Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 28, 2018

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Updates on the Leafs, Canadiens, Senators, Red Wings and Bruins in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


TSN: On Friday, NHL insider Darren Dreger told Toronto’s TSN 1050 he wouldn’t be shocked if Maple Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello called the Columbus Blue Jackets expressing interest in defenseman Jack Johnson. He noted Johnson no longer felt he’s a fit with the Blue Jackets and requested a trade. Dreger said he doesn’t know for certain if there’s been dialogue between the two clubs but he’d be surprised if Lamoriello hadn’t inquired about Johnson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It wouldn’t hurt for the Leafs to explore that option, though I doubt they’re willing to give up much to get him. The Jackets, however, will try to get the best return possible, which could be a second-round draft pick if they’re looking long term or perhaps a roster player who can help them now. I think the Leafs want to add a rental defenseman but they won’t overpay to get one. 

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun believes the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens need to retool at the trade deadline, rather than engage in fire sales.

He believes the Senators want more than just a first-round draft pick for winger Mike Hoffman, who’s under contract for two more seasons at an annual salary-cap hit of $5.18 million. The Sens are also getting calls about winger Zack Smith and center Jean-Gabriel Pageau. Defenseman Cody Ceci is also garnering some interest but LeBrun believes a team will have to overpay to get him. He also thinks a few Western Conference clubs could look at defenseman Dion Phaneuf but his $7-million annual cap hit limits his appeal.

Montreal Canadiens center Tomas Plekanec could soon become trade bait (Photo via NHL Images).

Regarding the Canadiens, LeBrun believes they, like the Sens, are interested in hockey trades rather than sell-offs. Some teams have interest in left wing Max Pacioretty but they don’t have (or want to part with) a young center, which would have to be part of the deal. The Habs also have one pending UFA of note in Tomas Plekanec. They’ll likely want to retain Nicolas Deslauriers and Jakub Jerabek. An interesting debate for Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin is whether offers he gets before the deadline for players under contract beyond this season will be better than those he might get for them in June.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the Senators mentioned in the rumor mill, Hoffman is the guy who pops up the most. Doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll get dealt but he could be the Sens’ best trade chip. He’s been linked to the Edmonton Oilers and St. Louis Blues. The Senators apparently want a good young roster player in return.

As for the Canadiens, Bergevin will move Pacioretty for the right price, but I still have the feeling that trade (if it comes at all) takes place in the offseason. I think Plekanec is the most likely to move given his UFA status. I don’t see Deslauriers and Jerabek being dealt. They’ve been among the few pleasant surprises in an otherwise horrible season for the Canadiens. 


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited insider Elliotte Friedman telling Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 that he knows the New York Islanders are looking for a defenseman. Calvin de Haan could be sidelined for the rest of the season while Johnny Boychuk’s been out for several weeks. Friedman said he wouldn’t be surprised if Islanders GM Garth Snow could be looking at Colorado Avalanche blueliner Tyson Barrie, who’s due to return to action soon from a hand injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avs could move Barrie but I don’t think they’re under pressure to do so. While the Avs played well during Barrie’s absence, his return could provide a further boost to their lineup. Perhaps Columbus’ Jack Johnson might also be a short-term option for the Islanders. 

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Boston Bruins could use a winger for their second line. They’re current using rookie Jake DeBrusk and a natural center in Ryan Spooner as their wingers. That’s resulted in Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy being reluctant to give that line more defensive-zone assignments. Shinzawa speculates the Bruins could target a more experienced all-around winger for their second line. He suggests Vancouver’s Thomas Vanek, Ottawa’s Mike Hoffman and Chicago’s Patrick Sharp as possible options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vanek and Sharp would be affordable rental options for the Bruins. Hoffman might be a better long-term fit but the Senators will want a good young player in return. The Bruins are apparently unwilling to part with any of their young assets. 

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox reports impending UFA defenseman Mike Green hasn’t had any contract talks yet with the Detroit Red Wings. Green claims to be unworried about the situation. He said he’d love to return with the Wings but acknowledged that remains to be seen.



