NHL Rumor Mill – February 21, 2018

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Latest on Erik Karlsson, plus updates on the Rangers, Red Wings and more in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger believes it’s unlikely the Ottawa Senators will trade defenseman Erik Karlsson at the Feb. 26 trade deadline. He suggests the chances of a trade improve in the offseason or it’s possible Karlsson could re-sign. Still, Ottawa general manager Pierre Dorion has talked to teams and it’s assumed there’s a high level of interest in the Senators captain.

Dreger and colleague Bob McKenzie agree it’ll take a significant offer to pry Karlsson away from the Senators. McKenzie said he’s heard “upwards of five, six, seven pieces” and perhaps a team being asked to take on winger Bobby Ryan’s contract, which has four seasons remaining at an annual salary-cap hit of $7.25 million.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman doesn’t think it’s impossible for Karlsson to be moved at the trade deadline. “Maybe no one wants to pay Ottawa’s price, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t discussed. Ottawa’s front office will consider every option, as it should.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Frank Seravalli updated his trade bait list by putting Karlsson at No. 5. I don’t discount the possibility that Karlsson could be moved at the trade deadline. However, several factors work against such a move. While Dorion is willing to listen to offers, it doesn’t mean he’s shopping Karlsson or intends to trade him at the deadline. Every report out of Ottawa in recent weeks claims the Sens GM hopes to re-sign his captain. Unless Karlsson’s demanding a trade or Dorion’s getting a real sweetheart offer, I don’t see him changing his mind.

Packaging Karlsson and Ryan is complicated by their combined cap hit (Over $13 million) and respective modified no-trade clauses. Even if the Sens agreed to pick up part of Ryan’s cap hit, his list of preferred trade destinations could be different than Karlsson’s. If there do share a couple of preferred trade destinations, those teams could lack the cap space and assets to make that deal happen.

Finally, while I don’t doubt there are clubs with serious interest in Karlsson, few have the cap room or the assets right now to make such a significant trade. That’s why we rarely see superstars in the prime getting dealt at the trade deadline. Those deals typically occur in the offseason, when clubs are flush with cap dollars and more willing to swing big trades.

Yes, it’s possible Karlsson could be moved at the trade deadline, but I think it’s unlikely. 

Interest remains high in New York Rangers winger Rick Nash (Photo via NHL Images)


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports as many as five or six teams are believed to have pitched some offers to the New York Rangers for winger Rick Nash. “Nashville, Columbus, Dallas, Winnipeg and Boston” are among the clubs believed to have varying degrees of interest. The Jets aren’t believed on Nash’s 10-team trade list but maybe he’ll be open to that move.

Noting the number of teams (five or six) potentially interest in Nash, Bob McKenzie believes there’s double that number looking at Rangers winger Michael Grabner, who carries a very affordable $1.6-million cap hit on an expiring contract. The asking price is said to be a second-round draft pick.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman cites a report by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Jason Mackey noting a source said the Pittsburgh Penguins could be looking at Grabner as a trade option. He also think there’s “Western Conference interest” in Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Tampa Bay Lightning are a known interested party in McDonagh, as are the Boston Bruins despite yesterday’s acquisition of Nick Holden. Brooks also speculates the Columbus Blue Jackets and Winnipeg Jets could be “among unidentified suitors”. He expects the Rangers have set a high asking price for McDonagh.

THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple reports New York Islanders GM Garth Snow is believed to have spoken to the Rangers about McDonagh but the conversation probably didn’t go very far.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nash is expected to be moved at the trade deadline but interested parties are likely waiting for the asking price (which includes a first-round pick and a top prospect) to come down. Grabner won’t be difficult to move and could be gone by this weekend. He’d be a more affordable option for the cap-strapped Penguins than Montreal’s Tomas Plekanec

While it’s possible McDonagh could be traded by the deadine, I expect that move takes place in the offseason. Like Karlsson, he’s got a year remaining on his contract and the high price the Rangers will set could make him tough to move right now. 


