Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – February 4, 2018

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Updates on the Rangers plus the latest Max Pacioretty, Rick Nash, Erik Karlsson, Max Domi and more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks noted that Tampa Bay Lightning assistant general manager Pat Verbeek took in a New York Rangers game last week while Rangers assistant GM Chris Drury attended the Lightning’s AHL Syracuse game at Utica on Friday. While suggesting it would be “ill-advised” to make too much out of that, he claims there’s “definitely mutual interest” in exploring the possibility of a deal that could send Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh to the Lightning. The Rangers are apparently willing to absorb up to half of McDonagh’s $4.7 million annual cap hit through 2018-19 if they can get a suitable return. Brooks said the Minnesota Wild could be a point of interest.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa calls McDonagh “a good example of the left-shot defenseman the Bruins would like.” Given the Rangers’ captain’s performance, character and value, however, Shinzawa believes the asking price would be too expensive. He speculates it could cost the Bruins “at least a young NHL player, prospect, and first-round pick.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers and Lightning do have a trade history, the most notable being the deal that sent Martin St. Louis to New York in 2014. I wouldn’t dismiss the notion of McDonagh heading to Tampa Bay. It’ll depend, of course, on the Blueshirts’ asking price. The Lightning definitely have lots of promising young NHL players that would fit into the Rangers’ plan of retooling with youth. Remains to be seen if that deal can be worked out before the trade deadline but it’s worth monitoring. 

New York Rangers left wing Rick Nash could be on the move before the Feb. 26 trade deadline. (Photo via NHL Images)

Regarding Rick Nash, Brooks claims the Rangers are also willing to pick up half of the remainder of Rick Nash’s $7.8 million cap hit to facilitate a trade. ” Nashville, Columbus, Dallas, St. Louis, San Jose and perhaps Pittsburgh” could be interested parties.

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos believes the Winnipeg Jets would like to add an experienced defenseman but aren’t seeking a right-side guy to replace the sidelined Jacob Trouba. He wouldn’t be surprised if they shop for a top-six forward, perhaps on the left side. He thinks the  Rangers’ Rick Nash could be a fit there but he’s uncertain if the Jets would be on his list of trade destinations.

Speaking of Nash, Friedman believes the Rangers could soon go to Nash and ask for his list of destinations. He also said there’s some teams that believe Nash and fellow Rangers UFA Michael Grabner could get traded and then return to New York next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s been conflicting reports regarding Nash’s 12-team no-trade list, with some saying the Rangers have yet to approach him and some saying the list is submitted annually. Regardless, it appears likely that Nash could be on the move to a playoff contender before the Feb. 26 trade deadline. I doubt he’ll agree to join the Jets. Prior to being dealt to the Rangers by Columbus, his no-trade list included all seven Canadian teams. As for he and Grabner returning to the Rangers, that conflicts with reports out of New York indicating the Rangers want to retool with younger talent. They might want to return to New York, but that might not be possible. 


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports asking prices around the league are high right now but they could drop as the Feb 26 trade deadline approaches. For example, some teams are telling him the Montreal Canadiens seek a first-rounder, a second-rounder, a “warm roster body” and a top prospect, which is a non-starter for most teams seeking a scorer. Chris Johnston chimed in noting clubs that are selling aren’t getting real offers at this stage.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That “warm roster body” is likely a top-six forward, preferably a center. Other insiders have speculated the Habs seek a young player – either a first-line center, a winger comparable to Pacioretty or a top-four left-side defenseman – as part of the return. Bear in mind that Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin doesn’t have to move Pacioretty by the trade deadline. With the winger under contract through next season, he can wait until the offseason if he feels he’s not getting decent offers right now. 

Kypreos reports Toronto Maple Leafs winger Josh Leivo told management he’d like to be traded before the Feb. 26 trade deadline if they’re not going to use him. His colleague Elliotte Friedman notes the Leafs sent forward Nikita Soshnikov to the minors on a conditioning stint and wouldn’t be surprised if this was also to showcase him for a trade.


TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith noted the friendship between Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman and Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson during the recent 2018 NHL All-Star Game in Tampa could have Lightning fans dreaming of a permanent reunion. He feels it’s a pipe dream but not impossible. Smith notes the Lightning are deep in good young talent to tempt the Ottawa Senators, plus GM Steve Yzerman could clear cap space to absorb Karlsson’s $6.5-million annual cap hit through 2018-19. However, Smith notes the Senators’ asking price would be expensive and the Bolts probably can’t afford to re-sign Karlsson long-term after next season. 

