NHL Rumor Mill – February 19, 2018

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Latest on the Flyers plus several general managers are reluctant to spend big on rental players. Details in your NHL rumor mill.


COURIER-POST: With Philadelphia Flyers starting goaltender Brian Elliott sidelined several week and backup Michal Neuvirth suffering an injury in yesterday’s 7-4 win over the New York Rangers, Dave Isaac wonders if general manager Ron Hextall will be forced into the trade market for help between the pipes. Even if Neuvirth isn’t seriously hurt, Isaac notes he’s been inconsistent throughout this season.

The Philadelphia Flyers reportedly rejected an offer of goaltender Petr Mrazek from the Detroit Red Wings (Photo via NHL Images)

 Isaac noted Hextall had recently rejected an offer by the Detroit Red Wings of Petr Mrazek for a third-round pick and wasn’t interested in Wings veteran Jimmy Howard. It also seems unlikely the Arizona Coyotes will part with Annti Raanta. He lists Buffalo’s Robin Lehner and Chad Johnson, Toronto’s Calvin Pickard, San Jose’s Aaron Dell and Colorado’s Jonathan Bernier as possible trade options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Detroit News’ Ted Kulfan wondered if Hextall might change his mind about Mrazek if Neuvirth is also out for a lengthy period. He also suggests the Calgary Flames could be a trade option for Mrazek if their starter, Mike Smith, remains out longer than expected with a lower-body injury.

Of those on Isaac’s list, I don’t see Lehner, Dell or Bernier being available. Johnson or Pickard, on the other hand, could be had for the right price but that depends upon Hextall’s willingness to pay it. 


BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeney is reluctant to part with his high draft picks, top prospects or good young players, such as defenseman Brandon Carlo, for a rental player. Regarding Carlo, Shinzawa suggests if another team believes there’s more to the 21-year-old blueliner than he’s shown thus far, it could be the Bruins’ best chance to do something big at the deadline. 

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray is no fan of acquiring rental players, preferring to acquire those he can re-sign. Murray is also unwilling to pay what he considers high prices (according to Stephens, a first-round pick, a top prospect and a young NHL roster player “for starters”) for the best players currently available in the trade market. 

STLTODAY.COM: Jim Thomas reports St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong isn’t in any mood to part with young talent for a playoff rental. While he still considers his club as a top-10 team, he feels their championship window could be a year or two away from opening. Armstrong could, however, have interest in players with term on his contract, though he’s keeping his cards close to the vest.

Over the weekend, there were reports the Blues were in discussion with the Ottawa Senators regarding forwards Mike Hoffman or Derick Brassard, with St. Louis forwards Robby Fabbri, Patrik Berglund and Vladimir Sobotka coming up in speculation. Hoffman and Brassard are signed beyond this season. Cap Friendly indicates the Blues also don’t have a lot of salary-cap space for the remainder of 2017-18.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sweeney, Murray and Armstrong could make a move to acquire a good player before the trade deadline. However, it’s clear they won’t cave to pressure and overpay for a rental. If those asking prices aren’t lowered, it sounds like they’re willing to pass or consider much more affordable options. 


VANCOUVER SUN: Ben Kuzma reports Canucks GM Jim Benning attempted to clarify the comments he made Saturday during an intermission-panel appearance on Hockey Night in Canada. Benning had said he’d like to add a big player. “Maybe a forward with some physicality, who has the skill to make plays.” On Sunday, however, he told Kuzma his club wants to make hockey trades. “We have some UFAs to see if there’s interest in them and the point I was trying to make is there a hockey trade to be made for somebody with size and strength, who can play in our top nine?”

Regarding struggling defenseman Ben Hutton, Kuzma noted there’s little league interest in the recently-scratched 24-year-old blueliner plus the Canucks are unwilling to give up on him. There’s also little to report on management’s contract negotiations with pending UFA rearguard Erik Gudbranson. Benning indicated conversations are continuing and he remains hopeful of getting a deal done.

The Canucks GM rejected recent trade speculation concerning d-man Chris Tanev. “I’m not looking to trade Chris,” stressed Benning. “General managers call and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t listen, but he’s an important guy who will help our young guys develop.”



  1. There’s talk of Tampa going after Mike Green.

    • I know according to the Wings beat writer Ansar Khan, Mike Green agreed to waive his NTC for Tampa only hopefully that means a deal is close at hand.

    • Maybe if its a middle draft pick. He’d play 5-6 & second power play (instead of Sergechev?) Perhaps useful depth but not the droid we’re looking for: a Second pairing big minute stay at home right sider, for which Steve Y might pay quite a lot in non-current-roster assets. TB is deep in Juniors, OK in AHL, and has full set of draft picks, and the Window is Open this year.

      • 1st Rounder.


        Koekkek or Dotchin and a 2nd Rounder.

        That’s the speculation.

    • George? You still tickin bra?

  2. The Rangers don’t seem to have any interest in resigning Nash… I could see him as more than a rental, a player that could be extended.

  3. Lyle, I really enjoy reading your rumor mill daily… you often cite different sources around the league. Who would be your top 3 as far as usually being credible?

    • The TSN crew (Bob McKenzie, Pierre LeBrun, Darren Dreger) and Sportsnet’s crews (Elliotte Friedman Chris Johnston and Nick Kypreos) are the most credible for overall NHL rumor coverage.

      • What about Eliotte Friedman?

      • I included him in the Sportsnet crew.

