NHL Rumor Mill – February 22, 2018

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Latest on Erik Karlsson plus updates on the Red Wings, Sabres and Blue Jackets more in your NHL rumor mill.

Speculation of an Erik Karlsson trade is growing (Photo via NHL Images).


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion has been, and still is, engaged in some level of trade dialogue regarding defenseman Erik Karlsson with perhaps more than half-a-dozen teams. If the Senators get an “acceptable” offer, Karlsson could be dealt by Monday’s 3 PM ET trade deadline. To the best of his knowledge, McKenzie said Dorion hasn’t received any formal offers for Karlsson and he’s more likely laying the framework of what a possible deal could look like.

The talk is it could take five, six or seven piece, consisting of good young players, top prospects and first-round picks. However, if a team is also willing to take Senators winger Bobby Ryan in the deal, the price could be discounted. Ryan, 31, has four years left on his contract at an annual cap hit of $7.25 million. That provision, however, could severely limit the number of interested teams. Karlsson, meanwhile, is eligible next summer to become an unrestricted free agent.

McKenzie said the Tampa Bay Lightning are likely to lead the Karlsson trade speculation. They’re loaded with picks and prospects, but the Senators could seek promising center Brayden Point, as well as budding young defenseman Mikhail Sergachev, as part of the return. Moving Point to acquire Karlsson would fill a hole on the blueline but create another at forward. McKenzie believes the next 24-48 hours will determine if a Karlsson trade goes down, though he feels it’s still a big “if” at this point.

McKenzie’s colleague Pierre LeBrun reports a Western Conference GM suggests Dorion could be laying the groundwork for a possible Karlsson trade in the offseason. While playoff contenders could be willing to pay more now to acquire Karlsson for two playoff runs, they could be unwilling to dip too much into their roster core. An offseason deal, on the other hand, would involve more teams with more salary cap and roster flexibility.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports there’s rampant recent speculation about Karlsson. He said Dorion isn’t shopping his captain and franchise player but teams have been calling to inquire into Karlsson’s long-term future in Ottawa. Garrioch cites three league executives expressing doubt Karlsson gets deal by the deadline, though another suggested the Sens could strike while the iron is hot. The Senators won’t know how much it could cost to re-sign Karlsson until July 1, when they can open contract extension talks. If it appears it will be difficult to re-sign him, they’ll have a good idea which teams could be interested in him based on the inquiries they receive now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I noted yesterday, a Karlsson deal at the trade deadline is possible but a lot of things must fall into place to make it happen.

First, the interested parties must be on Karlsson’s trade list. If they’re not, and if he’s unwilling to broaden his list, he won’t be going anywhere at the deadline.

If the team is on his list, do they have sufficient cap space to take on his $6.25 million cap hit or the combined $13.5 million if they’re to take on Karlsson and Ryan? As per Cap Friendly, not many teams do right now. Cup contenders, such as Tampa Bay, will have to ship out a big chunk of change to make this fit. Even if the Sens were willing to pick up part of Karlsson’s cap hit (or part of the combined hit for Karlsson and Ryan), that’s still a potentially hefty cap hit to take on at this point in the season.

Third, of course, is the asking price. Five, six or seven pieces involving young players, top prospects and first-round picks is a helluva lot. For the club acquiring Karlsson or Karlsson-Ryan, such a deal could adversely affect their overall roster depth and team chemistry. Even if you get a discount by taking on Ryan as part of the deal, you’ve got to figure the Sens will still want a good young NHL player, a top prospect and a first-round pick.

The Lightning are often listed as being a front-runner for Karlsson. However, Tampa Bay Times’ Joe Smith doesn’t see Lightning GM Steve Yzerman overpaying at the trade deadline, citing Yzerman’s comments that deadline deals don’t guarantee a Stanley Cup.  

Again, it’s possible Karlsson could be dealt at the trade deadline. Such a deal, however, seems more likely to occur this summer, when clubs are flush with cap dollars and more willing to swing trades involving superstars.


OTTAWA SUN:  Bruce Garrioch also reports the Senators are getting “boatloads of interest” in forwards Mike Hoffman, Derick Brassard, Zack Smith and Jean-Gabriel Pageau and defenceman Cody Ceci. The Pittsburgh Penguins, Winnipeg Jets and New York Rangers could have interest in centers Brassard and Pageau. Garrioch suggests Hoffman or Smith could be good fits with the Calgary Flames, Boston Bruins or Vegas Golden Knights. Moving Ceci might not make sense if the Sens are contemplating a move of Karlsson. Veteran defenseman Johnny Oduya could be moved.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James lists defenseman Mike Green, forwards Gustav Nyquist, Andreas Athanasiou and Luke Glendening and blueliner Xavier Ouellet as Red Wings who could be on the move by the trade deadline. Green is open-mined to waiving his no-trade clause. Nyquist would also have to waive his no-trade and the Wings might have to pick up part of his $4.75-million cap hit. St. James speculates Athanasiou could be a good trade chip if they get an offer of a high-end defense prospect.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators appear reluctant to move Brassard or Pageau because it could adversely affect their depth at center. They could be less likely to move Hoffman because of the chemistry he’s established with Matt Duchene. Smith or Oduya seem like more likely trade options. I agree with Garrioch that trading Ceci seems less likely if the Sens are considering an eventual move of Karlsson.