  1. Gardiner for Myers
    Bozak for Johnson
    JVR for 1st

    • I wrote a few days ago in regards to the Sens trading Hoffman…IMO …this might result in the worst decision they make in a long time !
      After seeing what kind of results a trade liek Duchene can result in WHY in the world would you trade a guy who has magic hands. This is a guy you build around …what are you going to get for him…a first rounder and a 1 A NHL prospect and MAYBE young player.
      Who know if or what the draft pick will pan out to be if anything at all…a young player may be a bust as well…then your left with a NHL player who may struggle or just not fit in at all and just be another player on the roster …just like the Spezza & Bishop trade brought the Sens (NOTHING) or the regret of letting Chara go!

      Hoffman is a very rare breed player in the league and the fact they are letting him blow in the wind in trade rumors is terrible for this organization.

      The longer it goes and the longer I listen to Karlson he has to go to clear money for the future and can really help retool this team while keeping a Hoffman in the line up to help with goals for.

      Just an FYI to Pierre LeBrun ..the HABS are a broken team they need a complete tear down and rebuild…not a RETOOLING!

      The only roster player I would trade J Johnson for on the Leafs would be Bozak..but the Leafs will be thin on 3rd line and 4th line center going into a playoff run that will or may come back to haunt them …as starting with the puck and having posession is CRUCIAL in the playoffs….I would use JVR as a my own rental and deal in the off season he is a rare player for pucks in close and has great stats in a career year ..just ride him out hes worth it!

      • I can’t use a Spezza or Bishop trade as a comparison to trading Hoffman.

        Spezza was traded in the summer of 2014 with 1 year remaining till a UFA, this was a salary dump & Ott was lucky to even find someone willing to take him. Ott took back Chaisson, Guptill, Paul & a 2015 2nd round pick; 42nd, that pick was flipped to NJ for the 36th pick in the same year, Gabriel Gagne, & a 3rd in 2016; 73rd.

        Bishop had barely had a cup of coffee with Ott when traded, he played 10 games in 2011-12 but Ott had acquired Anderson from Col late the year before. Bishop played 13 games in the 2012-13 lockout season due to the dreaded kitchen knife incident to Anderson that year, ha-ha! before being flipped to TB for Cory Conacher & a 4th round pick. At the time that looked like a good deal for what was 26 year old back up goalie.

        I don’t trade Hoffman today or this summer if OTT. In the summer of 2019 if he can’t be extended I certainly start to explore options. The only way I’m riding a pending UFA into the start of his last year on his contract is if I’m a serious playoff contender otherwise I’m a seller well the player still has better trade value with 1 year remaining.

    • Wow just watched the first two games of the NHL all start game…fun Kris Leturover worse than ever god he was (despite a goal) was the worst defense man on all four teams..

      He should have never been an all star to begin with and well he sure showed why…yes its 3 on 3 but too many times he is behind the oppositions net getting caught..hes awful and I’m a die hard pens fan.

  2. Ottawa ask would likely be higher to those with in the same division as well.

    • @ Striker
      …you missed my whole point…

      Its about the return.
      The 2 players the Sens traded regardless of your evaluation had very good value …they got NOTHING in return.
      Iam sorry but a GMs job is not to just dump salary or trade because they have to make a deal …you have to also do and get something you feel will be of value in the future.
      The players they traded had value…one was still at a very decent level of playing hockey and the other was a very sought after Goalie in a dry market…whom in this market today would be gold….its about the return.
      My point being that the Sens know what they have in Hoffman …they have no idea what they will get or if will be lesser to a degree and it be a wash 3 years from now!

      • What you need to learn to accept is that the business side of the game often trumps out the hockey side of a trade.

        No 1 wanted Spezza & his 7 mil cap hit, with 1 season to UFA status but Dal. Ott made the best of a bad situation. If Melnyk wasn’t a penny pincher, they would have retained him but Ott makes trades for money reasons even though they spend well above the league average in salaries. They look to save money in trade where ever possible. The only real aberration to this was the Ryan signing. Hell they let Alfredsson walk over chump change after years of giving them home town discounts.

        Players also force teams to do things they don’t want to do. Pronger in Edm, Kesler in Van, StLouis in TB, etc.. None of those trades worked out well for those teams forced to make those trades. The Business side of the equation trumped the hockey side. They all made the best of a bad situation & we can’t hold the GM or the organizations responsible for those trades, they are on the players that choose not to honor their contracts.

        In today’s cap world that’s life.

