Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 7, 2018

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Could the New York Islanders attempt to re-sign John Tavares by the trade deadline.

The latest on John Tavares, Jaromir Jagr, James Neal, Max Pacioretty and more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports there’s talk the New York Islanders are getting more nervous about the future of captain John Tavares, who’s eligible for unrestricted free agent status in July. It’s believes the Tavares camp isn’t interested in having contract talks during the season, “which doesn’t help if the Isles are listening to trade offers.” As long as the Islanders remain in playoff contention, Garrioch doubts Tavares is going anywhere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with that assessment, but some believe otherwise, as you see further down in this compilation. 

San Jose Sharks general manager Doug Wilson is shopping around for a forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed the Sharks could be in the market for a scoring winger. However, the play of young forwards Timo Meier and Kevin Labanc could affect those plans. 

Garrioch reports there’s plenty of interest in Ottawa Senators forwards Mike Hoffman, Zack Smith and Jean-Gabriel Pageau while a few teams have expressed interest in defenseman Cody Ceci. However, he claims center Derick Brassard won’t be moved. The St. Louis Blues reportedly have interest in Hoffman and had a scout watching the Sens’ game against San Jose on Friday. Veteran blueliner Johnny Oduya could also be moved to a playoff contender by the Feb. 26 trade deadline.

The Calgary Flames could release winger Jaromir Jagr, who’s been hampered by injuries and seeing a limited role with the club. There’s talks he could join the Czech National Team for the upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Olympics “but everybody is being tight-lipped.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman (see below) has more info on Jagr’s status. 

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Erik Gudbranson is popping up in trade rumors. He’s eligible for unrestricted free agent status in July and could interest playoff contenders seeking blueline depth. “The Leafs, looking for a defenceman, got a first-hand look at Gudbranson on Saturday night, when the Canucks visited Air Canada Centre.”  Garrioch also said the Canucks are listening to offers for blueliner Ben Hutton.

Garrioch said it’s believed the Montreal Canadiens seek “a top forward and a No. 1 pick” for left wing Max Pacioretty. The Habs captain has only nine goals and 13 assists thus far this season, making it unlikely anyone will meet that asking price.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Calgary Flames and Jaromir Jagr are working out a way for the two sides to part company. Jagr, 4, signed a one-year, bonus-laden deal with the Flames but he’s been hampered by injuries and seeing reduced playing time. Jagr’s agent has been given permission to speak other clubs about a trade but so far there’s nothing in the works. Chris Johnston said sources said Jagr wants to maintain his NHL career and isn’t looking to join the Czech national team for the upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jagr’s done a good job holding off Father Time, but it appears he’s finally caught up with the future Hall of Famer. I’ll be surprised if another club pursues him. Looks like his NHL playing career is winding down.  

Nick Kypreos reports there’s a buzz around the struggling Edmonton Oilers that there’s a feeling changes could be coming where it could cost somebody their job, though nothing’s imminent thus far. Kypreos said many people in the organization feel the shoe could drop between now and next Saturday. The Oilers suffered their seventh fourth-goal loss of the season by falling to the Dallas Stars 5-1 on Saturday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If a change is made it could be a significant trade but I don’t think that’s going to happen. It’ll likely be a management shakeup or a coaching change. Whatever it is, I don’t believe it’ll be enough to save their playoff hopes for this season. 

Kypreos also reports contract talks between the Vegas Golden Knights and winger James Neal could start soon. Neal, who turns 31 in September, is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July. Kypreos doubts Golden Knights general manager George McPhee wants to sign Neal to a seven- or eight-year deal but feels a four- or five-year deal might be possible, though the annual average value would be $6.5 million. Neal’s current cap hit is $5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Neal’s leadership and veteran skills have factored the Golden Knights’ impressive NHL debut season. While a four- or five-year term is reasonable, $6.5 million annually for a player who might not have many more 20-goal seasons ahead of him would be a big gamble on McPhee’s part. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggests the myriad of on-ice issues plaguing the now-struggling New York Islanders “places a high alert on the John Tavares matter.” If the club doesn’t already have a deal in place with their pending UFA captain that they’re waiting to announce at a later date, Brooks believes they should set the Feb. 26 trade deadline as also the deadline for getting Tavares under contract. “This is a player who simply cannot be permitted to walk for free when a bounty could be expected in return for his rental rights.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: About a month ago, I was dismissive of the notion of the Islanders moving Tavares at the trade deadline. As long as they remain in the playoff chase, I don’t believe they’ll move him. But their recent decline, due largely to woeful goaltending and a porous defense, is very troubling and threatens their postseason hopes. It could also jeopardize their efforts to re-sign their captain. The more the Isles struggle in the coming weeks, the more Tavares will surface in the trade rumor mill. 

