NHL Rumor Mill – February 2, 2018

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Updates on Max Pacioretty, John Tavares, Ryan McDonagh and more in your NHL rumor mill.

Sources close to Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty say he expects to be traded soon (Photo via NHL Images).


SPORTSNET: Appearing on the Jeff Blair Show, TVA Sports Renaud Lavoie reported sources close to Montreal Canadiens left wing Max Pacioretty say the Habs captain expects to be traded soon, possibly before the Feb. 26 trade deadline. Lavoie believes Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin seeks a player who can help them right now and might not be interested in draft picks or prospects. He said a first-round pick they get from a Cup contender would be lower in the round, which isn’t the type of first rounder they need.

Lavoie notes reports that Bergevin is looking for a young top-six centerman but he doesn’t see any teams having that type of available asset right now. He speculates the Habs GM could also seek a left-shot defenseman or perhaps a young scoring left winger with equal or better stats than Pacioretty.

Speaking about Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk, Lavoie said he has no value. He claims general managers around the league don’t have a high opinion of the winger. If a team wants him, he’d be an expensive gamble. Perhaps Galchenyuk could be part of a bigger deal but Lavoie doubts he’ll be moved by the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pacioretty could be dealt before the deadline but Lavoie reminds us that Bergevin is willing to wait until the offseason to move his captain if there’s no suitable deal available before the trade deadline. I agree with Lavoie that there currently isn’t any team shopping a good young scoring center. It’s going to take time for the Habs GM to address that glaring need. He might have better luck landing a young scoring winger or a top-four left-side blueliner. Maybe Bergevin might get a promising prospect center as part of a package deal. 

As for Galchenyuk, Lavoie’s assessment is harsh but fair. Despite the 23-year-old winger’s offensive skills and upside, his ongoing inconsistency hurts his value. With an annual cap hit of $4.9 million through 2019-20, moving Galchenyuk for a decent return could prove difficult. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports New York Islanders general manager Garth Snow has no intention of moving John Tavares at the trade deadline. The Isles intend to use all the time they have up to July 1 to re-sign Tavares, who’s due to become an unrestricted free agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The only scenario where Tavares moves by the deadline is if he demands a trade. I don’t see that happening. 

LeBrun also said Mike Fisher coming out of retirement doesn’t necessarily mean they’re out of the trade market. He believes they could still seek a top-six scorer. Fisher will likely go into a bottom-six role.

Bob McKenzie believes Edmonton Oilers forwards Patrick Maroon and Mark Letestu are likely to become playoff rentals at the trade deadline. Maroon would like to re-sign but the Oilers will only do so at the right price. If a contract cannot be worked out soon, Maroon’s name could become front and center in rumors leading up to deadline day.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maroon, 29, is completing a three-year, $6-million contract. If he seeks more than double his current cap hit on a long-term deal, he and the Oilers could part company by Feb. 26.

Maroon and Letestu aren’t the only pending free agents the Oilers might move by the deadline. The Athletic’s Jonathan Willis wonders if winger Ryan Strome’s tenure in Edmonton could be drawing to a close. Strome’s a restricted free agent who hasn’t played up to expectations this season. The Oilers’ limited cap space for next season could make it difficult to re-sign him. 

Meanwhile, Frank Seravalli updated the TSN Trade Bait board, adding Carolina Hurricanes center Derek Ryan and Toronto Maple Leafs winger Nikita Soshnikov while dropping Buffalo Sabres goalie Robin Lehner and Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Cody Franson


NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis believes New York Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh could fit perfectly with the Toronto Maple Leafs, whose roster is bereft of good veteran blueliners. While McDonagh has a 10-team no-trade list, Cyrgalis doubts he would pass up an opportunity to go to Toronto. Noting the Leafs depth in good young forwards, Cyrgalis suggests if Rangers GM Jeff Gorton could “pry away the likes of either a Mitch Marner, William Nylander or Zach Hyman, plus some sort of high draft pick, a deal could be more than worthwhile for both sides.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Bob McKenzie recently shot down talk of McDonagh going to Toronto. He doesn’t see the Leafs parting with a good young forward for a defenseman who turns 29 in July. There’s also McDonagh’s eligibility next summer for UFA status that could also be a concern. 


PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey believes we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of Minnesota Wild center Matt Cullen returning to the Pittsburgh Penguins by the Feb. 26 trade deadline. If the Wild slip further out of playoff contention and decide to become sellers, Mackey feels there’s a chance they could shop Cullen and he feels Penguins GM Jim Rutherford could leap at the chance to bring him back. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wild are within one point of a wild-card berth in the Western Conference. If they remain in contention they probably won’t be sellers. 

THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo speculates Wild defenseman Mike Reilly could hit the trade block by the deadline. Russo notes the Wild have been platooning Reilly and Gustav Olofsson on the third defense pairing and wonders if something could give soon. He reports there’s been chatter for a couple of months that Reilly would welcome an opportunity to play elsewhere and his agent has been given permission to speak with other teams. In December, Wild GM Chuck Fletcher denied he was shopping Reilly, who said he hasn’t asked to be traded. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Reilly is traded he won’t fetch a return that provides immediate help for the Wild. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s peddled before the 2018 NHL Draft. 