Green appears a goner by the deadline. Indeed, I think he could end up with the Lightning at the trade deadline, as he’d be a much more affordable option than blowing their brains out on a Karlsson trade. Nyquist and Tomas Tatar have surfaced in recent trade chatter but the Wings will probably only move one of them. Moving Athanasiou for a top defense prospect seems like a move that happens in the offseason. 


THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Steve Gorten interviewed Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen on the state of his team and possible plans for the upcoming trade deadline. Kekalainen said he’s going to try not to move a roster core player, such as Boone Jenner, in search of help for his lineup. He feels the biggest remedy for his team is for them to start playing on the level they should. He also doesn’t want to give up his top prospects, young players or his first-round pick in 2018 for playoff rentals.

Kekalainen hopes to get a substantial piece for defenseman Jack Johnson, who requested a trade earlier this season. If the return is comparable to what the Minnesota Wild gave up last season for Martin Hanzal (a first- and a second-round pick), they might have to think about that. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Blue Jackets, Pittsburgh Penguins and Toronto Maple Leafs could be interested in Oilers center Mark Letestu. 

WGR 550: Paul Hamilton reports Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane believes he’ll be moved by the trade deadline. Hamilton also suggests defenseman Josh Gorges and forwards Benoit Pouliot and Jacob Josefson could also become trade candidates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Jackets in danger of falling out of the playoff race, Kekalainen could be feeling pressure to make a significant move at the trade deadline. It sounds, however, like he’s not going to just ship out Johnson for just a draft pick. Perhaps  he’d like to use Johnson as a trade chip to perhaps bring in a forward who can help his club right way. I expect Kekalainen will do something by the deadline, but it remains to be seen if it’s a substantial deal. 

I expect Kane will get deal by Monday. Don’t see much interest in Gorges, Pouliot or Josefson but that doesn’t mean one of them couldn’t be dealt. 



  1. No Point. No Sergechev. So likely, no Karlsson. OK. Johnson from Columbus, and or Green from Detroit can plug a hole for a cup run & leave organization intact. OT could really help themselves with Cici to TB for enough to restock their ailing farm system– but after the Dumont debacle can the two sides trust each other? Probably, yes. Will they? Yzermen is the best GM in the NHL for keeping cards close to vest, so who knows. Could be another out of the blue deal coming, like Gudas/Coburn.

    • Ottawa doesn’t have an ailing farm system. In last year’s Hockey News Future Watch, Ottawa had 3 of the top 12 prospects in the league with Chabot, White and Brown. Chabot looks likes he is going to be a star already. They also have Chlapik, Formenton and Batherson up front and some solid defensive prospects in Englund and Jaros. Prospect depth is not a concern at the moment other than possibly adding a young goalie to the pipeline. Hogberg is the only good goalie prospect they currently have.

      • ???? future stars, OK, agreed.
        enough depth to rebuild?
        Belleville 21-30-1
        Syracuse 31-18-2
        OT organization 5 years after both clubs joined the league was much stronger & they had a run of very good clubs. Hard to see them escaping the middle of the pack with current practice. Might be ownership rather than the hockey folks?

      • Top 14 with White 12th & Brown 14th.

      • Striker: I was going by memory and you’re probably right. In any case, 3 top 15 prospects in the entire NHL going into the 2017 draft is not an ailing farm system.

        Richard: I think Chabot is a future star, but time will tell with the others. At worst, I see Brown, White and Chlapik being good third line players. Englund and Jaros should fall anywhere from 3-6 defensemen, but it will take a few years to know. Ownership is by far the biggest issue for Ottawa and the city would through a party if/when Melnyk is replaced.

    • If Steve could just keep his goalies from getting hurt he would probably have a few cups already :). Or TAmpa would have a few Cups instead of that 1 they didn’t even win over Calgary :). Gelinas scored so, Tortz isn’t going to win anything ever or again :). Mike Green was like worthless it seemed before suddenly becoming coveted again :). I kept reading how bad he was on defense or this or that when on Capitals I think it was :). I always kinda liked Cici, they would often make him a healthy scratch when did the daily fantasy which I never understood why. I like Wideman from Senators too he has a righty shot can score a few goals… I see he is out for season but maybe he could return for playoffs :).

  2. Laying the groundwork is more like it. Karlsson will not move on Monday.

    A first and a second for Jack Johnson if they don’t plan on making the playoffs is a nice return for a player who has asked to be moved. I think I would take it.

