NHL Rumor Mill – February 17, 2018

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The Blues and Senators could be talking trade, updated TSN trade bait list, the latest on the Bruins and more in your NHL rumor mill.

The St. Louis Blues are reportedly interested in Ottawa Senators winger Mike Hoffman (above) and teammate Derick Brassard (Photo via NHL Images).


SPORTNET: Josh Beneteau cite’s NHL.com’s Lou Korac reporting a source claiming the St. Louis Blues and Ottawa Senators are engaged in strong trade discussions regarding Senators forwards Mike Hoffman and Derick Brassard. If a deal is done, the Blues would acquire one or the other but not both. A potential package from the Blues to the Sens could include forwards Vladimir Sobotka, Patrick Berglund and Robby Fabbri.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Blues general manager Doug Armstrong has indicated he’s seeking “hockey trades” rather than rentals. In other words, he wants players with term remaining on their contracts rather than pending UFAs who could bolt this summer. Hoffman or Brassard would fit the bill and could help bolster the Blues’ offense. 

I can understand the Senators interest in Fabbri, but his back-to-back knee injuries are a concern. Frequent reports out of Ottawa claimed the Senators wanted to get younger, but taking on the 30-year-old Sobotka and the 29-year-old Berglund flies in the face of that plan. The only reason I can see why the Senators would want those two is they carry reasonably affordable contracts


TSN: Frank Seravalli added four new names to his 40-name trade-bait list in Ottawa Senators center Derick Brassard (fourth), teammate Bobby Ryan (39th), Arizona Coyotes forward Max Domi (11th) and Anaheim Ducks center Antoine Vermette (26th). Brassard could be an attractive option in a market thin on quality centers. The Coyotes aren’t actively shopping Domi but “as many as 20 teams” are believed to have investigated his availability.

He also dropped Vegas Golden Knights forwards James Neal and David Perron as they seem likely to stay put at the deadline. Defenseman Dion Phaneuf was also dropped following his trade this week from Ottawa to Los Angeles, while it’s unlikely the Buffalo Sabres will trade forward Sam Reinhart.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ottawa pundits have consistently expressed the view that Brassard might not be available, but that could change if the Sens get a significant offer for him (see above). Unless the Sens are willing to pick up a big chunk of Ryan’s $7.25 million annual cap hit or take back a toxic contract in return, I doubt he’ll be moved.

Given Domi’s struggles this season I don’t think the Coyotes will move him while his value is low. He’s a restricted free agent this summer lacking arbitration rights so they’re not under any pressure to trade him. If the Ducks become sellers they could test Vermette’s trade value before the Feb. 26 deadline.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON/THE BOSTON GLOBE: Joe Haggerty cites a reports by the Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson saying he’s heard the New York Rangers would want young Boston Bruns forward Jake DeBrusk included in any potential deal involving Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh. Haggerty also believes the Blueshirts would want defenseman Brandon Carlo and a first-round pick included in the deal.

The Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont also noted Matheson’s report, adding rumors have also linked the Bruins to Edmonton Oilers left wing Patrick Maroon and Vancouver Canucks forward Thomas Vanek.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Haggerty cautions Bruins GM Don Sweeney to tread carefully in the trade market and not do anything to significantly alter a Bruins’ roster that’s challenging for the Presidents’ Trophy. Removing multiple players to add someone like McDonagh could adversely affect team chemistry. Sweeney could make a bold move at the deadline, but with his club playing very well over the past three months, there’s really very little reason for him to do so. If he adds, it could be for an affordable depth forward.


WGR 550: TSN’s Darren Dreger said Friday he thinks the Buffalo Sabres could move veteran defenseman Josh Gorges at the trade deadline. He’s in the final season of his contract the Sabres are willing to absorb half of his $3.9-million cap hit. He speculates the St. Louis Blues could seek a depth defenseman and believes the Winnipeg Jets have kicked the tires.





  1. “Hunwick on the block” is music to my ears.

    So…DeBrusk, Carlo and a 1st for McDonough?

    I’m not a Bruin’s fan, but I will respond for them…LOL.

    And they also want the same package for two months of Nash that the Leafs got for 6 years of Kessel while holding salary? OK…

    The Rangers are so jealous of what the Yankees did, but they don’t have the pieces. Not enough to trade, not enough in the system behind them. They are entering a multi-year rebuild.

    • Agreed, Leaf fan here and besides the habs the Bruins are next on my dislike list but if they do that deal or even a slight variation on it they deserve to fall out of the playoffs lol

      • leafs fans enjoy your season because next
        season you will have to pay.
        good luck you will need it.

      • I assume the reason for your dislike of the Habs is because of jealousy- if the Leafs were to win the cup they’d still be double digits short of the Habs- just so you know I too have a dislike for Leafs because every Leafs fan thinks it’s the center if the universe . What a joke.

      • @Ajit the Leafs are laughing next year, the year after next year will start to get interesting depending how much the cap goes up. Next year they`ll have about 25-27 mill to spend on 7 positions. So even if Nylander gets around 7 per still lots of space

      • Well jersey, I guess as a habs fan you will always have the past…

        So ageet what you are saying is Toronto is stupid to have too much young talent? I’m not sure what your point is…

      • Yogi , they may have 20 but how much can they commit for more than a year rental with Mathews Marner gardiner contracts looming ? I assume that 20 is letting jvr / bozak / komarov walk ?