  1. No player with term will be moved at the TDL

    The statement Alex Galchenyuk,has no value is a dumb. Every player in the NHL has value.

    Ryan Strome’s next contract won’t be much.

    • Well every player has a value, but that value can be nothing, or virtually nothing. The salary cap and contract maximum also create an interesting situation compared to the old days, where cap space and contract slots also have a value, and the value of those can be worth more than an individual occupying them, creating situations where players have a net negative value.

      All that being said, Galchenyuk isn’t a player that has negligible or negative value. While his value might be less than that of the asset used to select him in the first place (a 3rd overall pick), and it may be further suppressed based on the situation in Montreal and the fact MB would be trading from a position of weakness, there is no doubt if he was just put on the block as is for a 2nd rounder, he would be snapped up instantly by some team. The question isn’t if he has no value, but whether or not his value to another team can exceed his future value to the Canadiens. He is worth more than a 2nd, but getting a value that would have a large impact on the future of the franchise is probably going to be difficult, if not impossible before the trade deadline.

      • Very well stated Danny.

    • That clarkson certainly has value. Negative value.

      • Actually no. Clarkson’s contract was insurable so Clb now is only picking up 20% of the cost. Clarkson did play upon arriving in Clb. Horton’s wasn’t insured costing Tor all of it’s value. On the other side of that business equation is LTIR.

        Every player has some sort of value.

        Datsyuk retired wasn’t being paid Arz didn’t have to pay a dime just absorb the cap hit.

        Savard well on LTIR moved twice once to Flo costing Smith, Flo later gave NJ a 2nd to take him.

        These may be human beings, professional athletes but they are assets all carrying different types of value, be it positive or negative.

        Weird times. Who knew to be a hockey fan participating in different types of pools, leagues, chat rooms about such, would require such a financial background. Ha-ha!

      • Sorry that didn’t come out right should have read actually yes, not no well yes no.

        He actually had positive value. Clb saved 7 now Vgs 80% of what he’s being paid this season his actual salary is 7 mil. Insurer paying 5.6, Vgs 1.4. Last season in Clb was the same so Clb saved 4.6 mil in real money as Horton was being paid 6 for which Tor was on the hook for the full amount.

        Again crazy times.

      • Sorry that 1st 7 should read &

    • The NEW YORK media need to stop trying to pawn off Mc D.
      If this happens it will be the biggest mistake the Leafs could possibly make, with everything they have done so far this just seems to be out of step with what they have been preaching a doing over the past 3 years. This is a Pat Quinn or Brian Burke era move not a Lou Shannahan era move.
      Its would almost be like the Oilers trading Draisitil for Chara.

      Here is what I would target if there is a trade partner for the Habs and Patches.

      Blues & Habs

      If you look at the line combos here (link)


      You can see that the Blues are not deep on the left Wing and Shwartz is always hurt.
      This give the Blues a serious threat on the top 2 lines with 2 snipers Tarasenko and Patches…and these two on the first line Power play in teh playoffs could be lethal as the D and teh Goalie will have to rspect both players and gives them a deeper threat on who to cover if you give Tarasenko the space he will kill you ..if you give Patches the space with a skilled Center he will kill you …it seems like it is the best fit for team dying for a Left Winger, who is on a cup run and needs to bolster a line up to defend against a Nashville team and then some….the biggest losers will be the Blues if they do not get Patches…IMO!

      The deal will give the Habs a look of,(Below) while they develop Kyrou for the #1 position over the next 2 years and gives them some cap room to go out and get a top bigger power tier winger this off season.
      I would do a second deal if the Yotes were a partner…and send Galchenyuk and a second to the Yotes for Derek Stepan and Crouse

      Berglund- big guy skilled play with Drouin)
      Good cap hit for a #1 center in a rebuild.
      Stepan – Can play top line minutes leader can teach Kyrou

      • I agree with you on McDonagh sort of. Pawn off! McDonagh is a solid 2 way Dman just in the 2nd tier, below the #1 tier, which may include 12 Dman. Your right it will be the biggest mistake but NYR makes if it happens.

        Don’t trade your #1 Dman unless you are confronted with no choice & ride out trying to get them signed, like NYI with Tavares & Stamkos in TB at forward. If it can’t be done like a lesser Dman in Shattenkirk, a pending UFA at the trade deadline, take a better return & be happy but do everything you can to sign & retain this player. These types of Dman can play well into their late 30’s very effectively #1 pairings.

      • That’s a ton of material in 1 post.

        StL doesn’t need Patches. You missed that Fabbri has been lost for the year, he was slated to play LW or C his injury forced Schenn into the middle, that has worked great, Steen historicly has been a LW & is playing RW for the 1st time in StL, Berglund can play LW & has for most of his last 2 seasons in StL as can Svoboda. Tons of prospects coming many LW’s.

        If StL buys a LW it should be Hoffman, take the longer term younger player but I say no to either. Stay the course, bring up Blias. I like this player way better than the kid you mentioned the other day Erne but I like him to.

