NHL Rumor Mill – February 1, 2018

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Latest on John Tavares and Erik Gudbranson plus updates on the Coyotes, Sharks and Jets and more in your NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Craig Custance reports the holding pattern on the contract status of New York Islanders center John Tavares is affecting the upcoming NHL trade deadline. Tavares is due to become an unrestricted free agent in July. With no sign of a contract extension yet, Custance speculates there are NHL teams keeping salary-cap room open this summer in case Tavares tests the market. That could make those clubs reluctant to make moves at the deadline where they take on players signed through next season.

He cites the San Jose Sharks and St. Louis Blues as examples. Both clubs need scoring but their respective management  could be reluctant to endanger their cap space by taking on a player with term (such as Ottawa’s Mike Hoffman) at the trade deadline. That could make other pending UFAs, such as Buffalo’s Evander Kane, more valuable at this year’s deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see how much effect Tavares’ contract status has on the market leading up to the trade deadline. Given the fact he’s unquestionably the best player potentially available in this summer’s UFA market, it’s understandable why those clubs want to ensure they’ve got sufficient room to pursue him if he hits the market.

I also think those clubs could still pursue playoff-rental players at the trade deadline but they could find decent deals difficult to come by. They could try to wait out the sellers in hopes the asking prices go down. For example, it’s been reported the Sabres seek four pieces (A young NHL player, a first-round pick, a prospect and another pick) for Kane. I believe the clubs interested in him, which could include those carrying lots of cap room next season, will wait in hope the asking price goes down as the deadline draws near. 

Will the Vancouver Canucks re-sign or trade defenseman Erik Gudbranson (Photo via NHL Images).


SPORTSNET: Iain MacIntyre reports defenseman Erik Gudbranson is keen on re-signing with the Vancouver Canucks and GM Jim Benning has expressed interest in keeping the pending UFA but there’s no certainty that’s going to happen. He’s completing a one-year, $3.5 million contract. Contract talks have yet to begin and with the trade deadline approaching a lot of compromise and work will be required on both sides.

Given Gudbranson’s role as a physical third-pairing blueliner, MacIntyre doubts the Canucks will commit more than three years and $12 million to keep him. He believes the most likely scenario is Gudbranson will be traded by the deadline, noting the rearguard’s been linked to several teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs.

THE PROVINCE: Jason Botchford believes the Canucks willingness to retain Gudbranson because of his toughness is short-sighted and unreasonable. He notes some people believe Benning is posturing in hopes of building up more interest in Gudbranson in the trade market but the Canucks GM denies this. If they want more toughness, Botchford feels the Canucks can find more affordable options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Good points by MacIntyre and Botchford. The Canucks also value Gudbranson’s leadership, which is a valuable asset for a club transitioning toward a younger roster. Still, it’s not worth overpaying for the privilege. If he seeks a long-term deal worth over $4 million annually, I think he’ll be playing elsewhere by Feb. 26. 


ARIZONA SPORTS: Craig Morgan reports Arizona Coyotes GM John Chayka isn’t expecting any major moves at the trade deadline. He feels there’s no longer a need to infuse his club with more youth compared to previous years. While he wouldn’t rule out tweaking his roster, he doesn’t think there’s a need for significant change.

Morgan also reported earlier this week the play of goaltender Antti Raanta over the remainder of this season will determine his future with the club. He’s eligible for unrestricted free agent status in July and the Coyotes are still determining if he’s the guy they see as their starting goalie going forward.

