NHL Rumor Mill – February 9, 2018

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Latest on the Rangers plus updates on Jeff Skinner, Boone Jenner, Mike Green, Jack Johnson and more in your NHL rumor mill.

New York Rangers winger Rick Nash is the hot topic right now in the NHL rumor mill (Photo via NHL Images).


TSN: Darren Dreger reports agent Joe Resnick, who represents New York Rangers winger Rick Nash, has spoken with at least eight-to-10 teams that have some degree of interest in his client. Dreger believes the Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars could be atop Nash’s list of preferred destinations, but it could be tricky for both clubs because they don’t want to shift their dynamics. He noted Stars head coach Ken Hitchcock has a history with Nash from their days with the Columbus Blue Jackets but he wonders if the winger can be a fit there.

Pierre LeBrun feels Nash could affect the trade value of Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane. The Sabres set a high asking price for Kane, but whatever the Rangers get for Nash could set the market for Kane.

SPORTSNET: Mike Johnston listed the Predators, Pittsburgh Penguins, Winnipeg Jets, Blue Jackets, Stars, St. Louis Blues, Washington Capitals, Calgary Flames, San Jose Sharks and New York Islanders as 10 potential trade destinations for Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Predators are the front runner as Nashville GM David Poile is rumored to be seeking a scoring winger. Depending on the asking price, he could make a pitch for Nash. I still think the Penguins prefer to bolster their depth at center but I wouldn’t rule out GM Jim Rutherford chasing a scoring winger. However, I think he’d prefer one with speed, like Nash’s teammate Michael Grabner. The Jets are expected to be buyers this year but it’s possible Nash might reject a trade to Winnipeg.

We probably shouldn’t rule out a possible reunion with the Blue Jackets, but is he really a good fit there now? The Jackets are stumbling and need some scoring punch and inspired leadership. Stars GM Jim Nill said he’s not looking to make a big splash at the trade deadline, but that remains to be seen. The Blues certainly could use some help at left wing and could be among the clubs with interest in Nash.

I think the Capitals are more interested in adding a veteran defenseman. The Flames, Sharks and Islanders are reportedly unwilling to part with young players, high draft picks or top prospects for rental talent so Nash is probably not a fit with them. 


Dreger also reports there’s some trade buzz regarding Rangers forwards J.T. Miller and Chris Kreider. The latter is recovering from a blood clot in his right arm but could return to action in mid-March.

Bob McKenzie speculates Detroit Red Wings defenseman Mike Green’s list of acceptable trade destinations could be a small one. Green, who’s due to become an unrestricted free agent in July, carries a full no-movement clause. McKenzie reports the Wings’ asking price is either a first-round pick and a prospect or a second- and a third-round pick. He also notes trade chatter frequently links Green to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

LeBrun believes the Columbus Blue Jackets could seek either a forward or a low first-round pick for defenseman Jack Johnson. If they can’t land that forward, they could try to move Johnson for that pick and then make a separate deal for a forward.

Dreger thinks the Vegas Golden Knights could attempt to add to their roster before the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting to see Miller and Kreider pop up in the rumor mill. If the Rangers goal is to retool with younger players, one would think Miller (24) and Kreider (26) would be worth retaining. Still, it’s believed they’re willing to listen to offers for almost everyone on their roster. Green likely wants to go to a team that’ll give him the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup. If the Bolts are interested I can see him agreeing to be dealt to Tampa Bay. 


Frank Seravalli reports Carolina Hurricanes winger Jeff Skinner is the most notable of the 10 new names added to TSN’s trade bait board, expanding the list to 40 names. He claims the Canes aren’t actively shopping the 25-year-old Skinner but could be willing to entertain offers. Seravalli suggests growing friction between Skinner and head coach Bill Peters combined with the club being recently taken over by new ownership could lead to things coming to a head for the winger, if not at the deadline then perhaps in the offseason. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Skinner reached a career-best 37 goals and tied his career-best points total (63) last season, so his decline this season is troubling. However, I think that’s due in part to the Canes lack of offensive depth at center. They’re among this season’s lowest-scoring teams. Trading away one of their leading scorers isn’t a good idea unless they’re seeking an offensive center in return. 

Seravalli also noted Blue Jackets forward Boone Jenner is also having a tough season, receiving 10 percent more ice time this season but seeing his production down to less than half of his 30-goal performance two years ago. That could adversely hurt his trade value and Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen doesn’t like to sell low.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seravalli notes Kekalainen didn’t give up on Cam Atkinson a couple of years ago and was rewarded for his patience. He could do the same with Jenner, though it doesn’t hurt to at least listen to offers. 

Other new names include “Flames prospect Jon Gillies, Wild centre Matt Cullen and Habs centre Tomas Plekanec. The board’s other newbies are Canucks defenceman Ben Hutton, Red Wings winger Gustav Nyquist and Maple Leafs spare forward Josh Leivo.” After dropping Buffalo goalie Robin Lehner and Chicago defenseman Cody Franson last week, Seravalli brings them back.