    • I’d say Eklund is the most reliable. That cat never gets it wrong (in his own head)

      • I suppose you recommend Bernie Madoff for investing advice as well….haha

  4. Seems like the prices on rental players is going to drop.
    GMS are starting to realize rentals don’t always help as much as hoped.
    Top prospects and first round picks are to valuable in today’s world of youth,speed and cap space.

    • I don’t buy that argument. Cap space shouldn’t be an issue with aquiring guys on expiring contracts. No guarentee draft picks pan out. As far as prospects, if they’re not in your lineup today, and you think there’s a rental out there that could put you over the top, then you make a deal. Goal is winning the cup, or at least going deep into playoffs and making $$. Can’t always be talking about future.

      • The cap hit of the rental themselves isn’t necessarily the issue. Trading away young assets, if they are already in the NHL or are close can become a cap issue because filling out your roster for the next season with them is cheaper than finding similar talent via free agency.

        I do agree that if you are a true contender, and there is someone available who significantly increases your odds of winning a cup, you go for it and deal with the cap after the celebration parade.

  5. imo mrazek may be the best choice, relatively inexpensive acquisition who could also be the starter for the rest of the way if the injuries to the other 2 goalies are ore serious than projected. Thoughts?? Any other trade rumors out there

  6. Lyle, why is it when teams looking for goal tending help never mention Jets’ back up Michael Hutchison? He was goal tender of the month in the AHL this year. Wouldn’t he be on equal footing with Pickard? Granted he’s out with a concussion but he’ll be back.

    • Steve Mason’s two concussions this season likely means the Jets are reluctant to part with Hutchinson.

      • Have to think Rangers will unload Pavelic by deadline. Expiring contract and I’m sure they’ll take whatever they can get. A few more games like yesterday’s stinker vs Flyers, and maybe Lundquist asks out!!

    • I was pondering a pageau for jarry trade

  7. The Penguins have 3 starter caliber goalies and 2 more on the way. I wonder if they would give up one for the right price to one of these teams in the rise? No chance they are trading with Philly but the Flyers would be a much better team with Tristan Jarry as their starter.

    • ya no chance the pens help out flyers…lol unless its a 3 way deal

      • I like this trade except the first round pick. The Pens last first round pick that is actually playing for them is Maatta. Yes they have hit absolute home runs in later rounds and college free agents and yes there are more coming down the pipeline. But the Penguins need to keep their first this year. I would do a second or a solid prospect like Angello, Millitic or Bellerive maybe even Blueger but I don’t want to trade a first in this draft. There are a whole bunch of potentially impact dmen and that’s what the team needs. Last year I was hoping Vakanainan fell to them but he didn’t and they traded it away anyways. If we could replace the first then I would be cool with this. I also think the Penguins should consider selling high on Hornqvist at the TDL. There is no reason to re-sign him this summer because he will want too much money and too much term. The Pens could easily move Hagelin and Hornqvist at this he TDL and not miss either of them. They can move those 2 plus Kuhnhackle out of the top 12 and replace them with Simon, Aston-Rease and Sprong and be as good or even better.

    • Deee I was thinking about their goalies last night watching the Carolina game. If Carolina slips and looks on the outs this season perhaps something like this

      to CAR: Hagelin, Hunwick, Tristan Jarry and a 1st rd pick
      to PITT: Staal and Dahlbeck

      Pitts gets a #2C to play their #3C. He is only 29 yrs old, so they would have him for years of making cup runs. It clears another winger spot for their youth to stay up. Hagelin/Hunwick go to CAR so the cap $$ works. They get Dahlbeck to replace Hunwick on the backend and meet max roster contract compliance on Carolina’s side.

      CAR gets significant cap relief without Staals contract. CAR has Hanafin as their TOP RFA and some other youth to sign. I would guess they should pull the NSH model and go moderate $$ for long term deals. Get them signed earlier for less. Like they did with Pesce and Slavin. CAR can flip Hags & Hunwick for picks to contending teams this year. Hagelin to ANH or NSH. Hunwick to CMB or anytime looking for D depth.

      I know backlash over STaal’s importance to the C spot and how GM RF has been looking for more depth at center but….if they are not looking like they could make the playoffs at the deadline… long term this move makes sense… They have Aho, Rask and Lindholm to slot center and with freed cap space they can go work the phones during the summer when teams are looking for cap relief. Spezza in DAL @ 1yr/$7M or UFA Statsny can be signed for 1-2 yr deal to showcase for a another deal.

      CAR also now gets Jarry as their goalie who can compete with Darling or can ship him off to a team in need of a Goalie (Philly) with Jarry and I supposed Ward to hold the fort down. Gives CAR options.

      • The three Carolina players least likely to be traded would be Slavin, Aho and Staal in that order.

      • Love the suggested trade with Car…. bring back JS…. not sure if Car would budge and if I’m Pitt I’d use DeCasse in trade instead and offer a 2nd as well (as TJ better value (younger/more upside) than DeCasse). The problem in the trade is moving Haglin …, Car is one of the 8 teams on his NT list

      • Pengy…..even though CAR may be on Hags NT list…it is not a permanent location. I would surmise if they spoke with him and indicated it is used to facilitate a trade to say Nashville….he would do it. Tristan harry would have to come their way. You have to give to get and Staal leaving without Jarry or Murray coming back would negate the point.