While Raanta’s name has surfaced in trade chatter, Chaya dismissed it. “That’s just people making a guess based off his contractual status and he’s at a good cap number but I haven’t had a single realistic discussion on him,” Chayka said. “We’re in need of a good goalie and he’s a good goalie. That’s where I’m at.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In case you’re wondering, the Coyotes still see defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson as an untouchable so he won’t be moving at the deadline. If they’re sticking with Raanta, there’s not very much the Coyotes can offer up as a seller in the trade market. Maybe they shop pending UFAs Brad Richardson and Luke Schenn.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports there were some rumblings last weekend speculating Joe Thornton’s knee injury could make San Jose Sharks general manager Doug Wilson more active in the trade market. Friedman, however, doesn’t think Wilson’s guaranteed to do much. The Sharks have over $20 million in cap space next season and Friedman think Wilson won’t tamper with that unless it’s for a cornerstone player. He also doesn’t think the Sharks want to part with their 2018 first-round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wilson last week said he was going to look to within for the time being to address Thornton’s absence. If younger players such as Tomas Hertl, Joonas Donskoi and Timo Meier step up, the Sharks GM won’t have to make a major move by the deadline. So far, however, the Sharks have dropped four straight. Something to keep an eye on with the deadline on the horizon. 

Friedman ponders if there’s a left-shot defenseman available who could make the Winnipeg Jets even better. He also wonders if the Toronto Maple Leafs might be showcasing recent call-up forward Kasperi Kapanen.

With the St. Louis Blues loaded on defense, they might not have room for AHL all-star Jordan Schmaltz. Friedman wonders if he might become an interesting asset near the Feb. 26 trade deadline.



  1. I think Botchford is correct in that Canucks are trying to boost Gudbranson trade value. According to credible guys like Friedman, Labrun etc.. Canucks ARE getting calls and there IS interest in Erik but mostly mid-round picks and B prospects being offered. Toronto was rumored to offered a 3rd+Nielson as one example. If that is the best offer Benning gets, he should take it.
    He coughed up former 1st rnd pick Jared McCann and a high 2nd but from current reports, McCann hasn’t exactly tipped the scale yet anyway but still that was alot to cough up.
    One thing is for sure….if Feb 27th rolls around and Vanek/Gudbranson are still on the team there will likely be a familiar chant at Rogers Arena calling for Benning’s head

    • He can’t just settle either though Tyler. Sakic and all of his frustrating patience with Duchene might be the new model. He got what he needed and drove us all crazy in the process.

      • While I agree 100%, I have to point that it’s a different situation.
        Duchene has term left to his contract whereas Benning has just over 3 weeks to either get EG signed or lose him for nothing which would be a huge waste of assets.
        Benning has proven in the past 4 drafts that he is able to find gems in those rounds.
        Just to name a few drafted in mid-rounds.

      • Not the norm, trades with players carrying big salaries, anything over 4 mil even with 1 year+ on their deals barely move & 3 way deals/trades? Rarer still.

        The norm in the NHLP is what few actual hockey trades that take place happen at the draft or just leading up to it & they are few.

        The vast majority of trades made annually are at the trade deadline & 90% of them are pending UFA’s the other 10% players with usually 1 year remaining following on low salaries. With very few minor exceptions.

        There is finally a prospect light at the end of the tunnel for the Canucks, it just started 2 years to late but better late than never.

      • Trymakin walked as the other 3 headed monster in the management system was pissed with Desjardins deployment of him. Still Canuck’s property. Forsling was traded for Chi for Clendening.

        You don’t want to get me started listing Benning’s trades & brutal asset management up until last seasons trade deadline.

        That will get Ron out of his slumber if he didn’t morph into Ed Vanimpe.

        Even giving Gubranson a 1 year deal making him a UFA this summer was a significant mistake. Gubranson could have chosen player arbitration he didn’t then Benning should have used that leverage to garner more term or made him sit until he capitulated. The price paid to acquire him will never be garnered back & he will move on as his sense of self worth is what landed him in Van to begin with.

        Florida wouldn’t meet his contract demands. He was offered 5 mil per for 5 years & declined. He should return a 2nd round pick & a suspect prospect. Far less than what was paid to acquire him & what value did the Canucks garner in value in his time there?Pretty much nothing, 62 games & counting of bottom pairing minutes when healthy enough to play. I’d have preferred a K. Miller player & contract.