        I didn’t miss your point at all just at the opposite end of the spectrum as to why & don’t agree remotely but enjoy the discussion & debate. Ha-ha!

      • Spezza asked to be traded

      • Yes he did.

  3. Retooling by moving Hoffman makes little sense to me.

    Hoffman, Duchene, Stone, Karlsson, Chabot, and Brassard should be what you retool around.

    Ottawa needs another top 6 winger and top 4 D. Moving one of these out to bring in another is a lateral move at best jist like the Turris deal.

    Guys like Pageau and smith should garner interest but it may take till the summer to be able to package them up to bring in better forwards. If even possible.

    At the very least if not a rebuild clean out this roster at the deadline by moving out the bottom 6 type guys to free up money and roster slots to go free agent hunting.

    If non of this is an option tear it down and rebuild.

    • What if Duchene, Brassard & Karlsson aren’t prepared to sign extensions in Ott this summer, what does Ott do then?

      That lateral move from Turris to Duchene also cost a ton of assets, Brower; Ott’s 1st round selection in 2017, a 1st which will obviously be in 2019 now: will that be a lottery pick as well, does anyone see Ott being better next season?, a 3rd in 2018 & Hammond.

      I’m not moving Hoffman, Smith or Pageau anytime soon & certainly not before I know what’s happening with those 3 players.

      • Sorry that 3rd’s in 2019.

      • Then tear it down.

        I see them being better. How could they be worse?

      • Buf & Arz get better.

  4. I don’t see Columbus moving Johnson, he is their playoff rental at D. Moving Johnson before the trade deadline isn’t going to make Clb better.

    • @ Striker

      What about a Johnson and piece(i.e UFA) for Ian Cole from Pitt…this could be a perfect fit for both teams!
      Jackets may need to eat some cap or take on something as PITT is a tight cap team…but the player for player team needs match well.

      • I think Pitts would need to add the piece and not CMB. Jack has not been a healthy scratch as much as Cole has. Jack was merely slid down but still is playing. He has a ton more offensive punch than Cole. CMB also would be disinclined to eat salary and add a piece to Jack to move him for Cole. Jack, given 1st pairing minutes on the PP and so forth, is worth at least a 2nd plus a player who has not been a healthy scratch so often. IMO

      • To what purpose. Johnson is a far better Dman than Cole both are UFA’s what’s gained for Clb & why would they possibly add something in this exchange?

      • With the addition of Werenski & Jones over 2.5 years Savard then Johnson both lost their offensive roles over that period. Both log solid minutes in defensive roles. Savrad sits 3rd in TOI/GP at 20:00, PP TOI/GP 0:11 & Johnson 4th at 19:33, & 0:08, no PP time for either of these players anymore. Jones is #1 at 24:49 & Werenski 2nd at 23:16.

        Johnson & Savard are Clb #1 PK pair & take all the hard minutes. The injury to Murray has lead to them being broken up very often at ES with both carrying a young Dman but if the game gets tight they are put back together & ClB rotates 4 Dman as much as able working a 5th in, Nutivaara who is developing nicely.

        This top 4 D is a huge reason Clb is a cup contender & if it is broken up I don’t give Clb a hope of making it out of the 1st round, it will be hard enough to do so with Johnson as this stupid bracket formula will have them playing 1 of the best teams in the league never mind their division.

    • Striker why not? that’s quite the assumption considering you have no idea what would be coming back in return.

      • hey way I see a CNJ and PITT deal will add a D man who has Stanley Cup playoff experience …and has won who plays a bigger physical position than anyone on CBJ does ..I think this would be a quality deal for both for this year and gives bot teams a positional need as opposed to tehe money$$

      • Sorry caper lost the thread. Can you clarify? Posted to the wrong thread?

  5. Plekanec is a perfect play-off role type. So is Maroon.
    Columbus’ Jack Johnson should be considered more than a rental for the Islanders and they might have to wait for the summer.

    • I been saying this for weeks!
      Maroon, is the dark horse of the trade deadline. Hes got ideal size, scoring touch and the. Ontract at 1.5 m.

      At first i was thinking first plus, but edmonton will want a ready prospect. There may be parts added but i think this is more in line then draft picks as the Oilers will be doing a quick retool in my mind.

