Mark Letestu to Blue Jackets in Three-Team Deal.

by | Feb 25, 2018 | News, NHL, Rumors | 30 comments

The Edmonton Oilers traded center Mark Letestu to the Nashville Predators for forward Pontus Aberg. The Predators then dealt Letestu to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a fourth-round selection in the 2018 NHL Draft.

The Columbus Blue Jackets acquire Mark Letestu in a three-team deal (Photo via NHL images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers part with a center in Letestu who no longer fit into their future plans. He’s an unrestricted free agent this summer. They wanted to get faster on the wing and Aberg should help in that regard. He struggled with consistency in Nashville but perhaps he’ll blossom skating alongside Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. 

Letestu returns to Columbus, where he spent nearly four seasons from 2011-12 to 2014-15. He’s a versatile veteran checking line forward who can skate at center or on the wing. The Blue Jackets needed some help at center and the 33-year-old Letestu should be a decent fit, though he won’t do much to bolster their scoring. 

This is the second three-team deal involving the Predators this season, having acquired Kyle Turris from Ottawa last November in the deal that saw the Colorado Avalanche ship Matt Duchene to the Senators. It’s an interesting move, shipping out Aberg and his $650K cap hit but also bringing in a fourth-round pick. Perhaps general manager David Poile is setting the stage for a bigger move before Monday’s 3 pm ET trade deadline. It’s well known he’s in the market for a top-six winger. Stay tuned.



  1. Win –Ed; UFA for young winger wth potential; Win – Clb — very fair Centre for a 4th; Nsh….TBD … 4th for a young speedy winger that is most recently underperforming …. absolutely loving the creative milt-team trades!!

    • me too…perhaps Poile is clearing space to make a move for Patches in MTL?

      • Possibly … they need to clear more though to fit Patch in… Nsh has very good Chemistry … who would u move to clear more space

      • This is a great deal for Edm, I like Aberg. This kid can out right fly. He will help Edm’s speed game & he has a future as a scoring winger.

      • Possibly but Nas also needs a roster spot for Tolvanen. The KHL season will be over very soon. This allows for that.

      • They have $3.3 M in space currently Not much to clear. They can asked MTL to retain $1.5M and in return offer Hartnell, plus 2 top prospects and a 1st. The negotiations on what top prospects can happen and NSH will not need that 1st bc they hav a solid core locked up for YEARS….if they add Patches to the mix….they certainly can make MANY cup runs…. Patches won’t ask for $7m plus if put in a better and winning environment. Besides NSH taxes are cheaper than MTL by far.

      • They also need a roster spot to activate Fisher

      • Nas has buckets of cap space, their trade deadline equivalent is $15,551,562. They have the space to do what ever they want.

        I’m not saying Nas isn’t trading for someone I’m simply saying they need a roster spot to activate Fisher which is supposed to be happening tomorrow & then they will need a roster spot for Tolvanen when he comes over. Teams are limited a a 23 man roster till the regular season ends unless players are on IR, LTIR or designated a none roster player which has a very limited time window.

      • Sissons, Hartnell, top prospect & 1st 2018 & 2019 2nd to MTL for Patches?

        Sissons gone makes rooms for Fisher? Patches fills Hartnells roster spot

        ?? thoughts ??

  2. My money is on Kane. They didn’t just throw a 650k cap hit with a large upside away for a 4th. Making room for the scoring winger they have been wanting. Nash.. Gone.. Patch.. Gone. I would honestly rather have skinner in a way, but still think Kane is inbound.

  3. My bad was the other P Canadian traded, so patch.. Maybe. Still thinking Kane fits their want.

    • I wouldn’t touch Kane. The guy is poison in the dressing room. I don’t care that he is a UFA at the end of the season. He is not worth what you will have to give up to get him. To much risk for what his upside COULD be.

  4. If Pacioretty was traded to Nashville, I would think the trade would be something along the lines of fabbro, fiala and 1st. Doesn’t address mtl need for a centre but it does address their defensive needs and scoring needs. I have a suspicion that RNH deal may be in the works….with galchenyuk gong th bother way.

    • Can’t see Ed winning any deal with RNH going out– other GMs have PC by the …..

    • I think Max is going to Kings or least I can dream right ;). I can see Kane going to Nashville since they have the picks or prospects to not lose any roster spots. Maybe this deal was to help get Ryan Nugent Hopkins from Oilers. Was nice to see Gionta end up on Boston Bruins after his Olympic run. Tolvanen could help land a guy like Kane instead of Nash since he is moved now.

      • Bobby Mac is saying gabe vilardi a 1st and a roster player is what the Habs want for patches

      • They can keep Pacioretty, I’m not giving up that package for him.

      • You really don’t how to run a team tho!

  5. I know they dissed Aberg a bit saying he had the worst stats for this or that… Though I think I remember him playing when Nashville had injuries during their cup run… So I think Oilers made out on taking a chance for him since never liked Letetsu… Just sucks my puppy is real sick throwing up/crapping so can’t enjoy any of my weekend even w/ Ash vs. Evil Dead coming back :(.

