NHL Trade Deadline Tracker – February 26, 2018

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Today’s trades involving NHL players will be compiled here. Analysis of the notable deals will follow following the 3 pm ET trade deadline the Soapbox.

The New York Rangers have dealt defenseman Ryan McDonagh and forward J.T. Miller to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Vladislav Namestnikov, prospects Libor Hajek andBrett Howden, 2018 1st round pick and a conditional second round pick.

Edmonton Oilers trade left wing Patrick Maroon to the New Jersey Devils for a third-round pick and college prospect forward J.D. Dudek.

The Detroit Red Wings traded winger Tomas Tatar to the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for a first-round pick in 2018, a second in 2019 and a third in 2021

The Vancouver Canucks have dealt winger Thomas Vanek to the Columbus Blue Jackets for forwards Tyler Motte and Jussi Jokinen.

The Buffalo Sabres have traded left wing Evander Kane to the San Jose Sharks for “a conditional first-round pick in 2019, a conditional fourth-round pick in 2020 and center Daniel O’Regan. 

The St. Louis Blues trade center Paul Stastny to the Winnipeg Jets “in exchange for a first-round pick in the 2018 NHL Draft, forward Erik Foley and a conditional fourth-round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft.” The Blues also retain half of Stastny’s $7 million cap hit. 

The Chicago Blackhawks trade forward Ryan Hartman and a fifth round pick in 2018 to the Nashville Predators for prospect forward Victor Edjsell plus the Predators first- and fourth-round picks in 2018.

The Ottawa Senators trade defenseman Ian Cole to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a third-round pick in 2020 and minor league right wing Nick Moutrey.

The Montreal Canadiens acquire defenseman Mike Reilly from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for a fifth-round pick in 2019 (previously acquired from Washington).  Canadiens trade defenseman Joe Morrow to the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for a fourth-round pick in 2018.

The New York Islanders trade forward Jason Chimera to the Anaheim Ducks for center Chris Wagner.

The Calgary Flames acquire forward Nick Shore from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for a seventh-round pick in 2019. 

The Boston Bruins acquired forward Tommy Wingels from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for a conditional fifth-round pick in 2019.

The Vancouver Canucks trade minor league defenseman Philip Holm to the Vegas Golden Knight for forward Brendan Leipsic.

The Carolina Hurricanes trade forward Josh Jooris to the Pittsburgh Penguins for minor-league forward Greg McKegg.



  1. Not bad return on Cole considering… Expected more trades to happen already… Guess they will try to wait until the deadline is near to start to release or announce them. Its funny put ESPN on to see how bad they were in their coverage… They didn’t even list players traded in a deal saying “prospect” or other BS. Have to say ESPN isn’t even a sports channel anymore its gotten so bad its not a surprise the draft left them :). Just hoping the Kings make a decent trade not the awful deals they made thus far ;). SAw some replay of Rangers game on Helm breakaway… Henrik should be bought out or traded if NYR Is really rebuilding or it will get ugly over next few years for him etc ;).

    • A 6 year buyout? No thanks on that! He has said he’s fine where he’s at, NY said they’re fine with building around him. I’ve been saying all year his contract expires right on time with Shestyorkin coming to NY.

      Girardis buyout is crippling and long. How does a 6 year much more expensive buyout help NY?
      Unless they’re planning on a 10 year rebuild, this is a horrible idea.

      • WEll I think trading him would be better than a buyout… Also the NHL could have a lockout before his contract is up… So that might give a no fault window to not take the cap hit for the buyout. There might be a year that is best to buy him out where the hit wouldn’t be that bad. Like GAborik if he plays next season the final 2 years are below 6.5M for a decent buyout… Dion Phaneuf his final year to be bought out would be real cheap. Dustin Brown the Kings can buyout after this season where it wouldn’t be that bad…

        Well a real rebuild would take 3-5 years… So if he has 6 years left are they going to try to win in his final year when he will have declined? I’d try to trade him if I was serious… Then see where things are 2-3 years in… IF its looking that bad I’d buyout if can’t trade him. Rangers might be lucky where its going to be like Penguins having Fleury go in expansion to Vegas… Seattle Kraken will have a team before his contract is up… So maybe Rangers move him via expansion draft or a trade to them… SEattle can sell a bunch of Henrik jerseys like VEgas did w/ Fleury then.

      • Agreed.

        A good goalie is necessary during a re-build, re-tool, whatever you want to call it. It makes it far easier to really evaluate what you have when the goaltending is consistent, and not being awful for too long tends to help with developing the talent on hand. With the new draft lottery, I don’t think it’s helpful to just bottom out for long enough to land that one guy. Losing for enough years for the odds to eventually work out can be very damaging to a team as well.

      • BTW Henrik has 4 years left so not sure where get 6… I’d buy him out the final year if I had to at 4.5M salary. I think he ends up on Seattle Kraken via expansion if they don’t trade him though.

      • Lundqvist has 3 years remaining after this year, not 4.
        A buyout is spread over double the remaining contract. 2 years left = 4 year buyout, 3 years left = 6 year buyout and so on.

        This would be a 6 year buyout…. again, no thanks on that!

      • @Nyr4life What would you say about a 3 way involving NYR, Carolina and the Leafs.

        Toronto sends Bozak and JVR to Carolina and Gardiner and a 1st to NYR, Toronto would receive Ryan from NYR and Kreider with of course something else to come from Carolina going to the NYR.

        As you can tell I just pulled this out of my ass but I’m certain Carolina has goodies the Rangers would want.

      • I mentioned yesterday, trading Mcdonagh with any other piece is not a good idea. Honestly I think Gardiner is a little too old for a rebuild. He’s only a year younger than Mcdonagh, similar contracts, and both UFAs next year. I’d sooner just hang on to Mcdonagh.

        I’d prefer they bring back younger, more affordable pieces and picks. Mcdonagh should bring a great return on his own. No need to complicate it. By adding another player.

        Kreider is a guy I’d like to stick around with Miller, Zibanejad. And obviously the young guys like Skjei, Buchnevich etc.

        This is one deal Gorton can’t botch.

      • I get the NYR point of view here and agree.
        Similarly for the Leafs this makes no sense.
        We need C depth, why would we move Bozak?
        Is kreider an improvement on JvR? I don’t it that way, not this year at least.
        MCD is better than gardiner but he is not worth Gardiner, Bozak and a 1st.
        The leafs would want nothing to do with this deal.

        It only really work for Carolina, but then again I haven’t heard a hurricane fan’s take on it yet

      • Fair enough guys and I understand your view of the Ranger situation perfectly.

        I drive a truck so didn’t have time to expand as there would have been a pick or two coming Leafs way as well.

        Gotta remember from Leaf point of view that Bozak and JVR are ufa and while it seems NYR got alot for Nash I think it was a fair trade with Belesky to be buried as Rangers can eat that np like the Leafs.

        My original shoet though was JVR going to Carolina, Ryan to Leafs and Gardiner to NYR then finalize from pieces to make it work.