    I don’t think the Flames will do much. They usually splash at the draft.

  3. There are probably just 4 teams at most that could land Karlsson.

    Ottawa won’t get a fantastic return. It never happens with all star players and limited destinations.

    • St Louis to NYR?

      • St. Louis was a declining star player way past his prime. Karlsson is not.

    • If Tampa can land Karlsson without losing Point/Serga etc even if they give up picks and great prospects they are deep enough for the next 5 seasons to make runs.
      The question for me is that I do not think Karlsson will take a StevieY discount on his next contract.

      McDonagh would be the 2nd LHD which makes Sergachev 3rd pairing and Tampa still looking for RHD

      • One wouldn’t think so, but others have succumbed to the combination of Yzerman, Vinick, climate, and no state income tax.:<) A team might bet on being able to fill ten spots with entry level contracts using up half the cap on four players. I'd see it as a perpetual inside straight … but how much faith do you have in your player development system. And you are always one injury away from disaster, a fate we've seen before in Tampa.

      • Stralman, Giradi, Dotchin & Sustr are all RHD but Coburn is a LHD as well, I assume if TB acquired McDonagh someone is playing their weak side.

      • If you run out Hedmann+Karlsson and Sergachev+Stralman and make a 3rd pairing from Coburn ,Girardi, Dotchin & Sustr you are set.

      • Playing Hedman & Karlsson together doesn’t even make sense to me. Stralman has 1 more season after this year to UFA status. Where is all the money coming from? I would suggest you go look at TB’s current contract structure. If TB were to lock Karlsson up long term their roster will need to be gutted else where to accommodate it.

        I don’t like this fit at all. Far better potential landing spots for Karlsson.

        What a brutal time to be an Ott fan. It’s going to get uglier & that’s not easy considering they sit 29th today with only Buf & Arz worse.

    • AS Branch Rickey said to Ralph Kiner when he had like a 50 homer season… We can finish last without you :). Senators will be better off moving King Karl than keeping him until he has no value or worth. People said Avalanche wouldn’t get a good return for Duche. They waited, got a fair return though it worked out best for Nashville… Maybe it will take a 3 way or team trade to get a better return for Karl.

      • @Daoloth bro, gear down on the “:)”

  4. Is there any chance Raanta gets moved to the Islanders?

    • I don’t think so. NYI’s biggest need at least short term is a Dman having lost their #3 de Haan they are being forced to thrust to much youth in at D far to quickly.

      • Halak’s .911 SV% is solid playing behind this team. Raanta does no better behind this line up & system. No team gives up more shots on net it’s not even close & the quality is even higher.

    • I think Raanta will probably get traded… Though if Islanders get a goalie I think it will be Grubauer since he has upside to become a #1 goalie. They only have Greiss under contract unless that Russian comes from KHL so its doable… I just don’t know if Halak wants to come back or leave. The back to back shutouts from both the goalies 50/45 saves I think will keep them over being traded or bringing in somebody. Darcy was the best goalie who was a backup that KIngs traded for trash.

  5. Congrats to the US Women’s Hockey team, great win. Not a fan of the shoutout for a goal medal game. Glad Canada didn’t score in the OT while on the PP, didn’t like the call. What a terrible feeling it would be if they scored the gold medal goal while you are sitting in the box. That would probably not ever leave your mind.

    • I’d like to see the girls actually play hockey not stigure skating or fockey or wockey or whatever crap it is… No checking is absurd and crap. USA choked a 2-0 lead or so away 4 years ago from a passive idiot coach while they couldn’t have a sister for Grabner to bag the ENG. The shoot out ruined hockey for good though… I don’t want to see a shoot out ever decide a game that is waited for 4 years in the mens hockey or the stigure skating crap the little girls play. Maybe one day girls will get to actually play hockey not some below HS level of talent pool w/ no body checking BS :).

      I’m just mad I missed a real hockey game Germany beating Sweden after wasting my time w/ whatever crap Canada calls their style of play vs. Finland or whoever it was. Just glad Russia is here even if their goalie is shaky… They showed every goal they scored except for Voynov which was interesting and telling ;).

      Least there some cute players who are in Stigure skating from USA/Finland especially :). Funny CAnada had like Lemieux or so while USA has those sisters with the funny name :). Problem is the crap the girls play is like basketball where can call a penalty or foul on every single play or contact. Then they don’t call a few which are clear penalties but do some token BS ones?

  6. karlsson is an elite level player- fair enough..but you aren’t getting Sergachev in any deal..not comparing the two but entry level deals vs budget breaker.. Tyler Johnso- sure. brayden point plus other prospects sure…
    Only other team I see in the mix (rivalry aside) is Toronto..

    Garret Sparks
    1st and 2nd

    Lots of talent available there

    • Ouch! So happy you’re not running the team..move along nothing to see here!

