every team is he doesn’t care if he’s judged for his life style choices, he posts them to social media, most keep there heads down hoping it doesn’t get out. As discussed the other day most here all have heard stories that never get discussed openly nor should they but they happen all the time.

      At 26 he still has some maturing to do. What I care about is his on ice abilities. His run in’s with Buffy don’t surprise me but I haven’t heard to many stories about conflicts with tons of players. No teams 23 players all get along nor hang out together, their are factions. Kane is a solid 2 way hockey player, willing hitter almost to a fault, fabulous skater with great hands. He could be the difference maker for several teams potentially. Maroon isn’t a difference maker, with out McDavid he’s a 3rd line winger.

      • Sorry that didn’t come out right. Meant to imply a decent 3rd line checker or an OK prospect, not both.

      • Striker, you obviously have no clue man. A second and third for Maroon? Your still feeling the effects of your Saturday night party favors.

        Do us a favor and go back to bed til you sober up, or keep your outragous trade rumors to your self! Worse than Eklund

      • Maroonis a top 6 winger on most teams and on very few teams may fall to the Third . With his soft hands(ability to score 30/year) with good players getz and perry before him.

        His salery 1.5 mil/ warrents a first round pick. I always respected your opinions, but you are way out to lunch on this one! He will get either first with a condional 2nd or a 1st and descent prospect and conditional second.

      • Twin.

        We’ll see in 5 weeks & a day.

      • This is where we disagree. For me Maroons a 3rd line winger on most teams & a 2nd line winger on maybe 8 to 10.

        Teams wingers in no particular order.

        Anh. Perry, Rackell, Cogliano, Silfverberg, Ritchi, Kase, Eaves is injured.

        Arz. Keller, Fisher, Perlini, Panik, Reider, Domi recently moved to C.

        Bos. Marchand, Pastrnak, Debrusk, Spooner, Heinen, Backes.

        Buf. He could play in their top 6.

        Cal. Gaudreau, Ferland, Tkachuk, Frolik, Bennet, lost Versteeg to long term injury.

        Chi. Kane, Debrinct, Saad, Duclair, Hartman.

        Col. Landeskog, Rantanen, Andrighetto, Compher; has played C as well, Jost, Kerfoot; has played C as well.

        Clb. Panarin, Atkinson, Jenner, Bjorkstrand, Anderson, Foligno, Milano.

        I’ll stop there. That’s 8 of 31 teams & he would make the top 6 on 2 maybe 3 but they aren’t the teams that will be trading for him regardless Buf, Arz & Car nor would most of the other 5 listed.

        If the cost is much more than a 2nd & an OK prospect I’ll pass as will most teams. No beer last night but I did get into the hash. Purely medicinal of course.

      • Maroon has never scored 30 goals in a season his most was last season at 27 his prior season high was 11 in 2013-2014, he’s already passed that total this season with 13. The concern any team would have can he be as productive away from McDavid? With that said he last two playoff season in Anaheim were productive he scored 7 goals in 16 playoff games in 2014- 2105 playoff where he only had 9 in 71 regular season playoff games. There is an argument to be made that his game peaks when it counts the most. I say he might get a first or 2 seconds.

      • Twin, Striker’s value of Maroon is spot on. I said the same thing to you last week that I wouldn’t give up anything more than a 2nd rounder for him.

        You are waayyyyy overvaluing a guy who has only scored over 20 goals ONCE in his career, and that includes his time playing on a line with Getzlaf and Perry.

      • Kane’s off ice issues may not bug you but ask the Jets’ locker room how tiring they can get

      • Twin, Maroon is top 6 on a team not currently in the playoffs. Most teams he’s a 3rd liner. Ability to score 30? He’s 29 and has never done it!!

    • I question why the increase in cost was made public.
      I “assume” it’s because someone offered to pay it.
      I am surprised how many people think he is only worth a meager return. He is playing great, hasn’t had any off ice issues in over a year, he stopped the childish tweets and is scoring at nearly a point per game, mostly at 5v5, on this terrible Sabres team. Imagine how many points he could get on a team with talent?
      Also consider, one piece of the ask is a pick if they resign him. If a team has no interest in resigning him the pick is irrelevant. So it really is only 3 pieces.
      Also notice no one is talking about what is really being asked for. This might be a reporter trying to sell a story by propping up the ask to make it bigger than it is.