Brooks also reports the New York Rangers will not use the trade deadline as a deadline for getting pending UFA winger Michael Grabner under contract. Rangers management has spoken with Grabner’s agent Jerry Buckley but there’s been no contract negotiations. Buckley points out there’s time between the end of the playoffs and the July 1 start of free agency to discuss a new deal. Brooks speculates it could take a four-year, $14-million offer by the Rangers to keep Grabner in New York. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Grabner’s currently early $1.65 million per season on his current contract. A pay raise to $3.5 million annually for four years would be quite a pay bump, but not unreasonable for a 30-year-old winger set to exceed 20 goals for the second straight season. 



  1. I know jagr acted like he was 4 occasionally in pburgh but I think he’s matured a bit by now Lyle 😉

    • So what if he has? He’s still a terrible fit in Pittsburgh.

      • Whoosh🙆🏼‍♂️

    • Not a chance always a douche bag… jagr proved it in 2012 he could have come home to Pittsburgh and righted everything. MARIO OFFERED HIM A DECENT 1 YEAR DEAL IN WHICH HE VERBALLY AGREED. 1 WEEK LATER SIGNED WITH THE WORST TEAM HE COULD HAVE SIGNED WITH PHILADELPHIA PLEASE BITCH JAGR.. YOU WILL NEVER PLAY IN THE BURG AGAIN//


      • Ditto for me boys.

        Life long Pens fan. Hated how he forced the Washington trade which ripped us off. Took 10 years to get some forgiveness and was ready to forgive and forget in 2012 when he came back, said all the right things about righting the fans, righting the team and righting Mario. Then laughed at the very reasonable (I thought it was too reasonable) offer and signed with the Flyers. Of all teams, the F’ing Flyers.
        That was it for me. I am done with this clown. I sold off all my Jagr stuff then and gave up on him. I don’t want to see him back to ruin the 3-peat (he’s too slow to play our style anyway), I don’t want to see him back to get his number retired (if he wants it so bad, he can get the Caps to retire it or leverage us to get the Flyers to), I don’t even want to hear he had to change planes in Pittsburgh.
        Out of respect for what he did do for us, I’ll be first in line to give him a handshake when he does retire, but that’s it and definitely nothing to do with the Pens ever again.

  2. Looks like Jagr needs to hang them up and look at coaching or being a trainer.

    The islanders should trade JT and try to sign him in the off season. If he wants to be there, he’ll sign there.

    The habs are crazy asking that much for patches lol.

    According to most, the oilers were cup favorites before the season started…they shouldn’t make any changes. Maybe look at giving moroon the standard 6×6 contract or at least find a way to keep this team together. At least the oil will win the draft lottery again and eventually they’ll be able to ice a full team of top 5 picks.

    • The islanders should trade JT and try to sign him in the off season.

      Everyone can stop reading after that gem of wisdom.

      • If he hasn’t openly said he wants to stay, why risk losing him for nothing? If they don’t have a deal in place by the deadline, they should have a contingency plan. Trade him and move on. Depending on what they could get in a trade, if it’s all picks and prospects they’ll still have cap room to give him whatever contract he would get if he signed now and they coulduld possibly have a good player to play with him.

        I wouldn’t count on signing him if they trade him but it would be worth a shot.

        I’d take a hard stance on situations like this if it was me.

      • I’m not 100 percent sure but I don’t think they are allowed to resign that quickly. It avoids speculation of collusion

      • Paul.

        Did you have the same opinion with Stamkos’s situation in TB?

      • Brian.

        Yes they can as he isn’t being traded back but signed as a UFA.

        That said its not happening. The restriction relates to trades not this potential situation.

  3. Must we see every single day that the St. Louis Blues are interested in Mike Hoffman??? We get it already.

    • What would you like to see? Do you want Lyle to just make stuff up so you can come up with more witty one liners?

      Are we going to see your standard Kris Leturnover comment today? How many times do we have to see that? We get it you think your funny ..

      • Boom!