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa believes the Senators could accelerate their rebuild by acquiring center Brayden Point and futures from the Lightning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Karlsson isn’t going anywhere at the trade deadline. The Senators still hope to re-sign their captain and intend to open contract talks on July 1. However, if Karlsson appears interested in testing the 2019 UFA market, perhaps the Sens will consider putting him on the trade block this summer. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports learning the Arizona Coyotes “have made it known that Max Domi, with three goals this season and 12 in the two years following his 18-goal rookie season, is there for the taking.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Domi’s stats have really tumbled this season. He’s seventh among Coyotes scorers (22 points) and on pace for just 35 points in 82 games. That’s well below his 52-point rookie performance in 81 games back in 2015-16. Still, he’s only 22 and in just his third NHL season. However, Domi’s also playing a different role this season, centering the second line and taking on more defensive responsibilities. The Coyotes could remain reluctant to part with him. 


FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman’s Friday appearance on Edmonton’s 630 CHED listing the teams he expects to be buyers at the trade deadline. Friedman believes the Pittsburgh Penguins are motivated to deal. Despite Mike Fisher coming out of retirement, Friedman wouldn’t be surprised if the Nashville Predators added another scoring forward. He thinks the Los Angeles Kings would like to add a defenseman or a scorer. The San Jose Sharks could be motivated following Joe Thornton’s knee injury but they don’t like the asking prices. The Calgary Flames might like to add but it would mean perhaps parting with someone off their roster.

COURIER POST: Dave Isaac believes Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextall has to balance winning now with bringing along young talent for the future. Hextall doesn’t want to part with a young player who could have an impact in the future. If Hextall were to add, Isaac believes it’ll be a bottom-six forward or a penalty-killing defenseman.





  1. Why would any team give up 3 or four pieces for average pieces it’s not like Patch Kane Nash are league leaders they are average players. First round picks don’t grow on trees and quality prospects aren’t easy to come by. Hey but what do I know it happens every trade line day so will probably happen again.

    • Nash is terrible in playoffs, I wouldn’t give up a used team bus for him.

      • Naxh is not awful in playoffs. He is an excellent 2-way player that any team would like to have. Does he score a ton,no. But leadership and defense wins championships !!!!!

      • matt agreed super over rated super over paid for a ghost of a player

      • I’ll post the #’s again as they don’t support your perception of reality.

        RicK Nash’s playoff #’s since arriving in NYR in the 2012-13 NHL lock out season.


        Those are good playoff #’s come playoff time & by Pts that ranks him 22nd, goals tied for 34th over that timeline.

        There is something more important than goals & points especially come playoff time, it’s called winning & it’s impossible to quantify with #’s except in games played, as that shows who wins & who loses & come playoff time really anytime what else really matters?

        Since the start of the 2012-13 season Nash sits 12th in games played at forward in the playoffs having appeared in 73 games. That’s called playoff experience, something that teams look to buy for playoff runs as winning players find away to win games & it doesn’t just show up in goals & assists but wins. & in that catagory Nash sits in very elite company.

      • Striker, as you posted Nash has scored 14 goals over a 5 year playoffs on an 82 game schedule that would be 15.72 goals. Over the same period in the regular season Nash has scored 127 goals in 315 games, that alone is an average of 25.4 goals per season with an average season of 63 games played, take that over 82 games per season his average goal scored would be 33 goals per season more then double of what he has achieved in the playoffs.
        I think it’s safe to say Nash has not lived up to his playoff expectations.

      • Nash is the softest big man in the league.

      • Nash hasn’t always been terrible in playoffs, but the man is over-the-hill and not worthy of being given 4Mil just to add for playoffs. And he’s slow. Guys like Striker keep pounding for him, but, loyalty aside, the guy no longer gives value. And Peanut-Head Brooks never has anything new to add, always includes Sharks as destination for Nash. Now that Thorton won’t be back this year, that should end that argument!

      • For you apparently not Caper for me absolutely as his teams won with him playing.

        Ed VanImpe, yes he leaves you wanting physically as he doesn’t punish people, never has, he simply plays sound to 2 way hockey, not hitting to hurt but still engaging defensively, taking away seems, riding players out & when he hits it’s never to hurt.

      • Striker 1/3 of Nash goals came in one playoff season 14-15 when he scored 5 in 19 games, that leave 9 goals over 4 playoff runs totalling 55 games.
        For a goal scorer this isn’t good. You maybe happy with it, but I dare say Ranger fans would not be happy with that kind of productions, which also of note tied him for 9th on team scoring.

      • Nash posted over 1/2 a point a game in the playoffs since he arrived. How many NHL teams have played more playoff games than NYR since Nash arrived?

