NHL Rumor Mill – February 23, 2018

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Latest on Erik Karlsson, Ryan McDonagh, the Golden Knights, Canadiens and more in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Ottawa Senators are waiting to see if they’ll get offers from clubs with interest in defenseman Erik Karlsson. If they don’t receive any or none they deem acceptable, they’re willing to wait until this summer when teams have more salary-cap room and roster flexibility. Trade speculation remains regarding Senators forwards Derick Brassard, Mike Hoffman and Zack Smith, as well as defenseman Johnny Oduya.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports teams with interest in Karlsson had better be prepared to step up with a big offer. So far, only the Tampa Bay Lightning are considered a serious contender. Garrioch considers it a long shot that Karlsson gets moved by Monday’s 3 pm ET trade deadline because the Sens likely don’t have any tangible offers.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports the Nashville Predators could be one of the clubs that called the Senators to inquire about Karlsson. Given the Predators already have the best top-four defense in the league, LeBrun considers it unlikely they’ll land him, but points out Nashville general manager David Poile leaves no stone unturned. Noting the Lightning’s supposed interest in Karlsson, LeBrun doubts they’re willing to pay too much for the Senators captain and thinks they’d rather not draw too much from their current roster.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith reports Lightning GM Steve Yzerman said he doesn’t intend to deal from his current roster, “including young core players such as Brayden Point and Mikhail Sergachev”. That make the possibility of landing Karlsson at the trade deadline remote. Other possible trade targets for the Lightning could include New York’s Ryan McDonagh, Detroit’s Mike Green or Columbus’ Jack Johnson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Because Karlsson is signed through next season, the Senators don’t have to move him at the deadline. They can wait until the summer to get a suitable trade offer if they feel they cannot afford to re-sign him. As I’ve said before, it’s possible Karlsson could be traded, but there’s a lot of hurdles that must be overcome, including his modified no-trade clause, his $6.5-million annual cap hit and what’s expected to be a hefty asking price by the Senators. For a Cup contender like the Lightning who could be looking for additional blueline depth for the playoffs, acquiring a superstar such as Karlsson could come at the cost of losing depth elsewhere in the lineup. They could look at more affordable options now and revisit Karlsson’s trade status this summer. 

As many as five teams could have interest in New York Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh (Photo via NHL Images).


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Lightning, Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs have all contacted the New York Rangers about defenseman Ryan McDonagh. He adds a couple of other unnamed clubs are also believed keeping tabs on the Rangers captain. A source tells him the Rangers’ asking price will have to come down for the Bruins to go after McDonagh. Earlier in the day, LeBrun tweeted the Leafs aren’t on McDonagh’s no-trade list.

SPORTSNET:  Nick Kypreos acknowledged the speculation linking the Leafs to McDonagh but he believes they’ll knock on the door for Detroit’s Mike Green more than anyone else. Because McDonagh still has term on his contract he’ll be more expensive to acquire and can’t see them doing that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McDonagh’s situation is somewhat similar to Karlsson’s. He’s got another year left on his contract and the Rangers will seek a significant return, likely a good young NHL player, a first-round pick and a top prospect. If the Bruins want that asking price to drop, you can bet the Leafs and Lightning and anyone else interested in him expect the same thing. Like the Senators with Karlsson, the Rangers can afford to wait until this summer for better offers. 


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports the Vegas Golden Knights definitely aren’t sellers approaching the trade deadline and could become buyers. He believes Vegas GM George McPhee and his staff are examining all possibilities, but they could be unwilling to mortgage too much of their future for short-term gain. McKenzie also suggests they could be among the teams at least looking into the trade status of Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson.

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: Steve Carp reports McPhee isn’t likely to deal away any draft picks or prospects. He’s also aware of his club’s strong chemistry right now. If McPhee does make a move, Carp suspects it’ll be for some speed and scoring help on their bottom two lines. He notes Ottawa’s Derick Brassard, the Islanders Brock Nelson and Edmonton’s Mark Letestu are rumored to be available. If McPhee seeks blueline help, Detroit’s Mike Green and Columbus’ Jack Johnson could be had for perhaps a reasonable price.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McPhee’s sitting in a good situation right now. His team has exceeded expectations in its inaugural season and is a lock to reach the playoffs. He doesn’t have to swing a trade if he doesn’t want to. Still, I think he’ll look at making an affordable depth acquisition up front. Maybe he can peddle one of his little-used players if he’s unwilling to part with a draft pick or prospect. 