        GP….I agree at this point Staal is least likely to be traded BUT my proposal is based upon the circumstance that they have fallen in the standings and making the playoffs is a flip of the coin. As a internal budget team that lacks in generating revenue…every $$ counts. The Staal move merely allows his $ to be used to sign their young RFAs of which Hanafin is one this summer along with Londholm and Nordtrom. Next year will be Aho and Teravainen. That $6m per can go a long way to keep their internal budget in check. Do not forget Tristan Jarry their new #1 goalie comes in the trade proposal.

      • Carolina doesn’t need Cap relief. The new owner told the GM to spend whatever it takes to win. You are thinking of the old owner.

      • J Elder….not thinking of OLD owner. I read the comments on the new owner’s conversation BUT….lok at their gate revenue. “Spend whatever” motto will not be in practice. They will not be a cap team. They will always be an internal budget team. To spend more they would have to make the playoffs every year to stay out of the red. They do not generate that much revenue. While yes spending more is important…remember they have 5 really good solid young players as RFA and need to the space to fit them all in. I was preaching the NSH model of moderate $$ for Long Term deals for these players. Staal’s $6m would be the odd man out to make it happen as I believe they need to keep Faulk and need Darling to rebound.

      • While your suggested return seems reasonable enough, I just don’t see any pressing need to unload J Staal. The Canes are thin enough at C as it is, and he’s the de facto No. 1 center. As others have said before me, the Canes don’t really need a salary dump at this stage, and I’d argue the J Staal is earning his $6M. If anything, they’d look to add a C, not subtract their best one. And no, I see any use for Hunwick here, either. Please send your detritus elsewhere.

      • I would be shocked if Car moves Staal anytime soon. No forward logs more minutes or harder minutes, If a team could convince them to it would coast far more than your proposing.

        I’m going with not a chance.

      • And Pitts fits staals cap hit exactly how? Not to mention he wouldn’t resign here and was traded and then signed the same deal he turned down. Nah thanks i’d Be passing on trading any more first round picks just to begin with.

      • @Mark…….not Eric Staal who’s traded and now plays in Minny but Jordan in CAR who is signed thru 2022-2023 season at $6m per. It fits under the cap because Hunwick and Hagelin are sent packing to CAR. It easily fits, in addition, when you do not sign Horny in the off season bc he is an injury riddled 31 yr old and not worth $5m per for 5 years.

        Only a proposal IF Carolina fades fast before the deadline.

      • @Mark…oops read your post wrong…you were talking about Jordan…my bad man. Sorry.

        But it still fits under the ca and Pitts is under new management now. Different culture.

    • We could always trade Michael Leighton to them.

      If he still exists…haven’t heard his name since the day we got him.

    • Wo… wo… wo there !

      The Pens do not have 3 legit starters they have solid prospects and quality back ups right now !

      Tristan Jarry has proved NOTHING.. to be a legit starter yet has he been good for sure when called upon so has many other goalies but to say he can start 50 – 60 games and take over a franchise ..on a team looking to make there way out of the bottom of the league not so sure!

      He is on one of the most potent offensive teams in the NHL and no one has more points than Crosby since Jan 1st…Malkin and Kessel are on fire …Jarry has stepped in here and there but to give him a legit starter position is not in his career path just yet on any team …we have all ready seen struggles with Goalies who were suppose to be legit starters who were very good back ups…

      Scott Darling… Anti Raanta, Bernier.

      Pitt has some good depth but to pawn them off as starters I dont think so…not yet.

      • Kal EL…not suggesting he gets the starter role but rather gets a chance to compete for it. Only will help his development. CAR needs a good young goalie. Darling can be the starter, with Jarry as the season backup, or they can ship Darling off to Philly or a team in need in the summer and retain Ward (or another UFA on a 1 or 2 yr deal) as the starter. They need a young goalie to take over fo this young team. To grow with this young team.

      • @ ihate crosby

        If you want to go down that road ..Id do this if I was Carlina instead.

        Caps need a puck mover and power play guy…

        so Id trade Justin Faulk
        for Ilya Samsonov

        I think this guy will be a true legit super star goalie has way more upside than Jarry or any other goalie in the Pens system and he will be wasted in Washington behind Holtby …

        Id make a very powerful play for this kid and sweeten the deal if the one for one was not enough.

        This is a deal for both sides.

      • Jarry has proved nothing? He’s 10-4-2 with a .922 save pct and he’s played good teams. That’s not nothing. There is no reason to believe that those number would not increase with more games played. And not just that but he passes the eye test with ease. He is calm and confident and very athletic. The team is already comfortable playing in front of him. Murray is the man and should be but Jarry is more than capable.

      • How does Samsonov have “way more upside” than Jarry? Talk about having proven nothing? Has Samsonov even played a game in the NHL? And how is Samsonov better than Gustavson? At this point they both are blue chip prospects. Either could become great NHL players and either could become the next Jack Campbell. How can you say Jarry has proven nothing but Samsonov is the next great thing, what a hypocrite.

      • Kal EL i do not like getting rid of Faulk for a prospect goalie. Faulk can get you more. He has 2 more years under $5M per. Right handed and a #1D….his value at the trade deadline alone would garner him more than a top goalie prospect….

        Now if you said Faulk and Darling for Price….then I see a conversation starter.

      • KAL el…You not wrong in pawning them off as starters just yet logic there. But the Penguins have 4 terrific young goalies and Gustavson may be better than Jarry, De SMITH AND Murray, This cat is good leading team Sweden to the gold medal in the 20 and under tournament losing to Canada 2-1 he stood on his head.

        i think aLl of them except de smith could play 40 to 50 games RIGHT NOW and give a team say St.louis/MINNESOTA/ ANAHEIM a 1 and 1A..