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports teams like the Nashville Predators have interest in rental scoring wingers. Given the high prices for those rentals, however, they’re also looking at players with term remaining on their contracts that they might get for less than the cost of a rental player. McKenzie mentions Detroit Red Wings forward Tomas Tatar, who’s got three years remaining on his contract at $5.3 million annually. While the Wings aren’t obliged to move Tatar, McKenzie said the two clubs have had discussions about the winger.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Red Wings have shown an inclination to move Tatar or Gustav Nyquist but not both. He notes Nashville has shown interest in Tatar, but other clubs could prefer Nyquist because he’s got only a year left on his contract. Nyquist has a no-trade clause but Tatar’s doesn’t kick in until July 1. He also notes the Toronto Maple Leafs have interest in Wings center Luke Glendening, but thinks they’d prefer offering up Josh Leivo rather than a draft pick. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see if the Wings move Tatar or Nyquist. of the two, the former is the easiest to deal because of his lack of a no-trade clause, but the remaining tenure on his contract could be a sticking point unless the Wings pick up part of his cap hit. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports it sounds as though no-trade/no-movement clauses are complicating the Winnipeg Jets’ efforts to a player before the trade deadline. For rental players, Friedman believes the Jets are a worthwhile bet. He also notes the Jets looked at Mike Hoffman but they’re not on his list of preferred trade destinations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:Even if a player doesn’t want to stay in Winnipeg beyond the remainder of this season, I agree with Friedman that the Jets are worth the chance. They are a legitimate Stanley Cup contender. Then again, why should the Jets acquire a player who doesn’t want to be there? Better to find one who does rather than one who could upset team chemistry. 

Friedman suggests Vancouver Canucks defenseman Alex Edler as an “under the radar” trade option for the Tampa Bay Lightning, though he acknowledged Edler’s no-trade clause. He also noted Canucks GM Jim Benning would like to add a big player. Maybe a forward with some physicality who has the skill to make plays,” Friedman thinks Benning’s looking at “youngish players” with term remaining on their contracts such as “Nick Bjugstad (Florida), Vladislav Namestnikov (Tampa Bay) or Brock Nelson (Islanders).”

He isn’t sure what the Panthers will do with Bjugstad but said a few teams have scouted him. Namestnikov, who’s arbitration eligible this summer, skates on the Lightning’s top power play unit but shifts to the third line at even strength. Friedman suggests he could be a piece that brings in some trade help.

Word that Vancouver defenseman Chris Tanev will miss another four weeks with a fractured leg complicates things at the trade deadline, but Friedman notes there were some teams inquiring into what it would take to acquire him. He believes it would take a lot. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Edler has so far shown no willingness to waive his no-trade clause. Maybe Benning has interest in Bjugstad, Namestikov or Nelson but he’ll likely have to wait until the offseason to pursue them. The Canucks GM also stated earlier this week he had no intention of trading Tanev. 

Friedman thinks the payment for any club interested in Arizona Coyotes defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson could be high, as he doesn’t think their preference is to move him.

The Chicago Blackhawks appear more interested in moving their pending UFAs such as Lance Bouma, Jan Rutta and Tommy Wingels.



  1. I believe Michael Grabner and his $1.6-million cap hit on an expiring contract is worth a bit more than the asking price of a second-round draft pick.

    Chris Tanev is a band aid and not sure why the attraction

    • Agreed. A 2nd plus a B prospect or a 1st sounds more like it.

      As an aside, he could be a great target in the off-season for Edmonton given he’s one of the few players that could keep up with McDavid.

      • Agreed on both counts. A guy with great speed who can score 30 goals and is a solid penalty killer…who doesn’t want that on their team.

        It would be interesting to see how many goals he would score on McDavid’s wing for sure. Would 50 be out of reach?

      • Not sure he’ll get a 1st rounder.
        Teams dont trade them much, only 10-12 in the past 5-6 years. thats for players like shattenkirk, Iggy, Ladd, St.louis,Carter, Miller. Not sure teams view Grabs on the same level as those. But hey Gaustad got Buffalo a 1st so anything is possible. lol

      • Vernette, Hanzal… 1st round picks

      • Lehner… Reaves…. yeah yeah a 2nd came back…. he still went for a 1st

      • Certainly, if some of those trades set the market then Grabner is worth a first but it does seem that GMs are wanting to hold onto those picks more than before.