        My idea was to have Johanson from the Marlies to take JVR”S spot.

        I am simply not a fan of JVR or Bozak but perhaps they plan to just let them leave and use the cap room…probaly the best option all things considered.

        The way I see it is if the Leafs are to make a run this year they need some players that are difficult to play against in the playoffs.

      • Well 3 years left is even better they can buy him out after 2 if things go bad ;). I should clarify I am not a fan of buyouts… I think they should only be used as a last resort even if it means retaining salary. I’d try putting guy on waivers anything before buyouts… Nor do I agree with many teams who buyout players… Though its important to structure the deal so it can be bought out too… Like Kings blew it w/ Greene to sign him was bad enough… Though having him 2.5M every year in the 4 year deal was dumb… Even a second grader would have done 3/3/2/2, I’d have tried to do even better… Then they bought him out in final year when should have just let it go LTIR or so… I am not a Girardi hater like CF posters, who even mocked him going to TAmpa… I don’t get why the Devils bought out DSP who didn’t have a high salary either ;).

        I think Rangers are idiots way they have handled things… Penguins didn’t give up when LEtang got hurt or had stroke… They won a few cups by doing what it takes. Rangers could have tried to get Green when Shattenkirk went for surgery for example. I’d wait until Seattle Kraken comes into league before rebuilding personally if I was them. Otherwise 2 years or so in they will have to lose a key player or asset. Also its easier to get players are lower costs like Devils did getting Mirco Mueller from Sharks before expansion draft. He was a 1st round pick they planned to groom to be a critical part of their blue line.

        I think Rangers could be set back like 10 years… If I live to see 2028 I don’t think they will be in any SCFs in that span. I would have went all out, now its too late… Kings depending what happens w/ Drew Doughty could end up seeing Quick end up on Seattle KRaken too :).

        I’m hoping the next CBA they will change it so buyouts are 1/3rd not 2/3rd… Also where can absorb the cap hit in 1 or two years max… Kings will be paying for Mike Richards long after I’m dead probably :). Though Flyers gave him contract along w/ Carter its LA who got stuck when changed rules after lockout. I still never liked the smith deal Rangers did or some other moves. Even if they have to retain salary I think Rangers can get a nice return for Henrik. I just don’t think a team can win a cup if goalie is making over 6M in cap hit. They can lose a SCF like Nashville or Rangers though. I think need to have less than 10M in cap hit for the two goalies… Though 6-8M is more ideal if not below that if want to compete for a cup.

      • As a fan I completely disagree. Shattenkirk wasn’t making a difference if he was healthy, why was Green the answer.

        I’ve defended NY for years for giving away youth and picks. But things were different. They were a contender, they were close. They iced much better teams than this years version.

        I’ve been saying all year, ” this team looks like they’re thinking of life after Lundqvist, they’re headed for a full on rebuild “.

        Most people saw the Shattenkirk signing as a indication NY was not headed in this direction… I disagreed.
        To the point where people were questioning my support of this team. But what I saw was a team that wasn’t good enough even when on winning streaks.

        The entire year they were constantly playing from behind early in games. Some of which they were lucky enough to come back and win. The laws of probability were going to catch up. This is not a way to win, compete and be anything more than a bubble team.

        You say NY are idiots? Was Green going to make them better? Okposo? I certainly didn’t/ don’t think so!

        They would have been idiots giving away yet more assets to more than likely miss the playoffs anyway. Not only that, but also lose Nash, Grabner, etc for absolutely nothing in the process…. this would be beyond idiotic. How does this expedite a rebuild?

        Is it unusual to pull the plug 3 points out, with 30 games remaining? Absolutely!
        But it was a reality they had to face. Reality is, this team was not going far , by the slim chance they made it!

        This is the right direction.

      • Well I do think they are idiots for some of the contracts they gave out… Which put them in the hole in first place… Then to pull the plug this early in season when were not far out of playoffs… Basically announcing what are doing I think might have made it harder to get value for players. Once they gave Henrik a cap hit of 8.5M I knew they were going to be in trouble…

        Depends what goals are, to make the playoffs or win a Cup… They could toil for years not doing either of those things. I just used Green as an example if they needed a right shot D-man. They could have traded for King Karl or other players to fill a hole. I never mentioned or really liked Okposo… Though I do think it was wrong he didn’t make the Olympics the year he was doing well. I always thought he was hot/cold not achieving what he should on Islanders. I liked Grabner, thought Vegas should have taken him over who they did in expansion draft.

        Its hard to get a franchise goalie or somebody who can win big games. So giving up when still had a few years left in Henrik I think was wrong… Also if Seattle gets an expansion team its going to cost them assets or a key player. Since they will be a few years into a rebuild so unable to protect everybody they want to keep. That can set them back a few more years… If they wanted to rebuild not sure giving Shattenkirk that contract was wise or some other moves. I’d rather save the cap space to make a play at Drew Doughty as a free agent or King Karl… Maybe even cut a trade for one of them.

        You are the fan of the team so if happy with what they are doing… AT the end of the day its all that matters. They seem to have got decent returns on players. They didn’t have to trade Hayes, Kreider, among others only flipping JT Miller. I think the player they got will probably score more than him while being popular w/ Russians in NY area :). Personally I like how Penguins go for broke doing every deal or move they can. I don’t like the team or certain players but I respect them going all in. Kings made some really bad trades while giving out bad contracts under Dean or so… Now Blake has only won one trade in the Torrie Mitchell one. I wont be seeing them in a cup anytime soon, Sharks blew their chance… So basically Vegas is going to win before either of them. I’ll be pulling for them or the JEts this playoff so its not a total loss… Good Luck w/ the rebuild, Rangers fans will stick with the team win or lose. Its not like the Islanders or Devils if team isn’t doing well the tickets don’t get sold :).

    • This confirms the story that the Pens attempts to trade Cole failed because they wanted a 2nd. Apparently he isn’t worth that much.

      • If I was Vegas I probably would have made them trade me Cole to take Fleury at time of expansion… Though I think they got something in a trade to take him anyways. Odd Cole is worth the same basically as a D-man that was claimed off waivers then traded to Islanders by Oilers. Why I don’t really get NHL sometimes, its like there isn’t a clear value or payment for players ;). You see some trades where its like they barely gave or got much then others its vastly over payment :).

  2. With Nash commanding a huge price I doubt Patcioretty or Hoffman get moved.
    What is realistically the price for Kane now? What he brings is obvious, the good and bad, but he is also a much more attractive resigning candidate than Nash.
    Why the Sharks wouldn’t move a first for him is puzzling, they can use him this year, can easily sign him next year and to me that’s better than hoping a mid to late first round pick pans out.

    • Gary, never mind whether the Rangers and Carolina would make that trade, why would the Leafs? I see this as significantly weakening the Leafs and I get Carolina would not be trading for a UFA. This deal makes no sense to the Rangers either, Gardiner has one year left as does McD. Rangers are looking for prospects and picks, not Gardiner and pick.

      This is a ridiculous proposal.