      • The have 5 potentially if you includ D’Orio and I do even though he and DeSmith are likely on a lower tier.

      • If Pittsburgh has 4 starting goalies in the pipeline they need to play powerball! The odds in one of four are pretty low. The odds of 2 is winning the lottery, the odds of 4 is like winning the lottery 4 times in the same day while being struck by lightning 6 times while stumbling across Jimmy Hoffas corpse, and his corpse holding is holding yet another winning lotto ticket.

        I doubt that all 4 find a home in the NHL on any level.

  8. If Philly is serious about making a run this year and next…..would they call OTT for Anderson since OTT is in rebuild mode?

    to OTT: Neuvirth (1 more year @ 2.5) plus a solid prospect and pick

    to Philly: Anderson (2 more years @ 4.75)

    Gives Philly more stability. He and Elliot can balance the workload with no consistency than they have now. Similar to when the Elliot/Allen combo in STL.

    OTT gets $2m in cap space and can re-assess in the off season with MANY goalies being UFA’s. They also have Condon and now Neuvirth. OTT gets a top prospect int he trade also for the rebuild.

    • I don’t think Ottawa is doing the scorched Earth rebuild and totally segregate the fan base…with Andersons adversity over the past 2 years along with the community connection and the Goalie market being very thin..it would be wise to retain Anderson …as they say a rebuild starts with the net out …there is no better option than what they have..IMO …there are very few LEGIT starting #1 Goalies in the league the SENS need to move forward with Anderson.
      But strangers things have happened.

      • I agree with you on Anderson. I was merely suggesting what PHI should think about. Anderson came to mind bc as OTT goes younger and cheaper this aides in that. From a social aspect, I agree with what Anderson’s wife has gone thru and the adversity Anderson is dealing with…the community has been very supportive and have strengthened the bond.

      • ihatecrosby

        outside the community connections…I just dont think it would be wise to allow the fan base to disappear because of poor goaltending…I dont think Dorion or Melnyk wants that!

        They need that support back there with what they will try and do to move forward ..I think they are trying a quick fix here ..and with what ever they get back from Karlson ..LLOL..because I do believe he will be traded , they will try and move forward quickly.

      • Kal El…..I concur Karlsson needs to be moved for a motherload. Only financially viable option for them to have a balanced competitive team. I would argue though that getting a hold over goalie to replace Anderson also may be needed. There are many UFAs that can slot the gape for a yr or 2 for less and post his numbers with their current roster. The $ saved gives them a chance to sign better forwards, extend Stone, not trade Hoffman off bc they signed Ryan for too much and took back Gabby’s contract.

        Think they need to sell off Smith, Brassard, Gaborik(if possible), Oduya, & Burrows at the deadline.

        offseason move Gaborik(if possible), Karlsson & Bobby Ryan (if possible) Picks and prospect can shift around to make potential trades viable. They need a rebuild and not moving out older team guys for cost controlled talent will not get them to the playoffs.

        The half foot in half foot out of the rebuild pool is only hurting OTT fans. They should take a class act cue from NYR MGT. Tell the team. Ship out players for the best option and start fresh next year.

        What good is $7m in Ryan, $6M in Gaborik, $5M in Anderson and $12M in Karlsson when you sit at the bottom of the league and cannot even compete for a division title.

      • fan base here is pretty much already gone. Melnyk’s stupidity has really ramped up in recent months and people are responding by having little interest in the team. Plus it doesn’t help that the on ice product is garbage this year.
        Hard to trade Anderson given the circumstances. He is beloved here as is his wife. That said, if they made the move with the suggestion that it’s to give him a shot at the playoffs and all that, I think people would be more receptive. I’ve said it on here several times, but I think they need to move Karlsson out (he isn’t resigning here anyway) for a package and start the rebuild right like the Leafs did. Unlike the leafs, they likely don’t need a 5 year plan and have decent youth in the pipeline to get going fast (assuming they can turn a few impact players like Anderson into key prospects/youth). The only way they build the fanbase here is being competitive and this team is a few years away right now. This team is at a key fork in the road. One bad turn like Bergevin has taken the Habs and they could be in the wilderness for the better part of the decade – the wilderness with a path out that likely doesn’t head to Ottawa.

      • Pessimistic much? Does everyone forget that Ottawa made it to within an OT goal of the Stanley Cup final last year? Does everyone not realize that if they take this down to bare bones that they will possibly giving Colorado Jack Hughes next year? If the last few weeks are any indication, this team can still be competitive and only needs to add another top 4 defenseman to be in very good position to make the playoffs next year. Methot has been hurt most of the year for Dallas and getting rid of Phaneuf was a bonus. Ryan is the only really bad contract other than LTIR MacArthur, Duchene is an improvement over Turris (it was an overpayment though) and they have some very good young players in the pipeline (Chabot, White, Brown, Chlapik, etc.). This team is NOT the Maple Leafs pre-Austin Matthews.

        If Ottawa trades Brassard to Pittsburgh, they aren’t taking back Hagelin or Hunwick, and the centerpiece of the deal isn’t Jarry. Ottawa has Hogberg as a potential starting goalie in a few years with Anderson and Condon signed for two more years. The 1st round pick will be 25+ and Ottawa would be better off keeping Brassard next year. If Ottawa traded Pageau and Condon to Pittsburgh, than a 1st with Jarry, Hagelin and something else could work. Hagelin is a bad contract and there is a premium to be paid by Pittsburgh to get rid of it. You can substitute Burrows for Condon in the trade if you want as Ottawa would love to get rid of that (one more year at $2.5M).