      • “Super overrated ” by who?

    • Some teams will . Those are steap prices, but its the playoffs.

      There is the whole leadership point too. Alot of teams, that are buying wont part with 4 pieces and if montreal/buffalo want to trade it will be more likely first rounders and prospect.

      There wont be a big difference in return between kane and Maroon

    • Consider the buyers though. These are teams that will be pushing to get out of the first round at minimum. A 22 to 30 hasn’t become a superstar in a long time. Likewise these teams usually have a deep system. The guys they move haven’t seen the light of day when it comes to the big leagues. So really, you’re upgrading at one of your 18 regular positions for things that can’t do it immediately. For win now teams it’s worth it to have a better shot at the cup.

    • Obe you might want To look where patches ranks in goals over the last 5 yrs and he plays the pk well the Habs will get a great return for him and his low cap hit of 4.5

    • That’s a pretty high criteria your setting for an average.

      Patches sits 22nd in points & tied for 5th in goals since the start of the 2013-14 season, Nash 93rd & 22nd, Kane 128th & 70th at forward.

      Assuming this math. 30 teams X 12 forwards playing per team, that’s 360 forwards min, the median average would then be the 180th player, who happens to be Lars Eller over that time frame with 130 points or B. Boyle in goals with 58. How ever that doesn’t account for injuries or coaches decisions, hold outs, what have you.

      this year already 540 players have played in the NHL, 2016-17 590, 2015-16 593, 2014-15 576 & 2013-14 582. That average over the last 5 seasons is 576. Now if we divide that # in 1/2 the median average forward is the 288th forward.

      Based on facts these players are anything but average, they are well above such & Patches is in the star to superstar ranking. At least based on goals & points over that time frame.

      Stats for those 3 players over that time frame.

      Patches. 368GP, 157G, 133A, 290Pts.
      Nash. 323GP, 121G, 86A, 207Pts.
      E. Kane. 287GP, 93G, 84A, 177Pts.

      The maximum # of games any of those 3 players could have played over that timeline is 382, Patches has only missed 14, Nash 59 & Kane 95. That’s 4 full seasons prior to this season as well as this season.

      If Hanzal, Vermette, Ladd, etc. can move for 1st over that timeline you can be assured these players are at a minimum.

      • While no one can dispute the numbers, there is a caveat. Look at the quality of teams each of those players has been with during that time.
        The advantage has to go to Kane while playing with the crappy Sabres..3 of the last 4 years.

    • In 2012, Nash at 28, and coming off multiple 30 and 40 goal seasons was traded for tim erixon, dubinsky, a first rounder (kirby reichel) and artem anisimov.

      This package had potential, but id be suprised is Kane or Patches obtained this kind of return. Someone may pay it but i highly doubt it.

      I could see patches potentially being traded for a first, mid round pick and possibly a center with small pieces either way.
      Kane may fetch a late first rounder, or a second a prospect and Maroon someweres in the same or less ball park as kane.

      There will be more calls for Maroon then Kane all things considered

  2. While a fair number of Jackets fans would be willing to overlook, if not forgive, Nash’s hypocrisy in asking for a trade while telling the public how much he loved Columbus and wanted to be part of a winning team, here, every time the idea of trading for Nash comes up on any of the Blue Jackets’ blogs I follow, there is a huge uproar over Nash breaking the long standing unwritten rule that you don’t punch a goalie when he popped Bob. If Nash were to be brought back, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see large numbers of Jackets fans boycotting home games.

    • to my knowledge no fans boycott games over a single player due to sport related issues… if anything people will go to give a good booing. people wont not use a ticket they spent good money on for that level of irritation.

      • I agree Chrism,
        That is total tongue and cheek empty threats. I don’t believe for one second anyone holding season tickets will boycott games to lose out on money… nor do I believe people will pass up on playoff tickets because of Rick Nash.

        This is a business. Can anyone really blame Rick Nash for wanting out of Columbus at that time?

        Anybody wanting out of NY from 98-2004 I could hardly blame. Or of Lundqvist or Mcdonagh wanted out of NY to avoid the impending rebuild…. I’m not even booing them. I have 100% respect for these players during their tender, and long after their gone. Sometimes, it’s the best thing for one side, sometimes both. Nash returned a nice haul for Columbus. Imo, at that time too much. I’d be thankful, not bitter.

      • its rare a player signing or trade would cause people to boycott. the example of such an extreme case I can remember was vick signing with the stillers. I personally know several people with season tickets who boycotted games cause of the dog killin. much different than on the ice stuff.