    • TB isn’t good fit for Karlsson. Kucherov is going to cost at least 9.5 to extend. TB owes him money for the gracious 3 year bridge deal he signed & he could squeeze 10.5 out of them if he wanted. That’s a year out but would factor into a Karlsson trade.

      TB doesn’t have the future cap space to accommodate Karlsson, nor am I moving Point. He is TB’s best 2 way C today.

      Namestnikov is up this summer, Kucherov & Point the summer following. Stralman & Gourde are also UFA’s at that time. I’m not handcuffing my cap by trading for Karlsson if I’m TB.

      I have always felt Karlsson will be moved just didn’t see it happening pre trade deadline. I think Brassard & Duchene will be lost before their contracts expire as well & neither will willingly sign extensions to play in Ott.

      You couldn’t pay me enough money to play in Ott. I can go to a team that has a chance of winning as a UFA & get money I’m more than happy with. You know what young teams do, they lose. If I’m Sakic I’m looking at Ott’s lottery pick in 2019 assuming of course that Ott doesn’t send them this seasons lottery pick & thinking I have a great chance of picking 1st this season or next.

      What is going on in Ott is a joke. I’ll go out on a lim today. Ott will be the worst team in the NHL next season. They don’t have far top fall, just bellow Buf & Arz.

      • Striker…. what is the trade looks like

        to OTT: Killorn/Pointe/Sergachev

        to TB: Karlsson/Ceci

        Clears more cap for TB by moving Killorn. TB has tons of prospects to come up at low cost to fill in the roster. They get CeCi also in the deal to replenish some youth on the backend.

        Ott gets their pointe/sergachev for Karlsson as part of a fair hockey deal to replenish. They also get killorn in the deal (gives TB more cap space to sign Karlsson).

      • No way move both point Sergachev. One or the other plus fluff

      • Chrisms: Seriously? That would be a steal for TB to get two top 4 defenseman in the same trade. I don’t like Killorn’s contract as a Sens fan (WAY too long) and Ceci still has a couple years of cost control. TB gets two RD in the same trade, which is basically unheard of. Sergachev will likely be a top pairing defenseman, but you’re looking at getting a top 1D in his prime and a good young second pairing shutdown defenseman that are cost controlled for at least a year. Makes no sense for Ottawa and I think TB would be all over that deal.

      • Go get McDonagh his long term contract demands will be 1/2 of Karlsson’s. I see no reason to move Segechev or Point. TB could us a Dman but they don’t need Karlsson. Just my opinion.

        I don’t make that trade from TB’s perspective.

      • Killorn has 5 yr @ $4.45m per remaining. He would slot 2nd LW. This helps OTT solidify their top 6 scoring forwards bc they cannot rely in Bobby Ryan.

        They can always trade Z Smith to anyone for anything to free up more space.


        better top 6 than what they had.

        just thoughts… ya never know what GMs discuss out there.

      • Despite the contract, Killorn has a NTC and wouldn’t accept a trade to Ottawa anyway. Also, who is Ottawa going to play on defense if both Karlsson and Ceci are traded for that package? Lastly, Sergachev is very promising LD, but Ottawa would have no one to play the right side. Their only other potential top pairing defenseman is Chabot and he’s very young and also LD.

      • Van….good question…
        so with this proposal they obviously get Sergachev back. The remainder of the season they can let Chabot, Harpur, Claesson, Englund, Boroweicki and Wiedman(IR currently i think) play it out and see who is able to handle this pace. Also gives them more insight to how rookie camps may go too. Gives their top prospects more NHL playing time. Losing gets them closer to Darlin so a win win really in terms of top prospect playing time. See how they mentally handle the work load.
        For arguments sake say Killorn says yes. In the offseason they can move JGP and Z.Smith for picks/prospects….if they have not done so by the deadline. Frees cap space

        Now with flexibility…they can negotiate with teams looking to shed defenseman and their salaries. Look toward teams with a vet defenseman with 1 yr left. pair them up with their young D-men. they get picks to take on the other teams Dmen as needed for a yr or 2 only. garners depth while using the cap management in full effect.

        Their young guns look good on the back end and supplementing with vet help for a yr or 2 only will put them right in line when these guys will need more playing time.

        Good example is maybe taking Orpik(WSH) for 1 yr or a Martin(SJ) to help mentor but not be a long term liability. The other teams I am sure will give up a mid to low pick for OTT (now with cap space under these proposals) to take them on for a year. win win for both teams.

    • Karlsson goes to TOR if someone of Nylander or Marner’s ilk are part of the conversation. Not sure that offer you propose nearly gets it done.

      Gardiner would also have to be replaced by a younger D prospect. Certainly, if Karlssson, is traded, the idea is to get significantly younger in the process. Although Gardiner is only 27 they may prefer someone under 25.

