NHL Rumor Mill – February 3, 2018

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In today’s NHL rumor mill, we combine some of Sportnet’s top-20 rental players with TSN’s Tradecentre “Match Game”. 

SPORTSNET: Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane sits atop Rory Boylen’s unsorted list of this season’s top-20 rental players who could be traded by the Feb. 26 NHL trade deadline. TSN’s Frank Seravalli lists the Pittsburgh Penguins, San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks as three possible matches.

Could the Penguins, Sharks or Canucks pursue Sabres winger Evander Kane at the trade deadline? (Photo via NHL Images)

Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford “would like to add an impact winger with scoring punch along with a much-needed third line centre”. The Sharks are believed interested in Kane but lack second- and third-round picks this year. While they have the cap space next season to re-sign Kane, it’s believed they’re saving it for a possible pursuit this summer of John Tavares. The Canucks have been long-rumored to have interest in Kane, but the only reason to acquire him via trade now is if they intend to re-sign him. Otherwise, it would make sense to pursue him as a free agent in July. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres reportedly seek four assets, including a promising young roster player, in return. They’re not going to get that much. Still, you can’t fault them for trying. The Pens and Sharks could use more scoring but their focus appears more on landing a center than a winger. If the Canucks remain interested in Kane I expect they’ll wait until this summer to go after him. 

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Mike Green could be a good fit with clubs seeking a puck-carrying, second-pairing blueliner who can also be a power-play specialist. Boylen feels he shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to acquire. Seravalli lists the Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals as possible matches.

Lightning GM Steve Yzerman seeks a second-pairing rearguard with a right-handed shot. Green could be a right-shot d-man that Leafs coach Mike Babcock wants, but paying a significant price to get him only makes sense if they re-sign him. If Vegas GM George McPhee looks to tinker with his lineup, he knows Green better than most. Green could also bring experienced depth to the Capitals, but GM Brian MacLellan could be skittish about another big deadline move after the Kevin Shattenkirk deal last season failed to pan out. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boylen’s colleague Elliott Friedman also lists Tampa Bay and Washington as possible destinations for Green. I’d keep an eye on Yzerman at the deadline, as he could bolster his roster for a Stanley Cup run. If the asking price for Green isn’t too expensive, the Leafs might be interested. McPhee could tinker but I’m not sure he’ll set his sights on an expensive rental. As for the Capitals, that depends on whether Green will his no-trade clause to return to Washington and if head coach Barry Trotz feels he’ll be a worthwhile addition. 

Boylen considers New York Rangers winger Michael Grabner as the most under-appreciated contributor on the market, noting his 20 even-strength goals sits fourth among NHL scorers this season. Noting Grabner’s speed and penalty-killing ability, he suggests the winger could be a more affordable deadline acquisition for San Jose or Pittsburgh.

Seravalli also suggests the Penguins as a destination, along with the Calgary Flames and Colorado Avalanche. He notes six of Grabner’s goals were empty-netters, but also thinks he could benefit playing alongside the Avs playmakers and has the speed and skills to fit in with the Penguins. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Grabner’s ability to play at either wing could make him a decent addition on the right side for the Flames. The Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla wonders if Avalanche GM Joe Sakic will turn to the trade market for help with superstar center Nathan MacKinnon currently sidelined. If the Sharks can’t find a decent center at the deadline, perhaps they could look to bolster their offensive depth on the wing with an affordable addition such as Grabner. 

Boylen considers Edmonton Oilers left wing Patrick Maroon as a physical net presence who could complement a skillful top-two center. Having seen some second-line duty this season, Maroon’s proven he can still be offensively effective away from Connor McDavid. He could prove a worthwhile option for teams that miss out on more notable scorers at the deadline. Seravalli proposes the Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues as potential matches. 

The Wild could use some depth at left wing and Maroon played for Minnesota coach Bruce Boudreau during their years in Anaheim. Predators GM David Poile will stop at nothing to improve his club’s chances for another run at the Stanley Cup but the question is whether Preds coach Peter Laviolette would be interested. The Blues are shopping for a top-six winger and Maroon could be a fit along center Paul Stastny. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After giving up a lot last season to Arizona for playoff bust Martin Hanzal, Wild GM Chuck Fletcher might be reluctant to swing a significant deadline deal this year. If the asking price isn’t steep, maybe he’ll kick the tires on Maroon. Poile could also pursue him but the Predators GM might be targeting bigger fish. The Blues need affordable scoring depth and Maroon could be a fit there. 