  4. The NHL has to do something about contracts next lock out! It’s ridiculous to have to be hampered by a cap hit for years after a player is retired or injured. It should be far easier to release and buyout a player and not be screwed for 5-10 years. Example: my Sabres decided to give a 7 year deal to 28 year old Okposo, he’s washed up already and if they buy him out they will be hammered with cap hit for 9-10 years, that is complete nonsense.

    • Then they shouldn’t have signed him in the first place. The only way this is ok is if it works both ways… owners can get out of bad contracts but so can players… when they outperform their contracts they can walk away and renegotiate…

    • I don’t think the league has to do anything about contracts, GM’s do. If a team doesn’t think things through and makes bad choices, they should have to live with those choices. The oilers are going to be in cap jail for a long time, why should they get a pass on Lucic or drysaddle or suckairahh or Russell?

      Teams were already given compliance buyouts, the solution is to not give bad contracts out.

    • So let me get this right. You want to reward a team for their own stupidity for signing a player that doesn’t live up to his contract?
      Not going to happen.
      Buffalo is not the only team that over-rated a player and won’t be the last.
      I know it’s not nice, but dems da rules. It took the Leafs nearly a decade to figure this out, starting with the Komisarek contract and ending with the Clarkson and Phaneuf contracts.
      It’s better to get a better management team.

    • That is the exact point of it.

      If anything they should somehow be punished worse for the Okposo deal, since so many players can make legit claim to be better and thus deserving more than him.

      Players that should be making closer to $3 million are now making $5.5 million because of bad comps like that.

      In fact, go back to the initial Pegula spending spree (Ehrhoff, Ville Leino, etc.) and then overpaying ROR and Eichel and Okposo and no one has done more to overpay and inflate the middle tier contracts than the Sabres.

      • Eichel is worth every penny, many teams would love to have a number 1 center. Eichel plays with garbage line mates, Girgsensons, Pominville, Reinhart the turtle.

    • Never going to happen. No 1 forced Buf to give that co tract to Okposo.

      I don’t know if Okposo is washed up yet as his decline coinsides with an injury issue & perhaps there is an issue there that effects his current play.

    • Fire your GM who made the offer. Taking the weiners way out is silly.
      This isn’t the NFL.

      • So you think a team should suffer a cap penalty for 10 years if a player gets hurt or is washed up early? Ten years is a career for a forward these days. If you buy out a player you shouldn’t have to get cap hit for double the length of deal. Horton, Pronger and the guy on Detroit will be getting paid for another 10-15 years or some nonsense like that. If a guy gets hurt and can’t play well anymore the team shouldn’t be hampered with cap for the next decade. Guaranteed contracts ruin hockey, a guy plays well in contract year then floats knowing nothing will happen, he gets paid for next 10-12 years being bought out or dumped in minors to make full salary. This is why I hate giving any forward age 28-30 a long deal. I would never do it!

  5. It will be interesting too see what changes the Oilers make. Personally speaking, I feel a lot of their secondary core had career or breakout years and that if a few of them came back to reality it would be a problem. Which it is.

    With pending UFAs in Maroon and Lettsu, they will fetch prospects and draft picks.

    I suspect that also there’s a chance if the right deal comes along for RNH they may exercise that notion also.

    To St. Louis Patrick Maroon
    To Edmonton Kyrou and a second or third

    To Columbus RNH
    To Edmonton zack werensky and a first and second in 2018
    To Toronto lettsu
    To Edmonton second and fourth round picks in 2018

    • Werenski wouldn’t go for rnh and the oilers 1st and 2nd let alone the other way around

    • yeah WTF are you talking about with this deal or deals.. you are obviously puffing this AM

    • Drinking again, Twin? Oiler fans are cute.

    • StL isn’t moving Kyrou in a deal for Maroon. He could possibly move in a trade for Pacioretty & Hoffman, although trading Hoffman for Ott makes zero sense to me. Melnyk is thrifty though so he may wish to trim payroll.

      RNH & a 1st & 2nd wouldn’t get Werenski out of Clb.

      Your return for Letestu is solid but I assume Pit is a better fit.

      • No slight to RNH implied a good #2 2 way C, the new faceoff rules have helped him a little in the circle as well.

    • You must be an Edmonton person WAY over valuing Maroon. Yes he is a St. Louis kid but NO he will not get you Kyrou.

