NHL Rumor Mill – February 6, 2018

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Latest on Rick Nash plus updates on the Canadiens and Senators in your NHL rumor mill.

New York Rangers winger Rick Nash has submitted his list of preferred trade destinations.(Photo via NHL Images).


NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis reports Rangers winger Rick Nash was asked by general manager Jeff Gorton to submit his 18-team no-trade list. Cyrgalis believes Gorton “will certainly be looking for a first-round pick in exchange for Nash,” who has 431 career goals and has excelled as a defensive forward in recent years. 

TSN: Bob McKenzie believes the 12 teams Nash is willing to be traded to are those that will give him the best shot of winning the Stanley Cup. 

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien suggests the Columbus Blue Jackets, Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, St. Louis Blues, San Jose Sharks, Dallas Stars, Boston Bruins, Winnipeg Jets, Toronto Maple Leafs, Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings and Philadelphia Flyers as possible trade destinations for Nash. He acknowledges Nash, who previously declined being dealt to a Canadian club when the Blue Jackets were shopping him in 2012, could still reject joining a Canadian team. He could also prefer staying as close to New York City as possible. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman’s appearance on Toronto’s SiriusXM NHL Network Radio examining the Rangers’ trade mindset approaching the deadline. Regarding Nash, he noted Dallas Stars coach Ken Hitchcock is fond of the Rangers winger. Friedman also suggests Nashville and St. Louis, as well as San Jose, noting how close Nash is with currently sidelined Sharks center Joe Thornton. He also includes the Calgary Flames as a possible option. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers can ask for a first-rounder as part of the return for Nash but there’s no certainty that’s what they’ll get. Unlike Buffalo’s Evander Kane, who’s in his playing prime and could reach 30 goals this season, the 33-year-old Nash is clearly on the downside of his long career. Teams could be reluctant to part with a first rounder for a fading asset.

If Nash wants to skate only with American-based clubs, we can take the Flames, Jets and Leafs out of the equation. The Blue Jackets need scoring help but I don’t know if they’re keen for a reunion with Nash or how interested he might be in returning to Columbus. The Penguins could put more focus on bolstering their depth at center. If they do pursue a scoring winger they’ll want one with speed. The Capitals’ biggest need could be adding an experienced defenseman. Ditto the Leafs and Jets. Winnipeg could also be seeking a center, not a winger.

The Sharks need a scorer but GM Doug Wilson said he’s not willing to part with his young players. They also lack second- and third-round picks in this year’s draft so Wilson probably won’t part with his first rounder. Flyers GM Ron Hextall doesn’t sound like he’s in the market for a big-name rental this year. The Dallas Morning News’ Mike Heika believes the Stars would be better off finding a speedier top-six winger. The Kings could prefer waiting for sidelined forward Jeff Carter’s return to the roster, while the red-hot Bruins could stand pat with their current roster.

That leaves the Ducks, Blues and Predators as perhaps the most likely destinations for Nash.The Ducks could use some additional scoring punch on the wing. The Blues, meanwhile, lack a first-round pick in this year’s draft but have plenty of depth in promising young players to tempt the Rangers. Predators GM David Poile could be aggressive in this year’s trade market in hopes of giving his club another shot at winning the Stanley Cup.  


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman’s appearance on NHL Network saying he’s not convinced Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty will be moved by the Feb. 26 trade deadline. Given the Habs’ rumored high asking price (” a high pick, a good prospect, a body, and something else. Or an NHL player and something else.”), he speculates GM Marc Bergevin could be hoping to make this move at the draft when clubs that don’t do as well or those that miss the playoffs could be more keen to acquire a player like Pacioretty. Friedman lists the St. Louis Blues, Nashville Predators, San Jose Sharks and perhaps the Calgary Flames as clubs that could have interest in the Habs winger.

