NHL Rumor Mill Afternoon Update – February 24, 2018

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Quick updates on the Senators, Sharks and Panthers in your NHL afternoon rumor update.

The San Jose Sharks have contacted the Ottawa Senators regarding defenseman Erik Karlsson (Photo via NHL Images)


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the San Jose Sharks are among several teams to contact the Ottawa Senators about defenseman Erik Karlsson. LeBrun doubts there’s a fit there but noted Sharks GM Doug Wilson reputation for pursuing name talent in the past. He also points out the Sharks have the cap space to make this move, especially if Senators winger Bobby Ryan is to be included in the deal.

Darren Dreger reports the Ottawa Senators scratched defenseman Johnny Oduya from today’s game against Philadelphia as a precautionary measure. Dreger said there’s no deal in place for Oduya but the club is working on it.

Dreger also reports the Sharks have asked veteran winger Joel Ward for his six-team no-trade list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t say I blame Wilson for inquiring about Karlsson, but I agree with LeBrun that there doesn’t seem to be a fit there. Unless, of course, a third club gets involved and they hammer out a complicated three-way deal akin to the Brassard trade on Friday. 


SPORTSNET: John Shannon tweeted the Florida Panthers appear to have interest in New York Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McDonagh has a modified no-trade. If the Panthers are on that list, he won’t be going there.  



  1. E. Kane sitting out tonights game for the Sabres.

    • Good news! I hope we get a first round pick and a great prospect

  2. That would be odd if Sharks took Karl since they have HEed/DeMelo besides Burns who right shot D-men. Though they can always move Burns to forward or bench one of them… If idiot Sharks didn’t put Carpenter on waivers to give to VEgas… Instead of Ward who should have been put on waivers or traded if anyone… He was washed up a few years ago so don’t see how they can trade him. Sure wont be getting a 3rd round pick like Islanders gave up for the D-man Oilers had claimed on waivers from Montreal :).

    Evander Kane will be scratched so maybe his fate will be decided tonight. I don’t know why anybody would want or take Oduya. The days of him being a solid D-man w/ The Hammer on Chicago are long ago. Those types of players are kinda a relic of the past who maybe had use 5-10 years ago :). HE also is long in the tooth so maybe a 5th round is best can expect.

    Panthers getting McDonut would be logical since they in the playoff picture still. They have a few less games played by the teams ahead of them who have to knock each other off a bit. Part of the help Islanders can get is if all metro teams make it over Florida… Since basically anytime they play it should mean they gain some ground. Don’t know why Florida would be on his no trade clause though its possible.

    Should all be over after this weekend the big hype until the draft pre/post trades ;). Sad seeing how the refs have to help decide games like taking away goal from CZE who was down 3 at time. Too many vague rules in hockey, failing to blow whistle when teams have control of puck on delayed penalties… Or blowing the play dead when the goalie don’t have control of the puck often :).

    Kings got Wedgewood then put him on waivers in that awful trade ;). Funny how many comments were saying how he could be a starter all this stuff. I don’t get how Vegas couldn’t even get 3rd round or any picks for many of the D-men they took. Yet Oilers can claim a guy off waivers then end up w/ a 3rd from Islanders for him :)? NHL isn’t only league to shaft Erat having him lose a goal :).

    Read some article other night talking who should be sellers/buyers or do nothing for bubble post season teams. IT was telling they didn’t even have the Kings included. Nor did they mention that Devils had just got Grabner in a trade ;)?

  3. So Lyle. I grew up with an accountant father and after busy season he always got to take a few days off. I hope for your sake (not mine cause I’d miss it) you get some time off after deadline analysis. Spectors busy season? As always I want to shout out to the hard work on the best hockey rumor/discussion site on the web.

    • I’ll still be updating the site daily following the deadline. My quiet time comes in August and around Christmas. Appreciate the kind words and support!

      • Merry Christmas ahead of time in case busy until then ;). Got confused a bit since quoted some guy w/ last name like Spector so its confusing that use that as alter ego hehe. I remember from like what seems like a decade or two ago. Would often real the rumors page since was doing keeper fantasy hockey back then. So was good to hear who might get traded where/signed. Now its mostly all these daily fantasy sites or games. Not having to do the scores is nice, that used to take hours ;).

      • Man… take the cotton out yo fingers. Say wha!?!?

    • Chrisms not sure what mean about the cotton in ear… Though in prior rumors post talking from guy on Sportsnet or whatever it was “Mark Spector” so that was confusing since he is Spector as his name on site/here ;).

  4. The Sabres need to sign Kane, not trade him.

    He’s maybe their best player and their return won’t look much different than Grabner’s.

    • HE isn’t their best player nor that great anyways. If he was their best he would be on like the 1st line… O’Reilley maybe or that D-man might be their best player. Who do they have on there like Eichel I think who was supposed to be the savior. Besides they can trade Kane then sign him again if he wants to come back. Any return is better than losing him for nothing as UFA.

      Ferland isn’t playing tonight, lots of players are not… Kings brought up LaDue again so does that mean they traded Forbort or Martinez if not Muzzin which I hope he stays out of those 3. Anybody who is likely to be traded or shopped is often scratched until the deadline to avoid injury.

      Kane has 20 goals, maybe they can get a 2nd round pick along with a 3rd w/ a player. Maybe they can get a 1st rounder and a player. They could end up with nothing, people were upset when Erat was traded for Forsberg… These days people are glad he was traded for him if they are Nashville fans :). I remember reading guy wanted Kings to trade Jeff Carter for Barzal before he had his big season… That would have worked out though the Kings would have him in minors or scratched playing on 4th line instead of on pace for 80-90+ points ;).