    • When things like “heard”, “Reportedly” are thrown out there,
      There’s usually a lot of blind speculation thrown in there.

      I don’t think Boston makes that trade, and equally don’t believe that’s the real price. One of the two and a 1st isn’t beyond reasonable.

      If Mcdonagh is truly on the deadline market. Someone will be paying a hefty price tag for his services.

      Is there a better or cheaper #1 d on the marker I’m unaware of?
      The only possible competition for NY is a possible offseason move of Doughty ( highly unlikely he’s going anywhere imo) or Karlsson.

      Other than that, not many teams are shopping a #1 d-man with a year plus left at a possible discount of 2.35 next year, and 580k this year.

      Someone please point out a guy not on an elc, playing that role, that many minutes at that price that is available?

      Someone wants him, and wants him at that price, they’re going to have to pay a price tag that may be a little bigger than they’d want.

      He’s not coming for a low 1st rounder, and a crappy prospect.

      • I Like McDonagh a ton but don’t want Bos to pay that price. I thin k TB should be the buyer. Foote, a solid forward prospect a 1st + some other pick , 2nd or a 3rd.

      • Striker, my gut says Tampa as well. I’ve been thinking that for the last few weeks.
        It is “reported” as of yesterday NY is seeking NHL ready or close to ready prospects/players not so much in picks.

        Like I said, someone will be paying a high price. I don’t really care who at this point. I care more about the return. This is the ONE deal Gorton cannot be beat on. By far the most valuable asset NY has. They HAVE to get this one right.

    • As a Bruins fan, thank you.

      • The Rangers shouldn’t be gambling at all with McD, which is what they will be doing if they go after draft picks and prospects. They should trade with a team that is offensively heavy looking to add to their defense to get a proven player like Tyler Seguin. Picks and prospects will be returned in the Nash, Grabner, Hayes moves. As sweet as that return sounds from Boston, none of those players are “sure things”. Not saying Seguin is in reach, but a player of his caliber and matching salary could be had. Then heading into the offseason, with the expanded cap and salary pickups from lost contracts, the Rangers can bid on Tavares and Kovalchuck.

        You need 3 all star forwards to compete for a cup in this league. Trading for prospects doesn’t necessarily get you there.

      • I think the bruins are paying extremely well not too sure a ryan mcdonagh makes them that much better for the price the rangers want…

    • They are so jealous? Lol. They don’t have the pieces?

      Like Jarry and Ian Cole? Lmao!

      The Yankees had ARod, Texeira etc. who were done. They turned it around by trading a few pieces like Miller and Chapman.

      The Rangers don’t have any players of value? Mcdonagh, Zuccarello, Nash, Grabner , Kreider, Miller etc?
      They don’t have anything in pipeline?
      Skjei, Chytl, Andersson, Shestyorkin, Bereglazov, Day, Pionk, Gilmour?
      How did I miss all that my 1st read? Lmao!

      I’m just used to skipping over 80% of what MG says.

      It usually is some asinine one sided trade involving a Pens player he no longer finds useful for a great player the Pens can’t afford!

      I don’t think you should comment on the Yankees, or Rangers again. Your stupid just shines through every time you do.

      Stick to “Jarry for Brassard 1/2 retained and a 1st one sided dream proposals.

      • Wonder if Jets would have interest in Mac. Trouba has been out and will be for an extended period of time. Seems like there’s always talk of his future there. They’re pretty set on right side even without Trouba and Mac would be a nice add. If they truly see themselves as contenders this year, would be worth lookin into, especially with Nashville looking to add pieces for another run.

    • Spooner, Zboril + 1st. Sounds more resonable.

      • I can’t see NY taking Sponer. He’s a 26 year old RFA that really doesn’t help them now or in the future.

  2. Funny only Boston has letup less goals than the Kings 143 though they have 13 more goals at like 176 to Kings 163… Amazing how much a difference a little bit of offense makes don’t it :). If I was Boston I’d only want to give up draft picks at this point not players to risk chemistry issues.

    Watching Russia vs. USA its nice to see how well Voynov is doing compared to team USA :). Though I think USA’s main problem was in net while Russia player well there even if had a lot of luck. Surprised nobody is talking about Florida Panthers… They have 3-6 less games played than all the teams currently sitting in wild card/playoff spots ahead of them. If they could win 3 games in a row they would suddenly be back in the mix. They have 6 less games played than the Islanders just to give an idea how far a swing it could be. They have a tough schedule over those games so not expecting a miracle.

    I’d be surprised if Ducks became sellers I think they got a solid chance to secure top 3 in Pacific. I could see why Senators would roll dice thinking they can get Fabbri for less cost giving his injury history. I’ll be shocked if they find a team to take Bobby Ryan’s contract… Maybe they can ship him for Seabrook straight up to Chicago that would be something ;). I can’t wait for the deadline to come so all this speculation is over until trade freeze is over ;).

    • Shame watching the Olympics. Wish it was not timed in the midst of college hockey season. If it were timed better during winter recess perhaps college kids can play for their home countries and include AHL players too. Watching former NHLers instead of the up and coming NHL talent is not as fun for me. The Olympics should be about displaying the next generation of hockey players. Again i would ike to see college, AHLers & Euro teams younger players who will be the next batch of NHL stars to compete for gold.

      • Agreed. When team USA is carrying guys like Gionta, Matt Gilroy and Bobby Sanguenetti…..I’d say it’s a little less than our best. When I say a little, I mean A LOT.