      • Striker you make great points about big contracts not normally moved throughout the year in regards to Duchene trade but in this instance I think Poile and Sakic sensed weakness in Dorian and forced him to speed things up by adding more futures to get the trade done.
        Melnyk wanted Turris gone and Duchene as the replacement. Poile needed another top center to help Johansen and Sakic wasn’t going to let Duchene go for scraps.
        Yes Poile paid a price in coughing up 2 great prospects but that’s just the rewards for gathering/keeping so many draft picks over the years. Also Fabbro helps to ease that loss of Girard.

        Regarding Benning and listing bad moves…
        After knowing how ownership had their hands all over past GM’s Nonis and Gillis makes me wonder how many of those bad Benning decisions had Aqua-man’s fingerprints on.
        Don’t be surprised if Linden is forced to sack Benning and assume the GM role for the remainder of the year.but then they need to find another “Yes Man” GM to appease the Aquilini’s.

        Northern Alberta must be back in business. I got a ton of mud drill components coming your way

    • Paid attendance at Col’s game Tuesday night reported at 18,257 by ESPN. At least 5 thousand of those paid seats, like almost every game the Canucks have played since the Linden/Benning tandem took over have been paid for but unused. I declined free tickets for the 6th time this season. Empty seats don’t eat or buy bear.

      I hope the Aquilini’s like what they have forced management to build. At least the Canucks finally started selling off assets last year Burrow’s, Hansen & moving Gubranson & Vanek this year makes sense as well.

      I think the Canucks finally get it, at least 2 years late but better late than never.

      • Didn’t know you were in Vancouver. Thought you were in the east somewhere.
        Wife and I are going to watch Tampa. Can’t pass up watching Stamkos/Kucherov.

        Will pay my usual $20 from starving scalpers.

        Owners are sociopaths. Never their fault….it’s why the GM gets fired and is there a better PR guy that fans can never hate than Linden as President?

        Mike Gillis called out owners for interference and Nonis also refused to trade Kesler for Brad Richards and was also fired.
        No GM worth his salt like Holland will ever come here to work under these circumstances

      • I wasn’t at the game, watched it on TV had the misfortune to be in Northern Alberta. For someone that hates the snow, except when skiing I spend way to much time in it. It’s not the snow but the temperature, although Tuesday was like Hawaii in NA, it was only -15, maybe -25 with the windchill. Ha-ha!

  2. It will be interesting too see what the return is for Kane. As for Tavares, there is only one of him. Teams holding tight on salery to potentially aquire him will lead to more trades in the off season or the draft.

    The leafs, if all they plan on trading away is Kappi they wont fare well. They have descent goal tending and fire power up front, but They NEED a number 1 d, and to aquire that its going to include Marner or Nylander and a few pluses

    • Twin
      This is where most fans want Benning gone before he over spends on Kane this summer much like his attempt to woo Lucic 2 years ago (thank GOD he declined).
      Kane has had a decent year but so far only on pace for 50 points. This is the healthiest he has ever been.
      He seems to have finally matured tho

      • After reading that Benning wants to get tougher got me thinking if he might go after Maroon in the offseason. If the Oilers trade him at the deadline.

      • Good points! I just dont see kane getting the big haul. Someone many pony up a late first but if they want that and 3 other pieces he will stay.

        Knowing him he will blow a tire in the coming weeks and be done for the year.

        I believe the Central division will be tbe busiest this year between the blues, jets and preds.

        This could be the jets year. Its rumored they may pick up a LD but if healthy they will be tough.

        St. Lous, they dont have a first this year ( traded tho philly) but they will pony up either a second and a solid prospect, or next years first for Maroon. They are real weak on the left side

      • KevJam
        I was surprised Canucks didn’t take a flyer on JT Brown when he was on waivers a few weeks ago.
        Here’s a guy that can skate, kill penalties, drop gloves to stick up for team mates and score timely goals much in the mould of Dorsett.

      • There is no easy routes to the cup in this playoff structure. Having to kill yourself getting out of the Central the toughest division followed closely by the Metro kills multiple cup contenders in round 1 right off the hop. Stupidest playoff structure in pro sports.

        How smart businessmen & lawyers come up with this stuff is mind boggling. How does this structure help anyone?