    • My observation: either you guys are over valuing kane or undervaluing kane.

      Are they spot on compariables no, im not saying they are. They are both playing with above average centsrs in Mcdavid and Eichel respectively.

      How is Kane, who has better but comparable numbers, with known baggage and a cap hit over 5 million worth 4 pieces when Maroon, see above, is worth a second?????

      Like Kane wont get a first and 3 other good pieces, Maroon at a first gets alot more interest then Kane.

      At the very least a great prospect and a second but a 2nd and 3rd lettsu will net a third

      • kane has a better track record and pedigree. comparing stats for just this year isnt a marker for comparing value.

  4. Ottawa is free to discuss a contract extension with Karlsson when ever they wish, they just can’t actually sign him till July 1st.

    These players signed to extensions not UFA’s, that discussion is now allowed to start a week sooner, just don’t materialise out of thin air July 1st. Teams will have been talking to their RFA’s for a very long time before they are extended. Many signed on day 1 of the new season which is July 1st. Examples. Hedman July 1, 2016. Fowler, July 1, 2017. These discussions didn’t start & end in the same day.

    • I think Ottawa trades Karlsson, I really do. What do you think the package would be?

      Ottawa and Toronto rarely trade but what would it cost the leafs? What in addition to Mitch Marner, lilgren and this years first does it cost,

      The Jets, and golden knights are more in mind to move assets for a top tier player ( by that I don’t mean Kane) the jets will never take him back.

  5. Pageau is an interesting name given his playoff success.

    What might he cost?

    Can he win draws and kill penalties?

    PS- A day late on this, but the Dustin Brown hit on Schultz should have been a 20 game suspension if the Cogliano hit was worth 2 games to a FIRST time offender.

    Someone in the NHL office wanted that streak snapped. Shameful.

    That or they literally throw darts in the Dept of Player Safety office to determine punishments.

    • MG, I was thinking the same thing about the two hits, even before considering the history of the two players. In my opinion it’s an all time low for the credibility of the Department of Player Safety in the NHL.

    • He should have gotten at least, 2 games, ideally 5. The NHL’s player safety department is a joke & has been forever. No Rhyme, reason, continuity or logic to their decisions nor are they helping player safety in any way.

      There was no reason for Brown to even make contact with Schultz on his knee’s a foot off the boards. The NHL needs to get hitting to hurt out of the game. I don’t know how as that mentality is seriously ingrained.

      Hockey Canada has gone so far as to not call it hitting at the minor league level anymore but checking & as coaches we are told it’s to achieve 3 purposes. Remove the puck from the player, player from the puck, or player from the play, not to leave them wreathing in pain on the ice or leaving the game injured as they have been hit so hard they can’t stand up. How is that a hockey play?

    • MG, while I agree that he should have just been fined as a first time offender, I don’t think Parros wanted the streak snapped. There is no conspiracy against Cogliano in the NHL office.
      What is being reported is that Parros agonized over the decision because he did not want the department to be perceived as going light on Cogliano because of the streak. While I agree he streak should not matter, I think he made the wrong decision. His motives were not targeting Cogliano, just a bad decision.

      • That’s really not the point he was trying to make at all. He said when you compared the 2 hits the Brown one deserved a longer suspension than Cogliano because of how vicious it was. He said nothing about Cogliano not deserving his.

      • Actually, no. I don’t think Cogliano should have been suspended. If he had a history, maybe. He was just trying to set a pick and it went bad.

        I think his streak was stolen from him.

        But, let’s say his hit was worth 2 games. Then Brown should get 20.

        Schultz was on his knees with his face an inch from the boards with his numbers showing the whole time. And it’s not like Brown was going for a hit and couldn’t pull up, it was a cross check.

        Add into the fact that Brown was looking for revenge for the Geno stick to his cup and you could argue intent to injure.

        I don’t think anyone involved is that stupid to not see the difference between the two plays, so I am left to wonder about ulterior motives.

  6. A lot to be made of Buffalo request of 4 assets. But what does it really mean? If these are all prospects and draft picks you don’t know what you really have, could be value or a bust. Refer back to when Boston traded for Jagr they gave Dallas Lane MacDermaid, Cody Payne (neither player no longer in the NHL) and a conditional draft pick (ended up being a 1st round pick) Jason Dickinson, who up to todate has not been able to crack the Stars lineup has 7 NHL games this season with 0 pts and was reassigned to the Texas Stars.
    I wouldn’t necesarrily get to caught up in the quantity but the quality and at this moment we don’t know how many or who they are

    • There could easily be another piece or two going with Kane. Honestly feels like people are just grasping for anything new to write about Kane.