      • Ordinarily I choose not to respond to…thats a rediculous trade…but I’ll tell you wants rediculous and that is thinking that the Leafs are where they are because of JVR and Bozak…give me a break.

        The trade for Pleks and still having Moore allows us to trade Bozak and Andreas on the Marlies allows us to trade JVR. But not just to give them away.

      • I don’t understand people who are so eager to get rid of JVR, he almost always score is close to 30, I think he has 25 goals so far this year. You think bringing a guy up from the AHL can replace that just before the playoffs? I also don’t get why people are so ready to throw in the towel, they are in second place in the East, not sure what they have to do to be taken seriously?

  3. That’s a good return for Stastny, but also indicates St. Louis doesn’t believe they are going to be contenders this year.

    • I was caught off guard by this move. I am thinking that STL is making cap room for another big move though…we shall see.

      • Maybe Blues will make a deal for King Karl to replace the right shot they lost with Shattenkirk now ;). Otherwise seems like they sorta giving up making a real run even if make playoffs now…

    • Gary, no one has said the Leafs are where they are based on Bozak and JVR, but they play a key role whether you choose to accept it or not. JVR is a 50 foot player – no one knows that better than Babcock, yet his 25ish goals count significantly. Bozak does a heck of alot more than most fans recognize. He would be a significant loss, one that cannot be replaced by Moore. Babcock does not trust Moore, hence the price we paid for Plekanec.

      Johnnson is very unproven, to even suggest he may replace JVR is very short sighted. We don’t try things like this late in the season, not if you want to succeed in the playoffs. I see Johnnson getting a shot next year as JVR will not be back.

      My apologies for my ‘ridiculous’ comment, it may have been a bit harsh.

  4. Wow nice to see Jets get Stastny had him on a keeper fantasy league when he was just starting out… So glad to see him going to a team I like more than Blues ;). Does this mean they are giving up after they were in 1st a fair amt of time St. Louis? Least some other team wasn’t able to block them from getting him… This is the biggest trade so far making it not totally a boring bust :).

    I think Nashville did alright in their trade. Guy they got nearly had 20 goals last year… Nobody is really doing great in Chicago so him having a down year wouldn’t make me panic quite yet :).

    Congrats to the JEts going for a real Cup run while Nashville is trying hard too. I’m a bit stunned JEts were able to get Stasny for what hopefully will be the 31st pick in 2018 :).

  5. Great trades! More importantly, anyone hear much about Maroon or any oilers rumours?

    I’m at work and can’t watch the tan deadline day

    • My tan deadline is just before summer vacation.

    • Hey twin, remember when I disagreed about Patrick maroon being a Darkhorse who would get a first round and a good prospect? What did you call me? I think it was a retard and keyboard warrior even though I hadn’t said anything about you personally… just wondering if you had any further comments?

      • if you ever pointed out twin was being beyond silly he refused to respond to your posts so…. I doubt you hear much

      • Those were “wishfull returns” from your friendly neibourhood oilers fan. Althought i dont like the return if there was a better off they would have taken it.

        He may be a bit banged up, but you were right and i was wrong.

      • No, not your friendly neighbourhood Oilers fan. Admitting you’re wrong is one thing, you never apologize for what you called me. It was incredibly offensive, you don’t know my situation or my family situation, you don’t call someone that. And the fact that you don’t acknowledge that says something about you. You had a stretch where you were saying stuff like that to everybody, the fact that you are now being more polite does not change the fact.

    • A 3rd round pick from Nj, the same compensation Bos paid for Holden or Flo for Vatrano, no 1st not even a 2nd.

      • Yes, I’m actually surprised that it wasn’t a better return to be honest. Just wondering if a guy who likes to call people names for no real reason is big enough to apologize. I won’t be holding my breath though.

      • No apology needed by Twin. Just a bit of a homer. Shooting far to high.

        I’m shocked it wasn’t a 2nd & a suspect prospect. Great value for NJ.

      • No, an apology is warranted. You don’t need to apologize for being a homer, we need to apologize when you call someone what he called me. But a person who would call somebody that is not the type of person who would admit they were wrong.

      • @TB i called you a keyboard warrior. Not to be rude, this is a hockey chat site so your “family situation” shouldnt be in question. And i never mentioned your family.

        Not sure where you are going with this.

      • Suck it up buttercup! It’s a hockey chat forum you will never meet twin why do you really care? Geez and than to whine about it lol

      • No, you called me a retard. Whatever, you’re not big enough to admit it or apologize I’m done with it, shows what kind of character you have.

      • @bigbadbruins thats what i was thinking. @TB you are way to sensitive for chat forms. Like you sound like my 7 year old niece. Keyboard warrior you need another coat of skin there man.

        Im not going to be little you, like you said i dont know your situation and it wouldnt be fair to kick someone who is not emotionally there, and struggles in life.

        For your own reputation tho, what you said, and are sadened about, publically challenging people on this site for spilled milk everyone is probably laughing at your expense.

        Please guys dont hate on TB we dont know his personal or family situation. We cant all be happy go lucky!

      • Whatever, you can’t admit what you called me, you’re a garbage person and a coward. You were being a dick to multiple people and calling people names because your idea that maroon would get a first and a prospect was stupid. That’s all it was. If you think people are laughing at me then whatever, the word retard happens to be very offensive to many people, I called you out on it and you’re too much of a coward to admit that you said it, apologize and end it. That’s all it was.

      • Waaaaa waaaaaa holy crap it’s a chat forum geez lol

      • I know, but it’s a forum full of those mean old Toronto fans, the ones that are mean to Boston.

      • @TB, please do us all a favour and go back to your mothers basement and skype with your buddy Eklund. While your at it stop being a keyboard warrior and referring to people more than likely twice your size as cowards.

        If you can’t read between the lines, and want to play kindergarten do it else were. You just keep antagonizing people. I understand, and do feel bad for you and and did not know you are not emotionally unstable, and apologized for calling you a retard, but I’ll guarantee the other 500 people reading your comments probably think the same.

        Please just drop it, and quite frankly for you to be referring to me, or anyone on here as a “coward” or “garbage person” especially when you don’t know me is a testament of your childish character.

        I truly do feel bad for whatever life obstacles you have, but honestly attacking at people behind the keyboard in moms basement is just a wee bit over the top don’t you think?

      • Yeah, this started because you were calling people names from your keyboard. You can assume what you want about me, I work with people with disabilities so it was a serious thing to me for you to say that, that’s all it was. By the way, you said you didn’t know I wasn’t emotionally unstable, you might want to double check your posts if you’re trying to sound smart. Also I’m sure you do not recognize the irony of what you are saying, this started because you are calling me names, and you do not know me. So when I intern called you a coward you are offended because I don’t know you? That is hilarious. And yes I am done with it, you finally admitted what you said, the rest of it is just bull. Oh, and since you’re so offended by me saying things even though I don’t know you, I guess I can leave my mother the basement now? There is seriously something wrong with you. If you could have just been a man and apologized this would’ve ended a long time ago, if you hadn’t resorted to calling people names it never would’ve started. Anyway, it’s done.