      • It’s not that outlandish a setup. Who wants to see Pittsburgh play Ottawa then Florida, then say Tampa when they can see them play Washington, Columbus, Philly, New York in a seven game series for example? It builds hatred between fan bases and franchises. It’s much more interesting that way.

    • Twin,

      Marner or Nylander will not be traded. The Leafs will get the D they need (eventually) with the many prospects they have. Kapanen is actually a terrific place for the Leafs to start in luring a defenceman as he is a terrific player which he shows every time he is added to the Leafs roster.

      • That and with the rise of Dermott, lowers the need to blow a wad of assets on a D.

      • no combination of picks or prospects is getting an established top pair d man.

      • Chrisms.

        For the most part I agree unless a pending UFA. Shattenkirk moved, Pronger, etc. but extenuating circumstances & incredibly rare even then.

    • Twin your a troll

      • No just a bit of a homer, he makes some valid points, no 1’s perfect.

  3. Good points lyle! It would be nice position for the Oilers to be in with Maroon.

    If the hoffmans ect are staying put that will increase the trade values of the Maroons ( complimentry to retards belief, is a dark horse at the deadline this year)
    Also add it Lettsu and Strome and i think we can get a good haul of you players and picks

    • Twin,

      Retards? Really? I think you could use some sensitivity classes.

      • stop being a keyboard warrior there tough guy. I was not refering to you, TB as hes a mouth piece key board warrior, like yourself.

        If i wanted any lip from you id jiggle my zipper, til then mind your business and dont waste post space with immiteur comments that be little others.

      • Steven, I think we have that oilers guy back that used to post craps all the time. I think he’s back but is name is Twin!

      • twin you really really really don’t see the irony in your statements? or the hypocrisy?

      • Know what’s ironic? The song isn’t it ironic doesn’t contain one actual case of irony!!!!

    • Yes, Twink used to post under JellO I think. You can tell by how semi literate he is. Don’t worry, my day isn’t ruined by a snowflake who has taken great offence at the fact that I don’t have the same man crush on Patrick maroon that he has. I didn’t even say that Patrick Maroon was a bad player, I was just amused that he calls him the Darkhorse of the trade deadline every day, I guess that is going too far. But being called names by a guy who can’t write a coherent sentence isn’t something that I will stress about. Besides, it must be tough being an Edmonton fan. They are my second favourite Canadian team andIt’s hard to watch how mismanaged they have been over the last 10 years or so with no end in sight , so his reaction is to hate on Toronto which is fine. But what do I know, I am apparently just a keyboard warrior even though Twink is the one who is calling me names and telling Steven to perform sex acts on him. I know Lile doesn’t generally tolerate stuff like that so we will see what happens.

    • Well based on facts. All trades made at the deadline since the last 2012-13 lockout, new business model, that’s 4 years, this season will make 5, the market has been set.

      I get you are a Oilers fan but I would be shocked if any team gives up a 1st for Maroon unless they get at least a 3rd back & if that were to happen any additional assets moved will have no value.

      I don’t think the Oilers will trade Strome. I had thought so earlier in the season but he seems to be settling in as a 3rd line C & this may tie in very well financially with moving RNH this summer to free up cap space.

      Having watched him live quite often this season I think he was miscast & mis drafted as a scoring RW but as a semi responsible 2 way C, #3 he might have a future & he should cost about what most 3rd line C’s cost in this range 3.5ish for 3 to 5 years.

  4. Do I like Gudbranson ..sure!

    He has missed a lot of games this year,
    is the back half of the season going to be enough to catch up with a club that would take him on for a serious playoff run..that would be my question.
    He is not a fast D man to begin with and I understand that is not what he would be brought in for but can he catch up in time to be an impact player in a serious playoff run. Comparing apples to apples & In a same trade scenario would Ian Cole be the better man to take because he has Stanley Cup experience..I may have to lean towards Cole if its costing a second rounder, your getting pretty much the same player..less money better experience same talent pool.IMO.

