NHL Trade Deadline Rumor Roundup – February 26, 2018

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The NHL Trade Deadline is 3 pm ET today. Here’s the latest speculation on such notables as Erik Karlsson, Ryan McDonagh, Evander Kane, Max Pacioretty, Mike Green and more.

Can the Ottawa Senators find a suitable trade return for defenseman Erik Karlsson? (Photo via NHL Images)


TSN: Darren Dreger reported last night Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion will continue to explore moving Erik Karlsson but the club is willing to wait for the offseason to find the right deal. For teams believed interested in Karlsson, now is the time to put their best foot forward if they hope to land him before the deadline.

Bob McKenzie reports the Tampa Bay Lightning, Nashville Predators, Vegas Golden Knights and San Jose Sharks have spoken to the Sens about Karlsson. There could be a couple of “mystery teams” doing due diligence, but McKenzie points out such a trade is very difficult to do.

Lightning GM Steve Yzerman has said he doesn’t want to move any roster players, while the Predators don’t want to move top prospect Elli Tolvanen. McKenzie believes the Senators don’t want to make a bad deal here but this is also a messy situation for the club and it could be best to move Karlsson before the deadline, rather than let the situation fester.

Pierre LeBrun notes the Sens attempt to include winger Bobby Ryan in a potential Karlsson deal also complicates things. That would perhaps require a third team, such as Vegas or San Jose, that have lots of cap space.

Dreger also reports interest could continue to grow for Senators wingers Zack Smith and Mike Hoffman. He believes Smith is more likely to move than Hoffman. He doesn’t see them moving center Jean-Gabriel Pageau after having dealt away Derick Brassard to Pittsburgh. They also have an asset in defenseman Ian Cole, who was acquired in the Brassard deal.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports league executives claiming Lightning GM Steve Yzerman badly wants to add Karlsson but he’s having a difficult time finding a third team willing to take on Ryan’s contract ($7.5 million annually). Another executive insists the Golden Knights are making a serious pitch as they have the cap space to take on the contracts of Karlsson and Ryan. Sources also claim the Senators asking price is “legitimate NHL players, high-end prospects and two first-round picks.”


TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith reports the Lightning could pursue New York Rangers blueliner Ryan McDonagh, Detroit’s Mike Green or Columbus’ Jack Johnson if they’re unable to swing a deal for Karlsson.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Toronto Maple Leafs have interest in McDonagh but they’ll have to step up if they want to get him. They’re not believed near the front of the line for the Rangers blueliner. LeBrun believes the Leafs will try to add a defenseman before the deadline. Bob McKenzie also reported the Florida Panthers have inquired about McDonagh.

With Rick Nash off the trade board, Frank Seravalli reports five teams are believed to have serious interest in Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane. The Sabres are willing to tinker with their asking price (first-round pick, top prospect, young roster player-plus) and they could absorb half of his $5.25-million cap hit to facilitate a trade.

THE MERCURY NEWS: Paul Gackle notes the San Jose Sharks are linked to Kane in the rumor mill, but he doubts they’ll acquire him. Sharks GM Doug Wilson said he won’t move first-round picks or prospects this season for rental players. Gackle points out the Boston Bruins had to give up a first-round pick as part of the deal for Rick Nash. The Sharks could consider it if they could re-sign Kane to a contract extension but Gackle considers that unlikely considering the emphasis Wilson places on character.

COURIER POST: Dave Isaac believes it’s unlikely the Philadelphia Flyers will pursue Kane but he did note there’s some speculation suggesting they’ve looked at Sabres forward Sam Reinhart.


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports there’s a sense the Montreal Canadiens would love to move Max Pacioretty at the trade deadline if they can get a young center in return. However, that deal doesn’t appear there for the taking at this point. 

TSN: Frank Seravalli reports there are teams interested in Detroit Red Wings defenseman Mike Green. However, a recent neck injury and a drop-off in his play before the injury could affect his value. Tampa Bay, Washington and Vegas could be among the suitors.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Red Wings seek “a first-round pick or at least some combination involving multiple high picks and a prospect.” They’ve had extensive talks with the Lightning and Green is willing to waive his no-movement clause if a deal can be worked out with Tampa Bay. Toronto and Florida are also linked to Green, while Khan observes the Capitals lack the cap space to bring Green back to Washington. The Wings would also like to move Tomas Tatar or Gustav Nyquist. The Predators are among several clubs with interest in Tatar.


TSN: Following the Rick Nash deal on Sunday, Pierre LeBrun reports several teams contacted the Edmonton Oilers about pending UFA winger Patrick Maroon. Chances of the Oilers re-signing him are likely all but gone. They could try to get a second-round pick and a prospect.