Vancouver Canucks left wing Thomas Vanek could also be a target of contenders in need of offense, but Boylen notes he needs sheltered minutes and doesn’t contribute on defense. He also wonders if the Canucks might re-sign him because of his chemistry with rising young star Brock Boeser. Seravalli suggests the Sharks, Anaheim Ducks and Columbus Blue Jackets as possible destinations. 

Ducks GM Bob Murray seeks a scoring winger for his second or third lines. Vanek could help a stalled Blue Jackets club whose offense sits 25th overall. Vanek might look good alongside Sharks captain Joe Pavelski. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vanek’s status remains uncertain. If the Canucks feel they can’t get him re-signed to a reasonable short-term deal, they’ll move him at the deadline. Despite Vanek’s offensive skills, he has a reputation as a soft player. Yes, he had decent playoff numbers, but there’s a perception he comes up small in big-game situations. 



  1. If Vanek helps the Jackets just make the playoffs, he’d be a very good addition. If, of course, the price is right.

    • Agreed. All a question of cost for me as well. If he can be had for a 2nd & a suspect prospect; Motte type, I’m in to. Could play 3rd line RW & see 2nd line PP time.

    • I think the Canucks would take a second and a long-shot prospect (or a second and a fourth/fifth) for Vanek. Maybe even just a second.

      Some are suggesting he’ll only fetch a third. If that’s the best offer, the Canucks should re-sign him.

      • All the Wings got last year for Vanek was McIlrath (his contract was up) and a 3rd round pick and they picked up half of Vanek’s salary too so i wouldn’t expect much for him. Teams don’t seem too interested in paying much for him.

  2. The Kane deal is this trade deadlines hardest deal to make for the buying GM.
    Kane will hold no loyalty to the club that traded for him ro care less that it took 3 – 4 assets to get him. Come the off season he will simply go to the highest bidder that has the best opportunity for him and the money may just be the simple decision making factor.
    That team who traded for him will most likely not bet the team who retains him and the 4 assets given will then be wasted. The price is too high for the return now and then…no guarantee he is even able to help or fit in with the new team…add all of this and the fact that Pacioretti is also a left winger and may be a more dedicated and controlable asset for a lesser cost who has way better leadership skills may be the better option.

    Having watched the Pens – Caps game last night GREEN is a big missing piece on that the Caps team that could have used as a game changing player such as him in such a tight game, when the other team is skilled or on a power play..the Caps could really use this guy back!

    As in post yesterday …I think the best Left Winger for the Blues is Pacioretti not Maroon …this team isn’t in a TRY AND WIN now …they are in a WIN NW mode ..Maroon is not a win now player ..Pacioretti is and will be a real problem for opponents on the Left side opposite of Tarasenko on the PP …the Blues achilles heel is the Left side right down the line up…they have the assets to make the deal and can move the money as well..and need this impact player! !

    • That’s the risk any team takes when trading for a UFA, this isn’t unique to Kane. He has earned his right to sign wherever he wants, it maybe for opportunity or money or it maybe the combination of both.
      Will be interesting to see what Buffalo gets in return.

    • Agree don’t see Kane getting 4 assets as a rental. Most smart GMS are starting to hold onto picks and prospects. Pacioretti is signed for another year and I think is a better player overall including leader.

    • I wonder if Kane presumably gets traded were he ends up, and if anyone ponies up his asking price!

    • If I were Kane I’m going to the team that gives me the best opportunity to play 1st line minutes & PP time at or near the best monies who at least has playoff capabilities. That’s allot of potential teams & the # of bidders significant. I would wager 6 to 6.5 mil per for 6 or 7 years. If I’m bidding for Kane I’m waiting till July 1, well discussion week anyway.

      I don’t like Patches for StL due to current contract with UFA status a little over a year out & future salary demands, I prefer Hoffman if their buying such, better yet a cheaper rental as I’m don’t want to see them sacrifice significant prospects. No harder Div to get out of in Hockey come playoff time, Metro is tough but not this tough, Nas, Win, Min, Dal you will need to get buy 3 of those teams to get to the cup. Good luck with that, although the same for all those teams with StL.