Nichols also cites TSN’s Bob McKenzie speculating over what the Canadiens could get for Tomas Plekanec during an appearance on Montreal’s TSN 690. Asked if the Habs could get anything between a second-rounder or a fourth-round pick, McKenzie said he wasn’t sure because the market fluctuates for rental players from year to year. He also said he’s curious to see if the Habs move Plekanec. There’s talk they could re-sign the veteran center. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible a playoff contender in need of a scoring winger could make a big pitch for Pacioretty by the trade deadline. However, I still believe that’s a move that happens in the offseason, likely around the NHL Draft weekend in late-June. As for Plekanec, Sportsnet’s Eric Engels believes Bergevin should be fired if he keeps Plekanec and re-signs him. He feels Bergervin should try to move Plekanec for a draft pick and then attempt to re-sign him in the offseason.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Calgary Flames have been scouting the Senators for two weeks and there’s talk they like winger Zack Smith or center Jean-Gabriel Pageau. It’s believed the Los Angeles Kings have “mild interest” in Sens defensemen Dion Phaneuf or Johnny Oduya. Given Phaneuf’s $7-million annual cap hit through 2020-21, moving him by the trade deadline could be a long shot. 

Garrioch also notes the Tampa Bay Lightning have more than a passing interest in Senators defensemen Erik Karlsson and Cody Ceci. Despite the chatter of Karlsson being a good fit with the Lightning, Garrioch said he’s not going anywhere at the deadline. Moving Ceci could be difficult unless the Sens get what they want in return. Teams seeking forwards have called Senators GM Pierre Dorion about Mike Hoffman, Smith and Pageau. The asking price for Hoffman, however, could be a first-round pick plus either a young NHL player or a high-level prospect. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators intend to open contract extension talks with Karlsson on July 1. Not sure if the Bolts would pursue Ceci, especially given recent speculation suggesting they’re looking at New York Rangers blueliner Ryan McDonagh.

I doubt Phaneuf gets moves at the deadline but I could see it happening in the offseason, though I’m not sure the Kings would be the destination unless the Sens pick up a big chunk of his cap hit. Even then, I don’t think he’d be a fit there.

Hoffman’s been in the rumor mill a while but if the Sens maintain a high price they might have to wait until this summer to find a suitable trade partner. 



  1. A first for Nash? Not sure what he brings to a contending team right now-slowed down, injury prone, in the near future. Won’t fit into the Pens penchant for speed, nor will he add much to already slow teams like San Jose or LA..Nashville? Why? Blues? Maybe. I don’t see why any of the Canadian teams would want him so he need not worry about being north of the border.
    Buyer beware on McDonough-lots of energy and passion but he has been wildly overrated for the last two years.
    Leafs only need a trade to make some roster room. The play of Dermott is not a fluke, he is NHL ready. They trade JVR and Bozak only if it improves the team, otherwise, the lineup you saw against Anaheim is pretty much what we will get in the playoffs.

    • Jon, interesting comment about a first. Player depth in the last 4-5 years has grown immensely. Trading a first these days is much more difficult then it ever was as one is likely giving up a potentially very good talent. I think alot of GMs thinking they are getting alot for their players will be sadly mistaken. Unless a player of high quality with term is offered, I predict no first rounders will be dealt at the deadline. Agree with your Nash comments – JMO

    • Disagree on MacTruck being overrated the last 2 years. He still logs the hardest minutes and top assignments for any NYR D-man. His main partner was Girardi who just was bought out. Then he played paired often with Klein (who “retired”). So if he played the last 2 years with 1 guy who was bought out and is not a top pairing in TB and another guy who retired and plays in Europe……I would say MacTruck carried them over the last 2 years. Mac is still a #1 D-man in NY, coveted by other teams and this year is the anomaly.

      • @ihatecrosby – you sure Smith isn’t the #1 on New York? jk jk

    • Nash would bring a lot to a contending team but a first would be a stretch… his 12 team list lowers the bidders… the fact maybe half of those teams would be interested further limits it… of those teams those with the assets to give up would further limit the list. The potential flood of wingers available further dilutes the value. If you get down to 1-3 teams who can step up to the plate they likely arn’t going to offer the moon. 2nd rounder and a decent but not top 3 on the depth chart prospect might be the limit. then again deadline day can make some strange bedfellows.