        StL was playing great before Schwartz got injured but getting out of the Central for any team is fraught with peril, Nas, Win & I assume the 4th team will be Min Min or Cal will depend upon who finishes in the last wildcard spot as that team will draw into the central.

      • Kal, I would never worry about any media rumor about the Leafs. Lou is well regarding to not leak any trade information and has stated quite often that he would cancel a deal with anyone if the media knew the exact terms in advance – meaning the leak had to come from the other side. The media job is to sell digital newspapaers and this is what they do. We will not be dealing Mitch, William, or Zack for McDonaugh, not straight up unless NY offered a heck of alot more. I know everyone will say I’m nuts as why NY need to offer more – the answer is – those guys are not available straight up for McDonagh – whether you like it or not.

      • Sorry missed 1 part. Berglund & Svoboda provide StL a ton of flexibility, both in salary, term & the roles or positions they can play. They can move all over the roster in offensive or defensive roles, play C or LW. I don’t see StL moving them for sometime.

        As for Stepan, who knows this is a player that Arz had apparently targeted the year prior & pulled out this summer. Does anyone know what’s happening in Arz? Great prospect system but when is this team making some form of step up. How can they & Buf still be this bad after this long?

      • Striker, I agree about McDonaugh being a good 2nd tier guy, but there’s no way he plays at a high level beyond 30.. He has consistently been beaten up and the wear n tear is catching up … I’m starting to lean towards dumping him now, Rangers aren’t playing well and they’ve been hit hard by injuries. (Buchnevich now out) Definately in off season. They’re not keeping him and Skjei, and he’s not going anywhere unless it’s for a guy like Trouba

      • Well my guess is patches to the isles for beauvillier and their first. Patches is from the area, he’d lite it up with the centremen they have. Montreal gets a promising local kid who could in theory play centre. And another first rounder that could net them joe veleno. Isles maybe throw in another low prospect or grinder cause everyone knows we need more of them, just ask everyone in the room because they have the answer.

    • Silver, I don’t think he has no value but his value is definitely low because of the way Montreal has used this player, or miss used him I guess. But there are players unfortunately with no value, Jagr unfortunately got to the point where nobody saw him as having any value. Shame, a great player, one of the best of all time.

    • I think at least 1 player with term will be moved.

      Gelchenyuk can play on my team, I accept players for what they are & although not sound defensively & solid offensive force who if paired with a solid 2 way C, Hey Julien that’s Danault, can be very effective in a teams ability to win or lose games.

      Strome will be a 3 mil player either coming out of arbitration or if signed somewhere including Edm on a short term 1 or 2 year deal. It’s 3 mil to qualify him & Edm has to at least do that for 1 year you can’t just let this player walk after trading Eberle to get him.

  2. I guess they mean value in relative terms SilverSeven. What I don’t get is the comment regarding trading Pacioretty for a young forward with equal or better stats. Who would trade a younger player at the same position for another whose or only equal or lesser to what you are giving away? What did you think of that SilverSeven? I think both Pacioretty and Galchnyuk could revitalize their careers elsewhere. Just look at Kessel and what a change of scenery has done for him. Flying under the Crosby/ Malkin balloon has certainly helped him. Do you think Montreal and Edmonton could be good trade partners?

    • Pacioretty for Puljujarvi and 1st?

      • No chance

      • Hahahaha I wouldn’t give you Andrew Shaw for that stuff! If your trading for Pacioretty Thomas Kyrou 1st rd Pick is the Price or Kyrou 1st and pick Parayko

  3. Does this clear it up: The Habs have no teams willing to trade them real help in exchange for Alex Galchenyuk, because he’s unproven or improving when at centre, and as a wing isn’t showing upside.

    • I just realized I could get a job at the NY Post as a Hocky Insider. McDonagh for Nylander or Marner? IF Toronto was going to move one of those two guys it wouldn’t be for a 29 year old D-man from the Eastern Conference. 30 is the new 40 in the NHL right now – The Leafs don’t move any of their young guys at the deadline unless it’s for a crazy good young D-man and especially won’t move them to a team in their own conference who could come back and haunt them every year. I would like to see if we could pry Barrie out of Colorado – Sakic would probably be asking more than we’d wanna pay though…

      • Thank you swiss2793,

        I have been saying all along that the Leafs will not be trading Marner or Nylander. You laid out the only scenario with which that might happen; for a young top D man not a guy like McDonough. Don’t get me wrong as I would welcome McDonough to the Leafs with open arms but not at that price. To be honest, Marner and Nylander have barely scratched the surface of their potential.

      • I just don’t think Toronto trades any of their young forwards. I don’t think management sees their defence as being as weak as people think it is. They’ve looked pretty good recently at least. None of these forwards are fully developed so it is risky to trade them. I don’t think they do it for a good young defenceman either because it takes so much to get one of those guys. I don’t think they would trade Marner and a first round pick for a good young defenceman who isn’t fully developed, they have guys like that in their organization already, and I don’t think they trade One of those forwards and a pic for an older defenceman either. I could be wrong I just don’t see it happening. I am not overvaluing the players they already have, I just think that it is a team on the rise and they are still evaluating the talent they have as they are still developing.