      The Schenn centering Schwartz & Tarasenko line is being put back together today. This line was dominant when together before Schwartz went down. Curious to see how the other lines shake out. I’d prefer to see Steen returned to the #2 LW spot but that creates a hole on the right side. I’d move Thompson there & have a look.

      • IF Kane was a 1st line player he would be playing first line minutes. The odds of him playing on the top line are a lot less on a playoff team… If he can’t even play top line in Buffalo what is left the Coyotes :)? Best he can really hope for is 2nd line with PP time for a post season contending team. Maybe a weaker team struggling on offense like Sharks or Kings would give hem a better chance. I don’t think he would even crack the top 2 lines on a team like Islanders for example. A team that rolls 4 lines might be his best bet to play on 3rd line instead of against the best D-pair/forward line combo.

        I think Max would fit best in LA, patches are what you put on jackets or ripped jeans ;). Sharks would be another option for him to do well. Though not sure either of those teams has enough to get him. Least LAK has made a few trades w/ Montreal like Dwight King or getting Mitchell :).

    • THE Penhions dont need evander kane especially not at the price buffalo is asking..we have hornqvist, Kessel, Sheary, rust, Guentzal, Simon, Hagelin is on fire since the calande turned 2018, just called up Zack anton FReeze..

      Tomas plekanics makes sooo much sense… MONTREAL RETAINS 50% salary we give them ian cole and a third round pick…

    • Caps need left handed defenceman to play with Carlson, pair of Orpik and Bowey is pretty much set. But Djoos is not top four defenceman yet. McDonagh, Hjalmarson or Jack Johnson will suit nicely. If they had capspace they would like to acquire Green too to play with Orpik and on the powerplay.

  3. Doesn’t Vanek get traded at every deadline.

    IF Kane will sign with VCR they should offer Vratanen and a second. That’s it. Otherwise I do not believe any team is going to give much. Not 4 assets with a good young roster player for sure. Kane had 2 points in January and none in Feb so far.

    Green will workout far better on the right team.

    • If Van is interested as is being rumoured wait till the summer bid only having to pay cash no other assets.

    • Why would Vancouver give up assets for a UFA? Better to move a vet or two and give some prospects NHL games to gauge their progress, use draft picks to draft players, and look for reasonable UFA pick-ups in the off-season. I think the Sedins will probably be re-signed to short contracts, but the team will want to get a better sense of that as it affects everything else.

  4. Blues need RWers not more LWers.

    • really surprised to hear this from a Blues fan…Shwartz is always hurt …Upshall was on the verge of retirement at the start of the season but Fabri got hurt ..you have Tarasenk and Steen 2 of the top right wingers in the game that you can have with a cap system …but they have no real impact left wingers as of right now and maybe into next season.
      IMO …if you create a secondary threat to offset Tarasenko you leave the opposition in a quandry on who to cover at times and will give your top line and 2nd line way more space out there to make plays and score…no one scares me down your Left side going into a playoff run …


      When Pacioretti is playing with top players and has open space he has arguably one of the best shots in the league one on one and can be a Phil Kessel type scorer for the Blues…id take him instead of anyone you have on the Left wing right now any where in the organization ..regardless if he is a Hab …everyone critsized Phil Kessel in Toronto and now hes being talked about as a Hart candidate this year in Pitt ….
      Pacioretti can have the same impact on St Louis ,,IMO

    • I agree. The Blues, as currently constructed, are pretenders. They need a right shot forward with jam in their mix. It would change the whole dynamic of their lineup.

      • I think Maroon would be a great addition to the blues, who are weak on the left side.

        His grit, net front presence and silks smooth mits will net a solid return for the oilers!

        As TB indicated, hes the darkhorse of the trade deadline!

      • Just to put it more in prospective …Duchene who also shoots left and was a top line center who played with a McKinnon and Landeskog LMAO had 1 season with 30 goals …Max has had 5 30 + campaigns 1 year with Radulov and no one else !

        He is also ranked 22 nd in the League over the past 5 years as best players and points.

        At $4.5 million for next year and the remainder this year is GOLD.

        Is there a player who has produced more for the money in the league outside an entry level contract and hes only 29?