    • Not sure I am with you on your assessment of Rick Nash; however, I agree with your assertion that the Leafs will go into the playoffs as presently constituted; unless there is a major deal that blows their socks off.

      Nash is a very good defensive forward and could help a team in this regard.

    • Does anyone in your eyes have value in NY? Probably not.

      Not sure Nash fetches a 1st, but much stranger people have fetched a 1st plus at the deadline.Vermette fetched a 1st plus from Chicago… any team dealing for Nash is obviously not picking in the top 10. We’re not talking about giving away a franchise player to rent Nash’s services, it’s not that far of a stretch

      • Ladd fetched a first plus, Hanzal fetched a first.
        I’m certain Nash fetches a 1B prospect or a first rounder.

    • True a 1st rounder for Nash who is no Ryan Reeves is really steep… He might score 500 goals while Reeves could be related to Superman actor :). WEll considering none of the cAnada Teams will make post season except for Winnipeg along with Toronto it would be an odd destination. Why go slumming in Cuba of the North when can play in America for a team who might win… Its been 93 or so since a Canada team even won… Not long ago no team from Canada even made the playoffs so :)…

      Kings I hope don’t get him, Sharks he would fit on better they used to choking in post season ;). I’d rather get Grabner if getting a player from Rangers who can score without playing top line minutes while killing penalties too :)>. I wish Nash well, he should get traded to NJ… Then will have the Outsiders back again with Hall reuniting the NWO :).

      • You just a hater I can’t believe you
        You put a country down that you know nothing about that just proves a point when other Canadians say Americans are arrogant and uneducated good thing I don’t live in a swap

      • Haha most people who get out of places like Cuba or Venezuela don’t go back to live there if they have well paid careers :). Thought Cuba of the North was a compliment to the socialists on here or those who live there currently… I see comments from those claiming to be from Canada that are beyond arrogant… Just shows nobody has anything to say to me positive or related to hockey chatter… Though if toss in a little reality suddenly they try to cry…

        Personally I used to like Canada, I’d like to see Winnipeg JEts win Cup. Though the other teams from there I really don’t want to win or like very much. That has more to do with the style they play, management, GMs… I like some players who play there like Max on Montreal. They run their country badly along with their companies… Like Manitoba Harvest stopped selling/shipping the Organic Hemp Bliss into the USA than laughed at me when requested they do :). Many of my favorite players are from Canada like injured Jeff Carter… I don’t hold where a player is from against them liking many foreign born players as my favorites over years… Frolov, Visnovsky, Palffy, just to name a few skaters non goalies.

        You didn’t have anything to say defending Canada or to disprove things… YOu came off like something out of South Park… I remember Canada players were on my college team that everybody there seemed to hate. I never had a problem with them personally though. So I don’t get the “STrange Brew” or dislike of Canada… Its funny when it comes to Wrestling like WWE had Brett Hart as the heel or Lance Storm… Nash wants to win a Cup which means CAnada has almost no chance to do that… So him going to a team from CAnada wouldn’t be logical… The only team there is JEts who could probably win… He probably wouldn’t fit in there or help their chances or cost them too much to obtain.

        I could be Italian for all know… Or have Dual citizenship with Italy along with another country… HEll I could be in CAnada just poking fun too :). BTW interesting to say uneducated while stating “I don’t live in a swap”? Does that mean you can’t spell swamp or is swap some sorta CAnadian lingo BS :)? Canada is one of the worst run nations that will fall into shambles over next 10-20 years so enjoy Northernpiker :)…

  2. Nash’s wife is from Columbus, He has a house and lives there during the off-season. That being said, I’m not sure we want him (speaking for myself). A first rounder? No way. Won’t matter anyway, as far as I ser it the wheels have started to fall off this team and I would be surprised if they make the playoffs.

