NHL Rumor Mill – February 13, 2018

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Latest Rangers speculation plus updates on the Canucks, Senators and Blue Jackets in your NHL rumor mill.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are among Rick Nash’s 12-team list of preferred trade options. (Photo via NHL Images).


TSN: Frank Seravalli reports Rick Nash has included the Toronto Maple Leafs on his 12-team list of preferred trade destinations, though the Leafs are a long shot to land the New York Rangers winger. It’s unclear if any other Canadian clubs are on Nash’s list. The Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars are believed the front-runners for his services.

Seravalli suggests one reason why Nash might not be a fit in Toronto is the Leafs already carry three “rental” players in James van Riemsdyk, Tyler Bozak and Leo Komarov. “Winnipeg, Boston, San Jose and Tampa Bay have all reportedly expressed interest.”

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika notes acquiring Nash, who carries a $7.8-million cap hit, would be a tight fit for the Stars, who carry $74.1-million in payroll this season. “The specific amount the Stars can spend is prorated based on how much of the season remains with an exemption for money paid during the season to players on long-term injured reserve,” writes Heika, who notes Nash has just 17 goals and 27 points this season.

Heika also points out the Rangers will seek a hefty return, which could include a first-round pick. The Stars are hosting the 2018 NHL Draft and could be unwilling to part with that selection. He thinks the Stars could more closely study Ottawa’s Mike Hoffman or Montreal’s Max Pacioretty, who are younger and signed beyond this season. If they go the rental route, Heika suggests Nash’s teammate Michael Grabner would be a more affordable option in both salary ($1.65 million) and return.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh has drawn “keen interest” from Tampa Bay and Boston, but the two clubs have yet to make an offer that would convince the Blueshirts to part with their captain. They’re not feeling any urgency to move McDonagh by the Feb. 26 trade deadline, as he’s under contract through next season. The Rangers are also gauging offers for pending free agents Nick Holden and David Desharnais, while winger Mats Zuccarello is also attracting some attention.

THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple suggests the New York Islanders should include McDonagh among their trade targets. He suspects, however, the Rangers would want the Islanders’ first-round pick in 2018 as that one could be a lottery selection. Staple considers that move unlikely. He also lists Colorado’s Tyson Barrie, Detroit’s Petr Mrazek, Ottawa’s Jean-Gabriel Pageau, the Rangers’ Michael Grabner and Toronto’s Matt Martin as other trade options that could address the Islanders’ needs.

WINNIPEG SUN: If the Jets decide to add a forward at the trade deadline, Ken Wiebe suggests Zuccarello or Grabner as options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers could be the biggest sellers leading up to this year’s trade deadline, so expect them to dominate the rumor mill in the coming days. I think the Leafs’ biggest need is improving their defense corps so I don’t see Nash being a fit there. If the Rangers insist on a first-round pick as part of the return for Nash, the Stars could consider more affordable options.

No surprise the Blueshirts management isn’t feeling pressured to move McDonagh at the deadline. If they don’t find a suitable offer by then, they’re bound to get one during the offseason, perhaps during the draft weekend in late-June. I don’t doubt there’s interest in McDonagh but teams could be reluctant to overpay right now.

I’ll be shocked if the Islanders can pry McDonagh away from the Rangers. The only way I see that happening is if a third team gets involved. Grabner and Zuccarello could be attractive alternatives for clubs unwilling to pay the big asking price for Nash. 


THE PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports there’s “a wavering level of interest” in Vancouver Canucks left wing Thomas Vanek. He feels the 34-year-old could provide depth for Cup contenders such as the Nashville Predator and Boston Bruins or perhaps help a team like the Anaheim Ducks and Columbus Blue Jackets reach the playoffs. Though younger options such as Buffalo’s Evander Kane, Edmonton’s Patrick Maroon, the Rangers’ Michael Grabner and Ottawa’s Mike Hoffman are in the rumor mill, Vanek leads them with 38 points. 

THE ATHLETIC: If the Vancouver Canucks decide to part ways with Erik Gudbranson, Jason Brough suggests they contact the Toronto Maple Leafs about winger Matt Martin to bolster their toughness. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Canucks will find a buyer for Vanek, though they probably won’t get much in return. It’s also possible he could return to Vancouver as a free agent, though that’s not a certainty. 

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Ottawa Senators seek “a first-round pick, a top prospect and a third piece” for Derick Brassard. The 30-year-old center is signed through 2018-19.  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be impressed with Senators GM Pierre Dorion if he can get that type of return for Brassard at the trade deadline. Given the center’s contract status, Dorion can afford to wait until the offseason for the right deal. 

THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline reports the return of sidelined defenseman Ryan Murray could grease the skids for the Columbus Blue Jackets to honor blueliner Jack Johnson’s trade request. “Toronto, Los Angeles and Anaheim are all said to be in the market for a defenseman,” write Portzline. He also suggests swapping UFAs with another club (“Toronto?”) that has too many forwards. There’s talk Johnson could fetch the Jackets a late first-round draft pick, but that return won’t help the Jackets clinch a playoff berth this season. 



  1. I thought Johnston was a left shooting dman. Why would Toronto need another one?

    • I would be very careful about any rumors Aaron Portzline reports. As any CBJ fan can report, from the time Portzline was assigned to report on the Jackets by the Columbus Dispatch in the Jackets’ first season, he has been very good at reporting facts, but his reporting on rumors, potential trades and other speculative thinking has been, to be polite, a near total failure.

      • I think that can be said for almost anyone as 99% never happen. This is silly season really a waste of most of everyone’s time but here we are discussing as who doesn’t like a good rumour even if fictitious & the likely-hood of it happening nearly zero.