  6. Oilers should trade RNH and Maroon to Blues for Porayko and 1st round pick

  7. They might build a statue of Paul Stastny on the corner of Portage and Main just for waiving his NTC to go to Winnipeg.

  8. Four 1st round picks so far. There was a lot of people thinking there would be none.

    • Five…

      • The Kane trade isn’t really being reported properly, it’s a conditional 2nd only becomes a 1st if extended.

        The Hartman & Stastny trades were surprising, especially Stastny.

      • All in all, possibly 7? Definitely 5 First rounders traded today. A far cry from none.

      • Absolutely

    • Yeah I recall reading a few posts where people claimed only one 1st rounder would be traded or other BS :). So far its been quite compared to what thought… Sharks got Kane which mostly expected along with other deals. Though surprised Blues dealt Stasny to Jets or even shocked. Islanders trading Chimera was wise he is nearly 40 in decline so worth a shot on younger player. Ducks are hoping he can get hot to help them in playoffs probably. I’m relieved KIngs didn’t trade for Kane :). Sharks window of winning a cup likely closed but least they going for a last gasp.

    • NY, I was one of them thinking no first rounders. I accept being very wrong on that front. I have no idea how Tatar got so much. Decent player in my view, no more.

      • Top 6 F and Top 4 D with term will almost always get a 1st.

        I didn’t see any of the reported rental names being moved for first round picks…and none did.

        Nash was a rental but they took back Beleskey’s bad contract.

        Kane got a second that becomes a first if he resigns, but if he resigns he’s not a rental.

        Stastny is a rental and did get a first but he wasn’t reported to be available. Not on TSN Top 45 Trade List even yesterday.

      • Nobody put rental stipulations on 1st round picks. Some did say Nash was not worth more than a 2nd but…..
        A bad contract with 1/2 being eaten by Boston plus a prospect.

        Morbid curiosity? Is there anyone outside Pittsburgh you respect? Lol

      • It’s almost like you go out of your way to devalue anyone in NY. Mcdonagh “not elite but good”? The guy is easily Pittsburghs top pair!

        “Nash not worth more than a 2nd”

        Namestikov is better than Miller”

        Why is Namestikov better again? Even my old crusty butt may put up 20 playing with Stamkos and Kucherov…. Hayes and Zibanejad aren’t a step down? Aye aye aye!

        Yet Jarry, Cole , Hunwick are worth…..?

        It would almost seem like it wasn’t personal if it wasn’t EVERY single NY player you complete dismiss or devalue.

      • “Nyr4life on February 26, 2018 at 8:16 pm

        Nobody put rental stipulations on 1st round picks.”

        “MG on February 16, 2018 at 12:21 pm

        “A first, a top prospect and a third piece.”

        This is said to be the asking price for many RENTAL players at this year’s trade deadline.

        A first, a top prospect (Kasperi Kapanen) and a third piece (Scott Harrington) is what it cost for the Pens to get 6 years of Kessel with Toronto holding money.
        Call me crazy, but I can’t see anyone paying that for two months of any of the names bandied about.

        Maybe I’ve watched too much of the baseball offseason where teams have finally gotten smart in terms of valuing draft picks and young players over aging veterans and I’m giving their NHL counterparts too much credit, but I think a second and a mid tier prospect will be the going rate.

        The guys with one year left like Pacioretty and Brassard should fetch bigger packages.”

      • This started with “1st round picks” moving or not moving. Today, 5-7 moved….
        Statsny rental landed a 1st a 4th and a prospect.

        Nash a 1st, prospect , a salary dump 1/2 retained…

      • You like to randomly and retroactively leave out key words. And key details.

        “This started with “1st round picks” moving or not moving.”

        You want to reduce this to people saying that no first round picks would move AND THEN RIGHT THERE in order to claim they were wrong and/or you were right, but…you kinda sorta have to read all the words.

        Saying that no first round picks would move and saying that no first round picks would move for “two months of any of the names bandied about” are different. Unless you ignore half the words.

        Stastny wasn’t a name discussed. He wasn’t included in TSN’s Trade Bait even yesterday, let alone on 2-16.

        Nash would not have gotten a first without eating three years of Beleskey.

        The other 1st’s were traded for players with term or team control AKA not rentals.

        Key details.

        Words have meanings. All of them. Not just half of them.

        “Nyr4life on February 26, 2018 at 8:16 pm

        “Nobody put rental stipulations on 1st round picks.”

        “MG on February 16, 2018 at 12:21 pm

        “A first, a top prospect and a third piece.”

        This is said to be the asking price for many RENTAL players at this year’s trade deadline.

        A first, a top prospect (Kasperi Kapanen) and a third piece (Scott Harrington) is what it cost for the Pens to get 6 years of Kessel with Toronto holding money.

        Call me crazy, but I can’t see anyone paying that for two months of any of the names bandied about.

        Maybe I’ve watched too much of the baseball offseason where teams have finally gotten smart in terms of valuing draft picks and young players over aging veterans and I’m giving their NHL counterparts too much credit, but I think a second and a mid tier prospect will be the going rate.

        The guys with one year left like Pacioretty and Brassard should fetch bigger packages.”

      • 2 years of of Beleskey at 1/2 retained with a prospect thrown in!!!!
        And talk about leaving words and parts out? Stastny wasn’t on the board ( like a player not rumored to move moving is earth shattering)…. somehow doesn’t count? Lmao!

        Basically, 2 out of 5 definite 1st rounders (40%) spent on rentals…
        If we must diminish the Nash trade, and I’m sure somehow (you must) 20%…. He’s no Hunwick or Jarry, plus he’s a NYR, therefore you obviously have to somehow discredit it in some way shape or form!

      • And Spooner to boot. But now that he’s in Ny he can’t have any value either… I’ll wait for your spin….

      • I’m legitimately starting to think that English is your second language.

        “And talk about leaving words and parts out? Stastny wasn’t on the board ( like a player not rumored to move moving is earth shattering)…. somehow doesn’t count? Lmao!”

        “Call me crazy, but I can’t see anyone paying that for two months of any of the names bandied about.”

        No words were left out. You either didn’t read them or didn’t understand them.

        “…two months of any of the names bandied about.”

        Does the phrase “any of the names bandied about” confuse you? What about the reference to “two months”?

        So, no ignoring the part where I was SPECIFICALLY talking about rentals whose names were being rumored “doesn’t count” as me saying that no first round picks would be traded AT ALL just because you choose to not read all of the words written. Somehow.

        Reading. Fundamental.

        I told you this when you laughed all night at the notion that Derick Brassard could be traded to the Penguins for a package built around a 1st round pick and a young goalie.

      • Let me speak in the only language you’ll understand….! Crosby Hunwick , Cole , Jarry…. Murray, Crosby , Sprong Sprong, Letang Malkin Malkin Sprong Hunwick Horny horny Malkin sheary…… lmao! Get It!?