        As much as I want to say it will be a late first rounder anyway…I also remember that Pastrnak was taken 25th overall a couple of years ago. We will see when one of the big names come off the board; what they go for will set the market.

      • Kreider is the player that should be on the wing with McDavid. As a hockey fan I want to see that.

      • He can skate, but no better than a 3rd liner on a good team. 2nd round pick is good value

    • Tanev shouldn’t be an attraction he is out 4 to 6 weeks with an injury..

    • Agree I think Grabner is worth equal to Nash if not more.
      Probably get a first or second and prospect.

    • I mentioned the other day, I struggle with Grabners price tag. I’m guessing at least a 2nd plus.
      I think if they send him 1/2 retained more. Any team passing on Grabner for less than 200k is crazy. I’ll either be pleasantly surprised at his return, or throw up in my mouth.

      Hopefully they bring him back on a 2-3 year reasonable deal either way.

      • I see Grabner being back with Rangers more than Nash even though they’re both over 30 and Mngmt looking to get younger Grabner is cheaper option and trains like a 20 year old!! Funny how people forget how Rangers got him on such a good deal. Nobody else saw any worth in a 9 goal scorer. Has Definately flourished in AV system

      • The only location where Grabner hasn’t scored at at least a 20 goal pace over an entire season is Toronto.

        He scored 5 in 20 his 1st season in Van, in his rookie year in NYI 34, then 20, lock out season 16 in 45, 13-14 12 in 64, 14-15 8 in 34, 15-16 Tor 8 in 80 & the last 2 seasons 27 & 25 & counting.

        Grabner if given ice time even with out PP time has been essentially a 20 goal scorer his entire career every year but 1.

      • This season Grabner’s goal stats – 25 goals, 7 of which are empty net goals.

      • So empty net goals no longer count?

  2. So basically nothing new on the Rangers rumor front….wish they’d just make the trades already and not wait til the nth hour and then have to make a trade that is not ideal…ie: talbot…

    • I am almost desperate enough to offer GM Dorion Staal & Smith for Ryan and Ceci with no money retained on either side.

    • Talbot was traded in the offseason in a busy goaltender market. For a 2nd, 3rd and a 6th…. how much more was an unproven guy going to get? Grabner, Nash are UFAs… they are better off letting as many teams as possible jump in up to the deadline.

      This isn’t an apples to oranges comparison. This is apples to battleships comparison.

    • Its human nature to wait till last minute than mess it all up rushing or so :). I’m sure Rangers are doing counter offers w/ the teams who have offers… Maybe some want to wait until the deadline to have more cap space or as they work on other deals. Once Reaves got a 1st round pick it raised the price to absurd for all… I figure Grabner can fetch least a 1st rounder or two 2nd round picks like Robyn Regehr when Kings made the trade w/ Buffalo :).

      Maybe a team is at the 50 or whatever max contracts trying to free up space to take Grabner. I just hope the Kings don’t give up too much if they get him :). Wonder if some of the players from Olympics will get contracts or be called up depending on their situation. I liked Grabner on the Islanders not sure why they let him leave or whatever. Maybe he likes the NY area so will return to Rangers or end up playing for Devils via trade or FA.

  3. Bjugstad would be traded for a scoring RW. Panthers desperately need one.

    • Bjugstad for Nash & Lettirei? …only if Nash wants to resign with them. Give FLA a chance to negotiate?

      Nash and Bjug have the same amount of points this season and no reason to see Nash’s decline.

      • I don’t see ANY of that happening! But I love your glass half full way of thinking! Lmao

      • Like a good cologne thrower at a bikers rally….if you don’t chuck it…it’ll never stick. Gotta try!! LOL

        Nyr4Life…..Ryan/Ceci for Staal/Smith ?? not half bad for contract $$? The rumor is OTT wants to ship Karlsson and Ryan together but what team has that space that WANTS to spend that $$? BUT if they take back 2 defenseman for Ryan they can ship Karlsson off for MORE than they could if they packed him with Ryan correct? so for NYR not have bad since Nash ‘s contract is what Ryan’s is. Slot Ryan on the right side of Kreider and Zib. I rather eat his 20 goals a year for that albatross of a contract than both Staal & Smith combined. Also gives them a shot at not trading Mac bc the $$ would all work for both teams. =)

      • *bologna not cologne …grrr auto correct.