  2. The Isle should go after Raanta in one final push for the playoffs as he should not cost very much. The Yotes want to keep him but he’s a UFA, so they could get a 2nd round pick from the Isle now and just re-sign him in the offseason similar to the situation when they had Vermette. Small price to pay for the Isle to improve their net play and the Yoyes benefit from a ‘free’ pick for a guy they will re-sign regardless.

    • I think the Islanders were / are pursuing a deal with Buffalo for Lehner.
      But Raanta is a good option only problem is Yotes have no one !

      • Buf isn’t moving Lehner. At least in my opinion.

      • I pray to God that Buffalo trades Lehner. We have a great goalie in AHL who can start next season. Ditch Lehner and complete the tank hopefully getting top pick.

      • Striker Buf would move Lehner quickly if the deal is right. He has played well but they are ready to move forward with Ulmark.

      • Matt.

        The new lottery odds say that if you finish dead last you have 82.7% chance of not picking 1st under the new lottery rules that went into effect. Col finished last last season & lost all 3 lottery rounds drafting 4th. The did very well as Makar will be a stud offensive Dman but this isn’t the only lottery rules.

        This will be 7 year in a row that Buf hasn’t made the playoffs. They are the lowest scoring team in the NHL for the 3rd time in 5 years have been in the bottom 3 for so long it’s ridiculous.

        When does this team turn the corner? They are about to lose their best goal scorer by GPG’s for the last 3 seasons & you now want to turn the crease over to a rookie goalie? That sounds like a great plan. Ha-ha!

      • Sorry old lottery rules.

      • Yeah but.

        What is the right deal?

        Goalies are rarely traded what few are get moved for a bag of pucks for the most part. Every summer the UFA goalie market is pretty solid why trade for a goalie when you can acquire 1 for nothing more than cash.

        Trading Lehner a very good goalie at just the right age isn’t making Buf better just the opposite.

      • Pardon me. It actually can’t get any worse in Buf it’s already as bad as it can be.

      • Striker, as long as you have the best odd by finishing last, teams will still tank to increase their odds and remember they can only move back 3 spots, so finishing last, is a guarantee of a top 4 pick. From a GM point could be a big difference between a 4th overall pick to a 7th overall pick. Might as well but yourself in the best position to get your best pick.

      • Not all teams do but some do. Picking outside the top 3 significantly reduces your chances of getting a stud in any given year. It’s not like the Edm days where you had a significant chance of picking 1st.

        I don’t perceive the difference between 4th & 7th in most years to be all that different to be honest. I haven’t looked closely but you have peaked my curiosity. Dam I hate that now I will have to spend at least an hour running that data just to know. Ha-ha!

    • Have you watched NYI play? Goaltending isn’t really the issue. If you were to put a really good goalie behind that team their #’s may not even match Halak’s.

      • Remember when Enroth was the heir to Miller’s throne and Sabres fans couldnt push Miller out the door fast enough. The Sabres would be much better served signing Lehner to 2 or 3 years and letting Ullmark win the crease with his play instead of throwing him into the fire on a very bad team. Whats wrong with having 2 good goaltenders. Best case scenario they split the seasons 50/50, worst case scenario one doesnt pan out and they dump him. (Worser case scenario is they both suck and the sabres have to wait for the goalie they just drafted.)

      • Meant to comment above but still kinda relevant.

      • Lehner is an RFA after this season and what makes you think the Sabres want to resign him? He isn’t GMJB’s guy. Murray wasted a #1 on him. Trade him or package him in a deal by the deadline for picks/players. Go with Ullmark and sign a vet backup next year.

      • Shibbal18.

        I agree, move Ullmark up next season to be Lehner’s back up, then down the road address the options that exist if Ullmark is for real.

        I had Vgs taken Ullmark in expansion & was shocked Buf paid nothing to have Vgs avoid selecting him.

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with having 2 goalies. It served Pit extremely well.

      • Lehner has posted exceptional #’s playing on 1 if not the worst team in the NHL since he arrived.

        You think it’s easy playing on the lowest scoring team in the NHL year after year & then always having to open it up as they are playing from behind?

        Why do people always 1st point at the goalie? More often than not it’s the team in front of them that is the problem.

        Has Price just become a bum, Schneider last season, look at Budaj in LA last season or Lehktonen in dal this year. No position better reflects a teams problems than goalies yet right from minor hockey always the 1st player blamed when a teams bad & rarely credited when going well.

      • Enhroth was always too short to be expected to be a starting goalie… Even on Kings I thought he was subpar as a backup. Granted that was after having guys like Bernier, Jones, guys who could be starters or least 1A/1B types hehe. These days if not over 6 feet like 6’3 to 6’6 its hard to make it as NHL starting goalie at an elite level anyways. I remember when people thought Miller or whatever was going to lead Canucks to promised land since he was so great in Buffalo with nothing to play for too :).

  3. It will be interesting too see if Toronto does much this deadline. They are comfortably in third place in the division and there is still lots of hockey left.

    As mentioned by Lyle, they make look at their 3 UFAs as somewhat of a deadline rental.

    They should hang on to their higher draft picks as they will need an influx of young talent after they presumably resign their 3 young guns up front.

    • Twin, that’s the strategy of teams with top end talent and the costs to retain that talent. It’s what teams like Chicago, LA, and Pittsburg have done. It’s the reason I continue to argue that the Leafs are not dealing a ton of prospects for that one defenseman everyone here insists we need.

      Continue to fill the cupboard and make the right deal when it’s time, which is not now.

      • Thats what i am implying. They have fire power, if they want a ufa d man they could always package theirs and the sharks second rounders but they should keep their first rounder inless something out of this world comes at them.