      Think sam steel, max jones, kieffer bellows or logan stanley or dante fabbro

      • Ha-ha! Oh boy are we bleeding blue & orange.

        If Maroon returns a 1st I will be shocked. A 2nd & a B grade prospect or a 2nd & a 3rd, sure but he isn’t returning a single 1 of those stud prospects.

        The 2nd & 3rd will becoming from a team picking extremely late in the draft & the chances those draft picks ever amount to anything a crap shoot at best.

        Ha-ha! Steel, Jones, Bellows, Stanley, or Fabro. Hahahahahahahaaaaaa

      • Haha one can hope right 🙂 and we could tbrow in a draft pick also… no biggie there…maybe well throw in lettsu as well lol

      • Absolutely.

        One of mine used to be Brodin from Min to Bos before the expansion draft. Lobbied hard for that acquisition. Fell on deaf ears. I have had a many others as well. My analytical brain trumps my heart at least 95% of the time but in that other 5% I also have hopes & dreams.

        Hopes, dreams & goals are part of being a sports fan. Ha-ha!

    • Plekanec is a perfect fit for the penguins a shutdown center with some offense…a 6 time 20 goal scorer..

      28 year old d-man Ian Cole and a 2nd round pick to Montreal…

      Tomas Plekanec center 50% salary retained to Pittsburgh..Montreal has a ton of cap space.

      Pittsburgh gets the 3rd line center they have been looking for.
      Montreal gets a top 4 defender who has been stellar the last two cup runs playing valuable minutes (was excellent versus Minnesota before the break..even though in Sullivan’s doghouse) especially with Weber out.. AND A 2ND ROUND PICK DEEPER DRAFT THIS YEAR..

  6. I’m advocating for Max Pacioretty, and I do believe he would be able to bring Montreal more now then in the summer when there is more teams interested in his services. Max could be the next Ray Bourque get traded for a cup run but win it the following season. A team with cup aspirations might be willing and Montreal should be able to get more for a guy you are going to have for two playoff runs. If your a team like Edmonton and fall out of playoff contention the next year you’ll be able to pedal Max to get some of the assets back.
    Yes if I was Boston I would give a 1st, Ryan Spooner and O’gara and a prospect to make this deal. The only downside would be reuniting Spooner and Julien, that would make this deal difficult to make.

    • Caper….I believe STL is a great landing spot for Patches BUT…. with Tyson Barrie potentially available…..and COL doing so well this season…. do they add Patches as their 2nd LW and offer Barrie for him?? Barrie can pair top D with Weber for the future.

      Something I did not think about until I just read Barrie has been out and they are playing well without him. COL adding a 30 goal scorer and a non pressure environment like COL would really benefit Patches and COL.

      This also helps MTL giving METE more time to not have to face the best competition and helps MTL build from he net out…this could better their top 4 D with Barrie, Weber, Alzner, Petry.


      • Why would Col move Barrie? With 2 years remaining after this season there is no rush. Get him back & lets see what Col can do with this newly constructed D. Barrie allows time for Girard & Makar to be worked in slower, look to trade him in the summer of 2019 if an extension can’t be reached or Col has other needs but don’t buy any short cuts.

        No need to make that deal today, Col is in the very early stages of a rebuild & Sakic hit it out of the park with the Duchene trade. A grade slam that will pay dividends for an incredibly long time as is the O’Reilly trade. Compher just started his NHL career, Zadarov is developing nicely but that’s understandable for a 22 year old Dman being asked to play as a young teams #3 Dman.

        Zadarov at 6’5″ 230 lbs with only 188 games of NHL regular season experience is learning on the job & we won’t know for 3 to 4 more years what he will eventually be but based on pedigree, skill set, shear size & # of NHL games already played in his very young career I have him as at least a #2 eventually.

      • y crystal ball says I think that the WILD will be the possible landing spot for Patches….this is totally a Fletcher type deal for a higher echelon American player to play in the Hockey state.

        He has some assets to do so and hes had made this attempt before with Vanek and Pomminville acquisitions…he also has 1 more year to take care of the cap related issues and negotiate a longer deal.

        I also think that when Beregvin makes veteran deals he sends them into another conference.

      • Kal El.