      Sparks is at best a career backup…..shows no signs of contending for s starter position.

      Those 2 players alone are not enticing.

      • Can’t see Ottawa ever trading Karlsson to Toronto or Montreal. It would be like Pittsburgh trading Crosby to Philadelphia or Boston trading Ray Bourque in his prime to Montreal.

    • Keep smoking

    • That is laughable that wouldn’t even get Toronto in the same room as Karlsson’s Norris trophy at his house…. There’s no chance

      • how karlson ever got to be in the norris is beyond do you ever watch him in front of his own net check out last night brutal

  7. They can talk all they want about Brent Burns but everybody in their right mind knows Brent is not the best defenseman in the league Erik Karlsson is by a wide margin, he’s no Bobby Orr but reminds me a lot of Paul Coffey but better. The only questions I would ask at this time is how healthy is Erik,for the large influx of players coming back in return for his services along with Ryan how much is he going to cost? If I was a GM I would love to have him on my team but for the assets and price you’re going to pay in return I wouldn’t touch him. Just one man’s opinion. His heel is suspect he has never retained his skating speed from the first two or three years he was in this league. When he 1st got in the nhl he was easily the fastest skater, faster than McKinnon maybe on equal footing with Connor now even though he lost a step he’s still got be in the top ten still there are question marks!

    • Well we are all entitle to our opinion and mine is TB already has a better dman then Karlsson as does LA.

      • Caper: I guess you didn’t watch the playoffs last year or listen to Hedman over the last week. Karlsson has had an off-year with the surgery over the summer and missing training camp, but he is easily the best defenseman in the league when at his best. He should have four Norris trophies instead of only two.

      • Doughty is the best Dman in the league bar none.

      • I’ll give you Doughty is better this year and likely the Norris favourite, but he hasn’t been the last few years. I’d take Karlsson over Doughty every time.

      • uh… Jamie oleksiak… duh.

    • I wouldn’t argue that Karlsson is in the conversation for best defenseman in the league but I would reject that he is the best “by a wide margin.” The best offensively? Probably, though Burns has a case.
      The best all around? Doughty, Karlsson, Hedman, Burns…does Duncan Keith still come into this discussion? Who else would be considered in the discussion for best defenseman right now?

      • Check out Nashville and San Jose for great blueliners.

      • Dallas Klingberg!

    • Burns is a vastly better player than King Karl will ever be… HE can play forward at an elite level that alone puts him above him. He earned his Norris unlike King Karl who was awarded it much like PK Subban in the shorten season :). Burns is a freak of nature, he can score 20-30+ goals… He can play all types of games, while King Karl is undersized weak on defense. Burns was the best D-man at least a few years… Drew Doughty is probably the best overall D-man playing w/ trash like Forbort, Robyn Regehr even Scuderi when he was nearing 40 :). Coffey won Cups he is a much better D-man than Karl… King Karl wont help a team win a cup he might win a fantasy cup for somebody though :).

      King Karl is more likely to see his career end in an injury than win another Norris or score 30 goals ;). Playing on a crappy team its easy to wrack up numbers… He isn’t even better than Suter on Minnesota to be frank :). He can play 30-40 minutes a game without being a liability on defense for example. Hell Wild when he wasn’t on ice in playoffs when they were over matched it showed hardcore ;). I remember people wanting the “first black player” to be taken 1st overall instead of McKinnon… Glad the Avalanche didn’t listen to all that how Seth was supposedly a big Avalanche fan :). It worked out well for Predators after they traded him for a real player in Johanssen or whatever though ;).

  8. So I won’t pawn off Brendan Smith today …maybe…. but I will propose this =)

    to OTT: Jack Johnson & Jussi Jokinen

    to CMB: Oduya & Bobby Ryan (OTT retains $3m per year)

    With Karlsson probably leaving in the offseason they can get first crack at signing Jack and see if he is the guy to lead their young defensive core.

    CMB gets a winger they have been wanting. Ott’s retention of $3m puts his cap hit in the same line as what Jack’s was.

    Oduya fills in the gap and they can let him walk at the end of the year. He has playoff experience as well to help with this years run.

    • Jackets fan. I would actually really consider this deal. Seems decent.

      • Ryan’s production at 4.25M (if OTT retains 3M) is relatively reasonable.

        Does CBJ have a spot for him though? Is he an upgrade over their current Left Wings? Obviously not Panarin, but Jenner or Calvert?

      • Torts never picked Ryan for any of the USA teams he coached…no way Ryan goes to Columbus

      • He plays both RW & LW…slot him left or right side but on the 3rd line…..
        plenty of room and need for a winger not named Jokinen or Gerbe in CMB lol.
        He is a upgrade most definitely.

      • They’ve got Atkinson, Bjorkstrand and Anderson on the right side. He is not going to displace any of them and $4.25M is still too much to play 4th line.