SPORTSNET: Eric Engels recently reported Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergervin has set a high asking price (“reportedly a first, a second, a prospect and a roster player”) for left wing Max Pacioretty. However, Engels believes he’ll settle for “a first-rounder and a prospect who projects to be a top centre.” Pacioretty’s been linked to the St. Louis Blues, Florida Panthers and Calgary Flames. Engels speculates the Carolina Hurricanes, New York Islanders and Winnipeg Jets could also take a serious look.  As for other Habs potentially on the trade block, Engels thinks Tomas Plekanec could be a good fit with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like Karlsson and McDonagh, Pacioretty is signed through next season. The only difference is he lacks a no-trade clause. Still, Bergevin doesn’t have to move Pacioretty at the deadline. He can afford to wait until this summer if he believes he’ll get a  better offer.

As for Plekanec, Cap Friendly indicates he carries a $6 million cap hit this season. The Penguins don’t have a lot of salary-cap room, even if the Habs agreed to pick up half. 

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Luke DeCock reports Carolina Hurricanes GM Ron Francis is unlikely to make a big move by the trade deadline. The Hurricanes haven’t proven themselves competitive enough to overpay for a big-name rental player and doesn’t have any expiring contracts that would be worth much to contenders.




  1. I think getting Max would be worth that package over other players currently on the market. Vegas might try to ship some guys like Garrison or others who don’t figure into their plans… They did well claiming Carpenter on waivers which might be a better pickup than any they can get in a trade. I’d be surprised if some of those teams mentioned end up getting King Karl…

    Islanders I think should keep Brock NElson he had a hat trick not long ago… Islanders probably need some defense work though its hard to say w/ all their injuries. Kings I think might make a deal shipping out Forbort or Martinez since they loaded at left shot D-men. They lost a rough game to Dallas so I think they will miss playoffs… Especially after making the bad trade moving Darcy…

    Well least they should play Germany vs. Canada as the game of the day today :). I think GErmany blew it a bit not scoring on that 5 minute major… Now it will be dicey as its 4-3, for a team that hasn’t won in regulation… Shame they don’t do the Olympic Hockey like curling where every team plays each other… Would have been nice to see USA vs. Canada among others… Canada was lucky to have South Korea or it would have been ugly ;).

    IF they had the round robin then the top 8 could play in the next round for the medal rounds… While the bottom 4 could play for their seeding giving them a chance to maybe win a game or two if didn’t get any :).

    • As a GermanAmerican even against that Canada lineup it was a great victory. Brule rarely went in a corner during his NHL time and gives a head shot…that was poor gameplay. Russia should win easily but I thought Canada would too

      • ds I was real impressed by Germany when saw them vs. Sweden… The 1st game when they lost 1-0 had a really good tempo/flow. I couldn’t believe it, I actually flipped to the other game to see if it was just the bigger ice or whatever… Then I was like wow this German team is vastly better than I ever remember them being.

        When I was growing up before the NHL players were in Olympics… I think it was East Germany who kept icing the puck getting a delay of game penalty. It was like 10 minutes of them icing the puck or something before they got a penalty. So to see them bring it like they did this entire tournament is really stunning :).

        Canada is lucky to be playing for medal having a good seed for the South Korean beating :). Finland was a bit tired from beating South Korea or losing to Sweden. CZE wont be easy in the Bronze, nor do I think Germany will just get blown out. Russia would have probably tried to hang 8 or 9 on Canada for revenge… Though I think Germany will make it a lot closer than expected it would be tough to win though.

        Yeah that Brule shot was stupid and wrong. I think even the female Canada team had a head shot on the USA player that didn’t even get a penalty in their game. I find this format more exciting than NHL sending ringers personally :). Even like Slovenia getting some wins or Norway was nice to see. Marco STurm is an amazing coach to get them to buy into a system like this too…

  2. There is no latest on Erik Karlsson and Ryan McDonagh. At least we will be able to park this after Monday.

    Detroit’s Mike Green or Columbus’ Jack Johnson should be genuine targets

    Every team talks about every player every day.