  3. Winnipeg Jets playoff run… I believe the Jets might be able to talk Shane Doan out of retirement for the rest of this season, without having to trade their current players for a top forward… It would be amazing to see Doan finish his hockey career in Winnipeg where it all began… as honorary captain, to add …

  4. Domi to Philadelphia for one of Sanheim or Myers or sam Morin. Fills the need for the flyers for the current and future and provides some young D for the coyotes.

    • I think that’s a crazy return for a non producing Domi especially Sanheim and Morin who both look quality. If I’m Philly I’m expecting another piece at a minimum coming back from Arizona.

    • First Duclair and now Domi. I think it’s time to look at the coach.

      • It was time along time ago. Tocchet & Housley look lost, watching these 2 teams play is embarrassing.

        It shocks me these 2 teams can still be this bad & coaching is a significant factor in both, the system Buf is playing is completely ill suited to the make up of this roster. Should any team play dump & chase as often as this team does? Is flipping the puck high out of your zone endlessly really a good transitional system?

      • I would take Domi in a heartbeat.

      • What about NYR and AZ being trade partners again?

        to AZ : 1st rd pick & Smith & a good prospect
        to NYR: Domi & Hjalmarsson

        Hjarlmarsson can slot right for MacTruck and give him a stay at home right side Dman. He did it forSeabrook and Keith in CHI.

        AZ recoups a 1st rd pick and a good prospect for Domi, if they really are inclined to trade him.

      • Lol. Stop with this Smith thing. It’s embarrassing at this point!

      • gotta admire the long game.

  5. Craig Button was floating a Pens goalie to Ottawa concept.

    Between Murray, DeSmith and Gustavsson, Jarry could certainly be used as a trade chip if the return is good enough.

    I’d want a half priced Derick Brassard for him. Sens eat half of his cap hit until the end of contract next season.

    The Sens would have to admit/commit to a rebuild for such a deal to happen.

    • Goalies rarely move to begin with. The market has almost exclusively been draft picks & even then not very high 1’s the last top 10 pick has Schneider. Darling moved for a 3rd as a pending UFA this summer, Bishop a 4th. Jones a 1st, Lehner a 1st, Schneider a 1st, everyone else far less.

      Ott isn’t moving Brassard for a goalie. Why would Ott want a goalie, Anderson & Condon are each signed for 2 more years.

      You can go buy goalies for nothing more than money in the summer time, or you could trade Brassard for a solid return & use a portion of that return to buy 1 but Ott doesn’t need a starter or a back up for at least 3 more summers at which point we are having another expansion draft.

      • The prospects of adding a top gale sounds good but I agree with Striker. The value of Brassard in a trade will be worth more than any of the proposed net minders from Pittsburgh considering OTT’s goalies are signed for another 2 years. If it were a stud goalie and they already had a deal to ship Anderson, then I would understand. They have more issues than goaltending to rectify first before they grab another goalie.

      • Pageau and Condon for jarry

        This trade wound not be about the future for pittsburgh but the added 3rd line centre for a 3 peat cup run.

    • Pageau and Condon for jarry

    • So the sens GM is a pens fan? That’s what I got out of this?

  6. Evander Kane has 1 goal and 1 assist in the 14 games Buffalo has played in 2018. Buyer beware. I suspect Buffalo will get somewhat less than the rumoured asking price.

    • Not to compare Kane to Tarasenko but as an example of all players having hot & cold streaks it was either 18 or 19 games last season that Tarasenko went with out scoring, may have been the year before & only comes to mind having a similiar debate with Shiticky.

      If you can’t get 1st line ice time or 2 nd meaning O’Reilly or Eichel going to be pretty hard to score in Buf. Buf is dead last in GF/GP.

      Few teams are going to care about Kane’s last 14 games come the trade deadline. Buf will get a 1st, a reasonable prospect but not a stud & may even get another decent pick depending upon how high that 1st possibly might be.

  7. I’ll be the first to say the Penguins have zero interest in Rick Nash. But if the Jets are looking for an experienced LH dman then how about Ian Cole and a third for Nic Petan? That is the scoring 3C the Pens should be looking for and gives the Jets their LHD.

    • I read somewhere Copp is available. Is Copp really being shopped by WPG? In that, are they really willing to move him? That may be a 3rd line option for Pitts

      • Pens already have Copp … his name is Riley Sheahan.

      • Coppe-E that!! I do not get a chance to see WPG much.. Amazing how Sheahan, in a new environment and deployed to his game, has doubled his total from last year already.