      • DoubleMinor… agreed he is not supplanting the aforementioned, however, he can slot left side 3rd line. He adds value at that price point. 4.25 for 3 more years and all they gave up was a player that did not want to be there. It is a good move.

  9. If I was Toronto I’d be all in for Karlsson .. Yes I know trading within their own division isn’t smart but hey best deal wins … Toronto should give Marner, Kappanen , 1st round pick this year , Next years 1st round pick
    And maybe a Dman and that should do it and I see Toronto as a cup contender … Let’s be honest Marner isn’t the teams favourite player moving him to the fourth line a couple times … I’d like to see Matthews bumped to the fourth line lol riiiiggghhhttttt ….Marner will make mistakes he’s still young but that’s why I think Toronto would be a good fit for Karlsson since Ottawa would like him and Toronto aren’t in total love with him

    • Wow way too much Marner and a first is more than enough for karlsson especially after the year he had. There’s no evidence he’ll be the same player he was last season either. Leafs will never give up Marner or Matthews. Nylander maybe a few years down the line but not anytime soon. I’d just as well wait for a free agent or go with what we have than this craziness lol

      • wow… wouldn’t move marner or nylander for karlson? whoo boy

    • That is laughable, you pretend to be a Toronto fan?

  10. “New York Rangers could have interest in centers Brassard and Pageau” – this makes no sense whatsoever. Is he not aware that NYR are going the rebuilding route? Garrioch is a clown.

    • Agreed. Must be Eklund in disguise reporting that garbage.

    • Is he aware that’s why Rangers traded him to Ottowa in 1st place?

  11. TO needs a D-man that can play DEFENCE! Karlsson does not fit that description. He is great offensively, but not what the team needs. Not to mention the huge payday he’ll be looking for and what you’d have to give up to get him. No thanks. TO will keep drafting and maybe sign a D at the end of next year.

    • I have to say, prior to last year I didn’t have a ton of respect for Karlsson. After watching him against NY I did a 180. If not for Karlsson, NY was going to the ecf’s against Pittsburgh. NY dominated most of that series. Karlssons transition game was flawless. He made some amazing plays defensively, that ended up in NYs net from some amazing passes.

      I wouldn’t pay this man 10-12 per. But he is a lot better than most (including myself ) give him credit for.

      Hands down I take Doughty over him. But he is an amazing player.

      • you’re spot on. was thinking the same thing about him last night watching him play. yea, he’s kinda doggin it now, but without him, the Rangers get by the Sens.

  12. The idea that the Jackets could get a first round pick for overpaid and declining pending UFA Jack Johnson might be the most nonsensical rumor I have ever heard.

    He wants a trade because he’s not getting enough playing time because the coaches think he’s not good enough to get more ice time but he’s good enough to fetch a first round pick?

    Jarmo would have driven him to the airport like an Indy Car race if someone offered a first.

  13. Posting what I posted before.

    Karlsson is NOT leaving OTT.

    You guys are just going to have to take my word on this.

    “Benefit of the doubt”

    As for Tavares he is leaving the Islanders (from what I have heard in the off season)

    Have a good day

    • Well maybe John…… perhaps NYI GM Snow called GM Dorion and goes

      to OTT: Nelson, HoSang, Dal Colle, Clutterbuck, rights to DeHaan, & 1st and 2nd rd picks

      to NYI: Karlsson & JGP

      then sign JT long term right away and start long term negotiations with Karlsson on July 1st

      no-one knows till the contracts are signed… we all have equally guessing powers.

      • DoubleMinor….according to TSN he is set to skate practice again in Providence so perhaps he is a depth signing for BOS?? Much like Fisher for NSH. They probably want to gauge how fit he is before making a serious offer to an NHL team for a ready player. All due diligence by GM Sweeney.

      • They are claiming they are just helping him out, letting him work out so that he can hopefully get an NHL contract. I assume Boston will get first dibs if they want to sign him, though there are other lineups that I think he has a better chance to crack.
        Bottom line is he wants a Cup, Boston has as good of a shot as anyone I suppose.

    • There is no reason for Ottawa to trade Karlsson at the deadline, unless the team that’s getting him is assured that he will sign an extension with them.
      No matter what happens with Karlsson, as a hockey fan, I hope he recovers fully from last year’s injury. At his best, he is a marvel to watch.

    • thanks john.

      sorry lyle. John has spoken… no need to keep coming back here I guess.

  14. Alright let me try this stupid trade idea out on here. Karlsson and Ryan to Bug for O’Reilly(at 6.5), Kane(Sens spin him, makes money work now), Will Borgen and/or Brendan Guhle, 2018 2nd, 2019 1st

    How bad is that?