    I hope that the Leafs are realizing they have better trade deadline options and scenarios internally in the organization and should not have to give up any serious assets for a UFA at this point ..the help they need is in the organization on the back end !
    LOOKING GOOD….Better than good!
    I know this might be completely out of left field ..but if the Canes are a willing partner and out of the playoffs by the 16th the Leafs should make a pitch for Justin Williams..clutch playoff performer and could add depth and bolste the second power play unit…he would be my replacement for Komorov for 1 year next year then move on internally, great 2 year window with this player…let Uncle Leo go UFA.

    Do not count out the Devils with John Tavares…if he decides to feel out the league and test the market..this is the team to watch!

    • Moving Cole has never made sense to me in Pit. You need 8 able bodied Dman that at least have a sniff of being NHL quality to have playoff success generally, well unless Pit as having 2 superstars Cosby & Malkin can cover for a ton of depth issues.

      Numerous Dman like Gubranson will be moved at the trade deadline, if a teams wants option A & it’s gone it will move to 2.

      I assume we will see in or around 30 deals at this seasons deadline that will be 30 to 20% less respectively than the previous 2 seasons simply due to more teams still in the think of it come the trade deadline in a little over 3 weeks.

      No more than 3 players with term will be moved if that. I’m betting 1 for sure but 2 is a possibility as if SJ wants to stay in the race something needs to be done for Thornton’s injury & the best target may be Brassard.

      Heed & a 1st for Brassard. A solid D prospect that is blocked in SJ for to many years & SJ isn’t going anywhere with Thornton’s contributions not replaced at C.

      Ott banks a young offensive Dman that isn’t a train wreck defensively & gets a mid 1st round pick for a player I see walking as a UFA if not moved by the summer of 2019.

  5. In regards to the 2018 draft, and outside of the top say 8 picks does anyone know how deep this draft will be? Like in comparison to 2015,16 and 17?

    • Calling you out for belittling others while using a comment like retards is belittling others? If you are a “Twin” you must be the evil one 🙂 Go crawl under a rock Loser!

      • Let it go. It wasn’t directed at anyone specifically. Just try to ignore such comments, I didn’t get the perception it was directed at anyone person & could have included anyone, broadcasters, journalists, some here who knows or really cares. Don’t take it so personally.

        What are you guys 12 as if you are there is this perfect site for suck it’s called the hockeybuzz, the posters there live on being rude & immature.

      • there are some good writers on that site. You ever read the vegas blogger there? He’s got some good stuff.

      • Striker it was directed at me specifically, and I think it was appropriate to call somebody out who uses language like that, towards me and what he said to Steven.

      • Chrisms.

        Yes there were but I left that site a little over a year ago in protest never to return.

        The only way for people like us to have a voice in what we don’t believe in is to stop giving patronage & Eklund lost my respect as well as my clicks.

      • TB.

        I hear you & get prodded here often, I sometimes crack, step up to try & shut it down. Sometimes crossing the line coming back & apologizing later if I do.

        Let’s talk hockey, just because we may not agree or have varying views is no reason for it to get personal.

        Some people just can’t help themselves.

        I’m an opinionated old prick, I know it, I don’t need someone else to tell me I am. If you don’t like what I say, can’t discuss & debate it with out resorting to name calling seems childish to me.

        If you don’t like my comments not directed at you but anyone don’t read them, seems simple to me. There are some on hear I don’t pay the time of day to I see there handles I just move on, hangovers, to many drinks or bombers slow day, anything can happen. ha-ha!

      • Striker, is there a reason you’re lecturing me like I was the one who was calling people childish names? I responded once and left it alone. I find it curious that you lecture me not to engage in that while at the same time posting about how he wasn’t directing it at anyone when he mentioned me by name. anyway, thanks for your input I guess.