    • The Blue Jackets have lost their identity. They play like choir boys against everyone but Pittsburgh. They need to play more like Nashville rather than Carolina.

      • I must admit I don’t watch Columbus play often nor have I seen them live this season.

        Injuries to Jenner out of the gate, Dubinsky, Atkinson, Wennberg, Calvert, Sedlak & Murray have to factor in some how. Bobrovsky also struggled greatly.

        Because I haven’t really seen them play I have to rely of stats. They sit 14th in hits, 14th in blocked shots, that’s middle of the pack.

        I assume now that almost everyone is back but Murray, things will improve but just not really a team I care about. Which is odd as I had Atkinson, was forced to move him due to injury, Wenneberg, Jones, Werenski & the recently dropped Foligno in a variety of pools or leagues.

        I think Columbus is a shoe in to make the playoffs but round 1 will be ugly anyway you slice it. They make the top 3 in the metro they most likely draw Pit, 1st wildcard TB 2nd wildcard Was. Ugly.

    • Too many of us remember how Nash punched Bob. Nope, don’t want him back.

      • I’m pretty sure Bob had it commin…

      • This^^^

        And little Matty Calvert goes barbarian on Nash on a face off. Fun game.

  3. I know it won’t happen, but I would love to see the Bruins pick up Max Domi. Only because we are big Bruins fans, and like my 4 year old son Max is a type-1 diabetic. Max is someone who has been inspirational to us.

    What would Max cost at this point? A first round pick? More or less than that? He certainly has plenty of talent; I’m sure a change to a more talented and well managed team would rejuvenate his career.

    • To BOS: Domi & Hjalmarsson

      To ARZ: Spooner, 1st rd pick & D-prospect

      does that help Boston? extra Dman for this playoff run. long term investment in Domi.

      • NO Thanks!!!!! so Boston becomes a weaker team with this move. The Bruins do not need a RD and I wouldn’t trade Spooner for that propose deal never mind a 1st round pick.

      • really? weaker team? that deal would be a steal for boston.

      • That deal would make the Bruins a real contender and all they lose is a late first(almost a second) and a guy they couldn’t get rid of at the beginning of the year.

      • It’s true that boston doesnt need a RD. I think that Spooner and Domi are comparable skill wise. Does that help Boston, not really.

        I would take Spooner or Domi on the sharks FYI. We need a scoring punch. O’Regan has played alright. it seems hes not quite as impactful as they need at the moment. By the trade deadline we will know if SJ needs to make a move. Tierney has been playing spot on.

        Id be interested in Domi, Spooner, Patches, Hoffman. If we could land one of them without giving up a roster player, all the better.

      • No thank you.

        Bos doesn’t need another young LW. Heinen, Debrusk & Bjork will suffice. Bjork can’t even crack this roster currently when everyone is healthy & Marchand has the #1 LW spot locked up for close to 6 more years.

        As always I like Spooner, not giving him away. Will get a very reasonable extension & just keep getting better. Spooner is scoring at a 20 goal 60 point pace this season & has now played all 3 forward positions. I love that versatility especially when he can probably be locked up for 5+ years at around 4 mil per.

        No room at the inn for Domi, no slight intended.

      • Ok then a summer time trade

        Domi & draft pick for Krejci.
        AZ gets another good center to go along with Stepan. Strome slots #3C.

        Domi gets a fresh start
        Bos gets cap relief to make a pitch to JT or rework the roster. Unless Boston fans think they NEED Krejci (even with injury history)

        Entertainment purposes here….. not like NHL GMS are making moves yet =(

      • Obvious Chirsm, with that comment you don’t watch hockey outside of the trolley tracks.

      • Ah. The you don’t watch hockey comeback trying to defend obvious homer post. Very original.

        Ihate… not sure why they would help Boston off that contract.