    • IF BUFF was further along I would say Karlsson would be someone BUFF would look into BUT Kane is a UFA and can walk on OTT….OTT also has Brassard and Duchene sa their top 2 centers where O’Reilly’s cap hit is more and does not bring significantly more production to the table than what they already have. Think BUFF is better off moving Kane for higher end prospects and hold on to Guhle who looks really good..really good.

      • I’d hate to Guhle moved just thinking OTT would want him. The idea of including Kane is that it frees up space for BUF and then OTT trades him for more. O’Reilly would fill the gap left by a Brassard trade while also being an improvement and BUF eats part of his hit. I think Karlsson added to Eichel moves you along rather quickly

      • Thanks for humoring my idea

    • Yeah But…

      What really is hindering BUFF was trading their back end away and giving contracts to Moulson and Okposo that do not give them flexibility. BUFF will spend to the cap as needed with Pegula as their owners. I just think Okposo( good player) was signed to a contract that is too long in length. If it were a 3 yr deal at his current $6m per then I would call it ok. Okposo would have turned down that offer but BUFF should have then walked away and looked at a more balanced roster. The previous signing of Moulson was scary to say the least. I understand how no-one wanted to come to BUFF and Moulson was someone willing ….BUT…..scarey. Another poor decision.

      I think they are on the right track now not chasing free agents. Good move snagging Scandella. Pominville and Moulson will be gone at the end of the year.

      I think mgt is working on building a culture first…and though losing stinks….they are finding who fits that “character” they want to build around. The mgt. will work on surrounding young Eichel (slightly immature but he is a good kid) and O’Reilly are the front 2 they will build around. They are stuck with Okposo….whom I believe will rebound next year. His injury was nothing to easily come back from.

      they need 1 more solid veteran defenseman who can skate to alleviate the matchups for Scandella and Risto.

      They need a solid 3rd line center to allow Reinhart to stay in wing and continue his development. They will be fine. It is more of getting the players to buy into the coach…. it has been a bad habit of that locker room for years….so some turnover is still coming. Not the coaches fault. coach and mgt. is using this season to analyze who wants to play and be there and who wants to play their way out the locker room door.

      all IMO

      never stop proposing. Lyle is great for allowing this forum for us to do so.

      • I know Kane gets a bad rap on this board but he’s putting up decent numbers on a team that can’t get out of their own end, he doesn’t play on the number one PP, he plays with speed and grit. I can only imagine what he might do on a good team with a couple line-mates that can keep up with him

  15. Vatarno to florida for a third round pick. Good deal, hope it works out for Frank, he’ll get a chance to play now.

    • caper…you a big bos fan? I saw him go…. was curious why ? i saw his stats and did not look good BUT that can be attributed situation deployment. I never get to watch BOS that often. Would it have been worth using him and a 1st for Grabner? Or Vatrano really is a plug in 4th liner?

  16. Ryan also played center in Anaheim when required.

    TO needs to stay away from Karlson. If they want a right Dman go for Tanev, or Demers sending Lievo and a pick or prospect. When their defense prospects mature Hainsey and whoever they get will be gone. If TO gets more serious a hockey trade like Gardner + for Carlo would make sense but hard to convince Boston to do that.

  17. Toronto fans keep preaching wait and wait. I get that its more fun to hope for the future than it was to be disappointed in the past but come on. hoarding youth and contracts is how shoskinov goes for a mid round pick. ELC’s are up soon! if there is a chance at a superstar anyone but Mathews should be up for discussion.

    • You make a lot of sense, Chrisms, but where are these superstars? I don’t see Ottawa making a deal with Toronto for Karlsson. Who else is there right now that puts the Leafs over the top? McDonagh? He’s one guy I’d be checking right now but that’s about it. This summer could be a different story.

      • MacD to Toronto for Marner and a 1st….Zucharello to Winnipeg for Roslovic and a 2nd…Nash to Preds for Tolvanen and a 3rd (2nd if he signs ext) Desharnais to Pitt for a 2nd.

  18. Close. Grabner to Pitt!! Lil

    • You got me on that is he really traded to Penguins I don’t see it on sites yet? Thought they already had a pretty fast team so that would make them even more lethal :).

      • Fake account was posted on BR. Grabs wasn’t traded

      • Thanks Slick I was checking a few sites wondering what was up :). He will probably get traded though its just not quite yet ;).

  19. Senators need to ship out King Karl while they can still get an over payment in return. He is only declining while getting even more injury prone. Ottawa is least 3-5 years away from even competing for a Cup or being a real threat in playoffs. They need to start rebuilding now from the NEt out. They are done in Net being elite, best to flip Karl ASAP. IF they can’t get a big return before the deadline they should try around the draft. Maybe they can get the 1st overall pick to take the so called franchise D-man.

    Tampa would be stupid to over pay for a guy like King Karl. He isn’t that great on defense so will likely cause them to lose. I see them signing Drew Doughty to play with Hedman when he leaves LA. So why not get Drew Doughty for nothing who is a vastly better player all around than King Karl will ever be while being bigger and stronger :).