      • 😏

    • People don’t know drafts they just speculate or have expectations for the players involved. You can look at the first few players taken over the last 10-20 years how many have failed or flamed out… Sharks I think took Fat Balloon second in the draft that had Eric Lindros for example… Though the Finnish Flash won Rookie of the Year w/ like 76 goals or something insane over Eric Lindros who was practically given the award at the draft. NOt any drafts have studs like Steven STamkos go 1st while Drew Doughty goes second… I think Rick Dipietro was 1st overall just to give an idea…

      Used to be a really nice hockey sites that tracked prospects…. They still have a link up to forums where people talk in great detail about the minor leagues/upcoming drafts if really want to read/learn more related to what is expected…

  6. The Parity in the league will likely mean that teams will see themselves as more involved in the race than they are, and either be more reluctant to move pieces, or just wait too long. Either way, it will likely hamper the market.

    There are more interesting names that are going to be discussed going into the draft as this year feels like it has more surprises than expected, and teams maybe changing course. Teams like Montreal, Columbus, Ottawa, both NY teams, LA, Edmonton, and Chicago have all been disappointing in some regards, and may need to evaluate their future plans if they miss the playoffs. Vegas, Winnipeg, Toronto, Colorado, New Jersey, and Boston all either look better than expected or would feel more secure in their current plan and could be looking to add the right piece. You also have Buffalo, Florida, Philadelphia, Carolina and Arizona seem to have stalled a little, and could be looking to start evaluating how badly they need certain missing pieces, and how current veterans fit in long term.

    I think the Trade deadline is going to be a bit of a bore this year, but I think the draft has all the elements needed to be one of the busier drafts in recent years. Top end talent at the top, teams coming in that either disappointed, or feel they need to push further forward. It should be interested. Throw in potential for a huge name UFA to actually move, with some actual forward talent likely to hit the open market, and a load of players on struggling teams with just 1 year left, and it should provide a couple of unexpected deals.

    • It’s almost impossible to gain transaction & seriously move up or down in this scoring system unless you go on an extended winning or losing streak.

      If you go look at all 31 teams records over the last 10 games on NHL.com is a whole bunch of the same stuff.

      These 3 point games have created exactly what the NHL hoped they would, unfortunately that’s false parity. They make a loss look like a tie & give you a point but the winner still gets 2? How can different games be worth different amounts of points in the standings.

      Only lawyers can think this sh– up, & retards; that wasn’t directed at you Steven or Twin, like to perceive it as such. An OTL is still a loss & losing shouldn’t gain you anything. Then F— it up even worse by creating a bracket system where we have some of the best teams, top 10 teams or better playing taking each other out in the 1st round. That’s on top of the fact eastern conference teams only play western twice a year & even divisional in a conference is even more imbalanced as they allow the top 3 in each division to advance. it should be no more than 2.

      Sorry a little rant there but the greatest sport of the planet shouldn’t have these fundamental flaws nor have they always. It’s like Wayne Gretzky said about NJ many years ago. “Mickey Mouse.”

  7. I wouldn’t even be considering Kane, especially at that asking price. Pros are he is talented. Cons are he is a disaster in the dressing room. IMO weighing just those two things the cons outweigh the pros.

    • Agree Kev! I don’t believe for one minute he has matured to where he needs to be. Was just a couple weeks ago he had another run in with a teammate who called him selfish.

  8. Is there a team that need D enough to take Matt Hunwick off our hands?

    Not a fit. Never got that signing.

    • Lol the Toronto Browns!

      • Supposedly Toronto Maple Leafs often called the Laughts by non fans are richest team in NHL… I thought they were on right track when had Lewiskie or so who helped Kings finally win 2 Cups while the Great One had NOne ;). Browns probably have one of the poorest coaches… While the Toronto coaches are more like Spinal Tap Drummers in stature and results ;).

  9. I’m not buying the Tavares is holding up the market theory. Teams that want to win now are going to add players like Hoffman to take a shot this year. San Jose, for example, would be better with a Hoffman in their top six. Most teams would.

    Likewise, any team who’s going to make a run at Tavares will find a way to reduce their cap by July 1.

    The other side here is the Islanders are still trying to prove their worth to the Tavares camp. They’ve made a little progress on the arena front, and they’ll still want to make the post season to prove they’re trying to win. Snow doesn’t have the luxury of trading his best player to do that.