        If Patches or Hoffman are moved pre trade deadline Min & StL are 2 solid landing spots & I would bid for Hoffman 1st due to the longer term remaining on his contract. It fits both teams potential short & long term needs, they also have strong prospect pools & could afford to potential lose a stud prospect. StL doesn’t have this years 1st but could move 2019’s or perhaps with the right prospects included wouldn’t need to?

        I like NYI as a landing spot to but their need at D should trump that trade scenario. Beuvillier has looked good replacing Ladd on the #2 line as well.

        There are a few other potential landing spots but most are addition by subtraction & those types of hockey trades are rare mid season.

      • Any Patches trade MUST be for a top 1-2 centre as part of the return. The centre has to be under 30 and could be an NHL ready prospect. If and when that deal comes, MB will pull the trigger.
        B&G, I like you trade suggestion and agree. The only catch is MTL would want assurances they could re-sign Cole.

    • I would prefer a natural RW than a LW & I just want Bos to stay the course, let the kids play. I’ll pay a 2nd & a b grade prospect for a decent rental, ideally a winger that can play RW.

      No thank you to sharp. The player I would like is Vanek as he can play a 3rd line role & see 2nd unit PP time.

      For me that creates 2 possible scenario’s. Vanek assumes Spooners spot as the #2 RW Spooner moves to C on the 3rd line & Nash to the 4th. Or Backes moves to C on the 3rd line, Vanek takes his spot as the #3 RW & Nash moves to the 4th line.

      I like the flexibility it provides should injuries hit, the cost & I like Spooner as you know. I also like the fact that he won’t cost a fortune to resign this summer. In arbitration he would be lucky to get 3 mil on a 1 or 2 year deal, if Bos could lock him up for 5 or 6 in or around 3.5 I’d be incredibly happy as that would increase his trade value down the road when Forsbacka Karlsson may be ready to replace him.

      Any chance Boston could convince Khokhlachev to return after the KHL season is over now that Julien’s gone? He’s still Bos property, his KHL contract is up, he just turned 24 & is tearing up the KHL, he sits 6th in their scoring race.

      Kohkhlachev is the last remnant Bos has to show for the Thornton trade. This pick was acquired from Cal via Min when Stuart was shipped off to Cal in trade.

      • I have 0 interest in Vanek, keep him in Van or any other city. If you want something for nothing pick Jagr off waivers.

      • Don’t forget about Ryan Donato with 20g goals in 21 games. Donato and JFK could be the bruins next Bergeron and Krejci. Seem to have a glut of centers.

      • Been there done that & believe his bumping Seguin to the 3rd line cost us a cup.

        I don’t perceive Vanek as something for nothing, I perceive it as insurance for a reasonable cost. 14 goals & 35 points in 49 games playing the 10th most TOI/GP at forward in Van seeing 2nd line PP time, 11th before Dorsett was lost.

        I don’t like Nash as the 3rd line C, I would prefer he play as the 4th line C but I have to admit that line with Heinen & Backes has played extremely well & perhaps just plugging Vanek onto the 4th line until injures occur & they will better serves Bos.

        Regardless I don’t want Patches, Hoffman, or Kane blocking any of these young developing players & for me that includes Spooner who has now played 241 NHL regular season games.

        So if not Vanek or a similiar player & I don’t see 1 that is a UFA with the same abilities then I hope Bos stands pat.

      • Yea that were we differ strike, because all I want is the Stanley Cup. Boston may get there without any chances. Vanek is a dud, check his last playoff season.
        Realistically how many pieces are the bruins away from being a elite contender, for me it’s another scoring winger and a LD defenseman but I’m more concerned about the scoring winger, Patches is that guy, I would say Hoffman but don’t see him being moved.

      • Caper, I want to see the young guys play and don’t think a significant upgrade is available at a price Sweeney will pay. Also not a Vanek fan. A good argument could be made for going for it now though, so I get what you’re saying. IMO the main reason is the age of Bergeron and Chara. When will the inevitable downturn start? Bergeron has maybe 2/3 years left as an elite #1? And they are healthy so far this year. Can the young guys handle the playoffs? Maybe, I want to see them try. It will only help next year and year after if they struggle a bit.
        I like JFK but think any comparison to Bergeron is not realistic. I think his ceiling is a solid 2C, with a floor of 3C.
        The B’s have plenty of very good D prospects, they need to start drafting some scoring and hunt for the elusive 1C.