    Grabner for a 20 yr old D suspect – not prospect ( 5th round selection) and a second is quite reasonable and has set the market for UFA

    • Rykov plays with top Ranger goalie prospect Shesterkin now. It is not a bad move to get a 3rd pairing defensemen who could help Shesterkin transition to the NHL easier.

  3. So for the Lightning, at least, and probably several others, it’s “what can I get for a pick and a prospect?” For teams that want to move players and have been overasking, we now have a high-stakes game of chicken. Since a few are likely to bend under pressure the last couple of hours before the deadline should be fun this year, especially if someone turns over a domino with four hours to go and the other GM’s feel fan pressure to keep up. So, what can I get for a 1st (that’s close to a second) and a good Junior player??? that’s where the filed of play seems to be. bye bye blockbusters

    • I don’t care who the return is(unless it’s McDavid or Mathews or Laine) there is absolutely no reason the Lightning should even consider moving Sergachev or Point. That’s a future 1/2dman and a future 1/2 centre. Those are the 2 most coveted positions and they are under team control for at least 5 more years. Moving them for an older player like Karlsson is so short sited. There were Pens fans that wanted to trade Sprong for 2 months of Grabner. Thank god Rutherford was not among them. As it turned out we could have got Grabner for Connor Hall and a third. Any time a GM is thinking about trading a young potential future star someone should just say the word “Erat” and hopefully they snap out of it. I can’t handle another Marcus Naslund blunder.

      • Losing a first and Gustavsson hurts big time but at least it’s not just a rental. Still getting the best centre available and keeping Sprong is the best news ever. Look out NHL! Maybe trade Hornqvist for a first round pick back?

  4. This is totally unconfirmed but keep hearing that the Lightning offered of first rounder of their choice in the next two drafts,Cal Foote, Boris Katchouk, Taylor Raddysh and Brett Howden to loan Karlsson for the next two seasons, with Karlsson’s salary spit by Ottawa and Tampa to get them through to the playoffs, and the Lightning were sending one the big slug defenders to Ottawa…the offer was put on the table a week ago, after the Lightning rejected a request for Yanni Gourde, Mikhail Sergachev, or Brayden Point.
    We have all heard the rhetoric, but if there is any semblance of truth behind restocking the Senator’s for a loaner seems fantastic, but nonetheless this was chatted up in the office of the management.

    • So all of the Bolts players taken in the 1st and 2nd round the last 2 years and a 1st this year?

      Sounds pretty made up. I think the Sens would take that for sure though.

    • If there is any truth to that with the Sens having some form of agreement that he’ll resign in Ottawa as a UFA in a couple years, the Sens would have to think long and hard about that offer. I’m not sure about what defenseman with a decent salary could come back though. All of their higher paid defensemen have NTC’s.

      • There’s no such agreement that he’ll resign in Ottawa in a few years. If anything bridges are being burned as we speak and the flames are rising high.

        I doubt any deal is consumed between the lightning and Ottawa that doesn’t involve sergachev.

        This is the current bull that o keep hearing from fans of different teams regarding trading for kalrsson. “No we won’t include our best prospects or a good NHL player. Here’s a bunch of guys that may one day be too 6 or top 9 with a potential top 4.”
        Sorry kids but if you think you can lure the best D man in the game you are gonna have to part ways with some pretty fantastic pieces.
        I’m looking at you, all the leafs and lightning proposals. Its laughable
        Wake up armchair GM’s, you can do better with your time.

  5. McDonough is the ‘type’ of two way D man the Leafs need over the long-term. He has good size & is a consistently solid ‘plus’ player.
    But it sounds like the asking price is too steep.
    It wouldn’t surprise me to see him end up with Tampa Bay.

    • I agree that McD is the type of defenseman that Toronto needs; I also would say that every other team needs a defenseman like him haha…he is a difference maker in all situations.

  6. The NYR have already said they will not dress Rick Nash tonight against Minnie. Personally I think that’s unfortunate, as there is 5 teams fighting for two wild card spots in the west with Minny holding the first one. Other then not putting your best players on the ice gives Minny an advantage in the game and I believe the other 4 teams have a right to be upset.
    I’m not saying NYR are doing anything wrong but the optics from a fair competition to all teams involved does not have a good look.