  1. Continuation from yesterday’s posts .
    Striker ,
    Are you sure you know what your talking about ?
    From my understanding , and anything I can read on it , making a qualifying offer does not prevent an offer sheet , it gives said team the right to match the offer or draft pick compensation if an offer sheet is presented after July 1 . So Leon could have received an offer sheet .. and if chiarelli waited and offered Mcdavid a qualifying offer , he could wait to July 1 and really force peters hand if chose to . Not a place I would like to negotiate from .
    Am I missing something ? Or is it you who should learn the rules before jumping in the deep end ?

    • an offer sheet can be given to any unsigned restricted free agent, but not until July 1st noon

      • Thanks caper , I did mention after July 1 in my post above , just wasn’t sure if I had it right after striker (who I find generally is good with these rules) said I should check the rules before jumping in the deep end .

      • @Caper some entry level contracts are exempt from offer sheets

      • I could be wrong on this but I thought if either party files for arbitration that player is ineligible for an offer sheet

      • U have to play x amount of games before you have arbitration rights

      • Do you know where or could you post an article where it states that ? I haven’t been talking in absolutes , but stating from what I understand , and can read both in the cba link striker sent and the link Lyle sent that they are eligible to an offer sheet from July 1 to July 5 . ,

    • Now I could be wrong here, and wouldn’t be surprised if I am, but I thought qualifying offers where given to RFA’s that you wanted to keep. If a RFA didn’t receive a qualifying offer from their team then they became a UFA.

      • I think your correct there kevjam . By making the qualifying offer , the team retains his rights , or the ability to match offer sheets or have draft pick compensation if one is accepted

    • It’s simply a process to protect a clubs rights & block the player from being eligible to an offer sheet. Teams can elect to take a player to club elected arbitration once. Draisaitl never made it this far into the process when he was signed.

      Go to the NHLPA. Down load the CBA, read the following sections far to much text to post here.

      Section 10.2 RFA’s.

      Clause (a) Group 2 players & free agents.

      Paragraph (ii)

      • link: http://www.nhl.com/nhl/en/v3/ext/CBA2012/NHL_NHLPA_2013_CBA.pdf

        10.2 is on page 30

        (ii) In order to receive a Right of First Refusal or Draft Choice Compensation
        (at the Prior Club’s option) with respect to a Restricted Free Agent, the
        Prior Club of a Restricted Free Agent must tender to the Player, no later
        than 5:00 p.m. New York time on the later of June 25 or the first Monday
        after the Entry Draft of the final year of the Player’s SPC, a “Qualifying
        Offer”, which shall be an offer of an SPC, for one League Year, which is
        subject to salary arbitration if such Player is otherwise eligible for salary
        ARTICLE 10 10.2-10.2
        arbitration in accordance with Section 12.1, on at least the following terms
        and conditions:
        (A) if the Player’s prior year’s Paragraph 1 NHL Salary is less than or
        equal to $660,000 for that League Year, 110% of the prior year’s
        Paragraph 1 NHL Salary.
        (B) if the Player’s prior year’s Paragraph 1 NHL Salary is greater than
        $660,000, but less than $1,000,000 for that League Year, 105% of
        his prior year’s Paragraph 1 NHL Salary, but in no event to exceed
        (C) if the Player’s prior year’s Paragraph 1 NHL Salary is equal to or
        greater than $1,000,000 for that League year, 100% of the prior
        year’s Paragraph 1 NHL Salary.
        (D) if a Player is eligible to receive a Two-Way Qualifying Offer, the
        Paragraph 1 Minor League Salary component shall not be less than
        the higher of the Player’s prior year’s Paragraph 1 Minor League
        Salary, if any, or the minimum Minor League salary.
        A Qualifying Offer shall not be open for acceptance prior to July 1. If a
        Qualifying Offer meeting the above requirements is timely made, the Prior Club shall have a
        Right of First Refusal, exercisable in accordance with Section 10.3 below, or Draft Choice
        Compensation, exercisable in accordance with Section 10.4 below. A Qualifying Offer will be
        deemed to have met the above requirements if the Prior Club timely provides the Player a
        completed copy of the notice attached as Exhibit 19 hereto, in accordance with Exhibit 3 hereto.

    • You can probably get the full details on a site like CapFriendly related to all that… I know I had a web site that showed a few years ago the compensation for the team if player signs the offer sheet… Since I wanted them to give one to Schultz when he might not sign with Penguins… Basically the top compensation is like three 1st round picks. That is a pretty high pay though, so like a 1st/3rd is more realistic for most team would probably lose or whatever…

      You have to tender them a certain raise on the old contract I think like 10% or 5% some crap like that. I don’t really bother since the last player I remember doing an offer sheet was like Dustin PEnner aka pancakes or waffles… He went to some team like Oilers where he was mostly a waste… Then on Kings he was getting like 3M a year before the lockout or salary changes after that… After LA last heard he was doing some bad stand up comedy :).