      • Nash a 3rd or 4th line center??? He’s the guy who usually has 30 goals and 9 assists, not much of a passer. They should have a trophy named after him for guy with most goals and no assists. Him and Bondra.

  7. Sekera to the Islanders with a mid round pick for Edmonton’s option of the Flames or Islanders First rounder in 2018 and a second in 2018.

    With Larson, Klefbomb, Nurse Russel,Benning on the big team and Ethan Bear and Calab Jones waiting in the wing we can trade Sekera.

    What would a fair trade from the leafs look like?

    • NYR would give NYI Smith for a 3rd rd pick…. or HoSang……….

      will not even cost NYI a 1st rd nor 2nd rd pick.

      Better deal =) LOL

    • As a Leaf fan
      ..don’t want a $5.5 million man..for the next 3 years when there are quality UFAs to look at this off season …NO need !
      Leafs have a decent D core and a great talent pool…its becoming more clear to me that they need a D man (Rental) not an existing contract ..they have a bigger need upfront and need a BIG POWER top 9 power forward instead with size and skill who can work down low and in corners in the cycle game.

      • Isn’t that what Hyman 6’1″ 210 lbs & Komorov 5’11” 210 lbs do now? Hell Marleau is 6’2″ 215 lbs & a willing hitter but he doesn’t hit to hurt but plays hockey. Then you have Martin throwing his 6’3″ 220 lbs around on the 4th line. Even Kadri isn’t afraid to muck it up & play in the trenches.

        What would be nice is if JvR 6’3″ 210 lbs would play more to his size but just never been his game, a perimeter player. He’ll take a beating to score but isn’t laying the body to dig pucks out of the corner.

        What is interesting in Tor is Marner is great at going & getting the puck taking it away from people but so is Matthews & Nulander simply with skill.

        I don’t think Tor needs a power forward depending upon what happens with Komorov. I’m surprised Tor hasn’t extended this player as Babcock loves this player but at 31 money & term has to be to Tor’s benefit.

      • Toronto has 2 options. Stand pat and lose in the first round, or go all in. They will be in cap hell soon enough( matthews, nylander, marner marlow)

        Lets be realistic, its been over 50 years and its probably going to be more than another 50 years (31 teams and growing)

        Sekera -first rounder and mcdermit
        Kane- mitch marner and a second
        Patches- next years first and san jose second and mid level prospect.

        These look like stupid trades, and they are but if any team was to make them itd more then likely be Toronto. The fans need atleast a second round appearance and this group wont cut the mustard!

        They are regarded outside of the GTA as one of the worst franchises in pro sports with the exception of tbe Cleveland browns… who arnt far behind!


        Before the leafs fans jump all over me for my accurate accesment of the leafs, please read attached link.

        122 of 122….that puts them bellow the Cleveland Browns…almost seems shocking, but not at the same time. How many people on here can say they were alive for the Leafs last cup parade?
        How many can say they will be alive for the next parade? None cause youd be kidding yourself!

        Its sad, when people think hockey they think Canada. When people think Canada, they think Toronto and Montreal. But its the Oilers, who ober the past 40 years have 5 and almost 6 stanley cups! To montreal -2, calgary-1, vancouver,ottawa and winnepeg-0.

        Its been a long time since Canada has brought a cup home, we should all take a moment and reflect on what we would look at as a nation if the WHL didnt expant into the league, giving us the Oilers

    • Hey Twin, thanks but no thanks on Sekera from the Isles perspective. No way they give up a first for him as hee’s a bit expensive for a 2nd/3rd pair dman already. Don’t these Isles Oil trades usually go the other way? How about Ho Sang or Dal Cole for the Oil’s first? 🙂

      • So true man. If anyone owes us a solid its the Isles lol

  8. There hasnt been much rumors in regards to the Sharks. With thornton sidelined, and the sharks hopes soon to diminish is a retooling in SJ on the horizon?

    They have one of the weskest prodpect pools in the league, have already moved out their second and third round picks.
    Would possibly moving out ward, hertle or hanson make sence?

    • SJ will probably do something & Ward or Hansen could easily be moved as both players have played sparingly this season in almost exclusively 4th line roles but who would take them? SJ isn’t moving Hertl but might consider moving young Dman Heed in the right deal. Ryan has play more another rookie Dman & with Burns, Vlasic, Braun & Dhillon all locked up, Demelo an RFA it’s an asset that could be moved.