        Wonder what Justin Faulk would cost? They could use Josh levio and picks?

      • Yup. A guy who can’t get in the line up and middling picks for a guy who is top pairing on the leafs. Can’t believe Francis isn’t blowing Lou up right now

      • Please don’t lump me in with everyone. I rarely agree with anyone.

      • Twin, Justin Faulk would cost a young right handed D, that could play first or second line for Carolina, quarterback the power play and potentially score 15 goals per year. The player would need to also have some upside.

      • I am by no means a leafs fan, but as mentioned, the East is wide open.

        I firmly believe with new contracts protentially coming to the big 3 that the Leafs should make a seafoods move.

        Imagine adding Faulk to the right side and moving Hainsey and Zaitsev down a pairing.

        Or Duncan kieth. Toronto has the picks and young players with the marries that they could swing noticible trades without disrupting their nhl roster to a large degree

      • Yes & perhaps they can trade for Doughty & sign Tavares this summer as well. It’s nice to dreams but none of these things are happening, in my opinion.

        If I’m Tor I’m buying a rental Dman & it may be Gubranson or similiar a Daman that’s not fun to play against or what does Brian Burke call it, truculence. At least 1 to give Tor 7 servacable NHL Dman for their playoff run. It may only cost some combination of Leivo or Shishnikov with a 2nd. 2 players that are blocked out in Tor & don’t have futures in Tor really.

        I don’t care if they already have numerous UFA’s. Let them all walk this summer, Tor has the depth to cover for those loses & can spend the savings else where.

        I’m doing nothing rash at D until the Trouba situation plays out. Tor’s D will be fine in the long run, the young D in place Gardiner, Reilly & Zaitsev will continue to advance, the addition of Dermott & the prospects coming will help. They can stop gap with players like Hainsey to buy time for the youth at D. I bid for de Haan in the UFA market this summer. He’ll cost nothing more than cash & I don’t care that he’s right handed.

      • Sorry that was supposed to read 8 serviceable Dman.

      • If FAulk would just play the Kings a few times a year he would easily hit 20 goals. He had a Hat Trick tonight so don’t see him getting moved as Carolina showed LA what a playoff team looks like ;). He might not top his 17 goals though he will probably still crack double digits :).

    • At Twin …while the draft picks are important …the AHL Marlies just went
      15 and 1 and are the jugger naught in the AHL and almost all of the players are very young they could fill out the Leafs bottom 6 with players on that roster and not blink an eye or loose a step!

      Iam worried they are going to regret trading a top prospect ..such as Kapenen for a rental ..that’s what Iam worried about!

      Bozak and Komorov have to go !
      JVR is a great (your own rental)

      Why the Leafs are giving up on Matt Martin is beyond me …especially in teh playoffs where players like Marner Nylander and Matthews are going to get taken advantage of …hence the reason why PITT went out and signed Ryan Reaves for Malkin Crosby Geuntzel …this may come back to haunt them !

      If I had to trade a player in the farm ..to get a legit peice to help for a cup run becuase its wide open in the EAST
      it would be ( Lilijergn ) hes really a ways away from NHL speed and playing with men so he may be a player that could have some great value right now and Dermott has taken that spot on the NHL roster anyways!

      • The Marlies are carrying numerous veterans, borderline NHL talent that have no NHL futures but are stars at the AHL level in Smith, Holl, Mueller, Pickard, Greening & several others that will never be NHL players, Loverde, Rychel, Maracin, etc. Shoshkikov is part of that group to his 19 games played he’s a star but like Leivo their NHL future isn’t in Tor & their value is what?

        I wouldn’t read to much into the Marlies success. Tor has a several solid prospects in the AHL but the majority of their youth is currently in the NHL what’s in the minors today as Kapanen is in the NHL today isn’t very close to NHL ready.

      • Striker, my comment was general – it absolutely is not everyone, you clearly understand what the Leafs have and their strategic gameplan. I’ll change my wording from everyone to some 🙂

      • Ha-ha! It’s all good just rousting you.

        I like almost everything Tor has done since Shanahan has assumed control. Don’t accelerate the rebuild, let it continue to evolve. No rash expensive additions. Keep every player of value spend some picks in the next 13 days to flush out the depth for a playoff run.

        I’m a Bruins fan & Tor has just a good a shot of winning that series as Bos & they could just as easily take out TB. I’d like 1 more solid 4/5 Dman with a mean streak, that can kill penalties & make standing in front of the net very unpleasant, really that’s about it.

        For me that Dman is Gubranson.

      • I wouldn’t say that the Leafs have given up on Martin. They put Kapanen and Komarov on the fourth line and have won eight of their last ten. Martin is there if/when they need him.

    • Twin, you play push/pull. Worry about your oilers

      • On this one, I will actually defend Twin! He may not be a Leafs fan but he can make suggestions about what they should do. I am a Leafs fan and often suggest roster moves for other teams. I think we all do that from time to time.

  4. Winnipeg and Vegas have been pretty quiet in the rumor mill, maybe they dont tip the hat much.

    As we know VGN have exceeded expectations tremendously, and have lots of amo and cap space to aquire some big names.

    This might be a cinderella run with expansion picks landing some great UFAs, but they are way ahead of schedule, and i think they should push all in this year and see what happens

    • Striker, regarding the marlies, and you have said this, they have many veterans that are stars in the AHL as well many prospects. The culture the Leafs are trying to build is a winning one. You do that by having the right mix of veterans and youth. The Leafs are paying good dollars which they have in abundance to build that winning culture. I was at the Marlie game on the weekend and my God their kids look real good – AHL real good right now.

      • I agree fully Trekie. It’s a culture & a reason I don’t support full tear downs as a general rule. Who helps develop the right culture in that formula?