        Everyone talks about Ottawa being a budget team and forget that Brassard is only making $3.5M next year, which is an absolute bargain. Pageau is a very good 3C, but not in Brassard’s league, and makes $3.3M next year and $3.4M the following year even though his cap hit is much less than Brassard’s ($3.1M vs. Brassard’s $5M). Pageau is much easier for Pittsburgh to fit under the cap as I’d be shocked if Ottawa ate anything on Brassard’s contract. If they get Jarry and a 1st or Sprong with Hagelin for Pageau and Condon/Burrows, it could work. White should be ready to be Ottawa’s 3C next year.

      • Has anyone watched Hagelin play lately?

        He’s not getting traded. At all. Let alone as a salary dump.

        And the Sens are going to be torn down to the ground. One way or another.

        Either by design or when all of their UFA’s leave the sinking ship.

        Duchene is NOT an upgrade to Turris. Duchene is a dog and a shiny object. Turris is a VASTLY superior player. Turris the kind of player who helps teams win games night in and night out. Duchene doesn’t do that, he gets a highlight reel goal once a month.

        Unless they get a top 3 pick they need to just give this year’s first to the Avs.

        And FTR, I don’t think the criticism of Melynk that he’s cheap is all that fair, check CapFriendly. He’s just a lunatic. That’s his problem.

      • MG….if the offer on the table gets PITTS Staal from CAR for Hagelin/Jarry plus…I would disagree that he is not going anywhere. I would say GM JR would be very happy to make that trade 10 of 10 times. I would also surmise most others would agree too.

    • MG: Glad to know you are the go to person for all things Sens. You do realize there is a cap floor Ottawa has to reach and it isn’t an undesirable place to live as evidenced by Karlsson setting up long term roots.

      You make it sound like Ottawa is giving nothing back in that trade. Pageau is a young, very good 3C at a good cap hit. Condon is a very good backup who can fill in as a number 1 for long stretches as evidenced last year in Ottawa and the year before in Montreal. Hagelin is the least valuable part of the trade I mentioned and if Pageau is traded, Pittsburgh has to give something of value. The overall trade would make sense for both teams as Ottawa gets a late first, salary freed up and another POTENTIAL number one goalie after Anderson leaves in a couple years (Hogberg has a lot of potential too) while Pittsburgh gets the 3C they need and an upgrade in the backup position based on past experience. Hagelin is replaced by Sprong on the Pens based on what all the Pens fans are saying and they are going to be a beast to deal with in the playoffs.

      • In addition, the Sens aren’t taking back Hunwick in a trade from Pittsburgh. His contract is too long and Ottawa needs the salary cap space in 2019/2020 to resign everyone or bring in suitable replacements.

  9. Hi all, throwing out to the crew a technical question …. I have no idea how this works but it will affect a Brassard trade in any retained $. Next year …. his last year …. Cap hit is 5.0M. He gets $2.5M in signing Bonus (I’m assuming that’s Jul 1st) and $1.0M in Sal. This year’s Sal is$2.0M so at trade deadline about $850k left to be paid. My question is if Ottw agreed to pay 1/2 of his Sal at trade deadline … they obviously pay around $425K this year. I’m assuming for next year the 50% is only on Sal and not signing bonus …. is that correct? Or do they pay 1/2 of signing bonus ? If they don’t … trading him at trade deadline saves Ottw $3.425 M in previously committed $’s…. they don’t care re: Cap room retained. If I have this correct …. at a 50% retaining …. what is the cap hit for the new team for (1) balance of this year; and (2) next year? Many thanks in advance for your responses

    • mg..agreed dude Hagelin since the year turned 2018 is playing balls out hockey, fore checking with that speed, killing penalties, and now starting to score he isn’t going anywhere…he is a huge part of the penguins speed game.

      • The issue with Hagelin isn’t whether or not he is a solid NHL player. It’s that he is overpaid for his position and production. A third line winger with ~20 points in 60 games regardless of how they’ve played lately isn’t worth a $4M cap hit. It would make it easier for Ottawa to take back given he makes just under $3.7M in actual salary next year and that he would be a solid, short term addition to the team. Any way you look at it, Pageau is more valuable given his is a good 3C, is 4 years younger, is paid less and has a better cap hit for 2 more years.

        As an aside, if Pittsburgh actually needed someone back to fill Hagelin’s position with this trade, Ottawa could include Pyatt. A mid to late draft pick may need to be included as he is very good value for the money through next season, but Ottawa could replace him internally.

  10. Who will blink first the buyers or the sellers. One week to go.
    My bold predictions 3 first round picks will be traded, 5 if McDonagh and Pacioretty get traded.
    Vegas will either announce they resigned James Neal or he’ll be traded by the trade deadline.
    Winnipeg will land Patrick Maroon.
    There are my predictions, and I predict I will have none of them right.

    • does a Vanek or Maroon make sense? VAN wants a power forward in the top 6….EDM needs a winger who can score and well Vanek does that until the playoffs. Does it help both teams?

      All i keep reading is how GMs are speaking more about less assets being more and more of them looking for hockey trades.

    • I mentioned yesterday I see 3-4 1st rounders going. I’d say mostly from the east. It’s way too tight to sit back on picks. Teams are going to have to step up to pull ahead imo.

      • I agree. I think TB definitely trades a 1st round pick and at least one of Boston and Pittsburgh does too.