      • & if Turkey’s could fly we would have missed 1 of the greatest comedy sketches in sitcom history on WKRP in Cincinnati.

        You have moved off just peddling Smith to Smith & Staal you dedication to the cause incredibly admirable but lunacy. Ha-ha!

      • I hate, I think your obsession with moving Staal and Smith is blinding the big picture! Lmao
        No way do the sens make that deal.

        And no way NY should. In 3 years Staal and Smith are done. Ryan won’t be. And he’ll be making nearly what Staal and Smith make combined on his own. Bury Smith, ride Staal out. It’s a rebuild. They aren’t going to hurt NY in the next 3 years. Ryan will be hurting them beyond.

    • Panthers could still make a run for playoffs if they could win the games they have played less than those ahead. Though Flyers making the trade for MRazek might help their chances to make it. Devils I know Schneider was hurt so they were down to like Eddie Lack and Kinkaid… I think they had some guy Appleby or whatever but not sure how much would trust. Sharks shafted their own by trying to send Carpenter down handing him to Vegas where he been in the top 3 stars at times in games… Yet they trade for Fehr as Ward who was washed up years ago should have been put on waivers/sent down not Carpenter.

  4. Aston-Reese Crosby Sheary
    Hagelin Malkin Hornqvist
    Guentzel Sheahan Kessel
    Kuhnhackl Rowney* Rust

    I’m not seeing where they’d put Grabner. Over Kuhnhackl? Heavy price to upgrade your LW4.

    The only way a Grabner trade makes sense is if they were trading another winger (like Sheary) in another trade. I hope they don’t do that. Doubt they will.

    Pens will get a center. They’ll either go big and get Brassard or they’ll find someone cheap to upgrade Rowney.


    Are the Jets Stanley Cup contenders this year? If I recall, that franchise has never won a single playoff game. Does anyone besides Byfuglien have playoff experience?

    • Playoff games played for Win.

      Buffy has 43, Hendricks 34, Wheeler & Perreault 25, Myers 17, Kulikov & Matthias 17 & the vast majority of the rest Win’s 1 playoff appearance, 4 games.

      • Sorry Kulikov & Matthias are supposed to be 13.

    • Have you watched the Jets play?

      • Regular season and playoffs are two different games.

        I can’t recall a team that went from basically zero playoff success to the Final.

        Closest was probably the 2008 Pens that only played 5 games prior, but that team had Sid, Geno, Letang and (I think) MAF on their ELC’s.

      • You never heard of Cinderella teams like carolina

        The jets have no holes solid team. Anyone who faces them is looking at a rough tough matchup.

      • Jets lost to Kings backup goalie other night but think Trouba is still hurt. Chicago got shafted by Jets likely making playoffs which wasn’t expected… They were probably more of a fringe team… Also Vegas likely winning Pacific or lock to see post season helped bounce them out. I’m not sold Jets or Vegas will be a legit SCF team though they got a shot if get hot. Jets always had an overly defensive style or issues in NEt like Pavelec so if goalies hold up they got shot.

    • Win is where I would like to see Nash land. He can assume a 2nd or 3rd line RW or LW spot giving Win 3 solid scoring lines. His penalty killing, solid 2 way play & 2nd line PP placement would help, his leadership & playoff experience invaluable.

      Petan who has no future in Win & a 1st.

      • With Scheifele, Little, Lowry, Copp, Rislovic all natural C’s, Perreault a C playing as a LW & 3 prospect kids in Jr & the NCAA.

        Petan can’t dislodge any of the 5 although Rislovic has played both wings so far in his brief NHL appearance, Copp has plaed C since Lowry went down but will return to the wing when he returns.

        Hendricks has been playing as the #4 C but is a UFA so may not be back next season.

      • Yeah I mentioned all of this about Petan which I pitched him in a different trade 2-3 weeks ago.