      • I think their contenders but even getting out of the 1st round will be brutal in the Central. Your drawing Win or Nas in round 1? That’s ridiculous & should they lose to either of those teams that doesn’t mean they weren’t a contender but a victim of the NHL’s stupidity with this bracket formula they introduced come out of the lock out.

        Does anyone here like this format? I haven’t found a single person I ask who does so curious as to who the NHL asked. 1 should play 8, 2-7, etc., reseeding after each round.

      • I agree kal patches will get more than duschene when traded, patches even plays the pk well! If he is traded at the deadline he will get the most of anyone trade with the cheap cap hit he has for next year

      • Yes, that’s right. I’ve heard several dozen times that he is the Darkhorse of the trade deadline and anybody should be able to get him for a thirdround pick.

      • The only reason Col was able to acquire the assets they did was due to the 3 way trade with Turris moving to Nas. Unlikely Patches returns the same as Duchene due to this dynamic.

      • To Kal El: Pacioretty’s contract and performance have been very good. You asked if anyone else has produced at that value – I’d mention 29-yr-old Wayne Simmonds (he’s in 5th year of a 6-year contract at $3.975 m).

      • Simmonds is another one but I don’t think philly will be sellers by the deadline

    • I agree. Steen historically has played LW, Berglund & Svoboda if not forced to play C, LW’s as well.

      I just posted the same above basically. I would like to see Steen returned to his #2 LW spot & that opens up a #2 RW spot that they don’t have an ideal player to fill. Try Thompson, perhaps slide Barbeshev over, bring up another prospect.

      Ideally trade for a player who is a natural RW, a trade that may not appear obvious nor have even been discussed in StL to date. A player like say Nyquist in Det?

  5. Winning streaks sure change urgency levels.

    What line is this impact winger the Pens are supposedly trying to acquire going to play on? I see no spots. I see no holes, right now.

    Heck, even Riley Sheahan has really stepped his game up the past month. To the point that the bar is now raised on any potential third line center acquisition.

    If they are going to make such a trade, it now needs to be for a tangible improvement (say Derick Brassard) instead of a warm body (like Mark Letestu).

    Defensive depth is still the place that concerns me the most. Especially if an Ian Cole trade puts Matt Hunwick back into the lineup. Even without a Cole trade, Cole and Oleksiak (who has been great) aren’t an ideal tandem.

    • @ TWIN ….

      no offense my friend …but if Maroon can not put up points playing with McDavid or Draisitil he aint going to do sqwat …without them !
      Oilers are dying (CRYING!)for wingers ..if he is this type of player why is he on the block @ $1.5 million …LOL??

      He is over rated and he was lucky enough to even have inflated stats last year or get the recognition he has and all because of one reason ..McDavid ..if he had never had that exposure or played with him he’d be in Europe this year and quite possibly next year from what I see he’d be asking $$!

      He doesnt hold a candle to Pacioretti !

      • Kal El,
        I have a feeling twin is being sarcastic.

      • He doesnt, no you are right but he also doesnt carry the contract or trade demands of Patches. As for western conference playoffs, he fights and hits and is probably better suited then an aging patches for the retarded rate of return Montreal will be asking for.

        He is a UFA at seasons end, and we arnt resigning him for 3 mil per. We will get a draft pick and great prospect for him and leave it at that!

      • That depends if Maroon is there to protect those fluffy players instead of getting points. His role seemed to be more grit when he took a stupid penalty or risked suspension in a game I saw. Getting away from the awful coach Edmonton has I think will cure him… Hall along with Eberle seemed to do just fine when they got out of Edmonton for example :). While STrome seems like he can’t find the net anymore or his game…

    • I liked Sheahan as the #3 C in Pit long before it even became public discussion, months. This player is a great skater, good faceoff man, solid penalty killer & seriously regressed last season in Det. There is untapped offensive potential here if given an opportunity.

      I really liked last nights line combinations. Pit spread thei offense out over 3 lines, Sheahan garnering Guentzel & Kessel.

      In my player development system Seahan falls into the 400 regular season games played to reach full NHL development. He fits the 6’3″ & above or 220 lbs + club. He has played 336 regular season games. What’s even better is he is an RFA & he will be signed to a 3 to 5 year deal this summer by Pit at very reasonable cap hit I’d say 2.75 to 3.25 per. Solid value for what he may eventually be a 10 to 15 goal scorer; in around a dozen, who can score 40 to 45 points playing primarily a shut down role.