        I’m getting skeptical on some of the bigger names with term getting traded at the deadline (Pacioretty, Brassard, Hoffman, McDonough, etc.), but if any of those players are traded, a 1st will be included. Some of the value in picking up these top players is preventing another team in your conference from getting him. I’m sure that is why Winnipeg has been mentioned in the Hoffman list given they wouldn’t want St. Louis, Nashville or others to get him. I can’t see why else Winnipeg would want Hoffman as they are stacked at forward.

  11. Zach Aston-Reese has essentially packed Patric Hornqvist’s bags after this season. Can’t see the Pens giving him term with ZAR clearly ready.

    Riley Sheahan has been so good lately that it’s Brassard or bust in the third line center search. No one else would be an upgrade to Sheahan.

    And even then, that would be a total luxury. If the price is right and Jimmy wants to build a super team, go for it. If not, any decent fourth line center will do.

    • @ MG

      Last week Striker and I were talking about the importance of roll players or KEY players that may not get the star status but are a huge need and key kog for a team…

      I would say Hornqvist is one of those guys. He is an old school player that is well rounded and gives more than what is on the stat sheet every night …Id would absolutely love to have this guy on my team if he were available especially in a down right gritty playoff run

      ..id play him a whole game if I could !

      • would you pay him 5 for 5? He knows Hags makes that…Horny knows he is more valuable…he will ask for that….so would you give him 5 for 5? i think they let him walk if they cannot get him for a 3 yr deal for $4.25M or better. He makes $4.25now….I do not see him being resigned in PITTS following this year.

      • yes I would …he is a perennial 20 plus goal scorer and gives you so much more away from the puck !

        hes 31 now $5 for 5 is a good contract and easy to move if need be for this type of player and 20 goals a year…he is a power forward just doesn’t get the credit!

        This is the kind of guy that teams regret giving away when they try and save $500,000 when they watch his replacement become a giveaway machine and play soft in the corners and dont go to the front of the net

        …IT DRIVES GMs crazy not to have this kind of guy on the team!…IMO

      • Kal El….I do not disagree on the type of player he is and what he brings to the table but I would argue without Malkin/Crosby he is not a 20 goal scorer. Great bottom 6 guy who can slot well in top 9 with a good center like Malkin/Crosby. However, 5 for 5 for his style of play and reminds me of a Callahan. Signed big $ for his prime and declined. Horny is better than Calls obviously, so do not internet yell at me LOL, but 5 years is too long. I would max at 3 yrs IF they pushed the $$ to $5m per. Look at his injury history…going on age 32….you want him till 37 making $5m per? think about that…how good are grinders like him past age 30 at peak levels? Not many at all. Backes, Brouwer, Callahan, Iginla, Doan, etc..take a look…they all decline. Better to have cap space and freed $$$ to better your roster in other key areas long term to retain youth of which they have plenty of wingers.

      • It seems as if Crosby and Malkin can make anyone look good ..LOL ..every player that comes up is the NEXT winger to get 20 goals for a million dollars or less ..LMAO.
        While I understand the savings they will have and move forward with some youth a team can not play off the rush all game and especially in a playoff run…Hornqvist gives you options to play a whole complete game all over the ice…and gets you pucks that you have no business getting coughed up!

        Id move Hagelin before Horny, Hagelin is a redundant player profile on this team.

        If had an inside track …id love for you trade Hornqvist to the Leafs id take him all day long over Komorov and JVR…

        LOL… wanna make a deal… LOL

      • Are names considered words?

        If so, I can explain why the Pens won’t resign Hornqvist in two words…

        Tomas Holmstrom.

        Same player. Holmstrom’s 30’s were UGLY.

        I agree that what Hornqvist brings is vital, but when you have a guy who brings the same game younger, cheaper and healthier…you move on.

        Aston-Reese allows them to do that.

      • I think Carolina will be in on Hornqvist as a UFA. He is exactly what they need on offense. They would give him 5 for 5.

      • Sorry Horny is not worth 5 for 5 at all IMO. 4 years ago and playing how he does…sure but not now. Maybe a max 3 yr deal if they can get rid of Hagelin. They need cap flexibility for potential moves and give some of the younger guys a chance who have earned it but roster spots are tied up.

      • Agree with ihate. Hornqvist for 5 years is scary. 3 years at $5M/year is doable. I would add Michalek to the Holmstrom comparison. Both were very could secondary scorers until injuries caught up to them around the age of 30.

    • Agree … Brassard deal depends on the Sal/Cap hit retention…. does anybody know re answer to my prev question : ” Hi all, throwing out to the crew a technical question …. I have no idea how this works but it will affect a Brassard trade in any retained $. Next year …. his last year …. Cap hit is 5.0M. He gets $2.5M in signing Bonus (I’m assuming that’s Jul 1st) and $1.0M in Sal. This year’s Sal is$2.0M so at trade deadline about $850k left to be paid. My question is if Ottw agreed to pay 1/2 of his Sal at trade deadline … they obviously pay around $425K this year. I’m assuming for next year the 50% is only on Sal and not signing bonus …. is that correct? Or do they pay 1/2 of signing bonus ? If they don’t … trading him at trade deadline saves Ottw $3.425 M in previously committed $’s…. they don’t care re: Cap room retained. If I have this correct …. at a 50% retaining …. what is the cap hit for the new team for (1) balance of this year; and (2) next year? Many thanks in advance for your responses”

      • Dollars remaining and cap hit are two separate things. Brassard’s cap hit would be $5M/year regardless of money being paid. If half of the remaining dollars is retained, half of the cap hit is retained.