      Most teams wont do an offer sheet since that will alienate the others… I don’t remember if Ryan O’Reilley signed and offer sheet or was matched… It happens like once every few years or maybe 10 players in a decade type pace currently. Not all Restricted Free Agents are eligible to sign an offer sheet making it more difficult or trickier…

      Basically the Oilers had all the leverage but were idiots paying McDavid 12.5M AAS. They could have let him become restricted or even went to arbitration… Though if go that path I think have to sign them to a 1 or 2 year deal… So many teams seem to reach terms before the decisions if they want longer. Best to milk every dollar with players, not pay them, keep them as long as possible as RFA before contract lapse allows them to be UFA. Too many GMs pay for the past or expectations of the future instead of the actual current or realistic value ;).

  2. Lyle ? Am I understanding this offer sheet process as I explained ?

      • So I think , reading that article , I have it correct . Does that change your opinion any striker ?

      • See above.

      • Striker,
        Why did chiarelli feel the need to clear space to fend off an offer sheet ? And if he did so without “needing” to , the media would have been all over it . In the link Lyle sent, it says if a team takes a player to arbitration it limits the time to July 5 to receive an offer sheet . It also says any restricted free agent can receive an offer sheet after July 1 . Are these incorrect ? Any others , lyle feel free to jump in !

      • Craig.

        It’s this simple. Especially for stud players like we are discussing. They complete their ELC. You qualify them. When they decline their 10% raise on their 925K ELC the club elects arbitration so as the player isn’t eligible to receive an offer sheet.

        The player now has a choice. He can go to arbitration & upon settlement elect a 1 or 2 year award at his discretion, still being an RFA coming out of that award.

        The club has virtually all the leverage with players coming out their ELC. Just a question of if they want to use it. Edm didn’t Draisaitl got over paid. The only leverage a player has coming out of their ELC is to stage a hold out. See Trouba. Different but similiar.

        Then if you factor in the onus nature of compensation for such contracts really players coming out of their ELC’s have ZERO leverage. As the team will match on the offer the player gets no NTC’s or NMC’s on offer sheets, see Shea Weber, & accomplished nothing. If a team were to walk away from even an average player the compensation is significant.

        Offer sheets regardless of years are amortised over 5 years so offer a player like Trouba or Draisaitl 7 years at 9 or 10 mil per that’s 4 1st round picks & they all need to be your own.

        The NHL is smart & if teams play hard ball with players they will win every time.

        I can’t wait to see what Trouba does this summer as thi is the last battle between a player & a team playing this very dangerous game.

        Drouin’s situation also had similiarities except he was under contract when he put a gun to TB, Steve Yzerman’s head. Neither flinched, Drouin & his agent screwed up significantly as he should have made sure he played 41 games before refusing to honour his contract. That mistake would have had his contracted ported for a season had he not returned.

        This is big business & you use the power you have when you have it to control costs. Those that do prosper those that don’t flounder in this cap world. & comparing Crosby’s contractual situation to McDavid’s at point of signing isn’t even apples & oranges. Both aren’t even fruits they are so different.

      • I read that CBA paragraph , where does that say they can’t receive an offer sheet ? I believe it says it just shortens the window for the offer sheet

      • So I think now your saying that they are eligible but the compensation is so high that teams wouldn’t do it ? So in essence , they are open to an offer sheet

      • trouba was eligible for an offer sheet. team said they would match any given and then the aggressive team is targeted for revenge offer sheets. its a bit of the cost being prohibitive, a bit of fear of retribution, and a bit of collusion’ish attitude but offer sheets are discouraged… something the nhlpa should aggressively attack (which they wont because like any union they look after the older players by throwing the younger to the wolves). mcdavid was signed because he would have been worth the compensation and risk for retribution to try to sign… even though it would have been matched.

      • Thank you chrisms. That’s exactly how I was interpreting things . I know offer sheets are rare due to the reasons you stated , but I don’t want Mcdavid exposed to try to save 750k (even though that is important) .

      • After 10 years of the Oil outside the playoffs PC wasn’t going to get into a contract fight with McDavid after he wins the scoring title and MVP in his first full season. And they finally make the playoffs. You can argue about the amount, how much the cap will move up (none of us know), whether or not this will cap strap them moving forward, what he is worth for ticket prices, branding and profit margins. What you can’t argue is that McDavid didn’t have any leverage. He had plenty and I would argue a lot more than the Oil did.
        Draisaitl? With Striker on that one.

      • No I’m not. Players who file for arbitration or if teams elect arbitration can’t receive an offer sheet. CAN”T RECEIVE AN OFFER SHEET!!!

      • Where are you getting that striker ? Not the link you sent me to the cba . It says the window is shortened , but can be offered . Same with the link Lyle sent. Or do you mean because you don’t think it would happen because they are rare , they aren’t allowed ? Where is this rule ?
        Ray bark ,
        I agree draisaitl didn’t have near the leverage Mcdavid did , but I was in the camp (and still am) , who wanted 8 years at anything under 8.5 , it landed right on that number . pete could have played hard ball a little here . But I would rather avoid the hostile negotiations or 6 year compromise on the top end talent .

      • Striker ,
        In the 10.2 section it says to refer to section 12-2 , 12-3 . Where it states any group 2 rfa CAN be extended a qualifying offer from July 1-july5 at 5pm. July 5 being the first day teams and players can file for salary arbitration , offer sheets make arbitration not applicable . You sure which one of us is in the deep end ?