      • I think Grabner would help JEts more since he can PK/play 3rd line while having pretty good speed… Not to mention ability to sink the game by getting ENG. I’m not really sold on Nash fitting well on the Jets but anything is possible. Just think Nash might cost more w/ less production than Grabner. Just don’t know if either of those players want to play in Winnipeg.

      • Grabner was pretty much signed by Rangers to replace what we lost in Hagelin. Would hate to see him end up in Pitt. They can have Desharnais. I don’t see Nash in Winnipeg.. better chance Zucharello ends up there. Nash to Preds?

    • How real is Aston-Reese?

      • I think Anton Reese is going to be for real….he is a big body, decent skater with a knack around the net…

      • People asked the same thing about guentzel last year. He fo reals. Probably not too line material much like Jake regressed to the mean but both solid middle six wingers

      • Sid really really really makes the players around him better

      • Awesome!!

      • Real enough to make Horny expendable.

    • Is pageau worth more than brassard? I’m not sure why Pittsburgh would want brassard over pageau. If I was them Is target pageau over brassard.

      • Pageau’s cap hit is WAY more appealing to Pittsburgh even though Brassard only makes $200k more than Pageau in salary next year. Pageau is also signed for an additional year and is 4 or 5 years younger.

        Jeff: I mentioned a Pageau/Condon for Jarry/1st/Hagelin trade the other day, but the Pens fans seem to be over-rating Hagelin and his $4M on the cap next year. Maybe some minor tweaks are needed, but I could see something like this happening as it helps Ottawa’s budget going forward and gives them another young goalie that could challenge Anderson next year. Hagelin is paid $3.67M vs. a $4M cap hit and could be traded at next year’s deadline if Ottawa is out of contention again.

      • jeff Noel…..Pageau has 8 goals, Brassard has 17 goals, Brassard is tough, craft, good face off guy and a shut down player too, and a proven guy in the playoffs. Pageau did have a nice little run in the playoffs last year. He isn’t better than Derrick Brassard

      • Van… Hagelin is too important to the Penguins overall team speed, fore check, and penalty kill. I’m not sure WHY YoU PUT CONDON in there we have Jarry and De Smith

      • No chance the Pens give up a 1st and Jarry for Pageau.

      • Only thing is that ottawa want to get younger, not older. By trading pageau over brass and getting Hag back, you lose youth and get older. Not ideal for sens.

      • Rumor – in December the Penguins were attempting to acquire Pageau. The trade didn’t happen. Now for the past couple of weeks the Penguins are focused on acquiring Brassard. Jim Rutherford said I’m working until I make a deal for a center. Who’s the next Penguins center??

      • Black n gold. I’m not suggesting pageau is better. Pittsburgh needs a 3rd line centre. Pageau is a good one. Also plays well in the playoffs. Why break your bank on a 2nd line centre you don’t really need and go for the 3rd line guy?

        But hey of Pittsburgh wants to pay Dorion’s price who am I to complain

      • Speed kills, that makes sense.

      • I’d offer a 3rd round pick for Pageau.

        So, no.

      • MG: A third round pick for Pageau? You obviously haven’t watched him play the last few years. He is a good, young 3C and an excellent penalty killer, which is exactly what the Pens need. He has also upped his game in both playoffs he’s been in over the last few years.

        Hagelin is too valuable to Pittsburgh at $4M/year through next season when Rutherford really wants a center? I know you want to get rid of Hunwick, but that isn’t happening unless a significant sweetener is added since his contract is two more years. About the only other option would be Hagelin given his contract ends a year earlier and he is clearly overpaid given his production (~20 points in 60 games). Who else would you give up that would help with the cap this and next season? Sprong could replace his roster spot now.

        Pens fans are clearly overvaluing Jarry given the goalie trade market the last few years. He has played well, but is still unproven as a potential #1 goalie. Look at Kevin Poulin in the Olympics if you want a similar example. He had tons of promise with the Islanders a few years back and is now playing in Europe with little hope of returning to the NHL. I keep hearing how much goalie depth the Pens have, so why not use it to get a 3C? Condon is proven as a good backup that can start for long stretches and his contract ends at the perfect time. He is a UFA when Murray needs an extension and gives your other goalie prospects time to develope in the AHL. The trade I mentioned may need to be tweaked somewhat, but the overall concept isn’t unreasonable.