    If anything, the Islanders might want to look at Hoffman. Although, in all honesty they might be better off looking at Phaneuf instead.

    • I agree Chaas,

      And let’s face it; Tavares will re-sign in New York anyhow. It’s Stamkos 2.0. There is nothing to suggest in Tavares’s personality that he is even considering anything else. He like many other players are masters of saying a lot and nothing at the same time. They are slick with the puck and even more evasive in their syntax.

    • me either… sharks get a pec or Hoffman and want taveres they move said individual or another salary out to make room. trade a good package for hoff now, play in playoffs, then trade back out in the summer to recoup some of the assets then sign Tavares. I doubt anyone is overly concerned with adding a player now.

    • I agree fully. I didn’t buy the article or the argument when I read it. This year is no different than any of the prvious 5 in this business model.

      Teams hoping that Tavares may be lured out of NYI are dreaming. I have him resigning just like Stamkos. Could he move sure but if & that’s a huge if it will be to a market that can legitimately win a cup & that kills 1/2 the league just about, nor do I see him wanting to play in a city where he would have no privacy, that eliminates every Canadian City.

      This is just how the market & trade deadline work but that story doesn’t sell papers or get hits on any social media platform.

      Saying this years tradeline should play out just like last seasons, the 1 before that, the 1 before that, the 1 before that & the 1 before that, with the possible exception of 1 maybe 2 actual hockey trades happening interests no 1 but that’s the fact’s.

      99% of what we discuss here never happens but fun to discuss & debate just wish for a little more common sense & someone that would take a counter argument in the mainstream media. That’s why I love Lyle’s take he gives a reasonable take on what will really happen. I may not always agree but that’s cool.

  10. Another pleasant thought occurs. Tavares and whatever team signs him are going to be the winners in this year’s free agency, but the silver medal will go to the 2md tier guys, who are going to get a beautiful pay day from the teams who miss out on JT.

    • For me the silver medal goes to the team that finds to diamonds at reasonable term & value that make a significant contribution but don’t break the bank, often lesser lights but hockey has this weird way where some players just help teams win.

      Kunitz in TB has 4 cups, he may get a 5th. Cost TB nothing. He was playing a checking role but the loss of Palat has thrust him with more offensive responsibility.

      I love these sorts of signings. Anh’s addition of Beauchemin, TB’s also of Girardi, these types of deals are paying huge dividends but simple stop gaps but their play & contribution especially for the term & monies are huge. Beauchemin gave Anh the ability to cover for the injuries to Lindholm & Vatanen out of the gate & then flip Vatanen for Henrique. That’s huge. 1 year at 1 mil what great asset management.

      Anh moved 2 Dman & Beauchemin is buying time for Montour to learn on the fly, Welenski to get a cup of coffee & Larsson to be playing huge minutes in all roles in the AHL.

      • Those 2 Dman being Theodore & Vatanen. Who knew they would sign Fowler long term keep him as their #1 & move Vatanen? That’s just crazy talk. Ha-ha!

        Theordore wasn’t what I assumed would happen in expansion. I thought for sure Anh would just threaten Bieksa with a buyout if he didn’t waive his NMC but Murray 1 of the best in the business had that all covered off. Theodore & Stoner who wasn’t eligible for buyout due to injury & who’s contract was onerous at protection roster deadline time to start the season.

        Still not sure why Murray just didn’t force Bieksa’s position.

  11. Can we ban Twin from this site: we have a usually civil conversations without some jerk like him clogging up the airwaves.
    On other matters:there are really very few good trade assets in this current round…every year gets worse where the trade deadline is concerned and teams will do their homework and avoid overpaying for the likes of Kane, who cannot help any of the top clubs, and Gudbranson who might now be too slow for the modern game.

    • Lol…ya hes a kid a time out in the corner maybe?