    • Restart your Ps4

  6. I was reading an article the other day about how when Gudbranson and Hutton play together they are at under 45% possession and when either plays with Pouliot they are over 55%, the article went on to call Pouliot the “glue guy” in the Canucks defence and the nicest surprise of the year for the team. How Rutherford saw Hunwick as a better option still baffles me. Good thing we got Pedan though because we needed a dirty player to get suspended at the AHL level way more than an NHL caliber, 2 way, puck moving dman that can play either side. I also read an article about Vegas and their needs should they decide to go for it this year. Number one with a bullet is a PK specialist at forward as their PK numbers are quite average. Well look no further than Carl Haglen, George. Pens might even retain 1 million if you send back Haula in the deal. The Taveras talk is just a press smoke and mirrors show he’s not going anywhere. Neither are most of the Sens including Hoffman. Pacioretty maybe but likely not. Parity is preventing teams that should already be sellers from making deals because there is still a what if factor.

    • There we go with Hagelin again… As I said, I am pretty sure he will eventually be waived not traded. If he is such an interesting player, why don’t the Pens keep him ? Players like him are easy to find without even having to make a trade

      • I Think the pens will keep Hagelin he is a solid 3rd line player.. Michael P he has got two rings how many u got/ LOL

    • Hagelin won’t be waived until this summer & then for the purposes of a buy out by Pit. Vegas isn’t trading Haula a player they specifcly targeted in expansion, taking Tuch as compensation to avoid Dumba. I would have taken Dumba over Tuch & Haula. Although Tuch is way ahead of where I thought he would be & I didn’t see the side deal with Anh in my pre expansion predictions & my assumptions on Vegas couldn’t have been more wrong.

      I agree with many of your other points although Mon moving Patches this summmer makes sense to me. If I can’t extend my UFA’s with 1 more year on their contracts I certainly look to maximise the possible return & the market is far larger in the off season than leading up to the trade deadline.

      • striker how about 1 bad contract for another. Pominville to Pitts for Hagelin ? lol

      • Pominville is on pace for 15 to 20 goals & 40 to 45 points. Better the evil you know. Pominville came over in the trade to get Scandella & dump Ennis’s contract. Unfortunately it cost Buf Foligno a good solid 3rd line character player.

        Both are buyout candidates this summer. Even at a mil more I prefer Pominville.

    • I keep telling the depressed Habs fan at work that they missed the boat on Pouliot. Would have been a great and cheap addition after the joke that was trading Sergachev. Usually he walks away from me when I suggest this mumbling about how “Bergevin sucks” and “Expect the unexpected”. But here we go, actual proof Pouliot can be worth it.

      I will note, the Hundwick thing was more because I think Pouliot was in the doghouse with the team and it was probably best to move him along anyway (and keep Hunwick, who likely fits in better, at the lower price)….just didn’t think it’d be for that return.

  7. Off topic but does anyone think Vegas stays the course or do they trade any of last years draft picks or the slew of other picks they have for a playoff push?

    As far as the Islanders are concerned, they dhould trade JT… i wonder is a package centering around Marner or Nylander plus some draft picks from the Leafs?

    • Vegas likely tries to sign Neal and Perron pending on cost and makes dippy moves to tweak. That being said with all the futures he has to work with if they found a deal for a non rental (pec) or something along those lines I could see a bigger move.

    • Leafs wouldn’t touch that deal with a 10-foot pole. They’re NOT giving up TWO of the youngest, most dynamic players in the league for a star whose “twilight” of his career is fast approaching. Leafs don’t need, nor do they want, Tavares.

      • I think he was saying one or the other, not both…

      • Tavares turned 27 in Sept, can you spell Thornton?

        You need not worry, Tavares isn’t going to Tor. If either of those players are moved it will be in a trade for Trouba or similar Dman & will cost more than either of those players. Not both but 1 or the other.

        I don’t see Trouba in Win possibly past this summer another year max & this type of Dman is the rarest hardest commodity to find or acquire in thbe NHL.

    • Toronto is not trading Marner or Nylander for a rental player that will cost $11 million next year, definitely not with draft picks as well, for rental? I don’t even think they will be going after Tavares if he hits the open market.

    • I would like to see Vegas trade Neal to the highest bidder for a 1st & a decent young 3rd line RW, like a Ho-Sang, can Milano play RW & promote Tuch to Neal’s spot.

      I don’t want Vegas to sign Neal who will be 31 next Sept to 4+ years at 6+ mil per blocking the young kids they have dressed now specifically Tuch & drafted last season.