      • I so agree…

      • I like it more this way since the players are trying to win not crying. Like Canada had St. Louis crying how he was rightfully left off roster… Then he forced trade from Tampa likely costing them Cup for feeling like a baby slighted… Seeing USA put trash on team or play or start goalies who shouldn’t be… Like bias leaving Okposo off the last team then they pushing how they have a “black” player for first time w/ Greenway or so.

        I like seeing the upsets, like CZE beating entitled Canada who had every PP even failing a shot on a 5-3… A team like Slovenia who beat USA then got a big upset win over Czech team or whatever. Not knowing who will win though I like Russia this time around. I like seeing guy like Wolski who had broke his neck… There some decent college kids like Donato or whatever who remember his dad playing…

        Olympics should be for amateurs anyways… LEt them run a something for pro players every 3 years after SCF… So they can all play not stupid World Cup of hockey or other bogus crap where they ban Voynov from playing. Even watching the Germany game I thought they had a nice flow vs. Sweden losing 1-0. Finland had a good first period they were losing 1-0. I stayed up all night morning to watch USA vs. Russia even the South KOrean game. They didn’t televise Canada here showing ice skating or crap. Then they started game at 2-2 which was a total fail…

        I’ll admit sadly I was really into CAnada vs. Sweden in curling. There were some amazing shots being done. Vast difference from last match saw of women USA vs. OAR :). I did see the end of another men match when guy flubbed a shot that could have sent it into OT or 11th frame. I think it was Norway whatever team they wear the funny pants ;). I wish they showed the Italy match it was like 5-5 last saw.

        BTW I flubbed the totals a bit… I confused Nashville who had 176 goals to Kings 163 coming into Saturday. Who let in 147 goals to what Kings had 143 at time… Boston had 185 goals, though it still show how big a difference offense makes… If look where Nashville is who letup more goals compared to Kings who let in least in WC :). Also I don’t have to worry about any players I like getting hurt like John Tavares did for Canada. Its better for the weaker nations who had no chance playing ringer NHL loaded teams ;).

    • Bos’s goal differential is +52, LA +20.

      Flo is 8 points back with 6 games in hand on NYI. Not insurmountable but that also means the have to play a very condensed schedule over the remainder of the season. It will be interesting to see if they can climb into a playoff spot, the odds don’t favor such but not impossible just unlikely. Their home & away schedule is reasonably favorable having played 25 at home & 29 on the road.

      I agree with you, I think Anh will be buyers & make the playoffs.

      • I crossed up Nashville w/ Boston… I had looked at Nashville having 176 goals for to 147 against… When Kings have the least amount in WC w/ 143 goals having 163 at the time of post… Boston has 185 goals… Either way it shows Nashville even letting up a few more goals just having 13 more goals than Kings are in easy position for playoffs while Kings are fringe team at best currently :). I was up all night, got into watching the CAnada vs. Sweden curling match then watched the South Korea HOckey/USA vs. OAR before finally crashing w/ dogs hounding me too :).

    • I fully agree with your assessment of the Bruins. They should not mess with something that is not broken. If they want to add a piece their farm system is loaded, but I hesitate give up young talent for a rental player. I would never consider DeBrusk and Carlo in a package for McDonagh, remember he has 1 more year on his contract after this year and when he his FA the Bruins will never be able to sign him with some of the contracts they have.

  3. Not sure why Vermette would be on the block at all. No one wants the Ducks in the 1st round. They could knock out Vegas and no one would blink.

    Re:Bruins+McDonagh. If Boston believes this is their year they are all in and might overpay a bit. As a Ranger fan I still do not think they need to trade ONE of their TWO defensemen

  4. Debrusk, Carlo and a 1st for McDonagh. NO, NO and no thankyou! I would do a first and a prospect, I would throw in Carlo under one of two conditions the Rangers throw in their 1st or McDonagh signed a 5yr extension.
    As it stands I would not give up Debrusk or Carlo for RM a UFA in 2019

    • MacTruck and BOS mgt can have a wink and nod conversation about an extension prior to a trade being made between the 2 teams. I am sure with their youth he would be glad to sign a 5 year deal with them. That would force McQuaid out or BOS not re-upping Chara wouldn’t you think?

      Rangers as asking for that much being Mac is valuable to them and you bid high knowing the other team will low ball you. The trade always finds some type of middle ground. Not sure why everyone gets upset when teams ask for pieces. Its negotiation tactics. That is all it is. Posturing.

      Carlo & 1st for Mac if he signs a 5 yr deal is probably where it ends up.

      • Doesn’t even have to be on a wink & a nod. NYR could grant Bos the right to speak to McDonagh’s agent prior to a trade, any team for that matter to gauge his contract demands. I just can’t be signed till July 1st that doesn’t preclude them agreeing to such verbally. We have heard tells of terror in the past where a player or a team says they had a verbal agreement but when signing time came 1 or the other balked & the other was pissed off.

        I don’t want to lose Carlo & Ideally not Debrusk but if an extension were agreed to verbally at or near 5.5 for 5 or 6 more years I might be willing to give up Debrusk, a 1st & a prospect of some nature.

        I would still want Chara retained for at least 1 season. I would prefer to make this trade potentially in the summer, not before the playoffs.

    • This is possibly by the Bruins standards an over payment Caper ….this is exactly what McDonagh is going to bring back in any trade deal …2 quality prospects and a 1st rounder ..what is McDonagh going to do for you guys moving forward …where are you guys right now …that is possibly a good quality trade !