      • “Nash, a 2nd at best”…. remember that? Probably not… I didn’t add in a Sprong sheary Malkin sheary horny Murray into the response!

      • “Let me speak in the only language you’ll understand….! Crosby Hunwick , Cole , Jarry…. Murray, Crosby , Sprong Sprong, Letang Malkin Malkin Sprong Hunwick Horny horny Malkin sheary……”

        Funny, I don’t remember saying that, I remember saying this…

        “MG on February 16, 2018 at 12:21 pm

        “A first, a top prospect and a third piece.”

        This is said to be the asking price for many RENTAL players at this year’s trade deadline.

        A first, a top prospect (Kasperi Kapanen) and a third piece (Scott Harrington) is what it cost for the Pens to get 6 years of Kessel with Toronto holding money.

        Call me crazy, but I can’t see anyone paying that for two months of any of the names bandied about.

        Maybe I’ve watched too much of the baseball offseason where teams have finally gotten smart in terms of valuing draft picks and young players over aging veterans and I’m giving their NHL counterparts too much credit, but I think a second and a mid tier prospect will be the going rate.

        The guys with one year left like Pacioretty and Brassard should fetch bigger packages.”

        And I think you’ve finally read it enough times to process it (or maybe I’m giving you too much credit) so you’ve moved on to random gibberish as if Steve Mears developed sudden onset Tourette’s Syndrome.

        Oh, and key details, both Nash and Stastny had 50% of their contracts retained.

        If you don’t understand how and why that increases the value beyond a straight rental I won’t try to teach you math in addition to English.

  9. Seems much for Hartman who was playing bottom minutes

    • He could be a good third-liner for the Preds. Agitating forward, flirted with 20 goals last season. Only 23, so could be part of their long-term plans.

    • Much my thought.

    • The Hartman deal looks similar to what the Sens could get for Zack Smith given he is signed another 3 years at a reasonable $3.25M cap hit. Calgary and Vegas look like the favourites there according to TSN.

  10. They’re sayin 4 offers definitely on the table for Mcdonagh. Tampa, Washington, Toronto and …… Pittsburgh?

    Possibly one from Florida as well.
    They’re pretty much saying Mcdonagh is gone.

    • If Pittsburgh gets McDonough, you might as well hand them the cup the next two years. That would be ridiculous. They’d have no prospects for a few years, but winning the Cup four years in a row would be well worth it. Even if the Rangers ate half of his contract, I don’t know how the Pens could fit in that cap hit without getting rid of Hagelin, Sheary or Hunwick. Maybe a third team gets involved and flips Hornqvist for a high pick.

      • I just can’t wrap my head around Pittsburgh. They don’t really have assets I think NY will be seeking. And no 1st round pick next year? If he goes to Pittsburgh, a 3rd team will almost certainly be involved.

        Side note, Murray left practice with an injury.

      • Wow if Pittsburgh figures that out

      • I doubt Penguins would win cup 2 more years in a row simply by landing that 1 player. I’m surprised they don’t try to get Daley back he was pretty good for them :). Islanders probably last team in metro that would win 4 cups in a row nearly 5 ;). I like how Penguins least are trying to still win after having 2 Cups the last few years though… I think West will win Stanley Cup this year or next regardless of who is there from East. Maybe Western team will win the next 2 or 3 cups. I don’t know if Nashville will ever win. Though Jets are due to finally get a Cup if count them from the team that became Coyotes. Vegas could even win a Cup, can’t say expected they would win Division this soon :). Injuries can derail even the best team from a Cup just ask Tampa who had Stamkos/Bishop injuries likely cost them getting 2nd Cup for franchise already.

  11. Ryan Kujawinski just got moved from the jackets…including the last few days this must be a record for the most Ryans traded in a single week. Will McD be next?

    • Kujawinski, Hartman, Spooner, Lindgren and Reaves this week.

  12. Anyone have an idea where Kane might play with San Jose? Don’t get to see them much – not sure what their needs were (a winger obviously).

    • I assume they will plug him in as their first line LW alongside Pavelski.

  13. Looks like Toronto is keeping the fingernail twins JVR and Bozak for the Stanley cup run.

    They gave Soshkinov away for virtually nothing because they kept an aging, slow Komarov. They traded assets for a 35 year old UFA to play on the fourth line.

    Prediction…..gone in the first round of playoffs.

    Prediction…..JVR and Bozak take their fingernails elsewhere after July 1.

    Prediction…..Plekanec resigns with Montreal and Habs fans enjoys laughing at Toronto at the draft with their second round pick, Rychel and Valiev on their lineup.

    Prediction….Toronto trades Baun for Eric Fehr.

    • Frank – don’t quit your day job to start up a Psychic Network or anything…

      Prediction – Leafs don’t even offer Plekanc a contract after this year – The Habs can re-sign the 35 year old if they want to…

      Prediction – Rychel and Valiev never play a game for The Habs after this season…

      Prediction – Leafs enjoy a decent playoff run this year – build for future years where they continually bid for Stanley Cups…

    • Hey Frank, enjoy the basement!

    • Yeah, being in the basement with the worst goalie contract ever signed and no real prospects of improving in the near future is a wonderful position to BN, they should laugh at Toronto. As a Toronto fan I know I’m jealous of Montreal…

      • Thing is TB…he was on here a couple weeks ago having us all think he was a Leafs fan…ahah…those Habs fans are so comical…what a joke!

      • How’s 50 yrs and counting leaf fans? Lol bright future since 67! Even this yr leaf fans would always say price is the Habs well looks like if the leafs didn’t have Anderson they would be a really mediocre team

      • So BBB what you’re saying is that if Toronto didn’t have their best players they wouldn’t be as good? That’s pretty insightful, good for you. Yeah, they haven’t one in 50 years, is that news or what is your point? The team right now is the best it’s been in my lifetime I think. I know everybody hates Toronto but get a grip.

      • It’s just how you leaf fans talk you have a decent team for once and you act like they’re cup contenders lol

      • They are currently in second, ahead of Boston at the moment by the way. At one point this year Vegas had them as odds-on favourite to win the cup. Who is to say they aren’t contenders? Everybody who makes the playoffs is a contender. Your problem seems to be that Toronto fans are hopeful for the future with the current team, I don’t understand that. I keep reading people saying that Boston is guaranteed to make the conference finals, do you see me talking garbage about Boston fans?

      • Oh give it a rest! Quit lying you realize how leaf fans are yapping when realistically they have had high draft picks for ten yrs and should be good! Now all of sudden they’re this great franchise because of 2 yes 2 yrs in the playoffs? Btw Boston has 3 or 4 games in hand and the leafs are 1 point ahead of them so do the math

      • Yeah, they have four games In Hand I think and I also think that they play 12 of their last 15 on the road, so it will be tough for them. I never said they weren’t a good team, you seem very offended that people who like Toronto actually like Toronto, maybe you should get over it. I am a Toronto fan and think that they have a chance to beat Boston in a playoff series, why does that seem to threaten you so much? What do you care if Toronto fans are excited about their team? I guess it’s only OK to be optimistic about your team’s chances if that team isn’t Toronto? I guess I have, get over it.