      Trade Sbisa as well for the best offer & sort of straddle today & tomorrows needs.

      Vegas didn’t miss a beat with Sbisa injured. He & Schmidt have been great together but again his being out had no impact.

      • Ditto. Neal is having a big year and this is prime time to capitalize off of that. I think longterm it makes way more sense to move him and not bother playing the what if game with him over 4+ years hoping he hits 20+ goals in each one. They shouldn’t be playing for the cup this year anyway (I know they have been playing lights out, but still), just happy they can get in and play with some house money (pun intended lol)

  8. Here my mid season NHL awards

    Calder- Boesner
    Selke- Bergeron
    Adams- Gallant
    Norris- Doughty edging Hedman
    Vezina- Vasilevsky
    Hart- Kucherov

    • That works for me as well Caper. Solid.

    • Caper, some great picks there. Ovechkin has to be in the MVP conversation. He has become Mr Clutch.

    • Caper pretty damn solid on those awards picks 100% right man…

  9. Gudbranson is a UFA this summer? How can this be, I believe he is 25 yrs old.

    • He turned 26 today. Benning like Snow with de Haan signed these 2 Dman to 1 year deals. Brutal asset management.

      Gubranson’s sense of self worth got him traded out of Flo, they offered him a long term deal at 5 mil per but he declined.

      Both these Dman passed on filing for player arbitration at which point their respective teams should have forced at least 2 year deals to help their possible trade value.

      Van should garner a decent return on Gubranson, a 2nd & a decent prospect, a solid B, NYI will lose de Haan now for nothing as he suffered a season ending injury.

      de Haan would be a solid UFA option for a team like Tor, he is like a younger version of an Alzner, was playing as NYI’s #3 logging hard mins. Someone is going to get a solid young Dman at a decent value this summer giving up nothing more than cash really. I assume a team will move NYI a nominal pick & lock de Haan up before July 1 a la Gologoski & Yandle 2 summers past. Unless NYI ponies up at least 5 years at 5 mil per give or take 500k as someone will pay de Haan just that this summer.

      With the cap slated to rise 3 to 5 mil next season & teams having collected there recent expansion checks fiscal sanity will again be lost this summer.

  10. Gudbranson is actually 26 today. It’s his birthday!

  11. With NYR’s Chris Kreider sidelined with a blood clot, what are the chances that he’s placed on LTIR and NYR pursues a forward as a rental?

    Not sure what they can afford tbh.

    • I thought I read yesterday that his injury with more severe and they had to remove a rib or something, I could be wrong but I read it on TSN yesterday. It doesn’t sound related to a blood clot in an arm so I don’t know the story behind that but if it’s true I would think he is done for the season.

      • The last I heard was gone for the remainder of the reg season. No firm timelines for these types of injuries.

        The rib removal may possibly be related, could be effecting blood flow issues no solid data yet made available. He should get a decent news story in tbe next month on this.

    • Guaranteed.

      That for me is 1 of the best landing spots for Patches. As always just a question of at what cost.

      NYR & Mon don’t have the greatest fit, not certain NYR would want to give up Buchnevich, Chytil or Andersson & the forward prospect kitty gets pretty bare after those 3. Mon needs to get a solid forward prospect back as their prospect cupboard at forward baring this years 2 selections of Poehling & Ikonen who are years away is empty.

      Would Mon except Day a 1st & 2nd? Not a great fit.

      NYI could give Mon exactly what they need & Patches would allow Ladd to be moved to a 3rd line roll.

      I believe Tavares will eventually be signed in NYI but I don’t share the same optimism for Bailey. Patches acquisition would really help NYI’s efforts to make the playoffs. Ho-Sang & a 1st & 2nd. Possibly nominally more depending what otger assets move. With Bellows coming very soon Ho-Sang is expendable & he will eventually be a solid NHL offensive player, defensively? Well it is a skill that can be taught if a player is willing to learn.

      • If Montreal trades Patches to the NYI It oils look something like this

        Montreal Patches, Mete, Lindgren
        For NYI Bellows, ho sang, a 1st and De Haan and Ladd

  12. Proposal
    M. Pacioretty and J. Jerabek To Edmonton for T. Benson and D. Nurse

    • If you put yourself in Bergevin’s shoes with other options on the table, would you do it ? I certainly would not…

      • He would ask for Jesse Puljujärvi

    • Edmonton isnt in a position to trade Nurse. Espically for patches.