      • Ah Chrism with his lame come backs. Let me explain in terms hopefully you can understand. Yes I’m a bruins fan, but I don’t overvalue their player or undervalue them.
        For Boston to give Spooner, a 1st and a prospect for Domi who had a good rookie season and nothing in the pass 2 season and wouldn’t get in Boston top 9 today and Hjalmarsson a rd that Boston has an abudance of doesn’t fit their plans and NO Domi is not an upgrade over Spooner, not today.
        Now MR. Sarcasm you explain your silly comment.

      • Boston does not need to make a deal they are good right now. Trading a young prospect like Jake for a Nash slows them down and doesn’t add much. They need to stay the course no team is better then them right now.

    • IF they wanted Max Domi they probably could get him… Since having a promising start to his career it seems he has fallen out of favor etc… I’d guess if not factoring players he would get maybe a 2nd or 3rd rounder at best. I don’t even think the Kings would get a 1st rounder for a bust like Forbort… So Domi I’d say might go as low as a 4th rounder or 5th. Maybe Boston has a 1st round pick who they are not happy with they could swap… Subban was claimed off waivers for nothing so… They lost Miller to Vegas in expansion draft who Kings were stupid to trade to them :).

  4. I wonder what Boston could get for Chara? A 1st, 2nd and prospect?

    • Maybe if they built a time machine and got Chara from 2012.

    • Let it go. Ha-ha! Chara isn’t being moved he will be extended on a 1 year bonus laden deal this summer. He is still Bos’s #1. He may play at this level for another 2 to 4 years.

      • Striker….Chara for Smith in NYR LOL =) I’d do it.

      • Striker, mark this down. I agree with you. Chara isn’t going anywhere and he’s Boston #1 dman. He is playing a much different game under Cassidy. Also making some rushes in the ozone.
        The way he is playing this year and his penalty killing abilities, I certainly fine with Boston bringing him back for a one or two year deal at around $3.5 to $4m per

    • Chara isn’t moving man.
      He is the top D in Boston and no telling the affect he has on the younger guys around him that are developing.
      Beyond just the obvious mentor ship he is still a very effective d-man

    • no. He isn’t going to command anywhere near that at this point of his career. They would be lucky to get a 2nd. There is no point trading him if they are making a run, and they are!

    • Chara is going nowhere he is Boston’s best D man and maybe the NHL’S best shut down defenseman just ask Mathews.

  5. Patrick Laine has an article in the players tribune, pretty fun and certainly made people of Winnipeg fall in love with him if they haven’t already.

  6. Funny the lack of respect Nash gets for not winning a Conn Smythe. The dude is 70th on the alltime scoring list. He plays both ends of the rink.
    His terrible coach changes his linemates every game. Here is to hoping Rangers get a top prospect for him and he wins the Cup

  7. I forgot to add that if I was a contending team looking to add a winger with a scoring touch I would pay more for Grabner than Nash.

  8. Oh MY Gosh as bruins fan pass please, too much hype very little return too expensive injury prone & age is catching up to him!

  9. LOL , u said Ditto

  10. Is that G.O.A.T. for Greatest Of All Time?

    • yes it is greatest of all time……

  11. Agree with Lyle on Nash being a fading asset. A first round pick would be a non starter for a rental player to begin with, let alone one who will throw your salary out of whack for the term he will be looking for.

    The way I see it is players like the Fingernail Twins, JVR and Bozak who are UFAs will look for term and raises. They aren’t worth more than what they are getting now, and they have reached their prime production plateau (35-50 points). I don’t see any UFA out there that would warrant a first rounder unless there is a way to sign them prior to the trade to justify letting go of a premium asset.

    I think as GMs acclimate to the new move toward youth, you are more likely going to see trades involving first rounders being tied to younger players with potential (ie. Domi).

    • Beyond ridiculous! I seen the same exact thing said by Lyle and many here about E. Staal? Anybody want to eat crow on that? Nah! There was never a ” I was wrong, my bad ” page here to acknowledge E Staal still had plenty left in the tank! Nash is a valuable part of NY. Glad to see him come back on a much cheaper deal.