      • If the Leafs could send say Kananen +pick etc makes more sense for McD

      • no team is trading their number 1 d man for picks prospects.

      • Not quite but the game is getting younger & forwards & Dman are effected differently. A great many offensive or 2 way Dman become solid defensive Dman as they move into their mid 30’s. We don’t see many #1 C’s transition into #3 C’s, occasional but very rare, at D is fairly common that they best 2 way Dman play well into their late 30’s. Good solid defensive Dman even if they started as offensive 1’s if they can transition to defensive hang around for ever, they are more like goalies in their ability to play longer.

      • That was Nylander or Marner AND a high pick. I saw McD play last night and he was horrible. Definitely in decline, what a joke.

      • Leafs young F s are overvalued….. be lucky to get McD.
        They still think Kaberle is a #1 D…… ha

  4. Let’s see a top 4 LH Dman for Mon. Who could that be? Well what about Markov or 1 of the best D prospect’s not playing in the NHL this summer by most prospect prognosticators, who surprise, happened to be LH in Sergachev!

    I’m really going to enjoy watching this unravel in Mon as Bergevin is clueless & if ownership thinks this isn’t an issue then the problems are much higher up than management & coaching.

    Molson stuck his nose into the last Subban contract, then flip flopped to get Weber & what’s happened since is a joke.

    Now here’s my Bruins bias. I love it couldn’t be happier to see the misery being inflicted on Mon & it’s going to get far worse before it gets better. Mon is going to be Buf, Arz bad very soon & based on all current assets may be Edm bad following.

    • Agree Montreal is in trouble.
      I don’t think they will get as much as they think for patches.
      Losing him isn’t gonna make them better it’s going to make them worse.
      Boston doesn’t need to do anything. With Mcavoy and Marchand returning soon. I agree with you some forward depth for nothing more than a third rounder if possible. Vanek or Maroon would help in a playoff run but I wouldn’t give up a first rounder.

      • I agree. Miller is out again, McAvoy practiced fully yesterday. A cheap insurance winger Vanek’s my favorite choice of all UFA wingers available but Bos easily gets outbid from what I would be willing to pay.

        Just stay the course & let it play out. If Bos could win even 1 round this year I’m happy, anything more really happy to ecstatic.

        If they lose in the 1st round potentially unhappy but not if due to the loss of a key player like say a Bergeron, Marchand, Chara or Rask.

      • Striker you’re selling Boston short, there no reason they couldn’t be in the finals and at the same time out in the first round.
        Bergeron, Chara, Krecji and Backes are not young and while Backes and Chara are on the back 6 Bergeron and Krecji are entering their back 9. This team has come further along then we thought and there is no clear cut favorite for the cup, the bruins need to do something now to give themselves a more legit shot at going further into the post season.

    • TB/Steven/Swiss, fully agreed. One can also argue why would we deal Hyman or Brown. They are both at very favorable contracts with term. It would take alot to pry Hyman or Brown from Toronto let alone what it would take to pry Nylander or Marner.

      None of those four are going anywhere anytime soon.

      Gotta Love Dermott’s first NHL goal – did you see the expression on his face? Did you see Nylander jump on him? Did you see Matthews go into the net for the puck. Gotta love the team chemistry 🙂

      • Define what you think allot is for Hyman or Brown.

        Sure way less than the studs but this are 2 very valuable responsible to way penalty killers who post solid ES points & help Tor win games.

        Factor in current contract structure & salary demands moving forward & these 2 assets are worth far more than I think you are giving them credit for.

      • Striker I stayed vague as I can’t really define what way more means, but I know you get where I am going. You don’t trade key guys on really favourable contracts for guys that will demand 9+MM very soon. Teams don’t win doing that.

      • Let me add one more comment – call it fantasy pool type commentary or call it the business of hockey with respect to a fixed cap. Teams win against the cap when they get more value from their team then what it cost to put the team together relative to every other team. For instance, with a 70MM cap, if a team gets 100MM worth of value and the next best team gets 99, the 100MM team will win the cup.

    • Striker, you sir are an idiot. This will be one down year for Mtl just like the year they finished 3rd worst and drafted Galchenyuk. They will bounce back and be in the playoffs next year. The coach is the problem, not the GM, or Patches, or the Sooby trade. Time to get over it hater.