Bob McKenzie believes Vancouver Canucks winger Thomas Vanek is the one rental likely to go as he was held out of Sunday’s game. The Canucks hope to find a trade partner for a draft pick in return.

VANCOUVER SUN: Ben Kuzma reports the Anaheim Ducks see Vanek ” as a third-line fit on the left side, a second power-play addition and insurance in case top-six wingers struggle to score in the post-season.” The Ducks have a second round pick and two third-rounders. Kuzma feels the Canucks must push for one of those assets.




  1. As a Ranger fan I understand why they’re shopping MacD, but still can’t get past the fact we game Smith a 4 year deal and Staal has years left!

    • Smith & Staal to VGS for Garrison & Reaves & a 2nd=)

      • They would never get in the lineup in Vegas:

    • The team that is going places or needs help on the Wing or is a cup contender and misses out on Pacioretty will be the biggest losers today i.e Blues, Wild, Jets, Devils.

      I still stand by my remarks that Pacioretty is the best player available for age contract, value and over all stats.
      With what has been ponied up thus far for players a team who is serious about winning should make this happen, with a true legit #1 center he is lethal I still think Blues should do what it takes!..IMO..

      As a Leaf fan Iam having my second on the Plekanecs deal ..while he is better than Bozak and Dominic Moore and I truly believe they needed an upgrade there and probably still do …
      I am not sure Pleks has the drive, true desire or WILL to win a cup or the giving up of the body in that roll…he could fade…I miss a Brian Boyle wish they just had resigned him!

      Id Rather the Leafs get McDonagh and pay a bit more for that player and pass on Mike Green and give up assets for nothing!
      Mike Green is not a player that puts a team over the top like McDonagh does ….maybe a good second power play look but thats it IMO ..no physical play at all and thats what they need !!

      In a perfect world Id rather see Josh Manson and that would be my number one target if he was to be had !

      Shout out to the Sabres …thank you for last night ! LOL

      Enjoy the day boys good luck to your team!

  2. It will be interesting to see what Vegas does today. Wonder if a first, second, Cody glass and nick Suzuki could land EK.

    I doubt they part with Glass tho. Shea Theodore with a add on might just do it.

    I think it’s safe to say I’m closing the door at work today! Happy trade deadline folks!

    • Taking Ryan back would require James Neal I would imagine. Not really sure what NHL players OTT would want from them. Not sure what VGS would offer without tinkering with their chemistry too much.

      I would assume it starts with 2 1sts and Glass. If Theodore is thrown it…I imagine it can get done.

      to OTT: Glass, Theodore & 2 1sts along with Garrison/Grabovski/Clarkson

      to VGS: Karlsson & Ryan

      seems about right.

      • ihate crsoby …I like you posts most days

        thats just terrible and Ottawa my as well just fold up the tent and relocate with that deal!

        It offers nothing to help plan out a roster in a rebuild …Ottawa will need NHL ready (player or players)right away!

        The secondary part is a 1A prospect and the 3rd part is picks starting with at least one first 1st

  3. We’re does Maroon end up?

    • There’s been talk linking him to the Jets and Blues.

      • No Maroon, may very well end up on St. Louis. He wants to be in STL. He still native to STL. His family still lives in STL. He wants to go back so he can spend more time with his son Anthony. He wants be with his son. He wants to be in STL. Even hos brother wants him to be traded, and hoping be comes to STL. If hes traded to a different team at deadline, in the office season he most likely will sign with STL. He wants to come back home where he grew up and be with his son Anthony. He loves STL. So many obvious clues. Its like Shattenkirk we knew he want to go back to New York so we let him, if course we traded him to caps, but in the off season he signed with NY. I think Mario if traded to jets will then sign with STL in the off season.

      • Your probably right. I know Nash is a declining asset, but the name netted a good return. Wonder what maroon brings back.

        Wonder if more teams line up for maroon then kane? Kane costs more to aquire, salery and the baggage.

        I think kane will fetch a late first and prospect if the sabers retain 50 percent of the salery… but u never know. Lol he wont be going to the jets ill almost gaurentee that

    • I can see Patrick Maroon going to the Winnipeg Jets.

    • A California team?

      Haven’t really heard much linking him to those teams but I’m playing the odds, any of those 3 teams could use him.

      • As a Kings fan I just puked in my mouth a little. Man I hope your wrong but I see the logic in your thinking. San Jose could be the team as I just don’t see Anaheim trading for a guy that they already traded away while retaining salary.