      If nurse was in trade conversation with montreal it would be sorrounded around montreals first and second rounders in 18 plus Mete which would be a no go gor the habs

    • First off Patches and jerabek or mete
      To Edmonton would have to look like this
      Montreal Patches and mete and jerabek
      Edmonton Pajjulvari and nurse and a 1st round pick

      I honestly think Edmonton gets a great deal with Patches the guy is a minimum 30 goal scorer and with centres like Drislati and Mcdavid he will score 40-50 goals a year

  13. Pacioretty and a 1st for JT. Thoughts???

    • If that pick turned out to be a top 3, I wonder if the Isles would do it, but maybe they will wait to see if he becomes a UFA first and try to get him without giving out any assets

      • Thinking about it if they keep losing and get a chance of getting Dahlin or Svechnikov, I wouldn’t do it if I was Bergevin. Better trade Pacioretty somewhere else and keep their low pick in one of the best drafts in year

    • JT is worth at least 2 1sts even as a UFA…. he is #4 in league in points i believe. 2 1sts are a starting point then a young top line center.

      If I were Dorion & OTT I would offer Duchene, Phaneuf & Brassard and 2 1sts for JT & DeHaan……. IF i could sign him

      wouldn’t fit in NYI cap & an unrealistic proposal though…

      • Don’t you think they would instead ask for something like Stone, Chabot and a 1st if they gave Ottawa the chance to negotiate with him before the trade ? Just like they might ask the Canadiens for something like Pacioretty, Poehling, Mete and a 2018 1st or something like that ? Personally, I don’t see them being interested in players like Brassard and Phaneuf even if their were no cap issues

      • *There were* sorry 🙂

      • If your JT are you signing on to play in Ott & if Ott is willing to pay a player 11 mil + wouldn’t they just pay it to Karlsson?

        I see no way Melnyk is footing that bill. He didn’t want to pay Zibby 5 nor Turris 6!

    • Never going to happen. NYI isn’t moving Tavares until all hope is lost & I don’t see that happening.

      Why would Tavares want to leave NYI? This is a good young hockey team with 1 of the strongest prospect pools in tbe NHL.

      It’s scary for NYI to be in this position & there is a risk he could be lost for little or nothing but Snow like Yzerman with Stamkos needs to take that risk.

      The last hurdle should have been a new building, that has been addressed. I say it gets done in NYI this summer, if not he gets traded before July 1 to the team he may want to play for so he can be locked up 8 years as opposed to 7 & NYI probably still gets a 1st a solid prospect from said team.

      Being a betting man I would put the chances of Tavares leaving at 30% at best. Given a choice of pkaying in NYI or say Mon, if your Tavares which are you picking? Peform that excercise with most other teams then factor in tbe business side of the equation, how many teams that Tavares might consider can afford his coming cap hit. Given a choice of Tavarez, Draisaitl or Eichel I take Tavares regardless of age which means for me due to these signings he’s getting more.

      • I agree the Isles should do everything possible to keep him. I read that the only reason why they were linking Tavares to the Canadiens is because he is friends with Carey Price and Shea Weber and that Bergevin is friends with is agent… Is there any truth to that ? I don’t know. But I am certainly not holding my breath, I am more interested to see what the Canadiens could get for Pacioretty and how high they will pick in next year’s draft

      • Eichel is 21 years old was near point per game playing with worthless players. Forwards are done early 30s Tavares will be good until about 31, 8 year deal won’t be worth it on back end. Will he be putting up same points at age 33-36? No

    • No way JT is UFA why would I trade for him I’ll just wait to sign him this summer … there’s no way Patches goes there for JT

    • Michel P made me think, but even with that, whats the point. Patches needs a top line C like JT to play with. Doesn’t have it now and on this deal, won’t have it in Long Island either. If your Snow, this is a waste of time outside of that pick. This years draft isn’t a generational one so I would be looking at trading JT for a lower pick and a prospect/young player with high upside and term instead if I was trading him.

  14. Jagr should retire form the NHL and play in the Olympics. Why not ? A good way to go out. Maybe even stay with the Czech program in some role
    Seen him play several times this year. I wouldn’t say terrible but not good. Sustainable health is a concern even for him. His first injury earlier in the year was a ” how did you get hurt on that play ”

    There is always one gm who pull’s the trigger a few weeks earlier than the trade deadline. We might see a deal late January or early Feb.