  5. Here is some younger LW with similar pts to Pacioretty:
    Matthew Tkachuk Cal
    Kyle Connor Wpg
    Jesper Brett NJD
    Kevin Fiale Nsh
    Victor Arvidsson Nsh
    Tanner Pearson LA
    Alex Killorn TB (1yr younger but term)
    Ondrej Palat TB
    Jake Debrusk Bos

    Would any of these teams trade their young LW for Pacioretty? After listening to Subban comments about Patches going to Nash, I don’t see a fit there. No need for TB to do anything is there? I don’t see Cal moving Tkachuk.
    The three names that stick out to me are Kyle Connor in Winnipeg and Jake DeBrusk in Boston and Jesper Brett in New Jersey.
    Connor plays on the top line in Winnpeg with Wheeler and Scheilele (presently injured) he is in his rookie season, ton of speed and a quick release. This type of trade would go against Chevy philosophy, but would he be willing if he see Patches as an upgrade and a chance to win the cup.
    Debrusk also a rookie and playing second and third line minutes; Sweeney has grown his prospect kitty very nice, with an aging core and wanting to take a run at the cup could Patches be a fit? I think so.
    Jesper Brett, I haven’t watched NJ play or know much of this team so i’ll defer someone else to comment because I would only be reading a stat line.
    Montreal could be looking at any young forward and I know they would prefer a centerman but for the sake of this exercise I only chose LW same as Pacioretty position.

    • Pacioretty on Krejci’s left would be a huge upgrade to the second line.
      Not trading Debrusk though. Don’t see these teams trading but Boston is loaded with prospects. Spooner would be the center they could be looking for. Don’t see Boston doing that. Maybe JFK and some other young assets would work.

    • Good post, Caper. This is the kind of analysis that a GM for a contender must be making these days. Pacioretty will be the kind of trade deadline addition that could put a contender over the top. Boston might want to take a hard look at him, if only to have cover in case Marchand loses his mind again – his next suspension will be a long one – and Boston are looking like the best team in the east at this point.

    • Exactly Caper. I couldn’t agree with you more. These young players are cap controlled in many cases & years potentially from being paid what Patches will demand on his next contract.

      Not directed at you but how does trading your best goal scorer make you better? It won’t in the short term you need to turn Patches into 3 or 4 other assets gambling on many. If I trusted Bergevin to make that type of trade maybe but based on his trades & he has made a few good 1’s but the pendulum is over weighted on the negative side at present & his remaining skills, signings, draft, etc. have just compounded that issue.

  6. The trade deadline is 10 to 12 games away for almost all NHL teams. Go look at teams performances over the last 10 games on NHL.com’s standings page. The worst teams in the NHL over that time line are LA, NYR & Ott at 3-7.

    If Min which will ice a healthy roster for the 1st time tonight if Neiderreiter returns were to play the next 10 games at 3-7 they might drop to 5 points out of a playoff spot & won’t be selling specifically.

    What you see today for races is what you get. The cut off line for buyers & sellers in the East is NYI everyone below them should be sellers. in the West it’s Chicago.

    Now some teams above that cut off line in both conferences should be sellers. Specifically Carolina in the East continue the rebuild for 1 more season, Darling has been a bust & sell off your UFA’s Stempniak, Ryan, Jooris but keep Ward, Consider moving a few soft RFA’s if able Dahlbeck, Nordstrom & Di Giuseppe, replace them with prospects & see what happens.

    In the West same scenario with Colorado continue the rebuild for next season, sell what able in UFA’s Comeau, Barberio & Bourque, RFA’s Nieto & Yakupov again replace with prospects.

    Both Carolina & Colorado keep their back ups Ward & Bernier who have carried their teams Bernier well Varlamov fights his long term groin issues & roll the dice.

    I would suggest Chicago in the West to as they aren’t making the playoffs but they have very little UFA’s to sell, Sharp, Wingels, Kempny Dman & Ruuta

    • Kings are like 0-7 or 1-7 if count the games Forbort played in… While LaDue they were like 2-0 or 3-0… Their head coach/GM are idiots who keep pushing a 1st round bust who isn’t a top line D-man… Kings keep playing 4 Left shot D then wonder why they losing not even competing… Muzzin/Martinez is the worst pairing in the NHL… Martinez belongs on the left side he can’t play RD…

      I’m at point of rooting against the Kings anytime they play 4 LSD. Dropping LSD really is bad for you so :). Hopefully they trade Forbort, even shipping out Gravel might fix that problem… LaDue is more valuable than Forbort who can’t score to save his life… Can’t clear the zone, can’t keep the puck in the offensive zone, nor make it back to touch up even under hybrid icing.

      Senators made that trade then they hit the tanks hard… They were already having issues in net before that trade… Time to ship their goalie out to work on the future in net there. Rangers had Shatz go under knife though some issues before that… They just are not better than Carolina, Islanders who dusted them like 7-1 not long ago or Flyers… Out of those 3 teams only Kings have a shot to may playoffs mostly from being in Pacific… Shanks losing Jumbo Joe, Flames being up/down, Ducks probably will crack into top 3 if stay healthy down stretch. Vegas has division locked up only question is home ice/President Cup now.

  7. Leafs don’t want or need McD form Rangers: injury prone, older, lots of miles on his frame: I could see a prospects and draft pick but thinking Marner or Nylander is merely foolish thinking-neither of those youngsters is going anywhere unless for Drew Doughty!!

    • Injury prone? He has played 46 games this season having missed, then it goes like this working backwards. 77, 73, 71, 77, 47; lock out season, 82. That’s 36 games missed in 7 years since becoming a full time NHL player. In those 7 years he has played 91 playoffs games more than any single Dman in the NHL, only missing 1 of the 92 games NYR played over that timeline.