    • So Nash is worthless but Cole has more value than a 3rd? Dream on! I guess that’s why coles been on the market for months. They’re holding out for a total unrealistic return!

      Where exactly does Cole fit in Winnipeg? …. yeah, street clothes then a Ufa! Brilliant!!!!

  8. I am not sure why the Rangers would consider eating half Mac’s salary to facilitate a trade. That, IMO, is ill advised. They would be better suited trading a high draft pick with Smith or Staal and eating some salary rather than doing that is being reported by Brooks.

    Does not seem logical. Curious where he heard the NYR orginization would be willing to eating half Mac’s salary to trade him.

    In regards to TB the only defenseman I can see them wanting is Sergachev and we all know that bloody well won’t happen. Other young roster players would mean shipping out more forward before they took back some. This approach does not compute….does not compute.

    • It’s too bad Shattenkirk is injured. He’s definitely a guy Tampa wanted. And they were willing to give him a lot more than NY did.

      I’d be okay with NY holding money on Mcdonagh. As long as it reflects in the return. It wouldn’t be a case of have to… so if someone is willing to throw more at NY to do so, I say why not?

      • agreed IF it is reflected in the return. With TB, I do not see a top defensive prospect that is available from them to start the bidding for NYR to hold salary. This past draft may be the 1st draft in years where the NYR did not screw up their 1st rd draft picks.

      • They had 2-1st rounders last year. Years prior they were contenders with plenty of youth sprinkled throughout the lineup. Kreider, Miller, Fast, etc. a lot of contending teams are in the same boat.

        Now it’s time to reshuffle the core and start over. They have plenty of young guys at forward, have inserted a bunch of young promising d-men on the pipeline, and have their future goaltender coming soon.

        This reminds me a lot of the 2004 rebuild. This started with the trade of Brassard and Stepan… even though some swore it wasn’t coming… it’s here!

  9. If a team can add Nash for a good price and he can be your 7th forward he is very valuable. But if you are making a move because you need a 1st line winger not gonna work out.

    You need to watch him play to appreciate him at both ends of the ice. And yes we all wish he had that ‘edge’ still when he came into the league. It sort of reminds me of watching Lindros again in a Rangers jersey

  10. Karlsson for Point, Sergechev and tampa’s 1rst

    • No offence to Karlsson but Yzerman would be a moron to do that trade.

      Not only is Karlsson having a horrible year, he only has a season left on his contract and has already stated that $$$ is the most important factor moving forward.

      Point and Sergachev are producing nicely for theBolts and their rights are theirs for a while.

      • I understand. I’d rather keep Karlsson myself. His production this season is affected by the surgery and lack of any training camp but more so by Ottawa being such a poor team.

        Karlsson literally has no help on the back end. Little at forward.

        They need a top 6 forward and a top 4 D to complete the roster and once they have a complete roster perhaps it can be evaluated better.

    • Tampa is not in a position to deal with Karlssons new deal. But this is a great trade for the sens!

  11. If the report is correct about the ask for Patcioretty would the Ilse be interested? A package of Bellows, 1st and 2nd (which ever are higher of the picks they got from Calgary) and, say, Ho-Sang work? Ho-Sang has had an up and down relationship with the Ilse, the two picks are not ‘theirs’ and Patches is an addition considering the season Ladd is having. I get Bellows would sting but the rest might be worth it. Of course Ho-Sang might be a non-starter for the Habs….

    • Could you imagine Ho-Sang getting ice time from Claude? I don’t think that would be a workable relationship.

      • Agreed. Not sure he would even pass MB’s smell test. Not sure else the Isle would offer up……

  12. Nobody with term moves at the TDL.
    Maybe one ?
    Even if Ho-Sang needs a change and Domi need a change it will probably be at the draft

    Kane will garner at first round pick and maybe Green. After that ,a garage sale.

  13. Kings could probably trade Martinez to Montreal for Max… He didn’t play last game which they won easily… HE is playing awful out of position on the right side w/ Muzzin most of this year/last… So they would improve their defense by playing LaDue who had another point against Coyotes in like 3/3 wins with him. Otherwise I’d dance a jig if they shipped out 1st round Bust Forbort to Montreal to land Max :).

    Funny how Nash had every team in Canada on his No Trade list… Like I stated prior about people not wanting to play there even getting it in their contract. I doubt there is many if any NHL players who have every American team on their No Trade List :).

    Grabner could put a team over like Gaborik did Kings in 2014… So for a minor deal it would be wise without the headaches or worries of a Kane among others. Can’t wait for the deadline so players whose names only appear on trade rumors wont even be mentioned in box scores anymore ;).