      I think people here generally can’t differentiate between overrated and over paid! There is a difference!
      I guarantee anybody that trades for Nash will be singing a different tune when he’s wearing their favorite teams jersey!

      • Ny. While I agree with your assessment of nash… over paid and overrated do overlap in a cap league. Dems da breaks

      • I guess I missed the part where Eric Staal went on to help the Rangers win the Stanley Cup in 2016. He play horribly for the Blueshirts, which was why it was understandable that folks like myself questioned if he had anything left. I’ve since noted his improved play since joining the Wild.

        And he didn’t fetch the Hurricanes a first-round pick. Staal got them a second in 2016, a second in 2017 and Aleksi Saarela. That 2016 pick was subsequently shipped to Chicago as part of the trade for Teravainen and Bickell. The 2017 pick was used to select college d-man Luke Martin.

        Nash, meanwhile, has trended downward offensively over the last two years. Yes, he’s improved his two-way play, but he’s primarily known as a scoring forward and right now, he’s one in decline. If the Rangers can land a first-round pick, hey, well done, Jeff Gorton. But compared to what Staal fetched two years ago, when he was two years younger than Nash is now, I have my doubts they’ll get a first rounder.

        If Nash returns to the Rangers on a cheaper deal, well, fine I guess, but that goes against their supposed plan of retooling with younger talent. Nash turns 34 this year. Is he really going to improve? Even if the Rangers get some younger talent, where does Nash fit into their game plan going forward? If they’ve got sufficient top-six scoring forwards, do they drop him to the third line? And how much of a reduced salary is he willing to accept and for how long? One year? Two? For how much? $4.5 million annually? $5 million? Isn’t that money better invested in younger talent, rather that paying it for an aging veteran to take up a roster slot better suited for a younger player on the upside?

      • Lyle, you had Staal written off for dead! As MANY did… nothing to do with the Rangers run…. just a career gone bad… I disagreed! Period! I didn’t believe the guys career was dead…. you, and others had him in the grave!

        So really? You missed the part where he went on to help the Rangers win a cup? You missed the part where you had a great players career dead in its tracks, and you were DEAD wrong! You sins have this guy dead that year, you had him as a guy who was done! I’ll bookmark this page and remind you again how dead wrong you and others are wrong on Nash a year or two from now!… if I could only find the page where you completely dismissed Staals career…. that would be great! I come here every day, I’ve yet to see you or any of the naysayers eat crow on your total dismissal of a great career in Staal!

        My evaluation of Staal, not being done was WELL before him getting traded to NY!

        Don’t be so sensitive! You were wrong! Along with a lot of others!

      • Nyr4life, I’m certainly not being sensitive. For some reason you seem to feel my assessment of Staal was based on malice or some sort of bias against him. I can assure you neither was the case. It was based solely on his performance during his final two seasons with the Hurricanes coupled with his poor play during his brief tenure as a Ranger. His play has noticeably improved since then and I have duly pointed that out, including an acknowledgement that my assessment that the tank was emptying was wrong. I certainly had no problem admitting that then or now. If anything, I’m happy for him that he rediscovered his mojo. When players are trending downward, especially when they hit their 30s, it’s rare that they regain their form or can even sustain it for more than a season. Don’t take my word for it, there’s more than enough examples, past and present. Staal is among the few exceptions to buck that trend.

      • And why would he need to improve to return? I said on a cheaper deal? Would Nash at2-3 per be a bad thing? He has been very vocal about loving the city, lifestyle, being comfortable with his family in NY…. why not? Lundqvist has committed himself to staying regardless of a rebuild. Why wouldn’t Nash? And why wouldn’t want NY want him there? Is it such a painful thing for a Montreal fan to think that NY players will suffer through a rebuild?

        I know, you’re right there! Just a much longer , brutal , goaltender contract to deal with….

        I also called that for all those that called the Lundqvist deal terrible!