      • I could care less if Toronto wins it’s how you and other fans bash other team when the leafs have been the laughing stock of the nhl for yrs! I don’t want to offend you I’ve seen how you cry on a chat forum lol so get over it

      • Yeah, obviously you don’t care, that’s why you replied like 20 times. Why don’t you go cry about how the Toronto fans are mean to you.

      • You need to learn how to count tardo! Lol

      • Oh cupcake, dry those eyes and tell us about how the Toronto fans are being mean to you… It will be OK, I promise.

  14. Mcdonagh to the lightning for….?

    • wait is killing me
      trading a two D in his prime…

      • I keep hearing “massive deal”

      • and my man JT

      • It better be point, and Sergachev!!!

      • i say point and foote and something else

      • McKenzie is reporting Libor Hajke, Brett Holden, Vladislav Nemestnikov, 2018 1st, conditional 2nd for McDonough & JT Miller

      • terrible return

      • Yzerman wasn’t going to trade Point and Sergachev for Karlsson, why would he for McDonagh.

      • Tampa is loaded

      • Great haul for the Rangers. Gorton somewhat redeemed himself after the entire Girardi buyout/Smith signing disaster from last summer.

        In Summary, Montreal Canadiens get:

        Scott Gomez
        Tom Pyatt
        Mike Busto (ironic last name)

        NY Rangers get:

        Chris Higgins
        Pavel Valentenko
        Doug Janik


        Vladislav Namestnikov (he and Miller are roughly a wash)
        Brett Howden
        Libor Hajek
        1st Round Pick
        2nd Round Pick (conditional)

        I think the Rangers did OK with Gomez and his Bobby Ryan like contract.

      • Yikes!!! Terrible!

        Canadian king, possibly because of the enormous price tag difference to re-sign them?

        And do you know they actually had that on the table, or had it with Ryan attached? Because this is the first I’ve heard of an offer even on the table.

        I’ve heard no name but Vegas involved with Karlsson all day.

      • NYR4 life, actually yea I do, McKenzie just said ON AIR that Yzerman was refusing to give up either one of those two for Karlsson

      • Van -how is this a good return?

      • ds: I’m assuming you meant for McDonough to TB as the Rangers obviously did extremely well dumping Gomez for what they got when you add everything up.

        IMO, Namestnikov is better than JT Miller, so that is a slight gain. Both are RFA’s this summer and the Rangers obviously preferred Namestnikov over Miller. Namestnikov can play centre which the Rangers desperately need from the 5-10 times I’ve seen them play this year (correct me if I’m wrong, Nyr4life).

        The 1st and conditional 2nd round picks have obvious value. Don’t know much about Hajek other than he was picked in the 2nd round a couple years ago and APPEARS to be an offensive oriented puck moving defenseman. Howden is a very good centre prospect that was picked in the first round a couple years ago. Overall, it looks like a solid return for McDonough, although it would have been nice if they got Sergachev. Montreal really screwed that trade up.

        Does Yzerman ever make a bad draft choice in the first couple rounds?

      • Again, price tag difference. Mcdonagh will be looking at 6-7, Karlsson would be looking at 10-12 plus…. that is a huge difference!!!

        I guess I was expecting more of a instant impact player coming back for Mcdonagh.
        I guess Miller for Namestnikov is a wash . Although Miller put up those kind of points not playing with Kucherov and Stamkos. Is he putting up those numbers with Hayes / Zibanejad?

        So especially, Mcdonagh brought back 3 possibly 4 first round picks, or 3 first round picks and 2 second round picks.

      • Namestnikov over Miller? I think it was a move because the coach does not like Miller and Buchenvich gets a countryman on his line?

        Howden is 5th on his WHL in scoring. That is not so exciting.
        Heart and soul players on the Rangers Hank and Zuc now-more Paul Carey…great

      • Van, I’m a huge Miller fan, but not at center. He had some limited time at center last year and it was ugly all around. Like AV benching him ugly while they were torn up with injuries.

        This year he saw center time as well…. still not where I wanted to see him.

        I’m follow the lightning regularly, My oldest son is a total fan. So I’m glad to see them both end up here.

        I’m just not immediately thrilled with the return. I cheer for the lightning any time they’re not playing NY., and now have more reason to cheer them on!

        Just wish the return was a little more impact than volume.

      • Ds,

        I want to see Carey a lot! Go Dahlin!

        I mean it’s been 53-54 years since NY had a 1st overall! We’re due… right?

      • Maybe a case is if you prefer what Chicago got for Hartman the Rangers could of gotten for Miller?

      • Nyr4life: Edmonton wins the Lottery….
        Rangers couldnt include Tony D somehow?

        I like Gilmour alot so far.
        Had a feeling either Zuc or Jt was going if McD did. I thought we would make a move for JJohnson though

      • Nyr4life, the only prospect I have seen play live and that is Hajek with the Blades a couple times when in Edmonton.
        There is a lot to like at least as an 18 year old playing in the WHL. Can really skate for a decent sized guy and is aggressive. Dominated down low in his own zone at times against guys older than him at the time. Moved the puck well.
        Not sure how that translates to the NHL, but sure looked good when I saw him.

      • That’s nice to hear Ray Bark.
        Living in Florida I don’t get to see a lot of WHL, once in a while on NHL network, but usually replays during the day which in rarely home for.

        Overall I’m not disgusted, I was hoping for someone that would have a quicker impact in NY.

        I was screaming rebuild all year, just hoping for a quick 2-3 year turnaround. But it’s looking longer. I’m liking stockpiling picks and prospects. They now have a ton of decent young d prospects, Chytl, Andersson, and Shestyorkin to build around.

        Sheer numbers say??1-2 of those d prospects will work out.

        And truly, seeing Miller and Mcdonagh going to Tampa isn’t at all heartbreaking for me.

        I said 2 weeks ago I believed Mcdonagh ends up in Tampa. Miller, was a bit of a shocker to me.

        Watching Hagelin win in Pittsburgh was bittersweet. Happy for the player, not happy for the team. Seeing Mcdonagh in Pittsburgh would make me vomit!

  15. Hahaha, I thought Maroon was going for a first and top prospect, I knew it wasn’t going to be for anything more than a 3rd.

    • Does Vegas know something the rest of the NHL doesn’t? Tartar for a 1st, 2nd & 4th? Good deal for Detroit…

      • Yea good call swiss. Definitely appears to be an overpayment.