        On Bob Mac’s latest bobcast he talked about Holland in Det. They will never tear it down, they don’t want to implement a losing culture. They are going to do everything they can to win games & then hope the lottery & their scouts can overcome the draft slot.

        Tearing it down in the new lottery world is fraught with peril & the advantages teams had prior to this system which has only been in place for the last 2 drafts not very rewarding to the team that finishes last. It worked for Tor in year 1 but not Col last season in fact they dropped as far as they could.

      • If the Jets are looking for an impact winger how about Carl Haglen for Nic Petan? The Jets can even throw in Shawn Mathias to make the cap hits more equal. That would make both teams better.

      • An impact winger? For what a month now? Lol. I like Hagelin… but impact winger? Not so much!

    • I’m a buyer on Gubranson and agree he is the right fit and should be affordable. A second and a mid-range prospect is doable from my perspective. If they want more, we should pass.

    • Winnipeg and Vegas may very well be your Conference Final Twin.

      • Theres a real good chance. I dont see the california teams being a threat.

        I like the preds again in the west, as of today, but theres lots of hockey left, trade deadline and possible injuries to take into account

    • Teams that win don’t generate that many rumors :). Besides Jets never had that many rumors that were legit only generated for being losers. They seem more patient so don’t think they are as likely to make any big deals as other teams. AS for Vegas they just need to look at Martin Erat for Forsberg to get an idea what their GM is thinking. I don’t think Knights will get out of 2nd round maybe they can win 1 round depending on who they draw. Subban wont cut it as a backup, maybe Dansk is for real or its some slim years to expect up ahead ;)… Kings just traded Gaborik/Shore for Dion Phaneuf along w/ some other guy Nate Thompson maybe it was? So LA will go back to losing playing 4-5 left shot D-men sucking hardcore soon to miss playoffs probably.

  5. Sens are wayyyyy off on the value for Brassard.. they will never get that kind of return for him.. I respect them setting that as what they want, but that would be a big overpayment in my opinion

    • I think it’s a fine asking price. They won’t get it, but that’s where they should start.

      IF they’d eat half of his cap hit, I’d trade a first, a good (not a top) prospect and another piece (lesser prospect or late round pick) for him. Sure.

    • Striker, the Leafs tore down simply because the guys they had as their core were not what they believed would take them to the cup. They lucked out on Matthews which sped up the process. Regardless, if they didn’t get Matthews they would have had another piece, but you can’t find a top end Centre very easily – hence the process was accelerated and we are in a very good spot now.

      • I agree, in some situations a complete tear down can easily be justified. Most teams contract structure don’t allow for such & these new lottery rules seriously alter the motivation to do so. Losing is a terrible culture to get out of. Losing breads losers.

    • Sens are just wayyyy off!

  6. Unless this is considered a very weak draft, these prices seem like wishful thinking.

    None. Not one of the rentals available is worth a first round pick. Let alone packages including them.

    If CBJ got a 4th for Jack Johnson, I’d be impressed. A first??? Who is that dumb?

    Hoffman would be worth a big package.

    Pacioretty or Brassard should fetch nice returns, but they have 18 months, not 2, left on their deals.

    • Then how would you explain Hanzal & Ladd moving for more than that & Vermette just that? Or Winnik for a 2nd & a 4th to Pit & then to Was for carrick & a 2nd the following season?

      I would suggest you go look at the last 3 trade deadlines as lesser players have moved for that & more.

      • The Hanzal and Ladd trades are how I know that none of those players are worth that kind of return. Neither were they and those teams flamed out.

        Think they’d do those deals again?

      • Yes & we will see teams do it again. Only 1 team can win the Stanley Cup, no harder trophy to win.

        I get your opinion & I don’t disagree with you that teams shouldn’t. I don’t want Boston to but I’m nothing if not about the odds of probability based on the facts. The facts say & show it happens every year, why is this year going to be any different?

        The last 2 years has seen in or around 35 trades at the deadline with at least 1 1st moving almost every year & your telling me with Nash, Kane & Green moving it’s not happening this year? I don’t think so.

    • This is considered one of the strongest drafts in the last decade with a bunch of good dmen available.

  7. If the Rangers regain playoff position it’s going to be pretty stupid to trade these players. Get it done already.

    • I’m not even remotely happy with what Gorton has done. As soon as Kredier went down something needed to be done. Please don’t get me started on the atrocious business decisions NYR made this summer. Brutal. Gorton’s handling of Girardi & Smith should have him fired.

    • Do you really think this roster has a chance? 2 game win streak and forget the previous month? ! Year? Stupid would be going into the playoffs thinking this make up has a chance. Stupid would be losing Grabner, Nash, Holden for nothing but a 1st round exit.

    • I think Rangers gave up kinda early… They could have tried to ride it out or make a deal to go for broke… Seattle just submitted their expansion thing… So why not try to win now before losing more assets to an expansion draft. EAst isn’t that strong or West, some teams have inflated records but everyone has weakness or flaws.

  8. Boston has the least amount of goals against at 131 and second best goals differential +49. Ryan McDonagh would still be an upgrade, but the price is just too high and the Ranger are not just going to give him away.

    • Agree Caper …the teams are playing a game of chicken and driving up prices so its going to cost a team pretty penny or at least buy time for another team…If what Iam reading is true the log jam for McDonaugh is between Bruins Lightening and Leafs all of which are going to face each other at some point in the first or second round …its all posturing at this point and driving up the price!

      Will he be the difference for any of those teams ..or will it just be worth it to not let another team poach him and face him in a series!