  7. Kane has 2 points in January. Not what I would call hot . All his points came in Oct/Nov when he was playing with Eichel and Pominville
    Karlsson should be Subban money at $9m aav
    salary can be more but not the cap hit

    • That’s an interesting statement silverseven, you would think Buffalo would want to play him were he is most productive. But I don’t think this will diminish his trade value.

  8. Twin, you were a bit dramatic there “calling out” Striker for thinking Maroon is worth less than a 1st round pick. Look, Patrick Maroon is not worth a first round pick. I get so sick of the bloody “market” dominating everybody’s opinions. Who cares if Martin Hanzal landed a 1st, a 2nd, Ryan White and a conditional pick? That was a dumb trade and we shouldn’t raise other players’ stock because of a dumb trade.

    You be the GM of any team right now, and tell me which team will be the one to give up a 1st round pick for ol’ Patty “cement skates” Maroon.

    In this commenter’s humble opinion, he is Dustin Penner 2.0 with more staying power and actual usefulness. But beware of over-valuing him.

  9. What Maroon is worth and what he brings back in return are two very different things. I won’t be surprised when he brings a 1st or 2 2nd

    • Great opinion Caper! Regardless to what the flames fans think, and what the market bears are two different things!i dont think hes worth a first either, but that is what the return will be. Its the trade deadline.

      Maroon, will not suprise me for the return he will net. I bet theres 7-10 teams in talks with the oil on his services!

  10. The players that are causing the rift in the Leafs dressing room are those that play with eggs in their pockets (JVR, Bozak) and forwards that don’t know or care to come back and play proper defensive hockey (ie take your man, positional play, don’t have 2-3 Leafs chase after a puck and leave 1-2 opposing players to be open for scoring chances).

    In the game with Ottawa, JVR stopped chewing his mouthguard he was so out of breath. He almost ended up going on a breakaway and fired a little love tap at the net because he was more concerned about breaking a sweat.

    JVR and Bozak pull away from scrums and try to be in the clear hoping for a loose puck. This is Babcock’s fault. Bench these lazy players! Instead he rewards them consistently. It’s the captain of the ship that should take the heat.

    Why is Komarov trying to be turned into a scorer? He’s more effective as a fourth line banger. He looks like he’s one blood vessel away from a heart attack out there because he’s trying to do it all instead of just doing what he does best.

    Why is Kapanen in the minors?

    Ship Bozak, JVR and Uncle Leo out for assets. They are not going to resign any of these three, and they won’t even get past the first round with them if they keep them.

    • i agree with some most of what you said. Especially with the players on wrong side of puck cheating to score when up by 1+ goals…
      jvr bozak komorav…will most likely stay for playoffs unless a major deal is avail..which I doubt. Lou will do so to establish a reputation as a team that doesn’t just dump you. Additionally, playoff matters..if any have a good one they could be resigned, especially JVR. Komorav may come back on the cheap just because he is a team player
      Leafs need to hold the fort & keep drafting until they get a stud dman and possibly another goalie/centre

  11. Regarding Pittsburgh’s quest for a third line centre. Does anyone think that they would be interest in a return of Brandon Sutter? Has returned from major injury with some jam. Good on face-offs and defensively against HQ opposition. Will get some points. Not a good play maker. Two more years at 4.375. Vancouver could take back Ian Cole (and would then flip), a 2nd and its 4th from 2018 that the Penns hold. The Penns will have cap room in next two years, so might just be able to fit Sutter in. So would there be any interest?

    • Rutherford has already traded him twice so I doubt either party is interested.

  12. As a Pens fan – No thanks on Pageau.

    Sens would be stupid to not listen to offers on Karlsson. He won’t resign there and even if they got him to, the money it would take would cripple them moving forward. They are better off to move him for a huge return, announce this as a lost season and give the kids more ice time to help develop them for next season.
    While they are at it, they should also look to move Anderson as well – at his age, he won’t be the longterm solution for this club anyway. Send him to a contender needing a quality backup and let him get another shot at a cup.