      • I was like WTF when saw that… This is the worst trade I ever seen in the NHL :). I mean the guy known for trading Forsberg for Erat topped himself… Tatar sucks, to get a 1st round pick for him would be a surprise… Then to throw in a 2nd/3rd its even crazier… I’m pretty sure the Tatar deal said 1st, 2nd, 3rd round pick… You could get much better players for those round picks than this trash. The guy never even scored 30 goals it just totally insane to me. Montreal wouldn’t give up Max for a 1st/2nd/3rd rounder or other teams who have players? This will go down as worst deadline trade by an expansion or any NHL team…

        Vegas needs to fire the GM or take the keys from the car if doing idiotic trades like this. CBJ I think made some decent moves to try to get into playoffs which surprised me. Devils got a few solid moves getting Grabner/Maroon to make a run at least too… Kings get a big F, Jussi Jokinen along with another guy landed Vanek? Yet they traded Camal for him only to toss on waivers ;)?

      • As a Wigs fan very happy to dump Tatar and the 5.3 mil cap hit for this return. Wish they moved Green but hey.

      • Bcola would think w/ a 1st/2nd/3rd rounder they would have thrown in Green w/ Tatar. Then least it would have been a more reasonable deal instead of robbery at best :). Green would have helped Vegas in that deal since he is a right shot… After Miller they only got Engelland or whatever who shoots right on blueline… So this could have given them 3 right shots they could have paired w/ like McNabb, Theodore along w/ whoever is healthy or playing best after them. This seems to go against an expansion team trying to build for future if flipping that much for a faded marginal talent in first place. Its not like he even scored 30 goals before or has a lowball cap hit ;).

      • you say that about tatar but somehow gallant will make him another solid addition to the team

      • Long as Tatar pans out better than the Russian they railroaded who only played 3 games w/ 1 goal :). For what they gave up Tatar better get least 20-30+ goals and 50-60 points… Not turn into a Dustin Brown type of 20-30 points if lucky most years :). I don’t see Tatar cracking their top 2 lines right now though they do roll 4 lines pretty evenly compared to many teams. I was a bit sad they traded Leipsig or whatever his name. I’d like Tatar to do well since Vegas is my 2nd favorite team currently though not holding my breath either ;).

  16. Great job as always, Lyle, and I have a new strategy for trade deadline day. I watched for a bit first thing in the morning, then went for a skate with my wife, and came home for the final 15 minutes. We could have waited until the deadline passed because all hell has broken loose here in the past half hour.The McDonagh thing is huge – Steve Yzerman may be a better GM than he was a player and he was a fantastic player. No pressure, TB, just win, baby.
    Oh yeah, Go Leafs.

    • Thanks!

  17. Tampa really likes to collect those Rangers D-men from the 2014 losing SCF team… Kings beat them down but I guess they wanted to get Stralman, Girardi, McDonut to have 50% of them :). To be fair I thought STralman played well in that SCF blocking or stopping a few plays that would have been goals. Shame one of the players who did well back then had to retire who used to be on Predators. He had some real good seasons for NYR could chip in offense along with blocking shots etc. Maybe those guys can get a Cup w/ Tampa this year or when they get Drew Doughty :).

    • You have a flare for over exaggerating things. Beat down? Every game but one decided by ONE goal. Three went to overtime…,, Short series, but beat down is a little ridiculous.

      • Well it was a beat down not a blow out. Russia winning like 8-1 or 9-1 in a game is a blow out… Kings won in 5, scores were closer than they should have been. Also it would have probably been a sweep if not for the puck getting stuck on goal line. Kings had a tough time getting there going to 7 games in ever series… Coming back down 3-0 against the Sharks. Rangers never had a shot to win, even Devils in 2012 did better w/ a goalie pushing 40ish… I’m glad idiot Tortz ran out Avery to cost them beating Devils in 2012… Since facing Gaborik on that Rangers team would have been much tougher than the 2014 version of NYR. If not for Stralman there wouldn’t have been any OT games or close ones. He played pretty well, I recall him stopping a few plays that felt would be sure goals. I picked Kings to win in 5 from the start so was never nervous or worried in that SCF. Devils were more of a threat after Kings had steamrolled to 3-0 series lead in every round.

        Its like Chess people think a game might seem close or feel better if they lose in 50 moves instead of mated in 20. Though they were never really close to winning or a threat. Quick was playing w/ a broken wrist or so since the 2nd round that year. I think the 2014 team was better than the 2012 so never had any doubt they would win. Its like the Buffalo Sabres fans who still cry how they were robbed in SCF. Yet they lost in game 6 it wasn’t like it was even a game 7 :).

        I remember when Kings were playing Chicago I thought they were done. They fell behind a few goals here or there… Then in OT I could have sworn Blackhawks had scored on Quick. Hell I remember vs. Blues when they took a double minor Quick got caught out of net playing puck in OT to lose ;). Rangers were by far weakest team Kings played in 2014 run… I think any team they beat would have won the Cup if not for LAK that year.

        Rangers to even make a Cup was amazing akin to he Mets who were crushed by KC in 5 games? That was from an idiot manager who should have made Cespedes DH in game 1 or so. My sister was at the game Mets lost w/ I think Harvey maybe it was extra innings… I remember they took the outfielder out who had 2 homers in that game in a double switch. NYR had a real amazing run to make the Cup though they never had a shot in Hell of beating LAK that year :).

      • Sorry, still not seeing beat down there.

      • Hehe well if it was MMA championship fight that went 5 rounds… Yet the winner on every card scored 49-46… I guess you would be like well every round was within 1 point so it was close… Even if the Rangers were there blind w/ a broken nose and black eye :). Then would dispute the scores, saying they got it wrong… The Kings beat the Rangers worse than the Mike Tyson fight where guy clinched him entire time ;). Maybe they didn’t bite their ear off then spit it out but it was pretty lopsided and slanted ;). Kings winning a game in OT or 1 goal games is pretty routine. They are not really the type of team who run up score 6-1 or 5-3 so people might think games are closer than they appear like the rear view mirror. So if that was a MMA fight the Kings won 4 rounds to 1… Even if they were all 10-9 that they won it still don’t change it being a beating ;).

  18. I’m surprised Pit didn’t get Maroon – be interesting to see what Jersey gave up for him. Can’t see Maroon re-signing there – he just left a team that it was decided he was too slow for – that Edm needed to get faster players to play with McDavid – and where does he go? A fast young team in the east…

    • Daoloth, reading your posts reminds of the movie Trainspotting. Are you on speed?
      NyR4life, don’t bite…he is all over the place!

      • I like that movie except for when he was reaching in the toilet or shook out the sheets loaded w/ feces ;). Thought they were on like Heroin or smack in that movie. Speed is what girls take to keep from being fat if remember my drug culture 101 right ;). I’m dyslexic, got a sick 55 pound puppy which is distracting a bit. Maybe I’ll drink a glass of Organic Frey Red Table wine but that would slow me down. I think I took something w/ Ephedrine or Ma Huang back in my HS days that would be closest thing to speed :).

        If people think I’m all over place maybe they are locked in a box. I don’t even listen to Iggy Pop or any of the bands from the movie :). I find most on here seem to have personal investments instead of logical reasoning skills ;).

      • FD besides being dyslexic I did suffer a concussion in 2015 along w/ post concussion issues and PTSD… So that could be a factor in how I structure things seeming a bit all over the place too. Next you will start chanting Basketball at me :).