      He could also be a very late bloomer like some players we are starting to see post career years well into their careers, Bailey, Schenn, etc. not saying he is but anything is possible he could be 1 of the exceptions. Ha-ha!

  6. Say NO to Maroon everyday; I’m hoping for a P.G Pageau type move. PLUS I’d take Schwartz over Pacioretty, no contest. we need right-handed shooting forward to replace the loss of Perron.

    • @ DA blues

      WOW! just wow !
      Shwartz over Pacioretti LOL…a top 20 player in the league….who play almost every game and has an ELITE shot for a soon to be journeyman!

      You can most likely with the Blues assets have both !
      Crazy…so in an expansion draft ..if you could take Shwartz over Pacioretti you would if you had one pick …REALLY LMAO???

      • YES! I would take Jaden Schwartz over Max Pacioretty in any draft. PLUS I praying we don’t use/ trade our primo assets (4), seeing our window for a Cup isn’t here yet. PLUS I’m guessing a 29yr old Pacioretty will become a journeyman before the 25yr old Schwartz.

      • Dablues the blues have have been one and done in the playoffs for yrs they need to make a splash before this playoffs! And taking Schwartz over patches is a very homer outlook

    • No more C’s, so pass on Pageau, StL already has 2 players just like Pageau in Svoboda & Berglund both have played a ton of LW as well, Beglund for years when injuries haven’t pushed him to C. I give Thompson the 1st crack as the #2 RW spot, moving Steen back to the #2 LW spot. Ever forward on StL but Thompson, Brodzinski & Thorburn are lefties.

      Lines look something like this.

      Schwartz, Schenn, Tarsenko.
      Steen, Stastny, Thompson.
      Svoboda, Berglund, Barbeshev.
      Upshall, Brodzinski, Jaskin.

      • Thompson has been given the chance; just not ready yet IMO. I was thinking Pageau could play RW/C.

  7. Note to Boylen. Vanek doesn’t play with Boeser so I’m unsure as to what chemistry they are developing.

  8. Kane to Pittsburgh? Now that’s interesting. If you look at last night’s game it’s hard to argue the Penguins need offence; of course that’s one game. Pittsburgh certainly has some young roster players and prospects to make a deal. Kane would make a Pittsburgh team very dangerous. Playing with Crosby and Malkin has definitely helped Kessel.

    Sheary, or Rust and maybe Sprong for Kane? Interesting possibility as the Penguins are also playing really well right now and may not want to tinker with team chemistry. I hear they are interested in maybe bringing Cullen back too. If Cullen still has the wheels he showed in Pittsburgh maybe acquiring him also to mentor Kane on a third line would be a good move? Rutherford remember is not afraid to make deals.

    Does Pittsburgh have decent defensive prospects Buffalo would be interested in? The Penguins might have a young goalie prospect to include the deal.

    I think the playoffs are always more interesting when the defending champ gets in and is competitive. Pittsburgh is peaking at the right time. After a lacklustre start they could very well be a definite threat for a three peat.

    Not their number one fan but I definitely respect what they have been able to accomplish. Teams like them and the Hawks are teams to emulate. Hope the Leafs and Jets get there for real soon!

    • No team plays more back to backs this season than Pit & they played a ton of them before we even made it to the end of Nov. No team played a tougher schedule than Pit to start the season & I’m talking 1st 35 games. Now Pit is benefiting from it’s balancing out.

      Peaking at the right time is late April. Every team in the NHL has a terrible stretch some where & goes on a winning streak as well. Players do to. Well unless your Arz or Buf bad.

      • Late April is almost round two of the playoffs. They are peaking at the right time as playoff races are key right now. I think your peaking time is a little too late. Don’t play now with how tight things are and you won’t be around in April.

    • Penguins are already dangerous we don’t need a on and off ice headache like Evander Kane for 29 games… HE WILL SIGN WITH THE HIGHEST BIDDER….

      we need a center…

      • Certainly something to consider.

  9. Really looking forward to the Tor@Bos game tonight especially as Tor got Reilly & Hainaut back. Just wish Marchand would stop being that side of Marchand & available to play tonight. Not the same team when he & Bergeron aren’t playing together.