      • Craig, in the end I think the contract for Draisaitl will be fine and I really like him as a player.
        IMO he was still not a sure thing when they signed him to that deal so would have waited and tried to get a bridge deal. That may have cost the Oil more $$ in AAV (or less depending how he plays) but it could have provided valuable cap space for a couple years and you would have been sure about what you have.
        The Oil are one of the more interesting teams leading up to the TDL and off season. What will PC do? Not the kind of GM to sit on his hands or practice patience, which is what I would do.

      • I agree ray bark . He had options with Leon , however prior to him signing I was all for (and still am) the 8 years . Not saying it’s the only way , or best way , but it was my preference and petes I guess . I’m just trying to both understand fully the cba and offer sheet , qualifying offers processes and giving pete some support , someone has to lol . In doing this the comment from striker saying I’m in the deep end had me digging deeper and now I’m convinced my understanding is correct . Just waiting for striker to either disprove that or I would like to see if his opinion changes at all .

      • I just cut thos out of lyle’s link.

        “How can you avoid an offer sheet?

        Easiest way is to sign your RFAs before they can start talking to other teams.

        Players that have elected to go to salary arbitration cannot be given an offer sheet, though there are a few days to get one if they wait to the deadline to file.

        A player being taken to arbitration by a team has limited opportunity to sign an offer sheet – it has to be done before 5pm (New York time) on July 5th.”

        So if a player elects arbitration he can’t re wife an offer sheet
        Doesn’t say it restricts an offer sheet if a team elects arbitration. Does that help?

      • Typo: “re wife” was supposed to read as “receive”

      • Thanks Jeff Noel .
        I am getting the same info from the cba sub sections , trying to dissect them is not easy lol . Striker has disappeared but I believe that helps , we will see when striker returns . I believe they (rfa) are exposed to an offer sheet from July 1-5 if not signed by July 1 . Might a team craving a 1C throw one out at 9 or more ? Chiarelli obviously thought so . Mcdavid exposed ? It’s coming , retribution , fear , frowned upon or anything else . It’s rare , and that would be where it would appear had chilly been as brave as striker says he could have been without risk .

      • 9 or more on Leon , from previous post . Mcdavid offer sheet , large .

      • It shouldn’t be too hard to Google if any player had ever received an offer sheet while at arbitration.

      • Craig

        I took 20 secs to Google it.

        I ripped this fr9m another article
        How can you avoid an offer sheet?

        Easiest way is to sign your RFAs before they can start talking to other teams.

        Players that have elected to go to salary arbitration cannot be given an offer sheet, though there are a few days to get one if they wait to the deadline to file.

        “A player being taken to arbitration by a team has limited opportunity to sign an offer sheet – it has to be done before 5pm (New York time) on July 5th.”

        I will try and link the article in the next post

      • Maybe striker is confusing player elected arbitration with team elected arbitration.

        Both sides can elect to go to arbitration
        If the player does he is choosing to accept the arbiters decision and cant accept another offer from another team. If the team elects to they have the righf to refuse the arbiters decision and as such the decision is not binding till accepted and the player can receive offers till then.

  3. I dont picture Kane getting a big return for Buffalo, with Nash and Maroon on the go (not comparing wingers) it will reduce his value.

    If they are sticky on the return, whoever loses out on the Maroon and Nash sweepstakes may overpay for Kane.

    I dont invision a large number of over commited “all in” buyers this year, which will set the bar for the return values on the lower end of things, similiar to last season.

    • With Skinner being a trade candidate now, that makes 10 of the top 11 skaters being Left wingers. Buffalo will need to come down on asking price as I don’t see 10 different teams looking for a left winger. Supply outweighs demand at the moment.

      • My opinion is that Skinner is a trade candidate in July not at the deadline.

    • Who ever pays for Kane is over paying for Kane ..

      he will most likely not re sign with the team that deals for him as he will go UFA and get as much as he can !

      he is not worth the picks and or prospects.IMO

      • Usually futures are added to such trades should the player sign or the team makes it deep into the playoffs. Few players that have moved at the trade deadline have been retained by the teams that traded for them.

        I get what your implication is for Kane & good for him. I would do the same.

        Not directed at you but kind of on topic. I may come across as pro ownership but I’ not really I’m pro business. The opposite of supporting ownership playing hardball when they have leverage is the players use it when it swings to them. That’s their rights.

        When the leverage moves to the player waiver, rights, arbitration rights, UFA status they max their return any way they can. That is their right they have earned it & signed contracts to allow for them to so so.

        Good on Kane he’s going to get 7 years at 6.25 min this summer from someone. Teams will line up to pay him that & more.

    • How’s Maroon playing now that he isn’t playing with McDavid? That is correct 5 games & counting with out a point. How’s his replacement Cammy doing? 3 points in those 5 games.

      Maroon’s a slow plodding hitter who will do the dirty work in the corners once he gets there & drive to the front of the net taking a beating on to score but no McDavid his points dry up fast.