      McDonagh has 513 NHL regular season games of experience. This player has very little miles on him. Good skater, not a punishing hitter plays hockey doesn’t hit to hurt, great transitional Dman who can move the puck quickly his smarts get him out of trouble & make him effective. He will play some where between 1100 to 1250 NHL games baring a significant injury.

      He will continue to play at this level for at least 6 more years then transition to a far more significant defensive roll playing till at least 38 as essentially a top pairing role just like Chara. Chara is 1 of the benchmarks but their are a tone of others. Beauchemin in Anh is now 37 years old will be 38 this summer.

      You couldn’t possibly be more wrong.

      • having missed 5.

      • Age at retirement for some Dman. Chelios 48, Lidstrom 41, 40 year olds, Gonchar, Robinson, Chara still playing, Schneider, Patrick, Numminen, O’Donnell, Samuelsson, Blake, Bourque, Macinnis, Timonen, Fetisov, Murphy, Howe. That’s just some if I start going back to 39, 38, 37, 36 that list grow by hundreds of names.

        Current #’s.

        There are 14 Dman playing in the NHL today playing in their 35th year. Their are another 25 that are signed thru their 35th year, this doesn’t include buyouts hitting the cap on Dman who fit this criteria but aren’t actively playing in the NHL any longer.

        Yes its a small # when you consider tht total # but Dman that have played as a teams #1 for extended periods of time if sound defensively hang around are are very effective defensively for a very long time.

        Pending RFA’s or UFA’s this summer who will all be signed this summer & who’s new contracts will take them into at least their 35th year. Far to many to list, add in those that should get extended, Karlsson, Doughty types.

      • Striker those 40+ D-men in the 30 team era or before don’t factor in today… Maybe Drew Doughty or Suter will be playing in their 40’s… Though I doubt many others will be like Shea Weber, Jack Johnson will have to play till then to afford to live though…

        Basically the game is faster, its harder to hide guys or compensate for lost speed… You have 3-4 lines that can score instead of some 4th line of goons who barely play 5 minutes… So even the lower pair D-men have to be able to perform at or near an elite level to win… Something in the mid 30’s is more realistic to expect D-men to pack it in these days… I could name those who retired in mid 30’s or ended up in minors at or near 30ish for D-men much easier…

        The exception just proves the rule… Living or looking in the past don’t show the present :). GAme is changing so players who excelled or lasted in the old one will be lost to retirement or waivers/AHL over seas… I recognize a fair amt of the names at Olympics who were once supposed to be coveted NHL player… Not long ago Ehroff flamed out, Germany looks like Dean Lombardi put the team together even Goc is there ;).

        Chara is also something freakish like 6’7, doubt he lasted that long if Islanders kept him :). He probably would have fallen on their awful ice surface or like Brian Leetch did on Rangers ;).

    • Doughty will cost you a lot more than 1 of them

  8. I understand a dream proposal of Nylander or Marner for MacTruck (not that it’ll happen ever) but how the F does HYMAN get thrown out as a proposal for Mac? Sheesh. IT’d have to be one of the top 5 picks with Hyman as a thrown in to grab Mac. I know he is going to be 29 but the guy is a beast. When he is allowed to play his game and not have to slide right to cover the glaring deficiencies of the rest of the Ranger Dmen (except for Skjei) he does well. Think he is burned out mentally this season and still injured from the early part of the year but just playing thru it. The other captains on the team have not stepped up their game to help Mac lead.

    • Crosby Hater, the Leaf would not deal Hyman straight up for McD. He is playing first line with a very nice contract with term. If NY asked for Hyman straight up for McD – I guarantee the Leafs say no. Take that for whatever it is worth.

    • You never answer my question; why do you hate Crosby? I just wanna know.

      • sorry never saw your question STEVEN. Ihatecrosby is not meant as an altruistic handle but rather a respect for how darn good he is. Though I do not like when he shoves sticks between guys legs and hits the family jewels. I do expect more from him.

        Trekie..I understand his value to TOR but overall player value MacTruck has far more value across the entire NHL landscape IMO. He is a #1 Dman. Hyman, although good, is not a #1 LW when compared to there NHL lineups and he is 25 not a top #1 18yr old stud prospect. To me…not worth MacTruck straight up.

      • Crossby Hater, watched the Leafs/Rangers last night. I get it was their game back in awhile but were back-to-back. My opinion, NYR needs a full rebuild so if they are dealing McD, they should be looking for high end prospects 18-19 year-olds and first round picks. Hyman is past that range and not the type of guy NYR should be targeting for McD. JMO.

      • trek…agreed…..NYR should be targeting a rebuild and looking for high end prospects at 18-19 years of age. Think we sort of were saying the same things just in different ways. lol a bit of talking past each other but agreeing on the proper course for NYR

    • then why dont you keep him?

  9. If I’m Tor I’m doing very little at the trade deadline. I would add depth insurance at D but giving up no more than a 2nd with either Leivo or Shoshnikov. These players will be lost next season on waivers if not moved by Oct’s 23 man roster submission.