        You’re welcome! ; )

      • Nyr4life, good for Nash that he loves living and playing in New York. I have no reason to question his sincerity, but my question remains, where does he fit into the Rangers plan to retool with younger players? It’s one thing for him to want to return to New York, but do the Rangers want to bring him back? If so, what role do they want him to play and is he comfortable with it? He might be willing to return,but they could be moving on.

        Of course it’s not a bad thing if Nash wants to return at $2-$3 million per, but is he willing to accept that much of a pay cut? What if he likes his new city and decides to re-sign there? Or if another club is willing to pay more for his services? These are questions worth pondering, don’t you think?

        Bringing up Lundqvist as a comparable is apples to oranges. Lundqvist is under contract beyond this season with a full no-movement clause and remains their franchise player. Nash is neither. And what does my being a Montreal fan have to do with it? Are you implying some sort of bias against the Rangers? If so, you couldn’t be more wrong.

      • How is having Nash around a bad thing? And do you really think he’ll command a better contract than E Staal? I don’t. Very comparable.

        Staal went from making 8+ per to making 3.5 per on a 3 year deal. Did he leave a 5-6-7 million dollar deal with term to sign in Minnesota? Do you see any team out there offering Nash 5-6-7 per? I don’t. Nor do I see a team offering him more than 3 years unless it’s in the ballpark of 2-3 per. Even then I doubt he’s getting more than 4 years.

        Who in NY is filling this role next year? Other than what’s on their roster today, I don’t see many capable wingers in the pipeline capable of handling Nash’s role. Unless it’s through a trade, draft or a similar guy in free agency.

        What’s the point of Nash hanging around? Maybe the same reason Toronto signed Marleau? Or the same reason Doan hung around the desert for so long. Why are the Sedins content to fade away in Vancouver?

        I don’t see any reason they can’t be competitive in 2 years time. Gortons plan isn’t exactly clear. Maybe he has a short term plan? I don’t think we’ll know until after July 1st.

        Last NY rebuild was centered around Jagr, Straka, Nylander and drafting. So why not use Nash in this rebuild? Is that such a stretch?

        This team is very similar to the pre salary cap tear down. A bunch of young defenseman coming, and a goaltender that looks like he may be a fit to dethrone a king!

        I don’t see a 5-10 year rebuild coming in NY. I see a 2-3 year rebuild. Why is Nash being a part of it so ridiculous?

      • Don’t put words in my mouth, Nyr4life, I never called Nash being part of a Rangers rebuild “ridiculous”. I merely questioned if he had a place in that rebuild if Rangers management intends to retool with younger talent. We don’t know if he does. Maybe they will bring him back, but if their intent is to get younger, they could decide that Nash doesn’t fit into their plans.

        Bringing up Marleau, Doan and the Sedins are bad comparables on your part. If anything, you’re proving my point.

        Marleau got a three-year deal worth $6.25 million per season coming off a seasons with stats marginally better than what Nash is currently on track to reach(23 goals, 38 points). And in case you didn’t notice, Marleau is ice cold of late, with just 2 points in 15 games. I questioned the logic of that signing by the Leafs at the time and I still question it. He hasn’t made the Leafs noticeably better this season and they essentially tied up a big chunk of their payroll on an aging veteran, money better invested on either retaining younger talent (JvR, Matthews, Marner, Nylander) or pursuing a younger, better free-agent option this summer.

        Doan did nothing to elevate the play of a Coyotes team that, quite frankly, was a mess. Wasn’t his fault, he did the best he could, but they spent a lot of money retaining a player who didn’t advance them at all. The Sedins’ situation, meanwhile, is unique. When they signed their contracts, they were still the Canucks’ franchise players and still posting solid numbers. With the Canucks rebuilding with youth now and the Sedins in obvious decline, we don’t know if they’ll re-sign them.

      • My point was, these kind of things do happen. Do I think Nash is going to be a guy that puts them over the top? No.

        My direct comparable of Staal is spot on. A guy that took WAY less money in a more suitable role.