      There is only 1 McDavid & where ever Maroon goes at the trade deadline he’s not getting 1st line icetime dislodging some other teams #1 or even #2 LW he would slot in at the #3 spot & see limited icetime 2nd line PP time if lucky.

      No team is paying a 1st round pick for this soon to be 30 year old LWer. He should garner a 2nd & a prospect with a pulse or maybe a 2nd & a 3rd.

      • Striker your knowledge of Edmonton is lagging . Maroon was playing to the same numbers as last year , scoring chances , goals scored , pts , and he was doing it on a line with RNH after the early season struggle on mcdavids line . Much the same as you claiming changes hadn’t been made to the special teams , it took far too long but the units have been changed and re configured , not continuing to just roll out as you stated . Mcdavid is off the half wall , letestu is off both units .

      • Last season Marroon generated 24 of his 42 points with McDavid, 16 with Draisaitl. 3 with RNH.

        This season 13 of his 23 ES points have come with McDavid, 8 of those with Draisaitl, 2 with Yamamoto the remaining 3 with a Hodgepodge. With RNH 8, 3 with Cammy, 3 with Caggulia, 1 with Draisatl & 1 with Strome.

        Now if I were to run minutes played with each they show even more weighted to McDavid than RNH.

        I have seen no team play live more this season than Edm, Cal a close 2nd but 3 games less.

        This data like the CBA is readily available all you need do is book mark the websites, click the links & process it out.

      • Which shows in less time together Nuge / maroon have 8pts playing with a hodge podge as you put it . And with Mcdavid combos , he has 13 . That tells me he was producing pretty well with rnh pre injury , regardless of who they played with . Clearly Mcdavid raises maroons totals , but with a decent center (rnh) , or Leon he has shown he can produce as well . He’s not as good as twin I think it is has him rated , but not as bad or as low value with his big playoff style and dirt cheap cap hit

  4. Are there Vegas odds who gets a better return Nash or Kane?
    Goal chart
    2013-14 19 26
    2014-15 10 42
    2015-16 20 15
    2016-17 28 23
    2017-18 16 16

    • It’s not just about goals, nor points scored in the regular season. They are a factor but all attributes not the least of which is winning, playoff games played, that NHL playoff experience teams covet.

      Buf can’t be to happy Nash is on the board as he will garner a greater return than Kane for those intangibles not the least of which is character. That said the difference really is negligible as we are talking prospects & picks & that’s a crap shoot at best with picks this late.

      • Agree Striker, I would take Nash over Kane in a heart beat.
        I will go on a limb and say the max Kane gets Buf is a first and a throw in with little to no value like a 5th RD pick.
        I say this every year – this is the year GM’s get some sanity and stop throwing away top picks and prospects for rentals which often don’t fit with the current group.
        Then they will and be disappointed with the Hanzel’s and Shattenkirk’s, again.

      • I agree. Some fiscal sanity is slowly coming into play. Although Minny overpaid for Hanzal last season the prices paired at last seasons deadline weren’t as high as the season prior, haven’t looked back much further but Ladd & Vermette come to mind obviously in previous seasons.

        Other factors potentially in play like quality of players available perhaps that’s why last season didn’t see as high a costs even though the # of deals the previous 2 seasons were very close.

        This years UFA crop with Nash, Kane, Green, Grabner, Gubranson, etc. is fairly strong potentially so perhaps the prices paid will be higher as quality is nominally higher.

        I really don’t have a clue & would need to run a few hours of #’s to deduce. ha-ha!

      • The most overused statement playoff experience, just like team chemistry, how will they perform together.
        Yet Vegas put 23 guys together most with 0 experience playing with each other and no chemistry. Gee how did that work out.
        Kane is a better choice then Nash because he brings more to the table. As the numbers I posted Nash is NOT a playoff performer.
        Kane has not been to the playoffs as of date, neither was Ron Hainsey until last season and how did he play, with 0 playoff experience?

      • Nash is not a playoff performer, but Kane who’s never been is? Based off a completely different player, on a different team? Okay, I guess?

      • I agree with you on the playoff experience comment Caper, not having any doesn’t exclude you from performing well. But if I had a choice and the players were equal, I would take the player with a proven track record as it adds predictability.
        I am a big believer in chemistry and people being able to work well together. In the workplace we call it emotional intelligence and it is as great a predictor if not greater predictor of success than standard intelligence measures. I would be willing to bet $100 that Kane doesn’t score high in the emotional intelligence column. I say this because of how his past Jet’s team mates reacted to his act, and the recent team mate screaming at him calling him selfish. And that is just what got out to the media. Why is this still happening?

        Character matters, and it matters a lot and GM’s know it. It is why they talk to players and coaches who have played with players they are looking at signing, drafting and trading for. They research these guys.
        There is a trend and pattern of behavior with Kane and why a team that is currently having success would take a risk on him, especially when a similar player is available is beyond me. Maybe he is a changed man, but I simply don’t take the risk a spend valuable assets to do it.