    If I’m Tor or any team for that matter I’m not doing anything of substance until I know what’s happening with Trouba. Once that’s resolved I look to the next best option. Tor could certainly afford to move a good forward. Kapanen is NHL ready, he was last season but still doesn’t have to clear waivers until 2019-20.

    Tor may be best served to just let it’s d evolve internally & allow the kids drafted to be integrated slowly buying UFA stop gaps to buy time.

    For those of you that don’t like Zaitsev he has played 2 solid games & logged very hard huge minutes since his return. I find it interesting he’s gone from being 1 of the best rookie offensive Dman in the NHL last season 3rd with 36 points 3 behind Skjei last season to a shut down defensive Dman this season.

    He played on Tor’s #1 pairing last season with Reilly & is playing on their #1 pairing this season with Gardner. I don’t know what I’m missing but how is 7 years at 4.5 not solid value today & exceptional value with each passing day of his development?

    In 2 years you Tor fans will be going what incredible value what amazes me is your getting that today. He lead Tor Dman in minutes last night, 2nd for PK time to Dermott! Zaitsev’s normal PK partner would be Hainsey but injured. Against NYI 2nd to Gardner his partner in TOI/GP lead them in PK TOI/GP.

    • Agree completely, Striker. Player development is something a lot of us overlook. The Leafs have some solid prospects coming along and they should see where that takes them. I really like the style of play they have had recently – quick up front and much quicker on the back end. They are definitely improving.

    • Love your analysis on the Leafs Striker. I know they are not your team. I do know that you watch the games, I can tell by the specifics you post.

      I have said this before, I love Zaitsev and also don’t understand why people think his contract was a waste. Babcock thinks the world of him. Read his comments on the TSN site today on Zaitsev.

      • I like him as well and had no problem with that contract. The other thing that doesn’t get talked about is that for the first time in my memory I think they have a really tight dressing room with very little or no drama. I think this is why they seem very careful about who they bring in. They brought in Marleau and people thought he was too old but he is a great leader and very respected. He is also still keeping up and playing a huge role on the team. For that reason I don’t know if they go after Tropa, it seems like there have always been rumours about him demanding trades and stuff like that. You need to be careful with a young team, look at what is apparently going on in the Buffalo room.

      • It has been fun to watch Tor play these last 2 years. I try & watch everyone & if they play a style I like.

        I have the Rodgers NHLlive. I have games going on in the background, if on the road & most of hockey season is spent on the road but not even remotely related to hockey I hook it up over the net in my room thru HDMI to the TV. I pick the game I like flipping around all night working & watching.

        I assume like many or most of you.

        Yes a Bruins fan but a like watching hockey, drinking beer, talking hockey, drinking beer, drinking beer. Ha-ha!

  10. First let me say if Bergevin made those comments he is really asleep at the wheel … Any First round pick is already a better prospect then he has now ok maybe over exaggerated but come on bare cupboards and he’s talking like he is loaded with prospects and is Colorado not a playoff contender and do they not own Ottawas 1st round pick wake up Bergevin … Looking for help now what help your the 4th worst team in the NHL no one could help you not even GOD … it’s not time for help it’s time to stock your team with as many 1st round picks and retool like Boston did trade even fan favorites and retool … Another thing Any GM that says Galgenyuk has no value are lost the kid is on the 4th worst team in the league that hasn’t had any offensive help at centre or wing when he played centre avg 13 min of icetime in all those years and still managed to score 30 goals in a season tell me if you played him 19 min a game how many would he have scored that year …. I’m sorry but if you give any player 13 min of icetime they won’t be lighting the lamp and be pissed off … Montreal needs to hold on to him and Drouin and build around young guys not build around old guys like Price and Weber ….. When Bergevin traded Subban if he thought his team is ready for a run at the cup then he needed to wake up and say I’m all in so let me get a 1A Centre and then people would say ok this team is good now they saw Subban younger guy leave for an old guy and that’s all he did great GM riiiiiiiggggghhhhhtttttt

    • Frank I agree. I have also made the following comment before – Montreal fans will not support a losing team, note the Expos and Alouettes (for awhile). Montreal GMs are handcuffed into keeping the perpetual foot on the gas peddle, it’s why the dealt for Drouin and will be doing whatever it takes in the offseason to try to win. I like the win mentality, but it rarely works long term in today’s competitive game. They will not rebuild.

    • And Frank to make matters worse their seems no indication that ownership in Montreal is going to axe him! He traded his way into trouble and now he is given the wheel to trade his way back out? Even Price looks like his value going down even before the big contract starts next year! The Habs are a mess!

  11. Rangers parted ways with both guys wearing the ‘A’ last summer.
    Is the issue leadership, coaching or personal at this point?