      You are not going to get a 1st or 2nd line Center back …no one is giving that up Your not going to get a lottery pick …no one is giving that up …your not going to get a Mike Hoffman type player …and and I don’t think your going to get a Sergachev either in any deal !

      In this proposal you get younger ..deeper a potential power forward who will be a 20 goal scorer .. a top quality D prospect and a first rounder you may be able to flip or package for a better second deal to round that out!

      What do you think the market is for McDonagh ..what is a legit package you think is a decent REALISTIC return?

      The othwer team has to be in a position to take that player on and a need for his position and give up a position as well.

      • Apologies to Caper

        …I misinterpreted your post LOL!

      • Keep in mind Tampa and Boston both might be sending offers for McD. The Rangers can wait for an overpayment offer or keep their 2nd best player

      • Foote, a forward prospect & a 1st & 2nd from TB.

      • Carlo & Debrusk aren’t really prospects for me any longer, they are proven young developing NHL players, there is s distinct difference for me. Prospects aren’t sure things to even be NHL players but assumptions they will be. The question on Carlo & Debrusk now is what will they be when fully developed at the NHL level. Carlo played 1st pairing minutes as a rookie, Debrusk as Bos’s #2 LW.

        If that’s all they ever become that’s just fine.

    • Don’t think Sweeney is that dumb.
      I’m on the fence with Carlo and a first. That seems fair for both sides.
      Adding Debrusk way too much.
      Unless they throw in Grabner or Nash.
      I think a deal can be worked out Boston has lots of prospects.
      Miller or Maquaid, Vatrano,Spooner,Zboril,picks and prospects are all available. Try to get a deal without moving Carlo,Hienen,Debrusk.
      Spooner could be a top two center in NY.

  5. Oh man If I was Jim I would give Hunwick away for some used pucks and some good ol Canadian tree sauce!!!!

    LET’S GO PEN’S!!!

    • Pens4ever if you are so unhappy with Hunwick….wanna swap Hunwick for Smith in NY? I’ll even throw in Desharnais =)

      • Not that unhappy with him. I’d take Rob Scuderi over Smith and so would every GM. Smith and Desharnais couldn’t make the baby Pens right now. If we could get a 4th round pick for Hunwick I would take it just to get rid of his cap hit. He was a captain on the Leafs last year I bet they would take him back, especially if they have an injury on the blue line. I’d even take one one those Swedish guys they singed at the beginning of the season.

      • He couldn’t make the baby Pens? That’s interesting considering he has more points than all but 7 players in Pittsburgh (6 forwards). By that logic, 1/2 of Pittsburghs roster couldn’t even make the baby Pens? Or is it just a NY thing?

        I’m starting to wonder, do the Pens fans here watch any other team at all? Outside of Chrism who is used fair) It sure seems like they don’t every time they evaluate any player that’s not in Pittsburgh .

      • “We might get decent return while our team is dismantled”. “It’s like we’ve finally won something!”

        -Rangers Fan

      • Hey, give us a shot to sell off our players and tank for a while…. isn’t that how Pittsburgh has has won cups?

      • “Hey, give us a shot to sell off our players and tank for a while…. isn’t that how Pittsburgh has has won cups?”

        Sure, but that’s how we know they are doing it wrong.

        You gotta burn it down to nothing. Like trading a reigning Norris trophy winner for a used puck. Or trading Jagr and Kovalev for 7 players and Rico Fata is the best of them.

        What I actually think the Rangers are doing with their goal to acquire young NHL players instead of picks is trying to reshape a roster that John Tavares can slide into…

      • Used fair!?!?

        I’ve been called worse!😏

        But on the subject of tanking. Pittsburgh did do it. But major flaw comparing them to most other tanking teams. Pens were going through major bankruptcy at the time. They didn’t just yank cause they were bad… they tanked cause they couldn’t pay their players. Damn debartelos. Mg. Pens got back two first rounders and an early second for a guy who publicly demanded a trade. I’d Be dying alive if I didn’t point out that comparison to trades proposed on here.

      • Hahaha “usually fair”

    • Pens 4 ever…black and gold here..agreed love to move Hunwich…

      my thoughts what do yo think Derrick Brassard is on fIre 3 goals, 3 assists last 4 games he is up to 17 goals..he makes the PENGUINS SUPER DANGEROUS

      TO OTTAWA-Daniel Sprong + Carter Rowney + 1st round pick + Matt Hunwich
      TO PITTSBURGH-Derrick Brassard who is signed this year and next..

      the cap goes up next year and Brassard will actually be a little over $5 million about right for 3rd line center

      Ottawa gets a 1st round pick which is what they want, a young talent in Daniel Sprong, A 4TH LINE CENTER, and a cheAp defense man who can slide in to their line-up. PLUS THEY PICK UP PART OF BRASARD’S SALARY.

      I like sprong but he in more like Sundqvist and kapanan solid but not great…movable

      Anton Reese is playing really well, as is Domink Simon, we also have Guentzal, Sheary, and Brian RUST lots of young wingers.