      • At NYR4life, if you are referring to my statement, I didn’t say Kane was a playoff performer. I acknowledge he has no experience.
        My point is don’t put so much emphasis on experience and base on Nash last two playoff experience I would rather Kane because if he isn’t scoring (Kane) at least he’ll hit and be effective on the PK.

    • My chart was just to show Kane is not this consistent elite goal scorer and his intangibles coming into a tight dressing room can be a sure fire overpayment

    • I think Nash will get a better return since he is scoring on a more competitive team… While Kane can’t even get garbage points or goals lately… His shooting percentage is anemic as well… Nash teams know what they are getting good/bad etc… HE isn’t likely to be arrested for snorting cocaine or beating women like Kane :). There less off the ice issues or in the locker room or whatever to worry related to him… Also since he is older anything they get will probably have a higher value over time than Kane… Since if Kane gets his life or career turned around to hit the 40 goals mark it will make the trade or lack of a team to retain signing him look worse… Nash is in that mode of 20-30 goals not really able to expect 40+ anymore… Though if you put him with the right center he is a lot more secure to score giving his history along with shooting percentage compared to Kane.

  5. This will be the NYR & Nash segment for the next 2 + weeks

  6. If i had my choice i would take Nash over Kane any day of the week .Rangers should get a 1st and a prospect for him .

    • I wouldn’t give up a prospect let alone a first for a soft “big man” who disappears when it counts. I agree on Skinner and Hoffman, price for Evander Kane is dropping like a lead balloon.

    • Nash is way older and well both Kane and Nash are both talented and inconsistent….. Kane is a lot younger that’s about iot… wouldn’t really want either player on my roster because they play when they feel like it..

      • By a statement like that, I can tell you don’t know jack about Nash.
        The guy shows up every game. Broken record here. Many nights he’s been the best player in NY. Does it always translate on the scoresheet? No. But to say the guy doesn’t show up pretty much sums up your complete lack of knowledge on this guy/ team.
        Complete and total BS.

        I don’t think you’ll find ONE person that actually watches him to go along with that assessment of Nash.

      • I’d take nash on pens in a heart beat but the cost will be prohibitive for a luxury item.

        love homeboy miller even more…

      • Every game I have watched Nash play, he works his a$% off. He is slower yes but is appetite sure is there. He will get a first and a 3rd imo

      • I am a JT Miller homer and part of me wants him to go play with guys like Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler to become the player I think he should be

        At that same time he seems to be close to adding an ‘A’ to his jersey

      • Nash will garner the best return of all UFA’s Kane will be nominally less.

        Nash is a proven winner with a ton of playoff experience & as NYR4Life stated it may not always appear on the score sheet but no where near as bad in the playoffs as most like to represent.

        As I stated previously since arriving in NYR only 14 players have skated in more playoff games than Nash’s 73. He sits 15th in playoff games played over that time frame.

        I was trying to ponder where & what might be paid to secure nash. Dallas may be in the best position as Bob Mackenzie stated the cost is difficult for many playoff contenders. No team wants to have to give up a decent roster player today but apparently NYR wants a proven NHL player of some nature. Dal has that asset playing in the KHL in Nichushkin. Might Dal be prepared to give up this asset in some package to acquire Nash?

      • I’d say Miller , Kreider, Skjei, , Buchnevich, and Zibanejad . (Maybe Vesey. )should all be keepers for the time being. And obviously the better prospects in the pipeline. Shestyorkin, Chytil, Andersson, Bereglazov, Day.

  7. I would make Kane a priority, but his attitude is a big concern.

    I think Zucc will be the only “extra” Ranger to be dealt outside of Nash, Holden, Grabner.

    McDonagh is also a possibility but it’s a big trade to make for a team, so messing with chemistry is a concern.

    I think it’s also possible that the Rangers will stack up on assets to then make a pitch for the 1st overall pick to get Dahlin.

    • I Have to agree with NY4Life …here

      Not sure what all the negativity is on Nash ..hes been a pillar of consistency and remarkably has pretty much been a PLUS player almost every year !

      That stat in itself is remarkable, he is not going to hurt your team in a cup run and what ever assets you do give up wee never in the mix at present day anyway.

      Is he a center piece …NO ..is he a quality complimentary addition for the market value ..Id say better than most yes!

      this is why my argument for Pacioretti is so consistent about being one of the best players available out of ANY winger right now in the rumor news.

      • & he kills penalties. Not usually on a 1st unit but generally a 2nd unit as he’s also a deployed on a 1st or 2nd PP unit.

        Nash is a big body, good skater not blazing but not a liability nor even remotely an issue, sound defensively but he has a ton of miles on him at 33. Few players have played as many games at any level in his time in the NHL. Playoff games, 3 Olympic teams & he has never declined Canada’s invitations to play at the WC in his non playoff years in the NHL. Lock outs he played in Europe at in the Spengler etc.

        Nash has incredible character, a great leader who gives what ever he has to any team he plays for. No he isn’t a spring chicken. he’s 33, 34 in June. He isn’t retiring anytime soon & will be resigned some where this summer as a UFAS for significantly less than he makes today but probably get 4.5 to 5.5 on a 3 or 4 year deal to be a 3rd line player seeing 2nd line PP time & PK time helping to bridge & mentor a teams developing roster.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see him return to NYR this summer.