      I think SJ thinks they are a playoff team & it will serve them well to see what playing with out Thornton is like. They could sacrifice 2019’s 2nd & 3rd round picks with Heed, Martin, Hansen or Ward.

      I think this is a great potential landing spot for Kane both short & long term but I don’t see SJ giving up the best package to get him. Going to be curious to see where Kane lands.

      Heed would be a good acquisition for any team looking for a solid developing Dman with above average offensive skills & a willing learner defensively. I see numerous similarities to his developing NHL game to that of C. Miller. A long slow, standard development curve.

      • Striker you want Sj to trade with NYR?

        TO NYR: Ward, Martin & 2nd

        TO SJ: Nash & Smith

        =) lol

      • No.

        I think I have been very clear on what I want NYR to do, buy not sell & ideally by now & no 1 is taking Smith you need to let it go. Ha-ha!

      • The way i see it, inless all 3 california teams go on a roll then one or two of them will be on the sidelines come playoffs.
        I see Calgary and. Vegas as divisional teams.

        If i was to guess, and bare in mind theres lots of hockey left, the ducks will make it.

        The kings have been slidding hard lately but i see a couple mid size acquisitions ( pageau, maroon, lettsu, middle of the pack)

        The sharks imho will perform well under 500 in thorntons absence. They have key d members locked up but with an aging and declining roster i think the time to stand pat is now.

        All this talk of Evander kane makes no sence. Do they even have the assets in all honesty to make that trade?

      • Striker IF Scott Gomez and Dion Phaneuf were traded….Smith at half the price can get done LOL.

      • Sure then they can be paying almost 6 mil next season for 2 Dman not to play for them.

      • “But not sell” so when they get ousted 1st round in 5 they can look back at what they might have received for their UFA’s…. 4 games watched, and you know it all! Smh!

      • Ward was already near end of line when SJ was in Cup. He has only gotten worse since then so not sure he has any value or teams to trade to. Hansen or so was bust for Sharks from about time of trade… He is more likely to get dealt since he might have more value… Team might hope he can return to form or chip in some speed/goals or whatever.

        I like Heed so hope they keep him. They been playing DeMelo more who maybe if used over the Dillon/Schlemko leftist pair would have won a Cup. Hopefully they trade Heed to the Kings or Vegas :). He was an offensive stud in AHL, can play powerplay too… Sharks, Flames, Kings, and Ducks… Only half of them will be in top 3… Will be exciting to see who gets in. Wouldn’t be surprised to see 5 teams from Central so best to not rely on wild card in Pacific :).

    • Hyman and Komorov are not power forwards…they are pests !! Big difference!
      I feel your right about JVR and his game for sure!
      I hope that the Leafs move on from Komorov actually. Better options…

      I still believe they need a better bigger meaner winger who plays strong and hard who has skill to go deep ..its a must !

      Id inquire about David Perron and Cam Atkinson who are UFAs and could be had for the right price and not hurt the Leafs.

      • Atkinson recently signed a long term extension with CMB..he will not be available. 7 years at i think almost $6m a year.

      • Komorov sits 2nd in hits in the NHL for forwards, has decent offensive skills. No he doesn’t hit to hurt nor should any player he’s tied with Lucic who lost would say is the consummate power forward. 1 of the few remaining.

        I don’t think our perception of what a power forward is in today’s NHL is the same & really there are very few left most are slow & don’t fit well in today’s faster NHL; Lucic, as they can’t keep up, or lack scoring ability; Wilson Was. How about Maroon in Edm 105 hits, & if not for his deployment with McDavid his offensive abilities plumet.

        Who are today’s power forwards? I hear people define Simmonds as such often! He isn’t for me, yes he takes a beating to score so does JvR & tons of other players standing in front of the net. Simmonds is 6’2″ 185 lbs. He has 80 hits this season, 66 less than Komorov, 3 more than Hyman.

        Again I agree to disagree.

      • The leafs should be holding pat. They wont beat boston, or advance past the first round.
        There chance to do damage was last year and they blew it. Pretty typical for one of the biggest jokes in tbe league dince tbe late 60’s lmfao.