    Islanders I don’t see trading for a goalie unless its Grubaur from Capitals since he has potential to be a #1. Raanta will probably get traded or leave as FA since they got Darcy signed after the awful trade LA made. Can’t believe how LA flips him for trash that isn’t even better than Carpenter who Vegas got off waivers for nothing from idiot Sharks. If SJ was smart they would have put washed up Ward on waivers send him down to AHL not Carpenter who they groomed for fair amt of time.

    I can’t wait for Monday to come so can be done with all this speculation. Kane has lost so much worth I’m thinking he goes for a 2nd rounder along w/ a player/prospect. Or like two 2nd round picks or maybe a 2nd rounder w/ a conditional 1st or 2nd rounder depending on how far team does/he does or if he is retained by the new team.

    I think Rangers would make out pretty well if they got Tolvanen or so from Nashville who played well for Finland. Germany has really impressed beating down Sweden. I swear they got like every former NHL player just waiting to see Marco STurm or so :). I was real glad to see Ehrhoff do well especially when looked like would be KO’d w/ a concussion. Olympics are much better without the NHL involved for hockey. Though in general these games the stands seem vastly empty. Even the gold medal game w/ the girls I think everybody in the arena was a family member or so :). I see rows of empty seats, up against the glass seems a few people are there. Maybe its for security or the way the arena was made. The men other than the North Korean cheerleaders seemed pretty barren too :).

    Spector must be a curling fan since he seemed to post this later. Was great to see USA beat Canada in that twice :). They never beat them prior in the Olympics or whatever. Curling is probably one of my favorite Olympic events that I’ll watch at times after NBC hockey games when its played real late :). I’m not really into the mixed though I like the straight female/male competitions :).

  20. History has shown that it’s a great idea to add extra defensemen at tradeline, Penguins lost 4 starting d men and still won the cup in 91 because they picked up extra NHL defensemen as insurance…my Sabres with cheap owner didn’t pick up any and had to play Carolina with 4 starting d men out and called up AHL scrubs a few playing first NHL games, we know how that ended.

    If Ottawa can get rid of Bobby Ryan that will be amazing, he is a loser.

  21. No Nash, No Grabner in Montreal tonight? Hmmmmmm

    • Nyr4life: Grabner was just traded to NJ (!) for 2nd round pick and defensive prospect Igor Rykov. Do you like the return?

      • happy with 2nd but do not know of Igor. He iappears listed as a #7 prospect in the system not playing in the NHL according to some website …but looking at other established websites I do not see him listed in the top 15.

      • You always want more. But it’s right on with expectations. I said yesterday judging his return was difficult. But thought he’d at least land a 2nd plus a prospect.

        Very strange trading partner? I’m wondering if this was a Grabner request? Because I don’t think NY and NJ have ever made a trade with each other?

      • Smart move. Grabner stays in area and hopefully Rangers can resign in offseason. 1st trade ever between two teams

      • Rykov plays with Shesterkin in khl. Read also other teams where also adding pretty much same. A 2nd and prospect. Rangers figuring Devils pick should be higher than other teams that where offering

      • Agreed, the devils could also end up outside looking in.
        I have a lot of respect for Grabner, but I don’t believe for one second he is the guy to push NJ over the top.

        I think there are 3 players that tip the balance in the east. Brassard, Karlsson and Mcdonagh. And I’m not convinced that one of them go at or before the deadline.
        And I say tip the balance in the east only if they’re moved to Pittsburgh, Boston or Tampa.
        One of these teams will more than likely end up in the scf’s.

  22. Devils made out getting Grabner for a pick likely to be from a playoff team… I had mentioned just yesterday about him ending up on Devils via trade or free agency :). I guess somebody was listening haha :)… I think I made a few mentions he could end up on NJ. Just sucks wish the Kings had made the deal for him instead of the stupid Darcy trade :(. This might be just enough to keep Devils in playoffs… Florida Panthers officially back in the race after getting a surprise win… Islanders blowing a win against Toronto. Panthers about 1-4 games less played than a few ahead of them in playoffs… So a 3 game win streak they are right back in the mix… I think CBJ will fall out, Islanders need Tavares to start scoring like Barzal or so :). Flyers I’d say are a bubble type team along with Devils though I think Penguins will stay in top 8.

    Congrats to Devils getting Grabner which helps their chances to make playoffs while advancing in them too. Also keeps him away from other rival teams. Even though I mentioned him going to Devils via trade or FA… I’m still a bit shocked had watched some of the Devils/Rangers game didn’t remember it mentioned. This first time Devils as the name Devils has ever made a trade w/ Rangers I think. Least he stays in the metro area since he must like the NY region to play for Isles/Rangers now Devils :). Now they need to send Nash there to reunite the Outsiders w/ Hall :).