    • He is not their best player. He sits 5th on the team in PTS. I would surmise that the other teams recognize Nash will be traded and respect the Rangers’ position and not risking him being injured. The GMs fully understand. They will not be upset. They would do the same the 10 out of 10 times themselves. Grabner was held out last night and subsequently traded.

      • I thought there was something in the rule book that stated a team had to dress their best available, most competitive lineup, and that the rule was kind of just overlooked near the trade deadline.

        A google search didn’t find any such rule though, does one exist or did I pull it out of thin air?

      • Agreed, why would NY risk him for the sake of the western conference standings?

        Personally I think they should have pulled the plug on l of these players long ago.

        I’m not risking assets in order to help out the standings. Especially considering the list of Injuries ny has been dealing with over the last month.

        They’re 2-9 over the last 11, with Grabner and Nash playing every game until last night.
        Would Nash be the difference maker tonight playing with broken lines and a bunch of Ahl players?

        My guess is Nash is gone before Sunday.

      • There is definitely no such rule. And that would be absolutely impossible to monitor. What’s to say a coach doesn’t feel x player is a better option than Y player against certain teams or matchups?

        And how would that explain good players being benched or scratched because of a hiccup in the last game ?

        All of these other teams that have pulled a full on tank, why shouldn’t NY be able to do the same?
        Good for them!

      • Double Minor… You deserve a 10 minute game misconduct.

        Leafs tank= Grand Master ShanaPlan
        Any other team tanks= unfair and against the rules? If there isn’t one, let’s make it up?

      • bcola…as long as I can take a nap that’s fine by me.

        Bruins fan here by the way…

      • The difference with NYR is they are not tanking. Have you had a chance to watch their games? They are still starting Hank as much as possible and only when they are getting blown out do they pull him mid 3rd period so we can get a little bit of extra rest to start the following night or next game. AV is trying to win. Staal just started last night after returning from injry. If they were tanking …they would sit him out longer. Vesey had a concussion and AV got him in right away. NYR are actually suiting up their best roster. Kreider and Shatts are still injured. Smith is worse than any defenseman they have in the lineup. Gorgy suited up to rest Hank so Hank can play Minny tonight. Nash is being traded and the proposed teams probably asked NYR to not have him play so NYR can maximize return. MacD did have an injury….he had a few this season….. so resting him, for a game or two, to be injury free for a potential trade is not TANKING either.

        NYR actually is trying to compete ironically while other teams clearly tank.

        To your point about best possible roster….. tell that to Gary Bettman and AZ…who have not iced a good product for a decade. NYR have and still compete. =)

    • All teams do this. Why would we risk getting akey trade piece hurt just to keep fair play? Look st the nfl, last 2 werks guys are held out just to dtay healthy fir post season..

  7. Lyle, as of late I been having difficulties typing in your comment section, as the processing is delayed and long. Thought it was my laptop but also have the same issue with the one I use at my place of work.

  8. Nobody seems to talk about McDonough being hurt. Abdominal tear and back prob!ems this year don’t much sound like a guy ready for a long playoff run.

    • I suspect that his current “injury” will be much better after the trade deadline…regardless of what uniform he is wearing.

      • DoubleMinor… i was thinking the same thing regarding his “injury” Think the Rangers were playing a bit of catch up to the bottom a tad in the race for Dahlin & Tkachuck.

      • The Rangers win the Dahlin sweepstakes AND sign Tavares. I wish

      • NY hasn’t had a #1 overall in over FIFTY YEARS! This includes traded picks. I’m not holding my breath this year. Meanwhile,Edmonton, have racked up how many over the last 7-8?

    • Where has any of that been reported? He’s actually skating and day to day.

      I’ve literally seen nothing other than ” upper body injury ” how does that go to abdominal tear and back issues?

      Unless you’re his medical trainer, this seems pulled out of thin air.

      • He’s doktordave I’m sure he’s qualified. Hahaha!

      • Hahaha I just noticed that before reading your post!

        In all seriousness, these kind of posts are the worst.
        Well these and “I have a friend who’s best friends with Karlssons sisters Aunts , great grandmothers , cousins, baby daddy’s hairdresser, who heard…..