  19. The Oilers picked up a 3rd for dark Horse Maroon. Twin, where are Ya?

    • Twin is working.. Said it was going to be hard to get on….

      Don’t forget the prospect too 😉

    • Prediction, twin will not be back.

      • Twin is likely enjoying his dinner. Main course is some fresh crow with humble pie to finish.


    • Hahaha im an oilers homer, you all know this. I think he should have broght in a second but im not the GM. At the end of tbe day if there was a better deal they would have accepted. I think st louis selling last min hurt maroon who was rumored to winniped or st louis who ultimately traded with each other.

  20. Is it just me or did anyone else expect St. Louis to do something with the Stastny cap space they freed up?

    • I’m surprised by that too. The rumblings were they were trying to get Anisimov out of Chicago, but it obviously didn’t materialize. Puzzling trading Stastney and getting nothing else given their current position and the age of their team.

    • The Blues run their team way more like the Senators than anyone acknowledges but their owner isn’t a raving jack*** like Melnyk so it slips under the radar.

  21. I can see why teams didn’t trade for Hoffman or Pacioretty if Tatar got a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. What was Vegas thinking? I don’t watch Detroit a lot, but from what I’ve seen and looking at his stats, Tatar looks significantly overpaid the next three years (cap hit: $5.3M for 3 more years). His salary is only $4.2M in 20/21, but that is a lot to pay for ~45 points per year.

    It’s hard to know what the ask was, but I would have thought Zack Smith was a better target for Vegas given his 3 more years at $3.25M/year (much less than Tatar). I’m not saying Smith is as good as Tatar, but I’m guessing Ottawa was looking for a 1st round pick or a 2nd round pick and B prospect. Smith is a really good 3rd line player that can play C or RW and gets about 35 points a year. Seems like better value to me given his cap hit is ~$2M/year less and the cost would have been less as well. Maybe I’m off in what Ottawa was asking, but more than I mentioned would be an overpayment.

  22. Side note… Not one bag of pucks moved today. Seemed every team was happy with the amount of pucks they had. The pucks that make their way to stands via out of play and player gifts seemed to have no impact on moving a player to obtain more.
    Also all team buses are adequate at this time.
    Via TSN.

  23. I like JT Miller, but I might take Namestnikov over him even up, so figure the Rangers got everything else in the deal for McDonough.

    That’s a nice haul for a very good but not elite D man.

    • I don’t take him over Miller.
      Miller is a guy that has got better every year. Namestikov is a guy enjoying a career year mostly with Stamkos and Kucherov.

      Anyone seeing Namestikov getting better along side Hayes or Zibanejad? I don’t.
      Hopefully this is a guy they flip.

  24. Can’t believe it cost rangers jt to make that deal happen… yikes. really can’t believe vegas made that move for a meh winger… unless they know neal/perron are resigning. stocking up those picks looks good right now. maroon return about right. really surprised kane didn’t go slightly better… the condition made that suspect. vanek for motte… meh.

  25. I’m not a big Stastny fan at $7 million a year, but at half that price? Playing in between Laine and Ehlers?

    Nice. That’s relentless forward depth.

    And Joe Morrow is a great depth add with possible upside remaining.

    They might be the team that improved the most today.

    • so now we know what the return for McDonaugh was, the Bruins price for Nash, wasn’t off by much.

  26. Whoever said Rychel and Valiev wont crack the Habs lineup must not understand how empty Montreal’s cupboards are.

    Plekanec won’t sign with Toronto. They’re not going to pay 3 million plus on a multi year deal (he’s making 6 on the expiring contract) for someone pushing 36 to play on the fourth line. So after they lose in the first round because they failed to get returns on the fingernail twins
    They’ll kick themselves when everyone leaves to find other suckers to overpay them.

    At what people were paying imagine the return on JVR, Bozak, Komarov, Carrick, etc.

  27. Mg, agreed. That deal came out of nowhere. I guess DA thinks his team is a year or two away. I like both deals for Winnipeg. Chevy made out pretty good considering he was in on a couple of higher tier players. Nice plan B?

  28. Two trades I didn’t mind at first glance but now look less than great…

    Tatar for 3 picks. Tatar is fast, can snipe and is good on the PP. He’s a valuable player. He’s overpaid but Vegas doesn’t care (this hints at losing Neal and/or Perron). So for these reasons, it will be a fine deal for Vegas, but…it wasn’t the best deal they could have made since there was probably not much of a market for him.

    I like the Sharks getting Kane but the condition should have triggered a second 2nd round pick (so 2 seconds instead of a first) if he resigns. They have the biggest need and most cap space and likely could have gotten him in July without giving up a first round pick.

    • MG if VEgas got Green thrown in that deal least it would have been logical… Tatar is going to be the best trade McPhee made since Forsberg for Erat :). Sharks don’t have a clue they lost Carpenter to Vegas when put on waivers… IF anybody belonged on Waivers it was washed up Ward who wouldn’t have got claimed. Kane is real over rated, SJ should have made a move to replace Marleau early in year not wait till prices are inflated. I’d rather them had traded for Vanek who cost a lot less for about same production. SJ probably better off if Kane don’t resign. Buffalo got a nice return so would be happy if a fan of them. Detroit not trading Green seems really odd but they cashed out great on Tatar totally insane 3 early round picks for him. That is like a return would expect on an offer sheet.

      • Tatar isn’t worth what the Wings got but I’ll take it. Green should have went as well however he waived for 2 teams TB/WASH. TB made their deal and looks as though Wash wasn’t in the mix. Detroit Cap situation looks bright again. 5.3(Tatar) 6.0 (Green) 4.8 (Mrazek). Hopefully a couple in the off season so we can resign all the restricted free agents coming up.

      • Thanks BCola I was wondering why Green didn’t get moved… I guess he didn’t want to play in Vegas for whatever reason or anywhere else. That would have been really strange to see him go back to Washington. Detroit was in a real tough cap situation so least they made a few moves to help improve. I’ll still never get over how much Vegas gave to get Tatar though. I thought I read the trade wrong, reread it, saw it on other sites, still was shocked :). Even w/ all the issues Detroit wasn’t that far from the playoff hunt. Once Florida started to win a bit that pretty much ended any realistic expectation of making it this year though. Congrats on the return that got from Tatar it should replace him having 3 swings at it.

  29. Peter Chiarelli is doing almost as good a job as Ray Shero at building the Devils into contenders. Should have gotten a late 2nd for Maroon.

    Having said that, I like the move for Pontus Aberg and he did get a mid round 3rd for Brandon Davison, which is larceny.

  30. Penguins news – appears Patric Hornqvist signed a new 5 year deal!!!!!

    • I think I read its a 5.3M cap hit so its not that bad all things considered.

      • judgement reserved unto I see the NMC/NTC info… if he has those into his 4-5 year it hurts… if he has a NMC with seattle coming up it hurts bad. cost is good. one year too long but thats normal to retain this type of player. kunitz / dupers deals were one year too long and that didnt hurt the pens.