      • Sprong and a first is a good start for Brassard, but Ottawa has no use for Rowney. They just got Shore in the Phaneuf trade and they have White and Chlapik in the minors. Hunwick is an absolute deal killer. Ottawa doesn’t need him at his inflated salary with the young, inexpensive defensemen they have (Chabot, Harpur and Claesson). In addition, Pittsburgh is one of the last teams in the league Ottawa would do a favour for after last year. I don’t think Pittsburgh has what is needed for Brassard. Sprong and a 1st for Pageau could work though without added salary dumps, but I don’t know if Pittsburgh would do that and they would need to dump salary elsewhere.

      • Why are names like Hunwick and Maquaid being thrown around today?

        No chance that package lands Brassard. A 4th liner, a guy they can’t wait to get rid of, and a prospect?

        Sure the money works for Pittsburgh, I don’t think Dorion will care about it working for Pittsburgh.

  6. RM is 28yr old defenseman be 29 in June, hardly an old man, especially for a dman, if his quality is that great then the ranger should just extend him. Makes no sense for Boston to trade away Carlo who in 2 or 3 years projects to be better then what RM will be in 2 to 3 years. Debrusk looks to be a 20 to 30 goal scorer with grit, keep him please.
    As far as what a fair package from the bruins side, doesn’t matter because the Rangers will want more, let someone else pay that price, the Bruins don’t have any defensive issues as they gave up the least amount of goals against.

    • Agree Boston doesn’t need to do a deal NY does.
      My best offer something like
      Zboril to replace RM
      Two b level prospects like Bjork,Synshyn,JFK or Czarnik.
      Second round pick.
      If NY added Grabner or Nash I would add either a first or spooner,Miller or Maquaid.

      • Why does NY have to make this deal? Are they gearing up for a long spring on the couch playing NHL 18?

        Not only does NY not have to make this deal, they would be better of waiting until the offseason to get more than just playoff teams involved.

        As much as Bruins fans are saying no thanks on that proposal, NY fans are saying no thanks on Maquaid, spooner, b level prospects and Zorbil. Why is NY a rebuilding team taking back a 31 year old third pairing d-man or a 26 year old guy playing wing as an experimental 2nd line center? No thanks on that. Nyr4life

        And certainly not by adding Grabner or Nash. Neither one of these guys will be included in a trade for Mcdonagh, nor should they be.

      • Maybe NY could throw in Kreider, Miller, Buchnevich, 2-1st along with Mcdonagh (1/2 retained) Nash (1/2 retained and Grabner (1/2 retained) for Maquaid ( the 31 year old 3rd pairing d every rebuilding team dreams of) Spooner ( in hopes he can fill the 2nd line center position they don’t need) and a 2027 4th rounder? Or would NY have to add to make it a bit more lopsided?

      • Hahaha, homer alert!

        Dave, it’s been stated many times now that top pairing defencemen are arguably the hardest thing to acquire and one of the most important things a Stanley contender needs to be a legit threat. McDonough embodies all the qualities needed to be a top pairing guy, and only comes at a cap hit of less than $5 million for the next year and a half.

        So in saying that, I can guarantee you that Boston is NOT getting him for that garbage offer. Bruins can go into the playoffs without a true number 1 d-man then, good luck getting past TBay.

      • Can you imagine that phone call?

        “Hey Jeff, you have a good dentist and your resume up to date? Because I’m about to kick your teeth down your throat and get you fired”

      • Sure NY doesn’t have to trade Mcdonagh but they are the ones who announced a rebuild. Boston announced they are not moving prospects. Mcdonagh is a good player but the league is turning into speed,youth and cap space.
        He will fetch a top prospect and first rounder.
        I’m just saying as a Bruins fan I’m not trading a top 6 forward (Debrusk)or top 4 defenseman(Carlo). As a Rangers fan obviously you want those guys. What do you want Pastrnak and Mcavoy NOT.

      • Do you really believe NY has to move him and somehow Boston is in the drivers seat?

        Why would NY really want Debrusk? Miller, Kreider, Vesey, Fast, Buchnevich etc?

        Boston isn’t in the drivers seat by any stretch. You don’t like the cost? Someone else will.
        Good luck finding that D-man like Mcdonagh for leftovers like Spooner and Maquaid! I’m sure they’ll be 8-10 # 1 d-men on the market in the next nine days.

        As I’ve said numerous times, NY would better off moving him in the offseason. There is ZERO need to force or rush a deal.

        Why negotiate with 6-7 teams when you can negotiate with 20?

        Spooner, Maquaid ? No thanks! The original Debrusk, Carlo trade is much more realistic than a 26 year old rfa and a 3rd pair 31 year old d-man.

        When is the last time a #1 went for a 5-6?

        NY announced a rebuild, not a penny on the dollar fire sale! They also said younger, quicker and skilled…. not throw us your hot garbage because we want to see you win/ help you!

      • My original post said Zboril two of Bjork,Synshyn,JFK or Czarnik plus a second.
        Zboril and Synshyn are both first round picks.
        JFK is being called the next Bergeron.
        Boston is set on the left side this season with Chara,Krug and Gryzlick.
        So Zboril,Bjork,Synshyn and a second round pick is pretty fair for a year plus of Mcdonagh.
        I’m curious what you think is a fair deal from Boston for just over a year of Mcdonagh.

    • Agreed. I would be willing to discuss it further in the summer ideally knowing for certain what McDonagh costs to extend & only if agreed to. The logical fit today appears to be TB.

      This summer add almost any team in the NHL with the exception of a handful.

    • nyr4life…dude your so bitter! you talk about the other guy on here you were debating with maybe it being a New York thing…you have an issue with a Pittsburgh thing…. Don’t be a hater.