        If you can’t put a source to it, it’s usually bs.

      • NYR4Life. I don’t know how you do it? The way you handle all these comments with a grain of salt mentality is exceptional. I am sure you’re sick of the Ranger bashing here from the team to the players especially Nash. I watched Nash from when he played JR. in London and when in Detroit during his Columbus tenure. All around great player, has he lost a step? Sure is he still Good? Yes. Is he worth a 1st overall pick? We will find out shortly. I believe he is! Anytime you want to rational discuss hockey let me know.

      • I used to get angry. But after a while you just get used to it.
        There are informed contributors here. And then there’s the ones that simply can’t see past the team they cheer for every day.

        And the people want to use the 1% as the standard around the NHL. I.e., “he’s no Crosby, Mcdavid, Doughty” etc. how do you even begin to argue with insane thought process?

        Now I just stick with okay, Nash is worth a 4th rounder at best, a bag of pucks, while a player like Jarry is worth Mcdavid and 4-1st round picks. “We’ll see”

  9. Would it make sense for the Oilers and Sens to talk about a Draisaitl plus for Karlsson trade? Or would this move create to big of a hole at centre for the Oilers and to big of a hole on defence for the Sens?
    After Bob Nichols comments about the Oilers defence last week I am thinking the Oilers will try to make a move for a top d-man this offseason.

    • That being said, I really don’t see the Sens trading Karlsson. D-men like him can’t be replaced easily and teams who are trading the star player usually lose the trade.

      • Yeah kevjam, I couldn’t see the Sens parting ways with a franchise Dman but with the lunatic in the CEO chair it’s quite possible the unthinkable could happen.
        I think it would have to start with Draisaitl to get kalrsson out of Edmonton. Probably another Dman and a pick too.

        Whatever happens, there would be holes in the line-ups.
        It’s how they address those holes after.
        Karlsson and McDavid on the same team though… that’s kaaaaarayzeeee!

    • No it would not make sense . 1 year of karlsson at 6.5 for 7 years of draisaitl at 8.5 , I wouldn’t do it straight up , let alone with additional pieces the sens are looking for in a return . If karlsson had term or an extension was included it could make sense but I don’t like it .

      • What I was thinking is that if Karlsson doesn’t have Edmonton on his NTL then they would be able to sign him long term. Also Draisaitl’s contract is about what it will take, or a little cheaper, to resign Karlsson. So the Sens would benefit their with their self-imposed salary cap (if they still have it).
        I highly doubt it will happen, but it’s fun to talk about.

    • Would you trade a 20 year old Malkin for a 30 year old Pronger knowing what you know now? That is what, potentially, that trade would look like 10 years from now.

      • Well actually we are talking about a 27 year old Karlsson (28 in May) for a 22 year old Draisaitl. Also Pronger and Karlsson are 2 different types of d-men. Pronger played a far more physical game.

      • But Pronger was the top dman I can think of from when Malkin was Leon’s age. At this point I don’t see Karlsson having a bigger impact than Leon on the Oilers and Leon is still improving and EK is a finished product and going to decline sooner than later(although it seems like the decline age needle has moved quite a bit in the last 20 years. I don’t remember 30 year old Gretzky having the impact that 30 year old Crosby still has. That’s science and technology and diet and training evolving before our eyes.)

  10. Montreal should sniff out any young player like Domi in Arizona send Shaw there …. Montreal needs to trade Shaw, Pleckanec…. Patches only if you get a 1st round pick next year since this year is weak on Centres and A very high end Prospect
    And another prospect with potential Besides that not really interested ….

    Now can someone here tell Marc Bergevin to tell his players to stop playing and winning games … I’m getting really fed up of seeing points added to the standings … It grinds my gears seeing them win for no reason .. Do you think the fans are coming to see you win noooooooo we want you to loose … Montreal can’t do nothing right they can’t even loose right they win games that need to be lost … I swear to god if we don’t finish in the bottom 4 I will stop watching Montreal games and X out hockey for the next 5 years

    • Frank…I pray and hope a GM never tells his players to tank. Builds a poor culture in the room. Very toxic. They will then use it as a default every time things go wrong. They shut down Price. That alone will cause some loses….but a GM and Coach wants only winners in the locker room and never players who give up. I would argue this is the time to find out who is trying…stays…who gives up…gets traded away.

      and yes Plekanec should go at the deadline and not be resigned in the summer as is rumored. (ugh MB should be canned if he resigns him)

      yes in the off season Andrew Shaw and Patches should be traded as well. I argue that Petry & Schlemko should be too.