  4. Oki Doki Guys, Got to start the trade day out with my Multi-team, multi-player deal (Pens, Buf, Arz)—3 separate trades— (1) To Buff Hunwick for 7th in 2020; (2) Hunwick then flipped to Arz (%50 reatained by Buff) plus Buff 3rd (’18) for Connaughton. (3) Then from Buff: Kane, Georges (both with Buff retaining 50%) and Connaughton— all UFAs BTW) to Pitts for : Sheary, Sprong, Keuhnuckl, Reuwedl, 2nd (’18); and 2nd and 3rd (’19). Net: Arz gets Hunwick & 3rd for Connaughton; Buff gets 2 seconds , 1 third, Sheary, Sprong, Keunuckl, Reuwhedl , for Kane, Georges and a 3rd (’18) and 7th (’20); Pitt gives up Sheary, Sprong, Kunhnuckl, Reuwedlh, and 3 picks and gets Kane, Georges, Connaughton. Kane upgrade on Sheary, Georges and Connaughton massive upgrade on Hunwick/Reuwedlh—cost for upgrade – 3 picks, Srpong, Kuhn. Buff trades this year’s 3rd for Pitts next year 3rd and gains 2 seconds, plus gets Sheary, Sprong, Kuhn— for 2 UFAs and $’s retained this year. Arz gets a 3rd for taking Hunwick at 5)% plus Connaughton. WIN WIN WIN—I sleep at night as Hunwick gone —- that is then WIN WIN WIN WIN

    • Note: Arz getting Hunwick at 50% for Connaughton and a 3rd

      • Nothing official yet on Hunwick going to Arizona.

    • You are trading cars for toasters there. No TY.

      • “Trading cars for toasters”. LOL! Gotta remember that one.

    • No. We are giving up 3 very good forwards under team control for a number of years to have 2 months of the biggest spoiled brat in all of hockey? I want nothing to do with Kane. Buffalo is asking too much and I don’t want to pay.

      • The Buffalo Sabres have not done well in trade deadline deals for years. I would not gloat about shipping good players out and receiving minor league players that will not make positive impacts in the National Hockey League.

        I think the Boston Bruins overpaid the New York Rangers for Rick Nash. The same teams that were interested in Nash that are checking out Evander Kane will attempt not to overpay.

        The Sabres would need to package another player in order to get a decent return involving Kane.

  5. Lyle, do you think the caps will just stand pat and get no one else? I don’t think they have quite enough to content this year and they have stated they won’t part with top picks or the limited prospects they have, and have very limited cap space.

    • I can see them standing pat. They already made a couple of depth moves on defense. They also had less than $700K in cap space for today. Unless they pull off a complicated three-team deal or shed salary elsewhere I don’t think they’ll do much.

  6. It’s a day later, now had time to process the Bruins trade with the Rangers for Nash. Yesterday I was pretty adamant that I didn’t like it.
    Well today is a new day, and I like it less today then I did yesterday. I know there is a lot of pundits out there that says this shows Boston is going for it. Personally I don’t think Rick Nash is an upgrade over Spooner and that’s not including the assets and the one liability that Boston gave up for him. Spooner game has evolved last week in one game a watched him win 3 board battles, that was more then all last year but together.
    I like speed, if you watched the Bruins vs leafs on Saturday, you would’ve have notice on not noticed the Riley Nash, Heinen and Backes line, was absolutely owned. Backes was a hindrance to the line because he couldn’t keep up. It took to late in the 2nd period when Kassidy switched and but the 4th line out against the leaf line because they could handle the speed.
    Spooner has a ton of speed and his game has evolved and improved, I notice a lot of Rangers comments yesterday stating maybe they could flip Spooner. I don’t see him getting flipped because he’s a good hockey player and he won’t cost much to resign.
    Today this trade is worst then yesterday.

    • I’m not happy with the trade. I took a day to process. Bos loses this trade & no garunter Nash gets Bos further in the playoffs than they would have gotten with Spooner. As I showed in the math yesterday Bos only saves 975K really moving out Belesky over what the saved burying him as they are paying 1.9 regardless.

      As I said yesterday this has similarities to the Jagr trade. A much lower price paid for Jagr but I hope it doesn’t have the same effect. Bos acquiring Jagr bumped Seguin to the 3rd line & cost Bos a cup.

      Bad deal for Bos, great deal for NYR. I already owned Spooner in 1 of my fantasy leagues & went & bought him in the other yesterday.

      I just wish Bos had stayed the course & having acquired depth at D for a 3rd in Holden & then flipping Vatrano for another 3rd I would have liked to see Bos spend no more than a 2nd on a depth forward.