        I know the cup parade is already booked down Young street, but lets not put the carriages before the horse here folkes lol

      • Great points! In all honesty I don’t think it matters who the leafs squire it’s not getting them past Boston in the first round.

        Let’s be realistic here folkes. Also, on that note unless Toronto does make “the big trade” let’s not clog up the archives with the what if the leafs trade for this, or Leo komorov is better than Lucic and Wayne Simmons.

        We should start a blog site where all the leafs fans can drink tea, draw pretty little unicorns and reminist about the good old days when grampy could rehearse when the leafs last won a cup

  9. I’m not configuring a trade here, but I would love to see Kappy on the top line instead of Hyman. He can forcheck, he has speed and we all know he can has the skill set to do it. Imagine that too line? I say make room, oh and btw defensively responsible and a great pk player as well. Maybe move jvr and go for gold with his move out of Toronto.

    • Top Line*

    • I’m not sure I’m breaking up the pairing of Hyman with Matthews. That has worked very well for almost 2 full seasons now. Brown has had opportunities there but bumping him for Kapanen doesn’t make sense to me. Hyman is a great 2 way player. I assume if even 1 of Bozak, JvR or Komorov are lost, Hyman will actually start to see some sort of PP time next season.

      I assume Hyman will 1 day see PP time some where but he & Brown’s PK abilities are amazing for such young NHL players. It may take another year potentially up to 3 before Hyman starts to see PP time but of not in Tor he will get it else where down the road.

      This is a very good hockey player following a some what common development path, well sort of, how many players get married to a generational player? Not many as generational players are beyond rare. We are seeing a few more as the NHL game grows in America but historically 1 maybe 2 a decade.

      • I think Matthews could light it up with anyone on his line! I think an uggrade from Hyman would do wonders. If you paired him up with say a Evander Kane or a Patrick Maroon look out!

  10. Who says NO—Mont. OR St.L

    Paciorrety for Berglund (or Sobotka), Tage Thompson, and Sammy Blais??

    • StL.

      Remove Berglund & Sobotka both are well cost controlled & can play almost any position.

      Patchs 1 year to UFA status clouds the picture on the return. Futures could be added to address.

      I think Thompson could be had, Blais too; I really like this players potential, even Schmaltz on D. Could that & a pick get it done? To much, not enough?

      • I think Bergy or Sobi are necessary for cap $s to work?? Thompson, Blais, and Schmaltz might not be enough, but I think the Blues would like it–it saves their top 3 or 4 prospects.

      • Striker is a biased Boston fan patches will be the most wanted player at the deadline 30 goal scorer play well in his own end, he will garner way more than duschene got and won’t be the majority of maybes like Colorado received

  11. Does EVERYONE take a pass on J. Jagr??

  12. The Isles could definitely use a decent experienced d man and they have plenty of assets. Two firsts and two seconds this year plus some solid young players with potential. They appear to be a couple of D men and an elite goalie away from actually being potentially dangerous.

    Those D men could come from within with some development (Aho, Toews, Mayfield, Pulock, Pellech), or returns from injury (Boychuck, De Haan). But I wonder if Snow tries to take a big swing at someone like Karlson or OEL. He has the assets in picks and prospects to at least tempt Ottawa and Phoenix.

    As for the goalie, I suspect we are in wait until next year mode. There are a couple of good looking goalie prospects in the system (Sorokin and Soderstrom).

    I don’t think this is the Isles year given their struggle to keep the puck out of the net. They seem close but if JT leaves they are basicly starting over.

  13. Jake Gardiner and a 2nd rounder to colmbus for Jack Johnson and a prospect

    • Don’t think Columbus is in for futures. There’s 7 or 8 contending teams I’m sure with better offers.

      Tim Liljegren maybe on top of the second.

  14. Twin, lol….your really fishing today! Poor McDavid, well at least he won’t have to worry about money in Edmonton….brrrr.

    • Either will Matthews when he signs in Arizona!, lol

      • Rather be in the basement playing in Arizona then the basement in Montreal for years to come…you back again big troll bear?

  15. Would a pacioretty+galchenyuk to Columbus for murray+dubois deal make sense?

    And maybe a hoffman to stl for fabbri?

  16. Is the season over yet? Can’t wait for draft. -Sabres fan