    Should be fun to watch what should be a precursor to a great round 1 match up.

    • It just goes to show how weak the Atlantic is, bruins are a one line team and the leafs defense is one of the worst in the league!

      • One line team ??? You need to buy a TV and watch the B’s play . Could they use another forward (preferably a RW) yes but they are a pretty balanced team with the best top line in the game.

      • Take away that line and see where they’re you dook!

    • You didn’t get what you wanted Striker. The Leafs were mismatched. The Bruins are too much for them to handle right now. That series will be over quickly. Which is too bad for me as I cheer for the Leafs.

  10. I think GRABNER would look great as a MAPLE LEAF again playing with KOMAROV in center and KAPANEN on right on the 4TH line

    • No thanks Dakota 31

  11. Just a note Striker, not being picky, you’re thinking of Sobotka, not Svoboda!

    As for the Schwartz/Pacioretty debate, Pacioretty does have power forward scoring abilities, Schwartz is just all-around great. I would have drafted him ahead of Pacioretty, but hind-sight is 20/20.

    If the Blues were to pry Wayne Simmonds out of Philadelphia, I would feel far more confident about their chances for playoff success. Problem is, the Flyers keep hovering around playoff contention all the time, and a trade of futures may not suit the Flyers. In any case, Simmonds knows Schenn from his Flyers days and might be great fit together! The Blues would be able to spread the offence a little better, playing Stastny in-between Tarasenko and Schwartz, and Schenn in-between Steen and Simmonds.

    Maybe a deal centred around Klim Kostin, with other assets, could get that done. If circumstances were different.

    • I don’t think you watch patches play much he puts up goals but also plays a great two-Way game! He is great on the pk also

      • Patches is a solid deadline pickup. He is worth the ask. Evander kane on the other hand…

        It goes patches… a big drop off and kane and maroon arnt far apart…

        Patches probably nets a first, a second and last years player selected in round 1 or a young center

      • Patches is a great player…he needs to get out of Montreal quick. Good points bbb

      • It’s kinda like when Matthews will jet to Arizona after his elc! Good points fd

  12. I don’t get what is up with Mike Green… I remember on the Capitals they talked about how awful he was or he couldn’t play defense… Now its like everybody wants to lineup to get him on their team. I can’t see him going back to Washington after he left there… You can’t go home again :)…

    Grabner would be the biggest positive impact for a team… He can score without having to play top minutes… Many teams lose instead of scoring a ENG or end up going into OT… He had 20+ goals last year, what is the excuse for that :)? Dustin Brown can’t even get near 30 goal totals even with nets being empty. Rangers don’t look like a team who had many empty nets to shoot at looking at their record ;). He has speed, can play PK, Sharks could use a winger with Marleau showing his traitor colors. Besides guys like Hansen, Ward, Boedker have not really put up the 30ish goals they need. Losing Carpenter or so on waivers to Vegas didn’t help matters.

    Would be funny if Kane don’t get traded since they want too much… Sharks will be waiting a long time for a Cup if they think Tavares would slum to sign there over Islanders. Any excuse to tell the fans you are too cheap to fill out the payroll I guess. At least they realized Martin was washed up a few years too late :).

    Out of all the Rangers players I’d want Grabner the most. I figure the cost/production or ROI will be better than others. VAnek looks good for a shot in the arm depending on price from Canucks… Vrbata should be real easy to get since he is having a rough year likely to retire. Vegas showed last night they could use another right shot D-man to play with Miller. Subban isn’t a goalie I would trust as a backup or if Fleury got hurt again. His time in NHL prior to Knights shows why he was on waivers in the first place. Dansk played amazing so not sure if that was a fluke or sign of greatness :).

    Wild could use some team speed so I think Grabner would fit them well. That is a player who can get cheap while still helping on the PK besides his offense. I almost peed myself when Nashville player called the Kings fast before their game. NEver heard anybody call LAK a fast team its always slow lumbering and heavy :).

  13. Man…the habs are a mess. Weak Atlantic and right at the bottom. Ah well, Bruins/Leafs should be good tonight…I mean it’s a relevant game for both teams!