      Hunwich isn’t horrible and he is cheap and could give some teamS depth and can play bottom pairing..Have you watched your Rangers play defense lately? I thought king Henrik was going to explode tonight after the game.

      you should worry about your team.. have a great night

      • Yeah, 2.25 for a depth guy that sits in street clothes ! What a deal , where does the like to get him start!?

        Almost every single Pens fan was cheering on this board about the guy on the block!

        As far as NY being horrible defensively…. how many starting d-men have you seen on the ice lately?

        Oh that’s right, you don’t watch any games non Pens related…

        Let me breakdown reality for you here.
        FOUR starters on defense are not playing. With FOUR Ahl rookies taking their place!

        I know somehow you’ll get
        “So Letang is the best Defensemen on the planet?”

        But read it 6-9-12 times and let the reality of it sink in.

      • But, please by all means carry on about how Hunwick, Rowney and Sproul land Brassard…
        We all need a good laugh sometimes!

  7. boston isnt a team that needs macd. the leafs should be considering big payouts for faulk or macd as either would be at workst the #2 d man on the team and neither is a rental. Tampa also has the assets to go all in here… with subtracting little from the current team. tampa- 1st, slater K, raddysh. Conditional additional pick based either on performance of player or team.
    tor- dermott, kapanan, 1st. conditional pick same as above.

  8. The McDonagh to Boston talk is pretty funny if you think about it. How many Bruins fans, at the start of the season, would have said “no” to any of the current trade rumours? If, and only if, Don Sweeney looks at the proposed assets logically, and considers the upside of acquiring McDonagh, shouldn’t he at least think about pulling the trigger?
    These are tough decisions when the team is playing well but wouldn’t McDonagh help put Boston over the top?

    • With the added bonus of keeping him out of Tampas hands in the process.

      Hedman, Mcdonagh, Sergachev down the left side?

      Good luck with that!

      • I couldn’t agree more with both you two.

    • BCLEAFFAN, I can’t speak for other, but me for one would’ve said no, simply based on the term left on RM contract.
      However we are speaking about now and NYR4life points out that the rangers don’t need to make this trade and he’s correct but neither does Boston. What the Ranger have to weigh out is if they get an offer now from a contending team will it be better then the offer in the off season. I for one don’t see TB or Boston making a better offer in the off season then they will now just because of where they sit. Personally I don’t know why Toronto isn’t in on this discussion or maybe they already determent the price is to high.

    • Exactly. Who were these Bruins players before this season, now all of a sudden they are a team full of studs that are all worth more than MacD. If you want a top pair Dman, you have to pay Bruins fans.

      • Bruins fans know who these guys are.
        If you didn’t know who Mcavoy was you haven’t watched college or JR hockey.
        Carlo was a top two next to Chara all last season.
        Debrusk was one of the top three picks along with Synshyn and Zboril. Heinen was up and down last year with lots of potential. Mixing these guys in with the veterans has worked.

    • No one knows if adding Mcdonagh will put a team over the top or backfire.
      He’s not having the best year.
      Remember Shattenkirk when Washington added him they were supposed to win it all. That didn’t work.

  9. A McDonagh trade could feel a lot like an Erik Johnson trade, with a young defenceman, a young forward and a pick heading back in exchange for a top defenceman and a depth forward.

    Brandon Carlo, Anders Bjork and a 1st round pick to New York for Ryan McDonagh and David Desharnais (the latter being just for a cup run this year)

    • You really are not comparing MacTruck with Erik Johnson are ya? Mac has not have a bad year except this one. Erik Johnson has not had a good season until a few years in @COL. MacTruck is levels above Johnson.

      • How did McDonaugh get this “Mac truck” monicker? He’s a decent enough player sure but he’s a wussy with a p instead of the w. If any player should be named Mac truck is would be someone who actually hits like a truck. Oleksiak comes to mind but he’s already got a nickname.

      • Lol. Of course another Pens player comes to mind. If Mcdonagh is a wussy, I guess that make Letang…..?

      • If you had to reference a player outside of Pittsburgh, you’d be at the keyboard scratching your head all day!

      • Deee =( really? Mac brand trucks carry the heavy work load. That is how he got the nickname…really could not figure that out? Do they not have Mac brand trucks where you reside? =( btw..if you think he hits like a wuss..lace up some skates…take one of his hits….He hits well and is solid in the corners. Watch him play more than 5 minutes.

      • How does someone insinuate someone else is a pussy then proceed to type a whole sentence to avoid spelling pussy. Where is alanis morrissette when you need her.

    • Carlo,Bjork and a first is very fair I believe. Maybe NY can do better elsewhere. As a Bruins fan I would like to do it without Carlo or Debrusk.
      Not sure if that’s possible.

      • if you cannot offer Carlo it would have to be McAvoy, which is a non starter for BOS mgt…..so if no Carlo then you are correct…….there will never be a deal.

      • nyr4life…wow scrolling down now more comments about penguins… 1st player Letang is a woosey…then the team tanked way back when (oh they were broke at the time dude), let us sell our own players off so bitter must be the cold weather in new York.

        we don’t need current any rangers…… in our line up thanks you can keep em.

      • Black and gold,

        I know the only thing you read here somehow translates to the penguins, but where do I mention ANYWHERE here a NY player going to the Pens?