    There players who don’t click on new or old teams… I think Aberg or so will work out much better for Oilers than say Strome did :). Least they are making some decent deals getting the 3rd rounder for a D-man they claimed on waivers for example. Moving out a waste w/ no upside like Letetsu for Aberg who could be a quality 3rd/4th liner at worse…

  6. Nash is making room for Ryan and Karlsson. Haha.

    Of coarse players will be going back to Ottawa.

    I kid.

    • Jeff its actually logical if Rangers made blockbuster to get Ryan/Karl from SEnators. I mean most are trying to link him to a playoff team… Though if Rangers really want to rebuild even taking a bad contract like Bobby Ryan is worth it for them to have King Karl. They should have enough freed up to afford his cap hit now. Granted between him the two Kings Henrik/Karl would cost like 21M or so in their cap hits alone ;).

      Oh they will send Smith/Belesky/Spooner to Senators in that just so the Rangers fan always trying to pawn them off on here is happy too :).

      • I’d say zero chance of NY going after Karlsson. When I say zero I mean zero.

        First you have Spooner for Ward, which makes zero sense, now adding Karlsson?
        Why not keep Mcdonagh and trade Spooner for picks?
        This is a rebuild, not a complete confused mess.

        What next? Sign Iginla and Thornton as free agents next year?

      • Agreed Nyr4life… go on Karlsson/Ryan…. unless you are taking Smith, STaal & Beleskey and do not expect anything nice in return. Based on the NYR moves…. no signs Karlsson is coming over…especially with Ryan attached. Why trade MacTruck at 28 to pitch for Karlsson at the same age and will cost $5m per more.

        I like the stock piling of picks to give flexibility to make pitches for other players if necessary.

        Hopefully 3 playoff teams are looking at Spooner, Beleskey and Smith (NYR can hold $1m per) and get picks back.

        WSH, LA or WPG want Spooner or Beleskey?

        WSH…think your defense can match Pitts power down the middle? Want another defenseman in Staal or Smith? =)

        GO GORTS GO

      • Capitals vs. Penguins – mismatch!

        All time playoff series between these two teams – Penguins won 9 out of 10 series!!!!!!!!!

      • Well NYR its not logical to pay Henrik that kinda money either… If Rangers are really rebuilding it will take least 5 years to win a Cup or 3 years to compete for one. So if they are rebuilding they need to trade him… They can easily sign Nash along with Grabner as free agents next year after getting assets for them though.

        If they can get King Karl they would have Shattenkirk coming back from surgery next season. So they would have two right handed shots that could be in the top 4. Bobby Ryan if he had to be included would probably produce what Nash was making his 7.8M cap hit or better.

        Its like saying there no chance Kings trade for Wayne before they did… Or why should the Kings even bother they are just going to lose anyways. WArd for Spooner was half joking which I figured was obvious. I’d be surprised if they even got a 7th for Ward who would want him.

        I had mentioned Kelly in a prior post who just recently got signed… So can select or pick/choice all want… I even mentioned Grabner going to Devils via trade or FA before it happened. I’m sure people laughed at that since they never made a trade when they became the Devils.

        Maybe if Rangers could get King Karl they can think they can bounce back like Devils and Flyers. Those are two teams who had top picks only to suddenly be legit playoff teams or bubble at worse. I don’t think many if any expected them to compete this year. Personally I didn’t expect the Devils to do this well though they made some moves or trades which helped. Flyers shocked me even more w/ all the issues they have had to endure.

        Winnipeg Jets are still my biggest surprise though Vegas has done better than expected… Lots of that is the West being weak… I think Ducks got Kelly if recall so that is a solid signing for them. I remember when he broke his leg blocking a shot in a playoff game. So that is the kinda player that will go all out after doing well at Olympics…

        I remember lots said there was no chance PK Subban would be traded… Or for Shea Weber, so don’t think it would shock me to see King Karl going to Rangers… They are a team in a high profile city that wants big names to sell tickets. You really think Rangers are going to endure sucking for 3-5 years? Did they even trade McDonut yet? King Henrik? Any asset that isn’t going to be a UFA that they can’t just sign back? Even Holden or whatever the D-man is don’t seem a real blockbuster.

        Iginla is tired worn out retired. Jumbo Joe got 8M to play this season so some idiot team will sign him. Though that is probably more something Toronto would do haha. He will try to hang around long enough to be Captain of Seattle Kraken :).

        I want Trouba it don’t mean I can get him. Though if I was able to make a deal to get him I would. So if Rangers can get King Karl even if they had to take Bobby Ryan that would speed this into a retooling instead of a real rebuild. Though I think bringing Grabner back would be more logical than Nash unless its like a cheap contract like Blackhawks gave when they bought out dude after Kings whipped them in Cup :). I think that was Brad Richards, he would have to take like a 1M a year deal to come back to NY Nash or like 3/4M max.