    • I accept Jagr is slow but still plays a solid possession game & can contribute offensively if deployed in such a role.

      If fit to play which perhaps he simply isn’t surely 1 of 31 teams has room for Jagr. His salry is miniscual. Pkay him as a 3rd line RW & give him at least 2nd line PP time.

      Couldn’t a Carolina, SJ, Chi, Min, Nas, etc. use Jagr in this role, seems like great playoff insurance for me at little to no cost in salary. If Cal just wants him gone waive him & lets see if he gets claimed.

  15. With Bailey being out and the defensive injuries with the NYI… do they make a pitch to Vegas for Neal and Sbisa? and figure out the cap stuff

    • NYI has yet to put Kulemin nor de Haan on LTIR & both have been lost for the season. I really can’t figure out why teams do or don’t put players lost long term immediately, there has to be a reason I assume?

      NYI has bags if cap space should they choose to place these 2 players on LTIR.

      Have we had any info yet on how long Bailey & Ladd are lost for? NYI plays today then gets it 5 day break, might both Bailey & Ladd be back following that break?

      I’d lime to see NYI trade for Patches.

      • I agree Patches would look good on the Island.

        OPTION #1
        A package of HoSang, Beauvillier and a 1st could get it done. I also think they should give up a 3rd and Quine or Prince for Plekanec. Really balance out the 12 forwards.


        really solid 12 to play playoff hockey against.

        I had thought Kulemin mason LTIR all year already. if they have the space….if they will not get DeHaan back….do they offer a big package for a playoff push?


        TO NYI: Patches, Plekanec & Petry
        TO MTL: HoSang, Beauvillier a 1st 2018 for Patches
        A 2nd 2018 and Seidenberg for Petry
        A 3rd 3019 for Plekanec

        Isles let DeHaan walk and have Petry. They have 1 more yr with Patches at $4.5m and Let Pleks wask as a UFA and only gave up a 3rd

  16. Question…not able to see many SJ games but Lyle wrote about SJ GM shopping for a forward. Does BUFFALO bite ??

    TO BUFF : 1st, Meier & LaBanc

    To be honest I am sure Botterill will be happy with just Meier and LaBanc ya?

    Another really bad signing by GM Murray

    • Unless Okposo gets back on track dumping
      the remaining 5 years at 6 mil per would be challenging. I don’t see SJ paying to take that on.

      If Buf wanted to dump that contract now they might have to entice a team to take him to some extent.

      Kane may interest SJ now & moving forward.

      • I mention Okposo bc Thornton and his $8million will be off the books and they can trade Boedker in the off season. Ward will be a UFA and they can then buy out Martin and have plenty of room to keep Okposo. It also allows the to rolls 2 scoring lines next year. I was just thinking aloud. I dread to think if BUFF does not put Okposo in play now…they will not be able to entice someone in offseason. He is on pace for a garbage season.

    • Okposo was very good until he almost died last year, he probably will bounce back next season. He’s slower and Buffalo already has the slowest team in any league. I’m sure they would trade him.

      • at almsot 30 I was just unclear as to why a 7 year deal was tossed his way. I would have understood the overpayment of 6million (as all GMS over pay to non attractive destinations) but I would have thought a 3-4 yr deal not 7… Ownership’s fault for having open pocketbooks. Since he bought the team he allowed management to throw $$ to fix it rather than develop and play the cap game. Did the same with his football team. 3 -4 coaches since he bought the team and I think 2 GMS…going on his 3rd…

        I like how Boteril is doing it. Build with prospects and fill in when needed. I felt like Neil Smith was running things up north there for a bit but minus the 1994 cup.

  17. I was also thinking Nashville might be a good fit for KANE. They have
    #1C Johansen
    #2C Turris
    #3C Bonino

    Well Craig Smith is a 4.25 m for 2 more years .5pt a game player. Plays center and right wing. Perhaps Smith and a top D prospect for Kane? He would look good with Johansen or Turris.

  18. Does anyone know anything about hockey Patches is one of the most natural goal scorers in the league he’s been a 30 plus goal scorer the last 4 years in a row on a MTL team that has no centre … He should get a good player plus A+ prospect plus a 1st rounder anything less is garbage ….
    Hoffman is good and Kane is good but Patches is way better then both those players … I’d look for a Duchesne trade in Colorado if I was Montreal