      • Hags is not worth 4 mil but is still valuable. You imply in that deal he has negative value

      • If Pageau cost more, I’d move on to a player worth what I was paying. He’s not enough of an upgrade to justify a move. Could just get Cullen for a 7th.

        And Geno Malkin has been the NHL’s best player BY FAR since Carl Hagelin joined his lined.

        Hagelin is going nowhere.

  5. I heard that Montreal want to keep Shaw and Pleckanec if MB really thinks that then he should be fired on the spot … Get wtv you can for Pleckanec and if you want sign him as a UFA especially that Montreal has no good prospects start getting draft picks… Shaw teams are calling well if that’s the case trade him the guy is a good player but let’s be real making to much money for his type of player …. if you can unload him do it….

    • Agreed Frank. I heard they also want to add Hjalmarsson from AZ. LOL Adding an over age 30 player with miles on him MB think next season this roster is a stanley cup contender. I really think the ownership has more to do with it than MB at this point. MB is fairly smart….all trades must be approved by ownership.

      I say trade Pleks asap b4 someone grabs a different player and they get no assists for him. Trade Shaw too and Patches in the offseason unless a heck of a deal comes their way at the deadline. I would urge moving out Petry at the deadline IF possible and look at moving Weber in the offseason.

      • I HATE CROSBY……Don’t you think Pleks would be a good fit in Pittsburgh. A cheaper cost, a defensive shutdown guy, a strong penalty killer, a solid face off guy and a former 6 time 20 goal scorer. Whether he plays 3C or 4C he would be great. i love Derrick Brassard but the asking price is really high..

      • blackNgold…. I completely agree that for the remainder of THIS season Plekanec makes the most sense. HE is specifically put in a defensive role and can contribute offensively as needed. That is exactly the game he plays and Pitts needs.

        IF he is willing to take a payout next season and beyond to resign……it’ll remind me of the 90’s when pitts have Lemieux/Francis/Trottier as their centers.

        Perhaps Sprong gets sent over with a 2nd?

        Really think he is their solution for the next 1-3 years for that role as #3C

    • Montreal will be a mess for a while

  6. jerabek from montreal to washington for 5th round draft pick

    washington signing for the future

    great additions

    • very good moves by the caps. they needed depth defenseman with their very limited cap space.

      • I won’t lie, I’m really liking the idea of Kessel’s line matching up against a Kempny-Jerabek pairing.

      • It’s a shame you won’t actually see that matchup being both were depth moves. The odds of one seeing ice time is pretty slim. Both, together, zero.

        Djoos Carlson
        Niskanen orlov
        Orpik chorney/Bowe

        Where are these guys sliding in?

      • Never mind.

        Any of those pairings look inviting.

        Orpik has helped the Pens win just as much since he left as when he was here and he was great here.

  7. Accidentally posted this on yesterday’s rumors, copying here:

    TSN is reporting that the price for Grabner is a second plus…which seems like a fair one to me even though I think others will go for a first who should go for no more than Grabner.

    Also, to Nyr4Life’s statement yesterday about PIT and NYR not playing nice in trades, Rutherford is quoted as saying “I think it’s more now about who’s available, are they actually available to Pittsburgh, and how do they fit in?”


  8. Whatever the cost would be for a team to take Bobby Ryan that will have to be subtracted from the offer to GET Karlsson. Think Bryan Bickel for Teuvo Teravainen scenario. That’s essentially like removing a grade A prospect from the deal.

    I think that if Ottawa goes that route they will get a significantly diminished return for Karlsson, I think they’d be better off trading for picks and prospects, allowing Ryan to such on their team for another 2 years then buy him out.

    • Nah if you want Karllsson Dorion could put his boots on the table and request you lick them as part of the price.

      Ottawa is in the driver’s seatcif you want karlsson pay the peice or wait to see if they actually put him on the block then join the bidding war.

      • Jeff Noel replying to Noel…it looks as if you are arguing with yourself haha.

        There is, of course, a limit to what any team is willing to give up for Karlsson. Taking on Ryan’s terrible contract would have to diminish that return. Adding Ryan into the mix would certainly cut the team payroll, though a toxic contract would almost certainly have to come back albeit probably for shorter term.