      • Lol. The kings trading for Gretzky is a stretch here. Pre cap, different era.comparing Lundqvists deal to trading for Karlsson is even more insane!
        That deal was made when NY was a true cup contender…. not in the middle of a rip down.
        I’m not even sure how the 2 come in to the same sentence? Other than grasping for straws.

        You’re all over the place here. Ny cannot bring in Karlsson, back Nash and Grabner, resign Hayes, Skjei, Miller, etc. replace or resign other UFAs . Especially with Girardis hit going up 1 million, smith , Staal , Beleskey etc.
        Ny is not trading Mcdonagh, to turn around and trade for Karlsson. That is just PS4 talk. This is a rebuild. Not a mix and match insane slapped together team.

      • And take on Ryan? lol I missed that part. Now we have a rebuilding team 40 million over the cap!

      • Well NYR the current rumor is that Sharks are working on getting King Karl now. I think its likely if Bobby Ryan is involved that somebody will have to retain 25% of his salary. That will still saves Senators at least about 6M… While Ryan’s contract would be like a Dustin BRown w/ more offensive production expected :). Many would say why would the Sharks want another right shot D-man when they have Burns… Also some younger guys like DeMelo and Heed… While Braun is alright, considering they paid JUmbo Joe 8M in cap hit… Its possible they could absorb the 7.25M for Bobby Ryan… Though if his contract was shaved down to 6M or less on cap its lot easier…

        Puppy is sick or ate something had him at Vet today… Was puking/loose stool so its caused lack of sleep/distractions… I’ll try to break it down easier…

        Rangers if they traded for King Karl while having to take Bobby Ryan at hopefully a reduced salary would increase their chances to rebound/retool faster. Though that don’t mean Senators will trade him or are going to them if they did. Grabner would be a more likely player for them to resign over Nash unless he took a low salary like 1M or at most 2-3M cap hit type range not the 7.8M.

        Rangers picked up some picks/prospects that would help them in landing King Karl or another target. Until I see some others moved who are not going to be UFA I’ll not really believe the rebuild. Are they going to have King Henrik making that kinda money to lose by 3-5 goals for next few years facing 30-50 shots? Like that rookie Goalie they had make some record in saves for a first start or rookie or something recently in a loss.

        Sure Rangers would try to move contracts they don’t want from smith, Belesky, Spooner if they are able in any deal.

        I don’t recall many at the time thinking they would trade Wayne at all to anybody. Kings were basically a laughing stock until the Silver & Black Era. They tried to get enough former Oilers like Penguins or others to win a Cup. They had some really nice loaded teams on the video game NHL ones. Bernie Nichols had that insane goal scoring total but never was really anything special.

        Basically until I see them trade Henrik I don’t believe its a rebuild. Why pay him that kinda cap hit just to lose or be mediocre instead of winning a draft lottery? I’m not high on McDonut but I’d rather have King Karl over him who least might win a Norris :). Its a lot easier to get a younger/better player to replace McDonut than to get an offensive talent like King Karl etc. Its like a right D-man has more value than any left shot in general. You can look at who wins the Norris out of the D that are right shots… Drew Doughty, PK Subban, King Karl, Brent Burns as far as I know are all right shots. I guess Duncan Keith won as a left shot but don’t think anybody would want him now…

        Trading for King Karl is not like trading for say a Seabrook. That wouldn’t make sense, but King Karl people believe is a special player. Like if I could get Drew Doughty I’d do that deal then worry about replacing the players lost. There always a place for a great player on a team. If Rangers had King Karl next year for a full run w/ Shattenkirk among some others… Maybe they can compete, get close enough to pull another trade for an asset to push over top. I’d rather them not get King Karl be awful the next 3-5 years. I don’t think that would be wise to waste King Henrik, so trading him if really rebuilding would be logical.

      • Daoloth….

        you pay Hank his $$ bc there is no better back up nor UFA better than he is by a long mile….. PERIOD!!!!

        He still is better than at least 10 other teams starting goalies……let alone their backups….. Go look at stats from the last 2-3 season and average them out. Many teams rotated goalies, dumped theirs, traded theirs away or shipped them to the back up bench role.

        you need a solid goalie during rebuild so you do not get blown out every night….keep fans in attendance and give the confidence to the young players if they make a mistake they know Hank is back there.

        Hank is beloved by ownership and the town. MGT and Hank already had the conversation and he is enthusiastic about being part of the solution. He has been the reason they have been relevant last season. Without him they do not make the playoffs. Proof is this season. He has a dozen bad games and they teams plummets.

        if Karlsson was 21 and not 28…another conversation ….but no way can they afford to take on Karlsson & Ryan …..with Smith, Staal, Beleskey and $$ allocated bc of the Girardi buyout; along with all their RFAs and roster spots to fill out.

        If GM Dorion wants to retain 50% of Ryans $$ and take back Smith & Beleskey…it may get done, but without Karlsson.

  7. NASH just traded a 6th rd pick to SJ for Bollig and a AHL goalie. can they be doing this to promoted Lindback to the NHL to package Juuse Saros in a big play for a major winger?