      • McD makes more sense in Tampa or Toronto. Tampa could run 5 D if they added McD with either he or Hedman always on the ice

    • Agreed. I’d be happy to have McDonagh but not at the cost required nor do I want to see Grzelcyk’s road to the NHL blocked. Bos doesn’t need a Dman of this quality. Their top 4 is set for at least 1 more year & I assume Chara will play at least 2 more, by that time the younger D will be ready for far greater responsibility.

      If I’m Bos I’m moving McQuad or Miller this summer. I’m selling a Dman not buying.

      • Neither Tampa or Toronto are paying three high end prospects for McD. I’m not suggesting he isn’t a very good player. I don’t believe teams are paying that type of price anymore. Tampa is very strong on the top 4 and the Leafs to me have a very good top four. Both could use an upgrade at 5 with a guy that can play up the lineup for a short period. McD would play higher in the lineup, but I don’t believe any team will meet NYR asking price – maybe in offseason but not now.

      • TB could today if they wanted to. Foote, a solid prospect from the deep stable TB has & a 1st. It wouldn’t really hurt them in the long run either.

        TB has relied heavily on Headman; 25;34, & Stralman; 21:12, then the drop off especially in TOI/GP is huge to Girardi; 16:49 at #3. Dotchin & Coburn playing almost identical minutes to Girardi but nominally less & I’m talking seconds.

        McD would fit TB’s needs perfectly & give them a solid top 6.

        I don’t want to see Bos in on this. I want them to stay the course with the rebuild on the fly & not look to accelerate it.

    • Caper, the thing with Boston right now is that they are playing so well game in and game out. I’m sure they don’t want to change a thing at this point. Travis Yost, at TSN, wrote a good article about them which showed the incredible numbers for all of their lines, not just Bergeron’s. Barring injuries, they have to be the favourites in the East and they really don’t need to change anything.

      • Striker, Foote to me is a mid-highish prospect, plus a first is very doable for Tampa and I believe they are all over it if that’s what would be the ask. I think the Rangers want more and I don’t think Tampa would go much higher.

        I’m positive Tampa is talking to NY about McD. We played Tampa yesterday, great defense. Their bottom 2 could use something more. Not that McD would be bottom 2, but it would make their top 4 a top 5. They are already significant cup contenders. There is no guarantee McD puts them over the top but he certainly increases their chances substantially.

        Hedman is playing close to 30 min most playoff games and over 30 min on key deciding playoff games. So the value of a McD to Tampa is diminished somewhat – hence they will not overpay.

      • McD would fit in well long term in TB. TB’s contract structure plays well to extending him long term. He shouldn’t break the bank as he’s in that 2nd tier of 2 way Dman. Say 6 or 7 years at 5.75 give or take.

      • No striker. 9+. For sure

  9. Heika apparently isn’t very good at math. Dallas has over 3 mil in cap space & has yet to put Methot on LTIR. they could almost accomodate Nash’s full cap hit if inclined but wouldn’t need to NYR is well aware they will have tp eat cap hits to facilitate a trade of Nash & doing so doesn’t effect them in the slightest.

    Then Heika goes on to say they might not wish to move their 1st as they have the draft but would be better served to go after Hoffman or Patches, I don’t disagree but that pick would be moving to facilitate that trade.

    I like Dallas as a destination for Nash as they have a great asset they could move in Nichushkin not costing them a current roster player. He’s not really a prospect but a young player currently playing in the NHL, if this asset were moved Dallas may be able to acquire Nash with another asset not their 1st?

    • when did Nichushkin become a NHL player again? He is still in the KHL….and will never come back. The Dallas stars are good enough to make a cup run this season and solidifying the win even more would be great. Agree Striker there will be cap room to fit Nash easily.

      to DAL: Nash, Holden & Pavelec
      to NYR: Lehtonen, 1st 2018 & 2nd 2019, some type of prospect (for Holden)

      NYR swaps Lehtonen for Pavelec to help Dallas clear more room for additional moves at the deadline. For doing so they get the 1st 2018 pick. Or turn it into a 2019 1st and then a 2018 2nd.

      • I think he will be back in the NHL next season. At soon to be 23 & 6’3″ or taller with great skating ability he has a solid NHL future. This is an asset Dal could afford to lose & I don’t think he wants to play in Dal. NYR has a large Russian community & he would fit in well with a potential rebuild on the fly.

        Unless I misread that memo & it seemed pretty clear, even though I don’t agree with NYR’s choice, it apparently is happening & Nichushkin would fit it well.

      • I like the concept of freeing up cap space but Pavelic is gone 2 to 3 weeks & Dal does have over 3 mil in cap space today & has yet to put Methot on LTIR. Dal could recover almost 3 mil in space on that LTIR move.

        If NYR eats 1/2 Nash’s cap hit anyone can accommodate him. There are 183 days in this NHL season. 145 will have passed by the deadline so Nash’s remaining cap hit should be 1.7 & change if NYR eats 1/2 that’s under a mil.

      • I’ve heard that Nichushkin is really looking forward to joining the Stars again especially since the Radulov signing. They won’t trade him, but I could see them trading another Russian with Gurianov in the AHL.

  10. Rentals are such a gamble considering their high costs and really, I don’t see any of the current top available “rentals” being game changers for teams already sitting comfortably in a playoff position. I think this years deadline day may be historically quiet.

    • I like to look at Rentals as more of a test drive that requires a deposit that wont refund to see ;). It can work out great for teams like Kings winning Cup in 2014 w/ Gaborik. Then he was doing well before he got hurt playing in the stupid world cup BS having 2 goals in that game or so. Now he is on Senators in the Dion Phaneuf trade. I think this will probably be a disaster for LAK… Maybe he can play in an alumni game with Sean Avery that would be great PR haha ;).