    • MG… ok I agreed with you on keeping Hagelin for sure…Hornqvist isn’t going anywhere either he is the heartbeat and energy of this club…they can use both next year ZAR and Horny..and in the playoffs

      • No they can’t keep Hornqvist and sign Rust, Sheahan, Oleksiak, Reaves, Jarry, Ruhwedal, Kuhnhackle, and Rowney to better contracts. There is no way to keep all of them. If you give Hornqvist 5-6 mill then say goodbye to Rust, Sheahan, and Oleksiak and F that. Sell high on Hornqvist right now.

  12. I hope it’s not Nash the bruins are interested in too much for too little, always fades in the playoffs. Maroon to slow for todays nhl. I like Ryan M with the rangers but you know they’re going to be asking for a arm and a leg some of these gm’s have to come realization that their ceiling’s too high on the players they have unless they lower their price I can’t see any gm worth his grain of salt going for what’s out there this year. The b’s are looking good just as they are don’t mortgage the future for some players who may not turn out to the keys to the puzzle that some think they are!!

    • R Murray…”arm & leg” Gustad and Vermette retrieved a 1st rd pick….NYR Ryan McDonagh will garner that and then some. Not sure what you refer to as “arm & leg”. He is a legitimate #1 LD on any team. Takes all tough assignments and plays in all situations. Has more playoff experience in the last 5 years than 75% of NHL men over that same period. Are there teams asking for the world? Sure but it is called negotiation tactics. Ask for more than you will get. Ask low and get nothing. MacTruck is worth every penny. He is also signed for under $5M for one more season. He is only 28 years old. Name another #1LD with that contract in terms of $$?? This also gives the team negotiation rights for an entire season. Ya….he is legitimately worth everything being asked for.

      • The most overused phrase “he has playoff experience” All the talk about how great RM is and yet at the tender age of 28 the Rangers are trying to dump him to start a rebuild?
        Why wouldn’t the Ranger just keep him and rebuild with him, after all he’s a legit #1 LD and he’s under contract for another year at a reasonable cap hit.
        I for one don’t mind if Boston trade for him only if and extension is negotiated; but not at the asking price. Definetely no thanks for Debrusk, Carlo and a 1st. I would do Carlo straight up with no extension, if that doesn’t do it for the Rangers, by all means negotiate elsewhere.

      • @iloveCrosby, take a look at Ron Hainsey total of 25 career nhl playoff games all last year with the penguins and arguably the penguin best dman during the playoffs.
        So who’s the next Hainsey it could be Evander Kane.

      • Caper, Rangers have to sign Skjei long term, and they’re still stuck with Staal and Smith contracts. Add Shattenkirk salary and that doesn’t leave much to re up MacD. He’ll probably be looking at a long term deal at at least 5.5/6 mil. Also starting to see prospects getting playing time, with more in system

      • thank you Slick62 for thinking reasonably.

        @Caper……MacTruck is potentially being traded because of overpayment to Giradi and the subsequent buyout along with Staal and Smiths nearly untradeable contract.

        As Slick62 has alluded to…Skjei still has to be signed. They also have Shatts signed for a LT deal at over $6m per.

        The NYR will negotiate elsewhere if you truly value Carlo at the same level as Mac. Not one GM, acting as the NYR GM, in the league but BOS would do that trade as the value going back is not enough. You do trade for future value but in doing so cannot dismiss current value and Mac is a legit #1 LD. Currently Carlo is not Bostons #1 or #2 by far. McAvoy and Chara are heads and shoulders above the rest. The rest will get there BUT Mac is already there and can be for at least 6 more years.

      • Roman Josi, cheaper, younger, more term.

      • MacD, Zuc and Holden to Jets for Trouba and Roslovic … Trouba always rumored to be on move and currently out 6-8 weeks. They’re still playing well and are strong at right D. Mac would be top pair on left side, Zuc would be good add at forward. Jets are serious contenders with these additions. Trouba would be happy to become top pair, his big complaint in Winnipeg. Roslovic a good young prospect..

      • Slick…that trade is a nice conversation piece but I would want to see what Trouba wants in Salary. Mac is not being dumped bc he sucks or bc of his $$ but more because the Girardi buyout along with Staal and Smiths dead end contracts AND SHatts $6m plus per. too much tied on the back end. They also have to sign Skjei.

        It’d have to be Smith and MacTruck with Zucc for Trouba plus.

      • Trouba is not being moved. Again if RM is all that, you figure out away to get it done.
        Boston not giving up more the Carlo, unless he is signed.
        You don’t give up 6’5 mobile dman for a stud dman that his team is trying to rid of, with a year and a bit left.

      • Trouba held out last time he was rfa. Seriously doubt Jets would take Smith. Rangers aren’t just trading MacD because of what he might want as far as a raise. Rangers deep on left side. Trouba a big body right shot and younger. Moving Zuc and Mac creates enough cap space.

      • Find a way to get it done, yeah let Skjei at 22 walk, sign 29 year old Mcdonagh to a long term 6-7 million dollar rebuild?

        Lmao! I’m glad you’re not a GM!

      • Hainsy was not the Pens best dman in the playoffs, he was never even their best dman for one period. Brian Dumoulin carried him on his back the entire time he played for us and Pens management agrees which is why they didn’t even offer him any kind of contract and signed crappy Matt Hunwick instead.