        I was never a fan of the Nash trade in the 1st place. However this guy is a much better player than people give him credit for. Overpaid? Absolutely! But he’s an effective guy even when it doesn’t show up on the score board. Pk, pp, leader, etc.

        His role on ANY team going forward shouldn’t be “the guy”.
        And again I don’t see him getting more than Staal did in money or term. If he was willing to take a 2 year 3 per deal. Why not?

        If Nash strikes gold July 1st, I’ll be the first guy here eating crow. However, I don’t see it.

    • I think 99% of people over value 1st round picks… I can name many who were total busts in the top 5… Even more who were claimed off waivers for nothing like D-Hickey, G-Subban, ended up in minors etc… So this concept that a 1st round pick has so much value isn’t valid. Besides any team with a shot at Cup would be picking 20-31st… Hardly a sure thing or a safe bet… I can think of many players who are much worse than Nash where a 1st rounder was involved like Ryan Reeves :). I think Kings even blew a 1st rounder for Sekera… They traded 2 2nd rounders for Robyn Regehr a total bust slow D-man who was over paid. Paid too much for Verbeek or whatever losing Zykov who they spent a fair amt to obtain… They were banging tables all happy to get him… This year their 1st rounder was projected by many to go in top 5 Vilardi.

      If Nash can help a team win the Cup a 1st rounder is nothing to pay for it. They can do a conditional draft pick depending how far team goes or if they retain him. I’m not a big fan of Nash, he was really touted when in CBJ… then things seemed to sour, I’m not hoping any teams I like get him… Though I think if he can get hot, chip in a few goals it could be a factor… I don’t see him fitting in on any of the Canada teams if factor in winning Cup… Jets only one who I think could win it this year… Flames probably 50/50 to make post season at best… Don’t see them going deep, Toronto is hard to count on to even make 2nd round. I remember not that many years ago Toronto looked like a lock for Playoffs then choked it away :).

      I’d be surprised to see him on Ducks, if he ends up in California it would probably be Sharks. Not sure where he fits on Kings, I’d rather them get Max who could be there perhaps rest of his career if pans out. Grabner would be a better fit for Kings who could use a 3rd/4th liner w/ speed who can score while PK too… Kings tend to be one of the slowest teams in NHL. They are also pretty thin when it comes to 20 or more goal scoring players :). Maybe 3 players this year will crack 20+ goals on LA… Kopitar, Tyler Toffoli, maybe Brown can still get 20-25… Kempe might be able to sneak into 20+ goals this year too. So a player who will probably score 500+ before his career is over could help them in theory… Though I don’t think he would fit in best there… Devils would be a really good spot for him, Nash, Hall, the OUtsiders nWo :).

  12. If UFA hockey players were cars, I would serine them as such:

    Nash- burgundy Buick lesabre limited edition four door sedan, rusted trunk, loose muffler, tires still with some tread but 28 lbs of air when 35 is industry recommended.

    Translation….slow, reliable gas guzzler with a few miles left

    Bozak- grey Pontiac Acadian with sunroof, AM radio with three working channels, good acceleration, swerves to sides when anticipating contact, small gas tank

    Translation…useless. No resale value. Gets you from point A to point B if point B is nowhere.

    JVR- 1995 white Chevy impala, smooth ride, nothing fancy, lots of room in back seat, slow transmission when accelerating.

    Translation….unless he’s five fleet in front of the net to tip in a shot, he can’t do anything else. Like an impala looks good but you wouldn’t want it long term.

    • Creative. Props

    • What type of car would Grabner be or Max from Montreal ;)? Nash as a Buick is kinda funny, I guess Canada don’t have cars made there ;). None of them are even a BMW or a Mercedes Benz, can we least get a Honda for the NHL sponsors :)? I hate Bozak, or Bozo, just seems they been taking of trading or being rid of him for a decade… JVR I used to sorta like, now I don’t know what to think :). Its like if love somebody, then suddenly don’t even feel like talking to them :).