  8. Skinner and hoffman would be my top choices for deadline players going forward. Nash is a fine player, as is Kane but what you’re going to get isn’t what you’re going to pay for in those cases.

    • I don’t see these players moved pre deadline & trading them at all makes no sense to me but who knows.

      Peters has killed Skinner’s prodcution. His pairing with Ryan isn’t working. What is odd is that when Skinner was playing LW with Rask & Williams or to a slightly lesser extent with Ryan as the C those 2 wingers together were dominating the competition. Peters move to create 2 scoring lines has killed Skinner.

      Buf did a similar thing with Reinhart. Housley tried to balance out 3 scoring lines witn reinhart at C, they don’t have enough to fill 2 scoring lines a player short but when Reinhart plays RW with Eichel he produces solid #’s but it means Buf can only ice 2 scoring lines 1 LW short still soon to be 2 when Kane is moved.

      Curious to see if Buf will allow Nylander to play more than 9 NHL games this season or they limit him to less than 25 to maintain his rookie eligibility like Tor did with Nylander allowing him 22 games in 2015-16. I’m not sure I would burn off the NHL contractual year but having been drafted in 2016 the impact on A. Nylander’s waiver or arbitration eligibility would be negligible at best. He could become a UFA 1 year sooner is the only real impact.

      • Just in case your not looking back up to our debate striker , did you see my post ? Its 12-3 (Iv) section 10.2 says to refer to that section . And it states “a player subject to a club elected salary arbitration shall remain eligible to negotiate and sign an offer sheet no later than July 5 “

  9. “LeBrun believes the Columbus Blue Jackets could seek either a forward or a low first-round pick for defenseman Jack Johnson.”

    I think LeBrun mispelled the word fourth.


    Is Kreider expected to play again this year? Or will they shut him down since they have nothing to play for/be tanking?

    • I read somewhere that he is expected to be back mid march.

    • He has started skating. Have heard to hard data about his return though.

  10. A tale of two teams. The Rangers are in 23rd place, 7 points out of the playoffs, and have admitted they aren’t good enough to compete and are willing to trade almost everyone for picks and prospects to get on with a rebuild. The Canucks are in 28th place, 16 points out of the playoffs, and are trying to resign upcoming UFAs Gudbrandson and Vanek rather than trade them for picks to help the rebuild they refuse to admit is required. Goodbye Mr. Benning, great scout but an indecisive GM.

    If aging players with diminishing skills (Nash and Green) are worth 1st round picks plus as rentals, what is the market value for budding stars like Barzal, Boeser, McAvoy, etc.? 2 or 3 firsts and a couple of 2nds?

    • I guess trading young cost controlled assets would cost…. a GM his job?

      • If I am the Edmonton Oilers right now …

        I am putting together a CRAZY package together for Henrik Lundqvist.

        I am not going to name pieces ..as you get roasted for doing so ..BUT both teams could benefit from this situation long term and in the immediate future!

        It may take the Oilers to acquire a prominent Goalie first to add to the original deal but they have to look at this in all seriousness…and the Rangers should listen and Hank wants to win a CUP…he will be worthless in a rebuild to just keep him around and get no assets for him in trying to move in that direction….Oilers have the pieces to make this deal and he goes to the WEST as well.

      • Kal El… I am not sure Hank wants to leave NY even though he wants to win cup. He is extremely emotionally attached to NY and truly loves playing and being here. I suppose if he was A UFA then he would welcome a cup run with a contender but he has 3 more years and from the tone in his interviews it appears he is willing to be here during this phase because he loves NY so much.

        I am also not convinced they have the cap space to comeback to NY unless Leon D is coming this way and GM PC would be burned alive in molten oil if he did LOL.

      • couldn’t see pretty boy lundy wanting to play in edm.

      • What about Hank moving to Long Island? I don’t care what Snow says, they need an upgrade in goal (and probably some D tweaks). They have scored the second most goals in the league behind the Bolts but are down there on GA.
        Hank could be that answer…..assuming the Rangers would trade with the Islanders (I think they would out of respect if Hank specifically said he wanted to go for it).

  11. Any word when the official announcement to what next year’s cap will definitively be at? Rumor is 80 but when does that get announced?

    Surprised how Nash is getting the bad rep on this board. He is productive. His decline came right after he got concussed in Europe during the lockout playing along side Thornton. However, he is a solid PK guy, 1st PP guy, shot driver, uses his length well. Vermette got a 1st….Nash certainly will garner that and more.

    The movement on Kane is strange to me. He brings a lot to the table. I guess cap strapped teams making a cup run are evaluating how much they wish to give up for him. I think he would be a great rental….so perhaps the high asking price is making them pause till the deadline. Chemistry wise I am struggling to find what teams might want him in their lineup and locker room. Maybe a MINNY with Coyle as the primary going back to BUFF??

    Ok so Dallas is rumor to want Nash so here we go =)

    to DAL: Nash (50% retained), Pavelec & Smith =) lol
    to NYR: Lehtonen & 1st & 3rd

    Let Lehtonen walk end of year

    • @ I LOVE CROSBY….