  13. michael kampf traded to washington

  14. more trades to come tomorrow

    one of them is with philly

  15. kempny

    my mistake

    • that is 2 Dmen being moved out boy CHI recently. This scares me as Seabrook is shooing his age fast. This is probably to bring in someone else…..Maybe bringing Oduya back? Or a blockbuster to roster spots in a multiplayer deal?

    • That’s a win for Wash…. solid depth D ; good statistically ; small cap hit and $’s for 3rd Rndr …. Agree that Chi MUST be positioning something coming

    • To all GM’s …. if Kempny is gone for 3rd rounder…. Pens should offer a 3rd , and offer to take another teams worst toxic AHL contract (or even 2 toxic AHL contracts) …. for …. wait for it …… Hunwick …. LOL…. on reality side …. any movement Pens make …. they will have to rid a contract or two …. Hunwick obviously the best to get rid of …. the only others they could/would potentially move for that have more than $2M in annual cap hits are (in no particular order) … Horn , Hag, Sheary…. any/all 3 of those moves should only be done for a serious SC drive changer … IMO

      • PENGY……..

        call Arizona and offer Hunwick and a 3rd for Hjalmarsson. Think it’d get done.

      • or go bigger and do
        to AZ: Hunwick, Sprong and a 1st
        to PiTTS: Halmarsson & Domi

  16. To Van … thanks re Cap hit…. what about the $2.5 M signing bonus …. i always see “team retains x % of Sal)… if signing bonus is not part of “Sal” then trading Brassad and retaining %50 of Sal is only $500 K next year for Ottw …. so that would affect the trade …. Ottw will have Cap room next year …. so paying $500K and retaining $2.5M in Cap space is a big deal… this year the receiving team under this 50% then would pay (at deadline) about $450K in remaining Sal (50%) but be hit with some where in the range of $1.25-$1.30 M in Cap hit…. next year the receiving team would pay $2.5 M in signing bonus and 1/2 Sal ($500 K)… so $3.0M but have a Cap it of $2.5M (1/2 the $5.0M)

    • The cap hit is based on games played during the current season. When Ottawa picked up Brassard in the off-season a couple years back, it was after the Rangers had paid the signing bonus that year. It saved Ottawa cash, but they still took on the full $5M cap hit for the 2016/2017 season.

      If Ottawa traded Brassard now with nothing retained, the other team would still hold Brassard full $5M cap hit next year and the % cap hit based on games remaining this season for 2017/2018. Hypothetically, if a team picked up Brassard this summer after Brassard’s signing bonus is paid, the other team would still have the full $5M cap hit for 2018/2019.

      • Thanks Van

        Sorry I misscomunicated …. I was trying to find out the cap hit and dollars paid by both teams IF the agreement is 50% retained at the trade. I knew the deal on the trade and cap at no retention. What I was trying to get at was 50% retention trade … that is at trade deadline Ottawa would pay 50% of Sal remaining (850/2) and then 50% of next year’s Sal ($1.0 M/2) . I was trying to find out in the 50% retention whether they also would have to pay 50% of the signing bonus next year …. do you know? That’s the key point …. if they keep Brassard …. Ottawa must still pay $4.35 M (0.85 this year and 3.5 next) . However if they retain 50 % and it is only Sal and NOT signing bonus …. then Ottw will pay $425K this year and $500K next year…. the cap space is irrelevant to Ottw in 17/18 and 18/19…. the receiving team would get Brassard for a cup run this year at $425K cash but close to $1.2M in Cap; next year they’d pay Brassard $3.0M but get hit with only $2.5M in cap … all above assumes Ottw would not have to pay any of signing bonus … is that correct…. if correct under that scenario …. Ottawa would save over $3.4M , pick up a pick and a prospect …. thus a trade for Brassard benefits Ottawa and any team that can fit the $1.2M in Cap space. Let me know if I’ve got it right … thanks

      • Pengy: I’m pretty sure if Ottawa retained half of the remaining salary on Brassard that it would be half of the regular salary and half of the signing bonus. Someone posted the rules on this the last couple days and it matched what I thought. If a buyout occurs, it is only on the remaining salary and the signing bonus is guaranteed. That is why Carey Price’s and similar contracts are so horrible – they are essentially buyout proof.

  17. Columbus could really use some depth at center-William Karlsson? sorry had to…

    Seriously- is it me or do Tort coached teams deal with more injuries than the average team?

  18. As much as I would love Mike Hoffman to the Blues, I have a funny feeling that Fabbri would be the center piece of the trade.

    Blues do not have a first round pick this year. However, if Ottawa is willing to take multiple 2nd and 3rd picks and Berglund and/or Sobotka and POSSIBLY Petri Lindholm I can see it working

    • Only reason Ottawa wouldn’t want Fabbri is because of his injuries… I would love to give them Sobotka and Berglund. They may take them because there contracts are cheap and their production would replace Hoffman.

  19. Am I the only one who reads Benning’s comments and thinks he may be talking about Vancouver Native Milan Lucic? I am sure that the Oilers would like to move him and I think at the very least he would energize the fan base in Vancouver.

    • As a long time Canucks fan I sure hope they don’t bring in Lucic. Alot of us are looking to see the youth, the youth, and nothing but the youth next year. (Ok, maybe some want one more Sedins year.)

      • According to TSN, the Canucks are trying to re-sign Gudbranson. Does that fir into a re-build? Does Lucic?

  20. none of the above matters since las vegas is winning the cup 😛

    • Which would be the biggest story in sports since Leicester City won the English Premier League. Not out of the question either.

  21. Whoa! Busy day

    • Friggin’ Pens fans mucking up the page.