      • Perhaps in the off-season OTT & Vegas make a swap. They will have plenty of cap room and have some players they can send OTT’s way including the 1st rd pick. Karlsson would look great in front of Flower. With their style of play Karlsson would certainly win the Norris. Their offense would be even more potent.

      • Double minor. True but what i was jokingly saying is Ottawa does not need to move Ryan now nor karlsson. They want to try and sign Karlsson. So if you want him be prepared to lick Dorion’s boots or wait till Karlsson’s situation clarifies over the summer.

    • AT this point they might have to have Bobby Ryan fail his physical the next 3-4 years to clear up any of his cap space. If they get rid of Bobby Ryan’s contract they can sign a high priced talent though… So moving him along with King Karl would give them like 10-15M to play with. Maybe they think they can lure away a Tavares or replace with Drew Doughty which would shock me even more to see him sign there when a UFA :).

  9. Ihatecrosby perhaps Subban comes Ottawa’s way in the trade.

    I could very easily see a fit with vegas and Ottawa in a massive trade.

    • You mean Subban the goalie who I think is hurt? Vegas got him for free on waivers so they could ship him easily. Besides DAnsk or whatever his name I think showed more promise as a starter/backup before his injury. Its popular to see Vegas as making some sorta move… Though they can just sign Drew Doughty as a free agent when his contract is up :).

  10. EDM sends: RNH + #1 2018 + #2 2019

    NYR sends: Grabner + McDonagh

    EDM gets the 20+ goal scoring speedy winger in Grabner to play with McDavid and McDonagh solidifies the D corp.

    NYR gets a solid 2 way #2 center who has cost certainty moving forward and gains a lottery pick this yr and a potential good prospect with the #2 pick in ’19.

    Win – Win!


    • Edmonton won’t send their lottery pick this year.
      Chances are it will be the 1st overall using past history as a guide. That 1st overall pick will be
      Dahlin who could be a generational defenceman.

      • Maybe if Sweden used him more they wouldn’t have got beat by Germany after they trailed 2-0 or so :). Going to be a tough race to bottom for that draft lottery pick. Vegas will have another top 1-5 or 6th pick whatever I think. I think they had something like that for being expansion even if they won cup? Flames can win the lottery but I think that pick would go to Islanders :).

        I’d say there is a high chance a team from CAnada wins the Draft Lottery. Montreal or Ottawa would be my favorites to win given they will probably finish near or below Buffalo and Coyotes. Vancouver would be a dark horse but they never seem to get a break from the wink wink nod NHL :).

      • RNH + Yamamoto + #1 to Sens for Karlsson and Ryan

        Lucic to Vancouver 8th round pick

      • Kitties while Lucic would be worth that 8th round pick I think they only have 7 rounds in NHL :). Not like days of Lucky Luc or even Kimmo Timmonen :). I think if Rangers can get that D Tolvanen or so from Finland for Nash in a deal they will have done great :). Glad the Kings dodged making things even worse losing Miller/Jones for Lucic but unable to retain him for his inflated salary demands ;). Though they just threw away Darcy their best goalie this year for nothing :). Bishop or Darcy will be in a SCF before Quick for Kings just like JOnes ;).

    • Hollywood HUDSON…Does kind of work for both teams for the reasons you mentioned…. nice thread

    • Lose for NY. That is a package Mcdonagh could possibly get on his own. A good player and a 1st at minimum. Id imagine Grabner could land a 2nd plus on his own.

      Ny won’t be moving Any of Nash, Grabner and Mcdonagh in any one trade. They’d be crazy to. They need to maximize the return on all. And I don’t see the need for a 6 million 2nd line center heading into a rebuild.

      This helps Edmonton, especially if they could lock up Grabner. But it really doesn’t help NY at all.

    • I think Grabner would walk at end of year… Besides he probably will want 3-5M cap hit on his next contract after being 1.6… So I don’t think Oilers can afford him, McDonut would be more likely though not sure why team out of playoffs would do that now… Maybe after season at like draft to get a player they want to draft for a pick Rangers have etc.