    IMHO they dressed 2 top 4D last night and 2 bottom pairing D and some spare parts

    • It is all Roster makeup and balance
      Coach AV has done a good job keeping them relevant. Hank is another reason they are this good in the standings.

      my SMITH trade for the day LOL

      to WASH: NASH(50%retained) & Smith

      to NYR: Orpik & a 1st in 2020

      Orpik(37) has 1 more year at $5.5M. Let him be the bottom pairing D and help bring along DeAngelo. He is a stay at home guy and can let Toni play the offensive part. He can settle the young Dman and help him with positioning the rest of this season and next. After that they can let him walk to clear space to resign MacTruck

      Nash gets to the playoffs and, with 50% retained by NY this season, adds real depth to WSH for this playoff run. Adds value to their 2nd PP unit. Can slot anywhere in the top 9. Really creates better mis-match ups in the playoffs. They can always try to resign him in the offseason depending on how they manage the Eller/Beagle contracts.

      Smith, being signed for 3 more years and over $1M cheaper than Orpik. He is also 9 years younger. Going into future seasons allows them to let age 30 Chronic walk to free up more cap space to sign Carlson, along with the $1.2m save from trading Oprik for Smith.

      Win Win for both teams.

  12. I think Max could be involved in a 3 way trade sorta like Duche/Turris/etc… Figure a weaker team involved would be shipping their 1st rounder to Montreal… Even if the better team ships their 1st rounder which would be later to help offset to the weaker non playoff team. Kings maybe can con Montreal to ship trash 1st round bust Forbort to get Max. Any trade the Kings make getting rid of him will improve the team instantly. They had LaDue score a goal, won every game he played… then the bench him for trash to play Forbort while the worst pair in NHL w/ Muzzin playing with out of position Martinez… The Result was Nashville beating them like 5-0 on the NBC game when should have been Vegas vs. Winnipeg instead… Now it will be the crappy boring to watch Wild playing them tonight…

    I don’t agree that the russian has no value… The hatred of Russians is the only factor I see in the reporting… He could still help a team, Sharks for example missing Jumbo Joe would do better having him.

    Rangers shipping out McDonut wouldn’t be worst thing Toronto did… Its not like they are signing Clarkson :). I don’t like Letetsu really, Maroon would be nice addition for a play off run having some grit or cheap shots :). Strome seems logical to move since I don’t see Oilers making a run or him getting returning there. In another market he might get back to form… Maybe he needs a different system or a better head coach… Two things that would happen instantly being moved from Edmonton whose head coach is among the worst ever. Looking at talent he had in San Jose w/ results… Not to mention choking 3-0 to lose to the Kings of all teams ;).

    There will be some players moved who still have term left on contract at or before deadline. Sadly Dustin Brown wont be one of them… Gaborik could get traded since he only has to play next year to make for an easy buyout… Even if Kings keep him, they can ship him during the season if they don’t buy him out after it. He would only have like 6M+ or less than 7M left after next year on his contract. I still don’t want him shipped for Evander Kane I’d rather have Evander Holyfield ;). Max is a special player who would play top line LW for rest of that contract… Max, Kopitar along with Jeff Carter at RW or no talent dirty BRown. Iafallo is probably more geared to be a 3rd line LW over 1st liner… Carter if he comes back could center Pearson/Tyler or shift him to 1st line at RW… Then keep Kempe there, move Brown to 3rd line where he belongs.

    Cullen probably has better odds making playoffs on Wild than Penguins… Flyers, Carolina, Islanders, seem to be moving in right direction compared to Kings, Sharks, Flames… Avalanche missing best player for a few weeks will make their chances dicier too. Wild probably will swing a trade to try to improve their chances though.

  13. TO should only go after a young top right defenseman like Trouba or Dumba but failing that their current roster and prospects show a defense that can work by committee. That is no clear number one but a bunch of two to five guys. The Rangers can keep McDonough.

    The Leafs have extra forwards so that will have to be dealt with. JVR and Komo as a fourth liner can come back but there is no room for Bozak, Lievo, Gauthier and possibly Martin now because now the Leafs need to focus on speed that Kapenin, Grundstrom and Soshnikov bring. Nylander becomes the second/third line center while Komo becomes the fourth line center.

    Galchenyuk has shown he can be a 30 goal scorer so he is worth something even though he may not be a center. It may be part of a package. As far as Patches Nashville, Tampa and Boston have the kind of assets the Habs might want. St L options of Bergland and other prospects/picks does not provide a good center because Berglund is a #3 at best. They will have to draft a big center and may have last year? The Habs need to do a quick rebuild and get what they can for a bunch of veterans. Weber, Benn, Gallagher, Shaw all are good trade deadline/playoff assets. Moving Price should also be considered because the Oilers might give them RNH?

    The Islanders should contact the Rangers about Lundquist. They can provide a good goaltending prospect and pick to the Rangers while showing Taveres that they are serious. Maybe the Rangers would hold some money?

  14. It’s really time to blow the rangers up. So tired of the same old team on the ice. Yea bringing in McLeod is gonna help us. Please. Blow it the h up. Trade, yes, hank and whoever else you can pawn off on teams making runs at cup..bring back some draft picks and some BIGyoung prospects. And AVs time is over. Next

  15. Yinzers need to stop with Matt Cullen.

    It’s as tired as he is.