      • Caper and Striker, agree 100%.
        This deal defies logic, I just don’t get it.
        Folks will say if the B’s win it it was worth it, OK sure, but unless Nash absolutely lights it up we will never know if he had a greater impact than Spooner would have. The Bruins core will determine if they win or not. Especially Rask. Spooner and Nash are both complimentary players.
        Sometimes managers just feel like they have to do something or send a message. That was the defense of this deal, it sent a message that the Bruins are going for it!
        BS. How is a terrible deal a signal that you are trying to win?
        If it is an upgrade (and I think it is a small one, others would argue otherwise) it is minimal and the price paid was huge.
        I haven’t spoken to a single B’s fan that likes it.

  7. If in fact there is no Karlsson deal, Yzerman has sent the message to his room that he likes his team too much to trade any of its members, even for an all-star. That may be the reason for his unusual public statements about not giving up a current player. Trade deadline results with no trade….Jedi mind games. Fighting the possible impression that an opportunity was missed? Irony … Green was hurt by Erne of the Bolts.

    • If Ryan absolutely has to be part of this trade, I think that’s really more the sticking point. Not only for Tampa, but any team trying to acquire him.

      It definitely will require a 3rd team willing to take on Ryan’s contract. And that is no easy sell. And that isn’t coming cheap.

      Imo, this deal is much too complicated to pull off today , (if Ryan has to be part of this deal.)

      I believe Tampa needs to make a move. Green or Cole may be their only cheap options without blowing up the roster.

      • @ NY4LIFE

        …I agree…adding Ryan to an all ready complicated deal is “complicated”..lol
        Just for what the team is asking for Karlson alone is complicated with out damaging your roster ..than also have to think how much control does Karlson have on which team he is going too ..Iam thinking a lot as well…not to make it a heiarchy of complicatedness ..LOL

    • Hey Richard
      ….Just for conversations sake …
      What would you do for Karlson?
      A legit deal for his caliber not in the off season but today!

      This is such a weird deal to make as this is literally one of the top 5 players in the game …but no one is willing to give up roster players whichis beyond me in a negotiation when it comes to the caliber of the player!

      I myself am included in this theory …as a Leaf fan I would be STEAMED if the Leafs gave up one of Dermott, Nylander or Marner for Karlson on any level so I do understand your plight!
      The unfortunate thing is that in reality any team getting Karlson will have to do so!

      • Getting a stud does not guarantee a cup. The Lightning have the best record in the East so they have a shot — if Vasy plays like Khabibulen its a good shot.
        If you offered me Karlsson or a guarantee that my twenty guys stayed healthy for the entire run I’d take health and keep my future intact as the Bolts are set for a long window. I do disagree with many that EK would be a two-run player…the Bolts won’t bring him in without planning to keep him and that would require the same kind of team friendly contract that Hedman/Stamkos have I’m betting that if it were up to EK that would work but it’s Dorian’s call. I’d put two firsts, Cal Foote & two other prospects, and maybe Peca as the “nhl player” on the table. I’d also danngle like a second & fourth to help with Ryan if DOrian can work out something, reminding him that one cup run is less valuable than two if he waits. something

  8. My dream scenario today…

    Ottawa resigns Ian Cole to a 4 year, $4.5 million AAV deal. Ottawa retains 50% of his salary ($2.25 million) and ships him back to Pittsburgh for Matt Hunwick ($2.25 million AAV) the Pen’s second round pick this year, second round pick next year and the Sen’s third this year they just got.

    • And…the dream turns into a bit of a nightmare.

      Better than PHI or WSH, but…yuck…

      Cole to CBJ.

    • He’s in Columbus now. Dream over.

      • NEW dream scenario…

        Columbus resigns Ian Cole to a 4 year, $4.5 million AAV deal. Columbus retains 50% of his salary ($2.25 million) and ships him back to Pittsburgh for Matt Hunwick ($2.25 million AAV) the Pen’s second round pick this year, second round pick next year and the Sen’s third this year they just got.

  9. Kane’s character is always mentioned. That will cost Buffalo. They will not get the same return as Nash even though he is younger faster and tougher. Green has always been hurt and a risk. Second PP and soft Maroon is my best bet.
    Let’s see if players with term ala Pacioretty, Hoffman, and Karlsson get moved today. I say not.

  10. Kane to Pens…no thank you!

  11. As an oilers fan I won’t be surprised if Ryan Strome gets traded if any team is looking for a 3rd line Center. He’s an RFI.

    Also, came tell I had 5 points in his last 2 games and 10 in his last 10 games. Might get a third rounder for him?

  12. Ryan Donato makes Nash deal look real good if he is signed.He is NHL ready now.If the Bruins keep waiting to almost till the third period to show up it will not matter any way.