      Play their youth and grow. Carey wins games on his own while playing with slow footed over 30 Dmen…he can do the same with faster skating younger Dmen.

      • I disagree as a player you know even if you win it means nothing only hurts your club for the future… I do not believe that it will affect your team to the point where it’s toxic … it’s to the same point as loosing a game as a Pro you put it behind you and play the next one … I say there’s always next year so tank and forget about it …..
        Also agree Petry has been stepping it up and could get something good for him he is a 2nd pairing Dman …. I’d also go after 2 Dman that are UFA this year …. C.Da hann , J. Carlson I’d shoot 5-8 million each
        Get rid of Petry and I’d also go after Hornquvist and JVR especially if Taveres is off the board…… Even if we are over the cap we just trade out players to get back under before the season starts ….

  11. Did Bailey just sign a 6yr/$5m per? that is what I am hearing but did not see it on TSN yet….

    • Yes. Done deal.

      • Well now we know JT will re-sign on the Island. I have been waiting to see how they handled and treated Bailey after letting Okposo go last go around. Great move by NYI to lock up JT’s successful linemate,. If they can secure depth on the backend for both this run and long term at the deadline…it’ll be another move showing JT they want him.

        I see JT resigning in the off-season now.

      • IMO NYI needs a true starting goalie. Halak and Greiss are not the answer.

  12. Alright, I have to ask.
    A 2020 7th round pick for Fehr? Is the draft expectations that deep the next 2 years that GMs are holding tight to 7th rounders? Hahahaha

    • So much for teams not giving up first round picks…this trade will set the market for Nash and maybe Kane.

    • How is that good? A high 1st round pick, a 19 year old goaltender ( we know how unusual goaltenders develop, and work out) and Ian Cole?

      I have a sneaking suspicion, there won’t be many people echoing your sentiment here.

      • What more would you have expected Brassard to go for?

      • This is not a great trade for Ottawa. They should have gotten Sprong instead of Gustavsson and Sprong is pretty close to a sure thing. Gustavsson is still years away from being in the NHL. Cole won’t get much more than a 3rd round pick.

      • Considering he has another full year on his deal? A lot! More than an UFA 3rd pairing d-man and 2 question marks.

        You are 100% alone here ( other than Pittsburgh fans)

        Nobody is seeing this as a good deal.

      • I meant to say “as Sprong is pretty close to a sure thing”. If they wanted a goalie back, Jarry should have been the target and try to move Condon in a separate deal now or in the summer.

      • I’d like to think GM’s end up trading a key asset like Brassard for the best deal possible, but I have a hard time believing they couldn’t get more than what the Pens offered. This does not give me confidence in the return the Sens will get for other trade chips. Further, it makes them even worse going into next year as they didn’t get any players that will be on next season’s roster when they likely won’t have their 1st round pick.

      • Hagelin is probably pretty happy too. Reunited with his old buddy. Maybe they can swing a deal for Zuccarello now too? Lol. He’s probably feeling a little left out at the moment.

      • agreed…..horrendous deal for OTT. They could have gotten more in the summer at the draft. That 1st rd pick is like a 2nd based on how deep Pitts goes. Why would they not ask for a 2nd , in addition, in the deal? my goodness.

        Sorry to OTT fans =( I thought AZ fans have it bad =(

  13. This is the delusional Leaf fan message board trade proposal of the year, and I quote “The Leafs could really use Manson off the Ducks. The Ducks have goaltending issues right now(they do??) so how about Picard, their choice(oh what a choice!) of Polak or Carrick, and a second round pick(!!!!)? That would give the Leafs a top pairing of Reilly and Manson.” You can’t make that crap up. That’s worse than every Brendan Smith proposal on this site put together. Leaf fans you are a rare breed.

    • I do not know…
      my Smith trees have some “character” to them ….


  14. And as I typed that the Penguins just made a trade that will all but ensure a three-peat!!!!!!!!!!