  11. Brass is a playoff stud. But not worth what teams WILL pay. Striker is right. This time of year GM’s get silly.

    Best internet reply I read about Gudbranson. “What’s the biggest reason Gudbranson hasn’t already been traded??”



    • I’m not a Gubranson fan, hated that trade with Flo & signing him this summer to a 1 year deal making him a UFA like Snow did with de Haan was stupid. According to Bob Mac a ton of teams will take this player at the deadline, Tor being 1 of them. I assume he’s an eye test player, a player that the Neanderthals of yesteryear love.

    • I am not a big Gudbranson fan either. He wouldn’t be an awful addition for a team looking to shore up their bottom pair with a guy who can take PK minutes, but I think he is priced too much like a tweener based on his age and some perception that he has top 4 upside.

      There will likely be some team that views him in the vein of the old “shut down defensemen”, even though there are very few of those in the league anymore (real ones anyway), and anybody who has one isn’t parting with them.

      I think rentals prices and be just plain weird, and one of the reasons so many players flop is that they their fit wasn’t really considered. The ones that are the most intriguing are the ones that will get similar minutes and opportunities as they were getting, or have shown some versatility.

      For instance, I would be higher on guys like Nash than Kane for any team not giving them top line, #1 PP minutes since Nash has fit in well in more shut down roles, as secondary scoring, and would likely be a more versatile fit if you don’t need a #1 LW. If Kane went somewhere where he wasn’t getting the same quality of minutes and playing with the #1 C, he is the type the could let the frustration seep into his game, and I think that is too much of a risk.

      The best rental values are typically when you bring a guy in to do exactly what he did before, and the biggest busts are when you bring in a guy getting top 6 F, or top 4D minutes and big PP time to add depth, thinking adding a legit top 6/top4 guy to my line up in a lower role will really help. Often the players weaknesses really come through when thrust into a different role. When you see teams bring in players to do what they were always doing (think Brian Boyle, Deharnais, Smith) who all were brought in and played well in a similar role. In some cases well enough to get a regrettable contract after the fact, but all in all, the rentals were less disappointing than Shattenkirk or other bigger names.

      • Well done Danny. I agree with your assessment. I truly belive Bos bringing in Jagr bumping Seguin to the 3rd line upset chemistry, pissed Seguin off & justifiably so & lead to his departure in trade that summer.

        The 1st Chi paid for Vermette addresses this description perfectly & that acquisition & Vermette’s 3 GWG’s, 1 an OTG were a huge reason in Chicago winning that cup. Those weren’t cheap GWG’s either.

        Only 1 team can win the cup, that doesn’t mean the acquisitions the other 15 teams made had no value, every additional playoff gate is 3+ mil in rev for the weakest of NHL teams 5+ mil for the big market teams.

        Yes the goal is to win the cup but also giving your self the best chance to do so & most GM’s will pay to do what they feel improves their chances. The weird thing this season is the sellers are far fewer as so many teams still in the race on both sides.

        Will that supply & demand drive up prices for players available or will some teams like NYR pull the plug & wave the white flag? What if NYR accomplishes both? Lets say they move Nash, Grabner, Holden, Desharnais, Pavelic possibly even McDonagh but still make it? I’d love that story. ha-ha!

  12. Everyone seems to be very animated about what each player is worth. Let’s not forget that we have the 10,000 foot view. We aren’t on the ice, or in the locker rooms. If a team goes after a player, there’s often more to it than just the statistical improvement of the team.

    Take Nash for example, he’s not as potent a force as he once was, however, he still brings a lot of experience into a locker room. And he has become a decent two-way player. Perhaps he’s a stabilizing player.

    And McD, you would likely overpay for him this time of year, however, he’s a guy to eat up top minutes. He brings leadership, and if he takes your team to a final, he’s worth the price. He’s not going to score points like Burns or Karlsson but he will do his job well on any team.

    When you look at the trades try considering more than the stats sheets.

    • I like Anime though don’t think I’m animated about things… Like LA just made a bad trade getting Phaneuf even Nate Thompson or so… For Gaborik/Shore, I’m not breaking anything or cursing… I will give him a chance like any player… Though knowing LA they will play 4-5 left shot D-men again now… So I really hope they suck hardcore missing playoffs rather than see that crap.

      I’d be doing cartwheels if was Senators fan ditching Dion… Saving 4M now, more to save as Gaborik will be moved or bought out after next season probably… Nick Shore can be a decent 3rd/4th liner who just needs to chip in a bit more offense… Though on an anemic team like Senators he will seem better :).

  13. I can’t understand why I am not seeing mention of the Leafs being in the goaltender market. No doubt Frederik Andersen is their #1 guy but you would think they would be looking for a more capable backup who can play the bulk of games down the stretch to avoid Andersen being burnt out and injured. Curtis McElhinney has only been used in back-to-back games, so, I don’t see Babcock having a lot of faith in him.

    • I’d be shocked if Tor brought in another goalie to replace McElihinney. He has played well when tasked to. That’s pretty much the model for most teams with a few exceptions have used& if not it it’s as they have had a young up & coming goalie or they didn’t have full faith in their starter ofetn because he was young.

      If Anderson were to be lost Sparks or Pickard will be blackaces & 1 will move into the back up or starters role if McElhinney can’t get it done.

      • We’re not buying into a goalie. Like most teams, if you lose your number 1 goalie, you’re likely done. He can’t be replaced in a trade, so why try. Pickard has been real good in the AHL. He would play above McElhinney in my opinion if Anderson went down.

    • If your #1 goes down, so do your playoff aspirations. When was the last time a backup took a team deep? Murray in PIT and then when? Halak in MTL all those yrs ago? It is a rare situation to say the least.