    • Ya 2 teams that will only make the second round because they play each! Both pretenders a whole lot of holes to fill they’re close to contenders! It’s funny how leafs fans act when they haven’t really been competitive for decades

      • Knowledgeable Leaf fans know exactly where they are. Good goaltending, dynamic young forwards (yet to show their true potential), and a dreadful defence. That spells first round exit all day long. Get the defence you need and let the young talent up front mature some more and then let’s see. No way we beat the Bruins this year. Tonight should give anybody an indication of that fact.

      • Dynamic young forwards??? Lol does marner even have 10 goals?. Nylander is terrible with out the puck, they’re just like the oilers drafted skilled forwards instead of defense why they took marner over hanifan is mind boggling! The leafs are a long way from being contenders just pretenders in a weak division

      • Bbb…you need to look to the future…very far in the future…when the habs may be relevant again. Until then, we will accept your jealous rants…………..signed,

        Bruins/Leaf fans!

        P.s, poor Carey Price

        P.p.s, Chayka: “how bout signing in Arizona this summer Mathew?

        Mathews: “nah”

      • Fd haven’t leafs fans been saying bright future since 67?

        Chyka “ Matthews come home”

        Matthews “ I thought you’d never ask get me out of this disgrace of a franchise I mean they actually lost on purpose to get me and the stupid fans kept paying to watch this circus”

    • Eh what are Montreal, Florida, Detroit only like 15-20 points out of 3rd place in Atlantic :). Metro looks like its going to come down to final game of season with team missing by 1 point or 2 like Islanders last year. I think having that much space will hurt the Atlantic teams in the Post Season by not having to fight each night or worry about missing playoffs. Though on flip side the Metro teams might be worn out from having to fight tooth/nail to get in.

      Boston has amazed me when early in year they didn’t look great before that run… Where didn’t lose in regulation since December or something crazy. Looks like a lock almost there will be 5 teams from Metro… I wonder if 5 teams go from Central if that has happened under this format of 5 teams each from single divisions…

  14. Are there others besides me who feel that Crosby’s remaining prime years are being wasted with less talented linemates? Great for Malkin and Kessel that they have each other, but Crosby still has the drive and potential to have 100 point seasons and dominate, but damn, no offense, Dominik Simon and Patric Hornqvist are not suitable top line complements to a generational player. Gretzky had Jari Kurri, it is time Rutherford settles this. (Let’s not bring up Semenko’s role, it was a much different game in the 80’s)

    • Wayne never won a Cup in LA, I think they traded away Kurri or lost STeve Duche to get him anyways… Crosby has 2 cups the last 2 years so I’d hardly say his prime years are wasted away. I thought his career was over when he had all the concussion problems. These days the NHL is in many ways a special teams league… Long as Crosby is playing on the PP units he is going to get his shot at points. Harder to score 5 on 5, though they changed the Oilers rules related to 4 on 4. Back in the day Oilers would goat teams into penalties to play 4 on 4 since they were much more talented…

      This is really about Fantasy Hockey or so compared to real hockey. I wont defend Simon but Hornqvist is a decent player. I think he had stats pretty equal to Neal who was traded for. Super Mario was playing with much worse players than Crosby. He had some guys who he got to score 40-50 goals that ended up in the minors… Even Pierre Turgeon when he had big years on Islanders helping King/Thomas to like 30-40 goals… Derek King spent a good part of the rest of his career in AHL often on the Detroit Griffins or so team.

      Maybe Malkin needs a player like Kessel to produce or he needs Malkin to do well… Sure having a lot more fun than he did when stuck in Toronto :). Drew Doughty is having his career diminished/hurt wasted playing w/ trash like 1st round bust Forbort… Kings took him over Taresenko, yet still wont cut his ties. Even before that he was playing with trash like Robyn Regehr slower than time or grass growing… Scuderi, best he probably played with was Willie Mitchell or Muzzin if anything.

      Kopitar has been playing with Iaffalo, Brown, two guys who wouldn’t be 1st liners on any team. Best players should be able to make those around them better not depend on them.

      • To be fair, Derek King had like 600 career points in 800 career games, he was almost 40 by the time he got to Grand Rapids.

    • Stupid Rutherford. Wasting Sid’s remaining prime years winning all these Cups with a bunch of nobodies.

      He’d have won 3 Cups in the last 2 years with better linemates.

  15. If the Leafs want strength on defense give Ottawa Polak and draft picks for Karlsson .