  12. Thanks FD and jonmcgill for your support regarding Twin. Let’s do ourselves a favor and ignore him. I come on here to talk hockey and don’t expect to find comments like that. I am sure most know somebody with global delays and various other impairments that do not appreciate their friends, and or loved ones being diminished with such comments as used by Twin. At any rate jonmcgill, I agree that the trade deadline gets worse from year to year. There seems to be more action now on draft day. To make matters worse I think there may be fewer sellers as the parity in the League, which is a good thing, has more teams thinking they might do well in the playoffs. In the off-season everyone is at ground zero.

    • Yep, just ignore the petty

    • the only thing worse than the jerk poster is the one who tries to get other posters to ignore said individual. That’s called the adolescent girl approach to dealing with someone.

      • Well I can’t exactly try him out now can I Chrisms?

      • I tried… but I don’t get it.

        your comment

        my head


  13. in other news.. Rutherford was on the cook and pony show? (I heard the reruns on starkey and muller as I will not listen to either of those jerks on cook and pony). He still wants a third line center, not lots of options out there… does not want to move a goalie… but went out of his way to praise Gustovson and the said “I do not want to move any of the young goalies who saw action with us this year.” seems like gustovson might be a card on the table. finally said he is willing to sign horny to an extension mid season.

    • I don’t think Filliponi even watches sports. I think he just listens to other sports pundits’ takes and then offers a contrarian opinion. Cook’s black and white ‘if you win, you are good and if you don’t, you are bad’ take adds nothing.

      Mueller is a pud. Joe Starkey is an odd guy, but he’s one of the few in Pittsburgh media who has a realistic and informed take more often than not.

      But thanks for the heads up, I’ll find a podcast of JR’s interview.

      I might consider trading Jarry if the return is right and they are convinced Gustavsson is the real deal…only because he and Murray are so close in age and Jarry has already burned entry level years.

      • I like Muller with Starkey… I liked him o the late night show.. when he is on his own without starkey, whose bizzareness is hilarious, he is a bozo.

  14. Seravalli is talking about Derek Ryan being a trade target of Pittsburgh. Why would Carolina make that trade? Ryan is Carolina’s number 2 center and has out played Victor Rask all season. Ryan’s play is one of the reasons the Canes are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. Also, why would Carolina trade him to a team they are competing for a playoff spot with?

    • I don’t think Ryan will necessarily be moved either but the #1 reason Carolina is in a playoff position has been the play of Ward. If not for him winning games even though Carolina persists of putting Darling in to many games is 1 of the most unheralded stories of Carolina’s season.

      Rask & Ryan have played virtually identical minutes in all situations almost every stat you look at but 1; Ryan has 7 more points, is identical, the only significant variance is +/-, Ryan is -13, Ryan +6. This is 1 of the only areas of where this stat is even semi useful when comparing teammates.

      That means Ryan has been on the ice for 33 goals against, Rask 6 at ES or when manning the PP. Rask actually C’s the 2nd line which means he see’s better offensive players, I shouldn’t have to explain which players play is better reflected in the win loss column based on those #’s.

      Carolina is in the very early stages of a rebuild, are incredibly young, Stempniak just returned & I don’t see Francis doing anything significant to accelerate it. His gamble giving Darling 4 years at 4.15 has backfired & hopefully he is new & improved next season or that money, term & 3rd round pick paid to acquire wasted.

      Carolina has 1 of the NHL’s best prospect pools, a full compliment of picks & buckets of cap space. I assume Francis with new ownership will make a splash this summer.

      • How can Ryan be -13 if he’s +6? Is there 2 of them, they cloned him perhaps?

      • Maybe he has him confused with Rex Ryan since they have the same body type :).

  15. Carolina need to add up front not take away

  16. Wow after reading what Arizona’s GM said I’d fire him on the spot … He doesn’t think there’s need for a significant change …. Buddy are you blind the coyotes are dead last and always at the bottom year after year … If any team needs a significant change it is yours …. Jesus man who the heck even pays to go watch the coyotes seriously then your wondering why the team is in financial trouble well doesn’t take a genius to figure that out … you don’t win games so who the heck wants to spend hard earned cash to watch the coyotes lose over and over and over …. i’d trade even the Zamboni guy at this point