      I understand his love affair with New York ..but this it …end of the NY subway line!


      and teh list goes on ….its his time I am a goalie …I know what is in heart the most ..its winning and where ever you can.

      The Organizations just said to the fan base ..its over we are blowing this up …I can tell you Hank DOES NOT want to get shallacked and embarrased at his age on a nightly basis and be boooed out of town and have to pick up in the middle of nest season and ask for a trade !

      Sometimes the roads for two teams and some players are just out of necessity

      • Kal El, I agree that Lundqvist wants to win badly, but what trumps on ice success is his life away from hockey with his family.
        They are rooted in NY as IHCrosby notes. He has a young family and his own foundation. Hell he even has his own band.
        None of us know for sure, but from the outside it sure looks like he is happy in NY.

    • Usually they high ball what they say the cap will rise to… They have to vote if they want to allow escrow or other crap… Then how much they made from TV or other revenue factors in. In general I’d say its best to expect it to rise about 2M each season give or take 500K or as much as 1.5M. I know Kings got into serious cap problems expecting the cap to rise around winning 2012 or 2014… Though it didn’t go up what it was reported to so they ended up being like a hundred bucks short to bring up a player doing a game 1 short…

      CF is a nice site if really want to talk cap or get into those details… They have other cap sites like I used to like CapGeek but the guy who ran that died. Teams sometimes have less cap space for penalties for being over the cap the prior season too… Then there is dead money or other factors that lower how much they can pay… Some teams like Toronto does tricks having players fail physicals like LUpul who wasn’t happy if remember him tweeting about it ;).

  12. For the salery, baggage and asking price and everything considered what do you guys feel the returns would be for :

    Rough ball park?

    • hoff- 1st and top 3 organization prospect
      kane- 1st or good prospect
      maroon- 2nd or middle organizational depth prospect
      nash – 1st and decent prospect.

  13. Ottawa keep Hoffman, Ceci and Pageau unless some one wants to overpay. Hoffman looks good with Duchene.

    See what you can get for Oduya (Ott pays out bonus ) , Thompson, Condon ….maybe fetch 5-7th round picks.

    Offer Phaneuf and Zack Smith to SJ for Paul Martin, Ward and Jeremy Roy. Ward has had playoff success but is past his prime @ 37. Martin has been in the minors for most of the year.

    Ottawa lets Ward walk end of season, buys out Martin but rids themselves of Phaneuf’s contract. Roy would be a nice to the Senators future D corps.

  14. how about Galchenyuk for Jenner?

    this change could benefit both players and it
    would be fun to watch the camera pan to Tortorella after Galchenyuk goes MIA in the defensive zone.

  15. Great being a Bruins fan.
    No need to make a move.
    No players listed on the top 40 trade targets.
    I would like to add a top 6 forward but don’t feel the need to trade first round pick or any top prospects.
    Adding to this roster could be negative for team chemistry.
    If a really good forward could be added for a second and third rounder I would consider it. As Sweeney says I’m not moving prospects.

    • Enjoy it while you can.

    • Bruins should add a 2nd or 3rd line vet incase the injury prone Krejci or Backes go down. Depth disappears quickly

    • Yep, pumped for the playoffs. To ds point depth does disappear quickly. Keep spending down to a 2nd rounder and get the best fit you can. If all are healthy keep the top 9 as is and add the winger pickup to the 4th line or cycle them in and out depending on who is going on any given night.
      Fingers crossed that injury bug doesn’t hit too hard in the playoffs. Some injuries are inevitable that time of year, but what happened to the D core last year was extreme. No way that happens 2 years in a row….. right?

      • Ray Bark…. would a Grabner/Holden package be something that helps your depth? The cost cannot be that high.

  16. Could be an interesting trade deadline. There seem to be more assets on the market than normal and some teams have come out and said we aren’t giving up futures on rentals. Economics would suggest that price drops when supply rises so we may see some teams accepting a lot less or simply holding on to their assets.

    I believe that Buffalo and the Rangers will feel compelled to move their expiring assets for whatever they can get. The Canucks GM doesn’t seem to understand what rebuild means so it’s hard to know what they will do. I suspect that a lot of the other pieces potentially in play (Skinner, Hoffman, etc) may well end up sitting on the sidelines as offers don’t meet expectations/hopes/dreams.

    • Problem for the teams trying to trade for assets is only about 10 NHL teams at most want to win… OR will make moves/go all in to try to win the Cup… Then have another 10 teams who are fence sitters… They might make some move or do nothing depending on how the wind blows or team is placed/doing… While the rest of the league isn’t trying to win, unless its the draft lottery… They more about making money or losing it if they want to move like Coyotes to MExico… Cabo Chupacabras would be a great name for them too :).

      I think a few teams will end up stuck getting nothing or very little for them.

  17. Lol Twin. “Maroon ‘sweepstakes'”

  18. Who R the Leafs going after ..
    Or ..R they standing pat …

    A pesty centre would be ideal ..

    Thoughts anyone