    • Well didn’t they trade w/ Vegas to have Pickard for insurance in net? I saw CBJ make the future considerations deal to get Zatkoff from Kings… That was barely mentioned, they even got Jussi JOkinen from waivers from them. Those guys will probably help them make the playoffs if things work out after Islanders choked hardcore vs. them or last few games in general. Problem is teams like Islanders letup too many goals in final minute of game… Even if they are up a goal they seem to blow it.

  14. Rentals are a gamble and a waste of time, especially for a team like the Leafs. Better off going all in with “young” veterans like Doughty, Ekman-Larsson, McDonagh or Karlsson. OBVIOUSLY you would have to pay a hefty price for these types of players, and of the bunch, Doughty is the most untouchable as LA is still very much in the playoff picture, and with Carter coming back in time for the playoffs, I don’t see them as sellers in any way.

    Ekman-Larsson I believe could be had for a package of Leivo, Pickard, #2 2018 (SJ) and #1 2019 (TOR), maybe see if TOR can help with ARZ’s cap floor issues by sending Horton’s dead weight contract too! If another body or future pick is needed… so be it! Even though OEL is a lefty, and has next to no playoff experience, he is very seasoned, has a solid all around skill set, and would be VERY good if pushed down the depth chart, which he could/would be if sent to TOR.

    Additionally, the Leafs can afford to pay pretty much any price OTT sets out for Karlsson! They can move young pieces like Borgman, Liljegren, Bracco, Soshnikov, Sparks, #1 2018, #2 2019 for Karlsson.

    The time is NOW for the Leafs to make their moves to improve their D, not just depth guys on expiring contracts that MAY help now, but moves for proven commodities, signed longer than just this year who can provide depth, skill, leadership, etc etc etc all without being over the age of 35! These 2 adds would solidify the Leaf D in SPADES without touching their current NHL roster. Would be on par or even BETTER than the NAS vaunted D corp.

    Rielly/Karlsson, Gardiner/Zaitsev, Ekman-Larsson/Hainsey with Carrick as the #7 and Dermott and Holl still in the pipe-line!

    Adding MORE youth/picks/prospects now is not needed. There is a log jam already both in goal and up front! The under 25 core is in place, now build around it with young experience and skill and make the back end iron clad!

  15. Anh is making room on their roster to do something. They have waived 2 players now in 2 days, are sitting on a ton of cap space & have yet to put Eaves on LTIR. They are battling for a playoff spot on the outside looking in. Going to be curious to see what Murray has up his sleeve. He’s never been shy of making deals.

    1 of the best in the business & the clock is ticking on Getzlaf, Perry & Kesler.

    • JVR and Komarov for Sam Steel and #1 2018?

      Would allow Leafs to put Soshnikov and Leivo in the lineup! Clear up some of the F log jam!

      ANH are in DESPERATE need of a scoring LW, JVR more than provides that!

      • Not happening. My money is on both players being with the Leafs to the end of the season. Mike Babcock would go through the roof if he didn’t have these guys for the stretch run. The time to worry about them is in the summer.

    • Think ANH could use a guy like Grabner? Before NSH makes a play for him. What is a reasonable offer for Grabner from the NYR standpoint?

  16. Just make a trade already. This repeat trade rumors is killin me

  17. No thanks for Nash on b’s too much dough not enough return! He’s always been way overrated for his size talent and plus I find him basically a lazy player who could do much more. Kane’s head case Ryan Mac is the guy I’d like to see on the b’s as long as they don’t have to give too much to get him he’s warrior and a very good d Vanek always seems to disappear for the playoffs!

    • lazy?? …..how many games have you watch Nash play this season? Nash is far from lazy. Consistently one of the hardest working Rangers every game. Like ALL players he has a few OFF nights, but far cry from being lazy. If he was lazy we would be scratched, not be on both the #1 units of PP and PK . If lazy, when Kreider went out, he would not be moved unto the #1 LW spot. IS he a Jamie Benn? Is he a Ovechkin? Nope, but certainly NOT lazy. Lazy is a character flaw and Nash has been exemplary both on and off ice in the community. He just no longer a top threat in the league.

  18. Does anyone else find it odd that Larsson hasn’t returned from personal leave yet? Losing your father unexpectedly at such a young age is terrible but he’s been gone over a month now.

    In Canada I believe under the employment standards act your allowed 5 working days unpaid leave.

    • I do not find it odd. When an employee needed more time from me, I always gave them as much as they needed and stayed in contact to ensure they are mentally ready to be back and engaged. Better relations building. Some people take longer than others to adjust their mindset. There may be other circumstances with other family members where he is a part of to stabilize things. Ya never know someones situation. Better for the organization to work with Larsson than force his hand.

      • You have quite a luxury with your employees then. I would love to do that with mine… but if I did people might die. I guess that’s not the case here but strikers point was valid.

    • HE has no reason to come back to play for Oilers w/ their season over early. He might be having issues like Jimmy Carson or so whow as in the Wayne trade… Maybe there a lot who boo him or make him feel bad over the Hall trade w/ Devils. I know from personal experience when dad dies its pretty earth shattering… You don’t even want to go back to school, if have a job like NHL where going to get paid/no risk of being fired… YOu wouldn’t return if team was out of playoffs. He could have some injury or other issue. I don’t know the details involved… It can’t be any worse than what Linden Vey had to deal with though.

      I’m sure the Oilers as an organization told him to take all the time he wants. I don’t think any of the players or coaches would want him back in a lost season. He could blow out a knee to get MCL/ACL surgery making things even worse… I know from experience your head isn’t going to be in the game… Its hard to focus or pay attention… I’d personally play since I’d rather be doing something if was making millions at it… Though I’m not him so he was able to get the career to allow him to skip time while being rich not me.