        “Hey Mcdavid had a good game the other day”

        Black and gold…
        ” so you’re saying Crosby is the best player in the world? Let me tell you about Murray “!

        Lmao… I know this will be impossible for you to believe.
        But there are things to talk about in the NHL that aren’t Pens related!

        How does a Mcdonagh trade to Boston or Tampa have ANYTHING to do with Pittsburgh?

        One day, one thread try and stay on topic!

  10. Vanek over Maroon, played 62 games against the Bruins 33 goal and 34 assits 67 points, 15 goals on pp. loves to play at TD Garden more affordable I would also add Grabner as a good fit. Team is playing well no need to tinker too much.

  11. Striker you said Jake DeBrusk wouldn’t even make the team this year.
    Why does a hockey trade ( players with term) have to get moved in the next 9 days? I bet you very few will.
    I do not agree that Carlo and a first-round pick even though fair value is the proper thing to do right now. Add some depth and role type players, chemistry is a funny thing.

  12. If I’m any team in the east heading into the playoffs , I’m keeping Brassard out of Pittsburghs hands, and Mcdonagh out of Tampa or Bostons hands.

    I don’t believe Pittsburgh has the assets or cap space to make a Brassard trade work, but I’m not taking any chances.

    These are 2 players that could easily tip the balance in the east.

    Brassard on Pittsburghs 3rd line? Yikes!!!!

    • Completely agree. I think someone will need to pay a steep price for Brassard, or Ottawa will keep him and possibly trade Pageau instead, who is easier to replace. Despite the cap hit difference, Brassard doesn’t make much more than Pageau next year. I think Smith and Oduya are goners for sure and possibly one of Brassard and Pageau IF someone overpays. The Phaneuf trade really helped Ottawa’s bottom line and I think Harpur could be just as good as Phaneuf next year for very cheap.

      Given Ottawa will very likely be using their 1st round pick this year, they have to keep a competitive team for next year to prevent giving up a top 5 pick in 2019. Plus, they have to look promising over the next few years to keep Karlsson.

    • NY4life, great post. As for McDonagh to Toronto, I think the Leafs still want to see which of their players are legit NHL playoff-proven assets. I don’t see them making any big trades before the deadline. The current group seems to be getting better…. just not Boston-better – yet.

  13. What is WSH looking to do? With TB & BOS potential arms race happening and the Pens contending again….what are they rumored to be needing? They just signed Eller to an extension so perhaps a winger and defenseman?

  14. TO doesn’t need McDonough. If they acquire any defenseman he should be right handed and young to fit in with the rest of the group. Guys like Dumba, Trouba, Carlo, Ristolanin or Manson. They would cost a first, a prospect and at least Carrick but probably Gardner. Gudbranson or Green would be a wasted use of assets.

  15. Boston should forget about Mcdonagh and try for Grabner.
    He’s got speed plays the right side and is scoring a lot of goals this year. I would take him over Nash.

  16. Watching the Sens/Rangers game today, a few things seem clear.

    1) if Ottawa is to trade Brassard or Hoffman, they better get a king’s ransom or it makes absolutely no sense. Gaborik has been a surprisingly good fit with Duchene and Hoffman, and the Brassard/Stone combo is also very good. I’d be keeping those two lines together for next year and hopefully beyond as none of those players are old.

    2) If Anderson played like that all year, Ottawa would be in the playoff mix. He was very good today and has been more like that recently.

    3) Looking at stats, cap hit and today’s performance, Grabner is the best rental in the market. He was awesome today and should get a first plus a B prospect or something comparable.

    4) Nash and McDonough weren’t great today, but some of the trade proposals from Bruins fans are laughable. Carlo, a first and something else (not DeBrusk) is the price for McDonough or he’s very likely going to TB. Nash is also worth more than a late first. I’d try to get a young NHL forward that could become a solid 2nd line player and a mid-round pick.

    • Mcdonagh didn’t play. And they’ve ruled him out tomorrow too..

      Agreed about the cost of Mcdonagh. I get not wanting to pay it, but Maquaid and spooner? Smh

      • Nyr4life: I guess that is why McDonough wasn’t very noticeable tonight. 😉 I missed the beginning of the game and that he was scratched. Normally, he stands out as a very good top pairing defenseman. No one on the Rangers defense stood out today in a good way.

        Grabner was fantastic today. Not only is he a great trade chip, but he should more than double his salary on his next deal.

      • Nyr4life
        Can you go back and read my post.
        I never said Maquaid and spooner.
        I said I would do Zboril with two of Bjork,Synshyn,JFK and Czarnik along with a second round pick.
        I said if Grabner was included I would add a first and with miller,Maquaid or Spooner.

      • I don’t think NY would want Spooner, and definitely don’t want Maquaid.

        I get not wanting to part with Macavoy, or Carlo. But without question it’s the starting point.

        And I doubt NY deals any combination of Nash, Grabner and Mcdonagh together. That wouldn’t be very smart. Especially if it’s bringing back pieces they don’t need or want.

    • “McDonagh wasn’t great today” Doing what, reading these pearls of wisdom? As a fully biased Blueshirt fan. Sergechev or McIvoy or resign McDonagh. I understand BOS & TB not wanting to move those studs, but as noted, they are getting a top shutdown D-man. Not to mention he’s 53rd in salary. I hate losing him especially while Staal and Shittenkirk make more than he does. Once again, RESIGN him, bury Staal in the AHL if he can’t play a 5/6 role. Oh, and by the way, the Rangers latest AHL addition Brendan Smith makes exactly $350K less than their captain. In case, I failed to mention it, he should going NOWHERE, RESIGN him Slats & Gorts.

    • Mcdonagh I believe didn’t even play today.
      But you are correct Grabner looked good.
      I’ve been saying for a few weeks Grabner is a better option than Nash right now.

  17. McDonagh should be re-signed. He’s 53rd in defenseman salary and making less than Shattenkirk and Staal. Two players, who if they did not have NTC, would have no chance of being retained before McDonagh. If they can bury Smith’s contract, which a mere $350K less than the Captain’s, there has to be a better solution. I’d be shocked if they couldn’t get Sergechev or McIvoy, but I doubt either team wants to move those guys. They look like future Norris Trophy Competitors. That being said, McDonagh has the skating ability to play in today’s game. He’s miscast by the Rangers. His offensive abilities do not warrant consistent PP time. He is a shutdown defender, great team guy, and every team in the NHL would be significantly better with him. That simply cements the reasoning for his re-signing. The heist Stevie Y got from MTL in Sergechev is merely a repeat performance of what Slats got for Gomez.

  18. Just watched the Sportnet panel and Kypreos has to be the worst “Insider” in Hockey. He continued his hate on for Ottawa with the Karlsson trade possibilities before the deadline and saying how the price would never be higher than now. WRONG. First off, most teams couldn’t bid on him now because they won’t know if they can extend him. Second, it would completely change the makeup of your team if you are a contender. Ottawa would want at least two good roster players plus much more and how could a contender make that trade now? On July 1 or even the draft, every team in the league will have the cap space and could bid and know they could extend him.

    Maybe I’m a homer, but I still think it is more likely Karlsson stays in Ottawa long term even at top dollar given Ottawa’s cap is in good shape and they’re only bad deals are Ryan (absolutely terrible contract) and MacArthur who is on LTIR.

    Another thing Kypreos completely botched was the term left on Hunwick’s contract. He has 2 years left at $2.25M/year not one, and that is a big difference when trying to dump an unappealing contract. Pittsburgh will have to add a sweetener to get rid of that deal when rival GM’s know Rutherford is in a cap crunch and wants a 3C. Do some research before trying to make your point on National TV.

  19. Lightning should trade Peter Budaj & Louis Dominigue to the Bruins for Anton Khudobin. Yeah that would be a good trade. Maybe we can get Jameis Winston to throw some crablegs in with the deal, too! Could send it up there with the rest of the seafood. That would be a pimp deal.

    It could be called P.M.S.


  20. Either Sobotka or Berglund would be okay
    The tougher question is which future pieces the Blues should be willing to give up, because futures will definitely be going the Senators way.

    Spent some time thinking about it (long post warning)
    You have to have a combo package a deal. You will not get Hoffman straight up for Sobotka or Berglund. But while THIS year playoffs will be tough to make and go deep, you can set yourself up for a deep run next season and have a hell of a team to do it. If they make the moves in this way. I did the math from cap space and ext. If you can trade Sobotka and Begrlund for Hoffman (He is the one you want since he has longer deal and averages more points) So lets look at this. This is based on the current cap space at 80,000,000 Plus currently have only 393,334 left with the addition of Soshnikov earlier in the week. So you need to free up that 5 Million. This what I do, trade the two and gain 1,350,000 in cap space this coming off season. Now the following players are not under contract after the year UFA Upshall, Hutton, Stastny, and Brodziak and RFA Fabbri, Edmundson, Jaskin, Sundquvist Which in total equals 13,950,000 in cap space. And this is with Fabbri who I figure will get the same deal and he signed for this year as a prove it from injury before you get a bigger deal. Sanford same thing. So that close to 14 Million number is with them on payroll the only number I didn’t have is what they pay Tage Thompson and this is also currently with Soshnikov which I figure one full year with the team before upping him or seeing if he worth keeping. Now IMO I would let Stastny, Jaskin, Sundquvist walk for sure. I trade away Gunniersson (Easier with the no trade close that Bouwmester has) So adds an extra 2,900,000 giving you a crap of 16,850,000 to work with (Hoping to get some kind of draft pick with this trade).

    Now this is why I made the trade. 13 Million will go in hope to sign John Tarvares (The current rumored number) Now this gives you 3,800,000 left in cap space. Tight yes, your roster is basically set. With 3 lines that are really could be considered top lines which no true 1, 2,3 in a good way. Wingers in how it’s listed Seems to not matter as they only list four RW currently and I know I’ve seen left wingers playing right on this team as we seen Steen and Schwartz on the same line. So I have it as this ruffly.
    Tavares, Tarasenko, Fabbri
    Schenn, Schwartz, Hoffman (Schenn and Schwartz have that chemistry that I would keep together)
    Barbashev,Thompson, Steen
    Sanford, Soshnikov, Thornburn* (The star is because forth line is switched with healthy scratches)

    With that 3,800,000 left Maybe lucky if you get Tarvares on a 12 Million. Add a Millon. I say you could get Upshall for a Million.Forth line could be Sandford Upshall, And the last spot between Thornburn and Soshnikov. Still have two choices. Could try and get Hutton back for 2 Million (Decent raise for his current deal) or you make the backup goalie a call up for less. WIth still you have about between 1,800,000, to 800,000 of cap space. You could add lower dept if need be with it. But you will have 3 great lines