  19. Wow, Dorion must have graduated from the Bergeron school of GM.
    I know trading Phaneuf is supposed to be a salary dump but holding 25% and taking Gaborik’s contract does not seem to me like a very good trade.
    The only way this is good is if Phaneuf was a cancer in the dressing room.

    • I think SEnators won this trade getting Nick Shore along w/ Gaborik while dumping Dion. They save like 4M, then will be free of Gaborik via contract or a buyout after next season or two… I think LA botched this, now they will go back playing 4-5 left shot D-men wondering why they suck… They will put Muzzin w/ Martinez who sucks as a RD w/ a left shot… So dark days ahead unless Forbort gets shipped out or something.

      BTW Flames are about .500 at home, while like 10 games over .500 on road… So even if they make playoffs I think they will get bounced early. All the teams likely to make it have winning records at home or even the road if not both. So if they had to play Vegas, Nashville, teams like that who have like 5 loses at home it would be real tough. Especially since they are better on road these days Predators… Blues would probably be team they match up best if they got to play them…

      Major Win for Senators dumping Dion, Gaborik can still score if healthy, Nick Shore can be a 3rd/4th liner at worse. I saw him score his first NHL goal I think at the game vs. Islanders hehe. Don’t forget Dion is on the wrong side of 30 he isn’t the player who scored 20 goals anymore… All the splits for him are pretty bad too. Maybe they will play him w/ Drew so its still an upgrade over Forbort… Nobody could be slower skater than him w/ less offensive ability in the NHL :).

      • Daoloth,
        Ya, the flames home record is terrible considering they are in the playoff hunt.
        I watched them play Boston tonight and wow that Bruin team is playing really well right now. They are so aggressive on the fore check and when ever there was a puck battle it seemed like they always came away with the puck.
        About Dion he was traded from Calgary because there where a few players who wanted to kill him so he was traded for a bunch of pucks, Toronto was able to get rid of him but to their credit they didn’t have to retain any salary.
        I would like this trade for Ottawa if they didn’t have to retain the salary

      • Well Senators saving 4M right up front. Gaborik is low salary after next season its like less than 6.5M for the next two total. I think them getting Nick Shore will pan out to be a decent player especially if he sparks a bit more offense. So in a way they will have 7M freed up in a year or two instead of having 3 or more tied to Dion. It allows them to spend that money saved on a free agent or retain a player they might lose too. For a losing team they were really right up against the cap especially if factor in the LTIR of MacArthur or whatever his name having a few years left.

        Yeah I was surprised when I looked they were like 13-13-3 at home while 16-6 or so on road. That would work out in playoffs if they can fix the issues at home though. I used to hate Dion in this fantasy keeper league he was so touted hyped up :). I never thought he was that good, but he did score 20 goals so it was nice for fantasy :). Calgary probably had Kipper back then who Sharks dumbly traded them costing them least 1 Cup :). They had like Toskala, IRbe or so, like 3 goalies, yet they picked the worst one to trade to Flames ;).

        Senators only retained 25%, not sure if that includes 25% of his cap hit etc. Once Gaborik is gone all that will be saved… Also ditching Nate Thompson or whatever his name freed up a bit more cash to compensate. Dion was not as old when he got moved last time which made his value easier to flip :).

        Bruins are amazing they looked like were done early in year even below Senators. Then around December they started that insane run not losing in regulation until after All Star break/game if recall. IT looked shaky at times when lost Miller then Subban on waivers ;). Now people think they can make a run at Cup :). Heh didn’t Rask end up there from Toronto when they did some minor trade/goalie swap? Maybe REimer was involved in that, he played in ECHL on Reading if remember same team as Quick ;).

  20. Maybe Dorion will work on dumping Bobby Ryan. It’s amazing how contracts can be dumped if your motivated. If he can do that, I’m sure Melnyck will ok paying Karlsson 12 million/year for 8 years

    • Well when reread the trade updated it said Senators saved like 5-6M cash… So if King Karl wants to stay they should have enough to keep him now. Maybe LA will flip Forbort in a trade or Martinez now that they got Phaneuf to pickup another top 6 scoring forward. That would make it work on their end better depending. Nate is probably an older lateral move compared to Shore so. I liked Gaborik/Shore, though they would have probably bought him out or traded him after this season. So LA would have more money in dead cap space than what Senators are paying for Dion’s contract.

      Bobby Ryan will be hard to move he is like a 7.25M cap hit. Many didn’t think Kings would trade Gaborik so it could be worse. I’ll be happy if they trade Forbort then roll with Muzzin/Martinez/Pheaneuf on the left side to go with LaDue, Folin, and Drew. Its funny was talking about this trade yesterday with somebody on here. We had it w/ Dion/Ryan but Gaborik was involved in our offers so it was pretty close ;). I mentioned that think they only had an interest in Dion so was pretty near what ended up.

      Heard Kings had a deal to trade Mike Richards to Jets before Lombardi pulled his BS ;). Sure Winnipeg is glad they dodged that bullet looking back. Often trades not made are the best. Least its finally over, I’ll wait till the deadline to panic over LAK :). Tonight saw Vegas game that looked like it was Sharks… Wingles scored for Chicago while the Carpenter guy they claimed on waivers scored for Vegas to open it up 1-1 :). LA was wasting or misusing Gaborik often playing him at RW or on crappy lines. He did best there when playing LW w/ his left shot in 2014. Then they pulled that awful Lucic trade losing Miller/Jones which displaced him moving to RW which failed :). HE did have a good first full season for them having about 30 goals on his pace in less than full season played.

      Senators should try to ship their starting goalie to Islanders maybe ;). He has had a down season but if he got hot like last year he would help a bubble or playoff team ;).